CLT at 6: CMS adds Charmeckanator to school lunch menu

Charlotte at Six
Friday, September 15th

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Today's an icy start reckoning there. That is Margaret Cameron she is a CMS wellness and food specialist you sound like good food cheerfully I Margaret job is to encourage your kids to eat healthy and she loves her war. Thank you cheerleader freed cheerleader holding cheerleader now balance makes the world surroundings how an error count. Health senior and Larry say you can learn. And in the quest to find good foods stuff that also meets all the federal guidelines for low sodium low fat only certain number of calories in Seoul on CM mass has rolled out something called. Bush charm machinators. Just under three counts Patti and I keep the calories right where we need entity for our federal guidelines. It is a little meat patty with cheese and a catcher Bennett onion powder if you spices. Kinda light meatloaf. Developed by one of seeing MS is food vendors. They have tried it out. Across the nation name teen riots he got back in this brain if that it's not attractive but it's elicit your Leavitt just get that it can't. And how might pay a little Johnny heads let's try it and a piece of advice they gave me on the manufacturing standpoint. Renamed it don't colony. Margaret says the name char machinators just sort of popped into her head. The first time they surveyed here at mountain island lake academy cafeteria manager Daniel Corbin says it was hit. And yes in my against ravioli that they want so it will we sold about 200 up. So our morning guy boat Thompson and I asked him we could sample the charm machinators are well let's eat this day. The little meat patty is bait of course frying is not okay with the feds. It does look like meatloaf. And and that's okay yeah I'm OK let me be and you're sure now mark is this really is real meat that came from again isn't it. Not mystery hitting lean mean that'd be handed served on a whole grain bond too weak to provide. States like meatloaf. You know what I'd kind of like this what do you think about. Are the big Salisbury steak guy in elementary school this is taking it to a different level yeah it's it's a little mushy. Mushy. Anyway. This is kind of like this EMS version of the Madrid taught you know what I like this and that I like. Margaret Cameron was all smiles that we liked the charm Mecca name here. She calls herself a dork he dietitian committed to goodies. You know I face it I managed this very exciting for me I met any I love and though. I don't wanna listening they don't taste often in I really winning the enactment Alec. The biggest challenge in her job wryly it's hard to sell the greens. No surprise kids and veggies we have green and I mean you. Christine and it's where. We're trying to really crazy giving them this act act menacing and so what's coming next after the sharp machinators. You know they'd be on the lookout for hate email. And that's not a a slang name for the new superintendent are absolutely not it does that mean you I am we have we are still finalizing that recipe. Piggy Mac will be pulled pork with Mac and cheese. No doubt like the char Mac and a year it will meet every conceivable federal guideline incumbent small portion. Speaking of which this is good. I liked the sharp machinators so much I was kind of hoping percent to. I have another. Line isn't half. I'll.