The Chris Ferrell Show, Segment 1, August 12, 2017


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WPT. Around this is for us herald went on Saturday morning how you doing dev time. Here again we'll have a little trouble getting all the works out this morning but up here. Well you know with the marketing monkey probably had to drive and they did he. Here at you know it's it's understandable. That might take a while the club so kids can't get my thoughts together and. Avoid all of those. They just seem like there were patches of the highway where it was really slick and they need a little bit in a while and think I can. You know pick up stable but it's it's okay and then the meat come around and you know another area and it was just really is sporadic. Well they were so I was going to reference that myself for Israel was. Bit unusual. To have such bring the light conditions this early in the morning basically what was your many of them all the night. There were down horrors and it was like door pop up showers the way you see your son satin hands with the it was also hot yeah store. Hot and steamy you're really Meghann period. Panda I did not have a fun driving an app all her. And I was very I'm always happy to get the work right. Always always happy when the security badge still works you know America. But I was glad to get off of the road because I tell you what time they are not gonna have trouble sinking putts at the PGA championship today they are going to have trouble finding a whole lot the putts are going to be sinking because there's going to be puddles everywhere and they probably -- onlookers are sinking as well in the golfers are trying to make sure their cleats don't hold its ground and not come back out I won't say that golfers are sensitive people. But I will say nurses someone who used to play a lot of golf numb off fifteen year old self would boo myself today and I used to play a lot of golf and the equipment for what little we use. Really matters dear person hit the ball with a stick you know diet but your shoes and a stick in the ball those things but certainly things can matter you know so so probably talk ourselves into believing that matter more than they do but I understand that cleared out. Pretty early yesterday the lots and lots of fans. Ryan tapped out when the rain came quickly and palm. Decided just give the gave another shot today I supposed. Com but they did restart play after a certain point. And the one suit tough it out got to watch some pretty big names. As a part of a small galleries so on Donald Graham was so that's good that's neat for them I and that sums to some than to be said for right you know some some state who would have noticed grayer. And they they got treated for so I was out I was glad to hear that what cut I can't remember and now have you ever. I am at peace Dan on quail hollow T are you familiar with the golf course. I have passed by quite a hole little long but for what I know that's not. That's not mount. Earlier hang out so I'm not I was just wondering you know they building shelters and I'm assuming that you know he can only put up so many so. I wonder if those who tested out what you're saying he watched the last part of that was there any rain at all I can't remember before it got dark or did it completely clear around you know. Our law and though the law of the shuttle buses Scott. Full early and who wants some people's and we're not gonna try to tough our way through this and they got. So yeah I believe I believe there was a good bit are generally naturalized you know you got to see Jordan speed up close. You're stuck it out so I always short drive down. How often you know I had hit rain and then it would be signed an analogy your reign in enemies on the wipers reclaim really really fast than that I would just. You don't turn them off and I would turn them back on again so it was sporadic and traffic at I don't know what's going on now maybe this is the book hasn't quelled a tally of if you live I live north of here. I'm always surprised at how traffic changes when I come to work. It is it's gotten so much busier and it's not Saddam leaving them much later so I don't know whether it's just because it's summer and it's gonna dive back down again in the fall but. Always amazed at how many people are out there at our morning and I'm coming here. I correlate directly to the growth of the Charlotte itself do you really has that your dot com so much and medical topple us a ride to that traffic as some were simply perpetual. Group with a with a schedule while work I'm on the road all. Hours of the day I can tell you what traffic is like. At any given time a day but does so could most we will because it doesn't change that much that's true I mean I guess if you're war earlier on Saturday because I have to honor yeah I got all this stuff I've the united textiles paper ticket. I got all of this extra work and I'm doing. That so I give myself a little extra time to do it sounds so I'm leaving the end. But most people during what most people would call the middle of the night in a bra borrowers have been closed. About an hour and a half its and meet. Truckers and then votes on the way back from the Waffle House human artifact or the ones that never found the Waffle House they're trying to get arm Rea. So I'm always happy to get here safely. Because at 3:30 in the morning died I don't think your share on the road with the same crowd that used that your at 530 anymore lots of people work Saturdays and I don't know how many people leave our house at 3 AM to go work on center and a fair return that's that's the middle of any shift movement and so. And that leads to a shift the crowd out there are sometimes its share in the room with a laugh out of them many times here and whatnot on the relevant and what are those persons have been through direct or armor they going to work and I a always. Err on the side of a child that story did you see yea you got to a they're used to be space on the road in the middle of the night. And yet we can't control everything. That you if you. Put space surround yourself that means you could have a relatively safe drive exactly but. Bush traffic all the time that aren't and and depending on what those folks are up to. I mean. Gridlock. Is safe. Compared to these more sparse. Traffic in the middle of the night because of what people are doing I hate to say about it's not you know that thing on the way home from church. Hour now and I've seen you know if we if I wanted to keep a log. And I'm sure you have to I have seen some amazing things on my way to work with the police and other vehicles around and I'm thinking hadn't they can't in this mess. And it's like I'm thinking when I'm glad I wasn't there when it happened all line though there have been so now that the interstate has been shut down home. In the middle of the night when you think to yourself. How is that even possible impact. I'll be driving along and how outlook also those scenarios that that you are talking about that and I'll think to myself yeah I don't wanna beat you spontaneous. How well I'll think to myself. If I had to shut down the interstate when I even know how to do it like this this a minute I mean I'm in a minivan. But it's getting easier and easier the more both the busier we're getting. And with school coming up I'm going to mentioned the story a little later I pedestrian was killed and school's going to be start back up son. Traffic is going to be as perpetual is that is it's gonna get more professionals on the dance jams that if there is such a thing. But I do you gotta be the I'd be careful all time today. And Tom especially those who were if you're hearing my voice now about this time of morning. Arm if aside if we could see the sun that would be coming out about now Anaheim and a lot lots of folks are you know about the worst the worst thing they ours to hire him I got embarrassed our hearts and how about a half but that kinds that gave up and go to work early on Saturday they are not the kinds that stay out party in late on Friday night you know. I always like to tell our audience always like to remind them. You did your groove drop like sultans weighing you down you know don't don't be in our hurry because the place will be their wing when you get there and hey you know you're. Your boss thinks start when you get there are so I just take you time you get there someday you bet. It's always great to get here safe and get the say hello to Deb Tobin yes sir thank you for the good morning greeting and we'll talk later Ali we certainly will you got so much jogged off yeah we literally got some reports coming up today it'll be good I'm going to yep we got reports come up all day ride. And I'm I'm going to try to squeeze in a little bit of non golf related news in between all the PGA reports. We'll look at the president North Korea which. There's and then and first game situation we are living in interesting times as the Chinese curse would say. Our take a look at our local leads our own learn more about what happened in the state in history. Because if we don't learn from what we're doomed to repeat it. Assist first girl and I have my doom and everybody thought they do another segment with me here at about five minutes we'll check the weather it is 614.