The Chris Ferrell Show, Segment 2, Saturday, August 19, 2017


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WBT. Good serve their morning. So August 19 two. 2017. There were no sir they. I've got to battle. Late last week. We're not where we're not gonna be ourselves over the what passengers. We're not gonna give them to go. Folks who have a vested interest income must've. There's nobody who doesn't like a good times and what we're that was trying to have a good time and there's a great excuse today there's a Panthers dad. Yes it's a pre season game and yes it's on the road. But doesn't that get you excited. Doesn't throw the football season gets me excited early does not think we can all use a distraction. You are not the right place. To get all you need regarding. That distraction. The stadium show starts. The stroke after 12 o'clock news. 1205. While we're gonna have a three hour pre game which is good news because you know neurons are per again. Jim's okay. If you are a regular. WB two listener I don't have to tell you are already aware. Of the talents. Of Jim joking he runs the bulk of the great game which is three hours long today post game going going to be in our debt suspect that as something that was pre season. Last last season. Post game was also three hours. And that was run by part McMillan and Mike Chico. Word just does grade together there are some out there are so many talented people. The work in this building and for the Panthers organization Regis. We will just keep reloading and Shawn Michaels and so it was a skewed relentless harassment is but that's no problem at all everybody here has what it takes and that's part of what makes me proud to be here. And Jim's going to be doing the pregame show and Jim is dandy. So don't mess. So which. So don't miss that and then. Jeanine rob. Eugene Robinson. They hear him break down what just happened on the field. There's something special is clearly an expert. But. He's an expert that can translate. His expertise into layman's terms and real time. That's a special talent I'm not sure that talent can be taught. We've got that. In Eugene Robbins. He's he's as good as he was on the field he was born. To broadcast on some humor. And some personality. We're very lucky to have them. And then. There's the man. Mitt. Freaking. Mixed. I'll Bennett WBT. Along time. I was listening to Mick mix and back when he was sect that cheered the woody durum. Turn tar heel basketball. And there's a reason. He went from bare. 21 cheer. With an NFL broadcasting. Came because. He was clearly. That good. He's not a play by play guy. These are spoken word artist whose muse is sports. You don't have to listen you don't have to listen for longer at all. Two to hear what I mean. And now looking for Russia don't have to. Starting today at 1205 on big colossus. Don't mess. I guess there are. Other things going on today handouts. Local it Dale Earnhardt junior released a statement. Regarding all the recent world madness basically reminding us that we're better than us. And we need to stop caring nature over part. I think it's very good of him to speak up. As I see him as an influential figure among many folks who take. This. The most seriously. And so good move junior. One more reason alike and I've yet to find a reason not to. Among the deaths in Spain was in American. Got it was on time. And speaking of tourists. Whom. Our lots are expected this descend on the area. As the clutch approaches. Were very close to weigh perfect viewing spot. And so look out for extra cars. And don't just look up first or coerced look out for extra cars that are coming to the areas so they can look at the sky. So let's have plus would be extra extra vigilant. About looking out through the scars. She last week of summer break a couple of CMS teachers are being sought or have been charged. With taking indecent liberties or students. Are those are half the accusations. And I highly doubt these gals will be on the job and school commences a week so. Rather than spank you speculate toe war but that I've continued to play out. We're have some fun next hour no more dead birds no more world tragedies in on this stuff is crisp Earl on WBT this next morning and it.