The Chris Ferrell Show, seg4, 11/11/17


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W preteen. Charlotte's a weather station. Chris furlong WB. Enough. Free exchange in this industry so much it feels like. Love or. Is made of trap doors. So what do you do when you when you when you when you work and a environment what do you do. You enjoy every minute you have. And I am. So. So honored. To share. Some of those merits with you. Well take old look back and history here are some history is worse repeated and the Susan I'm birthday of holy Roman emperor Henry the fifth not king Henry holy Roman emperor wore. Not 1050. He died and 1106. Which made him 56 years old. Life expectancy in the eleventh century was 31. Nabisco would be 56 so I'm thank and non I think hole the emperors did go full company benefits. It's not. It's not part time Michael Meyer sure. 1493. Poet Bernardo toss. Italian pull it. Was born on the staying. I check some of the work out miles saw the some. Pretty good tumble dated. Now. Petite century. And this is a good one general George S Patton. He died in 1945. He only outlived Hitler. But few months. He died and Germany. Injuries following a car accident. He's buried in Luxembourg. General Patton is not in Arlington cemetery. He's buried unlocks number. That's fascinating. Kurt Vonnegut junior was born today. I'm not gonna reach our house five to celebrate but Kurt Vonnegut junior girls born. Jonathan Winters birthday. Just celebrate his birthday eldest make somewhat mystical pull off. And not a bad. Aren't there. Demi Moore Calista Flockhart are two years apart they're both born today. Oh Leonardo DiCaprio. I mentioned his birthday because it is about time something good happen to the spell. I mean you talk about someone who is just struggled his way through his entire life. I am giving Leonardo DiCaprio mentioned on the Chris Furl show just so we'll have something happy to look at all. I'm not bitter. Not being sarcastic. Einstein patent or or for juries are today. Cool. Rocky and friends debuts. And you can't yes that is rocky humble. Start off was rocking. And I can't imagine a more positive note. On which to exit than that this is Chris Ferrell is six FDA thank you guys I hope to talk to you again next week.