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The Chris payrolls you know. Ask me that's me. I tried to do that's me that's me heiress to the thing. But there'll doesn't. Night. So I've. Found myself. Hopeless this. For the last time this morning. Hope you're doing well if you. I would say it's already 71 degrees. Plus as far as I know it's been 71 degrees on line wrong. He usually does drop buyer. Copilot digits Ryan around sunrise. Or maybe that's slowing and the winds are. Don't know on the one entered this just a tiny bit colder were forced on her us. Just to remind you that. You're at the bus stop and don't own a car. I wonder how much that little deal in the morning that sunrise does her car sales. Public transportation. And. And that's. Leaving for word that's the coldest part of the day it. Think Hogan sought to. See him park lost is far less on. Who lost. By unanimous decision. And one of the judges. Scored it one of the rounds ten ain't. Which again at 108. If you almost finished a fraud. So I got his clock playing. The guys behind walloped. Fourth thing. Back to the W doubly oral or make two million dollars a year. I was rude and forum just because when someone has a dream. I'm on their side of they've got the guts to pursue it. We all have dreams. Do we have the guts to pursue. Those two different things. Truth is this Fella had no business. Fighting professional fibers. And so far on. The list of prospects. In the scary division. Heidi and professional fighters would be up there. He didn't let that stop. I wanna congratulate our. I wanna congratulate him on. Following a drain. It didn't go the way planned. Most. Don't. We column dreams but what they are really. Our risks. Though we may or may not dare to take. And if you dare to take one. It's such up on such a public stage. Where. You could really really get hurt. I say professional wrestler. But this is not a big guy. These smaller than me he's crews are way. He is not a big person is not what you would picture. When you think professional wrestler. He's not Brock Lesnar. He could be standing. And fraud all via the gas station. You won blank a thing go. Yeah anyone out there. Literally put his neck on the line. And lost twice. Most times. Badly. He rest humiliation. To chase his dream. I don't think that's a failure. We lost the fights. Usually lose or. Andy very liberal sense. But he's not like our. Now today I'd rather go down flight and don't be afraid to step in the ring. He proved to the whole world twice. When you're not afraid to step in the ring. And so these guys are pretty good you know those holes and the sport the tough man contest. Tricia drains. What's the worst that can happen to wind up with nothing. Found dozens Selma to. Inviting a proposition when you put. But this is the time for dreams. Summer. Schools well. We got a graduation to attend this week. I've got one tomorrow night. My oldest daughter. I'd been driving her. To school. And preschool. This old girl never saw. The inside of the school bus. We're the inside of a daycare so there. Not part of her experience. Because her parents. Adjusted their lives. Jamaica. Who heard the priority. During her formative years. And I'm I'm I'm growl that. On the job we've done. Idols so much. Lower back. That my shining moments. As I do the result. I remember CEO on this little baby. I think my average listener is a parent. And so I believe this is relatable. And a bomb mistake and well let me know soon enough. I saw this little baby. The obstetrician. And myself. Were the first two people on earth. Whoever lay eyes on my wife was and disposed at the time. Our memories. But I remember this this baby I mean she was juiced. A healthy baby she was pretty big for baby but she was still. And newborn baby. It's the same person. I'd have blows me away. I I stand across. Promise. Seventeen year old lady. Who's about to go off to college. I think doll clothes shoes. She's aware holes she's a baby you'll you holder in your arms you have to do you have to driver everywhere. She can't move 200 miles away. Oh yes she can. And day. Your job. It is to deal with it gracefully. So so hard. Because I know. They're teenagers. Are all about. Their parents. On a date they love their parents who generally but. You go date today. You don't filter through your head. A lot to do with your parents. I know because I remember being a teenager. When I was graduating high school. I love my parents but they were basically people I lived worth while I waited to go attack the world. I was excited. I was sentimental. All I was too excited about the prospect. I love my whole life and for a. I think it as excited. As she is now. And as excited. As I was then. That's how melancholy. I'm feeling now. And the irony is. This is exactly. How it's supposed to unfold. What the past scene. Of dear. First Lady Barbara Bush. There was reports that George wasn't doing very well right afterwards. And can certainly understand why. Men are built now Lou of our wives. There's a reason we'd die earlier. We're supposed to do. If you law of the woman you're worth. Part of that love. This stripping yourself of the capability. Of being happy without them. That creates a vulnerability. So when you love. When you nurture when you raise a child. When you marry your spouse. It can be a very very wonderful thing. But. Love. Can hurt. Nick can hurt. More than hate ever law. Because there comes time. To let go. Of that which you world. And nothing. Prepares you for. I have five children ranging in ages from seventeen. Hate to. You would think I'd be the kind of person. A new pair could approach. For advice. Because I'm still. I'm still in the mix man I'm still on the fly I mean motherhood is my thing. As much as I love the show family is first. And it's so nice to be needed by such good people. It's very valid day. It makes you feel like you hadn't wasted your life up to now. Look around you look at your guarded in his growing. How could you possibly be doing that wrong. It's very life affirming. But time comes. Who let the baby bird. Tried to fly from announced. And as much as you want them to stay forever. It's right. That they fly. It's right. That they see more than the nest. That means you're doing it correctly. When the sadness hitch Hewitt. Seems kind of counter intuitive. But the correct approach would lead to this kind of feeling. But the feeling will pass. And I'll just get crowned again. Once I have a chance to use psychologically. And emotionally digest all this. I'm a prolific father. This is the first time I've had below one go. And loan. To say. There are mixed feelings. You could say the no lover so much. Paul wants to protector. I'm not going to be able do that anymore. She's gonna be out in the world. I could spend much time worrying that wouldn't change a thing. I trust her. But I still worry. I worry about the other people. I'll worry about her not seen something but if I were with terror. She would be aware. So much uncertainty. And it's just. As it should be. Well I referred to Barbara Bush leg got it because they were worried about George. And in the family sent out to a massive sand. Look we're going to be just fine no matter what happens the world is going to continue. Just as it should. So crossed the bush is off your list of concerns. Man to have that bravery. Maybe next time it will be easier 'cause I get to do this four more times. There's a big difference too in the first game in the second kid and I love how careful you are what the first one depending on the amount. He lives that you're seeing commercials they give great examples of it. But being more casual about parenthood does not mean caring less about your children. I. Love this person so much. Relinquish Sheen. The ability to protect them. There's one of the hardest things. I've ever done. You remember the other day asset folks some things are supposed to be hard. It's just isn't sure being. And I'm at peace with the job done. Love you kids folks they don't stay that silence. This is Chris furlong WBT good lord it's six strongly. 1110993. W breezy. Now what. I wish I could play the or had any other disarm. Who goes first girls from Israel through on WB two. Just apply. Wins the Triple Crown. Let the whole. Race. I don't know maybe he's the fastest horse out. Don't really follow horse racing when. When it sounds like. Now you would think this is not. But doesn't happen that off. But just the pie. Is the thirteenth. Force. To win the triple play. That's not an easy thing to do but apparently if you. Got a quick trot. Say that slow. But. He stand a chance slow. The time of dreams we've been talking about dreams. And new lives. Well justified just earned itself. A heck of a new life. Out there on the farm. Mary's sweet in my name is justified did you know I'll won the triple crow oh look at your doing minor. If. Nobody. Has better retirement and our resources. It's extraordinary WET. Leading. Charlotte's conversation. Unlike in the stone there's good. Those transferable. It's Sunday. Ayala has a little spiritual three. These churches next door moonshine still. All they exist. Always so that the remarkably good politician. He is an. Knowing when to stay out of the way. This. You don't let your ego. Wedge issue. Into the middle of whatever one else is paying attention to. I think. Good and now sir. Knows when to show up. And so I dislike you enjoy that little moment blues. I think that's OK I did so much. So much advice. Well. Research suggests. Man. Have you heard a show like this one before. It's because everything else is talker grand now. There's plenty of people throwing your red made. Just enjoy our Sunday more. I know that lots of view. Are awake. I would rather not be away. Most like the best stuff. Together. Might smile we might. Move our hips just a little bit. That's okay. Research suggests that that's okay. Is going to be OK. On the crisper Earl show. Until its the somebody L show. It was going to be next week cattle. But firs longer as word doing this. We're doing and our way. I consider you to be part of that. Worldwide the cursor arrow shows this is ludicrous for Russia. On WB CNN. New season of dreams. Summer is here. All the lights. Are huge round of pit at age were I have to lower my glasses. To read. Anything close to me some more space that. Charlotte knights are at home against. Lehigh Valley. Tonight at 704. Don't stop making fun of that by the way I believe it's. I believe it's a breast cancer. Awareness deal. So more power tool. More power to them. Game starts at 704. Wait. Let's Saturdays and hook up today's game starts at 205. But the breast cancer thing is still important I. But they are home today at 205. Still didn't used to being here on Sunday. Side usually dual sports in the third segment. Whichever our moods. Now got a little red meat for you all know. Probably like us. They're back and dig it up anyway I got to I got I got a comment from one of the fighters that's. Gonna be like a shot of espresso to a La. How old dig that up. Two Colby Covington. The rock field those signs knows by unanimous decision and what I understand. Was a pretty Good Friday. Calling home more. She's the one that kick grind arouse Lee's head into the tenth row remember that everybody's saying that. She won again last. And two judges gave birth to donate ground which means she about. Not sure opponent now. Any fight with 108 rounds that brings things got very interesting during the flight. There're such things is boring fights. But the bears lieutenant around. That's dance and on the wire. Pressure wandering. And wondering if this is going to be. Those are generally entertaining. I don't want anybody give her but these are professionals. Except for CM Parker was probably done. After his second straight defeat. NBA finals are over. Scalpel like time a year for sports. Sub par weigh in for a training camps in FL training camps to get started up. I believe I saw that Johnny man's well. Has made his debut. With the tiger cats. Of the Canadian football. And it looked like he did okay. Would it be something. If between. The anthem controversy. Which I think we can all to show little class insolvent on our own early do. But between that between. So much of the NFL fan base. Being disaffected. By the anthem controversy. Between that. And have Johnny Mann is well. Lou yeah everybody loves a good story. Johnny man's well. Did well in the CF well. Wouldn't it be interesting. Now the higher level plays in the NFL but what it'd be interesting. If there were folks that took a likened to the CF well. 'cause they. And their minds. Aren't watching a bunch. We're bullish millionaires despair in America. I was switching to a Canadian product seems like. That bit of a mixed message but. And Canadian football soul weird that are. There's feel old dissolve jacked up. I don't know why they did that this is like. 55. Yards on either so the ball on. Goal posts there. Near the front of the end zone. Itself like a broken neck waiting to happen I never understood. Because the NFL used to be the the goal posts. Were. On the goal line. You may very well have to knock up hold around to score a touchdown. But I don't know the whole. Accounts as part of billions. They say the goal line goes all the way up to the sky guess that wouldn't involve I guess that would include the goal post. Still pretty rough way to go. Scale on this next leg. My giving the ball the once you run directly. Drawn. Into the goal post. Nobody'll believe that the legislature ago. A where is just a touchdown do it like working here like Gordon in Canada do. But always man's oil well. And Canada. First of all very cold in Canada that as punishment enough for anything wrong he's done a stunt like the guy goes around. So like people find them then the bush is season. Young millionaires like party. Maybe said a few unsavory things both. I don't believe he's done any thing unforgivable. And I would lie to see yum. Go on to prosperity. And not wind up like Ryan leaf. Given Ted talks on discouragement. Because we know we we don't need repeats of that. Pace up. Was trying. We teach us. From fictitious mistakes. Those became. Arcane. And and so obsolete. And so it turns out. Folks up to learn from real mistakes. Why does tale might as well albeit TV star match will be a TV show that. It's like it's not real until your feeling your own pain. And that's unfortunate. Because there's so much we can learn by watching. This cursor arrow on WB to be it is approaching. 640. Eight's. Hollywood or two hours this morn it's a wonderful thing about Sunday for me is I get to spend that extra time when you. Move sings along nicely. I have an interest in life and to be able coming here and speak with you folks every week. Goes a long way. To keeping it together. And I want to thank you for that. This Chris Furl it WBT is now the aforementioned 648. It was 1110 1993. W brief T yeah. Yeah. On the Chris Villarrial show. Bush comes to is Saturday and Sunday morning now. Start at such horrible. I don't do this or no drama trying to get. The habit of doing. Those of news. Who are crazy and I'll. Do not want to give up six lay down there on the weekend. Militia path to. Mud spill caught the show watch your lives and. Adolescent school. Podcast to critics this did not go. Yeah we'll just look. It's existed for sixteen months a I'm just not very good error or memory to mention. But they've talked to me about that. My job is about to get a lot more cyber. Don't worry you won't hear people on here. I'm as excited you or. What. But we should be excited it's the beginning of summer. Grants us today. At night stadium. Again night game is at 205. I'm not sure what constitutes princess day. But if you have bold print social on taker out there and find out guess that sounds like blast. My five. War. Or of the female persuasion. Where's my wife was there with those. Meehan the boy. I have won the dogs. We represented the testosterone. Contingent. And is there any thing more testosterone. And the UFC. There's any thing. Get your blood blown open. Like the United States of America. Well I have a combination. Try not to just want yourself out of bed after you hear this young man Colby Covington. One the UFC. Interim. Welterweight championship last night. And he might not have a realistic grasp. On. Exactly what kind of attention. This is going to garner for him. But. He shouldn't per plows and he's letting people know it. He's not just tell them about. Himself. He's telling them about themselves. Ladies and gentlemen you have season. Welterweight champ Colby Covington. Is coming right up as soon as I turn the slider up. I did everything I said I was gonna do I told everybody doesn't make the local edition gradient. Phenomena celebrate how under real American should celebrate when a volatile and that's going to the White House to see mr. Donald Trump politicize this. Unlike that the show Philadelphia Eagles this is done. Just glad manual for the National Anthem. I'm up. The feel good belly. I gotta get it right well what we'll logical given to those who have more time monocle. A CCMR Donald Trump politicized desk and one of the Phil Philadelphia Eagles. And I hope you'll but don't really Eagles. All of my guide. I think this kid loaded. Yeah I don't like the disrespect dean of tradition neither. Well you didn't vote for the guy. So you're not gonna listen to a home say hey good job. We should problem. Germany grapes. Old never turned down a chance to make a political statement. Bong. You putting your. Slant on things. Is not always the most important thing. Especially when the people around you are trying to be nice. Trump didn't invite the Eagles to have try to convert them to voters. It was following protocol. He was being a professional. And it's not my decision to make. Or anyone else. What if I were in that position. I would go. No matter who the president was. Out of worse that. For the office. And 2% myself. Humble lead before distinction. You need depth votes burqa is. You fall down the mountain. A lot quicker than you climbed up. This Chris furlong WBT it's 7 o'clock.