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Good morning and never mind. The owner of the drummer are crazy. News out of Marshall stack. I'm like that's. I'm gonna get a show like this new world on meridia. For federal or should not gonna get a show like this and neural some hernia. This Chris Ferrell. I am host of the aptly named Chris Farrell show. So good to have you along I'm going to touch on the put the hype is sweeping the nation does include her song mound just as the soon as they can get them stopped we'll take a look at fire and fury now what's interesting to me about it. As not so much of somebody's put down the book. I'm surprised I haven't put out a book has some may books are put out. But is drawing a direct reaction from the White House. To me that's a very very interest in and so we're gonna give. ABC's Cecilia Vega. A chance to tell us a little more about that you're not on a couple of minutes but. I want to let you know what's on TV today what's going on around town. Are sports was. Of course. We have the Panthers game tomorrow but it's in new moral ones. Not gonna hurt my feelings if you make the trip by understand if you don't wanna go to new oral once. So luscious precious yellow early loud and our televisions. Let's send good vibes. And let's hope for the best as I tell you they can get. Over this horrible. They can go the rest of the way. So Panthers on the road tomorrow. On the L hornets. Have the Matt mavericks Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday. And then on January 12 they have the jazz at home so. Starting mid week QB sneak off to a hornets game for life. On. The Charlotte checkers are back at home until the twelfth. Where they. Play Toronto. Paris NFL football on television today. And I'm not gonna breaky heart like it did last time I brought this up. It's on the real television stations it's not just on the NFL network. 1 o'clock the bills jaguars. The bills are going back to the playoffs for the first time and what. I'm I'm I'm seems like eighteen years something like that. Anyway they finish up against the jaguars to Toronto wants artist that's a playoff gamma that they they finish up before you lose. So I as a playoff. On. Pampers. Saints who see these in these games are for tomorrow but there are Saturday in Erie are. Early games today at 418. We have the titans vs the chiefs. That game is in Kansas City. Com at 8 o'clock tonight the falcons who met 304 NFC south teams made the play offs. We're a good division by weren't the best division in football. No wonder we have a bit of a hard time a big not only each other all the time. Anyway the falcons are at the rams. So there are. The dirty birds. When. I had the end of the season against our beloved Panthers helped them sneak into the playoffs. And you know miles or locate them and I got some Burton for the falcons today goes up. I wouldn't mind taking another shot it down my main this account. The last thing you can be won and wanna get somebody but if you lost the last one leaves a bad tasting now. I wouldn't mind haven't done a little falcon sloop after. After we take care of the science. And titans vs chiefs Cesar playoff games are all good games. Tomorrow we have the bills. That jaguars at 1 o'clock. And the later game is the Panthers saints. Which. You may have heard me mention. This morning. Rob college basketball's all of the two today including I'm gonna start with this one north Carolina at Virginia. I mention this because you're going to be able here that game right here on the colossus. WB day. You're going to be able to hear an hour's pregame. So if football has distracted you just a bit. From. Morning your appeasing cues. On college basketball. How would suggest tuning into our free game. And getting an update on exactly where everybody does but because. You can watch it on television sure they're gonna go they're gonna go courtside five minutes before tip off. Here you can actually. Listen. To what the strategies may be what the personnel. Whose help they. You get to hear all that stuff when you listen to the radio radios just better than television ops are further thinking person radio is just better. And television. Duke is that state tonight. That's gonna be on ESP down. And I'm whenever you play and do you want them to come dear place 'cause. The Cameron crazies. I mean think about it there aren't any influential. Six demand. How much of that did get where I out chorale old. Inspires other crowds. You know though. This and then and the in the personalized cheers and our hands arose they gain. In and it's. These standards. So far as our home court advantage. I got the Tar Heels guy but these standards for home court advantage belongs to the duke blue doubles. And and good for them but something and that's something you are as someone your earners and there's. Other basketball on a CBS. Mobile Clemson they ACC. Clash. Cause save your problems is going to be on fox or got college basketball on fox off. The second game on CBS. Florida Missouri. ESP NU Texas Baylor. ESPN two at 315. Notre Dame. Also an ACC school. Let's say that the Atlantic coast that runs along the border of Indiana today just so what did what what a beautiful spot. It's. There is time to change the name of the conference semis sound blasphemous but I mean we are or person Manning institutes of higher learning. May lead the name should make cents. But. Kentucky Tennessee. Well there's a good one. The song that SEC network tonight at nine those of you who like late tips and you're like really like tips. 10 o'clock Gonzaga and oil Mara mount on ESPN news there's actually a high school football game. On television today at 1 o'clock they US army all American bowl I'm I'm thinking this is some type of law. High school on all star dad Pelé got. A certainty nineteen year old kids get to play football on network television. Our tune in just three part of the excitement and it. Excitement is infectious and try to be upbeat here. Because they tell me that that helps give the audience and a good mood and that's what I want for you might thank you. For listening to the show is doing a positive show I'll want you to feel batter. After listening to this then you did before you condemn lots of shows are like that. They just consider their responsibility. To give routing information. And to get through those story behind the story I actually want you feeling better after you listen to the show. I hope you do I hope you continue to tune in bless your heart if you listen to me right now anyway regarding fire and fury. Not a snub weather forecast do that your current. It's fallout over earlier this explosive new book the White House has actually responded the president tried to keep it from being released. Which if it's nonsense I don't know why would just let it all on its own sword. But instead of the cut the F. Publisher rushed yet. Two to bookstores because of on precedent and demand. Senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega was ABC is gone give us the lowdown on exactly what the Hubble. President tram headed off to Camp David for the weekend as for questions he wasn't having it square make America great again thank you thank you for. The new book fire in theory taking his White House and it seems all of Washington by storm. Add bookstores long lines within hours empty shelves. The president now lashing out at author Michael Wolff and former chief strategist Steve Bannon. A key voice in the book quoted disparaging the president and his family the president tweeting the book is full of lies misrepresentations. And sources that don't exist. Look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy Steve wal stands by every word. And tells NBC news the president's inner circle thinks he is unfit for office. They all say she is like a child's. And what they mean by that is he has been a need for immediate gratification. It's all about him they say he's come. I'm a moron. Think you need it let's firmware this man does not read does not listen. Wolf paints a portrait of a mentally unstable man saying the president often repeats the same stories every three minutes. And recently at Mara log gulf failed to recognize lifelong friends. I world. Coach Steve Bannon. She's lost it. These incidents not confirmed by ABC news but the White House now forced to answer questions about the president's mental stability is disgraceful. And laughable. If you as a city probably wouldn't be sitting there this is an incredibly. Strong and good leader that's their strategy. To disparage wolf as someone who had limited sources and limited access the president tweeting I never spoke to him for book. But wolf says whether or not the president realized it was for the book they did spend about three hours to gathered during the campaign and in the White House. All I wish the president would communicate with us somewhere besides to where. I never spoke with him about book. Was this frozen cave man president. Well. I understand if he thinks he doesn't get fair treatment from the press understand that but he's the president of the United States he's on the bully pulpit. He's got a chance to call people out. That second. And you can do more than show out you can do more than yell fake news somebody. If what they're saying this faith. Tell the truth. You got the opportunity right there tell the truth. I know by the way. If you're gonna say. You were Joseph Keene. Then what chance does that give the press to report the proper news. If you're giving them fake answers. You can't lay your complain about them reporting fake news. Anyway I hope this information was of service to our listeners. There's a guy North Carolina. Who lost the bet. He lost his. Fantasy football. League. Regular season just ended nothing fancy football ends with the regular season. Anyway he lost had to spend 24 hours. And Waffle House now you're gonna keep the blues EIK buying you gotta keep eaten. So I'm just I'm just wondering how he paced himself. Mommy got me in the Waffle House for 24 hours take it easy on the coffee. And I hope they gave him joy breach you know I mean. Those blooms can be very constricting not Obey god chance to. Stand up and then loosen his joints you. I probably wouldn't hurt us local pod if you're gonna have to eat that much. At this Chris furlong WBT will be back with history.