The Chris Ferrell Show, seg4, 12/9/17


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WB Teague. W while others were. What mom my yeah. Here. Truly healthier. I OK okay next round. What's your friend Jeff. One other true. Through. We're awfully were awfully glad to have around for a Newser these are TV stars. Enjoy homicide on and mustang announce. Gross revenues. 7-Eleven. I customer came man. And discovered that. Another customer. Shot daylong floor. I always talk about given shout outs to people who work hours. I'm beginning to believe. You deserve it. Right now probably are always have believed. You deserve it but this just drives home this just reminds. You deserve my respect. For the Dutch you have. You know that the real world. Doesn't stop. When all the you know. Rush hour traffic type sir. Tucked away in their beds. The other sometimes you got to work more. So you gotta do. I don't have as to whether or not this week employee. No matter a whole lot. Man. Walking mentor guest mentioned. And not walk in the I'm not big on down ours. But take a second consider the ramifications. Do you just not coming back from the gas station. Happens all the time. I'm Jim Morrison. Was arrested. On stage for disturbing the peace. Yeah nineteen. So excuse and I don't know. If this was the Casey was still frightened. When he died. Then he moved to pair sticky promo. Doing the time on. Doesn't matter gosh. Hours ago folks. I care about you very much. I'll see you next week and screw us hurled sexist yen.