CMPD Officer Charged with Misdemeanor Death

Scott Fitzgerald
Thursday, July 13th

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What was the last time you at a hundred miles. Thought we honest and probably done right. Good good back in the days of having a Chevy should maybe you could because these phenomena yours. Well they don't let the 85 so you had to sort of estimate to yourself and maybe even a lot of yourself and say hello I am just going really really fast. A hundred miles an hour so that's how fast the officer was gone here when they are struck the pedestrian. Officer Philip barker Tony for charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle your mr. stokes talking about that just a moment ago. I am just trying to imagine. What that would be like to go a hundred miles an hour on the west morehead because that's where it happened doesn't. Mean. When I drive it in the morning I've become a prominence and attention more and obviously and there are a couple of different stretches there that blow me away that the curves in in the Myers park area there were on Providence. A curse you and 5060 miles an hour and is so narrow there. And it feels really really fast in a feel very very scary. And have been a hundred miles an hour before my car. Been a while there's a a stretch of highway. It's just it's a straight away in Lawrence for Indiana where my father lips. And it's about a mile and a half long when you come around a corner he had gone it you gotta straightaway you can see everything for a for the entire stretch him. And I got over a hundred miles an hour there and its allied road and in aim at them like being an uptown. So what in the hell is a cops thanked him what is so damn important. That a hundred miles an hour is appropriate. On that road. Miles an hour thirty mile an hour zone. What kind of ticket would that be if you were just a regular old civilian and you have pulled over by the cops obviously be political reckless driving. Probably something above and beyond that wouldn't mean going a hundred miles an hour and a thirty mile road. Building you possibly do worse would be to do that during a school zone during the day when school's in session. So the other press conference came out yesterday. Dutch secret buttoning. So bitter Parker who recently completed via departments mandatory post training probation period. Was placed on administrative leave without pay following the incident. And then these charges charges were were flown. And the charges. I enough. Misdemeanor death by vehicle. I don't think it goes far enough. To me this seems to. Ned Ned what is maybe. If you're an attorney. I would love to hear from you and get your take on this here because to me and it seems like we didn't go far enough. But he said it's not an easy decision to make to look into the laws be compelling factor was the speed. Who'll listen to circle the obvious time. We always talk about accountability introduce former going to hold ourselves accountable and he said it's a mistake of my head and out of the heart. A big mistake and it. I don't know that if I were worthy of family members. That I would accept this. I think there'd I know I'd be pushing back content are you F in kidding me this is all you're gonna do. A hundred miles an hour thirty party a thirty mile hours on. Under what circumstances could you possibly imagine that whatever was going nine. Was so important. That you need to drive that fast. On that road. The officer. Well there were partnership. Have the right intentions but sometimes we use the youth you don't have the experience you don't have the knowledge you don't have the time. I'm assuming a means of the time in as a police officer. The attorney for mr. Burkle migraine said he was surprised when the department issued an arrest warrant for his client. Hosted a given us a chance to tell our side before this rushed decision. How why would you wait for a decision like this. Again a hundred miles an hour is really damn fast. Especially there yeah I flew marker you're exactly right I don't know that I can't think of a vote of eroded. In town. Women. You know within the confines of inside of you know the Boeing. Than a hundred miles national work. Independents. You can do that and independents be on the freeway part here on the freeway perhaps we've got a lot of for a lane street street. With no turn blame in the middle. Right and they're narrow lanes to begin with right there's a tremendous crowned the road so your always gonna be driven back and it'll left yes it's bumpy is that Dickens. Hundred mile sooner. Unwilling it's enough and if you want don't called Jimmy and email Scott at WBT. Dot com misdemeanor. Death by vehicle. I usually get it mean to do this. But I. I would make the and into contention here I would contend that. There are very few circumstances were a police officer should get into a situation where they're driving that fast even if it's it's an even become to a police chase. So women that that the opportunities. The potential for something to go really really wrong. There's just too strong. 7045701110. Just it's a social sent. Didn't have to happen Chris Wragge morning you're on WB team. I enjoy Amanda I've heard. Well how old the top. And he's 24 usual care good not bad I had a friend. When you're together as a cup. And yet there are this particular cops yeah science you have to have sort of a mindset if they're they're about content and are below. Over the top and that others are and what. You know deputy shot a lot of feet he's reckless and nearly young and made the other cheek at the company says it now. There you are a sure and that's factored in are not saying that he shouldn't have been. Captured got a problem. I think it absolutely has something to do it and and being being a young cup and not being there all that long enough being in on duty for that long. He I guess in the adrenaline still gets proper and when that when there's a call for something there and once that kicks and boy I tell you what it kind of it overwhelms your brain. Actually overwhelms your brain email. Case does not have malice their force manslaughter. However when these aggravating element to should be felony death and assault with a deadly weapon. Put together he'd be brings up a really good point what was the call that he was responding to a few know that answer let me know seven before function and 1110 break the the Muller investigation into what what may be happening with Russia is getting pretty. Pretty in depth and the team that's being put together. 68 Timmy throughout the OJ Simpson was entertained I tell you what would this one is gonna this one's got some claws in and talk about that plus dug a ditch your call to. It's on the way next year and a BBT dug him to get your club just a moment your donor go to a ABC's Brad Garrett. Thursday a team being assembled here. Kind of reminds me of pose it to you it was a movie that Kevin Costner was in that that have to do with the team the FBI team that they put together for Al Capone. You know you do sort of stacked them all up there and and that seems to be the case we will Robert Mueller is doing. I highly specialized team now red -- you've been around the FBI long long time here so. These some of these names here in their backgrounds have to make you think. Whoa these are these are some big bats year maybe there's some smoke could and perhaps and fire after wrong. Well I think he wrote it is creeping. If you gotta all the people together. That know what they're looking for and how to get it. For example he's got one of the former prosecutors. How low Watergate. We got the lead prosecutor for Enron could follow money complicated money hasn't been around. He's got experts and Russian organized crime which are truly relevant to the K. And finally got cyber expert but I got to look at among many things. Although they didn't they can call me and let me go into the Internet we look forward each election in which. In and no one could argue that you pick up Russians that the question is if somebody director that there would cause somebody provide good information copa. I look at you and I you know have no inside baseball here. That's not what I that there is going to be straightforward. And it's gonna take a lot of digging a lot of work in your top of the year troops there anymore. All I remember back during the Enron investigation via. The business dealings with these entities that were essentially inside Kennedy's two where to hide money from door to hide their. There the liabilities to the bank were so complicated but they were they were right there in the open. And the the number of documents was in the thousands and thousands of pages in the prosecutors who will. We'll make this a summary anyway is being known 800 pages make another summary name is just. So complicated I would imagine that whatever sort of business dealings they may be looking into. We'll have that same sort of flavor wouldn't they were there's just so many different radicals to try to try to chase. We have an open chase who went shoe ads you know billionaire oligarchs in or and Russian organized crime figures because they're going to be all over there. Even makes it more complicated yeah so. You know miraculously been and this for Warner body they're gonna have to function. The that the attorney here Natalia vests whatever the hell I would pronounce your last name. I was one of the attorneys that was involved in a corruption. A money laundering. Some case in New York that that the attorney general. Dismissed too good to have a settlement but not all that long ago but at the somewhere around may. Tied him with a all these same sorts of people here does that strike you as something that's curious. So of course you know it shouldn't they are still kids pop up because solution that is available. You know our connection another guest to the Kremlin organized crime bill and works. This gonna go on and on and on about. Music relevant. The question at hand at that still remains to be sure. It does he gets it a convoluted situation you're. When if ever in the ES somewhat near future do you think we're ever gonna start hearing some details about this or are they gonna wait until everything's put together they put the ball on that in the lay it all out. Well lower the standards for food Ferrero and private. And so I don't think you'll get in thinker and a shop now we have all these parallel investigations go on in the house and senate. And you know reporters obviously doing their own investigation so. There's going to be paying them a cop out like for example. Byrd jr.'s email. So you know they're local happen that was now in the irony is a smaller screen out certain things pop out. And act a bill paley counsel that probably know little company shop. So thorough and private that's a change. That Robert that's gonna. That's a big got. Brad Garrett FBI extraordinary and there with the ABC appreciate your insight and yet this is it's going to be fascinating to watch witch hunt know Lindsey Graham. Spoke with the the gentleman who would be the FBI director ray yesterday and he can essentially sit at the end no this is not a witch and I don't believe it is for a minute. A couple of emails to a to help clarify things would be in this situation would be the police officer. The he was driving a hundred miles an hour he had a green light and and the sirens on and the lights go on and the dude still walked across the street so. There's obviously some. And him. Slight oversight on the other part of the other pedestrian here so. So the dumpsters put the bad situation and wish you were 700 miles an hour which we didn't have a good person that. When it all comes down to have been based upon those details it makes a lot of sense that this is a misdemeanor situation Doug hi you're on WB to good morning. It's got good morning. I was gonna leave this alone until the last caller called in about that young cop that he knew. Years and years ago because the pedestrian was crossing against the light. However this goes back to something. That you and I discussed on the anniversary. Are Shelton Clark's. Murder. Soc which you last month about that I need. An inference about the difference between a peace officer a police officer or. Our law enforcement Nazi German conversation I do remember very well okay it was a very good. Indication. The type of people that they are recruiting nowadays. Now some people may say this year and it was full hasn't senator. However when I started out I would not and I will be. Really wanting to know if this guy considers himself a Leo. A police officer or peace soft serve because as a lot to do with your mentality. And it you are that the gung ho to where you are not aware. Your surroundings and help faster going you really do not to deserve to be an opposition. It's pretty strong statement. Welcome somebody who's been doing that's so of course I'm not our streets and on the list. Buffer so he's been doing this since 1995. When I first started out very early on my first year I had the opportunity come across. A group of hunters who had strayed into either preserve or was they had shot a deer they've taken it it was inside. They were looking at losing their rifles or driver's licenses their vehicle and our personal possessions. So look you made a mistake take you deer get out of here and don't ever come back. They made a mistake and I was not out here to prepare vault about it. Net again is the difference some these people all they're doing is looking for an example to show off their shiny new batch. And now I quite disagree what should I don't. I don't think that that's the case in this particular situation not I don't believe that this was area. A cowboy moment for this kid. You know I believe it was a careless moment but again it comes down to that mentality. I'm doing this aren't caught up in the moment and I can't control myself that's why I think kaput. If if they were dealing with the day you know a cop shooting and shots fired situation I can understand somebody wanting to get there at that rapid clip. Accident with the injuries. Yet here you wanna get their soon as you possibly can't swarm porn free domestic get their fast those opposed to a police officer because they're fast so. Yes big into a way too fast and Benedict the consensus will be and I will agree and enjoy in this side that says you know what chances are the punishment is probably right for the for another situation. I would agree with and again you know I'm not saying this kind of bad person I'm just saying. It's the mentality this being drilled into the nowadays. And I died I don't disagree with you and I do believe that there are folks and all three of those categories that you referred to him hi good morning on WB team. Important. And given the best I get what he got fortunate. You didn't Google we were terribly don't. Or more number you are and can't do. Then he told me that we eat. First win on the bull for. Years and years and here a bit but under the impression that he was going great moral example clean war. EPA's. Don't 08. Delegates. Yeah I don't very quickly if he would go out to rip knew he was not allowed to worry. Me and they tell him they're very quickly. They were just for no other word that an email and everybody had her. Picture. Let. Them eat it seemed deliberate and who. There are people quite certain we're looking the other at a critical point lead we would know. Yeah sent us some some make an example of others is just you know what. We like to keep them in this system here Tim can you do it for me in about thirty seconds. Sure okay. Because if not I'll carried the other side go ahead. I got different strip police officer criminal. Is one decision that it. Explain it decided to go arm out an hour. I don't think this being the main criminal I don't think that's failure crime just somebody who under bright doing net debt to crack. Well visited it descended the car led misdemeanor you know the misdemeanor death by vehicle itself circle I want one decision split second decision to change everything. And and I guess we'd have to see the same thing about about the of the pedestrian at one decision that they made. And things that they ignored the signals that they ignore top ignore the fact that a hundred miles an hours by too fast. The other person ignored the lights and a walking against the like his he didn't have via. The go ahead two to cross the streets. I'll get you causing your emails coming up Karen Travers with ABC's gonna join us about the latest from the White House that's all on the way and WBT. Not ready for high they're good morning. Maybe Scott FitzGerald and a graduate this year. Saw the president of the United States and we would. She president of friends of Matt Carle. Says the air and to wait for the arrival right now because he's going to be a big goal to do about this big ceremony for a president comes to a cure here. So other than this Andy little interview with Penn rob. It's and he's been kind of low key here Karen Travers what you've been doing all week. But the president is in behind closed doors but the White House says he's been very busy. He's holding meetings with his national security team talking about cyber security meeting with officials talking about trade in the economy and health care but. You wouldn't know it from his public schedule because he didn't have won all week he never talked about any of those issues publicly. Instead that's why the rush issue is just the big headline in Washington all week. And it didn't seem to be nine down and he's not doing all that much seems to to quell this sure. To do anything to distract from it. Yeah I you know he does the interviews yesterday comments again and and percent publicly I should have a camera talking about the Donald Trump junior story and today he's got a press conference in just a couple of hours in Paris with the French president and I would bet a shiny quarter that that's what he's going to be asked about by the American side an immediate from the French side to you because we've certainly seen. Foreign reporters keying in on some of the headlines that are dominating here as well. What will the reaction be from the White House you think has some of the Republicans. Essentially issuing an ultimatum that that they should be the congress should be forced to start investigating Hillary Clinton's emails again and especially Democrats don't stop talking about. All of this potential collusion with a Russian government do you think. I mean all I do think one thing that was presented yesterday the White House briefing and we certainly heard is that. This isn't just Democrats up on Capitol Hill who are raising flags and concerns about. This that you know Gina Donald Trump junior released in just this tick tick tick of more stories. Republicans are saying this is. Really problematic problematic for the agenda that they're trying to do problematic. For the message command the White House and advance freezing amnesia was used even by a Republican just saying you know how to keep forgetting about these meetings they got to get a handle on this otherwise nobody can be able to choose to do their job. Yeah and again that kind of goes back to the communication office there and and how they organize and how they stay on point and try to keep each other saint. Say in the same thing we've losing this before. Yes absolutely and you know the president doesn't have any events this week doesn't talk publicly goes to Paris but you can't leave all of these controversies. Behind back in Washington now and he says he's not watching television is streets would indicate otherwise stuff I certainly I mean they hit it's hard to believe given what we know about the presidents television appetite then and how he. Processes media in the White House but he said they wanted to indicate that he has a lot of other things going on my erratic. Karen Travers ABC White House correspondent I'm sure that's a tomorrow will be talking about what happens and what happen and as is Donald Trump. Meets the mr. Mack kral. In France you time is 9:37 good morning to you we. Talking about the Haditha incident with the officer. Drive and a hundred miles an hour uptown on morehead and and and rob you call 704570. Hello intent but what's what's on your mind. People are right either arm. What are from your experience been this crop out on the force. Leaves 24 years old. So who can't be all that much. Heralded. The huge G-20 four years old but how many years. He's been 24 years old for Tony for years. Buried between four years old for one year so he's only I use other course but for about a year and a half as well I understand. Goal. Get our group are what the rest Carlos I. Can't beat Tennessee can read it might have been on that hole with a badge in the sirens and a lot not being handed. Not paying attention and they didn't lose wonder boy. What we don't know we we're not inside of his brain. Obviously he was a little overzealous and in his attempt to get their quickly. But my condolences. But traversal dorm. Tour and the stratosphere normally a tragic. Tragic. Our. Our food next to kick. Yeah I mean it is it is it is an absolute tragedy and it's a tragedy on both sides because this police officers gonna have to live with this for the rest of his life and probably ask himself questions what I have done the same thing. Given a chance to do it over Charles you found some mentioning information about it all police officers and drive. I would just spoke with the police officer off the air and think tomorrow for their service of course but he he explained a few things to me as accurately as I cannot put trade and TO. Personally said that in general even when you're when you're over the speed limit and you're rushing as a police officers to an incident we want to go up to fifteen miles over the limit. Fifteen miles of in general that's in North Carolina statute to so I can look it up and I'll find that I'd have to imagine that's a very different situation on the highway. Economic times have I seen a cup around 7075. And they're going by me like I'm not even move and he said there's four different types of calls. And in this case this type of call he believes is one that is on a time constraint. But the words these officers are expected to get there within a certain time limit to ten. He believes that's what the officer was working towards. And he knows from his own experience were officers have been told in the past if you only go fifty miles over the speed limit and I need Zhu which means there. You're in big trouble. A lot more than if you don't go faster. So they need to push mowers they're telling them weenie Zhu pet put the law. Got you potentially understood and and this was an injury accident that he was responding to so. How good information appreciate that so fifteen miles an hour over the speed limit unless. The situation dictates an end of the urgency is just that much more so of a break and back into him we come back I'm gonna play some Somalia from Lindsey Graham. We we have a new FBI director in the wings here that's working his way through and he was very direct lynching Graham was even more direct. I'm 47 this time I didn't. Trying to Scott FitzGerald and a side intrusion June and the tough decision here today 7045 shall and all of ten if you try to. I like to get your response to a Lindsey Graham boy when I when he was in for mr. ray yesterday asking some questions. You could say that today he strapped on his South Carolina inner pit bull (%expletive) done. Don't trust junior have taken that meeting. Well senator I don't. I've I've been hearing for the first time your description of us I'm not really in a position to speak to it I gather that special let me ask you this if I got a call from somebody saying the Russian government wants to have Lindsey Graham get reelected. They've got dirt on the Z grams opponent should not take detonating. We'll senator I would think you'd want to console was some good legal advisors where you did that so the answer is should I call the FBI. I think it would be wise to let the FBI director of the FBI itself so here's what route you still every politician. If you get a call from somebody suggesting that a foreign government malls to help you. By disparaging your opponent. Tell us all the called FBI. To the members of this committee. Any threat. Or effort to interfere with our elections from any nation state. Bahrain on state actor is a kind of thing the FBI would want to know all right so I'll take it we should call you and that's a great answer. He's say that Muller is a good death. Right that's been my experience yes and you'll do any thing necessary to protect him from being interfered with when it comes to doing his job. Absolutely I think he's a do you believe I that in light of the Don junior email and other allegations. Took this whole thing about trump campaign in Russia as the with child. Is that a fair description of what we're all doomed with an America. Well senator I can't speak to the basis for those comments I can tell you in my experience the direct IMAX venues as the future FBI director you consider this endeavor which China. I did not consider director Mueller to be on a witch hunt. Pretty direct and not say when Lindsey Graham my rapid fire me and he was ahead 1818100 questions lined up in greater role because there was not a breath in between the mall. Jeff you've called 704571110. Good morning your take on not Lindsey Graham and his question. Yeah good morning appreciate take in my car and I just I'm so tired of Lindsey Graham. Act like a Democrat. It is only it's only good response to the very last question he had very thing LP was promoting the democratic agenda. And and he need to move on and wrap up his other committee on this bank. There's this whole pro Russian connection is not about oh which on my opinion and it's time to stop or he's been taxpayer money. And move on to more important issues. Why why do you say that Lindsey Graham is is acting like a Democrat what doesn't work in. In those. And allowing he's allowing them to perpetuate that there's this notion that that trial team interfered. And colluded with Russia. Now there's no evidence of it. You know also the guy who met with some you know somebody has said he might have some anonymous and in the parliament but happens all the time went in politics. I handle that we talked about this yesterday and it. And the problem is once again. If it indeed was as they expected to be information from a foreign national from by another government then that's a problem. Is the same sort of put up but it's not. A crime. A point net all the experts are saying that says and what you're Democrat Ali expert is saying it's not a crime. Well then then who's an expert. How do you how well characterize what an expert is if an expert has to be on one side or another. Well that that's the problem with this and that's what I'm saying it's time to wrap it up and move on to something that's more important than the United States. The United States interfere all the time with other people's other countries dumb election. That means and that means absolutely nothing in this case. Well I know that but at the ordinary white what did you bring it up then Jeff I mean a lot of people are saying and that is if that makes this okay. And just because we'd do it it's in our best interest to do it but we should be pissed off with another country does it to us. The very same thing should the investigation into Hillary Clinton should begin almost immediately I would say there are dealings with the credit. Need to move forward right now I'm in and stabbed beaten around a butch and get a prosecutor on earth it. Most certainly should happen. It's good for the goose is good for the gander into turn out on our library and on the Clinton side they're gonna say guess what you know that word there that gets bandied about and there's no there there they're gonna say the same thing. And and what are the issues and I have. And you trotted up B is we I believe is a country. Are. Denigrating. And not accepting the fact that there are some people. Who are smarter than us and could be considered experts in their field and just because they may lean left or they may lean right. When it comes down to what the law is or the interpretation of the law. Shouldn't we rely on these experts to two at some point in time get to the bottom of what actually is the case and what is the truth as far as. What is written down and what we need to follow. Well I I agree 100% would what you just said but that's stand. Good good time to wrap this thing up either move forward and prosecution or drop the whole issue well it's not good think quit he quit. Wasting time and effort on something that if it never got up and out. Good end and spend our taxpayer money on better more important issue. C and again I think there are folks who make in the assumption that this is not gonna pan out and when Mueller puts together a team. Of people who are used to dealing with a organized crime. Folks that dealt with Watergate folks that dealt with the the Enron investigation which used. By far one of the most complicated investigations. That we have dealt with in the past thirty years. He's not doing that I can't imagine that he's doing that because. He eat it's it's just an exercise and it's just some fun for him in in this doesn't sound like much of a vacation to Maine. Well he broke the law it's my opinion he's sure cure recruit themselves from this because these element relationship or it's all me. That should've said I can't I can't become a special prosecutor has been that I do ask relationship where they. Com so he shouldn't drop out of it right from the beginning but none of these and Aaron nobody gonna make you leave. You need to do push their agenda or do they colleague did something wrong as well. My advice. Really and Ali documents. You know that that to me at the crack well that is that we didn't quit and quit colonists destruction connection. That is being dead is being looked into. And still the question remains sound here from both sides. Qwest announced about these memos and whether or not they were actually considered to be classified. And I don't know that I feel like there's a definitive answer to that. So I understand your frustration this has been going all along time it is sucking a lot of oxygen out of the room and we think about how little congress has been able to get done how little the senate has been able to get done because there hands are tied in their eyes are focused. On no. This all this investigation stuff fear they're not they don't they're not getting an opportunity to explode do the business of the people. Well let me just wrap up what's that it was telling you this. I have become so sick of listening that I when it comes down on any station and any TV they cannot afford to another channel. Just because I'm tired of them you know dragging it out bragging about it you gotta make if you got to make. Charge against somebody bring it forward and put it on the table but quit quit dragging it out. Well again that's like saying. You know if you're gonna take me to bed take me to bed now. When it takes awhile for that to work up unless it's a hook up in the middle of the night and on and say and so. I I hear that argument a lot to get to show me something. And as soon as we talked to Brad Garrett who's with the FBI he's just not an ABC reporter he is still an active agent with the FBI. It is not common practice. Nor should it be to release information about the investigation. Until it's all wrapped up and put together doesn't mean there won't be leaks. But as spread Garrett said they're not to become an from Mueller. Joseph hi you're on WBT Lindsey Graham good guy bad guy when we need to do to him. Well actually have wrecked a lot of that usually is Malarkey frozen parishioners. You know now longest within reasonable context. You know think you know somebody says. You know you you failed to enforce the law went some. True get to the hospital. Any say well they broke the law but barring something like that. If the Russians there's something that was truthful. And reasonable. Enough while many are regional like say you know what does something that you know she broke the public virtue is shaved his somebody's life. I'm also a problem with that everybody is you know it's it's truth is true. And the fact is our media and I'll watch film continuously put bring Hillary Clinton then influencing elections were far more than the Russians. Drew ever dreamed. You know and the other fact. Now they apparently they didn't job because she low cost. So they're influencing it didn't work on people are is because. It was Hillary Clinton. If they ever run in the other room more candidate they would wanna get strong. I think it's a possibility there was no other really viable candidate the only other one that would have been viable. Not only Bernie Sanders with a one I don't think that that would happen Joseph Biden maybe maybe that. Well there were plenty others but the point is Hillary Clinton because of the way that party who operates. As it all locked up just like. Republican Party has run. Absolutely horrible candidate. Because they're the same old well orange network. And and also with the media. And the bacteria who want to go back to really influence the elections. Go back to Bill Clinton and IB. No I I agree with you there they do have some influence but to say that they influenced to this past election unduly. I think is a mistake because. They didn't win. It's a nine Tuesday at brick and back and then you tipping amazing tipping story here in Charlotte and then questions ago to you about how you keep your hands out your wallet it's coming up. So lesson my folks or be Waffle House here in Charlotte. Got a nice prize. Here's the story they it's not enough of nice to me it was enough just have a surprise to have it on it. Wahlberg to show up and a former New Kids On The Block dude and bill also star blue broke blue bloods among other a film and TV projects. They they had their their little get together with some folks and they had an 82 dollar meal. Commitment quite a few folks a missile. It's quite a bit to wreck a beta two bucks a bit to Waffle House. That is a lot of scattered smothered covered chunk to whatever the other ones are the things I always forget. Cubed and here some there some some evidence in an ED so 2000 dollar tip. So true that the there's a news story and it shows the this is on queen city drive it to. It was and it was late it was nighttime soon may be that the munchies and maybe didn't realize you know that he wrote 2000 dollars instead it. Tony dollars. So you do a total or 2082. Books 2082 dollars and sixty cents which is just amazing. And the reason he he said behind this was mom waited tables dead tended bars for years. So when I walk into a waffle house on the staff treats me like a king you better believe I treat them like Corey so thanks to the team. They had to be actually thrilled. Now he is a very typical. Big tipper. Because they've done some surveys here and your typical big tipper. Is going to be a Republican man from the northeast who pays with a credit card. That swept credit cards and other credit card should dot com website has to say it how do you tip. What do you base your tipping upon. Is it truly this service is at the as if the food is and how good look in the person is who serve you. Where do you stand on that. And heavy for him on a waitress Smart mirror no interest. For real and not. Well yes the matter did you. I know I I won't admit to it but yet you just did admit to it. This I guess as a matter of fact would be a vicious listening or not a typical employee is all it was before you were yeah yeah you got together okay. I've been on a waitress you too. In my in my days and I always tip at least 20%. I don't know why I just. I feel cheap and don't feel like I'm being counted Chansi if I don't go to the 20% around. So is that common. Mean according to the study of fifteen to 16% for those who were paying in cash and are from the self that's what they tip. So does that mean that that you're in the south where we're we're cheap. Where's a video folks from the north or just extravagant. Hey there's a lot of variables that go into it quite frankly the kind of some of the variables and Charles I know you've got some ideas of variables. An example. My wife and I like to go to this little Mexican restaurant neck and a great topics. And the thing is incredibly inexpensive. It's you pay out a double other places for this contract so do Y eight figure well since it was so cheap I'm just gonna give them 20% taught him what. I think it's worth. I will leave at the tip to compensate for what I feel is a tremendous value into particular case and a nice folks. And they love to see me come and make it yet because you're you took the hell out of my yes. Different it was Pollock close to 4050% said. To the folks who work at a place like that rips Chris. Opponent twice in my life and it took my wife there. When she first visited Charlotte and I think it was a 190 gallon sounds right. Yeah they ended up with a bottle wine. Yeah okay as a joint via. So a minute I took fifty bucks. Which was over the 20% yes. Carly was too wonderful impress my life because you know it's everything is four player I'm forty with a quite a at a forcing the facility underworld above restaurants here what was that mr. Wahlberg just way off base here or is that is that there's a kind of thing that happens and once known you know what it is a kind of thing that happens once in awhile I saw an interview. With who who was at that does. Let's the show. He got that show yeah yeah oh I mean come on down. Must be used to be Bob Barker who is now the host Geraldo Drew Carey thank you very much mr. Kerry did an interview a few expect few months back and anyway what he said was that whenever he goes out. He goes to coffee goes for seeing much whatever he does no matter what he. Has he always leaves 100 dollar bill took unless it's more. Which no it's not the case obviously pursued your cup of coffee or Danish. He always does that how much would it suck to be able to do yeah I'm saying yeah. A I don't care hundred dollar bills very often it if I'll leave 20%. To the dollar as long as. They are pretty much efficient meaning it's I I know when it's these server. That and it's competition. If they don't come back and ask if everything's all right yep that's that's that's and that's it tomorrow against them that's right here. No I get ya get you know the present on the island. And please don't come by and pass me if I am still working on that he had notes on a working payment if it was working then that would tell me that I don't consider your food to be very good race actually you know a burden or don't take up played away don't start to take a played away there has put on it. Without saying something's wreck is at least take that I let my plate so you know actually my life which the plates and does all of that takes pride not only 15% if they haven't. Hit all the marks. My wife fully 20% assuming that she doesn't get dog all the stuff that's a so. All right so tipping that's the way that is got a couple of emails on that will move on and we've talked to a red milky. Woo we hear the complaint that there's nothing going on other Washington other than all this discussion about Russia but guess what. There is something else going on and it's healthcare will dig into it for you we'll do it next to make much judge and seven they have good conversation bread milk you because. It looks like we're gonna see some new details about what they're trying to do to move forward do you feel replace of obamacare Brett. And a Mitch McConnell stood ready to unveil some stuff here what you think we're gonna see. Well that's right just about an hour and a half senators who will be is debating the bill behind closed doors and just like its predecessor. It's been negotiated all in the price that so we actually do not know. What is in the text of this bill would likely that blend of fighting now. Later today but according to sources say you know. What we probably could see would be 45 billion dollars in funding for calculate released from you'd see maybe another. Obamacare tax that was played to be struck down that did that would actually stick around did today attack that I'm really targets the wealthy Dallas paper Medicaid. Anybody can amended from Ted Cruz as well it for what he called diversifying offering more choices. Insurance consumers spent the peace till all week stated that the big issue there's hundreds of billions of dollars. If you can Medicaid funding that those still stand to be content rolled back and that's the big issue that so many moderates here have a problem went. Today and there's going to be most likely note democratic support at this point in time even though they had discussed the need to reach across the aisle. Well that's right hey this didn't he do reach across the aisle it's sort of the nuclear option and write about if this doesn't work out Mitch McConnell essentially saying. If we cannot reach bill that really we're all be Affordable Care Act will be and that will be to do some piecemeal legislation the Democrats to at least. PP Affordable Care Act for from blowing up to but he said mr. along well with that and oh yeah he's gonna cut the August recess sort of distilled we'll have an agreement. Right little punishment there in the works what about CBO will we see what's in this before the CBO gets a chance to take a look at and given a score. We will see it then it CBO will put out a score up on it and then it no votes will be held until after that CBO report. Comes down to the budget office will give us the score probably by Monday according to McDonnell's office. And then procedural vote straight to put this forward to deplore the senate would come later in the week in battled. These sort of when the rubber meets the road he would appease senators that are currently holding out actually plan to block this from going to have. Oh all right bread milk Q&A BC and is it was funny listening to rush the other day and just how angry he was about. Getting this legislation through and the idea of having to go bipartisan. And I agree with them when you've got the numbers. Put something together they can make your entire team happy because that's what the elections were about to put people into positions. That we wanted in positions to be able to get done what we want to get done so why in the hell. Can we come to some sort of consensus. So Woolsey. As Fred mentioned and power couple hours from now. They era may be something first to take a look at and so was sorted details of their then we can figure out what it is that we like and what is that we don't like it did like the the thought that they were gonna throw some more money to deal with the U appealing epidemic. Because obviously we talk about the quite a bit on this program just. How ridiculous you got to control that has gotten to be and I hope that you put money back in for mental health because. Motions so many situations where people fall through the cracks that don't need to fall through the cracks if they just had an opportunity. Two to go get era there think and shipped. There's. Pretty neat situation here that I wanted to bring up to people on Twitter or are losing their mind about what a CEO said. When one of his employees took a mental health day off. So one of the questions don't have fusing or done that. Have you ever like called in sick. And just said look I just need today because I'm stressed or that I have anxiety or. This issue is are my brain and I just can't work through it and if I have to work today. I'm not going to be able to give you my best I'll be distracted and in the just make me more stressed and more likely. Took to keep me sick in this way. So name is Madeleine and she wrote a tweet. That said there is an email to the company and go to the focus is where is Madeleine that was the subject and an issue wrote I'm taking today and tomorrow. To focus on my mental health hopefully I'll be back next week refreshed and back to 100%. When your boss say to you if you said that to a would there be understanding there. Or would they look at you and saying you know what it is we decided up never was got problems in the world you just need to put a real put back on the back burner. And and press on through. And and and suck it up. Especially if you're a man with a two leaders to man up. I know that there are a lot of folks who were at this particular CEO said. I just wanted to personally thank you for sending emails like this. He says every time you do I use it as a reminder of the importance abusing sick days. For mental health I can't believe this is not standard practice at all organizations you an example to all of us. And you hope cut through the stigma so we can bring our whole selves. To work. Would you feel safe. To do that. Now that's some pretty good bosses in the past and and almost to a person I think it would be able to say to him saying look you know. And it's a mission's gone on here a man and a really hard time. I'm trying to get a handle on it. You know I'm I'm getting help thwart and it is needed there to clear my head to clear my head. And then there are situations where it's mother bosses where led there's no way in hell would have said that to mark what do it. I just think in this day and age when we hear almost weekly about workplace shootings I would encourage you to stay home now only I don't know you know let's face I mean if you're really. Breaking out. Unfortunately still such a mean the in the article you Stewart's stigma there's this kind of this black mark on you if if you say that you having mental health issues. And the numbers are staggering and if you're in you're taken to consideration what is considered to be a mental health issue will depression would certainly be one. And the numbers of people that are that are suffering from depression than the numbers are staggering. Then you add an anxiety. And then you add in things like post traumatic stress disorder. Then you deal with things like somebody who have been through some sort of abuse in their life or. Mean don't you fill in the blank in this to so many different things they could make your brain not worth the wait been exposed to or at least your thinking to not work. The way the disclose to. So what is any different between. Breaking your arm twisting your ankle banging your head. And heavens open on the inside. Not necessarily function in the right way. So be brave and and in my challenge to you is if you were an employer. And you see signs of somebody does have an a hard time you know. Reach out to him and let him know that this is an option this is something that they can do to be able to to take care of themselves in that they're not going to be penalized for. And this doesn't perfectly dovetail with this particular story but one of our co workers recently went public with his problems with depression. I don't know if you're aware that an. Producer for met who Ramon on the link. Oh OK Andy he's been dealing with this for decades our alliances of beer I mean just severe depression and suicidal thoughts. And almost. Doing it at one point. Yeah he's getting he's getting treatment and he's come histories he's come out of closet if you wanna put it that way on this to let people know hey if you've got issues. Speak up and get treatment then there's no one's been used yet there's no need to suffer in silence 'cause it's not gonna go away. You know is not the kind of thing that that just kind of heals itself and disappears. You know it's not sadness. It's it's something else it's a it's a wet. Dark blanket. That holds you down. And in I'm an advocate if you if you listen to the children like Paterno and I'm an advocate of people getting help for was going on inside their head there is no weakness there's actually a strength. In saying yeah I need this. Because there's two years ago two and doom about years ago it was April. 25 I believe was the day maybe the 24 of 2015. But I try to kill myself. You know it's like life was OK you know jobless good but the family was good you know I had a nice car you know my parents were happy. Comic kids were all doing great. Marathon you don't want. It felt like if this is as good as it's going to get for me and things are all good around me than run the hell am I doing this for. It's all right my my nose was barely Bob and up and down just like a I was at the water line and I'd be above it I could take a breath. Just to survive and then underneath the water again. And it's like I'm just tired. And it had nothing to do with the issues of the world is just my brain wasn't working right. So it took some time off and got it together and and I'm still got a crazy. The beginning of what is can argue that a that I'm not a bubble often habitable whack job from time this time the -- resume enhancement I did it definitely has put but it's not gonna kill me now. At the time. It tried. And now I don't believe it some a break him back in now when we do come back here we're going to to take a look at some of the things that are going on in the world including. Twitter and Donald Trump as well as the you've heard the situation about the other little boy in London they're trying to get him some some help. Charlie guard and his parents and give an update on that one because it does bring up some interest in question just on the way we'll do Frida. At thirty Bush's time items got his joke that is to a future. It's getting up First Amendment issue that is a bubble and up and it was just kind of brought to the other. Brought to let her appear to guess what's and then kind of dipped out of the other public tied to come back up again here there's AO lawsuit that was filed in the us that. Southern district court New York. That. The others contending that that people have had their Twitter feeds. Block that the president has blocked users of Twitter from seeing his feet and general this comes because they'll make comments and disagree with them. So now bridge boosters are suing him the suit claims that blocking Twitter. Front and Twitter users from a president's Twitter feed is unconstitutional. Because it's withholding access to important news about the US government and it demands that the plaintiffs access from being restored to the feed. Interest into it to see this happened and obviously this is Nadia. The situation that we could have imagined and I in the in the past. But there is there's some arguments to you because of the way the president and his aides usually at real Donald Trump Twitter account. But he encounters public and is a public forum under the First Amendment and that's what this lawsuit is arguing. It imposes an unconstitutional. Restriction. On these blocked folks participation in a designated public forum. So we'll see where that when goes. There was another lawsuit. That troubles. Involved when they was I don't know harassment suit from the other days of the apprentice or something like that. That was that the president's as you you you can't come after me because I'm the president of the United States. So will blow we'll see your fellow Mexicans and complacent at all. This I would like get your opinion on this art week. Are we accepting fat people now. Because of fat acceptance. You know there's all if there was a there's a big deal about a Playboy model. A while ago who who FaceBook actor tweeted something about ten took a picture of somebody who was in a locker room there was very heavy. And essentially shamed them touching them. And the reaction to fat shaming is this whole concept of fat acceptance. And no one of the questions is whether or not this fat acceptance. Is actually leading more and more people to become obese. Saying you know if if you're not if you don't feel bad about it anymore because it's accepted. Does that make it just that much easier to say no I'm not gonna have a solid. Give me a three more of those declares. We're just stand in and have lunch right there at the bakery booster stood Aristide. Solo home study that's out. Fewer overweight Americans have actually been trying to lose any weight. And again the recent truce saying fat acceptance could be among the reasons and over obesity has reached a record numbers. I think they're saying that what we're close to a 40%. People in this country that are clinically obese. Study says socially accepted normal body weight is shifting towards heavier weight as more people around us are getting heavier. We simply believe were fine and we don't need to do anything about it. You think that's real I think there is something to that I think if you if you're wobble and threw well Wal-Mart. Too much and yet you re if you if you are walking through Wal-Mart and you look at yourself in. In perspective and compare yourself to other folks and you look at them and they're much bigger than you. Then in a way I think he would almost sort of give yourself permission to stay that way that you are. So they they literally talked to thousands of people almost 30000 adults. And that and ask him to explain what their answers were but they asked them to talk about whether or not that they felt okay. Being obese or if they really felt like being needed to do something to slim down and the number of folks. The number of folks who said no I don't need to do anything about it. Has jumped by about 30% of for the past three or four years which I find to be absolutely staggering that this change could happen so quickly. Ozzie hide your you're on WB 2 good morning. We don't do. I do think there's this seems like is becoming more acceptable. And that there are more people or not compare themselves. They're saying you know be happy with yourself and wanna love you anyway but I think that's about crawl. I think it's a total disrespect. The people who treat their bodies that way. And to let their children treat their bodies that way could you see that alone is well. And I just opened car I think what I that don't respect that people won't. I I have a real hard time. You would what you just said via an important part of it to me was the the parents. That are having better bring in their kids in Holland Holland and down the same file you know you your you watch him. I'm just trying to remember where I was in my have been a burgeoning goals what my kids. Nickel we can build a goat boat jingles my kids and you know we should there and we spent a lot of time there because you are good to see him very often. And we had our food and I saw this family. And they went back to the count her. At least three times that I saw maybe I missed a timer to and they just kept coming back with more and more and more and in the mom was huge. Can't go back and get more cokes too and and the kid had the same body type and dislike me you've gone on a really bad road here. And mom you're not doing these kids any favors. By doing this and you're essentially you're telling your kids it's okay look at me here you know have another fruit pie. So. I agree with you there and and I think it is a lack of respect for ourselves and I think it's a lack of respect for. Just the whole idea being healthy and in a sense it's absolutely set in the end. Feel sad parts is the these these heavy people's pets. You know they say you your pets and a look at like yeah you know as as you spend more time when the they're par around fat dogs do and you don't see the cat's very often because those cats are in the house you know generally. But but the dogs yeah I mean I'm talking into the bellies are in the ground so I thank goodness she gets a mud some legs that aren't so short otherwise. You get to chase and they are on the concrete. I got to take a break moment come back Bob I'm gonna get you near mid future take on this here. Is it a lack of respect for our bodies I think it is indeed the case I think we. Are making it very very hard on a loss for the future we're going to be a sick sick society. We've diabetes and heart disease and if we're bringing it upon ourselves 7045701110. Jim calls one to three next. Hey it was pretty 1047 as your time Jerry and Colleen McHugh few calls about obesity in good and especially. How were out watching their kids blow up in Ehrlich of Peru assault how to via Willy Wonka movie you know big time blueberries and in as I watched the the arrival. At the presidential palace of president trump you know getting together a macro. It's amazing there's currently inning hippie folks in France it looks like. Mean presidential trickle looks like he's been having is when Tom rivers with ABC joins us now here a big day lot of events and and quite a few bits of us sightseeing for the president over there are. Yeah how old that is really the business daily and leader said the official Hughes said official greeting. Matt Cronin trumped in their tour via the national war museum. Including things like napoleon's tomb Olmert to the Elysee Palace bilateral bilateral discussions. And we are about an hour Hathaway. The may highly anticipated. Joint press conference. And a variety of issues will be thrown out there buying at the reporters. Some things where they'll be no common ground we suspect things like climate change some areas where there is agreement may be a common strategy and things like. Counterterrorism. And maybe up. I'll beefed up effort against crisis in Syria. But of course the thing lottery or can be out in. It's the question her about what this meeting was all about. Donald Trump junior and of course there's this Russian lawyer. They and in France they're not huge fan of fans of our presidents so it fits the French media I would imagine that they're gonna be a quite a bit more aggressive even. Then we come to expect from us from American. I I wouldn't. Don't know. Yeah you're absolutely right a lot of people do not like. President grumpier but again it comes to date before Bastille day that is very huge national day it's. The fourth of July it's it's president today. Veterans day all rolled into one so I mean though that that is more important to them then you know. Seeing the president here they say that is steps I guess so right. But does their focus is really on now the event tomorrow here. Good well could be be a nice break for the president. He's certainly taken quite a bit of a break with not being in the limelight or the spotlight. A very much over the past week or showtime rivers thanks always appreciate the update from the that's under the world. So fewer overweight Americans have been trying to lose weight. Because. Well maybe because of fat acceptance we've just kind of gotten used to the fact. That there are a lot of around us who who look uncomfortable in close. On the shirt down you see that all the time and you know trying to hide the volume and when I was having year. That's forty pounds heavier one point seven I would do that same thing and where it. I Wear my suit jacket all the time never taken off because I wanted to hide what what my my waistline look like Jerry hot you've called 704571110. Good morning. I agree they're a better America. Man I have no issue with you being overweight you don't send out family. All want to pray that that are probable. But the problem I have with that except they think they're bad they're repeating it hit the overweight and he gave rolled up their brought up with diabetes and I'll I they'll beat you got. And are able to get doll didn't do a lot of hope that the basic sort of art pop the humble you and I'll pay for their their equipment equipment to be overweight that it might not. Yeah pretty soon it's going to be a protected class yeah. Absolutely pay their bills where I give up I booted simply put our week along we're working but then we. Fly in you don't make my whole money and and Gamal thing other than that nobody else. I do that does not know what in the debate among men and it nobody can debate it nice and I've spent my whole when he got. You know it's parliament have detonated a big coming out liberal people perceive Al Arab benefit but there were people own overweight people. You could ever imagine being remembered our web page plan a work the underneath it and apparel and talk to them eat them at that. Started very that would that the greatest it's becoming a problem. Well the study has has found that that obesity is most common among black women 55%. Were obese when and they the female black community and do a lot of it comes down to people used on how to eat or they sure know how to eat that is don't Matty to right stuff Colleen hi Euro and a BB take a moment. Good morning hour hey I'm living large and John Lehman a behind me. OK. Now I have worked in. Not help cure all but the exercise. Or all or anybody here. Well why. Are primarily worked for helper and I didn't lose a large proportion of herbal weight children won't require. What the parents at war at hiking. A generic crap want wheat while all their child off. Wendy children Annie and endeavor and high errant sheep I have that much belly fat. The biggest problem that our country a lack of education. Among the parents. A back a walk how to teach their children should eat. The majority of you not to say is eating late can call I've read what you mean we eat. Continue the war HE meanie. Gary product ran that if they jumped on us like chalk. It I watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix. That would educate them tremendously. As the but Condit is that. That should be eating and not in and they are choker line and hurt the people that just have to get their money or when my dad to an all you can eat up a. But no you're right and then people it's so fast it's amazing how fast people. Could just stuff their face and they don't even give their body a chance to tell them that their full. Because you know if you eat look look what's called the appropriate amount for your body. And then you stop and you and you wait a little bit then your your stomach we'll tell your brain and everybody will know the whole system mostly harmful. But if you just keep shoveling and and you can get a lot more food past that gullet then you then you actually may be four year old and a feeling like you've been enough. That I think he one of the big issues and you mentioned education. And then there's ahead this and kind of deal where somebody gets having the family gets having a say they know they need to do something different. But if they don't know what to do and they don't go look for what to do then they can almost excuse it away. As if it's well you know I just don't know what to do so therefore. We'll keep gone down this road. Restaurants eating at restaurants too much fast food. And let's face it if you wanna eat healthy. It's not as easy. It's so much easier to go to the dollar menu you know have been McDonald's as opposed to sitting down and and in Britain of lettuce and cut the tomatoes and get the cucumbers and and make yourself Shalit dean Heidi RW BT what's your take on know the obesity in the world here. All right I don't think it's something of education are telling people or anything I think people are just gonna gravitate those common denominator. I mean you know if it's available. Serve the majority of people are gonna take it because. The rest requires. Discipline factor that there's a very very hard. Split. When you say the lowest common denominator. Elaborate on that if you don't mind. Well healthy food as compared to unhealthy foods I mean Apple's compared to apple tide may be would be something. You know. You know there's the problem is there's no comparison. But yes I did well enough. I'm an apple by the you know lowest common denominator and ample you know being. I'm obviously a much healthier Troy yeah you know I may be wrong and I'm sure there's. A lot of ways to look at it but I think it's. It's more of I'm not an education I mean there's more education isn't one dollars more Troy does. There's everything yet and it's worse now than it's ever been because you know glued you know there's. Just too many options and how they're not good. I believe a lot of it comes down the convenience. I think about you think about your average parent. Prepare your average terrorists in many cases it's you know single mom's not there working and one maybe two jobs that the kids go to school that has come home from school they got a run on two activities within the case may be when it comes time to sit now and actually make it a meal. There is no time to actually make Camille. And so many fewer and fewer families and I know and street. Are actually have and that's a town family meal the table its stand and over the sinker it's in in bedrooms are watching television. And there and they're chomping down on the you know the triple bacon burgers and and and the French Fries. If you keep doing that over and over again it's a very predictable result you know and absolutely predictable result. If you want to help the fast food restaurant. You get a C type people then if you go to McDonnell leading the C forty by people there are so you know I am ready I think you know. If if people. Who would like to do that I think it's out there for them to do. I don't really think it's saying that maybe low to me may be a little bit more of an excuse for that reason. No I agree with I I do think people make excuses I think one of the other issues is thought the folks that are on the lowest and the socioeconomic scale who used the a snapped card. And their grocery store. There is. The damn corner gas station you know they're not healthy there Rick broke quick what do you have for sure. I was there SA got real conundrum that you get a of the triangle you have healthy. Pace good intrigue. Think you need to. If they're healthy and play good it's not going to be cheap at which she didn't taste good it's not going to be healthy. It makes the decision making process pretty bad a lesson you've already said. People are doing their research and educating themselves it all comes out raising your kids right. They've been doing it yourself as a good example to make sure they learn healthy eating habits and how to get the proper exercise that they need. Chief healthy tasting good. Reuters put us on a box and impersonal it triangle this it would be impossible to escape. Appreciate the call Rick is 1050 had to break him back do you have an extra job side jobs are becoming ubiquitous they may have becoming so common place. It's. It's become a necessity we'll talk about it and you. And your life coming up we'll do between X 20 Florida hater of Scottsdale got to have you along here today thank you so much. Hot just case you're wondering we the story about supportable chocolates remember this just came out last week here and wanna give an update. Charles Schumer is urging federal regulators to look into this us portable chocolate daughter saying that he's worried that it could prove harmful. And that it is being marketed like a drug in it is marketing like a drug they're calling the Coco loco and there's sand that it'll give you bingo bonus. And last about a half hour show and the folks who put this together say that it's safe. Feeling of well being mental focus Ecstasy like euphoria. And a Russian motivation that is great for partygoers to dance the night away without a crash. This all comes from their their web site. Obviously the claims have not been vetted by the appeared. And doctors' union to doctors say what we don't really know what sort of possible negative effects that could have on you're. And you're on. He era bronchial tubes and your sinuses because we never thought that anybody would be stupid enough to snort chocolate of their nose. So up. If you are so inclined it looks like something that that would be fun to you. You may want to get on the bandwagon and go get a fast because you know chances are not going to be in the market for about all that long. None of that long ago so question for you do you have more than one job are you do and some moonlighting. There's. There's must not even really a movement it's just an awareness that in this country here. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people each and every week or joining. The other ranks of those who have these secondary job something that's on top of the deal of the day to day job the PS. They move called necessarily their careers of the colonies have moonlighting or or side jobs. As are now 44. Million Americans. And what the F called side hustle. So what is your what is your secondary job the other national and on top of what it is that you do during the Jane did during the day or. Do you just cobble together a bunch of secondary jobs to make ends meet. Back none of Birmingham and I was working in Birmingham and radio. That was right during the recession and you know dollars plummeted all over the place so. I'm gonna make some extra money and I did the old Dave Ramsey thing and I started delivered pizzas at night. And there is a pain you know you get up at the at the butt crack redundant to do the regular job. And in Europe delivered pizzas till midnight because I you know it's hard it's a grind but you gotta do it. Could just got to do to give fine. Almost 90%. Of these the site hustlers as they're called in some circles. Are are out there are getting about an extra 500 bucks a month. Which is that seems to be the typical number for Americans that they're there that makes a difference between whether they're gonna make it each month. We're not gonna make it each month. So and it's it's amazing to see his majesty young kids. Baby boomers. Those who were 53. To. Assortment yourself. Our our vote the group to slow most likely. To go out get an extra job and learn and an earn an extra 1000 dollars a month. Put a lot of that is because. A lot of the boomers just don't have enough money for retirement. And the they see me in the blind to the long and the short and it'll be desperate. And I decide job the American everywhere everything's a sergeant and this is your side job. This is that this is the subject. I had other than delivering the pizzas and try to us to remember for veteran and anything else I I worked sound for a person bans. You know ran the other cables and in the us on boards from some fans when I was in college. In addition to working veteran musician and doing some. You know DJ stuff and billions from the wreckage for dances and stuff like they're rather than that have been pretty lucky and pretty fortunate. But there's just been one time in my life worthy the next one had come along. So. I think here's a here's a thought and I agree within a 100% and you may think Saddam pig. But. I'm gonna go and and Alicia anyway. There's a study out that shows that women. To charge talk about. That women who show more Cleve which cleavage in the workplace are seen as better bosses and appear more powerful. That is a form of power I would imagine yes. I do get death. So I am all for this and I think we you start a movement here. We we can come up with a name Ford if you wanna help me come up with a name fort. You know there's via the anti Fatah movement Thursday black lives movement there's the feminist movement I think we need to have a movement that. That demands. That women show more groups or work. Charles you're smirking over there and his would you have a problem with this I mean would it really bother you. What even if your wife is listening to me is this something that what do what don't you left their mark I. This eyes I think that this group already has three. Three yeses it three vote seafood but a and what they mean this is for the benefit. Of women who really want to get a leg up in the in the world business. That'll let go dress and a leg up her so if you show more cleavage. You are seen as a better boss and you appear more powerful and I would love to see you. In the light of being a voter books and I would love to see you Lou who. Looking more powerful. So in contrast the Abbas who buttoned up. We're perceived as less powerful. Less mature. And and undermining. Their influence on the staff. So in this in this isn't I'm not making this up quite often. Yeah sure use it quite often there are situations where I might embellish the truth a little bit. From time to time but this is a study from the journal social psychology. And hands down they found that women who loosened their top a few buttons were seen as more forceful. Especially to be a female colleagues. In if in fact not wearing a Khamis all under blouses made women Pete appear even more powerful. So I mean where my vote. Where do lie where do I declare. My allegiance. To this particular movement. Now understand this is not a situation where we're sank dressing. Provocatively. Can stack and have some negative that kind of you know consequences in competitions. But finding that that right combination. Of clothing and and the reveal. Is what. Can make you go right to the top and it's kinda mean in a way it's kind of sad that it takes that in order for you able to to move the ranks of power. On the other hand it's not so said. So more boobs less boobs or break him back in you coming up on WBT. You should play. The senate the senate. Power struggles it's. I'm talking weather at the workplace shooter and I gotta go okay. I love you too. I'm in trouble and cut. And in trouble. Not edit them doubled our loved to build a smooth things out here just because I think that that females than the bosses at FEMA bosses. Should does show more boobs and work. Things will be fine and community really well you know what I'm doing here's I am supporting. The the upper advancement for road for females who would really like to do well in the workplace. And in this is not something that I make an up okay we're talking studies and we talk and the studies that have backed up by the journal social psychology. So ladies if you really wanna make it in the workplace. Pollution you're atop a few buttons you'll be seen as more forceful. And you'll be seen as more powerful and that will take you up the latter if you go up the latter though I suggest you don't Wear shorts dissent. Just sent. Couple of emails about this more clear village much as me more cleavage. More movement. I'm not suggesting that that these women. Are in the lower the buttons and then like get on one of those triple teams I mean. Well I mean it's of interest in thought. And and I made the statement earlier that. It wasn't that I wanted them to be more per provocative because you know that's what they're saying in this particular study users via. A fine line to and negative consequences of dressing provocatively. And the email issues with your mind I do not think there's any difference between provocative. And powerful. You caught me. I'd I'd like to delve into a mystery here and this will will require your assistance here. And particularly those who have done the driving on I 77 coming from lake Norman. Into the city. Okay just up there oh last weekend. And not Cornelius administrator. And that's where we were doing the PB and and I did not happen to see what do some of the talk about here but maybe you have to and that would be the lake Norman monster. A familiar with this I just read about this here apparently there's many a sporadic series of votes sightings. Of monster sightings on lake Norman and these have been reported to a website called crypto zoology dot com. And there's a there's a dude. From here if you're Mecklenburg County. Who who told crypto zoology but he spotted this dinosaur like creature. Over the weekend while traveling on those friends. It was in the morning okay so it's analogous situation where the first question would be one how much we drink and this was a first thing in the morning so if you live in lake Norman or you know people who live in Greg Norman and perhaps there is. A siding. Of this monster. I need to talk to needy here for me right now 7045. Cent I don't know 1110. It's not producing Knology dot com report sightings of up. Critical crickets. Which are favorite fabled animals sort of like be a Loch Ness Monster. And so I'm calling is just from my own purposes the locker Norman monster not lake Locke Norman monster. And apparently there's been you know quite a few sightings. Are on this stimulate. Which kind of baffles me because we're not dealing with the an ancient body of water here right. How long is nick lake Norman been around. In less than a hundred years right listen fifty years parliament. There's some decision because. Because they made it they flooded it and and my understand this so some like towns and houses and things that are underneath the water there these. And Deepak W move out and in the lake takes over so it's no words Alec we're dealing with the you know these these ancient prime ordeal bodies of water like locked necks which has been around arguably for. Tens of thousands maybe even millions of years. So there's a web site and then there's the lake Norman And I'm gonna assume that we're dealing with some people who we can we can count on their veracity. Current that this is not just necessarily a hoax at least I'm hoping not because I've always I always wanted. For these kind of things to be real. Don't in 1960 fours I was patient 1964. So you know and I hope this isn't a situation where we bring being taken. And this is just a hoax. Because. There's a storybook. No army beat lake Norman monster these children's storybook. Is available on this particular website. But. That's not the only one who's a little book called a decade of sightings. Charles do you try to find that off their man I tell you what that would be that would be fantastic I would love. Two. To talk to somebody who's seen this monster. So just like locked nest just sort of like the other big foot I would love if you're if you've seen a bigfoot. As. Losers rent. I think it puts all over the place around here oh you Lori. Rory force there was a guy he was trying to trap when a few years ago was that not far. When does that go that has pretty debate and had to be a few years ago that make him an inordinate Kaczur over in Cleveland canny guy spotted one. A bigfoot here. Well yeah he's very beautiful long flowing hair to a tanker at whistler in south Georgia and kinda. Look at a whistling sound. It also insulin sensitivity due to like Chevy Chase it and I didn't say he denied that a by the time and I imagine it was a two it would be popular among big consumer advocates for its news. So have you ever ever seen anything that you just couldn't explain some sort of oddity. Did. And I don't mean like you know why is she wearing that kind of thing in the people who Wal-Mart or something. And I'm talking about something that you would consider to be. Paranormal or a monster or. I don't know a ghost worry Lou poltergeist her some sort of you know. An example of Telecom nieces or something like that mean there's a large crowd of people who this is very very real stuff for I understand that. But I have yet to experience anything. Of this nature and I and I would really really like to I would love to see UFO. I think just the coolest thing in the world so one a sighting from not very long ago. Mean in my this is may me first me and my dad and a friend. We're fishing off one of the closed down the hill from campsite twelve at lake Norman state park. It was probably 7 o'clock in the morning and heard a splash and just as I turned to see what it was they saw a sturgeon looking thing. Going back into the water. Women may be was sturgeon and not necessarily compartment sturtze and then it probably is in the eastern urgent. So what are things are seems to become a common here is that they. That this is a morning kind of monster. Not a night maybe it's a through the dark. The a sighting. Was not was that we will we was. Was well English we was about to go dipped and in the water sewer and I jumped in and got wet I felt like a big fan and hurt. By foot did not give her anything I went under because my eyes were still above water and I wanted to look at. When I did I saw something that I ain't never seen. I guess it can be no army. I want to talk to that person Brent Brohm a Marshal if if you know Brent and commute call reserve. I'd like to two taught him about. When I did I saw something that ain't never seen it and I guess it could be normally. Oh emails or Rolen and hello this is this is an example of something that would surprise you very much of you saw that one time I thought I saw. An honest politician. That's could. But Jason giving up an awesome question to hear consensus is something that you know that maybe it's. Chasing our tail kind of situation. And maybe there's nothing there there's no there there. Jason writes and Scott. Any reports of the lake Norman monster has any Russian ties. I think important in my book might well. That's right he looks like put nearly took that female attorney. Should undo some whoever Barnes who she can be more powerful. So I will always be open to a phone call from you or an email from you two. To tell me a not a volume node and about the boost about the lake Norman monster okay. So Scott at WBT dot cubs got a WDT. But come Glenn and John it's lest one so I was on the boat when a huge force from below knocked me overboard. And I got back to my boat and then I saw a messy like seeing monsters swimming away from me it looked about fifteen foot feet wrong. So. We've got bacteria. In some of the waters carried me that flesh eating virus then the little Miami and Ohio the ocean has sharks and jelly fish. Pulls have clue NP. And now I can't go to lake Norman because a damn sea monsters birdied six. Who have dropped good guy hey blue in my hand play. You might help her own fail. He. So that was the other guy. Are you referring to earlier about seeing a big foot and I was a man Kaczur. From Kaczur Kaczur equivalent down and got the underdogs now apostles to the bird dogs and bear down bear dogs are dogs parliament votes. Okay. Yeah idea the whole world animals who is saying do you this monster in lake Norman. If indeed there these are big puts around simply puts a big feet. I didn't know what we never had a chance to ask them which they prefer he would do would be my guess on that which. I think it's a potato potato kind of thing I know every good. It is probably different parts of the country refer to them which he hooked up that commitment that's a alligators are getting out of hand there's just another news story about that. Florida Gators. The sunshine state has been plagued by a spike. An alligator attacks we've had a a rash of shark attacks there was a shirt did the day that actually attacked the kayak. Which I think is a pretty much unheard of and then of course you've had all these bear sightings and bear attacks where I mean to the point where this one kid. I can't remember where he was up there in the west but I was camping and he heard a crunching noise and it turned out that it was his head. In Saudi Bear's mouth. Accomplish. Chiefs on your skull. I never would have tested but it makes kind of been crunching sound so. Elsewhere in the world of animals here and a thinks is perfect in time two tie and timely with the the upcoming a planet of the apes movie which is coming out against this week. I had heard about this story and blew me away that it was actually the story. There's a federal appeals court. In west the US ninth Circuit Court which is amongst the most liberal as we have heard before from rush. They they are working through. Any lawsuit that that while the folks from Peter are alleging that he monkey. Hasn't standing in court to sue for copyright protection. There's an Indonesian macaw named a new route to and maybe you've seen the story. Grabbed a photographer's camera allegedly in snapping self portrait that this happened a while ago in the self portrait went very very viral. And is very funny looking picture. So the question is. This is a photographer named David Slater included a photo of the book and another animal rights groups. The ones that we love so much like Peta are showing. On behalf of this smoke caught this is monkey contending the photographer infringed on the monkeys rights. And again. I'm not make in this these are the stories and I kind of wish that that I could saying I'm making it up because. He would demonstrate my creativity but in this particular case it's the actual truth. But attorney for the photographer says no cola it's absurd to say that a monkey can sue for copyright infringement. No rodeo monkey can't benefit financially from his work he's a monkey. So there's a federal judge. In San Francisco decided last year that that Naruto black beat the standing to sue. And then Peter jumped in and they appealed. And so the attorney once again for the photographer. Told the other case that go to the court that pedophile the case simply to promote its campaign. To give animals more rights and the group was not even sure if they have the right monkey. Which wouldn't surprise me repeat I never really got the feeling. But this was a group of Mensa members you know that they were bunch of chess players and and read you know foreign policy magazine's. So other judge asked why the case should not be dismissed. The can you point to a US Supreme Court holding that says man and monkey are the same. So then the judge wanted to know what injury this a particular month rehab markets suffered. There was no loss to the animals reputation. Or evidence that they copyright would have benefited Naruto financially. So via the judge once again is I wanna know what that is the injury. And then the folks repeated say well the entry was the copyright infringement. But George the judge again unconvinced said that I asked whether the federal copyright act authorized animals. As well as people to sue. And so none and they tried to change the subject to money they were looking for some money from these beautiful looks. And then one of the folks who represented the a photographer said Peta should be required. To pay for the photographers legal fees to defend himself. Monkey see monkey Suh will not do in federal court gonna could ruin any time. And and I'd dear lord I hope that they have a big giant. Press conference on this and we can hope we will wait for the judge to come down the steps and and those flowing robes. To be able to tell us what indeed that is the the outcome. For no root of the salty taken monkey Johnny called and you gotta come and appear to what is. All elements from a purely constitutional standpoint. Aren't you ready to cause degeneration there's nothing we're in the car you're about animals everywhere are. Animals when the constitution was flying and he went to Derek are still considered proper. Though war there while. There an apartment in order walk. That's such animals they're not having any constitutional standing whatsoever. You're so serious about this while it Tammy you almost arguing it as it is if you were an attorney are you an attorney. Or are not reverend doctor Burke supports mpeg. Make you say that the constitution does not grant animals rights does it specifically denied them rights. No it does not and cut out for work or church or where we're. That kind of artwork but I would consider the personal or ignore a lot. Will probably. Yeah amicus my guess is there were fewer reports of the people fall in love with the animals back then Mike they'd they do now because news travels so quickly the main well. I'm sure that people back in love their dogs and their chance and what just like you're not legitimate and are on I'm not talking about that kind of love John. Okay. Now have the time I love the weirder kind narrow and British Yelp he saw or thought something that was totally content did not was not tolerated well. But I mean it's not really tolerated nowadays but there's some folks who are arguing that that perhaps people should have the right to marry whomever whatever. They want. And let's face it this. This himself be taken monkeys really come acute. I feel like the Super Bowl. I know that. Long way off we've been there done that. But the real the real pre season stuff when it comes to the NFL but to a I already said in Somalia mandala. And outlook calendar. For the Super Bowl for next year. Because. Of the rumors. That Britney Spears is going to restart of the halftime show. I'm sorry that is just one of those things that are struggling for years she is one of those folks is on the list okay. I think most families most most marriages. A lot of do have a list where. There's one or two people on that list that if the opportunity arose she could step out. Then Britney Spears is. Scarlett Johansson as the other when neither one of them is a very real possibility so. Unless you're you're safe and correct and opposition research that's one of the things that Donald Trump junior told Sean Hannity. That that he was doing when allegedly got together with these Russians and during magician maybe an armed working on some Oppo. And we're coming to think in what is this is it legal how to determine whether or not it has crossed lines so doctor Michael munger we have the Duke University political science is woes economics chairs. Is will those here today you were a former. Candidate for governor libertarian governor and there are some folks who were looking for dirt on you weren't there. Yes they were and it was the proudest moment of my life. The typo like a real politicians but she did did they find it needs are and if so can you share what it was well what they concluded was there was really no point sort of to stop. A few minutes I feel real politics and so we didn't I didn't desert that any dirt convicted. I'll forget it. His because they didn't consider you to be enough of the threat isn't what I know that was the point but it of a friend of mine who was quite a high level member of bill produce campaign step told me later that they actually spent a couple days. So opposition research did you was it part of your campaign to try to sides entered another Purdue or the other young person well. Yes but ordered to do is read the newspapers like that it's not their their position for the book the best argument for me was still up. That's a that's a very very good point. But it's been back during during the Clinton days he can of one of the courts and used to love it was he said is who if you see a turtle on offense post. It didn't get there by accident. You know the 400 dollar John edwards' haircut I mean that was some folks who looked at a campaign report. And they use that information to make a big deal out of it. Receiving a thing of value of Purdue got more than forty airplane flights that she had not reported so. If you receive something the value look let's take a step back and look at what the campaign finance slow process first it says. You cannot solicit anything of value from foreign national. And the second is you can't receive anything of value without reportage. No I don't think anyone's religion that this particular information was of value. Because it turned out not to be either the key thing that may be that they expected. Females were released by WikiLeaks so receiving that same values not the issue. The issue is. I would think for a national solicited for a single value that is did Donald Trump junior I think when he was going to this meeting. That there might be a big thing that we are going to be answered that yes. The court has held to decide what the value is the reason that they built that the I think they'll tell you that this in the looked as well in the legislation. Is that you wanna have all the way around people who were just avoiding the direct contribution of money something of value might be. Polling data instead of view using money to do the poll data. I confused my many because the pull data provided to you could be labor it could be a telephone line to get music could be space itself that you would otherwise have to pay for. This what information. You can say it's valuable but it's valuable in the sense that. Let's let's suppose he thought that the information was valuable because it would be useful to the campaign. That's different from. Polling data physical space things that I would otherwise have to buy information. Might have value but it's not a monetary gardens so I think it's failed that test. If sales the other campaign donation test yes got you give however solicitor for a national and not just before a national that are represented above a foreign government. That is what goes beyond unsavory to smelling so bad that you really have to alternate routes and today and since junior was part of the campaign. Then. What does that just make him culpable or who would be culpable as part of this chain. Our first. Brent the cease. I was stupid we you have to be to send someone actually named Donald Trump to this meeting is open to campaign step actually knew about it this was off road. There's an excuse. But it's the sort of thing that a book professional campaigns step foot no verbal allowed they would have sent some sleazy person. But instead it was so it's it's charming that I prepared this is charming in the way you actually send. A member of the guy's been bullied to meet with a representative of a foreign government. But that it's so stupid that he can't have been an intentional breaking of the law because. Do you really would have to know almost nothing about politics to fall into the trap will. What about. Commissioner and a man for children at that point in time manifold was the other head of the campaign. But so no one was stay ahead of the campaign okay good no one was in charge there were some there are many different people who were. Given Borders Group but nobody was really following are also have the CIA I have several friends who were working for the campaign. And enjoy life event a year ago exactly how they were saying you know there's going to be a big surprise at the end of the summer OK and I think this is some what they were referring to. Won't then how how would they know that and and where do you think that they would consider the surprise to have come from. Well the surprise came from there were these emails. And if they had heard this from. Represented the Russian government and Russian operatives that said these emails were going to be released. Okay expands that they would be very damaging know that it was all rumor and it's information it's not a thing of value make. So book read the topic it's a formal violation of the campaign finance laws it's awfully unsafe for. Yeah yet like you said it does not smell good now is there a difference between. This situation and the story about Hillary Clinton working with the ukrainians and some former fashion to try to get dirt on on Donald Trump. I don't think that. I. Everybody's always going to look for dirt that group the differences are probably too. One is that this is a director political inflow of foreign government. And it's Donald Trump junior himself the other is that adult dropped one. So whether that people are always gonna say well it was misinformation I think gets implausible. But since Clinton lost. The people are gonna say the analogy is false that information proved to be a new value. Tinged with a look at that I hope that that's going to be good defensive right up into the subject we're talking about trot. So. If she solicited that information then should be in the very same boat that that Donald Trump junior may be it. I don't know enough about that too no. But now achieved the kids up so. Soliciting that I don't think that Donald Trump called the Russians and say hey don't what you got right. What happened what you heard from somebody that somebody else might have some information and he went to a meeting in hopes of getting get desperate solicitation. Right and and I don't know I'm not convinced completely that there was no information that was given where we were being told that there was not but. I don't know that do that that's necessarily the case right. Mike might claim is that this is an interest in constitutional question I don't think information can be a thing of value. No the distinction that I amid polling data is also information but I have to work to collect that. This is just a set of facts that I found through investigation I don't think that's a single valued I may be wrong I often been wrong about what to. Pete does Supreme Court fines. About the interpretation of work. They cannot take a look at what the investigation cost. If you know let's say investigation costs a 100000 dollars for the other hackers or whoever get this information and then passed it along with the change the landscape. Woke up that big a goggle attributed dollar there's no question Acosta dollar the question is do those costs. Does the things of value apply to information itself or to a cerberus duchess. And that distinction that I making me nuts standup it's just that I think the First Amendment have to protect our ability to acquire information. If I go out and look for information. And I find it in the newspaper and did you say what yet with the newspaper paid that reporter you can't use it. That can't be right. No I agree that's yeah because it's become common property common knowledge that points out information wants to be free rent so broke the fact that nobody else knows they're. Doesn't mean that it's something of value. Good stuff doctor Michael munger political science economics from duke university and one of smartest people that I have ever had the pleasure. But having the conversation went so. The the story is not done there's going to be a lot of the things that are going to be in the spotlight today. Including. What's gonna with a health care bill we should've learned more and more about that all day long today apparently all hands are together all the GOP folks. Getting together to to figure what the fate is of the health care bill. The president is in France and we'll see whether or not there's a reparation or repairing a video relationship between us in Europe. And of course shipments and on top of the one and loan Ding Dong Democrat Brad Sherman of California. Who formerly introduced articles of impeachment think gonna go nowhere but. You can say that he did it thanks for your time tomorrow we'll see you then blue skies and very nice to them.