The Chris Ferrell Show, Segment 3, Sat., July 15, 2017


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Are you telling me. On W. Saturday. Life fifteen. Smack dab in the middle of summer. We'll stay cool to. You woke up cool stay cool. I tell you the storms. Tokai. So don't look out gusty winds blew. From. Say dozens all wanna see. If oh wanna be watching. When the when the rain starts following I want to be watching the road sixty comes off well. Sounds sounds of well belt like gasoline and go on the ocean you're sincere. Mean I'm out there everything. Everything condition Cuomo. Tempers. I'll tell you I had this thing. I was warned that no. They say that it's. Hot enough that it could delay flights. I didn't know. And who wanna. Until I saw this story that. Flights. And ever delay been delayed for me thing but. Nurse stormy weather. But heat. Up. American Airlines. Canceled. Dozens of flights from Phoenix. Because they 120. Degrees temperature. Made it too hot for small jets and my mom. Extremely. Well what can affect. Plane's ability to take golf. This hot air Celeste deaths in the cold air and I didn't. I'm sure pilot could tell you all about it too. We are we are experiencing conditions that could not not not our immediate area. But it's been tough enough of a summer. Two. Don't waste some flights. So long and I know all politics is gusty winds lets you heavy downpour worst. Home or just grab a porous open nor stand outside and draft kings and fanned tool not emerging. Sowell slept. Now if era if you're into fantasy sports. Com why is that. Why not just don't vote that attention. To the real sport. Why not give that attention area there where actual tank if you're around. If it's to make it more interest paying. I'm not my mind just doesn't work that way I would rather. I would rather watch the game that's being played on the field. And not create a scenario. Where there's a game with them they game Mora got money around this us. I didn't know you don't want you don't think too hard when the idea. There's too lax entertain yourself. Time. One thing sounds like it. Would be hypothetical but is not. Speaking of fantasy sports. Ma. Neon you recognize as Kia. The guy I'm going to play as soon as paint. Seems like turn the DL RO. Appeared at. It now. You're you're like yeah. Now don't don't ask me what the beach about one but. That's Floyd Mayweather. And who's going to why carnal McGregor. Who it is. His arm mixed martial arts. Counterpart. August 26. The paper rewrite it. Is essentially a hundred all. It's nine. If you don't want cogdell. I seriously doubt there are people going to spend. Ninety there're people there's the same people. We would spend ninety. But go ahead and pay a hundred per Honda. We are being on. You know and lots of friends are going to be chip NN now that kind of thing parties. Not Tea Party these guys are part. These guys are having the time of their life. There are too poor and supports. The hype and the thing. And the paychecks are just. It's on it's it's unbelievable what they're what they're making progress. And it really. And it's clear at the media events of these got to have the time of their thoughts. And for me. It's kind of it kind of spoils the notion. Of real animosity. You know hatred and I hundred million dollar payday he's just don't chop. Yeah so undermanned dollars. Well. Now Ford is talking about he's never. Tasted defeat. I'm not karma Berger has. Got a bit beat by Nate Diaz. Wants. Got looked. Got warped tapped out. Choked up. And nom these fellows will be meeting. In the boxing. Now how would. Suggest. That perhaps. Is the fact. That McGregor. Mixed martial artist has tasted defeat. The stories he's not afraid. To get in the boxing brain. What Floyd Mayweather because what they are the odds are ridiculous I don't I don't I'm not a gambler. I'm five dollars a head on gambling at all but Stewart wants. Almost five dollar bet that was not a boxing match. I was eleven years old. And I said. I'm five dollars a month quit while I'm ahead. Now on the story secures. I should kept up five dollars. I'm listening to other shows are run. Off. On weekends of the new tea then miracle of compound didn't. Well. I don't. But. I don't I don't know that's arm. They can really hate each other when they're gonna deuce each other so well. But come it sells a lot there. At the person who has lost. Is willing. To get between the ropes. Where the guy who. Never lost isn't isn't. Willing to step into the cage. Why it was referred to his human cockfighting for a long time. Basically put him up around a couple of guys you're seeing that now smaller players Rondo arousing made. Most influential people list last last year and what's up this our mainstream culture now. It's an odd thing. Something not. Soon we can get back. Now what there'd be something that these fellows came out. It is August 26 rolls around they're buys gather beer there sit in front of the television and and Connor and Floyd walked out Massa down. You know we were we were back in the locker room and there and we talked as well you know we don't we're not mad anymore. There's less happy ending. This Chris furlong WB today. Is July 15. It is 6:46. AM.