The Chris Ferrell Show, Seg.4 10/21/17


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WB TJX. Charlotte's Trevor extinction. It's. Think this is another one of those Marshall stacks. Chris furlong WB city. Creeping up on 652. I'm glad your here. I'll put him mention there. I had him on notre. You script who's gone out the windows. Which is the congress show you wanna make you want. Comment just kind of. Work off your energy you wanna get the information across but you don't want to get bogged down all in your play out. But 'cause then it becomes. Someone reading to you. And I promised a long time ago the first script Ella our red would be my last. Republicans I don't want to just like if you folks. On our summer Mars will be robotic some supplies will be pre recorded. Its job at some point of pride for me to simply just talk to you folks down. I hope that's what's coming across I hope you enjoy it once again I'm very very. Glad you're here and do every day we do a longer sure if they gave it to him and just say now. WBT dot com if you wanted to get a hold management if you have any opinions. About how are doing so far. Sports let's get to this we need to get to this. The other Carolina Panthers play. On CBS tomorrow. Now let's let's that's you know it's big com. They're playing the Bayer Ers is at 1 o'clock on CBS error on the road. There are playing the Buccaneers in week after that they will not be home. Until November 5. Against he Atlanta Falcons. That's going to be a big game and these will be allowed crowd kind of folks. You know Atlanta don't travel well well let's have let's have a blue state. And what you have to look forward to on television. It's Saturday so of course you college football rules the tube. Today. The new game on channel three our friends down the hall. They're just we just roommates now are not armed by the same company and strange not to. They're still they're close to us physically and their close to our hearts. The noon game on channel three is Pittsburgh at duke. New non ABC's. Oklahoma State at Texas. Noon on fox. Is Maryland at Wisconsin so we have an ACC team there. And I knew enough on ESP hand is evil against Florida State. I'm up or listened there because dobbs talk about old school while stomach analogue. On antenna television. Dayton vs Dave it's. That's at 1 o'clock. A one year they consider. Check and part of that game out if you have if you have yourself hooked up in a way that allows you to. Access antenna television. It's one of the three or four options you run into it to stop flip NT upon football. Date that Davidson I think it's its own. And it'll make it feel more like old times I believe first of all he wants Davis is a smaller school. It's a big deal for them to be on television. And does support that like like to say it it. The way you make people feel less what you remember and they would genuinely. Appreciate. You watching their guy Bashir. On WBT. Starting at 230 the pregame starts at 230 which lessen our. North Carolina tapped Virginia Tech so they are on the road we have. Our pregame forest Tar Heels not happen the best year but that doesn't mean this couldn't be a great game. Had a plan on watching football tonight. I know some obvious might have found that spot on the couch and just stay there until you wake up at two and go all my goodness does spend. All day on the couch watching football I guess I did. Well anyway I'm at 7 o'clock on ESPN two South Florida and to a lying. Would be a game of the semi local interest and all of this is one Los Angeles drama like in late night radio. Com. I had done 1045. The kick. Is it 10:45 PM. Colorado Washington State are even if that game doesn't mean much to use. Mom I love. I love watching live sportsline on television loses something cool about it based on love it when the boxing matches on ESP are and what runway it. I'd be up at midnight watch a fight as justice is great that. Real quick condensed version of this day in years past because some things are worth remembering. There was an unfortunate story that. Hey lady was beaten with a board. Beaten with a two by four. And chesterfield county outside. Public Dizzy Gillespie apartments well. It's dizzy Gillespie's per day. Source damaged John. Crater of modern jazz. What in as important person. In music as we pat. There is and has existed he's just as important as anyone is ever existed. It's scary Fisher's perked at. That. That makes me feel bad because sixty is sixty is your own. I don't know how old young is when you like your drugs but. She should still be with us and she's seen more commercially amount to a lot of people this Kim Kardashian and spur today but she gets plenty of attention already. So I'm not going to mention that. Mom also. It is Elton John. Was given his star. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 42. Years ago. And he is still performing. The message there keep bad it folks. Keep at it this guy's had a star for that long you can still buy tickets to a concert. Go go go which is what I'm going to do make way for the moment permit Shura this is Chris Cheryl WB TI hope to talk to you await a good actually starts with the.