Christmas Town, Dogs and Beaches

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, December 16th

The Outdoors Guys get a history lesson of “Christmas Town U.S.A.”, learn how man’s best friend really thinks, then take a trip to the Beech.


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Killen of dealership he's got a few bucked the outdoors guys from Jesse breath just. Well good morning welcome to Carolina outsourced welcome back bill bark too big no number it every area it's good debate bash him look a lot like Christmas out there that it. We're close and then on it happens every year debt net when you one more show. Isn't everybody's warning shot ago across the bow everywhere time ago Christmas shop. Yes give out there of course you know what Mets has been made a do. In our world of course nine acre they have billboards the over here about who. We hangar headed Jesse Brown which is what they come these days a brick and mortar retail store one of the rare and unusual. That's exactly. What the it's probably a little bit. Like radio stations as we are broadcast here. On news 111019. And three WBT. It needs to be rare in an usual and have certain exclusivity. Or personality. If you will contents and it's a against the big behemoth. Kolb. The Internet says there's a whole lot of shopping going on. Via the worldwide web but we invite everybody to of course tune into the Carolina outdoors on debuted beat the but also stop by your friendly neighborhood brick and mortar Jesse Brown were located at it and share in corners shopping center. In the heart of the South Park shopping district Charlotte, North Carolina I was proud to say the other days. One was him couldn't get a Patagonia item on my on line and we had pony government stock so take that Internet. I'm not I wish we had been the first choice and the last choice but I'm glad we could fulfill somebody's request for Corus Group. Those would check that off for the good guys are wireless high market really need to work. That it kind of works in tandem in partnership same for those folks who may miss an addition an airline outdoors because you can. Go get it on the Internet via podcast we've got to impose that existed browns dot com all four segments for your listening pleasure. But you can also gated at the Jesse Brown social media platforms that Facebook's the mr. Graham's and the twitters as well you know what coach you can get on the Internet I'll do that some things and we don't need to talk about where you can actually get a jester brown go through that you can now on me and I hope that's true we have come out of the stone age folks. But make no mistake. We are still a brick and mortar stored just like they do you can see what we sell on the world wide web. You can give that gift card on the Internet on the world wide web. But to join in the personalities. Donna and bill playing games. You need to combat. Free elevator ride straight to the top. Of the shared corner shopping center for a visited Jesse Brown all about the conversation it is all about the conversation entertainment and maybe a little information along the way. And maybe that's what we're gonna do on this edition of the Carolina outdoors caused Don we've got to. A full program in store via the segments of the Carolina outdoors. Embassies packing DB the breakdown. Hey you know this little small Galveston County town called McCann and bill Christmas around USA all. Listen if you're driving down eighty. Not far from current Iraq broadcasting here during a red lights as barbarism was or brake lights is it is brake lights. Combined with a bunch of Christmas lights and we're gonna find out about how that actually happened. How to in the cat and bill you know a mill town text out town right and casting Tammany. Became world famous in Dick Robertson was there in the beginning 1954. Is gonna tell us all about it. I know the best way to Salem. Who who who would. If you know that was one of my questions and I know the best way is Symbian Goodyear whole gang together and you call and hire a boss. What do you take refreshments shall have a bathroom. Somebody else does a driving. You can have a good time by turn Abbas to go see it and bill life. Italian Netherlands. Now no argument there that sounds beautiful but I will tell you something that I did. Inaudible it introduced the rest of Merck says cabinet here. But Tom you're gonna like that the reason I was there but I went to McCann and bill during Christmas time. With my mother in a couple of my daughters and we ran. Slash Walt. The five K they have a five K event out there MacKay and bill burns during Christmas. In the it was awesome to walk that quaint southern town lit up for Christmas time. Bomb in the evening it's in the right camera and obviously with the lights and and and all of that sort of thing so more like escarole to me well that's that's. That's a great way to say it past where I started with a run but them I had a young daughter and old mother of lawyers are now. We no longer. Is we have listened. I fear as I anyway we had a great time being together. And I'm enjoying in the lights of McCann bills and nonetheless stay tuned for. Mr. Dick Roberts of McCann bill North Carolina says he's gonna give us the lay of the land and give us his opinion of maybe the best way. To seek Christmas tale on USA. Hey Don have you ever thought as to what it's like to be a dog. Every guy. Every day absolutely I know about him a dollar hooked up. Whereas here dale Juno that I'm all about man dog well listen do you think there's aired Els love you. I'm no one of them does an ethnic one of questionable way my boy brave yes sir he loves his Vatican figures to go to the mark and play for is very little system work. And it invite mr. Gregg doctor Greg burns and we get that right taxpayers Emory University neuroscientist and bestselling author cause he's got a book. Called what's it like to be a dog in this is just not the ramblings of a a professor. In a book this man has steadied. Dogs well you know you've saved yourself the duke the distort dog and get his feelings hurt very easily very. Merry go I mean I have fairly and they know what's going on look at semis will work and it is what they are something to all of that sort of thing in this man. Is studying and has steadied. What's it like to be a dog but he's also Tom brought in other species too loud animals in them sea lions and dolphins and the Tasmanian tiger which is an extinct animal whales aren't all about that because. He's locked in and loaded for some scientific study. But he has not spoken to the out organized all right come from more than interest in this that we do better for warning before we gave him stay tuned for a little bit of that. And then lastly we're going to beech mountain North Carolina where head into the top of the mound for. A conversation with Italian Freeman a daughter of Bates in season and teach us all about some sort of and how we can participate whether we wanted to scheme whether we wanted to snowboarding. Whether we and don't wanna do. Either of those things and says get out they are persons mostly about the great supporter to me that we'll find out about that I don't know or. If that was an endearing. But maybe it is find out as one reason we're gonna speak Italian Freeman a beech mountain resorts. Here on the Carolina outdoors so we can get a lay of the land. As we air that's definitely heading straight into the heart of winter. I don't know about that hopefully and hopefully. Hoover. When I'm going to be doing my they were just walk right down the street and it hasn't. In the main town I'm there's a lot of good things going on in North Carolina now doors of weather's been pretty darn nice that there's a lot of hiking going on and the five day and we sell a lot of closet Jesse Brown in the cause of the nice weather Don oh. Our five men got wiped out commitment to a pillar of letting it I don't worry the fill up is in route straight from the five manufacturer itself. But I am deficient being good dollar over the Carolinas it hasn't dated. In just a matter of whether or not you're comfortable out there in the thirties and forties and now. When it's in the forties you ought to be efficient and I think says but especially when the sun is out miss jazz blues. My saying about fish in this time of year you don't have to get up early primetime and Trout version in the mountains is eleven to three. It dare you did in the shadows in the say that the strains if your face and they're being need to get their straight maps on the. I'd feel a lot better in the sun I'll tell you elaborate committed to be where -- get staggered drift good presentation of those lies commend them upstream to mr. virtues. Homer earlier awaiting. Now have you heard any word from our friends at the terrorists because the Hitler albacore and all of those good things as always the fault the time to be down there. Well a lot of a lot of our anglers are out there. Course a lot of deer hunters well people are going to be here in debt Anthony's day talk about your name. Mr. Obama gear problem and was there all disappear on you start talking and here. Well I'm always intrigued by the did different. Ways to dear of course not just the differences in their original southeastern the year vs nets that do that in the midwest we don't have that it is matches. If we can't a year ago and it is real bush Wacom. Yeah. It would every game we need to take a quick break you were gonna. Come back or gonna talk to mr. Dick Roberts about Christmas town USA here on the Carolina outdoors. Human. Gruesome. I'd go marching were back on the Carolina outdoors and I said earlier it was Bergen and the look a lot like Christmas and no word as it ever looked more like Christmas and my caddie bill. That's right so many townspeople. May wonder how small. Gas and county town. Turns into Christmas town USA and if you go anywhere on the Internet on the world wide web you'll find out Christmas and USA it is. McFadden bill North Carolina and we're gonna find out from mr. Dick Robertson and look at bill how it came about Hal McFadden bill McCain. Christmas town USA. Dick Roberts welcome to the Carolina outdoors here on WBZ. Good lord argues. All is well this way that you get Don Yeager Irvin they're bill Bharatiya ever here and let me go ahead Adam Bing Crosby bringing us tobacco white Christmas. He did because a light. Christmas light as in the live because if you go down eighty have been passed MacKay and bill. You're gonna see some lights how did this all start in the can build North Carolina. Well it goes back to nineteen feet DO war. There was or standing in front meals environment. And just topic came netbook it weekdays. And to might look at old little bit extra Christmas and one yet sit well they have distorted some old raw from the mail so that perhaps they'll land use the view government. We can spell mayor crest later acquitted of O'Neill about where the fire department isn't. And so. Another one Boca subsidy that would make him start and put upon a male talent so that was the part two item and those mobile. And after an hour and shopped some of us got a name and being in broad and spelled it then booted O'Neill and so why fly zone you can see it as a great distance and also own a male power and we decorated one tree in front of the main office. And after Christmas salute like an alliance damn mess are. Spoke to us about the possibility of decorate and some more trees that my industry the following years. The next year he deep fat we'd decorate their countries. And that he'd like get real Wayland aged boy I'll play well you put well that began an explosion. And the millions of got involved in it shakes and they continued to hit decorated expanded. Until the nineteenth pick in man any got to be more than just those do you mean it and no owner shall. Time limit so. It was organ match and a gentleman about nine the wind pretty took charge addicted man and had a good meeting and he would get out of the mile per hours. And they would do that lie. Yeah. He continued to handle that for you and 1990s. There and one navy attack and then again at it work with Ian Gibson. Took over in 97 and GM steel and also lagging. Each year now XTO may end. He he had shaken added that dad yet he's still we still get that dad Dave Roberts is our guest here on the Carolina outdoors and mr. Roberts. You mentioned mr. far tell us about McCann bill in the relationship with our yarns. An and just as far as the municipality. Guys. Well see them mr. far that you based these days and knows that he only look at the housing and ever buying and again. And that examined and and a and media will own The Beatles. And so it was very instrumental and it and and he. That story on sponsored a lie and they have sponsored him if Greece Spain they continue this sponsored solely. And ms. Barr. A list far our ball this far insisted that we use. Agree and why and really it lives that TrueCrypt Moscow and we'd be at and that continues today and most of far. Always say that this is strictly amateur entertainment there will be no commercialism. No sailing and the aftermath and of that night through all it is strictly be. Well I am entertainment so that continues and today. And met. It's. It just ten minutes. Payment history and put all the oil companies would be news and so that's happy utilize and he had missed far more. I'm very proud of the allies in the Panama schedule. He worked very well our own media things. To might look at an outstanding community. Now that the people who live there currently also purchase a play right. Yes sir in nineteen. About four years we've started that lies. The same names got involved. And started decorate their report uses and Holmes. And that continues today in the new you participants. New business over own. But I am. They have policies and they do a lot of decorating is beautiful. And now. So then what's it look at envelope or on main thing yeah I mean it's. Do you go to the speedway that got a beautiful display of lies and you go other places. But that bind my my caddie mullah Christmas cards dating. Is that fact that our homes. And the lot of that freeze together. Might that makes it beautiful group caller stating. That what so it wasn't far. Now most triple beer this by just. Driving through the town how many how many visitors do we get a Christmas season. In excess of 800000. How do the people that live there deal with that traffic. And I let it cut very patiently don't think. Very patiently at bear living in and then save the papal comment through the due July. Very courteous if somebody needs to get that badly punished let in my out and that. Very cooperative group discounts through abuse that lives in it is abandon the best way to please realize just government or somewhere down bank account. And wall. And sand is not that being in you can walk through it and that is a bit later really actually lives. Well and the the town has a nice texture to it his cat west of lake there in the senate town mayors. The body of water. Yet that. That's the lake. There and amp amp look at what what trees around in the late and a water by mountain national list. Best centerpiece of cold lighting ceremony. Well on the get some hills and some valleys and you can walk around and really enjoy your complaints from southern town in Christmas town USA McCann bill. North Carolina as many towns. Across the south text out towns and others armed town's fight for identity especially in the shadow of Charlotte in the big. The big metropolis to the east and view Tom McCann bill celebrates what it has become and you were there. Nick Robertson 1954. Can you believe it it was 64 years ago. And now see you've got five K races. You GAAP parades in in fact I know is something coming up this weekend in the cabin bill. Friday night they'll have to you know low and that started back in nineteen feet deep. Well mr. ms. or. Brought to enter tradition back from England and that will continue this Brad and and legacy pork in them panic yet. But it will help us out what is that I mean a lot of people don't know that tradition. Well it's a tradition that was started in England years and years ago. And it's believe they have the Euro Lopes ceremony where they. They lacked the fire and environment you know law. And it's believed to be that they you know law brings good luck to the and prosperity to the people and other community for the coming year. And that's playing back and they you know low. But haven't gathering in front of the mail office. And they have a yield low and the children look abandoned Santa Claus and and all of Avaya this item has a parade on main street. And dragged the law to the and NASA but then there's a ceremony. Of the lighting that far and and they're singing carols and and that's due participate pitcher you display than in having choir sing and pretty much Britain popcorn and it's just a very fit the occasion. Well. No greats is allowed. In McCain you know have been it and the McCann had built North Carolina. Didn't go to the web to check it out Dick Robertson there in 1954. With a few lights and Merry Christmas and now 64 years later everybody knows McCadam bill as Christmas town USA Dick Roberts thanks for joining us here on the Carolina outdoors. If you're more than welcome and if you have opportunity governments there are lights they're beautiful but we're gonna come check it out. He's done Jaeger on bill RT the outdoor guys on WDT. I billboard you're back on airlines out doors on both of us being an old farm boy is known not only about man's best friend but his right hand man on the farm and that is. The dog. You aren't hidden as the Carolina outdoors broadcast up and down the eastern seaboard around the world 365. Days a year this segment don's gonna take special interest just not for. Two farm boys like you and I but also all the the hunters to our partner with dogs and of course these two species. Have partnered for millennia. In furthering each other but our next guest studies this in his re written a book about this. What's it like to be a dog and we're gonna bring. Doctor Gregory burnt onto the Carolina outdoor season nearest scientist at Emory university in of course New York Times best selling author. Welcome to the Carolina out doors. Packard bigger who listen are you following. In the long line of dog scientists from have lofted a guy who trained. The spuds McKenzie. The beard dog's not there. Maybe that's I guess it's a pretty good or that Warner company. Well tell us the deference to in in what you're steady in in what somebody like. Behavioral. Psychologist like Pavlov steadied back way back win. Yeah. You know I'm under a scientist by training and before I got the ball than what we call dog project here in Atlanta. I used to study human Britain's. And so we were put people in an MRI scanner and how producers computer out there and try to figure out how to bring in response to things like risk and reward and punishment. Kind of sounds familiar try to train in the dark right. So about. Six years ago I got this crazy idea. Like that we just train the dog to go and in my machine you know pictures of military work in Gaza Strip helicopters. Oh. Yeah but dot can be trying to jump helicopters should be used to kick traveled to go and apply. So we could see how their brains work and ultimately what their thinking especially what they're thinking about them so that. That's how the project started at best start with my own dog. And grown to almost a hundred dogs but now trained for MRI and were doing movies and music out and try to figure out what their. Why is that important why everybody who's listening who's a dog lover anyway thanks that they. No no underdog and in the personality wise it important for us to get those dogs in an MRI machine to study what they're thinking. Yeah that's a great question and the issue is you know every once in everyone's an expert Doctor Who as a dark. You think they know what the docket spanking and the problem is all the nobody is their outward behavior. And then we tend to project our own interpretations of feelings on the dock. Kevin as a classic example oversee all the time is trying to train a dog to do something the dog doesn't do whatever it. Why has the that the dog doesn't understand. Dot org dog understands what doesn't want to work on Friday. It's just impossible to say because they can't tell you what they're thinking a human can. So that this is why I think it's really important use the new technologies to kind of get inside their psyche of the Buick he what's going on that we can make. Conclusion than we're getting close to move what was called Burgundy coat and a mind because that really reading now what their experience and. Now do they have a similar process does I mean only thing I can relate to is what's going on in my own head so. Is is the same thing going on in my dog's mind. So a lot of experiments that we do now are seeing such an experiment that we do in humans are usually do in the ball out showing some kind of stimulus to the dog made it associate with a reward. But we do other things like circa pictures of people abroad. And in every what is experiment that was done. We find similar responses in our brand machine hasn't immigrants at least at the expense that we can have identified a similar structures. So what I would today is that. When we see similar responses in the darkness to a human brain yeah they're experiencing being very similar to a the big difference of course is that they don't have an internal monologue a label. Sounds good to me so. An internal monologue to label playing so. If you show a dog newspaper he doesn't know it's a newspaper that you agreed he knows that users something to appeal on or to get slotted on the bought way. Right. And kind of the key thing that you know similar. He probably have some kind of emotional reaction depending on as you look whether it's positive or negative. And I kind of court emotionally and probably feels the same to him that merchant field. All right let me let me go a little different direction with you because this is something I'm really curious about. I've I've always said that dogs are the most manipulated animal on earth and that they've been bred for specific jobs and retains. For example bird dogs always say yeah good bird dog as a nose dragon dog around. Continue measure any of those kind of things among different breeds and and see the differences so I am a Border Collie over to. Oh total over anything like enemies do they truly have a different thought process or. What what drives them to do their own job so well. Yeah. So we happen. The problem is that there are so many different breed dog hundreds of and you written you'd Norma. Steady. To compare the brief so we haven't done but what we have done we have focused on actually in 1 stood in the Pacific. Type of dog and that is service. The week teamed up with Connecticut and independence which conserve stocks. And those dogs are all mixtures of Golden Retriever or lab and so they're called and where it. What we try to determine was by scanning numbering about a particular how could we predict. Which of those dog would end up being good serve. And enter at camp and tact we can do it even a little bit better than the trainers count. But to get it to be answered your question would point out is that even within them believe that it is so similar dog girl civil war. There's still a tremendous amount of variation you know you don't just because the dog at the lab doesn't mean it could be app. LAPD type thing is just as usual and spiritual kind of like people. People have different skill. Awesome doctor Greg burns a story and a season you're a scientist at Emory University studying. What's it like to be a dog and doctor burns that steady. Hum. Has led to your book what's it like to be a dog and it's. Kind of inside poll empathetic and and I need a bomb but it also led you into other species tell us about the book and and the animals it worked dogs that are written about in the book. Yeah. It the more go to does that mean dogs. In the future about other animals. No there's no other animal I think probably on the planet that you could actually train to go in an MRI and enjoyed it. So we start these other projects and they were they were basically using the brains of animals. You know either died from natural causes or in about. In rehab centers ultimately on there would get that bring static. In these animals include things like dolphins and feline and we've lately also been Steinberg the coyotes. The probably they have I has disks felt on the rabbit hole standing at is that extinct animal called the Tasmanian tiger. It's the last we'll probably died in 1936. But is he on the Internet and look at Maine partners see this creature that looks strikingly like accountability. Maybe kind of dog expect. But they're really desperately related site out by the to answer the question of just because the animal looked like a dog or parity. What was the sport and so that led to that missed two year. Adventure searching for the brains of these animals that might exist in jars and and what we found that was accidentally quite yet. Mentally and infer a little bit about what that animal life like. Why now pluses. Oh well get Nadal to an MRI machine I'm sure as a whole lot easier in the Guinness saline and an MR I am saying is deserved. Any thing out there that we totally misunderstand about our dogs army and we think we know them we look amendment they look at us we couldn't Eleanor after yours I had. Is is or there things that we totally mistaken. You know put people that live with. I mean it's got your listeners underdog people think. I think are in tuitions are often. Very correct. Because who point out you know dark inhuman took crow ball over the last 20000 years and so there's. There's been kind of this this joining of our evolutionary path out you know and someone has we are well matched to each other. I think our conclusions are often cracked. I think sometimes. As society ball change doesn't tuition and so you know dominant period kind of come and gone. You know we now look at social relationships with certain with dog and have a different life. Does that the dominance hierarchy was based on an old story of wolves there really weren't that great so you know. But but the field the ball and that the current tuitions that are usually right. Is that partnership between the species evolving to remained to be you mentioned the service dogs and the and you know how that. Is rubber meets the road in many instances that is definitely. Been an industry. Growth is that just part of the relationship evolution. As a human and canine. It. Yes completely so I mean if you look back a hundred years or 200 years. Dogs live. Totally different lives around him and I mean you would never find a dollar and a person's house. A hundred years ago certainly not a hundred years ago you know that they looked out as they do in most parts of the world. But you know live with modern society would urban society you know thought to comment or home so. Yeah out there are evolving to where evolve and work with different features in the dog. And a hundred years ago most people don't need a learning got most people do not need hunting dog. We need and want dogs that are companions and have different social traits that from the front the talks. Doctor Gregory burns is his name he's got a new book what's it like to be a dog it's so rare books are sold. Doctor burns thank you so much for being almost the outdoor guys here on the Carolina outdoors. Art Bell bark tea what are going to be the feature of the mountains. Or maybe beech mountain fifty. If you don't love when opening segment is. I love some beach music got you can get it either way in the mountains or at the coast I think it's a bad I did listen at least owns. Here on the is 1110993. WBT Don Yeager and they have billboards he ever here we are going to debates. Remembering value Raymond on C is a daughter of beech mountain and we're gonna talk about beech mountain resort right now. Now you welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Do you often times opened up any kind of interview with some beach music song. Now but again. That Bernanke did is there any chat going on. And that. Means that kid and funny and thank. Good segue well less than dance scene on. Food accommodations. It is actually Embree who speak at a beach mountain robbery appears to now. We dearly is that Aaliyah and operate mayberry on site in the village we just remodeled and got a new bearings to sound so really Megan predicts. Had laid there. Well and that's who we are we're gonna find out about the white stuff out there about the snow we wanna find out about the scheme about the snowboarding but stands for the non skier we might talk about some of these other opportunities. But first off. Tell us about these men are are we open and ready for business here in the middle of December. Absolutely. And that's the bad December that we had and the next several years. You know last year we did have a mild winter fact. Bottom would get cut comments full force this year I got an engine that Apple's now over the weekend in the eyes filled. It around I think what did you attempt to change we've had now making going and both Ford and we just opened up rob and run yesterday such as the population below ten right now I just click and open more trained. And I guess as the area colleges across the Carolinas let out for Christmas break that has to pick up attendance and then. Of course people gotten off work early as the end of the year. Rapidly approaches I guess. They are our air is the participation their beach man resort pretty darn good. He has certainly and you know we had a great start to the year and you know people seem a little more excited and always when they're cold weather out in countenance and it's certainly piqued the interest with our customer base and not an Olympic skiers that Alley out to get people kind of excited and intrigued attracting. To relate to trial bill. Housing unit had a daughter I. Well my usual normal I'm not quite to the Olympic level yet I am working on my scheme wants or maybe twice and they did year I'll sneak out for a little bit. Of the powder so to speak but. For those of us to may not be. Expert or even intermediate skiers this speech mountain allow people to news start in the sport do you have a school is it a group school lawyers at. Individually coach tad of people learn how to ski or this sport called snowboarding. Act. The we have a ski program start aged very cops now can't at saint hysteria aside it's an audit program. Includes everything you need lights. Equipment on instruction and they have a similar program for ages six to fourteen Christine include Donna and things. And and we also have a program for aged six and older than even adult can do an audit snowboarding program they're great value. And we just have basic hourlong group and private lot and flips. You know our great if somebody gets on the ticket requests and or somebody you know and maybe get on direct back and I haven't Nikita I'll. I talked to us a little bit and maybe they talk about this in the schools. But for hikers and mountain bikers an equestrian state is trail at a kid that won the yields to the other yields today there. Tell us about mountain etiquette for a snowboard or four on a ski. As for uphill if for downhill whose yields to do and how does that work if were a newcomer to a mountain or maybe we just need to be. Refreshed. Or reminded. Of the etiquette on the mountain. On a ski association happened and caught irresponsibility candidates actually recognized nationally. And eat and we capitalism and a bit anxious people. You know. A follow these world. IE certainly needed please he part of that is gaining control been able cooperatively people. He only has the right the team behind somebody. And Paris and that is in front of you might just hit it right you have to be confident that slowdown. On it. He never stopped in the middle of the tally up and the people at these app that actually are collectively need to stop or something like I'm notorious for that in fact actually out. In particular outbreak Catholic and that is over can decide that your area so you don't you know block that came out. Payments you know the basic world you know Turkey follows. Comment anymore but he certainly. Apparently going to be in good shape and it's the united and date on how. All right no remorse no more skiing right now no more snowboarding Donnelly and your your way. Italian tell us some of the other things that we can do up there at beech mountain resort. It my favorite part obviously my job is planning on in the and we certainly. He counted this year that the fact that these species and direct impact the really big special report here and will that he trying to puke. Pretax music theory here and by angry I just meant that again mark it greens bigger account every. Saturday Night Live music. It ubiquitous and this year account like Mike you've seen the mountains that I have really gotten bigger names coming and we haven't been back agree annual cardboard box maybe not that fun competition we've done for other. Forty years now that we've done that competition and men you know we have a 50 am actors celebrate. And it's he. Added I'm Italian I hate to inner did get back to that go back to that cardboard box. I. And conduct an attack that it celebration that's going to be a that we can't silent black and not kind have gone on that putt and after hand. Welcome back and there is no way anyone that that that with the Clapton and cashed out. Capability teammate kind of vehicle. Outcry by different regulations. You have these certain types decade ten. And technical Lil. And I'm bad but gains and then you're out that they comprise an actual racing time. So there's three different award now we have ten feet away. Sign that we get attacking the fact that helped me get back in India answering years in the pretty strict and make sure that you. They need to decried. At this ski slopes. You let one pilot directly correlate that that in the box and then have a pressure. And they proceed down. Can start to finish in time Soviet times. Pretty interesting that there really fun and then. I don't know where might be down for that built marte. We have played cardboard we got we could build a medical box at the. It's actually pretty incredible. You know I'm not not. Certainly not that creative that people but it kind come out of the weather says that men and the creativity it's pretty it's incredible that fatally. I happen shop around for pusher though I ethnic Jonathan. Like Eric and I could probably come up with a good pilot I know we can come up with a good design we can make it interesting but well we're we're gonna get some horsepower. Maybe LTJ loudly you're gonna horsepower I know we're we're gonna get the horsepower. I have and we found out about all of this we even left out accommodations the weekend plan our trip we can ban ad about the events lessons Reynolds. And conditions. All on the web site tell us where that is. Let me. Mountain resort dot com you can find lodging everything media outlets that out of the active athlete that played encampment office apps to. Oh it's not just for winner anymore. Absolutely not we are open in the summer months after mountain biking did Scott CNET attacked. That they here on destination for signs. Yes and no months off retaliate you get to work. All of the year Reynolds match that that program. All right we're gonna head ever beach mountain resort dot com. How you frame it spanky so much for joining the outdoor guys here on the Carolina outdoors or thank haven't. You to authorize special thanks to our neuroscientist at Emory University. Doctor Greg burns also Dick Robertson MacKay and bill. Forward TJ Boggs he's done an acre crime bill barred state where the outdoor as inviting need to get outside Chicopee trash and we'll see you next time.