The Chris Ferrell Show seg4 1/20/18


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WBZ. What time of the end of the world's great excuse to play some cool bumper. I'll go on the stuff man. Blues we were. Right stork. Votes. If we don't like what you do. It's hard to like your life. I have no idea how long her let me get away with this. No idea. Every show could be the last we may have the next alert isn't real. We could they can sell. You know the to Sully our right up on. Those born incarnation. How far black Sabbah spoke to him. Earlier won the original one. The first anger that's a custom chopper song. 1982. Nineteen Eddie to a 1982. Heavy metal musician Ozzy Osbourne. Bit I had off of the bat. On stage in the mowing Iowa. Thereby knows about it that's not my barn though let happen in Iowa. I think that's the thing happen denial. Hear him tell the story. Somebody threw the bat on stage. And apparently. Apparently it clenched up and he bottles break. How you sneak a real bat where do you keep it but but anyway he picked it up bottles of crop. Kind of like our aura. Well for our friend with a fake bomb. And Bennett's at all. It's bill marsh Burt I know you're there. And you just so excited about. There's no snow our partnership laws Bill Maher. Yeah I use a funny man but. More like it when comics starring comics. Tea. Politics taken over comedy and I'll like that. Happy birthday also. To the American Civil Liberties Union. How about then. It's not needy. Eight years old. I wonder how law. America will commemorate the Centennial. Of the ACLU. Hootie William. Leadbetter or anybody. Led belly. Born in Louisiana. A teenage DA. So long as we're talking about musicians. Paul Stanley's birthday. Real name Paul Eisen. Ian hill of Judas Priest. Bassist. Says burqa. The book of Mulder. Was published. In the year 820. Now I have no idea what this list. But that it's. Bin kept up with for this long campaign Pampers got to be ago agreed. My check out this week enough it's we're checking out ala a lotion on next week. Between the take missile alerts and government shutdowns. In. Islip we've read this week. Let's say folks is good town to be ready. Could Tom be ready. Have read. Here exclusively on the Chris Rocha. The Armageddon checklist first radio. I should be first on any realist about anything. Radio. Water. Cooling mix. What permits. Extra liquor matured now bartering. Tools. This American gets stressful Michelle turnout shelf building as a great stress reliever. Cigarettes. Liar. Parchment which. Large buckets of sand and Tom gone shall not. Pop tarts not toaster pastries folks. Stay apocalypse little. First aid kit can open more game playing cards on a Bible. 'cause we must know no matter how tough you think you are. You don't want to eventually. This curse furlong WB two tie gala via a lot. Thought you know week.