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This Chris furlong WB. It's 637. It's Saturday we're graduate. Welcome our viewers you. Take a look at the sports review. Big day for college football. We don't want you get bored. Working station stations. Here's I here you can you can plan your route here. CBS at noon Mississippi State Arkansas. ABC at noon Virginia Miami ACC culture. When you're on fox. And cultural Bonn talks still sounds strange to me I know how old mine that hump. Boxes in my world fox is still new network in. I mean the Simpsons started in mid eighties. But it still says still seems relatively noted just festering for mr. Anyway SP professor on the gone through this. WM. YT which I believe is. My favorite antenna television. For your borrowers out there that took could afford to antenna. The so dole Clemson. And seeing you want you don't ES PM. Which will require a satellite or via a cable run into your house. Because Texas at West Virginia. Ma. Is pinned to. Louisiana Monroe it all. Lots of came sorrow. Finishing up their homes schedules today. You see in some power houses. Scheduling some cupcakes. Louisiana Monroe vs Auburn. I'll always push. Britain. I Carolina has western Carolina. Yesterday. Time but this is not a year where. The Tar Heels can phone any thing in football odds. It wouldn't exactly be Michigan that state if the this is the catamounts. Western Carolina catamounts. They've taken a bus to Chapel Hill better play well football. And good luck to everybody involved there is thinking it's not stay for 330 Kentucky at Georgia. That's on CBS. George again for thirty on CBS let's look let's just worth on Georgia's way this season and again this week. ABC at 33 Ohio's state. And Illinois fighting on home. Maybe it has ordered damn going to swear NBC is nor dangerous NBC later. Oklahoma and Kansas on the experience. He has been to Kansas State Oklahoma State. Maryland is playing Michigan on fox 4 o'clock. And some kicked announcer tonight for those of you who spent all day watching football. Am now wish I was an well wolf say that I won't say thou wished I spent my whole Saturday. Then froze TV or listening to a radio. I've taken in sports just haven't done a long time. And a day like that would not be wasted on me. And so I'm with you in spirit if if I thought don't find a way to pull off. 8 o'clock tonight ABC is UCLA. At Southern California. Baja. California Stanford. On fox lose my game on fox those of you who like to stay up late. 1050 kick on the SP into air force Boise State. 1030. On ESPN and you talk that Washington NFL tomorrow the Panthers off and I wish they weren't. I am I the only one that wish they could just keep kicking heads and are now. Because they are playing well enough that I would like for them to keep planning. C it. Synagogue this week off the next two out of three are on there seems like the Panthers have just been living on the road this year I know that's not right and they do have three home games coming up. In December 3 RO. But goodness gracious is this just wanna have three erode because there's been so much time on the road. Off by a week tomorrow. Com. And that the New York Jets. 126. And at New Orleans were guy even the score with them. On December 3 then they got three in a row home and you PSL on Herschel finally. Get some days and this bit get some days outside with the Panthers. Reuters gonna have to going to be waiting two more weeks three more weeks my goodness. But the NFL action tomorrow so she not gonna have the Panthers are clogging of strain. Our eyes CBS's. Baltimore Ravens are Green Bay Packers. Washington at the saints so hopefully. Washington or helps out there. On all things I don't think the saints are going to be our problem this year and now I'm feeling pretty good about how the Panthers are doing a month ago I think. Lot of people were paying attention to see when you go fifteen and one. There's kind of a surrealism. To that. And it didn't surprise me when Denver won the super ball a couple years back it didn't surprise me. On because. Eventually there's going to be some balance. And fifteen and one that's just out here heads is good this team on that was this just plain I hit. But this looks like the kind of year we're. They're more used this business and slugfest Sharon. Basis and they just might. Traction fairway to a super boring this year would that mean cash. Off four point five on CBS in the New England Patriots openers. And night don't worry cowboys fans the cowboys are going to be onto you. Cowboys at Philadelphia Philadelphia stuff. Always we've got a sample that ourselves. Hum then that's coming up at 820 tomorrow night on NBC who NBC also period the Thursday night game. This week which I thought I thought NFL network was was done sharing. But I came and her thirst denying none of us all the Steelers on NBC so there's bullying that was CBS this year which. All. There's some news is not as fun but we got dealer right by the way Roy Moore. It is down by eight points in Alabama. Two Doug Jones the other guy's name is Doug Jones. Roy Moore is not. Out of support he he hasn't run out friends. And I ABC's Tom Wallace has little bit on that for us. What more may be in the middle of a political firestorm of what he just caught too why appliance beat Alabama GOP sticking with him they're breaking with the national party and I see they're standing by Roy Moore. And then the other one the big goal trumka White House announcing that president trump will not. Call your reward more to drop out of this race like some Republican leaders in the senate have. No more scared can also announcing they're gonna be watching election results very closely and the quote. Like Mitch McConnell to the death on this. This has allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate flirting have been melted against more. He faced cameras for his first open news conference but refused to take any questions about the allegations which led to an abrupt exit more stay solid the entire time you dodging questions and he actually had to escape into the kitchen. Now Moore has said he's never sexually assaulted anyone or dated underage girls a big poll came out and it showed the Democrat in this race Doug Jones. Our flight eight points now there was a moment in this race what more was up by double digits this is only a single poll was conducted but it shows possibly a shift to what voters want. So I don't think against them voters necessarily turn out. So we might be in for a surprise us on. I think the people there are still behind more would be behind him no matter what it. And they are definitely vote. That's sort that's what cost Hillary Clinton was hurt the spore she did have just want passion enough. A lot people on the Tom came they just couldn't bring themselves. Did you get in the car and go stand them want to vote for that was the difference. And her saying her differentiate between Franken. And more based on Franklin's reaction we're talking earlier about some things from being and more important. Then niche issues first of all. Perhaps. Roy Moore believes himself. I can't tell you what the man did or didn't do. But maybe in his mind he has nothing for which to apologize. If that's the case and he shouldn't but Al Franken is. Not getting as much support. I'm gonna give credit where credit is due because these are dirty story Mary Bruce going to tell us more about that. The photos sending Al Franken senate career into a tailspin Franken pretending to grope radio host Liane tweeting while she was sleeping now tweeting claims that then comedian was also sexually inappropriate in another way. Forcing her to rehearse the kissing scene from a ski you wrote. His masses and his lips against my face and he stuck his tongue in my mouth so fast. The democratic senator has previously criticized sexual harasser is speaking out on allegations against president trump here. An awful things that tape now the Hollywood back Aaron. I'll take the growth tea yeah that was. And recently he's posted a slew of social media messages supporting victims who are speaking out. Ranking is now apologizing for his behavior. Saying in his statement I don't know what was in my head when I took that picture and it doesn't matter. There's no excuse I look at it now and I feel disgusted with myself. It isn't funny it's completely inappropriate. It's obvious how Leanne would feel violated by that picture. Now leaders of both parties want the ethics committee to investigate. Showing off for the boys go to do I can't believe the state crosses your mind before he ran. Well anyway enough of that we're gonna come back was some history was repeating this Chris Farrell isn't who it is 649.