The Clintons, Checking Baggage

John Hancock
Monday, November 20th

The Democrats are starting to rethink the Clintons, Tips for getting your luggage faster, Thanksgiving and more.


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Yeah this is John Hancock. And their other brother or his. Monday as. Short work week. Shorter studio week we're going to be done it says the Coca-Cola have been Ziad doghouse unknown Wednesday. DF and see who is now part of our family or we're now part of their family a mature how that works for all part of the same family now. There's been doing this thing called street turkeys we don't think Packers started like fifteen years ago. And no sort of broadcast out there alive and see if we can't get people to bring via canned goods and and no Turkey's and and no stuff like after the second harvest food bank so if you feel so inclined oh it'll go take a donation to. Donation of frozen Turkey canned goods or whatever you wish monetary early and they'll be down there the FNC guys will be down there. All day long 6 AM till 7 PM. I'll be down their from a 3 to 6 o'clock broadcasting this very radio programs solo combined us say hi Hugo was going to be down there. Bo jangled serving breakfast. Tilted kilt is serving lunch. Now do you wanna go out and DJ. And this says here cold beverages all day long. So that five to six hour could be are pretty good seeing. We spent a good deal of our time on a Friday talking about robbery for. There are no services for him I was kind of disappointed in that but those were his final wishes according to whose obituary in the paper in keeping with his wishes Bob was cremated without ceremony or memorial. That doesn't surprise me that kind of sounds like bomb. But we. We spent just alone time over the weekend thinking about Bob. And then another broadcast legend. Roy you Rosen. Passed away and I think I have met Roy a few times but I did not know Rory as well as. Obviously an awful lot of people and I know well Jack Daniel Kristen and a good many people in this so market Jim Schaefer and others. Knew him well. A guy who started his career way back commit date WYSTA. Yemen now. Worked in number radio stations in this time and a mobile DJ service as well also that was two broadcasters of note here in Charlotte lost within 44 hours of one another. And then we find out the AC/DC founding member of Malcolm young. Who had suffered from dementia he passed away. And then we found out that Mel Tillis. He died at 85 years old and you just turn on the news that Della Reese. Touched by an Angel and also had a heck of a music career before all that even took place she died at the age of 86. And as the next guy. Grew out killed Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski and Linda LeBlanc and our love Bianca and Nam. And his wife Rosemary he died. But why everybody's Macon so much tension on that guy in plain old interviews from amend is that the other I just hadn't scored don't understand I guess some more on the mindset these days. Of these serial killers that we have these people that walk into schools and office buildings and gunned people down. Ever since the column by and shooting I just kind of thought that that doesn't mean we don't say their names because sometimes you gotta say their names to iron are referenced. But until actually take every opportunity educated to publicize. Of these people I'd I don't products and a partner. So. Anyway that they're crazy dude whose life was just a big burden on society which cost it probably tens of thousands if not millions of dollars. Not to keep that piece of junk alive all these are years. Honest since he went on this are murder spree out in California of finally died in if you believe in heaven and hell. Now his punishment is actually begun. So anyway bad dude died. And now back to Robert he referred for a second Kevin Cyrus political cartoon in me a paper on Saturday. Perfect. The microphone. The old fashioned microphones. And as part of the obituary. Robert d.s. Obituary. One of the quotes rage rage against the dying of the light Dylan thomas' also want to Kevin Cyrus chose to use on his memorial to. Robert do you rate for 1927. To what Tony seventeen which means that Richard was coming up on his ninetieth birthday. So I don't know it just kind of seems like and to my turnaround over the weekend somebody of note. Had died and that. And that piece of junk out in California. He died too. So world. Think Robert would very much like. Him insiders work in his honor. It's very cool. So there on Matt how's everybody. Happy Monday to you sat there are not a really studiously. Watched. AR NASCAR race a long long time I know yesterday I was kind of going back and forth between doing some stuff and watching football but I was keeping my eye on that Theresa yesterday because it was homestead and it was. For the championship and now I so wanted Martin Truex to win that race yesterday. And I would tune in and he'd be like sixth place or he'd be fourth place or he'd be third place or you know and and then there's the race started to. Go on all the sudden Truex was up at the front. But Jack Kyle Busch was bearing down on him big time for a while they're Kevin Harvick was with it was beaten down on it. And then Harvick fades and then Kyle Busch comes in and soul for the last whatever laws twenty laps of the race or something like that. Kyle Busch was in a in many of those laps making better time then no Martin Truex was an iron out. Just given what Martin Truex has been through. On with his girlfriend and with his career and with news. Getting taken out of a good car and I don't know I you know I just literally wanted to and he never wanted to are all the other three guys have won a national they have won a championship for. And he never had and so maybe that is I was I was talking to Sam bass today who are turns 56 years old today happy birthday Sam. And any was saying you know it maybe that helps maybe the maybe this Truex victory. Helps increase interest in NASCAR again and gets people back to watch and again. 'cause this really was or a really good feel good story and it was dale junior's last race which. I hate to Dale's not gonna be around anymore I mean from our inner in car perspective but he'll still be around the track and mount. And he's he represented is is a family name mom well no no no problems there. So. Congratulations to Martin Truex. And his girlfriend and miss now Malia and they fed der tragedy on a race team men. It's it's just been a long year and has been a great year eight whims. If there was a guy that was supposed to win a championship this year was Martin. And these are the Denver Colorado based NASCAR team which I don't know how you even make that work. But I thought that was a pretty good. I Donald Trump the Lavar Burton. My credit for intermingle our or intervening. And getting the Chinese president to. I do I taught these guys out and now. And Lavar Burton made some. Who. Remarks about the president. What was he over their four don't tell mean nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out said Lavar Burton. And so he and trumpet and gone back and forth a Twitter. And Lavar Burton apparently I guess thinks that shoplifting is okay. Because he had tweeted some shoplifting is a very big deal or no China said the president as it should be five to ten years in jail. But not Jewish father Lavar. So. I noted we all get tired all of largest about. The second time we ever saw him. We'll have been. We'll observe the hypocrisy of it to a political parties. I know we come back out of the 330 news trump announces Franken but just is pretty silent on Roy Moore. And the Democrats reckoning north Bill Clinton allegations. Amid all the sexual harassment and assault swirl lip finally decided that maybe they got to go back and say don't. Well maybe maybe we maybe we should listen back in those days. But I didn't matter because you getters are too busy. Now we're in your political jerseys to. Not to care about right wrong or otherwise and no nothing's changed it's a pretty much filled. Headline in the paper over the weekend a Democrats now rethink Clinton after scandals. We have to. Because it's now others senate committee junior. Fundraisers Harvey Weinstein and and an Al Franken. I don't know what to think about all there's another woman who stepped forward to go with the Al Franken thing. Alleges. That he had a handful but she considering your picture taken. A long time ago I don't know how you are untruths that. So I don't know she's tell the truth or not. But but that's you know and that's. That's what's Keck had a curious about these kind of allegations say with Roy Moore. Armed people can now make a claim mend than people bowl low enough people will decide did they believe it or don't believe it or whatever the case may be but there will be some that. Well your five yard people the lineup on both sides. And allegations like that sexual misconduct or. Something having to do with. Someone under age or anything on that and true false or 10 you know it doesn't matter. You artists you've already put a tattoo on that person. Not easily removed. So where we'll talk about that just second. The Carolina Panthers got Greg Olsen and Ryan collegial and practice practicing today that could be good news surrender and the structurally would like to see you know Ryan collegial baca not to discount Greg Olsen and anyway shape or form am anxious to get him back to Britain. Ryan Khalil back guy in Lima this brother would be don't. Would be nice to have for the last just six games going into the playoffs. And you just got to raise a good duty just kind of hoping to sell this. Such that. That that that's what happened up there and do you know the double life of macaroni and she is. I'm white guys so there's no way I would have known this. But I was reading Kathleen nervous yesterday the black and white of Mac and cheese and she talked about I. Go into a kids' classes of volunteered to give a talk about Thanksgiving and she asked you know what's your favorite Thanksgiving and somebody said macaroni and cheese and across the room every white kids said a version of hum and every black kids said it all yeah. And the person needs she said really got the education when the kids it was her in black culture macaroni and cheese is the pinnacle. The highest culinary accolade who makes it how it's made and who's allowed to bring it to gatherings involves negotiation tradition and tactic understanding. I had no idea that macaroni and cheese held such a prominent place in the black community. Now lots of black family and invite me over for haekkerup inject it should. Saying spirit beings are marrying soon. A bum bum. I am just. Can't talk radio program. I guess that in Alice's restaurant the only known Thanksgiving songs. Why aren't there things your results. It's kind of like. Although Christian does a pretty well over WB TV but it's kind of like a good news segment. You know I've had visited towns better than what it might be songs about. Being thankful. It's I'd spend at some point to disturb. We just so much better with negativity. This this this double fulfillment thing they're good for you. And that's a return of our problems. And I'm ledgers are contend there was rooms a relative of our problems. Bob. So the newspaper yesterday Democrats now rethink Clinton after the scandals that I not see out. He says tape from over the weekend were Hillary. Is sitting on and a bill sitting right next door and she's talking about trump. And the was it Entertainment Tonight tape. And bill sit right there. And Hillary say in all that tape wasn't big news. And tape was real enough. And then she starts talking about. Something along the lines of I think they should do a go further into that investigation bubble of love is that the other all the years old bill you know. Sit there and as she bars Erica had a look together with that. You know I didn't even read the look he's looking for is he's hoping that he's looking better and it's coming office total admiration. All of that woman she is so strong. And inside his head east thing to do itself doctors just shut up our act. You lost the election honey god let's just go back to new York and and get out of the public. Yeah Democrats now rethink Clinton after the scandals. They have till it's the elephant in the room. But they work that they've certainly. I'm always guy we spent a long long time during the impeachment about talking about whether or not character counts. Well day in case we didn't come. No conclusion of dog shows let me go let me tell you what the answer is. It should but it doesn't. In today's society. For a good. Deal of people especially politically character does not count. Eight torrent of sexual abuse allegations against powerful figures in politics in media. Has reignited. The defining political fight of the 1990s. A growing number now say they were wrong to have so strident league defended former President Bill Clinton against the women. Was right wing conspiracy a conspiracy theory when it. Orlando who was at that said that. Some well respected future presidential candidate I believe. Strikingly defended by for the former president Bill Clinton against the women. Who over the years accused him of offenses that including groping exposing his genitals and rape. Yeah uncomfortable question is whether Democrats down. Were guilty of the send that they accuse Republicans of committing now. Yes. Exactly. Most of them many of them were in power then. Well many of them. So that was the one headline and the other one is. President Donald Trump's decision to mock senator Al Franken now for groping a sleeping woman while posing for a photo has again made him a central figure in the national discussions. About sexual assault harassment and misconduct. And is again brought attention to past accusations against the president himself. Why would even bring quality even to approach them. The study was rate review of his staying silent on non unknown. Ryan Moore. So that he wouldn't have to answer the questions about the Entertainment Tonight tape. On up until. All of they'd rather stay away from now and let me fight with Kim Jung noon and you guys are Ashe this thing out none and figure out you know whose parents were undone where I had I had known. So. Anyway I had the president showed selective outrage Cheerios. Just like the Democrats ajar now showing selective outrage. They weren't outraged now they're outraged. They have to be. Too many of armor followed by the wayside. So trump announces Franken remains kind of publicly silent on Roy Moore. And calls the all Frankenstein. Picture is really bad speaks a thousand words where do his hands go in pictures 2345. And six wall she sleeps. And I think that just last week he was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women. Many brings up to Leisle stalled tape. Trump was referring to a 1995. New York magazine story in which begins Saturday Night Live writer Franken. Suggest a skit in which sixty minutes commentator Andy Rooney would muse about drugging correspondent Lesley salt and taking pictures ever. It's all comes back to launch or in fact Al Franken got blasted by his own. Saturday Night Live alumnus. He was part of the news. Answer first down others say and go against one of their own. But that that happened over the weekend. So trump remains publicly silent about the sexual assault and misconduct. Allegations against the Republican nominee for Alabama special senate election Roy Moore. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And how does she go home at night and look straight in the mirrors. Well I'm pro league has says she's got away with us on Howard other taking deuce the absurd and then making it. Plausible. In sort of an absurd sort of way. Anyway she said. Friday I think. That trump on the allegations quote very troubling. But Roy Moore. But the president stopped short of calling on more to drop out of the race. With Sanders saying trump thinks that the people of Alabama should make that decision on who their next senator should be and I know I agree with that entirely. And right now it is kind of a he says she said although they evidence points to some credibility on the women's days but I Iran must messier you're exactly right that's up to the people of Alabama to do what they wanna do. While the president even get involved in this thing given the Entertainment Tonight tape why would he even getting white loading even. Saw that on the other side of the Democrats reckoning with the Bill Clinton allegations amid sexual harassment. So the accusations of the past sexual harassment that are dominated the headlines and an assault. Against powerful men and all sorts of Harvey Weinstein. And has since swept. God beyond entertainment to media. I guess what we're having now is a cultural moment of awareness. With Democrats and others having no what many believe to be a long past due reckoning would Bill Clinton on the allegations that were made against him. Two decades ago. But they can't. They can't go laughter. Republicans and and Roy Moore and people like that the candidate in less they come good terms with. Their own hypocrisy. So they almost have to now. And Bill Clinton and matter anymore. And their second Hillary anyway they wish she'd just a disappear off the face of the earth. Can't be good can't be Donald Trump and a national election. Thanks for coming. In reaction Juanita Broderick is back in the news she made the most serious claim against Clinton that he raped her in 1978 she said on Fox News I feel like people are starting to believe and realized that I was a truly sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. All victims matters she says doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or Republican who cares if your straighter your gay or if you believe in god or not we all have the right to be believed. And in addition to Broderick Paula Jones. Has claimed that Clinton exposed himself to her in 91 when he was a governor of Arkansas and then there was Kathleen wiley and she charged that Clinton fondled her. And then there's the liberal blogger Matthew Iglesias who wrote on box dot com moll last week. I think we got it wrong by defending Clinton in 1990s. And that he should have resigned amid the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Well welcome to the party Matthew. But you're just a little late. And he didn't ask him to resign. And in fact it's twenty years later. That you are now asking Arab world. Nobody cares about Bill Clinton any more his time's over he's just one for the history books now. Although he does seem to be falling off that perch of being the Ronald Reagan in the Democratic Party Demi. There are. There are tired about her history story no shortage if you are getting natural Christmas trees. I and they're blaming the recession. Now. Org and I guess is the number one exporter of trees. North Carolina is second. And after Thanksgiving. Families there were they they direct reference in this scenario observer story today head on up to they refer Steve Hodges family farm. Looking for the perfect Frazier fir. But they say this year you may wanna do it as soon as possible because. There could be Christmas tree shortage. Because of the recession. Nearly a decade ago it's affecting tree farms nationwide because when the economy folded in 2008. Demand for real Christmas trees was low so farmers didn't plant has many. Now those trees are fully grown but there are fewer of them to go around which by the way means prices will be higher. Arm and more people looking to buy real trees. I don't know what that means necessarily does that mean that. Many people did what we did and went artificial another kind of yearning for the old days were. You're tired of you kind of want to have the sap on your hands are kind of wanna have the smell in the house and. I'm married to mrs. Claus so are we put up three Christmas trees every year. So it's it's all fake. The trees. So they go their. But anyway Kabeer Christmas tree shortage I didn't I had never read this before. Tricks that can help you get your luggage first and baggage claim. Check a bag your weight and Ford to appear in the carousel. Sometimes it's early sometimes its last. Sometimes you wait wait wait wait you're just about to go to reported missing. And here it comes. There's a few things they say that you can do to speed up your wait time. First you can ask the represented but to check in counter to attach a fragile sticker to your bag have you ever heard this. Bags marked in that way will typically be loaded later. And therefore come out sooner. When you get to your destination. So ask that your bag be marked fragile. The gate agent Thomas Kyoto also says that you can wait until the last person not to do edited to be the last person to check him. Which follows the same logic is the first suggestion. But they say is still loading and unloading systems can sometimes varies so in some cases. Those who check in last may not necessarily get the bag first. The only guaranteed ways they say to get your bag first is either by booking a first or business class flight. Or by joining an airline frequent flyer club so you can get a priority tag on your own on your back. But I never heard about the fragile sticker before. So there. Little Johnny gives you a little loan needed advice are you traveling for Thanksgiving to record number were read this story that affect the story may be from Lester they may have just changed the dates. Record number of Americans who travel or Thanksgiving Day weekend the the change in this it this year is so even though Pratt gas prices are up. But they're not up to were weak. Mean some of us remember of 350 in four dollar a gallon gas so our one as the cement right now about 240. Someplace in the neighborhood of cheaper now South Carolina. So Americans all travel all over the Thanksgiving weekend the largest numbers in more than a decade says the American Automobile Association. Cheap plane tickets growing economy. Predicting that some fifty point nine million Americans will travel fifty miles or more away from Leo home by a car train or plane. From the day before Thanksgiving through that. Sunday after a 3.3 percent increase over last year and the most since 2005 so a lot of people travel and over the Thanksgiving no weekend. Most of the travel about 89% of it will be on the roads. With a one point 5% increase over last year predicted air travel expected to grow by 5% from last year. So that gives many of you a chance to attest my theory. Ask for the fragile sticker on your bag and then no report back just after Thanksgiving until a slow whether or not checked bag. Faster or not. We'll talk a little bit about the worst times to drive and not to drive and you may have read the thing over the weekend about it there's a stretch of Charlotte road that is among the nation's fifteen deadliest highways and if you our guest I 85 you would be correct. Odd the best under new holiday shopping to avoid crowds. Thanksgiving dinner feed. Some host considering charging family members tell you think that would go over. DJ you go home your mom says. Always so nice to have family all together. That'll be 25 dollars ahead slog about that next. And it's. George do luggage or bag battle luggage first we are talking about Federal Signal a new one earlier to us got a 704571110. Has got. Great guy and say there's another one without found out to future backed off first baggage herself all urged. If you quieter period to deal weapon hole were you why we are gunning your checked bag yeah they packed your bags at a borrower. And when you're checked in at the calendar yet they will Don do you pay her bag escort you all the way to the 48. You watch Brad go into the plane at the very year and the they escort you all applying then when it's your destination or look like they teach you all the plate first. We want to give you good future they bring your back there you see now law. There and walk you're trying to work life or out of the airport he. While mom. I never even thought about that so way you don't go wait sorted Ed baggage they they kind of escort UN the bag. Yes they don't handle the bag until you get to coach Scott walked to go out there and one of the ground crew comes up he grabbed it or she grabbed. Take it directly apply to mature looking out the window the whole time and they're standing there with the incorporate our people went smooth time. Yeah I know I would imagine. Now after you go when you get to baggage claim though you would be outside the parameters of TSA security. But you say they then walk you root out the door the airport. Yeah yes they actually walked view at Charlotte they walk you actually how the the war that's. And once you hit the door so I am about men. You say you know I don't know where you go by now. What if you what is you claimed to have packed today a gun in your own luggage which you haven't actually you know what day would they know that. Yet they actually feared scan luggage we are looking for the lock box weapon have to the end and they Amma has to be separate the magazine in the gun and lockbox. So they actually your skin at the look war. The opera you're on the rule. Split on open your bag but they do X or make sure. There that they. Solid block box with. The shape of a gun in there. I'll be darn I had no idea I'm not a concealed very curious so I wouldn't know vibration I appreciate the information thank you. John one other thing digger who operate week you have got to go out that late. Got a lot idea I didn't hear you that they're weak we don't go out and and I had a little cut all my wife. She went up to that game. Wouldn't in editor against Illinois area or not. Com they were was somebody. Who I had I was who have had that the time had a handicap access. Although they were Arnold they are there are an alumni seats that would have been underneath the cover way up there in the dark confines of the lower issue. And since they had somebody that had some handicap us situations. They moved him down to the double plays seats right next to the Illinois band. Right I mean in in the end zone like right on the field. Wow. So long so I know I've learned my lesson when I go to the horseshoe and that's take somebody who at least temporarily or permanently has ahead. Can't issue they'll you get better seats. Nor somebody that somebody really. Yeah well I haven't run and that person yet I've been trying to scorer a couple of tickets for a Michigan game at the issue fur about six years and I can't be done you know. And I got all ought to monitor that yeah that's more than a radio announcer mix I'm pretty sure some. Hey I appreciate it thank you very much I got off ago senator us who'd they play this week in Wisconsin. Michigan's he has been he's been playing Michigan and then they would they've been president and then megas they would play Wisconsin and Big Ten championship. And then there's some that says that would put them back into the fight again but they got two losses. Can I can imagine and in bad losses to the very bad that lost auto Lois. I can't arguments and longer things will get quiet in my house or on Thanksgiving which. Maybe the worst thing in the world a damn near on WBT hi. They know me to question. But we are mr. Lott's power and can't answer it appeared to question. That sounds info about the first on first off our. Ballots or that you carry all the fascinating book my question has. Does that hole for the party that there will. White kid whatever the traveling. So he departed together. Yeah that's good question I don't know whereas those off there was like three people traveling would that just to apply to the concealed carry holder or not not his son and wife for Sunday or are some lower. Or our son and friend or whatever the case may be. They had a question I have no idea and I'm about and now there's another guy coming up this says about saying he's never had the experience that you just heard about so our. Well yeah I do question Dan I don't know. No I Iraqi Alter egos are comes Charles. Charles your concealed carry and you've never had the experience we just heard about. Yeah are all of the pistol for a work sometimes then basically go to the counter some of a firearm is taken aback. If they inspect the animated check your bag like normal. Now so you never gotten the escort to murdered their due to the plane off the plane the whole nine yards. No mercy and it's pretty common if you look big quarterback off first got to get a baggage claim but if you do walking around with a red tags. Senator typically farms. Now. Top out well I'd I don't know edited and I may may be should be travelman together called. Apparently that revealed he had no it's it's not like you could deal a major that's why I ask you have to have a firearm to climate but Terry they do they scan your bags so so there goes there goes my hopes but to abuse still have some. Throughout my body thanks Charles appreciate it off against. This this idea of us Thanksgiving dinner fee. I kind of takes away all. In the first place is at Thanksgiving still load. And Martha brings this and grandma live brings this and I mean isn't it kind of collective. Can you imagine asking your relatives for safe thirty dollars as they enter your house than Thanksgiving. This apparently came up online. Because it's just it's a thing that some people really do. It was a Twitter user that noted that her hand charges family members thirty dollars a plate. Now there was a poll just last week the American Farm Bureau Federation reported that the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner for ten people. Is 49 dollars and twelve cents. Which rated as they've pointed out is a 75 cent decrease compared to last year. So that AM to his charging at the door would be raking in if there was a party of 10300. Bucks. That's about a 250 dollar profit. Which kind of seems completely out of the the realm of Thanksgiving which news good that would be more than enough money. Other pay for the made grew to come in and clean the place when they're done. The Internet divided on the opinion on the issue buzz feed wrote an article about it and no one reader commented my family doesn't charge but whoever made dinner keeps all the receipts. And then everyone splits the bill all. I never heard of that either. That still leaves one person. Or family. Cooking everything cleaning haven't folks over so it's not exactly a fair split anyway. So I don't know where would you stand on that issue. I never raise a kid I never really thought about that did the labor. Or of for the cleanup. But I can remember going over to my grandparents' house. Almost every year. And my mom might make. Something or other and then as the years and it is they got older. Then it started to be at our house. But you know my grandmother talked about the year my grandmother brought the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on the top which now I'm reading by chefs are saying no don't do that as you Shearer insurer. But she decided bigger idea that you're put raisins and there. The boys I've always remember that Ambrose Joseph the salad. That was a biggie with my. My grandparents still. But everybody had something and everybody. And and quite frankly that's what some of my warmest memories are. The dressing that. Came out of the family recipe from my grandmothers now we've changed as soon as Susan and I have a killer recipe for it's got all sorts of stuff and but. But the idea of I and I know I never thought about the cleanup obviously as a kid. But it would seem to me that after dinner was over everybody kind of crowded in the kitchen and cleaned up. Wash dishes and. And I'm sure there were years that DeRozan a dishwasher. So everybody kind of cloud that was part of the deal everybody crowded into the kitchen and in new amended to clean up and then when the cleanup was done everybody kind of ended up in the living room those are things and that's those are outdated now to. But everybody ended up in the living room. The only two days of the year you were ever allowed to be in the living room Thanksgiving and Christmas and then that's generally were desert took place. Which was after all the clean up. So. Thirty bucks ahead. And surcharge and thirty bucks ahead. You might start getting selective as to where you're gonna spend your money. Firearms and baggage claim now I got now I get a conversation going on artists and 04571110. And hello to Richard on dole. BT hey Richard. Rajon that your opening machine guy as you don't matter you. I'm doing well happy Thanksgiving a little little early but appetite and that's it's it's it's Monday it's Thursday we can do that big out. They go hey listen. We've always talked about. And on and you know I have my concealed carry and I actually until much under Mubarak patrol I take my gun over to Dallas Texas. All the time now and there are inconsistencies with the TSA. Especially with the airlines but the bottom line it's really simple you. Sort of weird too. You don't have to announce when you walking into the actual terminal and on which is kind of scary that anybody can walk into the into the terminal with a handgun. Which is most dude when you're gonna check in your luggage. You announced that you can bet it's mostly in your your city already in your luggage. TSA agent comes Albany take you went to another role they expect it to make sure that you gun as it's. It's blocks through the city chamber and that there's no ammunition and the magazine is separate Bobbitt. The consistency dark how you carry the ammunition where I look Charlotte or whenever I always leave Charlotte he carried the lock bag yeah. It might go to Dallas at least from Dallas. They want the ammunition to be in a sealed container. Of the original ammunition case so yes all. You would have thinking you'd have big gun and a container and you have the ammo and a container but they'd be in the same bag. Yeah they're in the every you'll lock you up at a period TSA approved lock box that can be Kenya luck they don't have to watch watch check right there. But if you check in your luggage but if you go to Europe. And then you go to the gay and the anywhere is actually which I found unusual when you might gun up like but what with my gut and it. Was like it it just came out on the on the on the carousel. And I did not have to without a went to somebody at that. For the first time I was like hey pumped left out but I got a gun coming through here on the carousel to confirm that yes I received my gun back that I checked it. And it looked like at three outs. Yeah inconsistencies. Now I appreciate clarification thanks and. All right Jay it and twentieth. Day of November 324. Days into the year there are 41. Days to just. When is that 35 till Christmas. We will start. On Monday. With our kids first jail. Hi I have about three weeks. You get it all done. That's about muttered 06070000. Bucks and 7800 bikes and toys and figure out. 800 to a thousand kids. So I know I'll liken. Oh fighting count on you again this year we've all have been jog on your for 44 years I have no reason to think I can. Although this is always the timing here when I start to get a little queasy. So more worried we we we try to give you a little bit of America leading up to a Thanksgiving but then we got to pounded hard after Thanksgiving so. Kids first is an organization that takes care of homeless or near homeless kids and women Newark 44 years and next sure after last year Sherron came to me and said. That they had done the math through a bunch of different areas and now we figure that we probably impacted 43000. Kids. In the last 24 point five years and that's probably the most significant thing I've ever done as a broadcaster so world. I and it certainly is the most significant thing that we you've ever done as a as a collective group of people. Salaam. Good for us. And YouTube. I Joseph Walsh just seven needed aid Dick smothers is 79 today Sam bass I talked to a little bit earlier he's 56 today. Had a tough year. And us still has some way to go. I dialysis and needs a kidney need to pancreas. And hopefully that'll come around in the next two to six months but. A guy you know the good things happen to good people well bad things have been happening to Sam bass and he's a good people as you'll ever meet your life. So our prayers out to Sam bass who's always is optimistic. Happy self when I talked to him on the phone today. And happy birthday Sam won't listen to good run for Iran RCA offered a 35000 dollar contract over as Presley on this date in 1955. And this was the date 1982. That 1982 they Andy Kaufman was voted off of Saturday Night Live by a line not liable phone bowl. Just an obnoxious. And then he died. The men everybody felt guilty. Serena Williams got married. Which may be one of the reasons that the jays C concert with a low late the other day because jays he was at the wedding. You study or read the news today oh boy finds that dog owners live longer. And a Pennsylvania man was buried with two of Philadelphia cheese steaks from his favorite sandwich shop. Yeah I'm not going there. And Monday Night Football tonight Seattle sealock hawks host the Atlanta Falcons. She's the stadium come down today. Consider Atlantic county foot going to Fulton counties so they told us. Georgia Dome. Led Atlanta Fulton County was what baseball. Great. And they're out of that now. That's the one that I went to. There was over there are it is a nightmare to get too because the traffic in Atlanta. They way they are they imploded the older football stadium today right next to the overseas dome are numb and a couple of sections and come down so I don't know what they do with those. Natalie one standing. Just is a testament to him. I Seattle legion of doom is Richard Germans out for the year. The legion of doom is probably don't want. That the blood looked like they were gonna your rig Richard Germans beginning of this year I have a feeling he's probably not around for much. Anyway yes I Seahawks host the falcons. I felt Washington had New Orleans yesterday. Was make that I was thinking this is great. And you'll come back out will be the jets next Sunday and then we'll go to do our New Orleans and will be tied none that'll be a great game and still be a great game but I got I thought the Redskins had a and never count Drew Brees out of football game Mac guy has some sort of world he did and met and our women with the running game and nodded and went in with his arm. David Letterman the Mark Twain prize is on tonight 8 o'clock on a PBS they had to do a little editing on this thing because Al Franken was part of the up. Our original and he's being cut out. Of the David Letterman tribute that will air tonight amid is a sexual harassment allegations he's been edited out of the broadcast to David Letterman the Mark Twain prize. But. This was just recently he accepted the 2017 Letterman did Marco Twain prize for American humor in this special little error tonight filmed in October. I'm Jimmy Kimmel and no Bill Murray and Steve Martin and more. And the a bearded mr. Letterman who looks like he's. Loosening unabomber's cattle go to Kevin a third Montana and that's where his branches is up in Montana so. So Google tracks are searches which means that it knows what sort of Thanksgiving related questions we have like how to people like their Turkey coat. And it's a regional thing folks in Missouri in Kansas search for smoked Turkey the most. Southerners New Yorkers and Californians prefer to. The southerners should you know Roy to area. Pride. While new englanders tend to favor roasted Turkey you know a year ago. No we had all the family. Over to the new house. And we did two turkeys. And one was traditional. Oven. And the other one was fried. And Matt our son brought over his. Turkey Fryer. And we set it up on the back lawn. And does so he tried it out there are a number on it and it was delicious. And then when he went to for the Greece. Into a bottle. A significant amount of it got on the dirt backyard which were were trying to grow along. And I have lawn now just about everywhere except where that Greece. And there's just to patch. About four feet long and about two feet wide world agrees supply ever get anything to grow there. I have taken a shovel to and are probably just needed data show won't do it and and chop an open. But anyway ever intimacy that bald spot in the backyard and think about Mets fried Turkey which was listen. Is who's the Turkey was it was kind of worth having both the patch our holiday shopping. While working. Be careful out there are 56 of American workers say will be spending at least some work time holiday shopping this year and almost half of them will spend an hour so we are doing so. And more than half of organizations block employees from accessing certain web sites offer more forward deadbeat Amazon. But the other thing is can they not. Cannot have corporation going there and see what you've been doing on your computer. I wouldn't. So I mean if you're over there at Pasco dot comer Wal-Mart dot com or. So all your poke around FaceBook or on the Internet at work. That is taboos it once was you don't want to overdo it 12% of employers say that they have fired someone for holiday shopping online while I work. So you'll be careful out there. There is AI accompanying. I read the news today oh boy there plans to put chips and human brains you know this has come a notre. So while the RD have one cow chip. And oh excuse me. If you are could would you delete some memories that you don't like or replace them with better ones are and how far are you willing to go to tweak your brain. If doing so could help you you know maybe get some super ability is the founder of the brain hacking startup colonel KE RN EL. Says that in the next fifteen years humans will be able to greatly expand their brain's natural abilities. He puts a hundred million dollars of his own money in this to make this happen. The current focus for colonel again that's KE RN EL will be on developing new tech to treat neurological diseases. They wanna build. A tiny implantable chip. Called a neuro Oprah static. That will help people suffering from damage caused by strokes. Concussions or alzheimer's disease but kernels. Ultimate objective. His developing the chip for the purpose of the brains. Cognitive enhancement. No I don't know if this is the guy that's gonna take this over the home run to the promised land or not but you just have to figure at some point or another. Chips and electronics inside the human body you're gonna start. We've we already have pace Mason I just think to myself that we already have pacemakers. That's not electronic chip but I mean news and it's. It's an added enhancements to help your heart. So who's to say that. I don't know. He'll have good good time with I've planned to check out long before some of you get chips. Even. It is though and it's 505. Have you. And saying. Then. I mean I'm. There. It's. Change you know. And it's. Is sad. Or is eleven Jen 993 WBG com. Wednesday we're gonna be down at the does kinsey Coca-Cola drug sales up from 36 truck doing things got there they're doing narrow street Turkey speed up fifteenth annual. Billy have been via street Turkey live broadcasts all the offense the guys will be down there and I'm gonna wander on down there and do the show from 3 to 6 o'clock honey bees and Hugo and they're there from 6 in the morning 'til seven at night. Good jangled serving breakfast children killed serving lunch. Cold beverages all day long maybe year starter blackout Wednesday they're there you could very well blackout Wednesday is. Tell you it's a new tradition of the review may wanna take advantage of all explain coming up. I earlier we told you about. They tradition. Peg giving a tradition that but people who are actually are charging. Family members as they walk in the door for Thanksgiving. That's barely got on the Internet buzz feed others. Thirty bucks ahead. Really. So we talked about that a little bit earlier now here's another tradition. Before gathering with family on Thanksgiving do shared togetherness and gratitude for your blessings. More and more people are taking the night before. To Taiwan on. Can't think of anything worse than Thanksgiving we're all your relatives and hang over. That's one of the reasons I quit drinking the hangover part in that way today there are some point aren't you supposed to or reach or turn your life for you go. Now I don't have to feel like this anymore. Blackout Wednesday. Unofficial pre Thanksgiving booze the holidays it's also known as. Drinks giving. Started getting attention in 2012 with the big increase in alcohol sales. They started to notice for the day beer and liquor sales have continued to grow since then on the day before Thanksgiving. Which picked up its holiday names along the way you. Restaurant management platform a served found that there was a 23%. Increase in overall restaurant sales. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving compared to other weeks and most of it was due to beer and liquor sales. Blackout Wednesday. Now. Thanksgiving used to be out. But my grandparents I don't think ever drank not that I know of but. The exception was Thanksgiving. Mobi and David wines. Is that traditional with bad. World War II generation or something like them but the deal above I want my grandmother got a lover death. The deal better us I don't think she ever understood the the you principles behind the words sit up. This is the same moment and if you told hurt would you like you know I should say would you like ice cream you say yes but not very much. Shared her theory on ice cream was that it just fills in all the crevices down there anyway so there's no such thing as too much guys for. And the same with smoke and David why you would pour her a glass of Morgan Dave and why did she do it like a shot of tequila at a Mexican vacation. Saw it off a couple of shots up for somebody that never drank. A couple of shots and Logan dividend. Kellogg have fun. It's. And those are sure she ever really enjoyed the day after Thanksgiving however not. We out obviously they've got a lot of feedback on. Rate for Joseph that we did don't know Friday which we. Didn't really plan for rated kind of just fell together. Now Larsson came back in to talk about his friend are referred didn't Larry sprinkle Calder and a new and honesty from dropped on January instituted just talked kind of all of our impromptu type good deal. Mauresmo Grady may also know. And there are pulled a couple of tomorrow one of on the Kaman to dale chair with Inge to second one gay men now from a guy named glamorous. And I was a UNC CN 85 or 86 taken a class called Vietnam experience. The professor was an excellent English teacher who had lost his legs in the Vietnam War and Robert. Took the class with us. The whole semester his insights into the war as a reporter stick with me to this day as well as this advice that he had given the entire class he said. I have two degrees but that and fifty cents will buy me a cup of coffee at parties. That piece of paper means nothing unless you go out and do something with it. And your life. And that sounds like referred you know Rafer diaries. So. And people think Richard I think motorcycles. Rafer didn't start ride a motorcycle toll was sixty years old. This went from Christopher hand target WB Tito come. Our wafers passing is one of those things it's going to affect everyone who works in listens to war has ever heard radio and a lot of folks who don't fall into those categories too he will be missed. Your show on Friday got me to thinking about array for story. In the late fifties he did a combat jump with the 82 airborne out of a Fort Bragg as part of some story that he was working on at the time. They got slightly off course and about half the guys got stuck in some particularly tall pine trees. My father was on that jump sand apparently. Stuck in a tree right next to Bob for quite some time. About ten or twelve years ago my dad called your show. And told that story. And apparently involved was listening because he called in immediately thereafter to talk about it too. I think they got together at some point later for a minute us good stuff. PS looking forward to the kids first drive. Are you going to do the adopted kid program again no like you did last year. The answer to that is just by the way. Either way count me in for another 200 dollars or so this year this is a fantastic cause you guys work hard every year. 44 years Chris I appreciate the email will lob. We'll get started believe me on Monday. With the kids first thing because we'll have like three weeks to get it all done. On and it's always most stressful time a year for me and then on the other hand it's also the most rewarding time of year so. Kids first we'll take care of 800 to a thousand kids again this year homeless or near homeless kids and I hope you'll be a part of it as well. Did you haven't had a chance to USC Kevin insiders. Come. Memorial. Cartoon. He's our political cartoonist. I in the Charlotte Observer don't seek it out. It's up on the Hancock bridge at Toronto Padilla FaceBook page Regina directors prepared for you'll they go to Charlotte Observer dot com Meyer and merry go into the politics opinion section you'll find it. Why it's so splendidly done. I'll Lotta Lotta people have written me some are really obscene emails about referred to know him and no experiences they've had with him and always been a good deal on no Friday talking about your bed nets is to roll void for Charlotte. That a few that are. None of happened this year. But Rafer from a local standpoint. Just. It just really seems like or like avoid or listen to John boy and Billy this morning mended their tribute show excellent. Sure Randy had a big part to if not all to do with that. Know those guys are curtain to issue a awoken imagine over to video phones ago 704571110. And Danny I know he BT hey Danny. It Hancock surf. Hey get a pretty quick you are I would tell you don't have a bit in the past that. One thing you would love to have done would be on to own your own small town radio space and they used to be a dream I don't think I do it anymore but they used to be a dream. Yes I can't Babylon good but anyway my late Robert and Barbara paper we're good friends. My father grew up in Charlotte and moved out after heart do a little bit of the army and opened it already airspace where it was. It down here by about 35 miles south of you in Lancaster. I'll be darned because I knew a station owner in no sure raw. Our art as and so I I've been that's limited as some you guys down there does he still own and. Well most earlier had a you know he passed away about three years ago. At the tender age of 77. And he he would sign it was W eighteen year it was late BP kilowatt radio yeah. But there all the same powers WPP bit of a collapse he. Or it was basically a yacht daytime radio station. But you know my proper work with a record in Charlotte when they first got out of high school at the same. They were changing or in our opportunity they want the television stations they work live. And what my father are eager got down here in the open his own business and the radio station yeah. In 1970. And seventy series. Yeah we rent for the fifth congressional district seat here in South Carolina bet that they could make more variety tale yeah. And now of course it was a New York Lebanese and then they'll break. Up an optimal ideal for heavily democratic stronghold but are up that point you know rhetoric was great big political. And you know you mop probable back where they did a great bird with what would come up popular open. Either live you'll never ever get elected down there with that sort of conservative but yeah you know. And then a year later he's the Albanian thing. Man I wish I had a lit figured and you know he turned conservative in his later years. He did although I if you listen to some of bizarre rants and raves on John boy and Billy he's still had some very literal and him. He did everything they have great I I guess you very big big started. I guess maybe been considering both sides of the season more than any. Greenberg well I think that thing about Draper was he told you what he thought and I guess people can classify that as liberal or conservative but I don't think he much cared about to go other you categorized him or not. That was well what he said is what he believed enough you could either take literally but. It's evident right now I think they apply here my Auburn got a little well although for a lot lot of years brewer and get over opposite would retain the politics. But I can remember that he would when Britain would visit. Sitting in my province opposite then you know we're not going to be your goal not really realizing you married. Maybe what the importer of it is for me now. But I get the result of their eight not org called that argument but they were very disagreements. It. You have a prayer you know always Ted did back in the ninety's Sierra we used to get in some pretty good do screaming matches and I can remember callers and at the end of it all would say thanks John I appreciate our I enjoyed data or something along those lines and and that mean they got it that means you fight like hell for your point of view but it's not personal. These days everybody wants to make it personal wants and that's a that's that's where the debate has changed the. That is that that that's true that won't bring my father always said about re pretty big you know it's still like you poured doubt love him or hate him or are disagree with them or not. There is when you left that room there was no missed. Understanding you know Horry stood Danny appreciates tall man thank you very much. Yes sir great you're great dear friend via off he goes. Half of doc follows us. Greg Olsen then down. Brian Cooley elbows on the practice field today so long on match that'll probably come up with so he give your team next sold forward to that end the jets are upon no. Sunday before we had to New Orleans. What should be eight. Pretty big game talk about ray turned mile buddy had chuck Boozer longtime broadcaster in this. The city in this area has a great for story or two you are you you you have a rough weekend when it comes old colleagues are robbery Fernando Roy Rosen. Are you have zero there was a great guy. Gonna miss Troy we have been the bountiful oil while back Jack Daniel meg and Richie and Christine Honeycutt and I don't take it all at a luncheon we're gonna do that again and I've talked to Rory last week and then he passed on Friday June. Want the funny thing about rate further by knows how Bob could talk Robert Baker talked him out. Before he got on the jumble and Billy. He filled in for us when I was a moral force seven and I think I can barns do on the news and dumping Caroline on vacation and I for an at the time was. That fight till the hour so let's say by till eight. We went into three minutes were good news in the two commercials to succeed say commercials so atop the our 8 o'clock. We were already playing music and a Boyle was talk that supposedly you know blah blah blah well. I made a mistake the first time we had Bob silly and I made a mistake and asked Bob a question at five until eight. And it nine minutes past eight we had not done the news north of. He played between 66. At the there's so much of that playing musical everybody else was in talk mode up. Oh my gosh Bob could talk about anything and everything or ever he voice. He was certainly one of the kind I always liked Robert Redford I think you'd like to me if he didn't he serve misrule but to. What a great guy and he'll certainly be missed and 89 to pretty good run. Well and almost ninety. Or for that matter I think is a birthday was December or something along those line and so he was coming right up on no on non ninety's. Now one of the 01 of the more unique people you'll meet in your lifetime. And I've told the story and I told it on Friday but I'll never forget about driving around I had I had not been here that long a couple years may reach. Els Goosen and John boy and Billy and they played tape of Rafer called the JFK's funeral. And I'm telling you it took me to the backseat of my folks Ford Dell galaxy station wagon I know for a fact. Then I'll listen to that broadcast on my dad's radio when I was a kid in the backseat of the car never knowing of course that I was gonna never meet the guy who was voice and it. But as I listened to that he was doing the funeral coverage on the radio I'm sure that the book had not been written on how you do that yet. Armed some other great broadcasters are hard times sports announcers know when to shut up and just let the atmosphere take you to do it take over and and play itself out. And as I listen to Robert call that funeral he did the same thing he would describe. Theater of the mind. And then he would shut up. And he would let the clumping other horses and everything else kind of do a set the stage for his next sent NCAA was he was a broadcaster. Naral and he was old school but he was one of the kind and if anybody ever got a hearing I don't know that we have they broadcasters like that and more coming up they just aren't and. Now and try to Weaver said that two when they are new so came that he had passed on Friday I couldn't and I still. Arm and I don't think ever will forget his voice. In a million maybe it's because we've all mimic him the U yoke able in -- maybe it's good we've all got to got to mimicked him over the years but I all I just don't take all I don't think the sound of his voice will ever. And my condolences to John boy bill loyalists and their program this morning near enough. And I just had to be hard because. The identity you know that's that's that's that's that's a family over their Randy and then I'll Europe over the Arab and to go to forever Tom Sawyer. My my my heart goes out to them as well. JB MB Laviolette I think the rest of Charlotte bit to do that John Dillon. I'm okay I'm working a bit city Chevrolet and don't fleet sailed up there and I'm sitting in the what's called the myriad of Charlie traffic to get back down to South Carolina where I lay my head down here arsenide Britain direction and that's ever asked about the he did today you know if you wanted to bring the Corvette back and traded and on the blue. It at a death however Dolan the corvettes in the mail. I they get there aren't very or right thanks very often goes. But he jumpers are. Hey I'm David Cassidy ever had a couple of of people emailed me today I'm still critical condition still stable. That was another one over the weekend we just edged you know Mel Tillis and all sorts of folks over the weekend no a couple of local or Robert Redford you know. Three rows and enough David Cassidy story came down that he was. Condition had deteriorated and he was an icu and it's all true enough he was rushed to a Florida hospital last week is organs were failing. He was say in desperate need of a kidney transplant and has taken a turn for the worse so lush and I'll never say never recover flare.