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The Chris payrolls you know. Pretty good show. Fun stuff. They. No room for great day. Of the day. Right current gulf. But you know. I'm sure I'm trying to hit whether Pritchard. I hope everyone is doing the royal. It is Saturday not Sunday morning. Don't you get those confused now Obama on for both. This or if you're in the cab it's probably Saturday. If you're like I'm about to get in the shower it's probably some and a oh my goodness versions. Ten year old car. And a bowling Alley. So Grey's Bob bullet. There's a thing Els or in the ground. Is it Chris. Ten year old is going to be okay. After accidental discharge. It was good that they weren't Maine and to try to blow the ten year old away at the bowling Alley. That was a match. Web series. Let's say a word next round tournament. You talk about Tom Gordon call this happy ending because the kids are okay. That's. That's what's important. I'm sure it's important. You'd take. Scenario like this. I just open it up for discussion. It's gonna go everywhere it's way it's gonna people are going to be probably yelling within five minutes. At some point you'll have to ask the people of the in the circle of they themselves are armed at the moment and if they are without him I'd taken that out of the car squared his regular deleted. What's important part of the story here. The kids okay. They see about ten year old. Had been shot to death. But a bowling Alley there are okay now only. Last night. I have to talk to via. And a couple of days. I have to process. That first. Before any of the ancillary. Factors. Target reported. Even the focus on those. To start trying to come up with it may be. Objective. Improvements. They can make something like this less like Italy. Because what we have here thus that this fellow was he was a deputy W is an off duty deputy. He was the good guy with the done. You talk and talk about we get lots of chances to talk about this. Because of all these mass shootings. We have. This is a subject that keeps bringing that self. I'm not big on the topic. Altria I'll tell you whined about guns gays might become cures. I think guns are kind of cool. Come away I think motorcycles are kind of cool. Well you know. My dad broke his leg. On a motorcycle. And I remember my mom being upset. I was a little kid looking yeah and it was it was there's a broken leg armor cycle actually wrote them. What in traction for two months she knows a motorcycle tires you'll be fine news. His law enforcement officer of or I'm getting my biz late twenties now barely been thirty years old man. So I know he's tough he's come back but there was still gonna get upset when you get hurt so. Comforting my mother are remember telling her that. Don't worry mom I'll stay away from motorcycles. You know Rock Hill like motorcycles. I remember that promise. And she never asked me for it. And she would forgive me if buy it and the fire if I rode up and her dropped oil on a motorcycle. She wouldn't say hey you promise me you wouldn't get a Marcella who say hey got a motorcycle. Well made that promise I made it wolf fully. Adult there it goes drunk. Buzz today memories Gloria and you're. I'm gonna keep that promise. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna back off of that promise just because nobody's watching and nobody is gonna get mad. I gave my word. Not decided. They're keeping your word on general principal. Is important in and of itself. Big doesn't. Become Null and void has a right to have a motorcycle. Well guns are kind of cool. I think Ted huge it's kind of cool. Well I'm not going to be able. To just go to it Ted Nugent concert. And I'm not going to be able. To just buy had gone. Or own a gun. It's not as simple is. Buying any other product is not simply another product. I say that out respect to what of the book the power. Their ability to change the situation. So not an attempt to demonize them there have been so many instances. Were gone. Was the only thing that would do. Now I recognize. Well like the way they've changed over the years are like the different types all he has Alex buyers. Spiders are cool. But you know I got kids. I had kids don't know everything yet. I'm not always completely together myself. Maybe I shouldn't have a houseful of anything that could shoot them or buy them. And maybe that's on me. To just be extra vigilant for that. Maybe now's not the time. And I've seen the numbers. And the numbers can. Consume way you. But don't forget. Every situation. That is an individual. Situation. There are six year olds that condone dog gone. Numerous responsibly. And beat. More careful with the then the guy. Who was it an accident. Of course it was an accident. He still let your dog often a bowl now. You're still a policeman and you put your gun go off the ball and should not escaped. Admonition. Incredible. Response of bill. Like I said he was the good guy what the gun. And if we've got those around like we say we. Need. And I agree that we need guzzle guns around. I don't disagree well I don't I don't debate that. If people are getting shot by accident anyway. Kids up for minor bowl and Ahmad goes askew was. How long Friday night Memorial Day weekend bowl on what is I assume what this family. Not sure all of. If work I have a good guys with guns. Here and there to protect us against the bad guys with guns which are everywhere. There's others that's where were at with this ran. Those good guys with guns. Probably shouldn't be drawn bowling balls around. Those good guys with guns. Should be allowed the focus on the task of being. The good guy with the gun. It's not a mp3 player. If your balls like your pocket it's not just gonna bust. But I might bust a cap and somebody. My appeal to gun owners. And MI a gun owner and this will snuff find out together show him. Bill never comma. Well they'll never come up we like each other too much right. But the emphasis and needs to be. On responsible. Ownership. Your right to own a gun is settled law. Even if there are people out there that want to take them from me and there are all our. People. And their politicians. They can't. I can't. Change the narrative in your mind. To. From my cold dead hands. To. Serving as an example of how all. To own responsible. And I lie. That there're people. Cognizant of what goes around and goes on around them and public. I'm happy further vigilant. Yes even armed unbeknownst to me citizen. We gotta make that part work. That's not gonna work on its own even if it's the right decision on paper. To have more. All arms. Around just generally speaking. The idea being the vast number of them. Are good people. And that's going to protect us from the bad ones. Those people. Need to not be. The tragedy. Themselves. Smith said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is exactly. Exactly what that means. Don't let your good intentions. You too comfortable. Don't let your virtuous. Motivation. Tricky you. Into believing. You are being. Covered by God's land. Because things can still happen. And I know we want to control. What happens. And that's why we take our guns to a bowl analogy. But if we wanna control what happens. Let's start. With controlling. How we behave. And that doesn't always mean. Don't get drunk and show your blood at the Christmas party that's not always what that means. You could be acting as they were responsible adult. Right in front of me. Without me having any idea that you're not just standing in the air. By handling your weapons in the proper way. If I would change one thing about this. Larger discussion. It would turn the shift with and gun culture. Further within gun culture. There would be reflection. Within the community. And there'd be as much talk on the range. But how would be safe. As the house day armed. Because the stain arm park. We're gonna be okay. This United States of America. Number okay. Is Chris Ferraro WB did this survey Morgan. Look at this girl she. You've got below its line. It's. So now he's a first name before. Voice of god. Does as the aforementioned aptly named Bruce pearl's. On a Saturday morning Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend. The bigger race. Who have goals 600 dom. I'm playing fast way. I'm assigned Amman Hamas and Amaral cute. Another big grace is. Is upon us here in town to see the Coca-Cola 600 and yeah army right now. Makes no bloody marys. On his early you know. Owens who rice wants also were alive. Grew up around stock car race in my uncle was hard on her show up and down dragway. I always. Always get that old family feeling when the races come come around. John and start your engines and the hairs are stands or courses area. I was almost thinking this might. Might make a nice thing so far is. Symmetry. Good news good news. Is the wrote this the race weekend were on the verge of world peace right. Instead of a starter pistol. We'll have by cam John Owen. Destroyers nukes. The good news or regular pistol anyway in a bazooka. Now Ben banking how do you destroy our new picks up for the obvious way. I'm all this you know a tour of oh no roadshow. Like monster trucks except what nukes. And is probably is some plan that could go wrong. Haven't love. Well probably not an as. This Chris Hurley is WVK it is 629. This is Bruce Pearl on. On Saturday. And also the there was good guns. And then not only alluded. These. Bowling Alley stores were the good news was the kid wasn't killed. Well there's more. Good gun news map. And but we might discover this together this is a pretty cool story. There are. We are only shooting. Tragedy averted in Oklahoma City after police say too good samaritans killed the gunman who opened fire on a crowded restaurant. Please have a suspect Alexander Tillman was armed with a handgun and wearing shooting glasses and you're must be fired and hit three people moments later authorities say two bystanders the one in Afghanistan war veteran -- their cars pulled handguns out of their trunks and killed the suspect investigators say he had no connection to anyone at the restaurant. Now they're searching for a motive poring through disturbing YouTube video. Don't go crazy man whose name. Because I'm alone yeah nobody talks incumbents are I think all three victims expected to recover including Jabari Giles is daughter so Nye yeah. She's a lot of things she's going to be okay. Solemn matter. It now. I know that the days of the Internet. Introduced. A lot of people to a loan willingness that they had forgotten about. Since high school. You don't have to. Get back at the world. They're all league. Has the power you give it. I understand feel lonely. But you know why. It doesn't make me wanna go out and hurt anybody. Because assessed a type of people. The world was full of BM Longley would be a pretty good thing. I'll never. It deserve. Because I know. Even admire most upset. Even in a fit of rage. And arms around about my fellow human beings. That person you wanna put my cross hairs. They've had pain in their life. If you really really really feel like you owe it to somebody. I give a give time a chance. Time has a way of even in things out. There is another good guns story councils. Strong as long as were issued them off here. Students who are running for safety distraught parents embracing their children after yet another school shooting. But this time the quick thinking actions of a teacher may have stopped it from becoming a massacre. Are you can't. Big eater no election middle school. The moments of terror unfolding and a seventh grade classroom. Authorities say students were taking a test when a male student asked to be excused the gunmen opening fire hitting a student and teacher but that teacher Jason seamen. According to students inside the classroom may have saved their lives launching a basketball at the gunman to distract him and then charging that injured teacher then directing students to run for help. Authorities are swarming the scene students. Escorted on buses out to safety net teacher and student rushed to hospitals where they're being treated this shooting coming after ten were gunned down at Texas high school. Something not lost on Caylee Osborne whose dad raced to this cool moments after the shooting it kind of not send it. Basically was in the desk. It didn't need to stop. It doesn't need to stop by god man I'm still I'm still a boy at heart and I won I've pitcher this in the area. First of all this teacher is Chuck Norris okay he did shot. Picks up a basketball pros that the guy and that charges them. When this if I heard Wright and them disarmed some. Off much. Of a. Saying is sick kids are not old people or her. Are useless. Some Columbus. Doug guts. Fortitude. A bonus. I'll stop there. But why now. But he was he was teaching a course and then and cool. That I had to a barely gotten out of that herb well. There might say otherwise okay. What a scene. Can you imagine that scene. The kids firing he hits the teacher. And a teacher throws a basketball I am I guess it was Jim collapse. Maybe. Go pro early suck at dodge ball. I dangers to operate its shot to an area. There's no basketball are bigger than bullets. But if it'd been the second ball. Now about would be if they do a movie about this guy and they probably should. LL pay teachers enough but a there's a good believe it before you can believe it now. If they make a movie. They should have a mail on what the sec basketball. Because of the first wind has blown at a hair yeah. Imagine the springs sound that would make. And I show us. Good samaritans. And tough people. When they're one in the same. Good stands a chance. We might caught my happened people. Weekend. I have that be the case. We can that we can keep it that way. But it takes guts. And I enough anger. To say. Not only this needs to stop. But that. It's not going to. Happened around me. Or if you wanna try. You can take me down swing and teacher of the year right there. On how how well he knows this stuff. But that those kids are governor you know anything you ever Garin. Starred with dawn home from school that day. When he helped facilitate that. Then he didn't have a gun. You gotta mention that. Mandelson literally outgunned one to knock them. Still want to shooting god it's a you. You why. Partition or the airline is bill. Teaching us how to do the impossible. Teaching us some things are more important than our fear. Way to go man. That's fabulous. Speaking of shots or some golf on TV cougar. One Vietnam on NB say. Kitchen aid senior PGA championship. They'll be the third round. Must say have been delayed it has been raining everywhere I look. Fort Worth invitational 3 o'clock on CBS. Hey. The nights are on antenna television. And they're also playing at home I don't know if they play on TV when there on the road. But yeah other so there's a night's game tonight. It's 704. Vs Indianapolis. So armor is that that the time passes right with the breeze. That breeze you feel. That summer. Common man. Sorkin slip away again. We only get so many and we don't even know how many taking that kid to a ballgame no. Remember forever. I know because I'm more others' kids. I'm not wanna feel good let's roll it back on. Have some history worth repeating. Now we get on either make room for John day. This Chris furlong WB tiara says they is 648. Which is coming. But what she got for now. Now see. All WB two. Look at Matt tone. I worry go I mean is an insult. Now. Can I made my rocking world go around. John Wayne's birthday. He be a 111. If you were alive and I'm kind of surprised he's not. Miles Davis. Born in nineteen twice six. Easy. Picture of may be Miles Davis. Run around and thirties playing as old trumpet. Trying to make people happy. Trying to make. Belo camp outage. So I'm mired in the Great Depression news. There's a little kids are stars bonus more. Please please pretty good he might be good of that. Birth of cool. The birth of cold bad. In 1991. Most border. Who I believe he's doing. Mostly boxing analysis these days is I mean also cultural ball but cultural ball doesn't last a lawyer. I got a lot of sound from down. For the Floyd Mayweather caught a McGregor five. And he sounded exactly the same ages sharper as could be. I mentioned as a birthday is 1939 he's almost eighty years old. Both of these guys do is just the stat that just stay strong no god he had missed debate. Russell saarc. Got a couple things I must say for tomorrow shed two hours today but I don't in the instead of rushing. Through. All all the good stuff I'm going to. Hang onto a couple of things. For tomorrow. We'll talk a little more ball Harvey Weinstein. Because it's such an appealing. Topic this is so pleasant. Let's say what if one person trees some by his daughter brother because the conversation we have. Then I guarantee you can't put a price on man. There's there's there's there's some things the simply. You you can't trade one for the other weekend. We can't protect our families. Too much. This is what it comes down to really remain. How many how many of these girls were. Over certain age and it. I'm I'm not gonna pain. Preying on children on the guy. But come on Europe. Europe. Hollywood mobile. A grown man maybe maybe you're capable. Of manipulating some of these people. And those who put their own feelings first every time it's not it's. It's not a bad thing to put yourself first every once in awhile. But the. People who do it all the time do you know what that requires the rest of us. And those who have have. Have a debt to pay. They want they just need to pay. So Lauren hill first. 1975. She went away pretty fast but. She got worse she she she. Reached the height she did because of her talent. And I'm always happy to see that when somebody can. Keep their butt in their britches. And folks still wanna pay attention. That's that's encouraging. To me. I'm hoping and always BO market for tasteful entertainment. They're not among have to come mobile some new material. Let's say you love I'm not the blue person but I've written some blue material Amal live via the dip into that bag below. Well we don't hear much longer. So Paul tell us one out also on now on the no I get it may baby I'm protecting the license. Oh god speaking of license. But turn 48 and two weeks. My license expires. A guy goes DMZ. She opens up about one the other questions in my. We has been eight year person's social wanna. I tell you it sure looked like a long time from now. When I saw 2018. On that new license. Lower LB almost fifty years old. Yeah sure well. I'm just hoping that hasn't become a morgue typical procedure. Over the past eight years. One would think it would be more streamlined. And that's what I'm hoping for. Mama gonna ask around and see what the best plan of action on that is. I'm from. The vivid view may be maybe you can help me now if rule taught we'll talk about this tomorrow morning if you if you if you knowing. Coach you can cracks him an email would you. Folks go to WBT. Dot com. And listen to some of the shows I haven't done the job promoting the podcast in the website the west should go to WBT dot com look under shows. And listen to sell them from the pass that we we've had a good time on here we don't have to do it in the morning weakened. We have put a time day or do it tomorrow morning at six this is Chris for all of.