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A boot from the weather channel these 1110993. See the house version of the time. Tall loop I think the song itself was about. Ma'am we lost warm there. Scott we don't. Stone Temple Pilots. I played. Jane's Addiction last half hour. We haven't lost very fair Earl. He fit right in with the folks we've we have lost. Or not he's still around the room. You know he's. He's an out front narcissistic. And I don't think those people get the poorest. There's just days slogan America day. Being mis enough. So I won't discourage. And as far as I know Scott will never picked fan on the face and spoke. Most thinking not. Kicking somebody in the faces as to prevent bootlegging. That sort of wonder if that's why they call that. Chris your own WB to this morning and I'm happy to have you with us. Called up for him. When you haven't got not a bad idea. It's to see from here it's 2186. Degrees yeah I was said 24. On the highway as I was headed to work. And I hit it it felt every bill I was serious process my wife. Smell which car today she says. Take take this one's got more guests. I say OK I'll take my briefcase. And a mind bananas. Outside. And my windshield this frost them. And feels every bill that point four degrees so I'm not just put my stuff from the Karbala warm car. Warm the car up. Only your garage door down on kind. Don't run anybody takeover known to. Don't this pixie yourself. Here's a public service. There's football watch today cultural ball's not done we know. We know the NFL isn't on the Panthers aren't done. Whoa baby. I was so happy. Now wish they had done that to the New Orleans Saints religious felt better I wanna helped us a little more. Understand it's we can't take the tiebreaker from New Orleans now. And to me the only way not to have ash strict on the Super Bowl winning season. Is to take him out in the playoffs. I never believed. That fighters. With an eventual losses. Can be considered. The best. If the world champion. Has an un avenged a loss. That got title shot. I believe that. And speaking of that. Stop following the Ultimate Fighting Championship wallet religious come lost. But I do know who Robbie all arts. And he's fighting off builder Sanders tonight on fox. Just fox. So that's that's a big show formats a good fight. Let's come on the clock. College football bowl season has already been gone. Already. Today at noon on ABC. North Carolina a NT against Grambling State celebration ball. I assume that. That's nice NCAA and he's going to be on ABC don't. Might be might be. Smaller affiliate carrying the but. If NCA and T is really plan. On ABC. That's delicious wonderful. The New Orleans Bowl. Mentioned. Just cause I'm not a fan in New Orleans doesn't mean you should watch this game. Troy vs north Texas. Tesla. Powerhouses collide. Yeah. Sure bull. CU RE but I I don't get that. CBS sports network. Western Kentucky and Georgia State. ESPN has got the New Mexico ball. Not to my honeymoon in New Mexico. Beautiful. I don't like Tony towns bond novels merchant. But work as long as hard as Rupert Murdoch and you two will have. Bank balance that matches a serial number on your oxygen tanks. And for centric parts he bought by Disney this week for something like. Something like 52 billion dollars. This doesn't start to I think. The number or start to lose meaning after law. There's a football tonight. On ESPN and Arkansas State vs Middle Tennessee State I know these are huge gains on those some of you wouldn't rather watch any football and over some of the drive that passes for a sit coms are used to. Various NFL football today. You're going day. Now I'm about to break your heart it's on the NFL network. On mall. Which is Smart they've been sharing. The Thursday night cancel a major networks all year. First Apple's CBS and they moved over to NBC. When officially this is being broadcast by the NFL. It's to get she used to it man. Stood like you called them go yeah give me the package that NFL network. Can you mile car yet I don't I don't. Seemed like there was something about that but I never. I don't remember. That was mandated that you want people by just one television station. Some of these stations to have compared army watch. Do you watch one out of hand there's a television stations. On your TV do you watch TV anymore. Wall streaming. Now. Bears and lions are playing today at 430. Chargers and chiefs are playing tonight. And against our state are. Tomorrow. The Panthers. Are home. Against Green Bay Packers. Bill Rodgers is gonna play. So 1 o'clock at fox. Kid out there if you can't. I don't wanna see yell stadium to more. Now pat the Packers are fine fine franchise. And being a fan there's nothing be ashamed. But. This Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. he's been here for 2.5 years. Get out there. And let's try to shake that reputation we have is. A week twelfth man. We one when we came home last weekend where home this weekend or memory home again. Next week. Can't say we won last week just just barely but those are just a great team I think we've got a Timor hitting behind. Mark to market the Bank of America Stadium tomorrow. And com also had 3 PM I got the Tar Heels Tennessee. On ESP down. You know. No grounds out hero from I'm going to I'm going to say that. I'm just short of the sport you care about my hazard a guess or disrupt this parched earth. And regarding sports. There's. Big name but I'm not on the story. Their bloodless. There's a big name big local business owner of sports franchise. Who's under internal investigation. For a quote workplace misconduct. I'm going to not mention the name we don't hear you don't need to hear the name for me to another store. I'm leaving the name out because I don't think. And unsubstantiated. Accusation. Is. Reason. To associate someone's good name. What's something as. Creepy. As a workplace misconduct. To harass someone has a horrible thing to do. But to accuse someone of it. Isn't. Isn't easy way to rule when someone you don't like. And so I'm on the vice telling me to. Withhold. I'm just it's I'm just doing in two you're not gonna hear more about for me then and until I've heard more. But we'll say the investigation. His being headed up by Erskine Bowles. The world. Chris Melton had to do you may portend Matthew Ximian emails which and he enjoyed the show. No I sounded like I was local. And I hit me right in the feels. Because I want to them feel and sound like a piece of sharp. I know Arden. Signal goes up and down the coast I'm hands and nonfarm. Charlotte, North Carolina. You might hurt me alluded last week. Two. No point a bit about local history ushered Herschel Walker had played in memorial stadium much that you might not know that. If you only listen to people. Who have been hired from out of town. Has been awhile ago pretty much let had a big here no that's not laying around you know. It's probably not been on the Internet. And I'll do this because this morning. On unnamed television station. That may or may not be in the building. Called the the anchor referred. To the investigation has been headed by. Wait for. Erskine bowels. Now. Like I said I probably think this is funnier than he does. He's a great guy. But you just stick with me you got somebody from around here but you know. The man's last name is not bowels. Check your fouls it's not foul ups with the Erskine Bowles. It is you know the investigation fine ma'am. Went to you might have a different idea turnabout from Tuesday. This Chris furlong WB two or come back with a straight 649.