The Chris Ferrell Show, Segment 4, August 12, 2017


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New C eleven to at a 993. WBT. Charlotte's conversation and for. Bruce Pearl sir they have. Wait for the watch your. I'm glad it's our date and I'm glad you listen. And I am blow out. The today is today that it is because some history as portal. It is. For the Wagner's work today. Now com. But we have. Off for a job Porter Wagoner. To thank. In this. He discovered Dolly Parton. Yeah. How hard could that have. I'm mentions during the then. But it it is pretty amazing though how what a treasure. What a treasured Dolly Parton. I mean. You take a look at. And then she. Relish wrote us phone. Oh okay no listen to your song. And it's composed of many colors. Well. A true American church anyway era. Ol' board for an portal Wagner who left just ten years ago. But hey elude first. Today's his birthday Angela has as a Buck Owens. Real name. How loose Edgar. Palmer why Bob Buck Owens would be buyer for country music. Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. More on this day in 1954. He still with us. Mama Faneuil Batman fan now. I and then the Vietnamese ago like up Padma saying who's in his favor stuff I wouldn't. There are subject to you go through bird as it's. It's not pursuing people. On that note. This is the day that. John Milton cage. Junior. Died. John Cage. One of the most important. Influences. In my life. Hallmark card compose your. I've been planned 344. In the background the whole show us tribute. If you get that joke you and our forums. We might not have met each other yet. The world France. Nolan Ryan. Struck out nineteen. Red Sox. Now what point do you. After an army strike out spears has risen 1974. I'm at what point do you say and you really want me to go out there and stand then. Try to hit the ball. Well may try to kill all the balls those Gus thrown. There's only 27 outs and again. My time Syria in my accounting background tells me there's there's 27000 again. If the home team doesn't win. Could jump play the bottom half of the night of the teams that's all wrong. Hawaii. Was annexed into the United States. And a eighteen. 98. Thoughts to our. To our fellow citizens our fellow Americans. In Hawaii and Guam. Guys hang tough. Keep hanging tough. Christopher Columbus. Landed in the Canary Islands in this day in 1942. Fourteen. I a mandates that are. Wasn't as a it wasn't as recent as an for 41092. Not 1942. Although there probably is or Chris Columbus somewhere in the canary down. I now own nose and now of Chicago. So incorporated. 1833. Population. 350. So. Growth is possible. So you potential and things. Chicago didn't start off the second second biggest city in America. Oh wins us also lost sir mix a lots birthday. I cannot lie. He's only seven years older may. He's character. Jane Wyatt. Father Knows Best he born on this day in 1910. I was working all the stuff up I found out Pete Sampras. It's two years younger than me. Those depressing because I think of him as old guard. It's been nice having you here this morning. What's so let's hang out some more let's find out every chance we get that from if you enjoy it don't be afraid to let him now. The WBT dot com. It's Chris Farrell. It is 658.