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The craze payrolls you know. Tiger. Sounds like he's. You know isn't sporting. Back when he won the master. Luckily it was 31 lane. Feel like one night thing. Earlier this. I remember from Mike Douglas show when he was my sons say turned an eight year old son. Isn't this you know the he has a different. Has a different. Favorite subject. Every month. And then. He'll assesses over. And I eagle worm. From listening to him. I mean I learn historical. Facts. I'm learning more about World War II. From my eight year old son. Where I keep them off the Mike Douglas show. But it should be easy enough. Welcome Charlotte this is a chorus girl show it WB two Leon. So it was a Sunday. Sundays are special you'll find out just fell specialties people listening. Well welcome Charlotte. And welcome surrounding areas soon. Like to pretend that the Panthers are also your football team and all of that came out all wrong. It's late July. August means football to me. I get excited about purses and yeah. Fans dressed all that stuff. Come on baby light my fire. I like the pre season. But cause. Primarily. Because of the time of year it happens. It's my favorite time of your climate lies circumstance. Of is. The kids are getting back in school. I'm not time. To. Get my kids baby sat for the day. By this time. Meaning that. The end of summer the beginning of pre season football. By that time. They are so ready to get out of the house. And see their friends. Now they're looking forward to on the first day of school. So it's a genuine generally. I don't think Gus said there are neither time. Com but the point of communications is to be understood. I don't thing he. Any body. Is unhappy about that time of year around my place. So I don't feel selfish for looking forward to a myself. This summer concert series news. Yes I know it's still July. And they're gonna sneak that one more beach tripping and probably sometime in August. Try to convince yourself it's. Still slower. Look just does not give out degrees outside doesn't mean slower okay. Just because a bikini is too much to word to the breeze doesn't man's effort out there. A lot of folks hold on this summer for all it's worth. I myself. Bide my time. Tried to stay. Literally and figuratively cool. And then that's when I start to. Comment demise own thus won my patient starts to pay off a little bit. When the time changes in this dark or early not lottery all. I would say the majority. Her referral. More daylight. At the end of the day I would say most people prefer that. Idol lead kind of unusual life. So I have my own reasons for wanting to do to get dark early. I've got that go forward to and a couple of months. So time. Being her. What half of life it is. Patients. Just being patient. Yeah ever feel like dollar just Maggie in many ways they enjoy making me away. Next time that happens. I'm not say and do it every Tom further rescue live business not realistic. But next time that happens. Considerate. An opportunity. To practiced patients. UCLA or sell Ford. Lot coming up on the show today. Summer concert series wind in the Alamo. Take a comprehensive. Look at what's left over. Don't ward comprehensive don't take long one minutes. What's left over. Couple feel good local stories. Well. One arms feel good. The other. Seems a little indulgent but that has kind of a positive to its own what. I'm looking at the week coming up. We haven't broke Summers back yet. We can't. Yet it's already July it's only July it's. It takes longer than mapped. But what I'm looking that he year. Looks like late August early September. And after the pressure cooker. You would die and our loved Warren's. I have been smitten under. We'll pass all. It's crazy I got. I got a piece of mail. From China. Not that long ago well this double three months ago now. And this sounds. Strange. But it's exactly the time Juan exactly. It's is if the package from China. Had a layover in Japan. Took those solo run from Japan. And brought it to my house. There red circle in the Japanese flag espoused business on. Land of the rising sun. Some mobile learn stuff on this show. But since spread thing is arrive. Ninety's through the next day nine before. Oh did we mention the heat index. Couple of months. A slight. OK the son works we did that. I know their pay I don't want I don't want. Rain on the parade though that would cool things off. On I understand that. Most people. Enjoy the summer time. I don't know maybe and maybe they look better and so when more than happy to pick up. That's not a foregone conclusion. I haven't given up via. I'm 48 but not the way east. As we. Look ahead on good. Day old deeper. As we show unfolds book. We'll look at the opportunities. Sure. Did now the house grab and now one last. Shot glass full Osama. There are things to do. This time I was a kid. It seemed like there was the last day of school. And and that was the day we went back. And just some kind of in for a little borer and determining. Where I know it was not. I was moving too fast and though the swine. If well. As an older person. Things aren't as. Urgent. I don't have to partied the night away anymore. I know what that's solved by now. You want on though was slide apart you nine away. I can tell you all about it. And that. In retrospect. Well they're good times would be bad. There are also. Better ways to spend your time. Today not to be a party pooper. I'll make it up with some concert listings coming up in the next half hour. Although I just push this back to the next half hour. I met segment now have to reformat the entire show. A lot that's fine because I don't know the next thing that's coming out of my mouth. Wondering about improvisation. It's okay if you forget this corrupt. This is cursor arrow at WBZ radio loss Sunday morning. This signal is emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina but where ever you are. I thank you very much for being here. Follow developing pass Tom on the road or wherever you happened to be. Over the next 43 minutes or so. In a way that keeps you smiling. Although we don't have the luxury of ignoring the news and there is. Heavy news. But I'm going to keep the promise I made tea all along time ago. I'm not gonna bog it down what's so bad. Just to be manipulative. Because lots. Places do that now wanna be different. But what I will do when the story is such. It would be irresponsible. To ignore it. We'll cover the facts. And we will get directly. And to what. This can teach us. And a half. Powell that knowledge. Might improve our lives. This supports. Us gross rural it is come on oblong needs six or retain. Radio dot com station. Us. They didn't say kids. I really chance. Why am I talking about here. Who knows. Mr. Lady. You don't know how lucky. Kids talk the way other it's right. Save this can be in a loving home. You know a lifetime. Of tragedy. Doesn't have. To. Proceed tragedy. Planning a most people. Who love. There are children. The types that would be so happy. And no. There right now. They're tucked away safe sleep and then their beds. Then. My house. Full of people. I'm probably handles. No all of them that love them. Wherever. No matter what. Every now and then. We have to remind ourselves. That were lucky. As you get lucky every day it starts feeling like you deserve it. The worst thing imagine tumble could happen to you any day in the week. Be grateful that it doesn't. Haunting words from a survivor of the deadly misery tugboat accident. Recalling the tragic final moments of much of her family and how she struggled to survive. I can beat anybody I couldn't hear anything they're getting your screen guides as. I thought that was out Ramon. Coleman speaking from her hospital bed was an annual vacation with ten other family members when disaster struck. Finally as their lord. Just let me dying lonely guy I was and I can't. I can't key German I just kicking surely you have I felt. And it. And I don't Wear go. Holman says when the waters on the Missouri lake became choppy people who grew nervous everybody starts game like hey. It's diluted tonight. The Duck Tour boat tossed around by strong wins in six foot swells caused by severe thunderstorm. Finally capsize in and seeing people laughing at her Moscow Somalia but grabbed the baby. Coleman losing her husband and three children the youngest just two year old. Her thirteen year old nephew don't have been her only relative on board to survive her Finley. Knowing of the seventeen killed that day. Because they do that we've got gained a kindergarten given my children gave me lord and I can swim and I was gonna spent that fit. And. I couldn't reach I could not reach the life jackets only cleans her boat had life jackets but nobody grabbed them space shuttle before they weren't. But there but don't worry about it you while mediate. Something NTSB and the Coast Guard may hone in on during the investigation. At 6:30 PM a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the area including table rock lake. Thirty minutes later that storm turning deadly for passengers on the boat. What a TS relatives desperate to know why the boat's driver took them on the water Robin question mark their mobile. Go out helper T the thought of going home these overwhelming. That I had a home. It's always good field. How did give a little thing laughter. In my head. I don't know how much do. So extraordinary. Flexible home. I might not be okay. Albeit. Did you by the bad. It's addressed. Remember where you Sunday best peasants Sunday and you're the Basques. Okay enough. I'd pay it. Play some more upbeat. They. Story I did last segment. I say I didn't I didn't say. Now would never give you bad news. I says there for the three hours a week that I'm on. We're not gonna wallow. We're not gonna take the saddest story we can. And see how many fears weakened jerk out each other. No warrior rolling. Through use tragedy. Two words war. Learning. I'm not going to. Conduct days has saved the symposium. On don't boats. Right now on. I'm just gonna tell you. To hug your kids. And take nothing for granted. And when you have little little ones away this year. The opt out I'm 48 I've been there done. I got nothing approved in the kind of young Bo. When there is a risk. Leave the kids. In fact be careful about the risks you assume on your own back out. Because those same kids just might need you. They might need you tomorrow. They might need you later today you wanna get back from where every you are right now. You want. Full lap how ski out of your pocket one more time. We know it did to assume a medal around my place and someone arrives moments. A big places a bustling place orders. Seven humans than something like. 2 morning cats. And so you. Bare feet go way door couple Murphy go out the door big deal. And I'm not going to be missed her. Sentimentality. 24 hours a day. Snow way it'll. But I do except. The intent. Behind. The brutal reminders. Like the tragedy in Missouri. Those things that remind us not to take each other for granted. Then Sunday nothing as soon. Probably a pretty good time to. Think about that stuff. I'm David that's sad story loss. Let's do a happy one must do. A story that is just. Gratuitously. Feel good. Okay us give our self fight your most saw launch. Let's. Let's bring a smile back into our face. We. Offense and the ball and the kid and a dog twenty seconds of video that some twelve million people have watched and shared in just the past few days. Says the dad who posted it on Twitter. Straight. Arm and happiness in. In enjoyed that he had Siena but why is it the unexpected that Conway that two year old can wing it like that. He's up all of you just want chart for more likely is it that goes through the dog sends it back. We didn't know that I was gonna go up again. During an act. Now that is unexpected like the fact that this happened on a visit to a neighbor's backyard Condoleezza own two dogs at home they don't touch it all yet. But isn't it something else that got so many to watch that it's just so simple so innocent so playful. When laxity or Madonna. Well it. Oh. Yeah. Caroline. And do nothing to argue about here this seems we needed that. Nothing to argue about by do have a suggestion for the young born. It would seem. Then he had a visit a neighbor's dog. To have this kind of fly now that's that's no good. He's got two dogs at home what he needs to do. Is take his two dogs. Into our room just him and the two dogs. And a Smartphone. And show me the video. Say you see what other dogs do. As soon as a sign of appreciation. For being cared for you see what other dogs do. Let's twelve million hits us 25000. Dollars. While you sit here waiting begged your bellies scratch dog. Spoon feed you can double yeah. But their dog so that might not work. And they might not like the grace during need. I thought I was an apple prose story that is some somebody might say well let's stupid does who'd used the story about a kid play and that you with the neighbor's dog. That's not news. They just did throw around the term. Fair and balanced in this business before it became. But warn of ridicule. I figure packing give me some sadness. Then the first up our. Meg and India. Little happiness. In the second. You know to be fair. To rebalance. And plus is fun isn't a phone. Summertime kids dog days. Be careful. But most importantly. Have a blast. It's cursor on WBT. Emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the six of 46. And a half. Dot com. Is based around. Like everybody. It's also the U. It feels good company. The moment wolf. Do yeah. It just doesn't rely on them. Who's gonna show. On the CN reward Tribune. Man. Real plan. Come see and those zeppelin tribute. I'm seeing a Johnny Cash true view. I am seeing a prints. Tribute. Called purple madness. Now purple madness. Sounds like. Cough medicine you have the Family Dollar. Costs do that is per. Horrible below the collar man. 00 home. Years. Then after that. Don Jo white Knight. Whatever load that is. I'm not know what god. Dodgers don't need anymore why denies the white Knight is the one that comes in and saves the damsel. You. UT ahead Sergey and pull any of joining us sympathy these days you don't need a white guy. Any mules tribute band. Photo attribute blame him. This could. Don't like how Salome in the first tribute band. I mean those strong session musicians anyway. So like a copy of it's like your copy of a copy. It's like going to music class or an evening instead of attending the concert. Mother's flying nest. Is going to be here. And followed days. Mother's son must remember them. Wow. Still out at. Black label solution the two. I could do with well. Except that COC. Is opening corrosion of conformity is opening. Black Label Society should be open for around but. Murdering I mean not gonna get me out Al shall than the other days. But what's flaunting his Sunnis and these. These vans are all play in the Fillmore. You know it's. Could thousands of people in the Fillmore. And I haven't heard of most of them. They talk about the coming on the hill up as you get older. You don't know any. New actually not. No you don't give out as much. But I tell yeah. But coming on Hilton. It might sound like a gradual process. And news. And Celia. Hit your four ease and your kids are bigger every day he'll lay song Roman. I take is. Look inside baseball here I cannot believe. How quickly Saturday's come around now that I am doing the show. It seems like life would slowed then known as arrived. Look forward to such things. But. Instead of time crawling because I'm sweating deep tables. It seems that I'm stuck more in a scenario. Where Tom flies when you're having fun. Now that's. Great. Except that some 48. I don't necessarily want Tom to fly. Well what can you do. What can you do you can distract yourself. Something like. Getting out early evening. Policies coming in September. Are not positive bear. Although he's still alive. Franc are tested positive the Blair and prime Gaza stole. To me. Cartoon characters. Or puppets. They die when their original voice does. Like I'm star now or make anybody said. To me. Bugs Bunny died. When Mel blind. Because you're not fooling me with somebody else. That's not Bugs Bunny. That's a reasonable facsimile was some dough doing a Mel blank impression bond. I roof falls easily singer is. Chris Jericho. But professional wrestler. One of the nicest people you may all day here's my. Friend. Who I haven't seen him forever and I hope is doing well. Was follows these. First base lawyer. It seemed like a big break at the time. And Gardner and Chris Jericho is just just important silica. You know who else. It is just. Nice serve then he needs to be. I mean so and so nice that you remember for the rest of the day. How nice the sky was and I'm not talking about sick of fan I'm not talking about all that. I'm talking about genuinely. Good person. Take one guess and alt. Wrong. Sean Hannity. He's the nicest guy ever met news. Which we have an hour. Alone. There it is 7. AM.