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WBT. Chris Farrell show. Jeff back. Always. I only. These are. And tired they'll now play station will be good to. What shot in the back. While on tonight. Foot patrol when his partner. Mom I I heard that right. And and you guys did I checked other sources. Two police officers. One foot patrol. Gas steps up behind them is 11 o'clock at night. One I'm getting shot in the back. Happens to have his bulletproof vest on. On the evening or early in the dale was. Nine. Was jury Kimberly is losing. Mosul the best work pretty good. Pace scum bag. Those of us work pretty good. They're gonna find him. And you're going to be charged. We've attempted murder of a law enforcement ouch. That your future. Hang your gun is not gonna get you buttons. Something like this they just keep Cendant people. This guy keeps a random people to zero bullets by. For what it's worth. People who shoot police. Are generally. Respected. In maximum security prison. They have a slightly different priorities system in the rest of. Blunt. The daughter. Who did. Told policeman who was wearing his bulletproof. Vest. And got sent home from the hospital later that evening. I don't know such. I'm in now. Attempted murder or. Just might be a target or ridicule. Instead nursed back. You might not have been as good in the big houses you expect to pal well. Why you got the rest of your life to worry about that. Miss Chris furlong WB to your radio emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina six or nine. I'm awfully glad you're with me. Especially if you just did some good and bad. And are monitoring the news. I've always loved the idea. That guys on the run. Birdie high percentage. All of them. Listening to W maintain. They wanna monitored the news. But they can't stay put. They got to keep movement. But they want a mine turned the news and everybody and the southeast. Knows that WBT. It is high dispel all radio news. I'm always loved the notion. Or someone who just did something horrible. Who's listening to us. Opening day here that police have some long held soon custody. Well think that happens very much. I think they hear things like hey guess what. Just because of the guy lived. Does that mean you're ever did in that prison. And that's fine with me that's what the souls are for. Take some street. Three strikes. Pot dealer. MR early Father's Day present. Give this guy's own cell. So it doesn't have to hear his soul mate snicker and Adam. We're shooting directly into a bullet proof vest. You know what they call them bulletproof vests. Because most don't go through room. You just ways alive you wasted a bullet. Mike does glory back home. Who knows how soon. He'll be back on foot patrol. Showing as much bravery. Did you show cowardice. I wonder if he'll get arrested or you'll go back to work first. Your own issue or copper and there's no there's no such thing as a cold case. Where the victim was a police officer no such thing running. This is from this is walking right beside. This is your prom day. This is your summertime girl. You get to walk with this the rest do your life. And that's an awfully good reason. Tool not done it. And yeah or some ridicule. In my voice towards June. Slur. I'm guessing and it's a sore. Guess number all right with the how would not wish this on you. Even if you had the hatred in your heart. I'll wish you would controlled your actions. Even if this was personal. Even if you knew this officer. And and your mind you had your reasons. I wish you could the rose above it. Even though the officer lived. He didn't just live Pete rock. Almost picture him smack in the nose. His bag between the shoulder boys think and out mosquito bit number soften. Look in the bull out flick you know I keep on walking. I mean after you turned around to bust your. And took him last year. And takes a tough person to assume RS. I thought. Told guys admired tough guys. You know how hard it is to be law enforcement. You know how hard it is to relinquish. A family member. To the duties of law enforced. Kids lie half paraded in their beds because dad's a police men. You reinforced their fears this way. And why. Could this have possibly bent the by now. He's walking down the slot. Our law. That's what you're supposed to do down a sidewalk that's what they don't call him shoe walks. The important thing. There is that the officers okay. The next important thing. Next most important thing. As well we did you. Bush's. How the bush is. And into some new surroundings. Where you'll find. Cheering mob policemen. In the back. Here god. You'll find it a little more difficult. All the rest of the show's going to be April arrest storms. This birth Charlotte WBD it is 616. WBT's. Leading Charlotte's. And you're currently in her breast. Usually gets off to a fast start. Well let's face it. Hardy goes been an issue. It's funny because I'm so full of wind. Why isn't Joseph omen I'm glad you're here. These man made it through another day today. So dangerous world. I'm not trying to scary and to stand in your house and just listen to radio all the Tom. Even though you could because I've gaga. I've got a podcast stubble on WBT dot. Mom mom. You probably spend all day Alyssa all those old shows that you. Why didn't just stroll through memory Lang was me. I haven't. Been around long enough. To get. Nostalgic. About mired. Corry area. I've always been a sentimental time. The president. Had another impromptu. News conference. This one was. Why at the level. I mean. It the jobless bubble last time I ask yet. Ask reporters how other significant others are doing just. You can tell you is really feeling good. And some good things could happen. Some new questions Everest. This isn't un redacted sound like guy op presented to you. Liberals last weekend. And it's not the weekly radio address. Also all the while still played if you shows up I don't consider this to me. Pace substitute for any thing. The president. Ends on a very entrusting note. In this report we have fear. From mom ABC's. Keira Phillips. 8:30 AM and president trump was on the moon palace. I hit the entire white house press corps running to catch up as president smaller pieces and this. What will happen I the president heading into this set of his favorite morning show you've got some excitement and a nearly one today hello mister president Lexus. What brings you here. We don't know right and we're live all he was crowing about the new report. From the Justice Department's inspector general. Condemning former FBI director James combing for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigations I think calm me was the ringleader of this whole. You know Tennessee's losing Dennis these moments later surrounded by all of us the president re making this ball exclaimed I think that the. So report yesterday may be more importantly than anything you're totally exonerates me. There was no collusion there was no obstruction. And have you read the report you'll see that. That's just not true. The report did not at all address contacts between the trump campaign and Russia. Or the question of collusion it only dealt with the Clinton email investigation just. As we were walking I asked him about Michael Cohen and his longtime lawyer and fixer. Sources telling ABC news Cohen is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors are you concerned Michael Cohen I have an idea that later that. And I trust him again as just wanna know if you're worried if he's gonna cooperate with federal you know I know I did nothing wrong the president holding court for nearly an hour. Also celebrating his summit with Kim Jung on I did a great job this week. If they can do bragging he quote solve the problem at North Korea. Though there is no agreement on how and when Kim will give up his nuclear weapons any made this jaw dropping comment about the dictator. OK he's the head of a country and I mean he's the strongest they'll let anyone think anything's different he speaks and his people sit up and attention I want my people to do the same. When reporters pressed him on that I'm kidding here understands the the president once said Kim ran a cruel dictator ship that stars tortures and murders its own people. But now he says they have a fantastic relationship. And that Kim loves his country you're defending how can John and human rights records. How can you do that life. Because I don't wanna see nuclear weapons destroy you. Much like. Pelé the there's this thing called the nuclear bomb. So there's a little given today Kim. I've studied how he interacts with the press. Lately. A little more. The the tendency is to. Listen to the mat servers. But I'm trying to pick up more and more on the tone. And I think he gets awfully frustrated. And having to explain. Not being. Super literal. Every second. I'd like Marbury won't do that I. It. How dumb you gotta be in not know that's that's a joke someone trying to be personable why should they be personable if you're gonna make their life. Double hockey sticks every time they do it. This cursor arrow six point muse he 1110993. WBT's. Leading Charlotte's conversation. I saw them. Lights on. Shows up. Good luck Bruce there. We're used by Chris Merrill. Justine. Some in rebel analysts now. AK grocer. So did you enjoy guy. I Tom for sports. There were I'll I'll I'll tell you things that you can leave the house to do. The nights are at Norfolk. Sylvia along I've dropped a nor for whom. Watch baseball game. Yet till seven of Norfolk again tomorrow but it's. 105. Nor folk they start there. They start their baseball games. Immediately after church. I did those back out of town. Then she would don't forget your Mardi Gras beads. I look at those logos onto his ridiculous. There's golf on fox. Golf won't claw marks. Stars will have a way down soon from. You wanna wake up early first Saturday. And watch other people do things. There's still time. Am looking for some time I got enough and I opened here. Cubbies play the cardinals and they clock tonight. All the college World Series. Let's give up for college World Series Tar Heels or. Our back end it. They got organ state. 3 o'clock today. Be followed at eight. I Washington Mississippi State. Put five hours to embolden. An extra innings or possibility. Always wondered. At what point. Does the mercy rule kicking down. For people like the fans in the officials who might have children they want our raise. At what point does the mercy rule kicking and more subtle and victory. Situations. They sourced it from sudden death do sudden victory which. I don't think that's EC action thing has more accurate because it's not like the losers. Were thrown into the pit of despair in. Just all of a sudden somebody one. Sudden victory. But before. But let's say a baseball game. Most of the tent then. Good goes to the fifth date then. I think goes to the twentieth ending. And the teams start looking and each other from the dugout it's. Staring in these right. Start winking and nodding you know I main. So they look. No just forget how the play baseball. For five minutes. So we can go home. And we'll get you back. That's the only goal. People got money rotten on the game and when the idea. Some type of collusion so no bright racketeering. Not Sherlund nomenclature. That's illegal you can't throw again. The thirtieth thing. The sun starts to come off. We'll let the sun. The idea. We'll let the sun make you go to bed. Are you professionals darn it. And we're gonna finish this ball game. Ever see the episode of sponge Bob square pants were. Mr. crabs decides to keep the crusty crab Bobo and 14 hours a day and the downside stars to show. Can be gained has run out the center field with their. Cleats on their hands and hi you know there air every day the good thing government. You can't stay away but so long. And I know the baseball isn't always the hardest. Sport. On the bodies of ours take up physical tall. But how many pitchers are you gonna go to third. Use all your emergency pitchers as scenario like a thirty inning baseball game. If a player can get the ball across the plate. You're gonna find out because at some point they're gonna have to ditch. Thought this was uninteresting ghost. Abandoned. Ghost. This to go by ghost BC. Because of the trillions of other brands name ghost but I guess they have the best lawyers. And now we're just coast. Basically having in my old man maybe you may become a progressive metal band something like. No date powerful 2.0 something like that. So so big deal whoa we care. Well like every mile like you do when she shut up about it. No but this. Is going to be a ovens auditorium. I've seen the show their it's basically. A large school auditorium. With fixed seats. They're expecting heavy metal crowd. To show up for a show. Sit there. Watch. Applaud it at the appropriate times. And maybe stand up and applaud. At the very end. Me no lies go work. Because we're getting older too. I wonder how long before policies Vegas residency. This is gross furloughed WB today there's another segment left. The good news just keeps common it's six. 48. WPH t. We're all cookies in the summer we. They look like he. Very these others. First going. Chocolate chip. When I know. Resort. Certainly lots of feel right. Have five why then this trophy. And taste right reasons. And there was no sign her any thing. Let's I'm I'm calling the general manager. I'll won't snout and I'll have of this. There's an oatmeal raisin cookie. And still have a chocolate chip cookie. I am going to call the general manager Lou right now. Live on the air. Okay we're got lucky. Can be funny if I gonna talk all of them you play alone. Are you slow left Amanda mowers and mr. room. I mentioned ghost coming to town. But then mentioned Stanley Clarke. September 25. That's a Tuesday. Sounds like a nice way to spend a Tuesday. Now some might that's not a it's not gonna take you. Two hours to give and two hours to get out. Know us face it jazz isn't cool these days so. The Stanley Clarke. Stanley Clarke school. Seems like I'd be a bigger fan and that's what I did my town not Karl's going to be a big deal a sort of did supported the base. No. Boy shot out myself admiring his proficiency. But does go. Dust off mall while the report records yeah. It's stand Yani is birthday. The warm ones running in and they know and I'm a cause journalism was news. We want mesa bylaw okay. Stand. Beyond me now all. Skid that Stan laurel. Stand laurels Byrd today. Syria coroner's they'll seize on 178. I wonder boys got planned. Roberto Doran. To step mom Mike Stan not Roberto Duran. Despite his way towards seventy. He was born on this today. In 1951. To celebrate. I'm gonna go get knocked out by Tom concerns. And speaking. Of huge joyous. Here's a fake one. Not ultimate warrior. Warren. James Bryan has always. He left us and horny for detain. More than 1959. So on eleven years older man. Always real sad always who also had one. One young healthy person seemingly healthy person. Leaves us early. I always leave me says. But I think. It has become. So ubiquitous. That this seemingly perfect. Obviously have their demons to. The rest of us have a more realistic grasp. Over how much control. We have. Over how we feel. And you take that control. Car radio. So give it. Why. Big because lead lag view.