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Drop the the boss of me. Gloria is a heck of a job good job tomorrow. Well other. My job is good day. Well it's just news. Are you are not looking forward. Happened some time at home what's your Pampers. If all we have. So far as success. As soon next three weekends on the song. Well we could do awfully worse than that currently. The reading down the damn reading however us. Prop or proper. Vernacular for the saloons haven't changed because. It's like somebody his switching college football on line. I'm still gonna give your schedule. First of all star was stuff you could do around here. The Panthers. I've got the lakers at home tomorrow. I don't know what the ticket situation those. But think you can generally get single game tickets. This self a favor. Take a break. Yes that does. Amount to taking a break concern in the crowds are everywhere else. Take itself to a ball game. Well Libya president. Think you doing your little one tool ball ran. They don't forget that stuff. Most. Bond memories in my tumultuous childhood. Was going to wrestling matches are long career Richard. Mean. Wrestling most still very violent and the late seventies. To say this among your most pleasant memories. Well that's saying something. I'll never forgive that. Never ever ever ever ever. Dot or David Chad. Likes to say. Children's spell love T. AM ED. Now I don't think he's insulting them. I think he's saying. The troops are on the hood and so far as whether you love your kids. And I know we all take more time we could we all take more time because. This is not a challenge. She not challenge it's a reminder. With a gentle start possible. Said in the gentlest way possible. Don't forget to just do special stuff with the kids with all this other special. News in airports are now though. Not really because again I'm and also liar your. On. This is is not. Any more special. Then what you can be doing with your kid any given time. We'll stay asks us. They'll stay stockings. Hasn't. May not always gonna run down. To look under the cherry. We gonna get too big for that. You getting hit too busy. For that. Take advantage of a while satin. There's I got news for. There's no parenting. Fantasy camp. Ray get them. Pay 5000 bucks for a weekend and continued did it right. Doesn't exist. And if it did. People be too proud to go. That's a true. So here's an idea. Enjoy your time with your children. Take them to a ball game. They'll remember it forever. I'm 47. Years old. I remember a mall. I remember a mall. Well there was uncle Richard taken me to wrestle matches there. My Little League coach taking me to Charlotte a load reserve. Memo we had that. USFL. Football game at the game in town I think they're tranda pitcher franchise through the city. And and Herschel Walker. Played. A memorial stadium. Herschel Walker played memorial stadium. It's not necessarily something you learn about this town when you listen. All these flop by knights who. Coming go before you ain't got extra. They'll sort of RS is scheduled to hear about it. Just because college football seems to have gone away. Doesn't mean there aren't things to watch. This stuff. They like the call college basketball. Kennedy. All right. We've still got some of the duel on a Saturday. UCLA at Michigan. CBS at noon. ES TN duke at Boston College. Yeah. Yeah. Coastr Carolina's play in South Carolina today. On asks. EC. And if you got you know lawyers stance of war. ESPN news. Yea all at saint Bonaventure. And what should be. Absolute blood war between bitter rivals. Virginia commonwealth of Seton Hall on fox at three. I'm trying I'm trying not to give you. Bunch of stuff we just gloss over here try another Charlie's ashes so fast. Those just sounds like me reading a list. Skip to the night games here. But you know something. There are two college football games on television today. At noon. Wall for his North Dakota State. My guesses some kind of lord division national championship in Miami. Something along those lines. And army navy is today. Army navy game today at 3 o'clock. That's one game or you can cheer for everybody. Not many games like that. I mean the Pro Bowl is downright depressing. You know. Baseball when they added a home field advantage for the World Series. To the all star game. That. Was a stroke. Of genius. I'm real light to give. Front office guys. All the credit in the world we tend just a fuss about among the team has messed up. Weakened that to give meaning. To all star weekend. Was change us. Because everybody on that field. Mid season. This Lincoln. We're getting zoo World Series. I go up on this and a half plays a season. I give up on nothing. We're getting to the World Series. Every players out there. With a chip on their shoulder was sought to play for. She wonderful. This like. That game was. What was. Stay there had been cut dumb ones. Rural. Way longer enough. And then they flew to Dover and just all came back and wants. May be competitively. It doesn't have that flavor with a wolf. But. Army navy. Is a game where you can cheer for her reply. Bullish on him all your own home. So. Jazz bugs along MBA to me the third. Lakers hornets night game you can buy a ticket for. Forests are home bushels pump some oil Sheen. Charlotte checkers. RRR. Are going to be home on Tuesday night. This. Thus a little bit before they. School board for sports let's. Meg kids like talking. When you're things got hot it's like well it enjoy hockey more fire understood the rules. Well the best way to explain it is there are a lot of rules. Just go enjoy the spectacle and before you know it. You'll understand again. In the speaking of understanding of the game I know on only get an hour for more. Not only talking off however. Does it come through. God I would talk to offer ever. I don't pitch calls before you said the topic. On talk to you guys are gonna be a broadcaster. It's six soaring org on a comeback do some history worth repeating. This is Chris furlong WB two.