The Chris Ferrell Show seg3 12/2/17


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Most Christian Berle show on WDT on Saturday morning. Playing a little organ that is important here because. Nothing this is baseball like Leo yeah they're working music coming Tsvangirai won't have much baseball hot item well. Baidu knows sports is ruling. It's a whole lot of peoples weaker it's this weekend. War weary. There's really. While my head and more. Good for years now. You see. There's a few games come out there are kind of a big deal. I've been complaining all year. About how little time the Carolina Panthers. Have spent at home. Well. Well a mass. I'm I'd fire my producer but that's me and that was believe he'll listening to. Well battled. I relish I got the guts to turn. We should not be getting better at the I come I have been doing this for ten months. The scares. Only get to relax back to business. Panthers get a pass on not being home this weekend. Because the field. At Bank of America Stadium. Is getting. More well tonight. The ACC championship. Miami vs Clemson. Clem son how we have to make myself leave the PL. We fell on. Well Ohio State's plan Wisconsin home parks in the same time to Saudia. Know which game you won't be watching while your watching the ACC championship. The doctor pepper. ACC championship now I've heard big game referred to a law about you have heard lots to talk about the game. But it's officially. The doctor pepper. ACC championship. And they you know that wasn't furry they spent going on that now believe in given numb. If if not their money's worth it you know 6:40 in the morning. At least doing my part. To us see to it that. Sponsors get bang for the buck. We're not sit in here. If it's not for the good companies. We think it's worth it to support us. And god bless them. God bless them. But that's tonight the ACC championship is in Charlotte is that Bank of America Stadium. The game's start is says the stars say clog some gusts and it starts about you know just a pair after. Georgia at all burn. Which is the SEC. Championship game that's today again so you don't have to miss one to see the other that's great that's that's that's a big deal. That is on. CBS. At 4 o'clock. Tomorrow. Our Carolina Panthers. Who are tied atop the NFC south. With the the New Orleans Saints. We see we're not really tied. Because. The saints beat us by three touchdowns. In the first meeting. They own the tiebreaker. First a ball. I'd like a little better revenge. And secondly. If our. Schedules wind up Todd which is less likely. If we lose twice to new oral ones. If we have identical records at the end of the season and New Orleans has beaten us twice. That was. The season. New Orleans. Who are sold one jar. Because it would be. Yeah it would it would it would. But every different if we split. The two games were playing. That would be one thing. But we've only lost three games this season. And come the end of the season. I don't want half of our losses. To be to the same team. Oh Bob the way the team that kept us out of the playoffs. That would hurt. I don't deserve it. Remember all that member bounty gate. Remember one day. Faced so many fines and suspensions. Because they were put in bounties on players. I know a lot different Gaza plan for the team now. But they don't deserve it. We're gonna get owned by somebody let it be. A respectable franchise. Not the New Orleans Saints. When Tamar guys. Just when there. Sandra talk in the sports. You too. No I'm not we're for a non talk about the band I'm not referring to. Yourself and your passenger. You tune. Has broken their own pledge to never play golf. Because they worthy charity. Is having a golf tournament. So they made a pledge. And it was a sacred blanch. According to bond no not quote. They would never play golf because quote. We didn't think it was rock and roll hey mr. rock and roll. Checking the list of pre approved rock and roll activities. So you know what your rock and roll or not. Isn't rock and roll. Do you want. That's rock and roll. I think it would be funny scene and these guys watch them they don't put all over the course. I bought large or see where my ball way. No bounced off the red rocks and landed in the Joshua Tree. Where the cleats known man. Not most of rock stars and Russian worse. Share. Monikers all America sting is both a singer. And a wrestler fathers mothers know wrestler named bomb you know none no. There is one name edge. And edges so the guitarist or for. You to. We'll watch and wrestling. A while back. And edge was retouched. My head and good looking guy. I'm I'm man enough to admit. Is bill no denying these are good looking and a and they relative who'll remain unnamed. Sent. Who is is that tent. So that says check. She says. Pop up edge was the guitarist for YouTube. She you'll remain. Unidentified. To protect protect journalists let's pretend she's innocent two of those to protect her it's just a how is Chris furlong WB tape. Come up and our final segment. We have this today in years past because some history is worth repeating. It is 647.