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The Chris Farrell show. It's going to be 1 this morning. Everything's good for. Now I don't know. Plus the next. I guess we'll have a robot dog. I'll call the engineers and her. Right now made right now it's not handle my business. It's just now on a roll. You. Prolific. Apologies. Through all four rounds. They're Carolina outdoors. For also also in front the whole world I'm nothing. If not accountable. I am accountable. And I take my performance. Very personally. And I don't wanna waste your time. As Limbaugh fails to earn money for nothing in the background. We just lost our minds so. Hopefully it's just me. So turn these things now not not from. Now wait marijuana. Okay. Well as us and everything's exactly the same this morning at work. I think we've all bend down that road. Where. We are. Just got to homer long and our jobs you notice this bumper well. If I may have had a pretty good year and a half. And then things change. On a fundamental. Operational basis. Things just touched they just change. I am sure. Over time. The changes will. Reveal. Many benefits. Many upgrades. And gotten there yet. I'm more ourselves and stop smacking into the microphone. But I'm not there yet. I may still have to kind of feel more weight through us. And without a safety net armed good. We are not not the hop paralyzing. Without a safety net I'm dead. So you're out I died this morning for about ten minutes. Well I've been here very long time and I used to Iran. We Carolina now door Shillue. When they did it live. Police to come and folks at five lay down. And do a lot of I'll never forgive. I was early in the game year. And that was one of the first lob shows side land. Because they start you off when it's dark they start you off when you know. And I think they put me it was not intentionally. It put me with nice guys. So that case I still much which was sure to happen. Good happens to everybody early on Monday this is story years. They put me organize scouts. Bigger and he misses a trial by fire. So much is this you know by. But by I don't know toaster oven looses Snyder Vegas not gonna get too hot too fast form. Real learning experience. Never comes down to you know. Bill Barghouti and Gagne you're. Are both the best. At what they do. No matter what it is they happened to be doing. Now let's not being me being as sick of France at all I'm not trying to suck up to them compliments. They are far. Too intelligent. And handsome to fall for that. Let's start with the guys in the nicest does they can't get me started playing well he might be able do Russell's time. And Arab member ship comradery do you have a chip Brad very he would come and he's not merely. Nearly as. I won't say visible because Lewis is a non visual medium. You don't hear nearly as much government used to. Now what they're great personality for radio I'd find a way to put that guy on ever going. So I'm checking what the guys I'm pre flight in the shows and does everyone have everything they need you know I'm just not I guess. And chip goes. Well I've got everything I need. But honestly the last producer. Probably should've told you. That I take off for you what total agreement double shooter. I'm not blaming you. Someone's job was to tell you. And they didn't. Oh OK out I'll I'll take care of that ruin he's already laughed at them. You don't have to make knock Aubrey. That's all mad chill out. And every time I see him. It's like running into an old friend. You know the old work configuration was like hold true. Football star. But you know our growth like positive among take a page out of my own manifesto. No space of us were in his. This goes until on people will be nice doesn't mean it's not a manifesto. And I am going to take this all women. Not bet. The system isn't women my performance. This dilemma. I am going to take the lemon that is my performance. I am going to make myself away. Tepid glass of love today. Remember how tartan sour taste did. And try not to let that happen again. Just a window in the my magical world. A majorities in five kids student. I saw everybody. In management who hears us to feel as sorry for me as possible. This is scooters a low Overtown room wine. Tiger called lying month bike. Not line. Well I'm by. There are all over the place. I've seen that I've seen the bicycles to. Not afraid to use wind estimate that steel. You see Abbas sickle on the sidewalk you get on pedal away. Sterling. But that's how I was raised. I'm not. Hard wired. Think. If there is something say noncallable ground. Lettuce some type of public utility. And that yes this bear for you to use that's why it's where. So I haven't popped on a scooter. Our hot dog. I guess city owned by. I haven't done it yet first I have a car couldn't. Not know the idea is to get grain error gave I want to get going out there. There's different ways to do that we decide to slow we're gonna do it North Carolina. But lie him by saying. Maybe going away. As early as today now they started popping up. After. The bicycles to. So I'm thinking there are kind of no pun intended because I know John maybe Mitchell. It's not the same company Elena. But it would saying that they jumped. All right now and a few groups. When it comes to. These cities. Are format channels. Even though it seem like a good idea that people were enjoying. There's a stack of paper some wire. That doesn't have. An I di did or ET crossed. Or some kind of stamp on that. And so okay everybody stop everybody stop. Thereby stop all we look for that paper. I'm always just keep going. And LSU going to find the paper. No it's not the lawyer we've done that up to now. So that's not the way we can do it premiere ever. Tradition. So FL so one teachers taken pay off this week from an interest in the storage. One less. They're a school is gonna help the starlets. There. I just addressed the big picture of a. Many better teachers who would help the students. We'll get into more of that lately did you know that next Wednesday as a school. Holiday. My as well big. The teachers are going to be rallying in Raleigh. Not don't have teachers. In the family anymore. But life is raising the kids while lied. Node spread mime. Brilliance and technical prowess. Via the radio way it's. But still look. Subject that garner interest around our place. First of all got kids in school. But so many folks say it's a school issue I don't have kids that don't have anything to do it may. When your old do you want your doctor to have gone to school. But that's why has something to do it because. An educated populace. Means. There are more productive society. You will benefit I promise you. Because I don't think you want it going for your check up. And have the guy who's gonna treat you finishing up his GE. That's why we all pay school taxes. That's why teachers' salaries. Our concern. To Waltz. And I know the goal of. Loves to point out. When he took us Strom. 44. We were 44 in the country. Unless we were lower I think it was 44. On the way out the door. Raleigh. Jumped on up to 39. So you can't say they didn't do anything for the teachers are. I mean there is still. Eleven states would be worse to worst the teaching and I mean. Porsche or help him. I mean at this rate every year will be our number one I know Tom art. Maybe it was a step in the right direction. And maybe. This march towards Raleigh. There's another one. There's plenty plenty for us to get into today I can manage to keep the show on the air. This is curse fairly WBT radio emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina. It's six retain I'm glad you're here. Chris Farrell show. Having fun out. How would like to welcome you to what could possibly do. The last Bruce Pearl show. Stretch from. Taught them off. We holes. I do believe. I find myself. More holes. I'm trying to. I can say that on the way out with the. You drive. Are yeah. Well want to do is bring you some news this morning. News this morning. Seems to be let's. I don't have a much had much of a handle on what's going on around here. Russian made news this morning. But might as well make up our programming note to Deb if you guys here years long. Next half hour. Starts the way the last half hour do. Oh boy. Never feel like no amount of preparation and other guys have prepared for what was waiting. I'm going to come back next half hour. And I am going. To. Be a professional will present you with information. And let's never speak of this again. There's a good chance I'll won't be able to move. This is press Furl for now I WB TV 630. Chris Farrell show. Not play the song twice and back to back. Can new Muslims. And fight the name of the song twice as hard. So well thought I would leave it there. It's like a joke. This week. It's no joke. Are you laughing sometimes all you can do is laugh. May even come off shade there. Yeah. Technologies so wonderful thing progress was a wonderful thing. As long as you. Progress along with us. Now bear is your path to distill Pia right there. In a nutshell and a microcosm mrs. Mrs. We got this thing let's suppose they're hoping you. Sky make your job twice is easy is it ever was. But you don't know how to use the. We get away and yet today. Which was saying the being. Mirai how long it. Well. I did it. I'd give it in the jokes on May. I usually do this in a couple amounts bomb on doing here burgers or give me lessen the chance to messing up. PGA tour players championship Golf Channel. Sorry it's NBC that's golf on NBC yet. 2 PM. Just on period may go off on the Golf Channel and a Stanley Cup Playoffs AP him. NBC sports network. Capitals that line. Hey. The Charlotte knights are back in time. Their plan on antenna television. So it's been far too long. Since we broke out the jiffy pop. And the cool day. And opened a window. No climate control. And rarely lived it up. In front of our antenna. The opponent like it matters. This could Durham bulls the storied. Duo rumbles. So they got that going forward. I got that going for made us a back up a and as I've flip through the classifieds. But this afternoon. On the way to think. It take twenty years experience which is what I have. The guts enough to just throw yourself under the bus one done. Soil are dumb sorry. I did. Know what I didn't know. Plays I have five children. There's enough. I am a mailer. So true it's just not enough. Boy what a life. Maybe I'd who leads more by dynamic life and I give myself credit. Because there's always something going on. 330 on one of the ESPN Jones. One with the extra end. On the end. ESPN. End. I guess that's. Entertainment sports. Network network. Glory 53 let's kick boxing. You know like to be given a drive. Yeah you'll enjoy that if you don't know exactly what to do with your afternoon. And you don't give it. NB CS and which is showing something that 4 o'clock Altai it was something they're in the second. Mercer as a chance to kick it old school buses. Buses old school is sure gonna give. My Little League Baseball game on an antenna. Yeah it does maybe you can. From the call somewhere on your on your radio dial. We just pretend it's 1974. You sit there over ample. Far away place. From what worries. Them. Newness. Many might hear me rag tradition from time to time. I don't mayonnaise and buy. It just comes up. There's a lot to be said for the way things were. And lots of people if they hear someone say that they'll run towards something awful. And join that as the one reason. The entire idea is flawed. No I don't want segregated. Water fountains. But like the same a ground ball. No no I don't want. Church burnings in Mississippi but. Tornadoes was. 57 chevys or something amounts. No we don't want a guy who works the board like a monkey with gloves on. But remember that Alfred Nobel retain Torre kept. Blowing everybody up by the end though there. Awards presentation. Was. Let those kind of phony. Not much is all good or all bad. But it is in your ability. To find balance. Win bears the most Dwayne to one side or the other. It's the ability to achieve balance. Then that dynamic. That's going to let you become. The most stable. Person you can. There's a Meyer not know why they're not. So my own fault. I came in here thinking I knew enough. And then come fell apart form. Right before my show. Imagine how disappointed are laws. But can see there's nobody under me the take the wrap up. Just a little inside baseball was no I really am by myself. I may end here. In a room Dempsey or somewhere. She's she's somewhere. We're at least three rooms were moved. Up put us away. There's an awful wall space between DeVon nine. But if a tornado hit the building. I would die she would survive that's Alfaro it would are a joke. As I continued these sunshine portion of the show. Go out for crowd folks. But. There's no one to take the fall. There's just me. Most Hancock aka blame George. Welcome blamed TJ. Follows blow like it blame Pat McCrory. There's nobody is blaming John Moore the man's a sign. But many. That could be the name of the showed me. As Lotus. And there might be those of you who think you deserve better and I can't argue one moments like this you don't have a point. But. If you'll stick with me. I'll try that have a little more fun. Then. Awkwardness. One thing I promised myself. And I took. On a show. By myself. Rosa. As much about disaster. Technically speaking. There's a show has been on. I don't think it's at all. Well thing. I'm O world. Too busy keeping it real with Gil. I want to protect you and myself from my. So only count Sherlock and do. Thank you ever. Listen to one hour shows it takes phone calls. And as long we're bearing our soul I don't not take phone calls because it can't scoring on follow along. Not everybody with a telephone belongs on the radio. How many times have you endured this. Yes jet from Kalamazoo. And then you hear the manager app from god that. Well hello yes just turn your radio down. The jaws come to talk to the show you're on live turn the radio down. Follow orders regularly go to term warrior down. And you come back and you think the call might be getting started. Yeah okay Mario's down. Oh almost all talk to the host. That's a shipment. A short right. It's only part of radio. Talk radio. That turned me off there's plenty of things about music radio return. Is only thing about talk or you turn me off. We hear that feedback when they go to the cult like air broadcasters. Broadcast. You know some other maven go to school extra for. Some people just have a telephone. That's not to say there's never been any good calls Blair have been posts. It started all the scholars. So good things can happen. But generally. I don't consider it. To be. Augmenting the show and any positive way. And so. While I can get away with it. I'm skip and. And besides of our talking to a call or you wouldn't hear wriggle on tirades like this. They're from here tomorrow morning. I'm grab my ducks in a row. And you and I. Are going to have a talk show. Instead of a catharsis. And this is Chris Terrell WBT radio. Catch a lie can give them. Six you have to look Chris. They don't show. What doesn't sound. Unlike Katie. All Mallard. Don't work most of the music lover. I did get some encouraging words from an engineering department. I can't tell you. And Kate's. My good friend Keith feels a wanna give you a shallow bottom. You called me earlier this week. Just to say nice job. And it's too bad that they don't pass out positive reinforcement the way they used to. Man I needed to hear that. More than I could ever explain today. So. Well assume you were sent by angels. Oh no way that was the caller line knows this function of known that. What good is lemmings are wasn't voices in my head. You wanna help moms on Mother's Day. Go to moon U verse for moms. Or two men and a truck. And you got yourself a chance there. Belt moms. Are Mother's Day. Little history worth remembering. They showed notwithstanding. She George carlin's birthday. Now every time the name Carling comes. Guys like me are just supposed to. Hit our knees right. Carlin was Ronnie. Ronnie. Funny man. How would have not traded. My life for his anger. One thing about my sense of humor whether or not you think it qualifies as one. It. Wears a velvet glow. I'm not trying to hurting. Because I don't know where your journey is taking. I don't know what your priorities so far. I don't know what you're experiences. But just as I'm going to make room for mine. All make room for yours. Sounds fair right. As talented a man has Carlin was. What stuck out with me. When he passed. Was a legacy of humor. What followed shortly behind. Anger. And if you ever going to beer catharsis of that's going to be the way you get things out there and wonderful. If you have to have a catharsis every single today. That might be the way you looked at the world you know. Jimi Hendrix. What us here a more beautiful world. When he debuts are you experienced. On this today and 1960s.