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And Chris payrolls you know. Do. Tired old. We'll also be my car. Please your finish there. I'm good of the British glass if I had. Trained at all. Well it's a moral victories. I figure. Well earlier. You failed a sport that nobody watches. Well nobody watches us New Yorkers or Yoshiro lower rated show Chris Charles Crist girls' rooms on the morning. A lift. Mean driver. Was carjacked. And no down. No dot. Now why does that sound familiar. Colonia. Passive play certain yesterday that. All the bullet. Casings or rain and down from the sky. There had to have a umbrella. Food to take a walk Broncos who have. Casings were coming down like raindrops. I was node. Popular community. Hot community. Ginger pride community. Also. Start the sound. Like kind of a dangerous community. See if there are no law. I had friends in node. All four of their or is there any money. We import behind nodal. There are a couple of bars and there are some very nice. Old houses back in the neighborhoods. But the neighborhoods had taken a tar. Depends on what you. Fill a building with whom. You fill a building. That's gone determine the quality of life inside that building. Same for our neighborhood. No dollars trying to become a nice neighborhood. It's got the fundamentals that Scott Boe. Old Charlotte feel still Scott. Big beautiful houses back in the neighborhoods. Somewhere along the line. End of uptown if you wanna call that. Just. Didn't keep up with the growth of the rest of the city. And you had. Our lifestyle. He had a cool all the life. That didn't necessarily inspire people to stay natural. I had friends in no dog before was gentler side. And well way out. Visit my friends. Paula is going to weigh Rauf neighborhoods. To visit my friends. And all of don't freedom drive at the Tom so. News and think about me honey I'm going to node. That was not that long ago. Sounds like in my abandon. You recently as yesterday. I never got carjacked on freedom drought. The driver's cell phone was also stolen. Or it was just left in the car who renewed. They going to steal a car. You're you're stealing everything and the car. You you get in trouble we get more trouble. The higher the value. Oh boy it is you steal or right. There is ready to larceny and there's gran corrupt. Now all has to do. With. How expensive for the thing you you stole. How how expensive ones. I give. Assists today you know wild hypothetical. The fact key somebody's car. Precious today Ers. Or somebody did. Since I'm utterly incapable of such a thing. You know this can be a felony. Depending on how home. Expensive. The car is. Talk about damage to property. Verses. Well a charge is probably a lot more serious but it's over certain to court. It's over a certain dollar amount you're in a lot more trouble. That's so low like you can get no more trouble stand and underage people than you can empower people. That's a little. Like. Blanket of protection. Could that do you play for. You bond nice car you and body immunity. Two. Paul out of road record at age. Whether it is the case. Stole or call our. Cell phone wasn't side. I'm thinking this is them becoming a worse and worse idea. To steel cell phones. I would make sense I would say. It's a bad idea to steal cars. We GPS and everything else. But isn't a cell phone. Much more likely to have a homing device and a. You don't wanna go down for grand theft dog. Because they tracked you down because of the phone that was on the car. But if you go out like that. Just. Taken us a lesson learned. All steel. War be do throw all the cell phones out of the window Wolfe Gloria. First green job. I said we're gonna get a break from the heat yesterday they lied. Courses such a nine says that 89 was going to be the high yesterday. Psychologically. That's a lot less than nine. Eight. On the extended forecast. And you get excited. 89 is one degree less than nine. And depending on the humanity that might be less comfortable was the day before. Anyway those are barred from the heat. If you were. Worried about missing that. It did. Please stop war and our recent show hours here and there. Side for a man. I'm here and I these. I'm here in Chinese. I'm not repeating myself technically because this is the forecasts are different days. Scared sure or whom. Although it's a night assault 73 and got excited. It's in the middle of the night and that's still. I do agree. Harder than I keep the thermostat in my house. A short gives us no chance in the summer when it doesn't cool off at night. Where it doesn't hit reset. When the sun doesn't go down and then these the end of the hot day. You can finally. Go outside and say. All of this is so much. Nice her. You see it can't do that when the temperature doesn't drop. And I can't tell you how many times I've been driving to work in the dark. Hill still so. Day. 85 degrees on the. On the little blank signed man. Now I think we're doomed. I'm real work on my. And then when I get Don and go home and try to sleep. During the day. Sarah B to lie. It's going to be too bright. It's like the opposite of the made its two rotten to borrow it. But wouldn't look for crimes. Some side. Until the temperatures. This man. 3390. Degree days so far this year. And you'll be able to add 34. Monday a day is done. There were birdie five. Ninety degree days. All last year. Remember how mild blast summer cause. Am watered tree that was. Because mild Summers are still you don't have to cancel lining. Each trips because it's gonna be 83 instead of a hundred and worry. Everybody's still had their fallen. There was still time in the sun to be had. It doesn't have to get to be a hundred billion degrees. For you enjoy the summer time. It always miffed me. That naturally. If he would just. Hoggan. Where you could be in trouble. They did just hold him off dory can be in big trouble. Now much more Alessio LeRoy. But some are. It is our. Cross to bear. For probably a couple more months. There's lots of Grozny summer. Some of it some more fun than others. But I teh idea as. As far as time is summer gives someone like me. Who. Sunburned like a pizza. And sweats like come and slump when. I can't wait to did the training camp cook with. Ask no Mabel mentioned a layer Hillary. On everything man. News sports history. Jerusalem other planets you know how we doing around here. This curse Searle WB two be on a Sunday morning. Sunday July 15 it is Easter broke of 619. Here's. I'm. Somebody else might be waking up to the blue. Can you picture your car. Drinking in the car. In true. And walk. Long gone so I wrote. Got a gun. David good. Yard. Way above dollars. Do. Stole my car. What issue played in about start in that car open chased them down. Rob us money. But by gun. And at least one done. Loses union callon. Saturday morning. Between 2 I am and five flirting. I men dark. I get home in the dark sometimes. Always worry Lama drivable insult them. We can't leave anyway witness' manner. Slid just monologue. I was sorry working third shift. There are union county sheriff's office of the Monroe would like to remind you. Well this is of them talk and so on give Matta may. Reminder. Lock your car doors. I another wave of larceny occurred early this morning. Likely between two and 530. Because I'm usually in my card so for those two apps. And the Indian trail neighborhoods. Sandalwood. And Brandon oaks. Deputies took numerous reports after. Unlocked. And they cap that so they're yellen that part on law. Vehicles had been ransacked by criminals look into rivals. Us a bit presumptuous of the program. At least one handgun was stole. Don't worry though probably find it. The scene of another round there. Six stormy day. When do you play the Florida. Okay. Well obviously. Well this turn. Didn't. They spilled. We're. Fur flew. The fruit loops and whosoever. Instead of do you and BI. They're not just being clever. There's no real fruit and so they're not allowed. To call it. Fruit. Wounds. I'm I guess I guess. The pronunciation or pretty much through the same book. The fact that instead of a whether you use pieces of serial to have spell out the name of your provinces. Perhaps an indictment of his legitimacy on the ballot fruit loops and ordered the arrogant people on the too much milk left over. The president. Is in the UK a our as a business in the UK always down. Now some I didn't mention. After making such a big deal about a for the past two weeks. They started saving the soccer Cain. About five minutes to half term podshow ended on Sunday. So I hate to think there were waiting for the end of the show to get started but that's the let's listen only explanation I can think of them. Wrong or on the Internet you know the world smaller than it used to be a big in Thailand. But I am a static Imus static at how well these boys are doing. And I want day here. Even though they've been out for a while. This is from this is my first weekend back. Since there were rescued and I didn't give up hope honest and I don't think many people just gave up. But man. When that. Navy seal. Lost his life. Not my heart. Sanctity. Thank gain. Powell is an eleven year old boy. What no training. Going to accomplish. A task. That kill old. Navy seal. You might be thinking well Chris Eagles are to hired navy seal. He came back just to help blue mention. Maybe he didn't have as much in the tank as he thought. No pun intended. Now I know all that. When he was thirty. Eight years old. You think we're tired CEO William might be think in sixty day. Stylist thirtieth scales ten years younger than me. Now while I'd have to really sack got to get it done now wouldn't feel in. Capable. Physically. Rabin. Salma hell. In a situation like that. So wasn't. There was and his age. That is set them back. Far enough that he didn't emerge. From. The cave on his own. Knew was. How monumental task. It took all those there. But I made me worry so much. Org the boys that we're going to have to try to do the same thing. To save their own lives. Now can you my head for probably never buys out now. I can share this. I couldn't. Did my head. What they potentially horrible way. That would be. Per child. I mean I'm back I think everybody's a little claustrophobic. I think as part of our self preservation instinct. I think when the wall start closing them there's supposedly part of mostly goes well. But I couldn't imagine my kids facing that going through that. And I just you know I just braid all the courage or good across the ocean. Of love felt helpless. But not everybody was across the ocean. And not everybody was helpless. They got this done. And those boys are getting better. I now want to hear more about that. May be saved Kenya can dig give a slow and phone. How these. Young gophers are due on. New images of the twelve boys and their coach in the hospital. As we hear from them for the first time since being rescued. And under and now I am betting fight. Admitted thank you lose soul. Can't read. Thank you so much. Fourteen year old a dual the only one who speaks in English. Grateful to those who saved them the team is seen still wearing masks but in good spirits drying writing letters one holds up the victory sign. Their coach gives a way. Doctors say the group could be released this Thursday I asked Thailand's public Health Minister what happens next what kind of treatment are you going to focus on in their thirty days while they're at home recovering. I think that everything is going to be fine. You need to have plenty about it so or something like that. What kinds of things psychologically would you be fearful for or concerned about. The Christian that did. Dad in the mine definitely. Why I do something wrong with them seem like that. Doctors say they specifically don't want the coach to feel any guilt or shame back at the cave site 4000 volunteers returned for a massive clean up on the mountain. He and all I'm cool with them comforting that coach because from what I understand. These kids won there all the time. And whether or not he should have tried to stop them. At least there was an adult with them. Prom. Prom good from the get go from the from a big gain of the or deal over is always an adult with. And there's also there's a good chance these boys are going to be a night gave anyway. And let. All the boys emerged. Pretty much healthy. Do you want infections. Young body to take care. You expect that after spending two weeks in a cold. Damp environment. It does. Well not strike me as odd I understand. That. You guys check amount you guys send them to las brutal. This mainly has bestowed marginally. If not crawl rule but in the pollen on missile but obviously we know you boys there have been through a lot. We know you've been stuck together. In the same room. Toward two weeks. So what we're gonna do. We're at today just brutal. Where are sticking all she can room. Go on and I have two weeks. This is a big found not Sutherland those and that relaxing. They're there healthy. I'm home as soon as possible. They've done this and then the room together claim. And I'm so. So older lab. Norwegian. Talk about this with a smile or finesse now. That was a big one. I had lots of hope tied up and that won't even tied. Tied up in that one even though. And our shared a good bill those I knew I was. My heroes in for a Thomas we got bad news. Father heard just those to the maximum. It puts the plight of children closer to your core. And luckily. Their plight. Regarding this for now has become. A story they can tell for the rest of their lives. This Chris furlong WBK. Sunday morning. It's Sunday July 15. It is 640. So. Radio dot com station. Hole. And Sandra. Now bill surge. While we're. We'll leave room. With the cow bell also. We'll let mr. The scale with Christopher Walken about blue oyster call. I got a Hank Aaron. And the only thing go for exit. It's more cal well. There's some neat scheduled cal well. Now. Anybody hears the Trace of a cal wells like well more cal well. It's like. More funny pleased because that is not funny at all. Dave Chappelle used to complain about not being able to walk down the sidewalk. Well strangers screaming comrade Jiang. Or something. Towards them after that skit became popular there's still on the funniest things in minister told us. Owe us an absolute score you want. You wanna hold your sides. If you haven't laughed. That way. And awhile. And you've never seen the jet Dave Chappelle burgeoning scared. And you can do yourself a favor. Do yourself forever. Rational listening to me and Chad Edwards. Few other shows and go check it out there. All I got your attention. During Union County. Won't kick your car. There's I don't want thieves want to end up with your gun. S was. Happened. Among many other. Folks just losing stuff. Not understand because I've. Subscribe to this is just a bit myself we see there's. I don't keep valuables in the car. And so. I may. Will leave the door unlocked. Big case so leave just needs to confirm. I don't have any valuables in the car. Thank you did and now. Welsh national wind. Orient they they'll have to damage the car. Two violate it. Always love as a courtesy. You know Europe leaf but you got a chance to leave no Trace here. Just don't trash the car okay. I won't even try to confirm if you were there or not. Things look a little low order. Bubble thing too hard about it you got one less person breathing down your neck just don't just don't trash the car and when they're not having to. People are stealing these bibles. Drama on lot cars. Now the only reason I can tell bank claim any high road on this. Because I don't keep viable sooner. This is expressly why. She went through my neighborhood. About a year ago there was a span of probably about three nights worth of break ins over the course of a couple weeks. And we knew about them in my neighborhood. And they kept happening. Because apparently. Hey. People are breaking and the cars in your neighborhood. Wasn't. Enough prompting. For some people to either lock their cars. Or remove the valuables. Some guys got a gun. They got your gun. And music. In the commission of a crime. You hear a knock on your door one day. Yes sir you've won their reported the stolen gone. Well. We founded. You don't want a low blow that. The butterfly. Effect. Is very very very real. It knocks me over how real is the more I realize. As I get older. How small things. Can affect seemingly. Unrelated. Things. And profound ways. Yes. We've been your car unlocked. Can lead to a scenario. That makes it hard for you to fall asleep at night. That sounds crazy but think about it. I give you easy access to my gun. I go hurt someone would that. I get caught. They find the gun. They find out that we you're gone. Bates yeah. We found your gun we found on a guy we were bused in for shoot somebody. All are dead mostly my door and and law. That's true. But that's not the last thing that happened. Secure. Nor weapons. Make it to where you are the only one. That can get to. I think that Smart.