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Man is dead another in serious condition after a cougar attack in Washington State the two were biking on a back country trail near Seattle when the victims of Kurds here's a scream from the partner he looks back. And sees that there are being chased by cougar one of those bikers was mauled to death at the scene the other had a paddle out more than two miles just to give held at time Jeff Atkinson is talk 1110993. Double BT. Chris Farrell show. I don't know. You he loves bad either double hockey stick. I'll put this way this might be the only. This is the only time. The stations in 96 year history. Out of hell on us on their morning. Sykora sterile showed. Sunday edition. Offer glad you're here. Charlotte, North Carolina. Weather's been soupy. Well it's not too soupy appear being rescued from floating which people had that problem boss or arts. Us to definitely been well around here. And I can't I'm. I'm trying to move on in my head. I can't do it our guys shoot. Those. Poor people. We've got eaten by the Cooper. All my goodness. As I can't get I guess I got sort of my handles got a marine. But I heard that story the first time. When Jeff Atkinson told that. I can't do my head. Can you imagine not I'm. I'm I'm not making alive I I'm not intentionally making any thing of this and company dropped on my editors. So I think that would give mes fired was spontaneous and Narnia I apologize. Well I believe the story said. To bikers to cyclists. One here's a scoring. Turns to look. The other cycle list. It is being chased. By Kroger. I'm guessing this is fairly Nat. Natural terrain. You know this is it like. Not like the Tour de France or its road racing. We we were probably on trails. Bikes can probably only goes so fast. There's no pagers are pretty cool it. And they've they've they've been known Doug kick up some dust. And that is. They're bigger than bigger than bobcats are somewhat cougars are. What did you. Learned that isn't it more of the jungle. In Cuba. When the forest. When it comes cougars. Grizzly bear is probably the war on. There's a lot faster than you grizzly bears probably the one. Animal. Above Cooper. So far as well you don't. One run into the water. Wolf shall leave you alone a lot of time if you leave them alone they'll generally leave you alone. Moves are cool. Cougars. Are scary. And they're not scary like a spider you know so it's not like big a jump scare in horror movie. Cougars are scared like. All of my god if this is real I'm about to die kind of scare. And the irony is they were doing something to get in better shape. I did some answers will be good Doris. No hard kick the bucket at sixty do via. As heard just tell the story. Well there also okay. One cyclist here's a screen turns around the turns as buddies in trouble. How did the person here in this grain. React. We said that. One person. Was mauled at the scene. May god rest her dress rehearsal. No one person was mauled at the same. And the other cycle list. Head to panel over two miles. I'm thing again. I don't know these people's names on the what they look like. I'm thinking out loud so a few minutes ago. I'm think again first cycle listen here's the screen. Turns around. Seized the Kruger. And at that moment. The second cycle list. Found out what their friendship Apple's worst. Oh bonding experiences. For a person. Calling out for the help of their friends and they're very good brand both thank goodness my friend this year. This is a very circle this situation. One of the more perilous I've been and come to play ago. But thank goodness my friend is here and he's no he's not here anymore us. There's just a trail of dust now. An elephant Dick Lugar. You're probably not given time do you keep friends who lit. Your friend leaves yeah. Per cougar. Evansville time. All bless their hearts. Sorry I couldn't do my. Most gone girls going to mention about the weather and be careful on the war other song. Seems a little. Frivolous. Mosley have been careful to muddy. When there people being eaten by cougars. Well wanna give that information. That's most useful alternative. Yes you're more likely. It is stuck in the mud. When you are to be eaten by a cougar. And urban Charlotte, North Carolina. But. If you get stuck in the mode. You can probably do yourself well. I must say and there's cougars in the city. Ahmed ordered some of those other stuff this Curtis Ferrero. There is WB TV. In a six attain it is Sunday morning. I'm very glad you're with. Chris payrolls show. Yeah shares closed. And myself. So there. They'll be open for me. Strong goes. Hard. It doesn't matter what city they're down. Kessel probably always open with the Troy are actually. If they're not done you know but you need a stronger open or some some bands server together long enough to say yeah. Are expected. To open. When a certain song. Rolling Stones show opened with start me up. No to. Parrish Smith likes further open our. Draw the line. This deeper in the catalog man and his so Lou so cool. Always just a perfect opener there. He had lose. Bill I made. I'm sorry. Bomb. Or so big into the royal wedding they are my men. Ancillary. Things that. Got your attention. What I noticed was there was something going on sale I'm around all these televisions all the time. But are all on mute. All the time. So I basically. Read the news. Assessor Tom along the bottom of the scoring. And see pitchers. And and and that's the extent to which I utilized the visual medium. Mainly. It's bear. Saw something huge breaks. All have. In state visual. On that fat. Is almost like a five television alarm system. We're gonna have so many number someone so symbol because. We need that we need it when it sought a. Well these televisions. They know. Royal wedding as soon as dumb. And I know something about the father of the bride durst seemed a bit they seem to show. This very average look in the sixty ish. Fella. Whose father a barrage. I take enough away from the snippets so there crawls and everything I'd rather the bottom of the strains that he wouldn't. He had some. Health problems and those. Attendance. Was not certain. Well it turns out they didn't go. And ABC's James long man. Is going to share. The last report that I am on the readiness blood running has come under on he and they didn't make it he's got the latest from that respect. Megan Michael's mother arriving in London getting ready for the big day. Just as news breaks the putt ex husband's health mister Markel tending TMZ he's now had three stents inserted in his blood vessels. Following a heart attack last week the website saying he's a lot and coherent Markel telling TMZ he believes his whole attack was brought on by an open and access. Megan's half brother pens to Prince Harry. I urging him to cool off the wedding calling meg in Charlotte and conceded. Just one of the attacks most bought her half siblings. Painful for Megan and Harry. But what experts say the queen is likely taking it all in stride to the palace now revealing new details about the wedding yeah. Prince George and princess Charlotte who stole the show the day David did then you baby brother will serve as page boy and bridesmaids. Reprising their roles expertly performed at naroff papers wedding. It's unclear why meg installed it is still not talking through official channels just days ago and still a lot of uncertainty. Marshall or more to the story and there are now amount. Too sick to go. Find that part Revere in an interest in. But SI saw. Pictures of a father. Not the greatest of healthy. Every time we saw as pitchers on doing some. Light exercise he looked like a fellow who was. In recovery from our heart surgery. My thoughts. I've got four dollars. And reflecting on the nature. Others morality. I'm thinking it was probably. Pretty good ideas down. I'll think his guy happened we're also own not that it couldn't. There's just no reason. Think it's going to. So not too early anymore not really. Sure there are other families are wondering while. Why haven't. Introduced my grandchildren yet. Almost sixty years old man where your great athletes. Kaka. Is the big month. These Piedmont there that doesn't. I kind of insults all the scans or give good assault. Plausible and our ability. But these hardest thing. I'm gonna do a mile life. There's give any of those baby girl stand. Over to another man. And say. She's yours now. Take good care of a bad heart. Doesn't need that. Want to upload. There's Chris Terrell Jeff back instance come up with the news and a couple of minutes. Because it's six Tony hey. Is Cyril show there. Yeah. Both your different. Look I listen to Jeff. I concerns are more hot. Suppose response to the flooding my. The do. So other things you can. When I just have that does. You wake up and it would just smile on. I know the type. No time off. I do know people. Move consciously decide that yeah no matter what the circumstances. I'm going to maintain. Positive attitude. A lot of amused have anger problems. I just know that they've dealt. With the anger problems by. Being overtly anger. I simple enough and I got a niche she's scratching. Because. Every day life is rough not everybody's. Got rural letting the plan you know every day life can be. Tough for the everyday person. I want away is stood. Not. Let me let anger control. Your behavior you got think about those terms. You're not laying it control your behavior. It's not that you don't have a legit gripe. You know you may or may not. But there's so little we control. Do we want to have. A blanket policy. On how we approach the parts we do control. Ta say yes doing this now. Reflective of consistency character. People should have some idea. How you're going to react. Under special circumstances. Okay floating kind eldest. I can dig down and help my neighbors are and you're done so flooded and are right about one way back into. And then there's. Oh my god they're cougar. Man I could use some Gatorade. People are different. Not everybody comes through in the pinch. In the same way. But I admire people. That can. Maintain. They're consciously positive that it. So I admire that. If it's your nature. To be nice to everyone. I'm not saying you shouldn't get any credit. My estimate Chia. But if you have the advantage of predisposition. And that's a real blessing. This Ryan how did you think of nice people themselves being. The blessing to us. Both your pre disposed. To think the best. About people. Until you learn differently. Probably a little more hopeful life. Expectations. Were Arab. Positive outcome. Well easier on the old ticker overtime you know. You're buying those things Israel was bad for him. It's like. And plagues so it's like. Smoking too much caffeine I mean this is is ridiculously bad Korea obviously. Like Britain too much butter on your sausages ridiculously bad for. Are people that deal with the adversity in different ways. Those soon. Consciously. Take the high road. Go to the positive route. I thank you for your efforts. Because it's hard to quantify. The benefit to the rest of us. I'm a lot. Oh boy it is you do. Because. It's what doesn't go wrong. Because you care a little more. That's our man offense. I think it's the best effect. On the butterfly effect. Now things are seem like bad news of the given time. Can. Affect your life. Adversely for a short time. Long enough free don't sign that as a bad thing. But then years later. He'll put too into it together. And realize. Things happen for a reason. He's the kind of person that. This just good to be around. And you'll see that attitude reflected in the people who choose to be around here. Annual benefit from the rest of us. Thanks to your own positive nature. Which is exactly. The way it should work. This cursor WB to me it's is 646. Chris Farrell show. The sixty day. Is filled up pretty well yeah. A lot of attention off. Off course Sony. Actually Sony came back to be. Kind of validated did nine. Share and Sonny were. How one of those. Mostly Beauty and the Beast couples running. Sonny Bono doesn't early. Great level of big east. Shares a lot bear look in the signed was. Night Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett. Heard. Common Norm MacDonald talking to other comedy writers about writing comedy. And I so Olson's has completely subjective. But the funniest Americans. What's the corporate joke what's the anatomy. Of a perfect did you. And norm decided that the anatomy of a perfect joke. Is a joke that it's the setup. And the punch line. Are virtually the same thing. And his example was. Julia Roberts divorced Lyle Lovett this week. When she discovered that she was Julian Robertson he was while. I'd say threaten double double hope. Mile Lovett married Julia Roberts. Lots of home would boys with a wooden guitars felt. And suddenly found. Inspiration to write. Jimmy Stewart's first. Don't cry too much or maybe a 110. I remember him. I'm. Of course the classics. Mr. Smith those are wonderful life. Does anyone adults who remember. And HBO. Movie it was a made for HBO movie. But before was really common. For cable and cities to. Put out original program. Those girls. Rob boxing and movies that's what cable was at the beginning. But. Early on. HP true. Made its own movie star and. Jimmy Stewart knew what had to be if it wasn't his last role. And it there it's there was there was pretty close a breath had to be pretty close to last roller for them. Mr. Stewart. His costar. Betty Davis. And they basically. IR remember the name of the movie. You don't have to try to get it to her literally it's okay that anybody can find anything these days a file. Paul wanna find doctors find it by the end of the segment follows a bigger deal. So could you sell as you look at the computers. But they've played an elderly couple. Who knows about oil was like to. Not get old. But BM. Barack Obama. Elderly. You know. The concerns of the average. Sixty year old. Are not the concerns of the average eighty year old. I wouldn't think I mean some problems that our goal line. And some problems. Affect us at all. Ages and an issue. But this was a movie about. Just have. Being old enough to of had enough. It was a very very depressing. I played husband and wife and I decided to. Sit in their garage. Together. Let's sell movie and an. So it was a chance for sequel. But that wouldn't be too bad. To live a lie long life with. We love real life. I don't need a billion years at the level of quality on the experience. I couldn't expected though and be fair. Well I'm getting my share a life. And on Sundays. I'll stop and remind myself to do that. Very much I have it now. You guys about a real blessing in. Because every week. I stopped for a little while. And think about. Rama talk about. Roll. Goodness gracious. It only an almost be easier if there were rules. Because that. Blank page. I nothing blank early on a blank page. So they become reflective. Well how do you want people to feel. When they hear utes when they hear you speak quit. Meanwhile in the last few ya know you Juan. You rush error. Sensitive subject matter you wanna be reassuring. And I realized just. As. We're all different. And there's no wrong way to be yourself. There's no wrong thing to talk about. Because it's liable to make us feel. Any way. And that has value. And that's a learning opportunity. To people who don't. Necessarily. See at the same line. This is cursor arrow it's 7 o'clock.