The Chris Ferrell Show Segment 3, August 12, 2017


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Listening to me on out battery powered radio. Somebody from. From home. Sheriff while. Yeah. Story. It's hard. Fella has been charged with Delphi vehicle. Do he hit the pan handler. Oh not for sure. Boulevard. No. Frequently exchange Berkshire boulevard. 85 votes it's its own city. None this is not cool yeah. To get people off the street. I I hate to think. What may feel like hell. Doesn't always. Turnout go away if you wanna help amount. Help them all. And I knew that. Every. Every man in the median was. Started off as a kid on the corner. Maybe a story wasn't finishing. Doesn't take the world's Porsche driver. Tough. To hit the panhandle Arkansas because of seeing some do dangerous things to get to the money your way of a night you Wanda. But this fellow cab drought and soon. A little. Ma I'm going to I'm going to what my sympathy in one direction this story. World news. There is justice depressing. As a rhetorical. We got a look at the president north Korea first Elisa Alyssa take a look at what the North Korea has to say to. Our citizens. And Guam. I defiant review buying North Korea in a statement calling president Trump's recent comments. A load of nonsense. Saying the president is a guy bereft of reason. And only absolute force can work on him on the ultimately are you using and a renewed specific threat to Guam North Korea announcing it will launch four missiles at the waters near the island by mid August. The governor of Guam responding encouraging com. There is concern and had a weary but there is no pac. Also South Korea warning of strong and resolute retaliation. For any attack against them or the US. The new North Korean threat coming in response to that fiery warnings by president trump. What career. Best not me getting more rest in the United States. They will be met. With fire and fury. Like the world has never seen. In his statement Defense Secretary James Madison backing up the commander in chief. But stressing defense saying that the US hasn't questionable commitment to defend ourselves from an attack. And that North Korea should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people. And in Pyongyang a rallying call. Thousands of North Korean citizens acting this way Aaron that nation's capital in a display of unity. The increasingly threatening rhetoric coming is US intelligence analysts now believe scientists in North Korea. Can produce miniature nuclear warheads that can fit inside those ICBM missiles. Kim Jung un launched two of them last month. Now the president who's 71 years old. He is quite aware of some of the fire and fury. That the world has sing. Over the years. It's not exactly a veiled threat. When he says he's going to upped the ante. From where war has them down. Do you know the difference. Between. Hiroshima Mon and why. It happened. Today. It's so this like Larry Miller said the difference between shooting the bullet and throwing it. And that's scary man. Why don't like. You know ma. At all. I think the reason there wasn't forced stooge. We weren't able to find anybody aware that stupid haircut. But. There's lots of people in North Korea there. There're not. Just blurted they're dictator that's that's that's not Holler at us. Narrowed her family is their kids they're just like journalism here. And I. Really hate the idea. Love campaign. What's on the table. On the table Warren. Because you know we can put the United States. Couldn't make quick work North Korea we sure could. It's not going to be that simple. I worry that. Other world leaders. Might see. These tumultuous times. And it's an opportunity. Well it's not. Our friends and lawmen are not they're not our friends there us. There are USA is a us Baum is America. And no they're not they're not they're not back into. All eyes on Guam the closest and most vulnerable to attack US territory. Now after that highly specific threat to north Koreans claiming it days they'll have a plan the launch. Form missiles into the ocean just twenty miles from the island. A large that would put those missiles. On American soil in fourteen minutes the island home to 160000. American civilians and 7000 US forces assigned to US military bases. Make get a key launching point. For any potential military strike. B one bombers regularly take off on practice run. US officials say there's no visible ability coalition but either side in response to be heated rhetoric. But for the US and allies. There are several lines of defense at the ready here in neighboring South Korea nearly 30000 US troops. Patriot missiles ready to shoot down any short range missiles. The US could try to stop a longer re both like the kind North Korea could launch toward Guam. But one of several US navy ships in the region. The last line of defense the Fed anti missile defense system. In tested as a 100% success rate. But it has never been tested with four missiles that once a preemptive strike could be on the table the next six to twelve months if sanctions do not work. And if Kim Jong continues to make progress that a nuclear tipped missile a senior official tells ABC news. But any military retaliation for North Korea could be catastrophic. Millions of civilians in Seoul dis 35 miles from the border could be targeted by North Korea's artillery. It more than 80000 US troops in the region could also be of across here. Let's let it be Saturday after this Erica. I. Hate that some of the news. That we deliver. Sometimes. It is our duty to. Keep the public informed. I think right now us Republic's interior in. The state call. We're all would be Saturday after this Erica. This is our Chris furlong WBT. It is. 646. Okay we're sitting here.