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Booed Chris Farrell show up and I. Urgent Chris I'm sorry. I was going to ask you. Now it's. Like New York today. On all the news going on news. So far and now where he's. Admittedly different things it's because we know there's yesterday today plus hours of play on these words now or. And that wasn't really longer an off. Joseph complain about it in early and indeed sail. A high enough vigor the next best thing would be to get the perspective of bomb someone who was on the other end of all those just to make sure I'm not crazy. No no I told I think I told someone that was here yesterday asset it's like. You know the old. Let's say that we hear all the time chickens running around with their heads chopped off. A lot of that going on yesterday a lot of doors opening and closing and people coming in and I'm I'm working you know with my news and just watching. Things happen so I felt like I was a little but out around a bit a year writers are so many. I'll now recognizing. This many people. Her out of Syria many marsh during the they've all got beards. And their their little often as we are running around and there smiling. They're smiling early big as this. Aren't things are wonderful so then yes it will be it and I'm guessing there and say holes one way or their eyes as much as is my guess. But. So far as the technical adjustments. But those of us who have a technical aspect to our job which is both of las burnt. Because you have to run your newscast I have to run Masha we have solemn. I mean we're not John Morton I expected to be John mores in here now I expected to be wizards. Are oh heavens no not me but we got Iran are boards are right right right that's right and so this upgrade disposed Mecca ally easier than. And I'm sure her child for a real that well over Gore's. My and the main time we've got lots again is. I don't organized walker are on the building smiling talking is not very everything you eat and you'll feel it whenever you you know get used to it like this that's the problem is getting used to it might use trying to work well that's hard but what what's hard right now is the reality that that dealing with that is exactly the opposite. Of how they're pretends he can then if that that's the play dead does this is this a business like. Slowdown first thing that pleased. Yesterday. It did this isn't news and business you do it. Things that you weren't expecting well outline a like a notice either stud news was network at the top. Brian what I didn't hear your also tones I figured some took it away. I thought that was interesting I thought when I hit it got in and end ABC was on now gosh Chris farm must have followed through on the hole here the dark hole on the news Sherman just went ahead and and took the news so I did know a while you are done that I'll outline. I thought I heard argue for a blow up. And 000. And I. I thought and I thought you were setting up a couple of pariah bride and I had just just fired the crook to call up or war early was gonna come back and exploit the United's give it context and and also waiting for that but then the clip goes over. And you are still gone now that I like somebody took her microphone war why why. As her microphone being taken from her. Because of that sort it would take. Is someone. Literally grab the things get walker off would they didn't trust me today on Mother's Day. Think I just don't have no up happy Mother's Day oh and it's same two year long I'll do all thank you thank you on her behalf. I'll hope they work I hope in the pocket cover Mother's Day and some effective capacity. Does this absolutely ends saying. It's a little different novels saying that I mean it was a little old to shut down the news anchor at the beginning our newscast that got us a little bit invading your mission not marred I don't know who the lady was that she sounded lovely somehow -- There early you're going okay I'll tell us that early does say our good hands with ABC where it comes to that stuff. But we are. Were exposed via local right and that's what we're not an expert at and I have a nice and I'm sorry the word is a nice bit of varied. Important story that was that haven't been as local that boy going to lead with you still do on you still have it right and I'll hit I'll hit it at 630 ranked well that would be. I'm glad you feel like you deserve a little Mike we're. I'll put. I'm in charge of the parts in between the newscast today do you think you deserve my time everything is important though. You channel it's not a native encouraging consumers story that would affect people. As they were going about their business at this very moment 6104345. Seconds then yes I would say. Chris I got I've got to tell people this other than that broke into 630. Well I. I just know that your information Lugar group by is someone there afterwards a 630 pounds brown and they can listen to you. Tell us all about the good things in between while you're trying to deal with this. I don't know what the right word is help me find a no question was well that's that's a thing as I've got to get Cooper positive now exactly because we got to work our way back from this abomination. That is closing. Deb Tobin is microphone. You hustling. All your painting okay said eventually got to take brush is there a us what that's what they're doing and they show up here mark. And like commercial where the guys trying to work this super complicated math problem on trees saint Anthony's got all these things were done a guy comes in very cash went starts a race in the lag board. Non thinking is that our technology now. Well I'm wondering if that stoke what the guys are. In the beards are here today do you they disavowed and able odds are in my bag are raising everything you've done you would back and it's like. Oh wait a minute that should've been there it's gone to the oldest chalk does steel and it's the wrong screen and it's not what you put up there on the well Angie. Is now. How are you know what we're gonna give us matter jury are going to give those back and we're gonna do it this morning yes I've decided that. I've decided that they've been trusted me with enough of an hour enough of a given hour two where they have that hour doesn't. Have value. It's my fault they would also episode the that this is going to be a great show or it's all on me has certainly not Deb Tobin they won't even let her talk. Well I'll -- obvious so nice to have you along again and they're not stop in this we're gonna keep out here are out you know who's got what crazy idea you guys like you are part of this program that there are wrote a U bet keep Barack you do the same thing I Gaza took away about did not suffer prep time than we have a job look awfully desolate it's like oh yeah you do you have those job and they let you do it the united thrive I'm so bluntly working on the assumption that they'll take that time to be will work it low mortgage and mortgage of the bomb they are like never before discovery car. Blood take care by. Chris Farrell show. Okay. Roots Dennis Rodman's work. I think time will tell them to be a harbinger of world peace. Everything was their first. For sure. You have Lee and soon. Cars are. Expands. We've always tried not to break guitar strings. I enjoyed seeing a five could. Very guitar assurance. I'm having to turn my headset louder and louder. Sure the man enzyme. Shootings on forest jur in north the Charlotte. Mourners Obama's. Gerard. Still waiting for the president's weekly radio address. I'm not at the point yet. Drama start. Playing the Democrats. But it is not yet okay. Say what you will about everything else. They are varied. Very. Diligent. About sending their weekly radio dangerous. As a guy and radio. News radio. Seems awfully consider. But when we stopped. Doing the presidential radio a juror us. About twelve years ago. I was producer then. During this day apart. Why I mean I can't move my career forward just because Marv. Career as a move forward. So mentally don't you thing. But it made me sad that. The president's weekly radio address and wasn't going to be on the radio. Around here anymore. It was just saw those stations don't carry it. There are gonna feel obliged to key area. They would rather. Play a song. On their playlist. A second time. And I give an hour. Then they had exposure to something new. Ursula and then worthy idea was to get information across. Because it selling a product. News sells products in a pretty round about way Elise somewhere around soon. I'll sit here and as I do. Often because technology. Does that amaze me it baffles me. You could tell me there's a little magic man on the computer and that makes more sense to me. Then the truth. And so. I don't have any trouble. Believing. Outlandish claims. Because. Outlandish things happen constantly. Every today. Mary Dennis Rodman will won a Nobel Peace Prize. Bush should meet the guys that were point nukes sitting each other a year ago. Doesn't that narrowed tarnish your qualifications. Below bad. We basically pointing your nukes and each other. Dennis Rodman didn't bring any thing broke himself. I'll assume some worker. I know how hard is to give liquor in North Korea. There's a desk and got in his own eyes just wonder are there for a man jumping through hoops. So I smoke weed walking downside bought but we'll workers or workers different thing. So another reason I'm afraid they might catch a snapping. Us occurs very ocean. I don't know I made the Noah is. We rarely is always lie of Vegas to. Keep us comfortable spur tourism and. Although it's not stammering. And if he can. Do it away. Nor the listener a sculptor. And that's a mile longer anime do you that you don't hear. What I haven't heard any other close. Valve is still there listener Sheila. I'm not gonna creep me out. I'm not gonna familiar hour with a dozen different little awkward moments. Make you go. And changer LoopNet. Making changes station I've been on the room. Whether solid Mike Ford too many times man I know the damage it does to a broadcast. And the reason I'm in here alone is because that's how I'm comfortable. And this is going to be a comfortable experience. For you to. We can we we can use that we've got. Space for that. That's not covered territory. And it's not. New wage. It's not a week. It's Smart. You know that the brain as part of the body. And you know that did take time. To give the brain. To decompress. As one of the smartest things you can do. Is that cool down period. Between exercise sets. Are those important. Yes and one of the primary reasons. Is that you could hurt yourself if you never stopped. This. There's a radio basis. This is the place your stop. You get a cool drank our hot during depending on the Donald warning. And by having a boy him are on the golf course. Book sure hard. 62 on AA still standing and from may as steel band Irsay flaws while she's here. Someone who needs the help of your organization. How might they get older you. So there's several different ways are website is safe alliance dot org. And I always like to remind people if you go on the air and you know for some reason it's not a save time for you to be there. Here's an easy little putt you can click that'll take you back to like the Google home screen or something so. I'm you don't have to worry about who's watching you you can also call our local hotline which is 704. 33282513. And then if you're not local to Charlotte Mecklenburg County can call the national domestic violence hotline. At 180799. Safe. SA FE. And they can end to re route cheering directly to shelters in your area. That's really just doing a wonderful thing that our processes so let's. It touches and I have four daughters and a wife ran a mom and what you're doing that they disclosed on misuses. Very very noble undertaking. Two Neil banner of such alliance. Rosemary hey seas of two men and a truck. Thank you so much I'm going to keep the word. Al on this show her name mentioned this more than one time certainly per share your viable Thomas morning and think you're adding I haven't. Two ways on a very noble mission. You buy ketchup are about cipher alliance have a safety button. If you go way if you got to get off of slave phone lines really fast. Because somebody's looking over your shoulder. While folks we've all garner issues. But some of them are invisible. Like. Hunger and homes and I have only the single smaller. The older person accounts on. Other people would. To do for them. That don't necessarily. Have a person that would do it isn't anything good job. Imagine. The TLC. Missing. From. Adult day care. Imagine the cold environment. I'm not trying to deploy issue on tour on the mode today. If you have time. To squeeze a smile. Onto an old mom's face. And who knows why are kids aren't there. I might be the more the merrier both in them if their kids are there. But just make sure presents more important. Remember Lewis galloped. We would visit hospitals. And I would be apprehensive every time for a one man you know we were our scout uniforms nobly over the cubs scout. Like my son. And our mission would be. Just walk firm room to room. And say hello to the people. The people there'll want to talk to be. I sounded a little far for match you know I don't necessarily like strangers walking up to Maine. First off these people weren't bad. And secondly. Not only did they welcome. Us. You could see you conceal lighten their office. There's somebody cared enough. When you do something good you don't just get. The benefit of the action. You get the feeling. That comes away with it. And that perpetuates itself. That these aren't so well. Love is not a pie. Where a little more for you it is a little less for me. Love is a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it becomes. More useful it is. So I always confused me. Vernacular BM was softly. You gotta be hard. To face some of the real problems that are out there. But thank god for people like you. And those of us who think about helping. There's always something else to do. Still blood that go on. Maybe let it go want to see you have fields. I bet you feel like a million dollars walking down the walking down the steps of that. Care center. This Chris Ferrell. I'll blather on on. Army guys take a short break my come back in my blather for another short time. And then you'll get your dad she doesn't blather. Risk barrels show off. Plus the easiest way to destroy the nuclear club. Just looks like Barack have to destroy our nuclear club. Well. There's an obvious way we can go home play OK gotta match. Well imagine there are some expressly goes in to save fully. Destroying a nuke. And with all this happy talk. Market BN news and history and the flyers and open. Does make sure you get the right Oaxaca. Let us know if you're taking a guess sums. Big Diaz did your car and drive for five hours I'm not sure I was gonna turn out. Wouldn't that be a wonderful real problem to have. You know the past is predicted. A lot of real problems. Most of them were ridiculous. We assume are actually being nice. It's big and nice we got another hour at 7 o'clock.