CNN's Town Hall Versus Trumps Listening Session

John Hancock
Thursday, February 22nd

Hancock provides updates on Dr Graham's funeral, reviews the CNN Town Hall versus the President's Listening meeting. How does your pjone do with spam and what smells remind you of childhood.


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This is John there. Our our heads up Thursday's vivienne didn't seem like third 2000. I don't know just because yesterday threw us off kilter or we're the days just seem to be go faster than enough. Then we especially want to do. No Olympics what are some updates on the Olympics were stacked enough gold medals start remove our way up into account that's good thing. Whether. Unseasonably warm. That's a good thing. Got up this morning that about 515 to go jump on the treadmill because of I don't do between now 536 Syria won't do it. And got out terror. Gym shorts and a T shirt and within five minutes I was sweat and if there's only got a fan out there but you just don't terrier does not figure reg united turn the fan on and at the end of February. Sosa pretty toasty out there tomorrow sunshine and clouds mix kind of what we've seen today highs 78 we're looking for a seventy forward when do we hit eighty degrees yesterday set a record we don't just beat the record I think we slammed the door on the record. The the record for today. I think his 74 degrees. Are over are to be done. And toasty outside. So lob anyway that's for you while you're us Saturday looks like he'll be are pretty nice cloudy skies are all real live. Partly cloudy the rest of today's slight chance of rain shower but since Sunday is when you got the rain showers in the morning and not. Thunderstorms developing an afternoon because. We're being punished. You can't have a good Sunday. This is what the fourth or fifth week in a row that we've had bad Sundays and it's donuts it's because have you. In your disbelief in global warming. Toward a visit to slap on your on your non believing global warming arrest is what that is. It's gonna continue to rain on Sunday isn't really all come around. So they go. Put that on your carbon footprint. Mom. The more on Billy Graham today and the arrangements that are being made the reverend Billy Graham will lie in honor India a US capitol rotunda. Will go I don't know Wednesday come back on a Thursday. They don't give that honor to very many besides presidents and private citizens hardly ever Rosa Parks was the last. So on. As no surprise to the people of our Charlotte. And a friend of mine FaceBook made. Yesterday. And he's and you're such a Billy Graham fan because I've put up several postings of Billy Graham related things on my FaceBook page. And I roaring back and I said he's from Charlotte. It's in this is this is a huge story here this is so Mohammed Ali a Louisville, Kentucky biggest it's. It's a huge story here. And and you understand why it's a huge story and if you lived in this town and I anytime and all the new. I spent some time apart her job considering and thought about Billy Graham when you're driving up and down broad go park road in. And and in the more you find out about him. Then you understand why it's such a big story and so the fact that he's been known. Now given the honor vote of the US capitol rotunda has been no surprise to anybody here. I was thinking today because of my of my dad. I've talked about that on many occasions that my dad gave me this unbelievable piece of mind that when he passed. In a 1994. I really had no doubts as to where he went. How am I do think that's a pretty high bar they do think you have to earn. Admittance. And it's people like Billy Graham that make me wanna maybe think about. How I can be a better person so that. I want him to. Think my dad's their own a C a quite frankly I'm open my pets are there. Or see them. That's a pretty good incentive I'm damn sure my mom's head that direction. Although wanna hang out a virtual. But. Reverend Graham lived a life. A lot longer life of devotion. Maybe that's not the way I should freeze us. He lived a a cleaner life and then my dead dead. Up to a point. My dad had always wanted to be I think he always felt he was being called. To the priesthood but he got a world war two and got married. Quickly had two kids. And then got divorced and when he met my mom she was Baptist he was Methodist. And they started searching for a church. And they settled on the episcopalian church. But the episcopalian church. Frowned on divorced. At the time. So he always kind of thought that his road to becoming a priest was. Was blocked. And at one point. About the time I was getting out of high school. They had kind of opened up a thing called I've always heard it called the old man mission but but anyway there was there was a crack in the door. That may be would allow my dad to become an episcopal priest. And he had developed our ten acres of land up in Estes Park can build condominiums ness that the other he was pretty much done with that project and you. He fell all may be and so Mike does so we went to the University of Colorado when he studied for a couple years in many got a admitted into a a theology center and out in California. In a town I'm trying to remember try to cross the bay from San Francisco. And. Anyway long story along he. He finally got out of seminary. And came back to Colorado and fought his way to being deacon and he was turned down several times you get deacon before you get priesthood. Dick that's a word by the left. And so he fought to battle and now finally. We would do a disservice so where he was deacon and then. A year and a half for something after that he was. It became an episcopal priest. So I'm like Tony section 27 years old at the time of my dad was a hell raiser when he was a young guy and and a service guy in. Is skirt chaser in his day my understanding is some sure he'd appreciate rebroadcast is better over 50000 watts but. He was lobbyist at one time when we moved to Saint Louis went against every principle only ever had he was doing things that he could no more justified morally. But he had fallen into the trap of riches and country clubs and cars and houses and status and he looked today he. He there's like I have in my bookcase a copy of the book called the road. And and I also have his army issued prayer book. And those two things were with them and transport plane during World War II you to know one day one night. When he got the call. When god tapped him on the shoulder and said. To bother you. But you need to come with me. And so that's kinda how my dead. That's a very roundabout way that my dad. Found his calling and neck and spent a long time getting there and probably took along a rural a lot of wrong paths towards ever fulfilling met that dream but. I think it was because of all that experience that he had had that bit and actually made him just a heck of a priest. I always remember the Christmas Eve sermon that he gave chastising the people who showed up on Christmas Eve but never showed up any other time. Mom and I said and appears they can do. Many hand. Coffee and sweet rolls are not gonna be really cool coal received after this one but that was my dad he you're basically use. But. We will never doubted finally when dad died he finally had. I picky a dead finally gotten to be on good terms with god he and soul. He had to overcome all of his personal. Human. Sinful. Instincts. And and he had fought. For god and Jesus Christ. And the episcopalian church that was making decisions at the time that he thought were. The illogical and wrong and so I've never had any doubt as to where my dad is an and that's why I I just couldn't help but yesterday be so happy for Billy Graham. I know that just sounds so bizarre to some. But can't get their cannot be any doubt I mean Billy Graham didn't get a end. We're all screwed. You know. There's just no doubt. As to if you believe in what he believed in where Billy Graham is today. And I don't wanna get melodramatic or anything along those lines but. Gosh that must have been just a great reunion. Ruth and Jesus Christ and I mean meg critic had just most of them are unbelievable. Moment an eternity don't you think. So why I just think it's I just think it's so great worked. Want to know reverend Graham yesterday. Best Davis was human life. He finally got what he had worked for. So. And now he'll be honored back here it is earthly home and and we'll grieve and know people will miss the physical. Billy Graham but his influence. And his example. We'll live. Hopefully for a long long time and inspire other people to maybe think that. That they want to be there to. But to also understand that in order to get there. You better or that. You don't just get it. Someday you'll read or hear Billy Graham is dead don't you believe a word of that I shall be more alive than I am now I will have just changed my address I will have gone into the presence of lord this would Billy Graham's at one time. He had a day yesterday. The I'll give you the story on that. Some time before we wander out here made by inmates in Louisiana. Same as Ruth's casket as she's period and at the Billy Graham Library. That uptrend. Our radio consultant. Never thought I'd say those words in the same sentence. This guy named Dan valley when I leave here once a year ago to have state and I teach this class on how to do a great terror radio talk show. I know the heart of don't. Again belly as the guy who runs this. All over the country does these these seminars but does it up and app state. And he wrote me last night and he said. About former student to a guy name of Billy shears. PD and air talent now lives in Omaha Nebraska and wind are Ruth Graham died. He put a piece together. A few years ago and senate to me and I thought it might be timely now also alone or play that Korea Dan valley. I didn't I know that term. Doctor Graham owned radio station originally had bought WM IT which is up in the mountains. Founded MIT in 1962. O Dan Bailey says and I quote that I saw always with you will was always about god and faith never about himself. We are losing him at a time when we need him most. But anyway this is. This'll take you up towards a news time and this is a guy named Billy shears. But that the name and they you know sergeant Evers on. Billy shears former PD and air talent former student of Dan valley and a PC put together after Ruth Graham died. I'm gonna have some of that time. Hello do you have no longer for the good and great anticipation. We're looking forward to seeing grown it's depends. Then maybe I'm learning from enterprise. And let him go price hit album live your life. Just temples server to go. I'm Knight for maybe. Okay. Work your way that happened like the eleven day. Liberated from. God when. Need to find my way home. It's different than. Whoever my thumb was. God doesn't. Call us we'll break ground. Polls don't go out. Very good battle three. That means that you. From here this. News can reduce the. Orange golf ball. Billy Graham. Game right. With a little. All Mitsuzuka Jesus is coming. Some room to breathe and there will be no excuse for those suffering from the wonderful future we're hopeful we all do it and I'll see you as the Braves have a live bait. My thanks to again valley our person in me that for a Billy shears. Four are producing yet the name of the band is called new song and that he name of the song was called the hero of the faith. All they share with me I sure review that found the way that works run away towards 4 o'clock news back on the other side it's national martyr re today. And we'll talk a little bit about trump holding his listening session last night and CNN holding their emotions festival. There are terrible deals going on yesterday. And in the middle of the Olympics watching Lindsey Vonn and everything else it was a going on there I Erica platoon and overdue or see an end to watch show what the the though the forum that they they had over their. Wind chill. Seem to be a lot less organized. Then now. The CNN town hall. It was Marco Rubio took a beating. Senator Bill Nelson was Sarah. Governor Rick Scott was not. President was not the president and his own listening session going on last night. This is all in the wake of last week's shooting in Parkland Florida that left seventeen people dead and a trump leads a discussion at the White House yesterday that was broadcast live with a group of grieving parents and students. Who have been affected by a mass shootings across the country and it was on a steady it was straightforward and and it was pretty dramatic but it wasn't. It was a lot I think it was probably a lot more productive then want to see and ended in that this the states a one under control and on to give trump any credit at all he called this a listening session and a message from what I saw and I didn't see all of that but from what I saw that's exactly what he did. Ninety talked and I talked about things city. Would be in favor of and that he can do and that sort of so forth but. There were people there that expressed our range of views during that. I mean I got emotional. There was disagreement over whether more gun control is needed there was disagreement over whether school staff should be armed. Trump. Pledged to get something done he said it's not going to. Pete talk like it has in the past it's going it's been going on not too long too many instances and were going to get it done. But what it is. It's still be defined obviously. He's suggested ideas including arming teachers which show we talked Chris Wecker last week former FBI guy he said they got some bad idea. And one of the reasons that he gave his because if you have a crisis situation and responders show off then all of a sudden you have more than one person with a gun. But there's something to be said about the argument of these says shootings are generally over in three to six minutes. And it takes responders longer than three to six minutes to get there in the first place. And no the president last night used the gym coach the football coach that was said don't Parkland as an example of here's a guy who's already proven himself to be a hero. Had he been trained had he been armed. Henne had the chance maybe he could have taken that's gunman out before seventeen people died. Trump suggested. In bad including arming teachers and other school officials said that and then if that coach you had died last week protecting students and then again maybe it would have been another story. He also brought up potentially reopening now some mental institutions that were closed for decades ago in his remarks suggested that he might be open to raising the age limit for people to buy assault weapons which. The NRA has already come out today and said they oppose new age limits on no gun purchases. Armed so let you know a guy that think when they president said the last night he knew that could be a complicated. The I mean the National Rifle Association came out last night said they would approach be opposed to raising me the age requirement for rifle and shotgun purchases those under 21 are already not allowed to buy handguns. Is that a vet was going on in Washington. Lobbied at the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee in favor of stronger gun laws and additionally students had dozens of high schools across the country. Walked out of class to protest gun violence and honor the victims of last week's shooting some of them lasted seventeen minutes. For the seventeen people killed at Parkland in many of the students chanted never again which has since become a rallying cry since the Florida shooting. The CNN televised town hall. And why is it just me when I turn on a talk show and there's more than one Peter person talking at a time do you diskette to the pointed to this kind of turnout out. The where when fox or CNN or any of that. Cable networks. I always cringe when they go to a panel. When I have the moderator of an anchor. And then they bring in some talk show hosts from. Someplace and some or some. Anyway you just know it's going to be three people talking over the top of each other what's the point. But it must do rolled the ratings because they keep on doing it and they do it more often than less often and so are people must love to have. Love to SE that I I don't know I interest. And I'm generally out of their. The CNN televised town hall last night. Students and parents and teachers from our Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. But in the audience among those asking questions were parents and siblings of the seventeen people who were killed. As well as says some of the Stoneman Douglas students who emerged as leaders in the and opposed to tax the calling for action to prevent more mass shootings. You are you recognize the faces of some of these kids because you've seen him a lot in the last week. Emotions were higher last night. So these kids are really sharp some of these kids are your future leaders. So your kids I don't know the guy's name the young man's name it's gotten so much publicity of and so articulate with the with the dark hair gonna grow up and you're good looking kid. But I you know I just say about him this morning as those on the treadmill thickened that's a kid who may very well has grown to be a politician that may be so affected by what he's seen this early in his life that. Maybe and maybe this is the beginning of somebody like that. Dedicating their lives to instituting change. Up a lot of what her last night or us. A room was emotional. And not necessarily accurate and not necessarily problem solving. But I want you to remember the age of these people that were involved tonight and I want you heard think about emotions and I want you to think about what really how would you have been when you were seventeen if your best friend had been gunned down for review. Or if seventeen students that you walked the halls with on a daily basis weren't there are some day and how would you feel and on in your mind. You would. It would make no sense at all and the solutions would seem to be pretty. Pretty cut and dried. Somebody walked into your school and gut and did. People down. And the dialogue around you Ed previous school shootings has been immediately has gone to guns. That's gonna be gonna be the common sense first play should go. It turns out to be a knee jerk reaction. I think. I think when you balance reasoned with fact. In some cases. Regulations gun regulations may be a part of the answer. But you're not going to just ban guns. And and the argument it will take place Marco Rubio there was last night was the focus of a lot of anger as many of these Republicans. The three lawmakers there. Problem. And they had represented of the National Rifle Association female there're last night. She was warmly greeted. Getting you know. Our rubio insisted he wasn't they're going to stop taking NRA donations. Some as a young man asked him last night where you. Can you look at me today and promised and not take another dollar and nine NRA donations of any said something about I bet you we could raise the same amount of money that the NRA gives you you from the people in this room tonight and there was lots of applause and that's great line. And the kid should be commended for having the guts to stand up to US senator and does speak his mind. But reveals answer was right to and that is that the National Rifle Association. In a lot of ways supports his agenda the reason that they give money to his campaign is because he represents. Things they believe then. Does he represent everything they believe then no probably not. Now I happen to think that campaign donations are way out of control. And I think that politicians that have to take them. After reciprocate have to offer something in return I don't believe people give you all that money and not expect a return on their investment. I and I think that's part of the corruption of our politics. But rubio insisted that that he wasn't going to stop taking an RA donations are needed and part of that group and that took some guts and he said he's always been a gun rights supporter and that the NRA supported him because they are gun rights supporter. Supported him because of his positions not the other way around. And he also said that he wouldn't support a semi automatic weapons ban. He did shift on some gun positions last night he said he would favor raising the minimum age for buying an assault rifle from eighteen to 21. And that he would consider restricting the size of magazines for firearms and he also. Disagreed with the suggestion that trumpet main and the former earlier in the day he said he wouldn't be in favor of arming teachers senator Bill Nelson was asked the same question he said no I thought that was a bad idea. Rubio said that he was trying to find common ground they got credit from. Are from Bill Nelson who's a democratic senator. I don't interviewed Bill Nelson about thirty years ago in Jacksonville when he was say a senator who had gone up in the space capsule. We were both a lot younger than. Trump in Florida Republican governor Rick Scott invited to the town hall both declined to look come trump kind of had his own thing going on and Rick Scott. Probably just didn't wanna have to go through audio beating that he would have taken their but hats off to some extent to Mario room Marco Rubio who would do it. Also present last night was they represented in two indoor issue where represents the Parkland area. To watch. What would you think it trumps event what did you think of CNN event. I. 1704571110. Found wandering the bones of an 04571110. On news talk reloaded did 993 WB two children James say James. The whole carrier Derek I'm great thank you I. So why did you watch last night. Well I. And no president dropped. You rolled on permit I'm sitting around 77 at the strategist stardom route. Did you hear the traffic jam going up there towards cutters will. Now I'm sitting here looking at blue lot I've been back right across from me I hop and let them link Blair forty minutes now. But try to get finally literally just start living. President trump took a big chant Chester Barrie. He let people speak their mind when he sat there and listen in pro life voters which it calmed the crowd. Well yeah and he was he worse. Presidential. He he listened politely and everybody else in the room listened to everybody else but life. And then he spoke and spoke his mind inept people whether or not they agree word. Which is also. To you dude courageous in that kind of a setting to ask other you know I don't one father and I haven't seen all of that but the one father. Who talked about his daughter who is are buried and solid so I couldn't even remember the cemetery that he would have buried her in no last week. But he just flat don't the president in the eye and said and I don't like this rare word no labor leaders and on the radio but. It does look the president of the ninety's and and and I'm past. Well let's say. Yeah I know you go ahead. Instead that he arrived at. The department of education and there was as a security guard me elevator. But we began our security guards. In our school. Now. When he was saying he was very I'm an end that was knocked out there did that there was a lot on this dialogue that was taken place last night that could've gotten contentious if people wanted to get contentious about it but people were allowed to. Express their true feelings. In blunt terms. And and they got no response that was is honest says is third. And it is their original statement I had bid that's the way that I wish we could have more of that going on a wish we could get a usually get that on talk radio. Well you certainly didn't Canada's CNN. No. Although they've done that in some ways kind of turned out OK to lie and I understand the emotions of those students and I. That that's a pretty sharp group and that it did did the the rubio and those guys had their odds stacked against them bared their reserves kind of a mob rule type thing last night but. When it was all said and done what I I think even they respected. Rubio and some of the other guys were standing there and take in the heat and being allowed a forum so that they can clear the air and and get some of that out of there systems so. They did they were two different settings I think they were both kind of effective. Well my opinion of the CNN wanna work there it was scripted. And that. They were. That they literally allow the crowd to try and shout down any more who didn't agreed. Where if there are liberal point of view yeah. Not that that's true or no and I appreciate project ever tried to keep control of that mattered today it was a gonna happen but I still think it was good that it took place. Tom it may not have been as productive as the president's meeting but I think it was. I think maybe maybe that had to take place. February the 22. 53. Days into the year there are 312 days ago. 1959. February the 22 Lee Petty won the first Daytona 519591924. Calvin Coolidge became the first. President of the United States to deliver radio broadcast from the White House I can't say that it absolutely was broadcast here but 1944 we have been two years old. Well we're pretty good chance. Detroit man accidentally had destroyed his home when he tried to get rid of us skunks and or crawl space by using a smoke bomb. ESPN's Mike Patrick is retiring. Company glitch allowed a trader in Japan to obtain twenty trillion dollars worth of bitcoin for free. And a panel of US health experts is given the okay for the return to reveal market of the flu spray flu mist. I residence available Olympics tonight 8 o'clock NBC primetime coverage includes the women's figure skating free skate for the medals. The women's downhill and snowboard and short track action. Just like Bristol. Officials that Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school have unveiled plans to reopen that school next week classes begin as early as next Tuesday. That would be such a weird. Theory. Place debate. Even if you just returning even if you can just go to and like if you're and in Dallas and you go to dealey plaza where Kennedy was shot and you were alive during that time period it still. If you stand in a place where history. Or something has taken place it's just bizarre. In any time you have one of these massacres that included did do occur there's always call to tear down the building and rebuilding. But teachers and staff members will arrive at the school on a Friday morning tomorrow morning there will be a variety of support services available to them than on Sunday. The school all the voluntary campus orientation workers students and parents can return to the campus cannot re acclimate themselves to the surroundings. School district hopes to our resume a modified schedule of classes next Tuesday but building twelve where the shooting occurred. We'll be closed and cordoned off indefinitely. It's still would be a weird place to have to go to. Pot today is national artery today is obligated to bed down the campaign 1511 to me 32% of Americans love margaritas 44% say they like them. 17% just like them 8% hate them. I guess I'm in the 44% of likes them. Two thirds of Americans prefer frozen margaritas. 65%. Like us salted rim. It depends on how much salt. In because I tend to take my area of forefinger in the moment. Rubio also blue period. Dear elected officials in Washington DC eight. I read the news available let's make our Internet great again. Recent report shows high speed Internet to the United States is so high speed in fact the US ranks sixty sec get out of 88 countries around the world. For Ford G download speeds. And the depressing if you figure out some of the other countries that are faster than we are better. Just tell her TJ about a story or read about last night about male woman Kansas woman. Being sued by Wichita central national bank. After it claims that she made dozens of withdrawals from a malfunctioning ATM machine knows dispensing 100 dollar bills instead of five dollar bills. Which what means somebody bloated amend wrong. I don't know I'd be pretty tough to read tabloids can think yourself were an amendment. I like this idea although I think I'll ask for another. Forty bucks in fives. And be like 400 dollars. Christina Ochoa. Reportedly made more than fifty withdrawals after five days in January several of them Indian middle of the night to bank now wants sort of payback fee. 111600. To seven dollars and 36 cents. Plus interest and they are also trying to seize two cars that she bought while the NT eight TO was malfunctioning. Alleging that the 3000 dollar down payment for one of them was probably paid entirely in 100 dollar bills. She and her mother Christy. He's also named in the suit since she drove her daughter to the bank say that they had did nothing wrong may claim that Ochoa never got to any large bill said the receipts proved that in that she made dozens of transactions and a short period of time because. She wanted enough five dollar bills to make. Money cake. As a gift for someone. The money here. Sounds good yeah I did this version was made at a hundred dollar bills that they've had to be done by higher than build a better of the cake I would think yeah. I believe we beat yesterday's record temperature. Stopped it. Eighty degrees yesterday I believe. Eighty degrees today stop today's record to 74 degrees with a record set back in 1990s so are we handled night AD today. So well weren't record breaking warm temperatures. As we speak tomorrow. Pretty good attitude tomorrow's record high set in 2012 was 76. Degrees. And are predicted high tomorrow 78 and they usually low ball that so we're probably into another one no tomorrow also in China not a club next. Stock market bounces back a little bit today Dow Jones. 1647. Closes it 2496248. NASDAQ down eight point 14 closes its 721009. And S&P. Up two point 63 causes it to a 2703. 96. So that's what you got to are going on there. So should you exercise when you're sick. Woke up by yesterday kind of felt pretty. Like not fluke Freddie but. You know I kind of feel that thing in the back your throat you think and now. So I always chase so vitamin C. I don't know if that's so effective or not but I think it is so that's mind over matter probably. And got out on the treadmill and and a fellow governor herself told advice as you should don't sweat out a cold but it's it's Smart to exercise. Is it Smart to excise when you're feeling sick and a guy ever David David nieman professor and director of the human performance lab and apt. Says that exercise is good a good way to amp up your immune system and an effort to prevent illness but it's not a great idea to exercise once you are already sick he says generally. If your symptoms are neck up. Sinus congestion sore throat that kind of stuff. And exercise neither helps nor hurts if you're feeling up to doing it. But if you have the flu or other fever causing. Systemic infections. Then exercise is a bad idea. Echoing that sentiment is a study done in Australia in the 1990s that found evidence that some athletes who continue to exercise while suffering from the flu. Developed a a form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that in some cases lasted for several years. So after your fever has subsided the experts say that you should wait a full week before easing yourself back into exercise. Remind me about this TJ is next time I get sick would you because this gives me an excuse to not have to go get on that damn treadmills for a for a week. Non auto and end up with that chronic. Whenever there was syndrome. Which are probably already have. So what's the cell phone carrier that is bested protecting you from spam calls. Would you wanna know that would that influence who maybe you do your business with. Well it's not the one manager Terry Griffin has been very Urich about I assume everybody is on Verizon. Yep don't talk Verizon. The runner up was AT&T. And they got beat by a mile. Getting scam calls from robots likely something that you're familiar with were just talking about this earlier today where they use your area code and some number. And as somebody tell me a deal today words says somebody noticed that. The call that was registering on their phone coming from their area code makes you think it's a local call. He looked at the time it was actually his phone number. I don't know how you do that. Anyway Tom. It is scam calls robots likely said the rich are familiar with they've become common enough that in November the Federal Communications Commission. Approved new rules allowing carriers to block suspicious colors. There are some callers are carriers that have stepped up there. They're they're gig in Ned did get a better job than others a research company lions bridge decided to test the four major companies AT&T sprint T-Mobile and Verizon. On their ability to block. And identify suspicious callers and the winner was. T-Mobile. But a wide margin. Companies caller ID identified over 90%. Of calls. And also identified the highest share of scam calls six times more than a runner up AT&T. I guess I shouldn't do this because about. Who's got their service through T-Mobile. You know anybody doesn't do it. Bill. I don't know that I know anybody on T-Mobile. But every now and then you hear about T-Mobile and you think oh no they can't be that good because they're not Verizon's. Horton AT&T it has not great reputation but I think you at least consider that the real major. And spread out. Prince got good TV commercials. Really do they Yemeni talk about the network and know what's the difference in 1% or something like that when you start thinking about how much more your favorite what's fringe has been charging. But T-Mobile we've got T-Mobile him or give me a review on T-Mobile. I mean our Amazon page 70457. All of a bit. Off 5 o'clock back on the other side does stick around we'll osu were to do but get your home 77 northbound got a problem. You'll hear more about that with traffic and it's. Coming up along with news next. You. Dixon Tivo also there's literally passing article in the observer that came out today are about to a larger works in my guess is bidding war after all apparently there's some pretty big. And contenders. We have rattled earlier this week about to this David tepper. Strong contender to purchase the Panthers he is say a billionaire Haj for hedge fund manager. Who would've ever thought there's that much money and hedges. He's also way up philanthropist. Strong contender in the there's some other names that are listed in the in the other observer article that just ran across very short and rotary gave me Catherine pro tour wrote to appear Charlotte Observer solo sure that was you to say earlier we asked you who are descendant. The best of those cellphone carriers into blocking spam apparently is T-Mobile. And and asking if you had a T Mobil's backe got T-Mobile. I do I do you. Oh yeah very much so I think I've had a member shall they were. Pending get a couple different names song come originally I think about it it's like 2000. So you don't you never let anybody else technically to compare him against. No look I liked if Cho. She is she announced. She had Verizon. And you and yours is comparable or better. Well. I can address with the English the this scam. Situation guarantee mobile actually has say. Dana pops out when my when I get a possible. It actually finish like late. And I'm like get streaker for a vote today while. Well obviously Gary you know Gary do you do anything without culprit yeah I do a disservice seemed to my understanding they're really rather formidable. Which foreign terror you know ranking so. And down. Anyway. Not actually. Elijah guys just say you're right I don't know that I am all Lotta people that have T-Mobile TV commercials and all that stuff I went Verizon a year remember years ago after I got mad at doe what is now sprint. I had one of their phone reps tell me in the in the show room one day. I told us and I get a better deal across destroy usual knock yourself out. So I did. Being very important thing to like about the T-Mobile be goalie should be able idea with a career very Democrat stage. I've got there were kind of role will follow why I mean it's it's you know cheered when it first really big big crunch. It came out to get credit for six years is to bring you. Know now that believes it would awarded a big screen T I Asian kid my. Apple for a guy I'd say you know I got. I because they're getting their clothes. Netware while actually cheer together collection other large sound like I mean I had to kick start its old yes. It's. I think I'd like to gag. Between mobile people would I go in there I'd tell myself happy with the so I don't wanna change whatever show they don't really strong army. To do an upgrade in which led to acute spare that killer phones yeah I know. Well all right well good I don't know if you wanna copy this tape conceiving get a discount off your next Timo bill loving all of TJ good to do it. Yeah yeah I am yeah. Exact thing I appreciate very much shoulder to John and I'm below move Monday John you have T-Mobile your you're you're happy. I'm very happy we've been that they level or low lever a year now wait wait I'm an actor in years. Do you get these spam warnings still. Ernie might hit about Robert say that they that this pop Obama earning. Am likely. So now see I don't but then I don't ever answer Ernie phone calls unless I absolutely waiting for a phone caller so much that I don't answer it's over it. I'm one of those guys that you'll call. And then you'll have to leave a message and then eight minutes eight seconds after you left the message I call you back. Right so you're you're system is probably better. That he had an outlet Hancock Eleanor let's not got my very strangers that we cannot level. Yeah other aren't that stated that done do you think it's they handled has handled like it feels good your hand. I'll I'll let it all the way around the blade with the tremor at the whole nine yards up burnt. These jagged right order is that we Ian. Right now they're gonna figure a plant called. So hey John Beck Humana appreciate your idol and our other guest Specter is fuel and this. Very smooth six. And Ernie gets signed up as the general manager and drop the Abramoff that tag of around for Marty. And at the same time we heard Joseph over the weekend today David tepper strong contender to purchase via Panthers most of us had not heard that name he's a billionaire hedge fund manager. Philanthropist. Considered day a strong contender to. To purchase the team and then. Jordan Rodrigue and Katherine for all led the observer. Have or article that was or. Updated about a half an hour ago at the Charlotte Observer website Charlotte Observer dot com. I and sand. Jerry rich in my gators bidding war after all. The Panthers could sell for between 2.3 billion and 82 point eight billion say the experts and even the appearance of more credible better builders say say could mean the difference of like a half a billion dollars in the value of the team. Now half a billion here have to billionaire for you know it's talking real money. If you were to sell it for a half a billion more than what you thought you were gonna are what it was close to be worth and I would. That would. I don't take care of a lot of the taxes and stuff when it. That's billion with a B and some minority. Panther minority owners according to a familiar. A source familiar with the process are are hoping. It'll be a nice bidding Laura Bush of their. Viable names so far include David tepper who we just talked about. Frank and Lorenzo for teed up. That ring a bell anybody. These for Tito Brothers are worth about four point four billion dollars 2.2 billion apiece. And they sold their shares of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Mixed martial arts promotion. Foray reported 2000%. Profit in 2016 Iran a private investment firm now. I didn't know there were. Under the NFL rules a team can be owned by up to 25 people one of whom must own 30% of the team and put that some down in front so whoever is going to be able to do this you knew where the dollar money. But if you can't write a check for 690 million dollars or someplace in there you're not going to be a video primary owner enough so somebody's gonna have to do but these guys seem to be more than qualified for that. The owner must maintain operating control of the organization can now maintain a debt ceiling of no more than 250 million. Which can be used for a team related expenditures so. So we have 250 million under visa card from other breeds in the paper just days before increasing their debt. Charlie before his death Billy Graham approved the following response to his final my answer column put. Question mr. Graham. How would you like to be remembered. Answer. I hope bottle remember remembered as someone who was faithful faithful to god faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ faithful to the calling god gave me not only. As an evangelist but husband father and friend. I'm sure I failed in many ways but I take comfort in Christ's promise of forgiveness and I take comfort and also you know God's ability to take even our most in perfected it imperfect efforts. And use them for his glory. By the time you read this I will be in heaven. And as I read and as I write this I'm looking for a great anticipation to the day when I will be in God's presence forever. I'm convinced that heaven is far more glorious than anything we can possibly imagine right now. And I look forward to not only to its wonder and peace but also to the joy of being reunited with those who have gone before me especially my dear wife Ruth. The Bible says. Now all we see about a poor reflection. As in a mirror. Then we shall see face to face at some corinthians. He writes but I won't be in heaven because. I've reached a large crowd too because I've tried do and live a good life. I'll be in heaven for one reason many years ago I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ who died on the cross to make our forgiveness possible and rose again from the dead to give us eternal life. Do you know we you will look go to heaven when you dive. You can by committing your life to Jesus Christ today poor god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believe within him. John not perish but have everlasting life. That's the that's big. That's John 316. And you thought that was just a sports metaphor. Billy Graham died yesterday at casket has been waiting for him since 2006. Final resting vessel. Which will make its so our way to the rotund and Washington on Wednesday and Thursday. And to the a Graham house on Saturday. Were able. And you'll visitation on a Tuesday are Monday and Tuesday here. Funeral next Friday a week from tomorrow. Our final resting vessel was commissioned long ago for the are renowned evangelist. With their request that it be built by the inmates at the Louisiana State penitentiary AKA and Angola. Graham's son Franklin was the one who originally saw the funeral you handiwork of Angola's prisoners they made coffins for fellow inmates. When he visited the prison in the early 2000 and asked that coffins being made for both of his parents. According to a bird came Nate former warden at the facility. Well Louisiana department of corrections spokeswoman. Stew confirms that Billy Graham's wife Burr Ruth. Was buried and Angola casket when she died in June 29 2007. It's plain wood coffin with the interior liner made out of aid Wal-Mart comforter. That's Spartan design is what attracted Franklin Graham to them. Graham my family's also asked that all the inmates who toiled away for the on the coffins construction. Have their names burned into the woods. Kane notes that the Graham family made a big impact on the prisoners sit this former place of employ donating a funds to build a couple of chapels there and and coming to Angola to preach to its residents. The place was blessed because of them came says. KATC reports Billy Graham will be laid to rest march 2 at the Billy Graham Library in and our Charlotte, North Carolina he will in a casket. Made by inmates. At the Louisiana State penitentiary. AKA. Angela I think that's pretty cool. So other eagle on now we'll talk Olympics when we don't come back and just a couple of sort of a made reference to dead a few seconds ago or 33% of Americans. Not have more savings and credit card debt. And if you start to read. We're starting to do what we did before the recession. People are getting more confident the economy and they're starting to and build up credit card debt and you should listen to us say Dave Ramsey. I'll tell you right now when you get yourself out of debt and it was a bit Ramsay wasn't the reason we go out of debt. Well when you get yourself out of debt and you pay off whatever you owe every month. The troops to the mailbox or so much more enjoyable under so fuel her widowed envelopes yeah. It really does. Add to your joy of life. I'm resiliency in that WB TV are Al Horford. Forty minutes. President trump will attend the funeral Billy Graham. So as seems pretty solid information at this point. Lindsey Vonn last night after she was done and then now last night she was skiing again in this Alpine combined deal. June when that either emerged 33 she still was the oldest. Medal winner I think ever. But I'm probably not quite the Olympics this year due dreamed of these small portion of the women's Alpine combined was the last race oh vote Lindsay bonds Olympic career. The metal went to her teammate Kalish different. 22 year old won silver after bond no went off course just ten seconds into her slalom on none Thursday night last month. So. It's the only race that both of them took part in gold and bronze went to a Swiss skiers so that takes care of that. But Kayla Schiffer and speaking out she's wont the French boyfriend or go to our kicked out of Olympic sent home by his own team because. He's set I risky for myself. She uses. Only one pair skiing is sort Olympic race. But just in case she has 35 pairs with her for the order games. Joseph often travels competitions with seventy pairs of skis across three continents during the six month the racing season Shearer airline baggage clerks grown limits here come and she the races are each different varying distances and not turning requirements and speeds and all that stuff and each requires specifically designed skis she got swallowed skis for example. 155 centimeters long which is just slightly more than five feet. They have an hourglass shape while her downhill skis are almost straighter is floor board and now and they might be as long as 225 centimeters which really more like seven and a half feet. So within each race category you have a range of skis that are needed as many as Torii five per race and the guy who's in charge of her. In this case for the Olympics. 35 pairs of skis is a 29 year old ski technician by the name of Kim up early and so and. One of may. And that do organs. Most prized possessions. Olympian. Is a cereal box. Not just any cereal box the box depicts the gold medal winning US. Women's hockey team for the 1998. Olympics in Nagano. It's an important piece of memorabilia from her years she says something that helped her be inspired as a professional hockey player of the current captain of the US national teams had recently when I set the goals in the year dream shall myself to make the team back. I used to whoa look at that box a lot of think how cruel would be to be on a box like this Sunday while she may very well being because the women won the gold last night and hockey. So they've she's had for a for a cereal box. Kirstie Alley in the US curling team or cause of the each other added Kirstie Alley get into this thing. Which is supposed to be someplace losing weight. Carol LI sources that we thought we have about trump coming in for the Billy Graham's funeral all revert back to one. Original source. So low and there are actually multiple sources so well mostly mellow and up in the air for a while no and see where that to ago I still wonder with him lying in the rotund and Washington for tutors. Well that would Alter the schedules of president's or the president or some of them do. Dignitaries that might have come here that made you ought to be able to pay their respects in Washington as a poster. Are coming down here so we'll just have to we'll let time in the schedule of unfurl and see how all that works out. Yep Kirstie Alley picked a fight with the Olympic curlers. She treated her I'm not trying to be mean but curling his boring. Well depends on what you're looking for that evening curled up on the couch. Read a good book. Hurley on the television. Fire in the fireplace. But it works remain the US curling team responded we're not trying to be mean either bring your movies weren't exactly riveting theater Kirstie. Fans of curling also fired back at her I'm not trying to be mean but Scientology's occult and you're terrible actress. Okay just now here are your just mean. You're entitled to your wrong opinion. You just alienated millions of Canadians. If you're going to start a sentence with. I'm not trying to be mean chances are its main. And I helpful to help. You always have the option to either turn off your TV. Or change channels. You know yeah yeah. Already. Shouldn't read that thread last nine. What one smell reminds you of your childhood. He relate to that question. I couldn't the first thing I thought rove was. When I had my topples taken out. I don't hold I was but I remember that day like it was yesterday. And they put that mask over your face. To put you under. And there was a smell of that gas or whatever that's why us. And it used to be that I could cut my hands. And breathe in MI NN breather yet in my hands and I could. That way and I would they would take us smelled that smell. As sort of traumatic experiences of wildlife are remember all of our member of the you're getting it deep lots ice cream they didn't tell me the fact that when you woke up to Jordan I don't want anything. The year throws gonna be sort through you can see straight and the other thing I've always remembered about that experience was. I mean a war with I don't know what Tony other kids. All of this event there tussle taken out in if they caught you crying. They gave you a shot. I still don't exactly understand what that was all about. But I just remember I can I hated shots so bad. And I cried. But I would bury my head in my pillow and get under the covers and cry so I wouldn't have to get that shot while other kids were getting shots because they cried. Well lousy experience but anyway the once all the remind me of my childhood would have been that dam mass going over my face. To give my console sticking out. Well our horrendous experience -- hands and exchange came Ullah I think gas price the day that I quit trusting my parents implicitly. That. In all deep tales is is to this day. Don't just it did give me all the details. Thought I'll go ahead crossed the street. You should've said watch out for that bus I had a time. So this red thread yesterday says no what's the one smell the remind you of your childhood. That's triple Bogle gum that came in the backpack a baseball cards. But you can always tell how long muted note the time but how long does baseball cards would probably have been around because. If you drop that thing it turned to dust. It broke like a favorable laughs it kept up. Yet to get so much spin on that stuff to actually make sure that it turned into bubble gum. Coppertone sun block. We'll always in my just summer. Chlorine. Although summer swimming lessons. The F smell of cut grass. That I instantly remember playing on the has school fields remember everything very strange feeling that makes me unhappy. Crayons. I bought a box of crayons guided probably was five or six years ago little one around Christmas time you know what a buck tarsala Micah. Just electric pop the compliment box and smoke trails and not so sure that my kids use crayons they may have used like that ink. The marker type things yeah when they don't want those. Hot for awhile. And a regular cry or crayons were. Plato. Carried it. You know I had trial wants to figure out there really wasn't. There was strawberry short cake care of in the food chain. And one guy answered the smell of the plastic raincoats I wore in kindergarten. I guess I kind of remember that but that would not be there. The one that I god died today just now thought of was what it was at Xerox paper or the stuff that the teacher used to copy all the stuff on member it was cold. If you put the paper up on your cheek it was cold and it kinda had a blue. Hutu it. TJ is look at every like I have no idea what you're talking about. But I remember they don't hand out stuff and it would be printed with I think that whenever distinct smell to it. And it was always cold to the touch you can put that up on the did the cheap to your cheek and it was cold. Did you ever eat lead out and pencils. I used to do that. I would break picked tip off of the pencil. And so you'd have yourself all lol what quarter inch piece of lead. And I put one. In one Moeller and then. Lock it down with the other Moeller Indy end and then crush it. In blood supposed to be poisonous or tunnel on the hunt. That's Saturday that lives announced a march post middle of the they break for Olympic coverage go when they come back to first week of march they've got three shows those soldiers were jovial watching on Saturday Night Live. A lot and they'll be live kicking off. The episodes on no march 3 will be a former NBA you know player an Emmy award winning sports analyst and commentator Charles Barkley. As your post and he'll be with the first time musical guests a Grammy nominated hip hop trio of mean ghosts. You know they are Brothers got screwed out of their Saturday Night Live. They were scheduled to save I think I've got destroyed they were scheduled a news Saturday and I'll live and then they booked Mick Jagger to be the host. And so the stones played. And I I don't know that they ever dolphins probably called me and read until me I'm wrong but I think that's the way that story one. The next weekend of march the tenth you'll see this is a star sterling K brown. Giving NBC a little self promotion they just got they key that was the slot that followed the Super Bowl there's sure one of and joining up brown his musical guest will be another fresh faced with a Grammy nominee James bay making his debut on Saturday Night Live and then finally on Saint Patrick's Day. That episode happens march the seventeenth and former cast under Bill Hader. Coming back to the show that made him famous and he'll be joined by. Arcade Fire. So that's what's going on in March for senate and realized that just announced all of that kind of stuff so. Other shamrock shake is returning to McDonald's for those who just can't live without it and if you're one of those is waiting for a McDonald's to returned he says one sauce member all that. That big nightmare they said it was gonna be available in the headlights. One little packet of it for 4000 restaurants are serving well. They get ready to bring that back I don't have players supplies word and I'm not so sure they're not getting ready to bring it back permanently. There you go take this. Stay around for couple Saget you'll learn something. Some of its worthless some of it's not. No I'm worthless stuff we usually say between 6 and 7 o'clock. So here it is the pertinent stuff is coming up next to Charlotte at six remark here and I'm John Hancock Charles goes below that and we are. Out of here.