The Chris Ferrell Show, Segment 2, August 12, 2017


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There. I'll be. Earl Woods who are serving. I am. Glad you're here. Revolved. Very. Where we're headed. Pop rock. Promise. There will still be there. It's going to be our line. Today about dominance. Might be such a great day you give up bond girls. This. Do you do to another. Segment will mean miles. My old boss told me when I was substitute host this this now don't do the self Depp or a she thing. We don't overdo it says don't. Don't say hi onetime awesome for Hancock don't apologize for not being John Hancock and don't say mobile don't worry held. But still just it's just in my nature to be self deprecating man that's. It's not because I'm a humble person it's because soft application is really how narcissism are sarcastic. It's not done well with a dim bulb like me know about all that. It is an obscure. Leaderboard. At the PGA championships. All load the Fella sharing the lead is from Aiken and he is Aiken for that trophy Kevin. Hi sooner. Local kid I think we can I think bring column local kid Aiken is close enough for that. Now all wish him the best to look I'm looking at the top ten on non went for names are right now is not somebody's to keep up with golf. Jason Day on not only that this. Paul Casey and a number Rickie Fowler of course those of you who might not know this already. If you got weekend tickets Barnum but because. Phil Mickelson didn't make the cut. I don't Burnham and my actually still there of the it's. Not. This is probably a better thing to know a couple of days ago bombs but. Still it's it's likely ACC turn meant when your team loses a lot of fans head out of town. And they sell what's left of their weekend tickets cheaply. We can still get ripped off if you're trying to make it out there are so you want to. You mean our friends at the Better Business Bureau always keep us informed. And died in this day and advise you do things Oregon a boy big Craig's list of voice on site scalpers. Use PayPal payment method. That comes with protection. That's good say if you get ripped off there's somewhere to term. And that's going to feel awfully good after how bad it's gonna feel. To give. Ripped off. And not I find that if the merchant runs away from you laughing that that's also a bad side also flown at the letters PGA. I am proud of our Carolina Panthers did you get out there on Wednesday. Enjoy watch John e-book up on the Texans. There's going to be your only chance your few weeks or there not gonna be back in town until. Pittsburgh shows up at the end of the month and then the first home game is sub buffalo will be in week two of the regular season so I hope you were able to make it out there. And this story reminds me of what a classy organization. We have here I think Graco Ruth taught us. A lesson very early because one. Number one great car he started his trouble is slightly and it's not that you can't play football stupid. This year more trouble than your words say your golf or not the kind of were not the kind of organization that tolerates that. And this thing with Ezekiel Eliot. With the Dallas Cowboys gained a hefty suspension. I think is. Is really the feel good story in the morning. NFL's top player superstar Dallas Cowboys player as he too elegant. The toast of the NFL when Dallas Texas but no other running back is under a cloud of controversy suspended for six games for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy. In a letter informing elegant and their decision. The NFL says the suspension stems from their investigation into allegations of domestic violence L is ex girlfriend accused him of multiple instances of physical violence. During the week of July 16 2016. Although she reported to the Columbus, Ohio police department Elliot has denied the allegations and was never arrested or charged with a crime. The NFL conducted its own investigation and said they found that credible evidence establishes that a multiplication. Elliott use physical force against resulting in her injury. Including on one occasion injuries to her face arms wrist and hands Elliott's attorneys responding in the state. Now the NFL's findings are replete with factual inaccuracies in eroding his conclusion. And it cherry picks so called evidence to support its conclusion. Elliott and his lawyers plan to appeal. In saint during the upcoming weeks and through the appeal a slew of additional credible incontrovertible evidence will come to light a ZQ Eliot suspension is a stark contrast how the NFL initially discipline former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for assaulting his then fiancee Jimmy Palmer. Rice was indicted on aggravated assault charges the very next day he and Palmer married. The NFL gave rice what many considered a slap on the wrist just a two game suspension for domestic violence. A firestorm erupts critics chastising the NFL are forgetting rice a lesser punishment. In a six game suspension imposed on players caught using banned substances. And don't play video emerges obtained by TMZ sports showing rice punching Palmer in the face in an elevator ravens terminating their running backs contract in the NFL than suspending him indefinitely. After that a Mea culpa from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell we're gonna do better going forward. Grace appealed the suspension and was reinstated. Although to this day he's yet to be re signed by anti but more importantly sweeping changes in the league's personal conduct policy. Including independent investigative powers and a minimum six game suspension for first time domestic violence offenders Elliott suspension is one of the first major test of the new policy. This is a stunning fall from grace for one of the NFL's most promising play ESPN's he's sixty profiled him right before the 2016 draft. If you trust commission courses so you trusted people who they care for you. The NFL is a multibillion dollar business a brain. The days when a player's behavior off the deal was met with little more than a week. Are long gone and that's what's great about it just because it wasn't enough to get them arrested. Doesn't mean it wasn't enough for the league to say that's too much. Kids watch these games and kids who watch these players I'm glad they're didn't see this because if you're going to act like he's eco Elliott. Act the way he acts on the field. Not all this is curse furlongs Saturday morning of the 628 at WB today.