The Chris Ferrell Show seg4 1/13/18


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Edward Allen. 67. Why would let me remind stern. And we just bang it out. No one win. To break out by hammers. There's a special skill. Fast Eddie Clarke had. I am. Others could years. We will miss you sir. Thank you. Thank you. For sharing with us. Why that I just spanned. Two minutes doing aren't tribute to the who was due last surviving. Member of motor head because this is the chorus for sure. And it's going to be either Chris for Earl show. Until it's still somebody L show. But that it today. Sam's clubs are closing and Alaska. Three of them. You talk about place source nice to be able stock up and save some money. To an Anchorage mourn Fairbanks. So is going to. Be a little hard to. People up on staples and on Alaska. There's one closing in Georgia. There's one closing and lumber in North Carolina. There's one closing. Even more useful North Carolina. There's one closing and torture Rica. Puerto Rico are our friends and fur hat what are not are they're our friends or us. Puerto Rico's America these are American citizens. We think they can use one of Sam's Club rods with everything else eleven they'll lift. I'm hoping the folks displaced by this. Will get preferred treatment so foresaw. Hiring at Wal-Mart which which owns Sam's Club. And we're in the minimum wage just one out. A tale Russia's flawed. And I don't pretend to understand. Everything generally don't understand. Some ministries were repeating yours little bit of its Robert stacks birthday. Using caddie shack two. Well in my favor movies I have an arm VHS some diving kitten. Lost another good musician. And Eddie Clarke this week but they're also a great one born today in nineteen point nine. Joseph pass. You talk about virtuoso. He was one. Charles Nelson rallies birthday. And you know who Charles Nelson Reilly reminds me of rip Taylor. Also ripped Taylor's birthday. Rip Taylor. Is still with us. He's 82 years old. And I'm still with you for another ten seconds. But I'll be back next week. I love you. This is Chris Farrell of the colossus of LaSalle WB to me it's 650 day.