The Chris Ferrell Show, seg4 12/2/17


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WB team. The moment don't have various. This group. Every day. I've decided to throwing one crew. This December. You know was. Labeled silent night. Somebody's having some fun. World. I guess you. He's not giving. Also has to be the season unforgiven in our. A great man. The best broadcaster for whom I have ever personally worked. Once told me. Don't ask permission. Ask forgiveness. I remember that now. I'm on at 6 o'clock. On Saturday anymore. My shows different. Other shows. Three years ago I was told to try to appeal to 45 year olds. I'm 47. So I do the show. I like. And hope. For an audience. I want to be of service. Because I wouldn't like myself in front war. But I'm just following my instincts. And I hope you are having a good time some have a great time. But I do want to hitch it was some national news Michael Flynn is guilty plea. Is yesterday's news but the White House response. Is not. Here's Jonathan Karl. Or in questions about the indictment of his former national security advisor. I'm off my. A few minutes later the White House abruptly canceled a planned photo op with the Libyan prime minister. Avoiding questions altogether. The Flint indictment cut close to the president he was the most prominent former national security official advising the trump campaign Donald. And he played a key role in the transition. Taking part in president elect trumps classified briefings before his vital role inside the White House. But the president's lawyer sought to downplay flinch role saying in a statement Michael flinty former national security advisor at the White House for 25 days during the trump administration. And former Obama administration official entered a guilty plea. Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than mr. Flynn. All right speaking of politics. You know Charles Rangel lane as we're about do some history that's worth repeating. Charles wrangling ringling Brothers. Bob politics and circus. Together close enough for let them be assigned work. And if it doesn't pay memorial on the other side so Augusta I guess it does. Perry read. American politician. Was more on this day in 1939. And continues to carve his legacy. Been doing lots of rock and roll stuff this more and Chris with a rock and roll again Morgan have to talk to him about that. Not only director Penelope spear us. Who directed the the color line of western civilization. Won in 21. Is much better it's about punk rock movement. It's her birthday wish is born in 1945. So she's getting along Bobbitt she's get along just fine. Rick savage. Of Def Leppard. The bass player. Born in 1960. And another rock and roll icon. Britney Spears. Terms. Wait for. 36. Years old today. Remember our first album came out we were all asking ourselves is an okay you know look it's such a young girl like well you're need to ask ourselves some very serious question. Well it's okay look at her now she's 36. Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned emperor of France. And eighteen you know afford. Them on this day in 1905. Sure it is unsure of his slogan there's and his and his. Birthday present to himself was also wore a why guy. Ringo Starr's consoles you were removed on this day in 1964. No that was just before they opened the tour. And it was too late to cancel or was too much money we lost. A fellow named Jimmy Nichols. Did ten shows what The Beatles. This is 1964. Beatles. Real mania remaining remaining. There's a picture of now. Waiting for his plane back to obscurity. When Ringo got better. Sitting alone on the airport waiting around. He could've been anybody else. So epic kinda has beatle haircut. Count your blessings folks. The good part can be fleeting. This Chris furlong WB two day. It is 658. Bob Hope to talk to you in a week.