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Show me how one. Am more time almost noon. Oh yeah and. I blame the whole thing. And song. More supermarket. Hostages. Now. Missiles in California. Happened here. This past week I'll ask again. How do you fall hostage in a place the sides of the supermarket. This was one guy. Who. He shot his. Grandmother. And another young woman. Stole his grandmother's car. All I'm sorry I shot your grandma Adori to make it up to L steal your car. Oh sure with people. Brawny. Those two going. He also took a wounded woman with them. Now I don't know what smarter committing the crime. We're carrying a witness along. For the conveying it so the police when they finally stop you. I must say it was at least some more considerate. When this guy to pack a witness. Maybe he's turning a corner. All woman was shot and killed inside the store. Most person did now. Yeah he could go around. Sheer and slopes. Well this guy who's I'm I was Kelly was nine mile. On the the chance that he would like. But come on a little bit famous off this way you see this now want your want Chia. Get famous on this while drop on here and get famous. More need of fifty people. Held hostage. Had at all. Says the gab bearer K did this for. This is a Trader Joe's it's not a small or race. Well I look this tough guy. Know how he surrendered. After having already. Shot his grandmother. Another way. And then another lady. While it was inside the store. You know how this. Policy hero. Surrender and. He says. Throw me a pair of handcuffs off the mom myself. Now why we all have to tackle me when you arrest me. Scott passing out bullets afraid of being tackled. Can Howard. You know. There's lots of people on terrorism. Not all of them are there for being cowards. And I don't think. Cowards that kill women. And are very high on those social old totem pole and prison. They might be popular the Sadie Hawkins dance. You moron. Slow one ever how. What ever shoot your Graham on didn't solve for your maybe brewers in world. Jerk. Unnamed jerk. You got to know this does name go look at a game here and for me. I tried. Mention the names of scum bags as little as possible it doesn't taste good. Every one terrorist thing he is forecast. Miller gave her this around my poll war. But today were looking at 87 now is gonna rain tonight. That means is gonna cool ball over night. That's wonderful I love it when it rains it night after a hot day. After a particularly hot day you know the best news. The best is when has been nine these six degrees all afternoon and they humanity is just a 1000%. Even though that's impossible is still true somehow. And right before. So and so out. The hi is and closed mixed just try. I need get a downpour. Just before dark. And you can watch the steam come up off the road. That is the greatest. Thing ever. All while love that I hope that's how it turns out to not well yeah but our guy is only going to be 87 degrees. So is it's not gonna get. Stock gonna get high enough to. Have the street song of the time so Fonda. Avoid job so far. King's English. Lows 69 tonight. Actual or not. You know why because there's three degrees cooler than Aqib the thermostat in my house. I mean we stand a chance. Tomorrow thunderstorms are likely in the morning. Which. Kinda tells me that this rain we're gonna get tonight's gonna kick and gone away. Because they expected to still be there. Come tomorrow morning. Is thunderstorms. Likely and the more. Kind of a rarer thing we usually get are thunderstorms in and around dinnertime. But remember from a few occasions. Mean grade school and what not. When a legit thunderstorm. What form in the morning. And you have like us the severe weather siren. At lied then like eighth birdie then that's that's kind of like thunder during the snow. Is ominous. But it's also pretty cool. And you don't see it every day so that kind of Trump's. The ominous. Mets. Beat the and the road. Ressa always looking slant my I must say Oliva. Broken Summers back here we've got all of August ago. And the rest of rest of today. Man. There was some denied talked about. Last week's us older men we talk about this week. On Sunday it just has more heart I'm not. There's still time for but before. Drag myself down with that how about this. Cops in what saw rescued kittens from drying bite. You heard me right. Some kittens who sued. A few helpless kittens apparently. Whoever had covered the story. Didn't stick around to count the kittens. So first thing grade teacher in journalism school. Stick around to count the kittens. Well what saw police department. Spent several hours loose looser. Saving kittens when I got stuck in a drain pipe. And a let's just so wonderful Ursula. Members of the community cheering them on sounds like a so like a pretty happy sing. And what do they kitten never do about it. Rescuing them a sense. That makes me feel good. Unfortunately because I think we have finally reached the point where there are just as many. People. Who would exploit. In essence. On the idea that with a cash value businesses. Let me that I thought. So why go why actual. Hopefully they have have. Homes already and just. Snuck away person at all like to think of them being returned immediately to their owners. But if not. You know you all the storm drain can't jog on the popular yeah. Not bad name for band actually. I'm Roger have one pitcher here. They were rescued from the drawer and I understand why is this just on account of to me amusing observation. They were rescued the cats from the drying. And install come immediately in a cage. Why is this language now would put little things in cages and it isn't so it's. Am I will be reunited with their families Susan let them be located in Mexico. But I think these were American kids who don't want. I don't want anybody start follies users start rooting against them for programmers. But nicely done waksal. I'm glad. And. I'm not being in the least bit facetious. I'm glad Gallup Hebert downplaying or not. That one supper like this happens. They're just might be a police officer available that can help you. Let's speaks and barely well book community. But the officers are available you know. In Detroit. They Italian not they're called 911. For anything this side of a murder workers were just not. Common. What Axel must be the anti Detroit. Pass some really proud of and you guys three. Be proud today. Of those kids are looking for homes. Maybe a choir. You know others. There's lots of story animals were more Nathaniel church kittens. And you can you can say one year you can say one's life by. Go into the shelter instead of you know. Picking the Macy's catalogs in my house suggest he do that. And you know you're law. Some some virtue to go what you're fond. Man's leg all those you can do. Chris Ehrlich WAT on a Sunday morning emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina. It is 770. Dot com station some mellow blue. News. And moonless. The longer you live. Surviving. It makes its long. These sound full of we're glad that sound he makes this move forward guys. Well there. Everywhere you go wonder how much longer they go have me do what do it. Where they give us this bit like sixteen months now. Early show like this on. Any other station in town. My show. Is the only show. Why minutia. And nobody is told is stuff. In sixteen months the vice OK another up bullishness. And now we're just don't want to whatever you want every weekend morning. This is our business Darknet. I'll tell you what folks. If you enjoy. Radioed it's not posted by a blow hard yelling at you up front of a combat. My own. Oil chorus girls chorus for a show on WB two. Knew why they is you like me need a scorecard for the whole. Trump Michael Cohen thing. Melissa. Was burnt one now. For the first time ever president trump publicly smacked down his longtime lawyer and fix your Michael Cohen. After learning that Collins secretly recorded him in the final days of the 2016. Campaign. As the two discussed a highly sensitive issue. Specifically a scheme to buy this silence of former Playboy playmate Kari and McDougal who alleges she had a ten month affair with trump back in 2006. That recording now in the hands of federal prosecutors. Trump tweet it inconceivable. That the government would break into a lawyer's office early in the morning almost unheard up even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape up client totally unheard up and perhaps illegal. The roughly two minute recording was among the trove of documents hard drives and recordings the FBI seized from college home office and hotel. In an early morning raid back in April according to sources. At the time trump was outraged about the rated and it's a disgrace it's frankly a real disgrace it's a an attack on our. Complicated case that since an attack on what we also had four. And according to sources trump wasn't even aware yet that Cohen had recorded him in person. On the recording sources say the two men discussed reimbursing the publisher of The National Enquirer 150000. Dollars for buying the rights to mcdougal's story the degree to bury it. Sources familiar with the tape which ABC has not heard. Perhaps with that in mind trump concluded with. The good news is that your favorite president did nothing wrong. That tweet would appear to signal a break between trump and his most trusted fixer. That you haven't spoken in months trump has always publicly stood by Cohen and I always liked Michael. Are you know he's a good person you hang in my favor bro. That was Lee Iacocca don't speak for me I'm. Man this is sleazy. The slowly easing. Are gonna try. Tell you what. Constitutes. Corruption. And a really gallium and way over my head on that. But man this is sleaze. Playboy playmate not sleazy enough broke and assure upper Gergen a porn star. They can't give initially is a year. Or big K and how long though. Well. Speaking of which will be. Discuss this more in the next half hour this is Chris Terrell. It's Simon wanted nine. Song don't start to. Captured on surveillance of a Florida father gunned down during a parking lot dispute justified. Florida police citing the State's controversial stand your ground law say yes. Altercation took place Thursday outside of convenience store in Clearwater the driver of that car is Britney Jacobs. She pulls up in parks illegally in handicap space then a boyfriend mark he's reluctant. It's 28 year old black male runs into the store with their son. While she waits in the car. Detectives say it debt when Michael Draco a 47 year old white man apparently upset the cars parked illegally. Jumps out of his vehicle inspects the car for handicapped details Cody doesn't see any he starts arguing. Shortly after McLaughlin leave this door to defend his girlfriend and shoves Draco who falls back pulls out his gun. It opens failure this stand your ground law gives Floridians the right to protect themselves if they feel threatened to. And because of it police declined to press charges but police are defending their decision he had issued to defend themselves. Clearly knows the facts and that's the wrong. Home. Somebody showed there you can shoot though. You and your. I'm sorry I think is part of old southern gentleman. Last year just cognitive believed to enable. You come up with something else. Then that very worst is so that would be hands. Now I don't like able bodied people. Group park in handicap. Spaces. You can in their MD 99%. Those ties in the though Paul eyeing its. The point is there for somebody beside you and your grown you're supposed to be able to handle that. Here's how off Beale. About people. Park in handicap spaces I've always felt this way. However even. Told a couple people on the way back to my car. How I felt about what they were doing. If you were able bodied. M park in handicap spot if you do so regularly. I think. There's a good chance. Harm does bring you up a new license plate. With a little wheelchair wrong. I think you'll be able park their legally next. That's way out think of that now so without thinking you. And if you pulled and the one right now despite many it shows what child do more. We do I'll want this got a good shot. No. Paribas has got a gun. Men. You study had used to be you count on. Everybody have and there are. Yes sir no. Lay eggs sort of a draw and if they add to it. This that they got up by legs have begun Iran. Well I've gone. For a win you need to turn an issue. Promise so the facts. How pissed off fuel. The doubles or right hand. You know what you got for. You know those targets you shoot that that are shaped like people. Whose face do you put all. You put somebody's time. You put some bodies on that. You want to shoot salt. Then. Bad enough to go spend 75 blocks. Issue. Or an hour. And a piece of paper. What the silhouette of a human being on. You're telling me you don't imagine your adversaries. Face. But not that silhouette. You're why. There line. Both. This result was going on in the world. Now that we know. The AB CEO of the trump Cohen thing we're going to. Defer for a moment. To say panel to discuss. The implications. Of this call affairs Dan Harris. Jessica Mendoza Keira Phillips. And Matthew Dowd elaborate on this were sure compliments would you Kazaa and still little I know it's sleazy bump stole countries. Let me start would you use you've been covering this story. Well two part question when David's question is are there are more tapes he's broken Michael Cohen are there more caves and give us a sense of the evolving nature of the relationship between these two men Michael Cohen onset I'll take a bullet for the president busy. We're of that mine now how my gotten too great questions first of all yes there are more tapes the question is. Will we hear trump and culling and on those tapes that's that we don't know yet. As we know Michael Cohen and then they made a lot of recordings he did it with a lot of different people and we know the FBI. We treat them all those tapes it's so it's a wait and see right now with regard to the relationship between Michael Cohen and president dropped. Absolutely night and day there was a time before trump was president. And I would wanna get an interview with Donald Trump. You had to go through Michael Cohen as the day kitty he was the gatekeeper he was the guy and he would say will cure any to talk. You know it's mr. trump and we'll see that we can do in this and that he now. Both of them telling me directly both the president and Michael Cohen men don't talk and for the first time we side Michael Cohen not to long ago speaking out against. The president's immigration policy the separation of families. And that was a huge surprise and that relationship has done a star 180 a mallet freeway and from Ann Arbor go a little by the way just done. The act so regardless of whether or not this recording will be admitted as evidence into the investigation do you think this development of the recording is damaging for the president well. As tears said it's legally do it reminds me of the movie untouchables when Elliott nest finds the accountant against Al Capone that is actually the equivalent I'm Michael Cohen in the midst of this. I don't think this is gonna have a political effect right now Donald Trump keeps. A plethora of support among Republicans he has a paucity of support among Democrats and opinions among independents. I don't think that's fundamentally you're gonna change until the Millar Mueller investigation wraps up any presents evidence. But politically Donald Trump isn't the exact same place he was that day or two after inauguration day inventory seventeen. Content chance. How how key is it for the more investigation for Michael Connor conference look anything is possible right he was the pit bull for Donald Trump he worked for him with him for more than ten years. We still don't know. It what Michael Cohen has that could could impact this investigation we know he was in Moscow trying to do the deal to trump tower deal. But that's it that didn't go through. Desi had anything that could implicate the president in anything criminal that. At this point the president tells me I did nothing wrong there's nothing to flip on Michael Cohen remaining very quiet. Our president has led to an interesting life fascinating. I'll admit I'm a little jealous that. I haven't seen some of the things he's saying. I'm not. Through small to admit that. Our president. Has led the various interest in life. And we are poor man named WBT. That is. We're more remain your home. For all things Donald Trump. At least to the extent. Led the FCC will allow. This Chris furlough Sunday morgue and it's. 748. According to that is 69 degrees insurer. I'd say go out and give it YE canvas gonna babe is going to be very nice day is gone. It's gonna rain a little later Boeing neither rain right guzzling may even like the running soon. Who will close. What the start or often. This could wind up being a perfect day. Day. Doled out against it root for work or it can happen. Or I'll come back and put the ball on the scorers Cheryl don't be too. Radio dot com and even as well I did. Rumor. Stop a more. Ask yourself. 08. I haven't. Worst snacks. But now like to think of them as roughly the same thing. Well not ruffle I'm I'm a gentle on the gentleman. I'm a gentle man. Who spilled gentlemen gentle man. I'm a gentle man. No wells is who's celebrating. Is nine. Bless your heart. Robert dole. Kansas favorite son Robert dole. 95. Years old today. Now I'm got. I'm didn't. Strip goose bumps. Lincoln about. But life that man led to what he gave to his contrarian. But he's he's he's. Well like John McCain he has he has he has a permanent disability from the war. And and from that point did he. Did he called and they go on disability no. He made a bigger difference than he's ever made in his life. Stay pseudo political here rose FitzGerald. Kennedy. The mother of JFK our pay. And Ted. I don't know there's no emotional. Maybe do a football a bilateral or does not written down here. And I seen this right. I am a mom reading this right. She was born. In 1890. She died. Past. Promoted however you'll. And that 1995. She was a 105. Years old. Bob spoken by all the green bananas he wants he's probably go home we're for awhile. Not to say about somebody is not that old. But he's still doing what he do. Then he's old burlap. Now solve recently. And. Maybe he's lost half the stuff. Maybe. 77 years old. So on a canal ports. Parliament Funkadelic. There won't. George Clinton. George Clinton happy birthday this year. You have brought. A lot of fault into the world. And for somebody like me. That means bringing a lot of joy. And thank you thank you thank. Probably about time to quit smoking. And here's one that would always make my list but there's lewis' special circumstances here. So we don't go man us. One of the newest generation young. Very very pretty girl. Born in 1992. She is dealing. With some health problems. Not on the type of which I'm not completely familiar. But on Selena Gomez is birthday. All wanna wish her a happy birthday. And good hill. And on that note on Sunday this is chorus girl I love you.