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This Chris Farrell of the aforementioned WB two. Glad you joined us this morning. Remembered drive like sons are weighing you down. Boss starts when you. No rush. Well. Maybe elsewhere on the for the rest of the day. And indulging my round. Chase for music they. I. I talk a lot about music on the show they say that an awful lot for a talk show. Well I have a theory and it and I'm the I'm the proof well I think there are lots of people like me. Folks who are serious and music fans. Don't trust. Terrestrial radio. To select their playlist. And a lot of them. Don't like listening to music in the car. Where there are so many other distractions. If you're like me listening to music is a bit of sacred ritual. Mean it's something I do at home. Prayer preferably in an analog format. And I'll let my body. So it and like like up like somebody's like a mother Spurrier you know like. Like like somebody else sending good vibes. And that's why make a little bit of a big deal the music on there. Because I think lots of music fans are listening to talk. In the car. That's just a theory we'll see if that pans out. If it doesn't want current okay. We know that mother grew. All the knife on her kids bullies. She had a laundry list. Our ball properly channeled paperwork. SARS because the television. And nothing was done. Suppose so they'd they tried to do the right way. It went nowhere. They take it upon themselves and probably actually made an impression. And percent got suspended truly. Not keep up with this sort of come on come on Herschel island room among follow as best I can. The Charlotte Mecklenburg police officer who was. Shot at police headquarters going to be okay. Ambushed by the person wanted for the city's first homicide. Jonathan Bennett. Who was kind enough to release drive themselves to the jail. I don't think he's gonna make bail I think bale might be a little lofty. Then I usually do this here some are due this year today's sports schedule. Earliest tip is on ESPN news saint Bonaventure rode up. So if you just can't wait to get your basketball long. 11 AM ESPN news. Right forced at duke at noon on CBS. Michigan Michigan State on fox. Georgetown. I saw pat Turkey going. In this coaching role. And all my goodness he's just channeling coach Thompson. Maybe it's because I remember seeing them on the court together before when Ewing was a player. But all my goodness this is just like deja Vu seeing now. Patrick Ewing as the coach of Georgetown. And now. The coach Thompson was as well as a fine fine man. And Patrick Scott big shoes to fill. Our eyes got big feet. Georgetown Aussie and hall at noon on fox sports one that's where couples go. That SEC network South Carolina and Georgia that's 1 o'clock. Ha ha Foxit to Creighton men's save year. Can. I didn't and I'm Arnold picked against. Antenna television. Rego the jiffy pop. Rego the jiffy pop and Kool Aid Syracuse Florida stay. On WM. YET. You high rollers with the antennas. February 1 some ball. But. I have to. ESP NF four Kentucky Vanderbilt our talking. Virginia Tech pool Gilani ESPN two at the same. Time 4 o'clock. The Tar Heels do play today they play act nor her bank. The Atlantic coast of Indiana. That's that sixth which means our coverage starts at five. And since she don't did they hear Mick mix and then company for a while. Moon. You're gonna have to be happier with error Monty Ross and company. Let's say either of them put the panthers' season is over it's it's it's hard bonuses or telephones swallow. Mainly because. We got what they call home. This year. Bomb. This year Jerry Richardson. You're looking for a new owner. You found Juan. Missed a New Orleans Saints. There is playoff football today at 430 that's the earliest and falcons or the Eagles. Ma'am we were tough division. At 8 o'clock tonight titans and patriots. That's a home game for the patriots. Tomorrow. Jaguars Steelers that is a 1 o'clock start. And then the New Orleans Saints take on the Minnesota Vikings have 430 do we beat Minnesota and the Panthers beat Minnesota want to share. Whether it be nice to begin a chance to beat him again. Anyway I need to get to this Jonathan Karl's got to go in depth for a couple minutes here on the reaction. To the president's mom most recent bombast your. Fire for racially explosive comments. President signed a proclamation honoring Martin Luther King Jr. even joined by a member of the King Family. But he couldn't avoid the blunt question are you a racist. The president attempted damage control. Over the vulgar insult to used in his meeting with members of congress tweeting. The language used by Miette that doc a meeting was tough. But this was not the language used adding. Never said anything derogatory about Haitians are lower than Haiti is obviously a very pour and troubled country. So these tour. And set them. Democratic senator Dick Durbin was in that Oval Office meeting. That Haitians. Do we need more Haitians. Can anyone on started to describe. The immigration from Africa. That's when news file and vulgar comments. Calling the nations that come through. It is the exact words used by the president not warm up just once but repeatedly. Senator Durbin detailed more of the president's comments he says. Put me down for one more Europeans. To come to this country. What do we get more people from Norway. Isn't it true that the presence. Durbin says Republican senator Lindsey Graham challenge the president on the spot for him to confront the president as he did. Literally just sitting next to him. Took extraordinary political courage in her respect for senator Graham put out a statement I've always believed that America is an idea. Not defined by its people but by its ideals. Other lawmakers condemned the president's comments has blatantly racist. Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein saying quote. The president expressed desire to see more immigrants from countries like Norway. Must be called out for wondered is. An effort to set this country back generations by promoting a homeowner genius white society the central prominent Republicans waited so pursing McCain in my mind was. Very unfortunate. On helpful. Congresswoman meal love a daughter of Haitian immigrant. Said the president's comments are unkind divisive elitist and fly in the face of our nation's values. The former Republican Party chairman Michael Steele was asked point blank if he thinks the president is a racist. Yeah I do I think did this thing isn't at this point out to be evidences this. Incontrovertible is right there it's far from the first time the president has made racially insensitive comments. There's what he said about Mexicans on the very first day of his presidential campaign debt bringing drugs. They're bringing crime they're rapists and some. I assume we're good people and his comments following the rally of white supremacist. In Charlottesville last August you also had people. That work. Very five people on both sides at the MLK junior event. The president tried to strike an entirely different tone no matter what the color of our skin. Or the place of our birds. We are all created equal by god. We have all raising. Tomorrow's. Adults. Today. What do we want it in the hearts. All of those who'll be caring for us. And parliamentary years. Certainly. Certainly not the capacity. To equate us. With what they find that are bad backs. This Chris furlong WB to me will be about the history and fast tribute to Fast Eddie Clarke it's 648.