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WPT. Chris Ferrell show. You're not fooling anybody. Irvine those your voice talent. Your rarely talent talent and I'm so good at this job that they let me work another birdie hours away put the Mike off. They most love. You. This is my song for song they are born now. About exploration. Nice day like this try something different. Just talk about courage. Expedition. Discovery. No just because we can see the entire world from outer space. It doesn't mean there are things we can still the stroke. It was a blue marbles got all kinds of little look she's crying. I'll bet there's some interest things oh my god. How would like to visit there sometime. That would be my. Note that they'll be my take of our. You know while extra terrestrial. Looking at earth. I would just be like wow. We've been all over the place. Place just looks darn near interstate. Solid blue stuff. Looks kind of nice source alliance. But they'd burn on cable news. Okay. Cook it slow. It back to the ship now. Maybe. Maybe our home planet isn't as bad as we thought. Assuming they are peaceful. Our week. Do we appreciate our plan at the way we should. The gift of life. That's a pretty good Sunday topic. There are folks out there. Who all they know. About the everything question all the way though is they don't. But there's this thing inside of you want to be. Grateful. You want the banks are more. Why is such a gift. 010 thanks so humble. Sunday's a good time to think about. How do you do that. And how would say the way to express gratitude for life. There's two perpetual light quality of life. For those around. Basically loving your fellow human beings. That's the best way to show appreciation for life. Amicus you can stand and all the picket lines you want that's that's fine with me. I'm glad you've got the spare time. But the way we live every day. If we each knows. To do it. And away. They're considered the fact that we're not alone. Not always putting ourselves first. Embracing such concepts as the greater good. That's how you show appreciation for life. Even if you don't think you can find the source of it. You can be grateful without knowing exactly who the fact. And those of you. Who were on a path. There has brought you peace regarding all that. Congratulations. And may you may you find all the B Xu pursuit. Might that be that may that be. Call your story. Writes itself. Because I do believe. It's the proper. Approach to life. As I mentioned. Life is a gift. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. And though we've been seen evidence of that in our headlines lately. Anthony board banned Muslim. The latest. So clever idea sounds kind of sounds kind of cheap post mortem don't refer to someone as a celebrity. Culinary legend. Anthony board Dan. There's speculation that missiles. Over a broken heart. And the man brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people I. I think we. No one not look back. French investigators try to piece together what led same TV host and chef Anthony board Dane. To take his own life ruling out any suspicious activity and saying toxicology tests are being done authorities trying to help his family understand what led to this tragic and his mother Gladys ordained tells the New York Times his close friend told her he had been in a dark mood these past couple of days fellow travelers. This is what you want. This is what you need. The best selling author turned rock star hosts of shows no reservations and parts unknown created a food and travel empire. In 2006 while shooting episodes 119 he unknowingly injured a war zone later thanking US Marines who got his crew out safely. Before Dane died in a region he loved and where he filmed before the prospects in 2014 episode he's shown enjoying a lavish meal. Adding a sentiment more bitter than sweet. No never eat like this again in my life Jeff Nelson. He did and as soon as we go to the good of a mile in my life. Well it does sound like the man. Did his share. Of savoring. Not just rude but life. Seeing these different places. I understand he was 61 years old. I am sad for his departure. I am how. Happy that if he were to leave us early which she chose to. Aria when you get to that point I don't know it feels like the choice some grand isle Paul fire this yeah. You know what I mean. But the man got a lot that 61 years. My. Heart goes out to his family. All of these. Little bit of that's worth. There's a lesson here. And if we can't take some good from tragedy. In tragedy becomes definitively. Senseless. And our brains are too big for that. We confined to lessen if we look. And we need to look every time. We don't need to waste. Opportunities. To learn more about the human condition they can keep us farther away from such an act ourselves. If we better understand what can lead up to such a thing. You see yourself head in towards the beach. If you don't want to go to the beach no you better term I'll. This is the same thing. You see life going a certain direction. Unless you want to continue down that path. You have a conscious choice to match. I so wish. But he had. Brought this'll more. I say the same with Chris Cornell and why do I presume that they didn't. Because it was such a shock. Konerko bank didn't surprise anybody. There was a second suicide attempt in two weeks. Those who. Where the facade when they must. Volleys social generally happy but when they all art. You don't necessarily know it. It's hard to picture. Kate Spade Wyoming. But I you know in your mind. We're your thoughts are trying to take. The rest of us may not note that. From the outside. As close as we all are to you. And as much as we lobby. That doesn't make us mind readers. If you law but somebody. Don't. To arrive. Bob good chance. To help keep you here. Because I don't think. There is a suicide victim. Anywhere. Who was just all out of love. This at the law of hurt more than it helped. If that's what's going on inside a view. Tell someone you love. We're just seek out a professional what's got you depressed there's. Your so alone. Seek out a professional. And just consider that. The first step up the whole. And then. Do like physics intend to stay in motion. You. Do have the power. To change your course. It sure worse. You warpath vision worse. When you have the right. Inability. To change it towards us on why. You don't have to follow darkness to its source. Just turn around turn around annual fine people. Waiting to help you. And appreciate today. We always leave out our own hand. And doesn't have anything to do with the older or. Just sit here and turned 48. I know. That. It's still today it still now. And that's what we have and what we. Do with now. Can help us. Album most things if we let. Look for help don't be embarrassed. Don't BM bare all you know how very many people. Have walked. Partially down this path. Not only will you not run into ridicule. You run into gratitude. I am so glad you came to me with this. Giving a person who loved issue. A chance to help you. I think could be. I'm very. Life affirming action. The first step up. You might feel it. But second. You decide. Not to face this alone. Then you're not alone. You're not alone. This is Chris furlong WBT. It is seven not nineteen go. Leo it's slow as some day to me it's not find something that's Sunday morning. I've gone easy on you all up to now. I've only got three segments left and it's my birthday. Preferred prepare to get your head while. Besides this is relevant. This doesn't come to town on the birthday. It's not beyoncé. But you know I don't think I can go. Like there was any doubt that was Sawyer. I don't think I can go is supposed to be my last chance. I don't think. Not. Then I can't afford or can't delay hearing Finland I could have Bihac pocket make it happen. I don't think my poor little heart could stand. I'm olden off to remember. When caught Cirque crowds. Were sealed. Bodies. And lighters. And beer can and as you know you see the occasional. 35 millimeter camera and a strategic place that. Know some fans singing kid was opened. No impresses bodies without. If I went to a slayer con shirt. And saw a sea of LCD screens. Rich is what I would likely see. I don't think my little markets stand. But I do like being. Part of the greatest. Generation. So far as concert chorale olds. We went crazy man you see are feet sticking straight up in the air. Look how little loop. Normal somehow we always did. Most of us. It closely party atmosphere or sounded better than others. And besides. I'd have to choose doing that Joseph Biden. At the Joseph Biden's on Monday at the bell. Released Tuesday he's well. He's twelve slayer is thirteenth. I remember that because I wondered aloud if Joseph would just stand down an extra day to catch the slayer concert. If you don't know this I want to say about the short quick hits tonight. Ovens auditorium. Jordan be Pedersen has going to be in town forums. Overrules life ball where. Incredibly. Uninteresting guy you would not be able ago. And not learn something that's tonight. At Auburn saw toward him. And this is 7218. On the course for OSHA. Now. This is first where. I knew one day. That's. Being what's would generally be considered understaffed. Would. Would show what would gather at the downside would would show itself. Ten dollars. At Dulles. Getting used to a lot of new equipment. Plus some very old very very old so. I just I just want you all forgiving me for that kind. I don't ignore the obvious by trying not to beat it to death in there. Polls are searching for what that's worth. Some people doable for sure but enough. Armor original. Missing man was found alive and well in Gaston County. That's good news. Russell Richard Roby. 55. As she found alive and doing fine. Welcome home each year. That's not the only person. We welcome for. Burke counting. Care of well. But now. You know they're looking for. Somebody. Left three dead bodies on. And a toddler. On injured. Wholesale unharmed. Rough behind along with the three bodies on. Uninjured toddler. To. Wade through the mess until some wine and whoever they were showed up. There's a reason. One would thing. But you haven't come forward to tell your story. Kenneth Powell Burke county. It's time. Juice up. All war. This is skill and I know. It's impossible. Impossible. To do something like this. And not wish she could take it back you have to be a Psycho lunatic. Annual or life up to this point you're an older gentleman. There's nothing about your life up to this point does suggest that. I know this is staring you know. Do what you can to make it right from here. It can't be fixed. But there's still. All right way to handle. Absolutely. Come forward tell your story sir. Give those who mourn the loss of family. The chance to learn more. About what happened. Haven't mentioned the president much today. Spent very busy. Went to G-7. I believe bull early. I understand. He was tore to arrive in Singapore. By 630. Our time this morning a war over an hour. That Kim Jong who was already there. This is important. I love. Just well. Though the context of the meeting. Is progress. Not war pollution. This isn't the Cuban missile crisis they're not getting together and emergency session. To keep a disaster from happening. I mean you can look at the long game and say that yeah away and they are. But this is about making things better. Not keeping things were getting works. This is a wonderful wonderful thing. And I am very. Very glad it's happening. I believe what I've said before that Kim Jong on. Sees. A fascinating world out there that they'd like to be part of and does. A world leader. Could really really enjoy being part. So fairly young man. No trumps different things to different people but if you just me mommy school. He's Donald Trump to Maine. He was. Yelled a Bob. Boxing enthusiast you as a boxing booster. You know I was oh I was in the boxing council. Don't troubles all over the place. Then associated with politics. Just associated it was some cool. Well lots of people see him. I think Kim Jong well you might see him that way. I think he sees him half by Ivan. Mac brawn than. The other world leaders and you'll still some of that action. Even if you are king. There's only so much to be addicted to one kingdom. He wants to be a horrible world and I have. High hopes her illness. And the president. Straw. Abe and a very reasonable. Tone. Going into this. Remember last week. We played about sixteen minutes of the president just speaking. With the brass about this. And he's not entering this with a chip on shall. He's in there with. Okay my name is Donald. Nice to major. All we got stuff to talk about don't. It's easy to be respectful. With that attitude. Then I think one. Kim John Owen wants. Is respect. He wants to be seen. On equal footing. What the other world leaders. And being an isolationist. Who like stub. Blow things up underground as. Brought the joy to who is like that it is gonna break. And so I see this as a positive just. As as nothing but a positive. If they leave this summit having made. A little bit of progress. That's something to build on. Their plays just walk out shake and there has gone I'll not power ever gone. At least they've spoken with the child her. At least they've met face to face. At least they've seen each other. As human beings. Rather than just. Detractors. Through the me. It's easy. To dehumanize. The two dimensional. Just talking out your from a scurrying. And taking whatever they say. Then using that to form your definition. Of who that person knows. It's easy to take a face. In a statement. And put them together. And decide. That that's the person. It's not. We've got to stop trying to learn about each other. From a districts. It paint sin accurate picture. Do you want to be working on good information. Then they get to know your associates. This people. I'm not saying and I'm up hot well. Dinner together as saying join their church. I'm sane see the person first. And this statements. Will be given new context. And it might not be is threatening measured bought. The president goes in from a position of straw. That's a good place to go down. He doesn't have to be the tough guy here. And he can be. He commit charming guy. I think he has a many Mobutu's. And he is going to be and diplomatic. Dealmaker mode. During the summit. On roll he knows very well. You might have heard the president say in the past day or so I'll put gum on the one the first myth or whether or not they're serious it's. It's it it's what I do. On this one and I totally believe. He's ending his element here. That makes me that much hopeful. But Dwyane. Kim Jong-Il on wanting more out of life. And the ever. This would be in the president's cap. I see a win win. I'll feel good about. I think you should do. But in the meantime. Let's hope. And pray for the best. And do what they are hopefully doing with each other at the summit. And that's. Hitting a longest human beings. So many problems would answer themselves. If that was our default position. Tell love rather than to judge. We can work ourselves. And make that closer to the reality. I don't think that's a bad thing to think about on Sunday morning. Which it is this is the crisp Errol show. On WBT radio. Emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina. On ice Sunday morning. It's 71 degrees and up. Now the Charlotte tackle I think. And it is edging towards 7:50. AM you better get up and put that down man churches soon. On the gross. Earl show on Sunday morn and trapped in an up here. I'm not did okay for two hours. Two hours from Mosul number loneliness man in show business. Comment I'm at least tied I could be more alone. It's just me and here. Me on the clock dental plus so ripped up pieces of pipe. Held outside to celebrate the birthday. There's a warm up. Off after bird. And others people. Carl. What some people have to do for a living I I think about them all the time and there's nothing this is. I mean in this business forever out of FF. Somebody showed up and salaam and your host now. I would just. Assume I didn't get the mail about being applies not just on the border. But for right now. Tom have been a heck of a time. I'm glad dollar with me. Lots to do is going to be a nice day. It's summertime. The other graduation to attend. There's one ovule worse. He's doing okay. New TSA. Grow good 96 year old woman. And and that's that's all I got them out wrestle ago. If you go to the beach. I want should be careful. Not. There's use things called rip currents. There's these things called sharks. And there are these things called. Partying that. School kids. Who aren't necessarily. Going to watch your way across the street. As you travel. First of all good lord go with. I don't think any of us get. From place to place. But down low but a hell. Now we think about what we think is dangerous. Things we don't think about can sneak up all parts. And during this time of celebration. Widespread celebration for Manny Manny. Many reasons up I've got I've got a kid that's not graduating. This just happy is sect that summertime you know. People are thinking about other things. And it's wonderful. To be able to let your mind. Goes where. We believe part of your mind on watt chair okay. You could wind up. Keeping yourself from being hurt being you could wind up saving somebody's life. Think about party uses lots of folks take. Unnecessary chances. Mail all involved just. It nomad girl lay electrons leak. I want you. Back here next week. As safe as you are now. What a fun story. This is crisper Errol it's 8 o'clock I love.