The Chris Ferrell Show, seg4 11/18/17


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WBZ. Moment of Patrick's. Wang. Chris furlong WB two. Don't be a nice day. 066 degrees. Windy. Thought so when he's not. Nice breeze those can be reasonably prudent. And there's going to be some rain tonight. As number's going to be gusting is going to be how raw I'm more of in this four stolen discount. Exactly. Exactly well want to create the enjoy the drive apart and then they go in the sudden enjoy the so on the drawing on her. That suits like nothing else. Our. Local headlines there's only want. And I'm so sorry if you're hearing this the first time for me. Because I heard about the sworn in the work. Well Robert dear wife has left us. He was 89 years old. Legendary broadcaster. He worked here in the fifties. Made it big as here's anchor for channel all. Believe most store channel 36 at the time armor. Watching our dear referred. And then his popular explorer. With John Morton bill shouldn't. Here nickname on their meals Manning concorde. Well I only news Robert B were referred from. And stop my fish can help my family couple. He was genuinely oxman. And sooners. There's what you there's what you tell everybody. There is what you are. And Robert. And he will be eagerly watched. Saw some history is worth repeating. Tomas ovals only if death dates. Out of those militias have I think it's well. It's worth. Mentioning to him I'm so sorry for her from that hearing that from me now so sore. Source Divx. That those who actually is suited them. For Elizabeth meriwether Gilmore. Was born 1861. Today. But I go occurs. John Mercer down the road moon river no black magic. Born Savannah Georgia on this day in 1909. Resource. So is here Cuban base guitar it's. Okay. He was a member require riot my favorite work of it is it was part of the rhythm section. On Ozzy Osbourne speaker level. And that was cool him off forgive them for Weis. As well logs were rocking out here. Kirk Hammett. Guitarist for a Metallica. Well all all talk about metallic ones that got. Talk about bitter sweet that's me Metallica. Nor is born in 1962. I'm meg and Kelly to. In 1970. And anxious shall not just gone off Joseph Frazier became the world heavyweight boxing champion on the stay in 1970. And nine Kraft was released in 2011 the stand 2011 season and I told you imagine. And speaking of family. The first date with Theo woman who was now my bride thirty years ago. Maybe I love in us history I would repeat a thousand times over the scriptural WBT I'll talk to the week it's 658.