The Chris Ferrell Show, seg3 12/16/17


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Okay. Here. No no we starts. All mouth and is a pretty good lie. Through rock and roll strong. Well I tell idea. Talk about something hidden in the in the gut Malcolm young and all my goodness. Always had such. Canes and ship with a man. Because you think AC DC think. Com Angus run around and that school boards suit. Which are always fought detracted. But Malcolm just back there. That miss and pick up a white T sure. Just bang and out those courts. He was never the star. When you talk about it and Terkel peace. You know. Things are done my creative endeavors. Amendment aside man a lot of times in the sidekick. Most Malo. I know it's like to be a Malcolm young. Speaking of great musicians. And I do not mean to be ironic about this parallel. Ludwick van Beethoven. More on this day in 1770. I just said Beethoven a Malcolm young as he ushered. People should debate over and so Greg nobody's ever heard employed. Just interest in thought. Philip K. Dick. Blade runner Alter born Chicago Illinois nineteen point eight. William Melvin hicks. Bill bill next. Well when we lost. Born in 1961. I'll talk about champions. Jack DMC. Not the guy out and fourteen seconds on this day in 1918. Pearl's name was Carl more arrests. And might be embarrassing. To get knocked out and fourteen seconds. But your spare yourself. The worst possible scenario. Like. Emceed dished out to Jess Willard. Who was too tough for his own good. And if you have ever wanna watch just ward vs Jack Dempsey just wanna must brutal things of Jefferson. And so there's a such a thing is going on too long. And I'm going to act like I'm aware that this morning. This Chris furlong WB tape. I love you guys I mean it's sixers gear.