The Climate in American Education

David Chadwick
Sunday, November 19th

Dr Paul Maurer, President of Montreat College joins David to discuss programs at Montreat College and the climate in American Education


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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is you. News talk eleventh tee and that 993 WDT it's great to be with you thank you for joining us. In case you don't know this they weekly program that tries to intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture locally and throughout the world. Again thank you for joining me my friends at. Now apple on provenance and Ruth Chris steakhouse and also Perry's find jewel real sponsor the show thank you for your sponsorship allows me. To do this program now for over seventeen years it's hard to believe but I have enjoyed it so much and I hope you have as well. Well today I have a special guest at his name is doctor Paul my hour he is the president among treat college in my country North Carolina wanted to. Beautiful places in all of creation god Billy Graham's hole for those of you who may note. It is a fabulously gorgeous spot in the world and I would think especially during this. All season Paul Bauer thank you for joining me today. David great to be with you thanks so much well I know we're going to spend some time talking about several different topics today. But let me let people get to know you a bit in this first segment that give us a little bit of your history. So I'm born and raised in Ohio and Cincinnati. And has spent the last twenty years. In Christian education ministry on the West Coast west on college. In Chicago and Boston and now here North Carolina. And absent loved being here goes very deep convictions about the role of faith based education. In and not just American society of the global economy. And we are of course are aware. A river educational institution now. Compared to what used to be the norm. For most of American education week and now. I think a very special part of the media landscape. Well mine treat college is a small liberal arts school which your little bit about that please. So much college is I didn't over and under second year now founded by that he. Conference center across echo in my treatment not virtually association. And for sixty years to two organizations were 11 current one for. Forty years ago the college. Became. Independent or begin blue course independents. It's so important presidents and two data college. Really stands alone in its or credit at the general coal conservative. View of the Bible and of faith in the short cushion they. Were Lou the liberal college. That is not afraid to. Know wading into professional programs we campuses not just certain monetary and ash spill more than two in Charlotte as well and that's right. And and you really are connected historically with a doctor Billy Graham. We look for generational relationship with the bell and Graham families who pilgrim to his wife passed away about a decade ago. It's aggressive on treats she was in the border for a decade. Our library named doctor Oliver doctor L Nelson bill it was a medical missionary to China for twenty years. Their daughter and Graham Watson trustee here thank Ingram as a graduate one treats. A long long history. Now and then we pray regularly for him in fact and I agree watts was on this program several months ago and I ask her about her daddy and she said. You know he's not doing great in week struggled with the question and you'll understand is Paula as well as someone in ministry. Audio why has god kept him around here for so long and her answer was compelling. She should I think god keeps him alive just reminded church of the call for the great commission. In ticket gospel around the world I I'll never forget that answer and it's been something that's resonated in my brain for a while. In your trying to really take Mon treat to a new place of of self sustenance of financial. Capabilities. Talk briefly about that please. Now we have a vision. And everything for us start with additional work backwards or vision is to be a leader. He Chrysler education regionally nationally and globally. I work in some defiance of our Chrysler institutions across the country. And I know the deeply and that kind of fought off they go through. And this combination. He. It seems that X. The biblical world view seriously and takes academics seriously and integrate them high level this investigation we have for more intrigue over the years. Really would like to be considered. The school choice for Portland until close throughout the southeast United States. And we've begun. To make that turn around and kept hoping trajectory some new programs introduced in recent years. Will log in studies say it is to use and all of our listeners and would understand this I think because they knew I played basketball I had my first dog. In Amman treat gymnasium. Some fifty years ago Paul a a a a a wow I was Elin there it looked. At how well I doubt I could do it now. But I was there to summer camp with use my dad was a presbyterian pastor Kansas City and got in the gym and one day I just felt like packet jump higher than normal and I went up and did at the united started out basketball career that into some years ago but that's when my fondest memories is in the GO and a much conflicts. Just wanted to share that with you Paul lauer is my guest today he is the president of my country college would come back. Paul let's talk about the crisis in American education in some of the things that. Not only your school but others are facing as well as we move forward into the 21 century I'm David Chadwick will be right. I. A. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110993. WBT welcome back to the show. My guest today is doctor Paul an hour he is the president among treat college in my country North Carolina. He is a Ph.D. has great emphasis in his life on the need to understand higher education in its importance in America today. And that's the great introduction pole for this segment outlet talk Q. About a concern you have as July the crisis that's going on in American education would you begin to unpack for. Our listeners what this crisis exactly he has. Yep thanks stated I think but my my error of course higher education so. Well right do most of my thinking and talking on for quite some American education and higher. Education area and so we have a lot of concern lot of problems in American education by secret one crisis. The problems that cost in debt and doubts about the value of higher education. In the public square states support has declined in the last decade compared to what it was pre reception. The financial model private colleges has come under great stress in recent years is demand career focused education. Support for profits that come in. With some predatory practices and all the as a very serious problems not to mention sexual assault a holder secular campuses. But I think there's one crisis that stands out above the others. And in some ways it's it's a summary of all the problems have just talked about but it actually goes much much deeper. And that is that higher education used to teach me he likes. So America educations 400 or so which started 1636. So coming up on the 400 year. About a decade or so. And for 250 years. All colleges or universities all all insist that aren't learning where Christian institutions or lack somewhat different ideological persuasions. But it took the central focal point of education put those two and sentries. To teach me life it was to sheets students soul it was not for career preparation it was for not for economic. Prosperity regain those things happen. But that was not the purpose that was not the the the the tip of the spear to why these institutions to institutions existed. And so. Good beginning at about the time of the civil war. 1860s and so following Darwin. Publication of origin of the species. Things begin to change pretty dramatically higher education. And moved into an agent secular humanism over the course about a hundred years. We changed from. What what one often called the age of piety. And moved into what he called agents secular humanism. And in the last year and so we have moved this also in particular or use. Moved away from secular humanism and replaced it with Neil with this idea that there is no. Right along there is no greater depth or no real guys that is no purpose for life. It's I think he's lights and many other offers as well like about this. That we are we are useful at age. In higher education. And so I think parents say they're paying more than ever paid and they are getting less than apricot. That voice is doctor Paul Mauer the president tomorrow treat college and Paul well when you look at then what parents are paying for. Are they paying for an institution just to somehow equip their kids so that they can ultimately get a job. And thus that has allowed them the civil war should say the uncivil discourse in our nation to continue as it is. I think it is reduced. I think it higher education used to beat three dimensional. It is one dimensional now and of course there's nothing wrong with. Had our sons and daughters get jobs such as Foreman kits and after college I want them to have a job would be self sustaining and have a Bentley and and and that's sat truck. But but I think. I think we're cheating a whole generation and the whole nation frankly. By the idea that this is now the sole purpose of America higher education we have lost. The central backbone of what higher education was intended. You well and I would argue as well that what kids have come out and or experiencing. Is just an occupation. Which was the term dubbed it during the industrial revolution for our work. Meaning that we just are occupied in our time between. You know eight and five during the day that a job is Amir occupying a part time rather than a vocation which insinuate some calling from god. Something that we are supposed to do his innermost part of who we are. And so that would I think give credence to what you're saying an understanding of the same idea we moved from the location occupation were being something that is occupies our time for me to five. That's right and so we actually talk in our mission statements one of one of our promises that we make. To students and parents is that we prepare students Paula and career. It's not occupation it's calling could like the reformers 500 years ago. We really do believe that strong biblical argument to made. There are calling our location is are calling that would god gets us to do and drive this to. Is in fact for a higher purpose not simply to occupier are. And then that word job juices so nondescript as well isn't it I mean just has no flavor to it no motivations of think were. Going through the motions for all these hours during the day for what real end. And of course you and I both know that the purpose of life should be to glorify god and enjoy him. And we can do that in our workplaces of one of the calling that we should have upon buses to be God's instrument of love and peace grace and mercy kindness in the work place don't you think. One of the things that we save our prospective students and our students is that you have a god given destiny. And that you're not getting cured of that at state institutions should not date certain secular institution they don't believe that. They don't teach that. They have no. Way of thinking about that occurred and so outside the framework Powell secular education stinks but higher education. The polled in the result is is what we're experiencing today is kids are just going to college and I've heard it from so many. That they're leaving with a minimum of somewhere around 30000 dollars worth of debt. A job that can't allow them to pay an all considers arts straddled with this incredible debt load that they just can't live down. Yeah I I. Little different take on on the debt question then Betty certainly in the press and and many in the public square. The average debt load as you pointed out is just about thirty house dog actually a little less that that 29000 dollars for the average debt load for undergrad. Leading after forty years. I would actually argued it is that very modest amounts they can be paid off in the virtual about it time. And it's probably the best investment that person can make in the future certainly the best economic. Investment they can make a young person because it dealt if earnings between. Someone with a high school diploma and some of the four year degree. It's over billion dollars or the course of the light on that significant money. And so and so you know the I think it's the best economic principle young person could well on the defense team bought a car after graduation which is an expense will depreciate and they want. And a college degree which is an investment in appreciates over the entire course of the law. And Paul would you address some of what people or going through day on campuses on especially basic secular liberal arts campuses. With things like safes teams and micro aggressions and in all of the obvious and tiff OP which seems to exist on these campuses. Should apparently concerned about sending their kids that kind of place. Well I think it'd be concerned about certain there. In any other reason I think that's why don't they wanted to appoint a concern to me it's actually not the greatest concern that. I do think political correctness has. Kind of spun out of control. An awful lot of them are university settings and now all free speech of course is being. Our challenge it in ways that it's not been challenged in bed at eight decades. Ironically by the liberal elites and it's the island just could not be thicker. And so the idea that we have to protect our students from my ideas. And that that it's conservatives. Over cultural who are saying. No actually we should not protect them from the group the the public square of ideas we should teach them that. I don't seem to be a Google will vote so elastic. Bit of a flip. Flop if you will locals I can remember you know years ago where. Parents were so concerned about sending their kids to a secular university they might be overwhelmed with secular thought. But now we've got the idea that the liberal universities are trying to prevent any kind of free speech from conservatives especially. And that yet. At that point almost sounds fascist and its perspective and it what can parents do is they sent kids off to schools like that. Well I first simple approach it the parents ought to be looking at Christian college options. In seriously look at them in the suite of schools and they're looking. I think most parents don't really understand very well I've seen this for two decades now. It's exactly what kind of apartment they are sending their sons and daughters into. Not only from may educational standpoint they can get cute series or slipped to one side. Perspective on the world and life in origin meaning and so forth. The social environment is an increase in the difficult environment for some other star. Emerge from the college you are with their faith in fact there's there's almost nothing on the campus some sort conducting. Institutional. It's going to help students. With the journey it's Christ's followers and you and I both know there's not any channel. That's ever been. The war that live it was a fully formed a stressful. By the age of eighteen. So we're all majority and most of them major decisions of life including what these young people I don't entrances and say. That's decisions don't get made high school. There's a high school version. Of owning your own safe. But that's not the same as an adult person radical version begins to unfold during the cultures after the college years. Not to mention simple battery and friends are. G decisions made in the twenties. Now and routines and pathetic I think for a lot of parents I would just say please. Don't. Defaults to the idea that state you is the best. Vehicle for your son daughter or that prestige and insert that vehicle person daughter they're much more they're much deeper more important things to consider. That voice is doctor Paul Mauer he's the president my treat college and actually always set up the next segment which I wanted to do with you in just a moment and that is the advantage of a small Christian college in developing. A biblical spiritual Christian worldview and we wanna talk about world view and its importance when we come back I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110993. WBT. We again will be right back. I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110993. WBT welcome back to show if you'd like to hear this program in its entirety go to WBT dot com scroll down of the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show in you can hear the program from beginning to end in its entirety. With my guess stud doctor Paul my hour he's the president of my country college in my country North Carolina. A Paul has. A real deep. Concern about what's going on in American education today. Other secularism op the state university giving kids a very narrow secular worldview. And because of that we are raising secularist who have a little. And nothing to do with that things are fate. But faith is still important folks in our country was built on. Judeo Christian values and faith perspectives whether you believe that or not it is true it's in our constitution our declaration of independence it's seen. Every where so doctor my hours here today trying to help us understand. The value op education. Informing world views in our kids and especially small or Christian schools of which he is the president and treat college so Paul again thanks for being with me let's begin with. This understanding of world view which define it in also give us the importance not it. Well world through the lens through which we see the world. And everyone has a world view some more consciously developed and others. But everyone has the way the Oakland who Stacey how wide and full since we've gone as. Enormous implications for how we move lights as workers and as husbands and wives and and our friends and those who contribute to civil society. And and we have a biblical worldview for those of us who are Christians which means we look at the world through the lenses of the Bible. And that basically is I think divided into four sections creation fall redemption and second coming. And as we look at the world through the lenses of the Bible. I tell people all the time any question that you asked about what's going on the not only locally but globally can't be answered through that biblical world view if you choose to believe it which talk about that for a second please. Yeah. And I think there's probably no decisions more important for. A young person and developing Malone and then Clinton really consider what these students think about like the biblical worldview so. You hear the college this is what we teach fundamental in all of our courses is where does it mean to think about old life's vocation. Academic discipline. Critical thinking problem solving. Character and ethics and how we do we integrate our understanding of God's revelation. With all of life console these these the fact that we hired the college. And in this is the kind. Of environment where. He properly immersed. A student can shape the way to think about old like this is I think David why. Christian com elementary schools and high schools have become. So popular and so important to the American landscape portrait church. And and because parents understand indeed at war with the thought process itself to be shaped by by a particular world deal. I'm not old enough to have seen that. The steady movement away from any kind of spiritual influence on education to now what seems to be a totally secular. Emphasis on education and parents who want their children to understand biblical world views and to be able to think Christian late. Have no other options except to do your talking about. Now Mon treat is how large. But because of 900 students who have little over 500 vote on a traditional campus here. In the western Carolina mountains. Some of national. And it provides an opportunity for students to be no. And force students to not all through the cracks and that's pretty rare in American education these days. And so our site is really tremendous advantage from an educational standpoint. And so and the idea that they are stuck with a come along so it helped shape like. And and Malcolm Gladwell has recently written a book where he emphasizes. The small school advantages. And I know you'd love to seize upon his magnificent work to be able to promote a school like my country please do so. Yeah Gladwell in his book it and Goliath talks about the advantages of the small pond. And what it means to be. A big finish in the big pond. We're small fish in the big pond. Is very very difficult. In the collegiate environment and so he makes. The argument that it's much better in many cases to be. He big fish in the small pond than forestry to think it can be fixation. On the the court what don't always almost always end up being integrated small efficient epic parlance so whether it's. A big pond meaning a large state institution. Or big pond meaning. In the lead institution. He he he shoulders. Pretty persuasively that these students who end up going to elite schools. Many of them become extremely discouraged and the they India. They find themselves lost in these places. The fear they're highly competitive environments they're not corporate it departments. And what he points out is that these elite schools signaled for. Decades it that they all the places that a lot of students skipped demoralized. And so Harvard he points out. On this site at least fifteen years. When they identified back in the 1960s. This concept that happy autumn quarter. That they knew they were admissions counselor had to recruits. But bottom quarter of the class a request to the bottom quarter academically. And Harvard big news. Hyper competitive as it is it has been for a very long time. Knew that they had defined students of particular resilience. In order to be happy in the bottom quarter harper. And so this this. Environment that demoralization. Takes a straight a students the very best of the best. And they get lost to these institutions and not talk about the public square every so often that twelve documented. It's very fascinating. And so school like Mon treat of which the president again for folks just jumping in doctor Paul my hours my guess the president in my entry collagen monitoring North Carolina. Gorgeous campus overlooking lake Susan just magnificent Paul. The AG would say then that that class size and professor's personal engagement with the students and the shaping of the personality because that relationship is there is what your school would offer as opposed to what you just mentioned. It doesn't part of its size part it's personal pension purposes. Activate the character of the faculty who actually are here to teach. So little larger institutions. That would move toward determining the church model. Where are clear that they are not to teach it to their to do research and graduate students to heavy load to teaching. And it has really changed cryptically the first half of for your undergraduate education. Which is often talk like that students not to dock remember themselves. The small college environment does all the things that go with such small tree apart. It is actually not even cracked it's who we hire it's who we hire the human beings and they are aligned with our success say to elect competent. We fight your script we believe in the old Buddhist scripture. We believe that emerged and one man and one woman we believe life begins at conception we ask all of our employees. Part time and full unsightly and staff. Took firm support out worldview with the condition of employment. The court we think having unity around the first things around the essentials. It's been very the most important part of how we deliver an education. Now has that caused any difficulty among faculty who really can't agree with one or several of those different perspectives. Well what we implemented it earlier this year it did but we want to Syria long a process that's very true let's turn necessary to look at. Processes actually to an actual process where we senate. Would that mean trust via Chrysler college. In the 21 century it was a mean to do it. What does that mean to live life together as a Christian community and we invited. All of our starkly all the staff all the problems to speak into that process and they did it and we listened and he. And it is and shifted the documents that ideologically. We are who we popped aboard a theological skin. With a really average local. Core of who we are so we had a small number of people step away who no longer and so the secure. But it it was an act of conscience we said. Ask mutual fervent support these documents they are climbing which all the a year year and at a time. They do have a choice to make in terms of whether or not more trees and could preview. Almost everybody stayed into it fully entered into. The idea that that we would we would be unified grounder statement safe accumulate. Paul we only have about a minute before our next break but I I would be curious I'm have you seen the benefit personally since you've been in my country of the kids who have come in and received that quality Christ centered education in a small or school setting. I have appears to be sleeping with a purpose beyond themselves. They leave with hope. They're not cynical teacher rate equal to men and women to polite they're ambitious they're toward thinking. And in the seat that they have a role to play in the world because god god has the destiny for them and they have grabbed hold about it. Mean well it's powerful and I'm so glad to hear that because in our world off cynicism which beat cut is becoming increasingly negative it's fun to know. There are kids leading with a positive attitude believing they're still hope. In the world my guess is doctor Paul Mauer he's the president and my entry college and my treat North Carolina when we come back poll I'd love to ask you about cyber security which you think. Is one of the big issues facing all colleges today I'm David Chadwick will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110993. WB team welcome back to show. My guess today is doctor Paul mouth or he's the president in my country college in my country North Carolina a small liberal arts Christian college that has decided commitments to. Basic fundamental Christian commitment. A Paul has real interest in several different topics we've talked about today. Other crisis in American education. On the advantage of the small school which he's obviously a president. And I also wanted to talk pew poll about something that really does concern you cyber security programs talked to us about that. So the college launched full that's fine Saudi security. The little three years ago so unfortunate the program. We soccer in the came insanity in the future and some years ago and knowing that her that that securities so. It took a couple of on his party and he got the green light and developed a program. We looked at the where we were culturally I I was noticing the Serb security. We're on the front page there are times we're here for five times a week and we said we're gonna go pick on this so we're swinging for the fences on cyber security. It's now our fastest growing major. And I travel to Washington DC about a sixty days. We think this is in the national security interest and so we are we connecting where so US senate. Congress. The NSA the FBI the Pentagon. American military. And what we bring to the conversation something nobody else Washington really has led west. The pistons are part of the cyber security. In its in its most elemental form is not principally. The technical problem. It is principally a people problem human prop. Therefore the solution that security. Is not principally technical solutions it's principally humans so much. If you do not have the white people of character and ethics and moral framework. The technology doesn't matter very much. And so. The last institutions left in America education who were we teach character. For Christian colleges in the military academy it's. You insecurities stopped teaching the character quite decades ago. And we have gone into Washington we call into the private sector which helped round table discussions. In partnership with it think tank in Washington DC. And every minutes ago every meeting again we see the light bulb turned on the character and ethics matter and so security. And that Serb security really is the the security threat of age. So you're really talking about Americans who have may be a temptation to be a traitor to our nation and in allow breached and cyber security that will happen. If you have people who truly understand loyalty and hope and those kind of basic moral character qualities. They have so we don't think it it will it will eliminate the people doing bad things. Don't think if you have people of character and ethics at the switch in in the leadership. It certainly will lessen the product that deep inside or threatened such security. Is the greater threat it's not the external and internal threats and. Fascinating and your fastest. Growing major treat college is a major in cyber security don't hear you correctly. That's correct we now have 85 students in the program its fourth year it's 34 and duke students come in discretion should the program. We're drawing roots and try entrance from Georgetown we have a student came and whose homes court cases twelve came in with enough credits to. Test done at her freshman year started as a sophomore. We required to in championships the condition of graduation in cyber. That fer sure after the first in the programs she did in which FBI finger at a opt in West Virginia. She had to go through the same. Scrutiny that anyone who want full time job and yet they went through which you who went FR polygraph and interviewed pretty much what we succeed around we're. And you get with the FBI and so the NSA would sort students. The FDI. And secret. Secret Service. We everywhere we can oh. They want her entrant in the one graduates and. Fascinating. Home hours my guess he's the president my entry college in my entry North Carolina and apologists have to ask you this on. You are considered. An expert a scholar. Of the American presidency. And a specific expertise in moral and religious rhetoric of the US presidents. I just got to ask you this is week conclude our program today as you look at the rhetoric of our president and how he uses Twitter. Compared to other presidents just give us your perspective please. Yeah well I'm more political science and the story and so it's not a partisan view. Of our current president bill that would in the modern era. We begin with Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan. A real old patient abuse of moral and religious rhetoric by US presidents. And that continued. True the Clinton years continued into the bush years. And an I think really beginning in the Obama users and continuing in the trump yours we're seeing. I think a great decline in the use of moral arguments as part of how. The policies on the ballot. I'm I think that's a real detriment to the country I think it's I think it's not a Republican or democratic issue I think it's a Republican issue. And so to the degree that. Moral arguments and a moral agenda a US presidents. It's messy and complicated. I would argue it's also a good thing to have the commander in chief hasn't been a clear and decisive blow. And and then as part of the struggle today that many are experiencing with just what he's saying and how he's saying it just increasing the divide that seems to exist in our nation would you agree. I would agree I think it's real problem I think it doesn't started and with the president but I don't ever worked with the American president fighters. Is meaningful and scrutinize and so it really does matter what he says and what. We're do you have hope for the United States of America my friend. I have opened sovereign god and I have hoped the United States to the grief that. He. Two to some degree begin to reflect that again. At the heart of who we our. I am a person hope decries. The president and the god of hope and so anything that's possible. But I would say that they honestly. I find the trajectory of culture. Not a good equation when at this point but he put my job is not to change cultural my job is to be critical. And is there not a need to continue to pray and and ask god to intervene and many folks call it a revival which is means a re understanding of life in our god does it and that's were my hope lies that that the lord can easily do that it's not impossible for him to do so. Some possible can do any thing and so are our job is to pray and be faithful to peaceful life in our sphere of influence. And that's that's our hope that we offer families and their sons and daughters is that. There there are not many that there are some institutions of the big question that states. There will actually keep it on the dollar on the trajectory that you hope the cold stale. And one of those is my country collagen Montrae North Carolina right of thirty seconds widger wrap up sure the old to encourage folks to at least consider your institution. Yeah my my person is that parents. Influence. Is at a highway all the research shows that we have very high level all the way to each 23. That's not the same as for Kerry and we're telling yourself to endorse what to do. But be engaged in the conversation. In the constitution is seeing major decision. It's my personal appearances in teach in the conversation be part of the decision making process stone handled the key. Quite yet you that your influence for God's purposes. Doctor Paul lauer thank you for being with me today again the president in my entry college country North Carolina a wonderful. Institution of higher learning if you're. Thinking about a school for your children think about that when it would be great in developing a biblical world view I'm David Chadwick this is he's 1110993. WBT love god love your neighbor and you do those two things got a lifetime's worth of work to do for talking with you all. Next week.