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The Chris Farrell show. Never have done fantasy that you make in the NFL team as a walk on. You. Say hey if I can go out there. And on the ball ninety yards. Pretty much got to give them a shot. I'll Northern League. Molly at least from. Headed to. I could be up until. Kick the ball as far as you can. You run out of bounds no play at. Our guys do is figure out how to kick the ball and I. Today you know. Not a war. My area I can get technology to help me now. Now warmer place smile legs but. You know just something that wraps around I mention. If they have braces will hold it in place. They gotta have braces will make it do other things. I wonder what. Point you just lose. Any possible causal effect. Toward your kick did to the football. I was say say that you couldn't putt on nine the arts. Okay all black and me that can be quantified. Go. To the stadium. And kick is ours you can watch in nova goes over an idea arts. Well if you could kick it. All under and what any yards. At what point does the ball just take on the life of its own. At what point could you no longer take credit for what the ball was doing. We're a pretty much have to leave the atmosphere. Now stand very moon. On the individual or kick a football four. But before I sort of embraced basketball. As in my. Path to a life. In junior high school Mittal fell. I tried football. It is us who we play around the neighborhood. I like kick kick the ball. I kid. Kick the ball easily twice as well. As anyone else that was out there with us. Plan our pick up that. Effect as as our call hollows. Basically considered to be the guy who knew Medicare before ball. But gave me. False sense of security when it came to try out from a football thing. First evolved. And they don't really listen for an. The specialists. Then don't try them out right away. What they did you see me. It is they make upon Thursday on the place kickers and the longest now numbers. All and you're. Our Phieu football practices. You gotta make it to the end of practice for five times. Before they even want to talk to via about ward who do you dude. And well I wanted to do. Was kick. Seem like an easy way on to its name notch shouldn't even say these are allowed to lay all make me look alike. Adjust that while I'm sorry you're you'll you'll know by the end glued to describe aren't here you'll know it makes it look like. I have to say. Are bigger and nobody really wants to beat the kicker. So what might be slightly easier to become the kicker. I thought to myself. Nobody's going. To be standing in line. To beat me out for it. Because I knew all the soccer guys they were all little. I knew the football. Is. And they weren't worried about kicking. But that Matt making it there a few. Football practices that means tough now. And even thinking back. Two junior high school football practice. Something you dude toy kids. Taylor was just murder. All it they they actually had. An exercise. Called the suicide. Sort your run. You touch a line you're run back to your original line. You're until further lying to touch that line you arrived back at any. Did social policy into the description. But just. Pointless. War MI possibly guy years. This skill kind of you know ritualistic. Repetitions. Ron enters a line running back has a line on back touch a further line. Why. Does Iran though being blamed for global. I do sort of kids' football. Okay. They're DSL line I'm back here. And talk to me began the week. If your heck bent on being the kicker. And you're still here a week. From now you just might be serious. So if you're still here in the week. Well educate the flow ball. I made it the way. And as it turns out. The kids that one out for the football obtain. More the same kids. I played my pick up games Rula stay. It was in the same group of guys remember that. Group of guys I mentioned a few minutes ago about among them. I was the one who knew how they kick the football. This was and that group of guys. These guys even though. Shortly ones. And you got a kick a football. My cell show mister long legs mr. plagued golf and understands the concept of you know. Keeping a leg straight for our optimum control empower all the stuff not. I got everything technique was run through my head right. Some ice man snaps that Tim in the long snapper. It's a special day to. The long snapper snaps me the ball. Field explain away. They made you know. Why when you bounce a basketball on I'd indoor gym floor. Let's. Grind these banks around it legs. It made that noise but it was outdoors. On the football. So yeah I I nailed it man that thing. Sailed. Away. It was the best part. Then they decided to do place kicking. See the thing about plays scared game. Is she can't practice so long. You need some one. Willing to hold the ball Florio. I didn't have. A snapper. I and have a holder. Not my spare time anyway. And these two that were acting as my snapper. My older. They showed me nothing. So the place kicking. You've done what that this with a golf ball most likely possibly a football you have definitely done this with a golf ball. Rory goes. More sideways. Than forward. That's what happened in my first place kid. Mainly because the guy Holden forming. I think his position was going to be. In Europe. Right tackle of death or something now wasn't. I wasn't gonna need this guy in the face. Anyway we chalked up to it being our first work together. I tried again. This one actually went behind enemy. I still don't understand the physics. But the ball. It didn't touch the ground in front of me. And then do one of those crazy backs bands like you see all the time. Oh wasn't showing off my English. You're not supposed to do that I'll place kicked into or ethnic. But it is rose to try to get them through the upper. But this ball. Wound up behind me. Coach Anderson looked over at Maine's. So on you I know kicker. I'm no longer is three seconds of my life. To that point. So I'm meg a football team. Did make the basketball thing either. And no it's fine. The father made either one of them. I probably would have stayed in the school right where I was. I never met the woman that would become a life. So maybe god didn't make that came. Well wouldn't say that it make it. This is cursor arrow on WBT they collapses. On the south. And seven maintain. Very early show on. Like it did the radio go out for a second. Funny turn it up. That's not. I would never do that it is. I you know boot irritates me though our guys do good. Police Ireland some songs about stuff. In fact it's made my. Hanoi and case sure. In case sure. Under 50. O'clock a third year old dogs a bone. Nutshell. Chuck Shula under. So the birth today. He'd be 51. Americans musician. Made dawn. Since 21801. Now. To make such an impact. On the group of people that he did. At a time and their loves. Where they hold onto those memories for a lifetime. There's a stage in your life. Where you're going to spend the most time. Looking back on. This musician and touch these people. At a time when their lives. Well where there are always got to remember. Well I had new mammary Schumer but. These will never go away their hard wired. There are ingrained. This attack to on your brain. This is Chris very Ella WB's today. Still big news early heaven the 7 o'clock hour. This I've got some mom. Plot managing to do here which means in math. This is the key areas made me go oh my goodness I gotta go it's 727. Tree is their own. It's just like birthplace player overall is life. Well why yeah. Plus my main question. All EL IQ and broken per and beating around the bush. But it comes down to. No I. 'cause I care I care about lawyer doing. I care about how you're doing. I care about how things are turning out for. I think most of our host do. But I'll walk you know. I'll watch jus have to figure out from bits and pieces. I'll go on the record. You complete. Made. Australian sports. There will be some Dennis Rodman Nobel peace for us whenever something. It can't give it. The Donald. Or the moon. By because they're the ones born in New York City jail there. You got it give it to. Does all of that flew over on ozone. Was not a weapon or an agenda. Prison message was. Let's just get along with the each other. Why I say those things my friends. I don't think. Anyone comes to mind. Or any of us. Avoid Dennis Rodman goes. Steven Cole Bayer's birth day. He's older and how far. I met Steven Kolb where. I'd probably really feel like him. But there is. Some things so disingenuous. About. Making your living. Awful of insulting. The same person over and over and over again. Why you have on this contempt for the guy. He's saved your career. My name James Gordon Manny thing tea. Until Donald Trump. Until you got to take that step backwards. Emma come Stephen col Baer. Of the col Baer implore. Basically a Bill O'Reilly. Our parity it was whose. Rituals brilliantly funny. We got comes on TV and trust him be himself and we don't like him as much. Will pay them. Well like him as much. Like he took those faith. Hard to meet tough and toothless. I usually how they describe border areas are trying to shoot. They got Stephen told mayor just floundering. Trying to keep his job. And then I bet there were I bet he heard harp sounds. All right I try to replicate them. But I bet he heard this heavenly chorus. And Donald Trump. Came. Descending. Or ascending. No way my goal. Enslaved. Steven Kolb airs career. Now you could say. That col Baer was just give on. Our new. News. Our new source of inspiration. But he doesn't owe the success he's experience and strong. To Donald Trump. He has himself to thank for. More his brilliant interpretations. Sorry buddy. This was a gift from a comedy fare. You found Donald Trump under your pillow one night. Major believe in things again. And long. I'm happy appear happy while wobbling up bear UN the real world. Word on the street is nice enough guy while well bear you a bit of oil oil. But does it bother you. To. Have the person you so publicly hate. Basically signing your paychecks. And then it. Disingenuous. To be outraged. When. They profile. Of your target. Makes. People that much more anchor steam. Interest stead. In the shot cheer take. Because I don't think. Donald Trump. Has to go to a bad. They can have Steven Kolb hair jokes at night. You can tell yourself boom that was a good one. As always got on that Tom. I'd like to hear what he'd have to say about that. We know why you could just ask him. Because he wasn't there. Because he doesn't need to be there. You can say clever things. As your shelving into the top. Of the ivory pedestal. Boy you're still shelving. At the top of an ivory postal. You don't get that changed places. Because that was a good one. And that. Those from whom you would detract. Our operating. It's such a high level. Yeah yeah. Donald Trump stupid he was just stupid enough to become president. All of the United States. When we. All agree how important was. It hurt shirt credibility. Stephen. To decry the intelligence. Of some wine. Who's. President's. Keeps watering your pool. The reason you were able to get that second car. Is because of the person. You spell last night Megan final. It's not bother you at all. Does it bother you. They your most high profile. Work. Which is happening now. You're one up behind drew. Until trump got elected neither one of five. Or so. But it did raise. The overall relevance. Of what you had to say. Do you want to lack credibility. Your most irrelevant. Do you want the time when the most people are listening. To me the time. Where you come across. As a leash junior one. And doesn't that bother you. Total lock your work. To a time in history. I mean I'd like my old Norse all albums. But. The Nixon jokes don't hold up that well to anyone. More and after 1950. There's no longer classic comedy. There's just cable tickets aside. And applauding. Where the laughter are supposed to be. To let you know you're on the same side. This is curse Terrell WBT radio. Emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina. It is song day. May have thirteen. It is 647. Loss of our. Seven. 47. Chris very wrong. Right now I'd be out of the Broncos more. How Ronnie Coleman the bodybuilder. Bloomberg. Kyle was in July as he was tall. And I believe he joined the the Highway Patrol. And this guy you talk about the specimen. Ronnie Coleman. Used to watch him. Early mornings on ESPN. They had the hard core weightlifting machine. For the job jobs. And they had. The a robotics. Hybrid. Lighter weight what they call cross through these days. Come on Ryan after that. Our member Ronnie Coleman. Had been lifting weights for half an hour. Though it was hosted the show. He was left on left then left in them. Every so often a new spotter would come Loudon. Introduce themselves say is somewhere brother jam. But rob me. Did the whole show. Now. It's Guinea towards the end of particular episode. Name brings out. Off fresh done. God has been sitting in the chair waiting to be away at Dover. All right he's been lifting right after away afterward. And Ronnie tells them show me an exercise. Though we haven't done. On here today. Show me what I might walk in on new doing before you worry your urge you know. You know with the weights. And he starts doing this thing with the bench per ounce. Burris kind of a modified thing you could sell. It's a very. All four per mile ibizan very very painful you know it's challenging. Anyone who spends a lot of time or our ways or maybe it would be. No launches go ahead and barred arms wanna go home and but the guy gives a demonstration. In new smarter guy gives a demonstration. And then cleans the away. More Ronnie always say clear the way but they do they claim in the way. And Ronnie. Has. Probably. About half an hour now. That muscle bar you can kind of see it in his as. Then he doesn't really wanna look at another freeway. But there's human that's a shallow left to tape. He'll lays down on that bench. And Lewis always straight up. Above his chest. Brings it down one time. And is clearly. Deeply. Labor. As he does. New spotter guy. We're. All well we had mr. universe here. Not. Ronnie Coleman was mr. universe. I have heard all this talk about Ron Goldman. Does does 600 pounds on his ship that's. And all big kids today. Was. This hurts. Whatever your name in news. Many calls on the spot there to help him get the weight. Back on to the Iraq. And while nothing was said between them I think they gave each Lou no. Seoul handshake you know the the Iraqi handshake. You talk about come back next story. I can see at Enron he's some man. I can see. He was heartbroken. I can see that he was humiliated. Not because. He necessarily should have been able to do that. After lifting for 2.5 minutes straight. But because one the lights were on. When the pressure was on. When your opponent. It is looking right down in your face. And all you can say. Is that hurts. Man why there are close with. Oh yeah as Ronnie Coleman birthday. Also this is Lago going out. Reggie Jackson became the first major leaguer to do. Strike out. 2000 times. Well you gotta soaring demand us. Man done. He didn't have that much trouble. Find in the ball in October. This is curse Cheryl WB's. I've enjoyed this morning. As I enjoy the mall. When they are with you my dear friends. I love you. I'd love to talk to in six days.