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The Chris Farrell show. Swirled through my first live. So it could make all the money back one night. First live. It's been twenty years. Only about Sunday's game. Yet to did. Sunday theme song. I think this song just gorgeous I'm probably just mad that it wasn't a this believer. Because of like the props then do. And this goes. So I guess. Science and want solar to over the years. Widows notion that code. I. Not sure a lost soul is what is the song I think the megawatt solar is the drink you get pursuing in the song. I'm not I'm not is up own mind. Arcane vernacular. There's just no time. That's irony. I hope the girl that got married yesterday then thank. Albeit cornyn and now. Because that's not exactly. How it works. This say there can be only one. King. And there can be only one. I mean. In fact. Queen Elizabeth's husband bill up. 96. You give the man. Told him. We royal. Spoil the baby a pig mop my advice would be. To be born into royalty that would be my advisory you. I usually works out well for people. Even bill. Is grants. Well. Do have you any king at ninety six's 'cause you're not qualify. It's not because enough other people haven't idea. It's not because enough other people haven't died. A. Oh boy. Yeah I'm room for our producer here. There's a new line. Little part of my paycheck. YM. The world crane to Leonid pitcher look at the heart. In the grinch before aides swells ten times the size. I don't know how they show it at the beginning. The grinch is hard at the beginning a little ugly. Webpart in my paycheck. There's the part I get for talking. Well I got this crazy notion that people might be getting a little tired just. Are green with everything they hear. Mainly that the other person's an idiot. They might be will the try any thing Els. Probably the Donald Trump talk her idea. They may just give us just give us anything we will try any thing. Belts. Who knows. Good work out like. Except now up jinxed it. But pier 96 and attending weddings. Bless your heart sit there and steer 92 year old wife. To me that's the drain. That's the drink that's what the top of the podium looks like. It's not. At the altar. So at the finish line. When you've got someone there. To stand atop. The pedal stool beside you. You went. Nicely done. Games certain match. Russian and old school. So there are some things worse than not being Cain. If miss American actress. The issue is the duchess of American actresses it's a serve special title here I've got what I'm getting that. As if she's not going to be the queen of Maine. First of all she's an American I don't know of that and of itself. I imagine. By the time you're an American. There's been on not separation. Between you. And your. Lineage that you're not going to be the king or queen of another country. They will be the duke. And duchess. Of Sussex. The deep. And duchess. So six. Well. Now now now now you need to check that again. I'm marrying the plants. That means I'm a big court event on Monday. Moon. Blood so ladies Wear lots of Branson's. Sorry but they don't all lined up queens when the there's only one claim. There is confused as I am. As close the book on. But before we do. James long man today ABC Reyes for reminds. The American princess. Megan Malcolm. The moment so many have been waiting fools. Here in wins the crowds out I mean. Keen to catch a glimpse of George and Amal cleaning Oprah and Elton John inside the chapel Megan's mother Torre Iraqis. Clearly emotional with the queen and has seats it was time to the bride to make carry insurance and it was one for the ages. We are confident smile Megan taking that long cool down the aisle. Prince Charles linking known for his future due for renewal taking that you'll tell. And how are taken aback seeing how for the first time. The bride and groom costing half. Cameras catching depth personal moment Harry whispering you look amazing. Prince lifting her avail this service like nothing Britain had seemed to fuel these guys you are back. Megan biracial American making a dual seized the picture of molten princess wearing the queen's tiara and address inspired by history. Harry this soldier prince. Holding back tears Diana's memory looming large in the UK I think to get me notes. I'm reading by her assistant. The only one of the service. But it was the American touches that lifted today and gospel version of stand by me. Echoing through the historic chapel. You okay. And bishop Michael Curry from Chicago and after the thunderous sermon on the mount. We must as Governor Cuomo. There again didn't call loves coaching Martin Luther King reminding those gathered of the dog Austin slavery. And then the moment itself. RR it's murder. Yeah we've vows exchanged. I dance floor traders saying that they off husband's an on line. Megan Markel was no more. Now how loyal highness the duchess of some six meeting with freshly minted deep. The first kids. The modern fairy tale complete with a horse drawn carriage around Windsor town. The duchess practicing manual way for adoring crowds cheering them on into their new life. About the hardest part will serve not laughing when she says I take you hairy. I'd rehearsed that rumors that rumors that. And though that I'm getting older. I can see mega Markel walked down the I'll. And no mine goes to my daughter's. There's a time. My mom will win somewhere bill on the my daughter's. Bush is not salute and play them. Gimme a break here. She married the grant she's not a dog. No sentimental about it. I'd say oh what's what's wrong with Ukraine she used to be. This to me earlier. But come on the old man. But it took me down. Reduce me this year's. Doesn't all the time. Reminds him not the ball outs. Nelson and meet new people every day. And they remind me of the people I knew yesterday but they. They keep getting better. This is Chris Charlotte WBT there's certain. Eight tank at Chris Farrell show. Okay. Happy Sandra. I. Or go some work to send. I. The music make you aren't just. Zip. Just make you wanna find those so far. Every one of those little. There was armchairs or you can. Your legs up and it was a laptop you know. Bosco Bosco due to Starbucks as a secure place to do that. Go loiter Starbucks. Now Starbucks is cool expense of a mole like right now you don't. Have the money thing. Low. News Starbucks policy. No purchase needed to sit and cafes. I'm looking for the and onion dot com on here or somewhere and I. Starbucks announced a new policy survey though allows anyone to sit has cafes are reasons restrooms. Even if they don't buying any thing. What about it I'm a leftists often. One dog businessmen. Suppose that floor. Starbucks said it has told workers to consider anyone who walks into its stores say customer. Quote regardless. Of whether they make a purchase. This Chris furlong WB two areas. The Chris Berle show on Sunday morning around. We're happy with us. I know I'm glad you join me. In this parallel universe. We're buying something. Is that what makes you a customer. Hot. There are calmed down and your muscles tonight this. Go sit some more quiet. Remote that's not access to information. All the information. I'm not sure we are ready for it. The name is used to be an hour a day tops. I think that might have been generous. So performers. What were able to process. Consider certainly. And a Tony for corporate. Now allow. Treat them like a customer. Even if they'll Bonnie thing. And other worse some place sooner that wouldn't. I wouldn't change a customer service at all. No. Sunday don't let the negative attitude dude two yeah. Problems on May. Screw us Ferrero seven point seven. I. The crisp clear early show on the. Comes onto one's a weakness. Well both mornings a week and I will not contribute to your average and. Bush has run anyway you're in charge. So he's even kind enough to stay yeah. You got it right where you want a baby. My dad know. I going to be. Anger of the choice why anybody chooses town. Makes me so mad. People do get mad. And they don't. Wait till they get home. And blow off steam. There error anymore they'll. Take three deep breaths anymore they don't count to ten anymore. People are so a tough. They have no soap control. And folks we are live and then age. Once we brought Yost called weakness. Was just call weakness. Our moment of weakness. Can ruin your life. You don't have to break the law. You don't have to touch anybody. Just be memorable and off. I'm a fool. And will remember you. Forever. The story. New York City and. He's a lawyer buddy may not be altogether clear on the law and your. First nobody at this midtown restaurant was speaking Spanish to him. He went off the rails apparently because others were speaking Spanish. Near him there. He's right it is America where people are free to speak any language they choose but I. That didn't stop him from ranting and even threatening to have them deported. From what he called here is country. Okay. After the video was posted online the lawyers FaceBook page lit up I'm in tears reading this comments one person wrote. The Internet is going to have a field day your law career in New York City is officially over. And another post read way to ruin your business bro was it worth at the field big now. The lawyer may not like Spanish but his web site claims she speaks it fluently still. It also claims he's a member of the new York state bar and if he is. It's news to them in a tweet the bar said he is not a current member of our voluntary association. Bob doubt something like the New York bar association is too sensitive about matters like. People saying their members but they really aren't that problem they'll have time to fool stuff like. That's not that's not the kind of thing Miller did you phone call. I don't know who said that but someone wants and Twitter is an intelligence. Test. Now while putter has nothing to do with this particular case. Except and sure the message will spread via two way there some. Some of them millions of times. It's been shared now. You can't. Give control. Over to your emotions. Your emotions. Are supposed to be. A filter. And perhaps. Yang and yes a source of energy. They are not to be your navigation system. Angers great gas. It's terrible. Terrible GPS. President led this. And to ruining his career as a lawyer what's up some like this vicious coming. There won't bishop fired from everywhere by the it's. It's hurt him in New York as a lawyer I promise you. And the I'm hip problem work again one day in my blow over Booth and but they'll forever be the guy. Who went on the tirade about the folks. Speaking of foreign language. To each other apparently that's what made him. I tell you when you think. You really should be allowed to tell people how they make communicate. With each other. You horse bidding on the face of freedom. We fought a war to get away from people like you. And we do it again. How long did and how long did it take. Two minutes how long worry and there were you end their five minute stops how long's the video. How long did today Bob minutes. How long. Did law school today. Moral law school story last few years now enough. I mean when you were kids. Decided you wanted to be an attorney. Right then. That's when you started working on that. How many hours. You think you poured in to the pursuit. Over the years. You have it so incredibly. Marginalized. Why what's clearly. Just. Barely lucid tirade from a guy having a bad day. I think we've all heard ourselves. In that same tone of voice. But there are rights. It is in mind those who exists. Your Frist exists. They have to coexist. And I got appeal. Some sadness. Or someone who was bright enough. And had it together enough. To be practicing law in New York City. Have this bay who is now. I don't wish that on. Thirty years ago would have been. Impossible. Up buying. You're always. Being monitored votes. I have so many cameras in this room with me. I have so many microphones in this room. Old boss wants told me the first rule. A radio. Is pretend every Mike is spot. All the top. Mean pretend if you see a microphone. It's turned on in person and a car. Can hear what you're going to say next. That's not just for radio hosts are anymore. You are surrounded by cameras your surrounded by microphones. They feel like work and in this business you know whatever business that happens to be per view. Act like they're hot. All the time. We don't have all the time the show's taken away its 740 able won't try to be offered a few minutes ago left and Chris Farrell show. In a. Who's won the its first location. One Saturday. Pelican finishing on. You should've been trash. Instead just given me a year of Saturday's. Which. Of all I could say. All rockets say was I was a host. WBT radio. For a year. Are there 100 people that can say that. I'm a fairly new voice. I've been an influence on the business for a long time but. I'm a fairly new. Over the air person I'm not barely knew what they call personality. And you would think and they are a year doesn't sound like much. A place like this. We're the standards are what they are. You just start somewhere between humble and proud. I usually do this. Last segment yesterday. I'm doing here. Justified. And won the preakness. Kept its Triple Crown. Hopes alive at one a muddy preakness. So all the nice American hats have to Wear plastic bags. The ones and angle on the flowers and the more probably stole growing because of the sunshine. There hats are probably bigger now. But justify. One more time. And this is Triple Crown boy good luck I guess seem like an okay horse. 8 PM TNT. Rockets and wars. The MBA playoffs or didn't down to the new theory. So you have as many overlapping games. I would say I was say that's the so big sporting event. This evening. Is. This evening at 8 PM. TNT Houston Rockets. Hat the gold Star Wars. There is no presidential radio address this week. I do want to give you the latest scorecard on the latest scandal because that's what they've left me to give B Jones. Giuliani says this is based on multiple contacts and Miller's team. We've been told that during at least one meeting Moeller made it clear to the president's legal team that he will not indict president trump but look Justice Department is. The lawyers have long held the position that they don't have the authority to indict a sitting president Moeller does. They'll have the power to issue a report on its findings and turn that in the congress that could his eventually trigger. Impeachment proceedings he could also name the president as an unindicted co conspirator in court document but I got a point out here. This is all coming from the president's legal team George Muller's team is not commenting to really have no idea what he's going to do. Not right now we doing the president listened more inflammatory comments. On immigration wanna listen. We have people coming into the country and trying to come to resign now a lot of but we're taking people out of the country you wouldn't believe how bad these people. These are people. Sure animal. It's so these are people these are animals so that was during a White House meeting on Sanctuary Cities the comment came after someone remarked about MS thirteen gang members. The president didn't make it clear whether he was talking about gang members or about immigrants in general Eliot son Don junior was on Twitter saying this was specific to MS thirteen. California's governor is blasting the president saying he's lying on immigration lying on crimes George. I gotta say immigrant communities here this as a dog whistle and they say this is downright dangerous plan. When you mean ten pres houses in Mexico's doing nothing for us is he's trying to close those North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations in Mexico. I kind of felt better about how things want to with North Korea this past week but. Nothing's a done deal yet. And so I use my wonderful things in English. For money. That. Mentioned Jimmy Stewart's birthday is joke talkers birthday. Our great singer 1944. Solomon gone for years. Dan Abrams you'll hear is. Boys song here for Tom Tom. Legal expert. Maybe soon. We've rushed Ralph's. Patent it is burst blue jeans or copper rivets. And 1870. Torre. I'm thinking that was the rivets. But said OK you can you can copyright that part if you want we're not like you own pants. Or of the concept of chance please own some a pair passed but bullet chip Belichick copyright the whole rehab thing. As at the time that probably look like I don't lady got guard Gene Simmons or something that it's like hello. Once the cots are stars. Romano has ended sport today my dear listeners I love you all seen a week so clot.