CMPD Chief Kerr Putney re Shootout at CLT HQ on The Pat McCrory Show with Bo Thompson


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933 I'm WB TI vote times and recapping our top story locally here this morning. Shooting. And the police headquarters parking lot last night in uptown Charlotte wary murder suspect opened fire on cops. Who returned fire killing 23 year old Jonathan Bennett. Who allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend earlier in the day 23 year old Brittany wife was found dead inside the residence. The couple's infant daughter was gone taken by Bennett. The police say she was later found unharmed. And police officer. Wounded in the leg last night expected to be okay. We bring on the line right now the chief of police in Charlotte Mecklenburg we heard him address the media last night about 12:30 or this morning about 1230. And he is with us now achieved for Putney good morning sir. Are you I appreciate you being here I'm doing okay am here with former governor and mayor Pat McCrory before we get to anything further what can you update us on what's the latest. Since we last heard from you. What will be put some more information Border Patrol boat. The name of the officer. Casey will be. Talk about how long he's been on and that kind of thing just the normal information. Were still moving down the road lit the investigation. Looking at all possible video. And just trying to piece it all together and make sense of everything that happened and we continue to. Keep the office and our prayers and also pray for the family of the deceased we got to know that. Everybody's been impacted this is this is a pretty big incident and will last but it didn't have a more tragic outcome. But she via I think that's an excellent comment to make their lot of victims in this is this the families of the police officer shot I'm sure worried. The family of fellow officers and also by the family of the victim and that portal girl that won't have parents at this point in time for the rest of her life and our prayers need to be with her. Did this man get out of his car when he began shooting or did he stay in his truck. Again being given to only all the big still around but right now he was not in the vehicle at the time that the shot of fire is is the evidence that we're seeing in this sport. Are there any actions I know when I used to ride with you many many years ago the police would meet in the parking lot around the lobby here one of the copper concerns before they go at it night. And I noticed you had other officers including probation officers there what was their was were they out to coordinate activities arrests that night. Well they are doing and our operations. And related. Just like we do all over the city. This could have been any part of a lot. I think guard you can say unfortunately but I actually fortunately it happened here what we had quite a number of officers. And down here just awhile awakens us to the reality of the dangers that come along with this job so. I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about in. And just drank the office's board their heroism last night it was a down. It was amazing. Com. We're reviewing everything that we've seen Elway and and I can't wait until the whole story comes out because there's a lot to be proud probably the opposite behaved even though this is a tragic situation. Well one thing I agree would viewers or your patience because I'd like to ask ask more details about. The details but one thing we've learned with police shootings is. We need to be patient to find out their real story before people jump to conclusions. Sir apple and what we need to be patient floors so that we can get the facts. We wanna make sure that everything we say is absolutely supported by evidence in fact. We don't wanna go any motion that is an emotional time obviously it said Lotta loss on all sides. Just pray for that the also will continue to kill and everybody will move through it but. It's a tough time and now we just a little bit of patience so that we can get the real story and all the facts now. Everybody can see exactly transpire. One more story if there's an official record of this and you can talk about it the the person the victim who was shot. And killed did he have previous arrest records as are any more you can tell us about him. Where's or anything beyond domestic violence that he had been involved within the past. Let them I'll be honest with you this is. This is the human story. People like to talk about numbers in in everything else in people's history but I spoke with a far. And I can tell you he's a good man. He's heartbroken. And what I'm not gonna Google by anybody in this in this situation is there is an awful loss on all sides. I'm just very. Thankful as I think this community should be for the quality of opposite nick Albert people we have working here. And I'm glad that. We got out of this with let injuries are officers feeling. She's we're blessed she's so you know if I happen to an all critter like me holes that I can be is in our business she is so. We got a lot to be thankful for but also. We got to make sure we keep in context the amount of loss that we all suffer here. You know all the mile loss and we're very fortunate also that there wasn't more loss and may be thankfully did error occurred in that parking lot where other officers could defend each other. And we agree it's it's a blessing and a curse on it shows us to know I talked to be officers who work a lot. We got to do better to make sure they're safer. If this were something that happened during the day at a public building we just got to be more awful about how we. Insure the safety of our people who keep what they can put their life so log online and that's part of what we're doing right now today assessing how we can make it safer. But at the end of the day there is truth in her inherent. Dangers that come along with the job and I'm proud of the people who. Put themselves on honor and sacrifice to make sure our cities safe. Well listen I'm sure you've been up all night you've got to communicate with the public and also would your own police officers and I'm sure you're gonna. Help help the police officer in their family and also the victim and her family and I commend you talking to the father because. There are a lot of people hurt and they're all Brothers and sisters and mom and dads out there that are RB in him impacted by this terrible terrible. Occurrence. I think I'll say is less. Eventually we got to convince young people. That they can talk their way out of conflict you don't have to grapple weapon. You don't have to put other people's lives in danger and I'm just thankful that the caliber of officer and people that we have here for a pristine beauty in the city trial. Who will do everything they can make us safer and just problem. I'm proud you chief and I'm proud you're officers and please give our best interest or will. Chief button you always come on no matter what's happening I appreciated and please stay in touch. You know how well our.