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No they get mail for a couple days us. Turns out that neighbors know millennium thing. Does not official policy. Practice something that was translated. For. Play. That's on the mile long. Carmel today. One of the mountain. Nor heat nor gloom of night games these warriors. From their swift completion of their appointed rounds. Can't weather was so no matter offer to those. There's nothing to do to shut down. Not the shutdown happen and Washington. Early this morning. Are going to be back to work today to name Archie. One year. Anniversary of our our president's inauguration. And I I can't I'm saying without. Being facetious congratulations. It is unfortunate. This is what marks anniversary. There. Partisans are gonna have some fun with that. Ariel took the job and non. Of the country open for a whole year. I just I just I just know it's not that simple. And it would be nice. If they can figure it out even though it's complicated and because this. Happens. Too much. To not believe. It's part of strategy. Woman and I don't count me. My reduce the just sports listings her second but. This is related to competition. Moment and higher don't count he shot a man on the leg. Following a snowball fight between her children. I'm hurting thing about charges. So. I'm not going to jump to conclusions. But that's. Taking your snowballing. Very seriously. The couple mass we'll have a report on a person's first you're usually do this you're someone do this here. She sports on TV for today. Not god I've got a new television service from looking. Breaking and I just got out of the tablet certain from the television. But we have a new streaming service that. I should probably sit down and learn how use because yours is probably on. Got to be some home are like. A billion stations arming. On this station today. At 1 o'clock the coverage will start at 1 o'clock for the 2 PM tip. Georgia Tech is at North Carolina. On the colossus. Your home for the Tar Heels. There's new game on CBS Villanova and Connecticut. Purdue or Iowa on ESP and a ESPN two. At noon Florida State Virginia Tech. Fox sports one. Saint John's Georgetown. Tea Patrick Ewing and it's like dyslexia and coach Thompson all over just it just. Took me back like a time machine. We are down to the conference championship games so there is no Saturday NFL football. These west shrine game is on the NFL work. As college. 3 PM on CBS tomorrow the jaguars at patriots. Vikings at the Eagles six bird. If you're still following football. Mattel RR I really hope that. Really hope Tom Brady. It's not boring guy can't catch a break. Make explosive found in the man's car and Hudson. Core and our friends don't hold WB TV. Make explosive device found in his vehicle. You know. It's funny. Bet. You can get in so. Very much trouble. For something that could conceivably. Be a prop you know I mean. You don't necessarily. Put together a fake bomb. For nefarious purposes. All the Internet exposure to people seek you know at everybody's a comedian now. But if if you're gonna have make a fake bomb for any reason. Don't leave the lending your car. I don't like that I don't know how much trouble was personals and it's not. Caldwell county. We'll move excitement. Also earlier the president has. And office. For a year today there's several mail I get my producers. Are. Erica. Thank you producer groups. FDR. Was inaugurated on the state for his fourth time. JFK. RM AN. Nixon. Reagan bush 41. Barack Hussein Obama. And Donald Trump. All inaugurated on January 2 point. This day. Up more of the stay come up. Want to. That's come on up oil about right now well right now let's look back. At the president's first year I. Donald Young from. Do solemnly swear it. That 300 in May 65 days will round out that won't coaster ride that has been the first year of the trump presidency. From that very first press briefing. Too so pretty map first legislative victory the largest tax code overhaul in general we should point towards a lot of fun when you win. A year defined by controversy is relentless tweeting and a clue all of though Russia investigation. One of the clearest accomplishments was the confirmation of Supreme Court justice Neil corsets. Other promises kept. Reversing Obama era policies like withdrawing from the parents climate agreement is slashing federal regulations. Then a stunning defeat the failure to overhaul the nation's health care system. We will be able to immediately repeal and replace. Obamacare. Shattering I have seen com. In that controversial travel ban barring people from some Muslim majority countries why squeeze by the court. The third version now much effect but I do facing legal challenge. Yet he's also found himself into hot water with controversial comments following rallies of white supremacists in Charlottesville electronic declared but you also had people. That word. Very fine people on both sides. Do most recently caught up enough players gathered in the living in the grid spot as a whole country's foreign policy to split like tingling wasn't North Carolina warning the regime's threats will not go unnoticed. They will be met. We have fire and fury. The world has never seen. Looming over at all is special counsel Robert Moeller is investigation into Russian meddling in the election as the president insists. Well again Jun there has been no collusion between the and Russians know coalition. A major distraction for the president as he turns his focus to year 20. And your two starts. The closed sign. I expect them to resolve this. Sooner than later. And I expect him. Both sides. To take the credit. The same way that right now. There are pointing the blame. Next segment we're going to have a look at this day in years past has some history is worth repeating. Powell gave you my Armageddon checklist. This kid crazy folks there better be here at 647.