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That Chris Farrell show. You won't talk of John remember. I just don't think it's. I don't really think it's probably more the American. And made F five grown up. With the royalty being considered and good thing to put estimated door American kid and now royalty is something for more chief fight wars get away if tomorrow. And you just don't feel that way about the king include rain. The real losers do. Stop certain things. Whether all smiles done. Lowery had its. I'm very glad. That they are. Able to make up for the Kentucky Derby. Where everybody had a bag on her hat because you're planning. We are sorted gorgeous morning. Reminds me a mile wording and nourished no. Glacier reform. This is route and so Windsor Castle I didn't have mine at Windsor Castle. Well burger nine compare it wasn't ones are kept. When that changed a thing about hole. Just maybe how longer ago was. Susan always change. We go to gallon berg. Keep it small. I think that's more romantic than home this. Or scared stuff. Always fancy hats. I never really fallen. With that demographic. Cats are little more tasteful this year. I'll say this year lightly with her royal wedding every year like they have a Kentucky Derby pre if you are. While they want which was getting married. Very hairy skating Mary. My hats are looking great this year and Harry's the favorite to place. I'm glad the queen of England. Gets to see those. No she didn't have a conflict and our schedule she's old ways my domain. I'm trying to be sensitive. Worrisome birthday I believe she's 92. I guess would be and royalty can early. Really helped lead the longevity that here are you all you gotta do is. I really do is be richer in 200. We'll see if all the known Latin. Now I feel older. Along with poorer. Well as those Sessler cornucopia. Of news this morning. We could focus some bad if we want to focus on we're not going to not though we wouldn't. If we needed to. Delivers during the show and others. Is if things are miserable. To the point where we need. To have that dominate. I don't know what will happen. We're not gonna choose. When the hour we have all day together it's only our we get all day together. We're not gonna choose to use that hour and a way is going gives the blue. And the Susan. It's not little stuff you want her want our mothers most school shooting. Texas. Turned. They have the gunman. So trend I'm seeing. Mrs. ascendancy this parts in different. This is an age old problem nom mad shootings. And America. Moses is no problem now. All other little things are changed about it. We decide to revisit the subject. May well Miguel library on the or. Tugged Andy Smith. Financial engines come and appear in just a few minutes on should go away as Chris rural WB it is sixteen on. What you're into the just one thing it's probably give honestly you were glued to the news weather still Panthers are being sold. Everything that's going on all over the world in Syria Russia China. Them vocations are grand the water we don't make of all of it. Guam awfully glad to be speaking with Andy Smith. Of financial engines dot com host of investing sense Richard Neer layer this morning on WBT and it's great to have you back. I did a man. I am doing really good a (%expletive) keep public things sear. The thing today that I mean it's you know people wake up they look there's social media they watch the news than listen to the radio and this is the type stuff coming actually I mean you talked about Syria. Russia China. What's going on with the Iran be able the Israeli embassy mean when I mean with clients. She we spend the first 1015 minutes just trying to catch up with everything that's going on and even when you have like an 8 o'clock 9 o'clock meeting early in the morning there's still so much. That's already happened that. It's hard to keep your year head from spin and with the with a lot of this stuff going on a high you guys do with Leo with what happened at you have be focused on the news but there's just so much stuff here right now coming at us. If there's money. Surrounding that there's news surrounding then if there's new surrounded net there's monies are counting. Yeah it was it's Plato Erickson who. Yes it's every every every story is about capitalism if you go far enough in fact our schools are closed because of the teachers around Raleigh. Basically asking for more more money this affects every aspect of our lives. And isn't there is so much out there. And and what what what do we do as it I mean we can pick something to panic about you can almost. Renamed the country's after the crises that are developing in the air that hand. It. I can't imagine there's if there's one thing we're supposed though. Concentrate. On I'm thinking it's something we can control. Not what we can't control because we can't. Control the market. But Lowery action that's a different deal so what what should the calm lucid. Investor. Re doing and thinking right now. Well first I mean that's pretty estate to UT to even realize that look there's so much in life that you just cannot control. And so when you look at things other home at work with your money you eat you try to focus on the things that she's do you have some some control over. Still an unpopular clients when I'm talking with listeners the first thing that I try to element but nothing is as good or as bad as either side wants you to believe. I didn't even the biggest news headlines they are dead after thirty minutes thirty minutes maybe they get thirty days out of it. But your job as an investor your job as a family members to really try to focus on the next thirty years sticky can't disconnect from the news cycle. But your retirement is not going to be pretty. So what I'm talking with clients you know like I get them kind of disassociated from the news I don't want people to just bury their head in the sand. And pretend like the world isn't happening around them but you just have to have them. It has some perspective on what's happening and so the first thing that I try to get people to do to do is ask themselves. Look if you change nothing about what you're doing right now do you think that you could retire. So forget the news forget the markets and like he's that you can't control the market which you can't control how it affects you but if I can get people thinking in terms of look at I don't do anything different. I don't invest differently if I don't save more if I don't spend last what is my retirement no look like sometimes they get smiles on their faces and that's good. But a lot of times they start and could start losing some color and they start ten news because they'd they realize that they're focusing too much on the news. They're focusing too much on the stuff that they cannot control. And they have absolutely forgotten about them themselves their money their families here which is what they gotta be focusing on here for the next couple decades. Well planning. And patients. Go together but they don't seem to go together so well when you want results today when you want answers to those long term questions today. A lot of times the answer is to be patient. Don't panic. What what should we take from us. Yeah I did what I would want people to take. Is that look you gotta focus on getting ready for the next thirty years. Indiana I tell people the average retirement in America last eighteen years. Most people can only afford two of those eighteen years. But with medicine. With the advances in technology healthcare our longevity is increasing. The right now the average retirement last eighteen years what happens when the average retirement last. Point five years. Play happens when the average retirement last week section 27 years you got to focus on getting ready for multiple decades of life when you were no longer working. So what do you do right now you focus on how much is shaping. Save as much as he can for as long as he can you look at your 401K. Figure out what you got. Writes that's bunting cash when was the last time you re balanced you should be traded the account to get ready for. You know whatever the markets to you know showing him. If you're close to retirement. You better know which your Social Security strategy is because you keep playing too early your benefits are reduced forever. So you claim early you live longer now all of a sudden you're missing out on tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars. From the bed that if you just had a little bit of patients like you're talking about the EU would have received it. But you got to figure out what that reach retirement income strategy is going to be once you stop working to where you gonna get the paycheck because at some point you have to generate the paycheck on your round you have to figure out what to do with Social Security. Or pension. Where your borrowing Kasich you can have the retirement you want. And not one that you're stuck with because he didn't do some pretty important thing right now. Well speaking of important things to do right now what's so what's a call to action if you're hearing this and you wanna get started. What's the next thing to do it. You know what reach out get help I listened to investing sensing here a little bit later today. You can get out of financial engines dotcom type in your zip codes that time to talk with an advisor here in town. Meaning your community you can sit down and and talk about these things figure out your strategy. And even in the same family you could be different your brother could be different your sister to be different your mom and dad everybody. But the point is you got to reach out and get some help financial engines dot com. As you we'd love to talk. But at least you can get some sense of what you need to be thinking about half that planned built for you. So you've got that set of instructions so that you know which need to be doing here over the next twelve months. She can get ready for the next thirty years tear down the road. Ten stay mindful that planning then patients are virtues. Not not means of torture during that. Yeah that that that need to be a bumpers and. Yeah just keep those things in mind and listened to investing cents per cent at 10 AM on the on survey on WB today. Been in any time absolutely give us a quality of questions though would always love to help. Andy Smith. Host of financial engines. Go to financial engines dot com for great information. Listening to investing cents. At 10 o'clock on Sarid a Mormon could nurture there's a few good reasons to do that label go into that next time. Up it's so great to talk TNT I'm learning a lot from this financial engines dot com folks let's get busy and our futures will thank us thank you sir. But you. I hope this. French area and what's your name. So I don't believe talking about. Here she's she's the duchess of what's her name. Au prince area in his. Bride debate have discussed retirement must never too early. Talk about the difference in news story yourself news's used everywhere. This morning. Well most of us. Have the same types of problems. Think if your new prince area and and be in view of that life views. Lived a very public life and we're probably looking forward to your wedding night. Here and cultural county you're. Likely on the referral vehicle. Waiting to be rescued from the flooding. Read crossed. Ahead. I layer and that they earn that big blow us. They are. Hope when folks all over the place. There's been a break in the drought. If you haven't got mixed. And I guess people just start as. You used to it. There's very war. There's been stuck in moraine. The deal or will tell you have your cars amphibious. You don't have to test it. First chance you get. It's probably not. I need to be going to break it to you. Yeah an upgrade that you can. Mrs. Dana over yeah look at us. We're here this may be ready for the leg by a son now. So much to choose from Toronto ignore the elephant in the room. Well they often Moorman shrinking. She become. Less of a big deal lease horrible events. Her high school shooting in Texas history. Ten are dead several over others wounded. Mass shootings have been going on for awhile. But there's something about the way this ones who have changed. And that worries me more. If you can't worry more Ro something like mass shootings. If we haven't talked out. On anxiety. Regarding mash shooting range. This'll epiphany might be enough to Bruce over the top. We'll have that in sports. Act coming up next half hour this to Chris Berle show. I am the aforementioned. Cris Merrill. Hosting the aptly named. Chris for a show. It is Saturday. May have a sell out thomas' nineteenth. When you find in there somewhere around every thinks everything's different everything's. If you had seen how was before you would know how very different is now. But for that we would need a time machine and more oriental listen oriented the second half hour route to a maybe maybe Sunday in the we have two hours on Sunday. You want to. That's when god. I'm makes me wanna go global news. But so does have and the blues. I ascended the blues another Cuba. Good man beyond bad. I mean this kid. You're both kids. He can play the blues. Gotta have a worry in the war. Well. And their. Game might be rigged on more than one level. And I watched a mother because of the flooding. Is keeping the Red Cross very busy. You don't want to make them busy error. Common cents. Is this notion. An Aussie Aussie standing water. I'll drive or or or jumping water goblins and I would drive through jumping order either. I just have driven the running water. I was standing water. Not you don't know what it's weighing on. Now waters just been standing there all day and I don't look down don't look at. Don't drivers' standing water. I've never known anyone. Who didn't get their car and drive into the standing water. But was swept away by the stream anyway. You can keep yourself out of these perilous situations. Most perilous time a pure sports fan. This occurs boat that was closer to the microphone thank you. My wanna produce a radio issue. The other hosted two and you gotta get up early early. Well Holland minutes says it's fun. Mission. Golf. CBS 3 o'clock. AT&T. Byron Nelson less not a small tournament. 3 o'clock. On ABC I guess with. Mid Atlantic Coast Conference. Cooling their balls or a few months. Or basketball's. That's you'll be seeing things like golf and Grand Prix racing. And all all of sports and you say come on you know after that agony of defeat. I got. Let us famous siamese. I mean we wouldn't. Norm just sit here and talk about black guys and it has very successful he's not he's not in obscurity he's like. Royalty in this sport. Among that age is there anything I saw. On television as a child. I wonder if the people on under still alive. Emery should manage. The single did check on him one time thing hasn't the Dow's very accomplished. Ski jumping which I think is what he was trying to do. Any two golf third Clark serious. College Softball man there must read the NCAA term I'm going on or something because they got a softball softball softball. ESPN two all day long. If you like College Softball does it feel like College Softball. Turn on ESPN two. And that's what you're doing today. Nurse one. WNBA. Game on. Why just one what. So you grew and grew. Chicago Sky did you know that was the thing. The Chicago Sky idea. So WBA WNBA. Team. This thing Indiana. You know what. What's the name of Indiana's WNBA today. Her solar snuck. Now. Yeah hoosiers who is in hoosiers. The fever. Indiana. Fever. So. Come catch goofy horror are guesses. Come contract the virus is. My guess is the idea. Well no they got won the NBA name pelicans. A surreal to aim. And Marino football on CBS sports now or. Since you all have that we can leave Lara there. Well what's going on locally in my say might feel like leaving your house. Not all of us serve oak road to the NCAA. Softball tournament. Charlotte knights the most biggest closely do messes up before. Charlotte knights or act Columbus. Saw on the road. The crowd down until Monday. My 99 is some of the war. Reminds employing Norfolk. I'm a lion hearted guy I like to. I'd like to do a light hearted show. When the news will allow. But. I also give the double is due. To ABC's Tom lobs. Early in the morning. Just to school was getting under way the Rampage stored it students sprinting to save. Truce hustling them from the scene. Begin around 7:40 AM senior Tyler turner says his Brent spar the student with a good. He saw the kid walking down the hall in new expenses might not like he said he had a gun or something and so you Randy went alcoholic walking near casually him one and now when they called the fire alarms going off side and then we heard three shots. That fire alarm driving students from their classrooms. Police racing to Santa Fe high school. What do you think yeah room. Shot right so student Peter but to use it tells our Marcus Moore he was right clear when they issued reloaded heats. First opened. Opened fire with a shotgun in which she shot one of my other friends in the head and her body fell down not too far away from where I wasn't at the table. That is when he turned and opened fire with a revolver. Kate's lined up on the field. Empty their backpacks for officers to expect. Their hands on their heads they're patted down one by one. With students shake it outside others hiding in classrooms. Their parents getting that dreaded phone call by 9 AM the shooter had surrendered ten people are dead. Most of them students. Others wounded in the hospital. Another suspect has a mug shot seventeen year old Demetrin Veal spread or cheese a junior at Santa Fe high school. Authorities say he kept extensive journals police say he used two guns a shotgun and a 38 revolver. They belong to his father but they have no theories yet on what drove him to open fire on his classmates. Their stories now all too familiar. And I don't present has a gun story of a gun thing yards and yelled to the gun thing the ship has sailed on the gun thing. But is ten murders. That's a story isn't. The score Searle WB two insurer rose 647. It's Saturday. We all sing the song yeah. Don't well. Like the way you train. You know it's not. The suns job. Two. You know being your raisin bran every morning. Some that sun shines guy compliments. Do you. Really change you want us in the world. There's going to be any thing you wanted. Goodness knows I got to evidence of that all this up by guys involved your oldest. That's all. Different stuff. We'll never stuff. Most justice stuff I look at. Since I got here foray on. Chimed 7 o'clock. You can be. Anything you want. You didn't do anything you want. Tom white swan says everything you believe this true. Source you don't want your son will Saturday. Well I've already suggested view. Macro made your bottom. To the couch and watched softball. Championship those. You know but. This always bad sometimes what you think she'll lose bad like jaws is a rainy day on the don't I don't know or rainy day. Special opportunity. There's no where. Our problem exists. I had done bring its opportunity would. A short fine pesky. About problems really not that there's a problem life is full of problems. As always brings that. Pesky little brat of an opportunity with it. You know. We can make moral of nine. We wanted to see here. But there's an opportunity. There's an opportunity to do more. Yes I have to go to save your world go help your little part of the world. And since this show is for word this morning. I'm going to be back and Tony three hour you all know madam. Lord almighty evil laugh hopefully I'll have time. But because I am more or less made it through show without wallowing in. Too badly. Let's go ahead and preview across the lake where it's nice and sunny. Why. Our. British Brothers and sisters are. So happy about today what's going on what the hall above above. How life will change forever. Before she joins it you found any one thing I thought oh. The bride to be looking radiant and com. Author of Tommy T with her mother her field say the queen and Prince Philip. The palace now says the 96 year old will be that his ground son's wedding. The town of Windsor officially. Karrie and meg in central and the streets. Packed with wolf well wishes straining for a glimpse of Harry and William. Always an. Insanity brother. The prince isn't making their way through town powering. Happy and relaxed. Shaking hands. And just taking in them. The last minute. Restorations. As we're learning more details about that walk down the aisle with Megan's father unable to attend she's lost her future father in little Prince Charles to step in. Harry embraced by his mother all those years ago was last what Princess Diana would have thought of this American princess. It's assistance from. Yeah without question concerns in front of the moon. So to have known there are certain sorts and so for me. His mother once lost what she wanted to have boys. If you find someone you love it knife in his own toys can come true it's been very lucky to find some peace if you are lucky enough times someone knocked you. So most pretentious and now I youngest prince is set to marry. And citizens on Truman library and miss having her own the most generous. How can use to it. I was reading and whoever else is turnaround sources she's my sources and assume. That's right here issues are there with you don't you worry about things she got the best seat in the house. I'm not a royal Whiting kind of guy. Why am I love Canada. Glamour romance kind of guy like that you tell. And I want to wish them. Nothing but happiness. Throw off to a pretty good head start. This chorus girl. I've got two more hours to flatten my gums are you all come tomorrow more that's exactly what I'm gonna do. And made. And I drastic. Departure of former royal wedding. And I hope you and I'll be stopped well yeah disturbed. Any time two hours in this open door policy. 7 o'clock.