The Chris Ferrell Show seg4 1/6/18


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WPG. This Chris furlong WB today. Are you what's. You know my all figured out by now well like everything. Why. Look at Parsons. It helps burnish drafts. I know that lots of folks. One of the things the new year new me and I know what I want some. One of their goals is to. Realize stress and. Now. This is a tough one. Because there's so much we don't control. And that's a person on antidepressants. I'm hardly an. Position a breach on the stop it. I can't say one thing that is helped me and my journey. It's accepting. How old little weak control. And be mindful. That today's. Bad news. Could be tomorrow's. Good news. The butterfly effect is very very real. And a soft and seems like a disaster. It might just be a blessing waiting to reveal itself. Given a chance give things a chance to unfold. Before you give up don't you wanna see how this all turns out. Aren't you curious. I had a way. We'll take a look back at this days near Alaska's some history is worth repeating. So Danny thomas' birthday. He was born in non 1914. I'll wind to make a point of mentioning him because of the wonderful. Work he is gone or sick children. You know while volunteer some this year for a new you help the kids. Help a kid anyway you can. Thought it is reverend sung Myung moon's. Per day he was born in nineteen to wanting. Didn't die until 2012 so he'll have to be 92 years old while. Anyway to celebrate later I'm going to. Marrying a stadium full people. Op Earl Scruggs says it's his birthday. Legendary bluegrass musician basically the Jimi Hendrix of bluegrass. It's sued barest Burke that. On the founding members of Pink Floyd. I tell you that Earl Scruggs and Sid bearer were born on the same day. There's some on the water. That made for greatness and I'll throw this one on top of it. How mentioned is death how buys life. He would turn 65 today. Malcolm young. Recently departed rhythm guitarist very CDC. Warns Scotland. In 1953. Cabaret all Greece. Born in 1970. So here she's a model now on check and see if that's warmed to yeah. Yeah okay now all I could. And I'm banks are allowing me an army Thomas Moran stick with us John and Aybar coming up this is Chris furlong WBT. Big colossus of the south I'll love you guys.