Is College Worth It?

John Hancock
Monday, May 14th
Hancock discusses the ipening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, are the liberals ensuring the re-election of the president, the sale of the Panthers, and is college worth it?

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This is John Hancock. You have been playing with the reverb. DJ. Got that don't work. I don't job. Hey there hi there other than. Where is Mondays are going to be killing reminded us. Humidity is not bad dud temperatures but toasty all weekend long. I felt so bad on Saturday Watson Susan murdered on the yard. Well they are to watch my health. I also do run errands and stuff I destroyed it dead by new Tommy bahama shirt. I had to go to the Microsoft store and get my granddaughter a graduation present. And now. And those aaron's. You don't should could or I mean considering I was going Belmont to Charlotte and having that was gonna take at least an hour and a half. Didn't you factor in traffic and well and everything else I was gone for like. Five and a half hours. Because I knew that words. Or yard work to be done. And even my mom would tell you that. I used to find. Your mom every day make you go out they are no of one of those metal look things where you know dig up Dan Lyons. Get rid ever get dug on that assignment off cast. I may hate that worse than anything. And this is before the days when they had stuff you can like spray. So you had a goal you know hands and knees out in the yard when one of those prom be mentally thing needs do you have deadlines. And I've just never have done well in the heat outside and he. I'm trying to five got to drink in my hand and I'm oh later in Jamaica but. I'm just not to. I don't get cold you can put me up there in a snowstorm. And repair shorts and I'm far. But heat is just never been Mya. My Forte so that's Susan on the other hands got Polynesia senator so Warren. She she goes out third gardens for one bailout section just got back from Jamaica. So there may have a good Mother's Day. I have finally had had never done this finally put a picture in my Momo on FaceBook yesterday. I don't think I've ever put a picture of my dad. Not Bernie rip particular reason in particular should probably do it next Father's Day. I'm. But yeah I don't know I just. But yesterday I kind of got into Knology Meyer daughter in law's first Mother's Day because of my granddaughter milieu of who we once it's time with yesterday. And and then I got me to willow wanted to put a picture up of my wife back about the time I met her. And my two step sons I hate that word but my two sons men filled. Who are you know Dayton Ohio love for the next few days their grandfathers just passed away. And and then after I did all that I distill wondered grabbed area picture. A fashion frozen photo of my mom and put it up. I'm my mom was a Stanley Marcus curl me the vogue cover girl model. And kind of an Audrey Hepburn. Who she doesn't cringe or she's hearing me say that but she you know somebody else mentioned that on no FaceBook yesterday. I've got a picture of me someplace with Stanley Marcus holding me sit on his lap. God I wish animated bigger impression. I actuarial. Could have been part of the Neiman Marcus. Family given like a belt boy. But no DiMarco that was. But anyway I put a picture of my mom up yesterday and no mention. Until when they used an empty parent teacher conference as I was hated parent teacher comes just I was always in trouble. Remember when they you get report cards whatever nine weeks for dates and out failure notices a six weeks. I just tourist thought that was so unfair. It means you got drew grounded technically for the send you had dated a double jeopardy double penalty for the same infraction. You know again grounded for the failure notice and you are grounded when the report card came out. And then parent teacher comes desire always hated those. Because I knew that they would always say when they can do the work if you just apply himself well. They didn't give me something to apply myself to do good to talk about something that interest me in men may be all blood myself once they found the premiere radio studio. I applied myself. It just never was very good at sitting in the chair waiting for us somebody to output stuff over black border have to memorize the senator the other. In fact we're gonna talk today one of the things I hope we get punitive. Lot of news going on in the world but I abbreviate the age old question comes up this time of year is college worth the money. And it's probably as pertinent question now as it's ever been because of the amount of college debt that people are going in general. An hour raid on a number of occasions as the year goes on. Then a college degree is more necessary today than it's ever been if you wanna be successful. And I am not gonna argue with that although my first inclination on that is bull. I understand that it's going to be a technological world and I understand that there may be training involved. In other words even if you in my day even if you just decided you were gonna be a car mechanic. Well back in those days you could do that could drive wave your car you could do you know pull the plugs in mid magic could. I'm doing with how many garages do were we N word guy you know Danny candle was Paula not. 327 out of his Corvette and put news 57 Chevy I ever I participated in a lot of that stuff. And obviously come. That's not the way it is anymore car mechanics is now computers intact and so I understand it's a different world that we live in but not everybody is college material. Not everybody. Needs to go into deep debt to go in two way it took college. Dad did to get off to a degree and and that's one of the things to store that this historical that some of the stupid things shouldn't get degrees in you can put yourself deeper into debt get a degree and there's a little never be useful to you. And some of us just art. College material. They did did you can't teach me anything out of a book. But if you throw me Andrew lust situation. Hands on then all figured out. Arm I'm surrounded by people like better in the radio business. I don't know a whole bunch of a certain is that old phrase about radio a great profession if you got to see average. I can that's radio and are in a heartbeat. We're just big dog on too many numbers that really were all that great at sit in a chair haven't somebody teaches chemistry off of a blackboard. But you can throw us into a studio and teachers how to edit and teachers how to do this and teachers had to do that and you can. Allow us to listen to taper listened to other people they did it before us and say while. Murphy in the morning what was his secret how did he do theater of the mind how do you do that how can you. How can you lie if I've got idea in my head how can I translate that to tape and you learn how to do that. So many of you are under profession right now that didn't require college degree and many of you. Hum. I'm questioning in my head right now how many young people or solicit a radio but. But many of you are up to your eyeballs in debt my son has one of them. And not necessarily using. What you studied you go into debt foreign college. In the location that you're currently. But I directing your future towards. So we'll talk a little bit about whether college is worth the money the answer that are not an answer to that the answer to that is in some cases yes. If you're a lawyer or doctor are up or you're actually got a Ed degree in I don't know business or something along those lines and that's what your. That that that's what opened the door for you to get the job if during your interview. That degree awards the key that opened the door for you to get a position. Than ever by all means worth the money. But if you got to do it if you got a degree and fashion design. As I don't for an. Solo we'll talk about the Supreme Court says all bets you're all states now cannot allow sports betting we'll talk about that just couple of seconds. So while what comes first in the yourself. Sports betting our marijuana legalization. There's something else I've been mentioned it is the third and I cannot remember what it is to save my life we used it several times. What comes first pot that low or. And Acura editors. But do you think will be one of the south be as far behind on sports betting. We kind of were on the lottery. We we we've pretty much let. The majority of the states go ahead of us are numb state lotteries. Attacks on the stupid I can say that because I buy the tickets. Torrey where we'll we'll talk about that there's a big ruling on the Supreme Court today and in fact the Supreme Court. Is in the process of you know by the time we get to June and thereabouts there's going to be all sorts of. Decisions that are gonna come down our regarding our religious freedom. And free speech. In immigration. And union dues and voter rights. And sales taxes. And sports betting and privacy. We'll talk about sports betting aspect of it will do that next. Story breaking up melodic at trump has undergone kidney surgery at Walter Reed medical center. According to a statement from our office had been experiencing an issue with her kidney that are office described as benign but requiring medical attention so the so morning she underwent. And mobilization procedure to retreat of benign kidney condition. Seizure was successful no complications first lady's communication director said an AS statement she's expected to be in the hospital for at least the next few days. So on. The storage is to attend on the line now a couple of minutes ago so that's an update for you their Supreme Court today. Sports betting. Says all states can now allow sports betting 1992 law that are banned states from allowing it has big enough. Overruled. So it's about to get a lot easier after a Supreme Court to but a decision on mount Monday's sports betting in 1992 a federal law. Required states. Other than Nevada. To a ban gambling on sports. Nevada was grandfathered yeah and at the time and has since had a monopoly on legal sports betting but Americans still. Illegally gamble on sports betting. To the tune of about ten billion dollars a year. Com. Today they estimate and a ten billion dollars a year was wagered on this year's NCAA. Men's basketball tournament New Jersey and then governor Chris Christie had mounted a Supreme Court challenge to the 1992 law. And they argued that the professional. And amateur sports protection act violated the tenth amendment by forcing states to carry out a federal dictate while it wasn't against the federal law to have devoted our own lives and sports but it wasn't against federal law. 63 ruling on Monday the High Court agreed do a strike down the law or writing for the majority was the justice Samuel Alito when he said he more direct affront to state sovereignty is not easy to imagine. You noted that the Olof quotes state legislatures under the direct control of congress by forcing them to prohibit something. No law doesn't ban sports betting under a federal law it just requires states to do it. Christie argued that organization organized crime profits from illegal sports betting in New Jersey wanted to do a benefit from it instead of collecting. And I don't mind my collecting taxes on its end. And we probably spend they think about a 150 billion dollars a year on no illegal sports gambling. So while states can now kinda decide what they wanna do research firm estimated that. There were the Supreme Court to strike down the 9292. Law which they did today 32 states would likely allow betting within five years of Richard the south this last ago. Well for all of these. Zooming in Jerusalem today. The American Embassy. Today opened. Bunker trump another Steve Nugent the Treasury Secretary and the deputy US secretary of state John Sullivan and several members of congress are there and Palestinians Sarah protesting to a and unhappy. US embassy in Israel is so formally opening its new site in Jerusalem today. This is five months after trump broke with decades of US international president and recognizing Jerusalem is Israel's capital announced that the U. American embassy would be moving on their from a Tel Aviv. And the F Palestinian now president. Mahmud Abbas. Now stop ties with the trump administration said the US could no longer act as a mediator in no peace talks. And frivolity is ensued in all ways shapes and forms today Israeli gunfire reportedly has killed at least 41 Palestinians in the last last numbers I saw that was about an hour ago. And wounded many I think 35 at one point but I'm sure that numbers higher now. Along the Gaza Strip border fence on no Monday thousands of protesters gathering ahead of the US opening of the embassy which is now happened. I Jerusalem which of course both the Israelis and the Palestinians have claim as their capital. There are calls from my Gaza mosques urging people to participate in the great march of return. Which is they may fifteenth event. Which honors the 700000 Palestinians who are left or were expelled from their homes due to Israel's 1948 declaration of independence culminated in six weeks of protests in which the Israeli troops have now killed the 49 Palestinians so off. We'll see were all that goes splinter out. Pretty high emotions over their. The China news. The Chinese president. She agent ping. Trump made kind of a surprising announcement yesterday did that he will help save a Chinese telecommunications. Companies GTE cork. Which had violated sanctions on Iran and North Korea. The president tweeted yesterday that Ted too many jobs in China would be lost after the US Commerce Department last month cut off access to was ET es American suppliers and components for seven years. US accused the Chinese company of misleading American regulators after it settled the charges of violating sanctions. So log trump tweeted that he was working with two against GTE quote back into business fast. This is seen as they have. AEA measured it kind of wind favor us supporters before they just sit down what Chinese about two of the terrorist situation US impose that penalty on CTF to be discovered that the the company. Which it paid one point two billion dollars in fines didn't discipline employees involved and paid the bonuses instead. So while. Trump on China being cool it'll all work out. That was his one of his quotes. So despite strain relations trump on Sunday city and structure of the US Commerce Department to assist the Chinese telecommunication. Giants ET eating getting back in business fast. And says that he in the Chinese president that are working to give massive Chinese food company they are way to get back into business solo wool of Woolsey were all that goes but that's also India. They in the news today NN guard regards to all that we kind of talked about kind of it now obviously following the what's going on with the Chinese only if because what has happened in May stock markets. Was reading some stuff over the weekend about the stock markets for as much as I understand all of the stuff but. And you can elect to get an idea of. And at this stage in my life where. I don't have ten and twenty years to. Not to be passive about what's going on the world by cut out. I save money for retirement and all that kind of stuff and so I you know like I try as best they care and a kind of keep an eye on things. Which makes me smarter when I sit down with my financial planner. Wood which I think is important. So love. Someone had asked the question when will the US that are the next recession. And I according to what I read in the Wall Street Journal around the economist that they surveyed are looking at 120. Well I will work out just fine for me. Were where we're currently in an economic expansion that started in midnight data mid 20092. Longest in American history 59%. Of the forecasters surveyed said that they think it's most likely. But to end in a two years due to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates which they are. The other 22% predicted 22 when he wants smaller groups predicted 2019. That's concerning to me. 20/20 two are announced boss does specified date beyond that. You can't predict a recession. There always say in hindsight you can. You know if you don't read the tea leaves back there in 2007. When everything was. Bill and you wanna know what to do. Faster. But you didn't. So one economist took part of this survey says that signs are emerging that the current expansion is in the late stages of his cycle. And another says any year from 2019 on word is in play fur recession. The last recession began in December 2007. Alarms were raised in 2011 and 2016 but the US did not general recession either one of those times obviously. And the longest ever economic expansion was in the 1990s and it lasted ten years. So if this one started in. 2009. This this recovery this. Period that were in now. Then 9201922. When he would be the economic expansion started in amid. 2009. Home mid 20s19. Would be ten years and if he had a little bit of time under that you get into 2020s targets that's where they are economists are. Are are are basically. Putting their their stock speaking of stock US stock markets into a turn the corner. Overcoming concerns about inflation and rising rates and trade wars and other geopolitical issues. So we'll see what happens with that but watch in the stock market is just a just every day it's up down it's. It's all around so long that's racial without. There's a really interesting piece today in the New York Times. Which was written by our guy by the name of Gerald Alexander. And his take in the New York Times is essentially saying to liberals. You need to stop being so self righteous and we'll talk about it next. Can. I. You're talking really about liberal media was it was a rush that I used to that turn in Russia earlier and he was saying that. I cannot believe for her debt or save my life for May have been rush. Can measure was but I he was. He was talking about how long maybe they're starting to understand that. This constant beat down. The award shows and otherwise. Is starting to have a negative effect on and maybe they were reacting to this New York Times piece today in the says liberals don't realize how self righteous they convict. Retaliation against liberals may be what ends up getting president trump reelected. And that's kind of what Russia's been saying on his program and dialogue over the last few months. But. The Nancy policies of the world and Chuck Schumer of the world and the hardcore liberals in the world in the entertainment industry the world and Jimmy Kimmel in the world that it had been voted. And you hear you. But now maybe they're actually start and a. Decide Gerald Alexander has this take today in the New York Times in which he notes liberals are and so they've inspirational and their idealism and and they're Smart but they're not a smarter persuasive as they think his line. He warned that liberals ensconced in what he says are. Positions of power and entertainment and media in higher education may not realize quote how provocative and inflammatory close quote they are. With their progressive beliefs and that they may be pushing away as many people as there are attracting. And the polls. Substantiate that view. Would think constant beat down every single day. And the so called news shows. And I guess I can't speak for The Today Show on ABC because I don't watch him anymore don't watch the division or longer I do watch CBS this morning and know what it is. But that's just the one but I just have chosen third they have run for the most part. But every morning. They feature of the night before worse comedians. And it's a steady diet. Of drug jokes. And I don't know how. 8 a morning show that's trying to. Prove itself to be journalistically. Unbiased. Can allow comedians of the world. To direct so much of the dialogue. But they presented almost is news because they do it every day. So the comedians of the monologues at night I guess have always had some power in some influence but I don't think they've ever had as much power or as much influences they do tonight. And today it was inching I didn't watch the whole program but I watched the beginning of Saturday Night Live did you watch it JJ. They cast had their parents on their moms on. I assume those are others moms that they were better of him being cast as people's moms. But that did the interesting thing was that they were the bombs and stuff we're saying to the cast members all I'm so proud of you. But I wish you would this get off this trump thing and they were say you know no big they're big kids or get all nervous and pulled her mom's offstage. But essentially you had an older generation told the new generation. Yeah I wish you weren't doing a beat down on Donald Trump every damn week. It was camera and it was it was say I mean they were poke fun at themselves. Which quite frankly comedians need to do more often. Quit taking yourself so seriously. So I'm Gerald Alexander in the times today says although liberals made. Be more on top of pushing narratives. And he says rightfully actually. I'm such topics as racism and sexism into wider fuel. He argues that they may be forcing others to adapt to quickly quote some liberals have gotten far out ahead of the other of their fellow Americans. But are nonetheless quick to criticize those who haven't caught up with them. He concedes that trump himself doesn't make the situation any easier with his derogatory and vulgar remarks but he stresses that labeling. Everyone who supports trump as racist for example is self defeating. And what liberals can do to help stave off they trump win in 20/20. Which by the way Alexander thinks is entirely possible. Because they can't quite see the forest through the trees. They can't quite see. Dad there's a good percentage of the country out here that are a little bit tired of the diatribe. Is the constant pounding. And the entertainment industry. And the left. With this self righteousness that they don't recognize but everybody else does. And so that's what he's saying in this editorial today is stop being so self righteous. Quote self righteousness is rarely attractive. And even more rarely rewarded. Now I can't imagine and it's a New York Times so you've got to figure out that bill at least see it. Because that's. That's bad that's their journalistic. Pulitzer. And that's that that's the height of their journalism at New York Times liberal. But pretty actually detect. That. To take that angle on it now. There's another piece today in the guardian by Michael Bloomberg. And I cut Aaron Rome not edited this. But I've kind of cut out. Be political. Target. Of this. Bloomberg. Calling an epidemic of dishonesty bigger threat than terrorism to the country. From the endless barrage of lies. And he plays a few well eggs out there that probably. Could be pointed at some person or another. And Bloomberg himself is not a guy that I would don't necessarily follow he's not proven to be down my thought pattern. Over the years. Put him. Calling for this epidemic of dis honesty a bigger threat to the country than terrorism. Did catch my attention because at least with the message that. He for the most part. Is focused on here I totally agree so global talk about that when we come back. These these John Hancock. Averaged a shared at peace with the U from my Gerald Alexander in the New York Times today in which she until liberals don't do you overlook self self righteous you can be. And we have seen this in the polls we've got. In men may be and make I don't know seems like all the TV programs are down but may be in the I think people. Not all people but a good many people are a tired of that tune and in a Grammy Awards and Tony Awards and Oscar awards and Emmy Awards and are being preached out like we're some general. So the ratings are down for that. And I hit his point is is that you better be careful of because. You may just be turning off enough of the population into your ensuring that O'Donnell trouble get reelected. Now. Completely different subject matter although I think there are some political targets in this piece that Michael Bloomberg wrote. But those of you listen to me for awhile know about my. I decline of the Roman empire theme. I think the United States is going through the same. Two this is that the same lesson. And Bloomberg today calls for a an epidemic of dishonesty bigger threat than terrorism to the country. From the endless barrage of lies. He had named trump. NS a speech that he made to I Houston university. But. It certainly targeted him a couple of times in here but I I kind of tried to cut well out there and take the emphasis of the message she says Americans are facing an epidemic of dishonesty in Washington. That is more dangerous than terrorism or communism according to be a former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg I would expand that. I would say that I think Americans are facing an epidemic of dishonesty. I would say that and by and large. I think there's an epidemic of dishonesty in the country. I think that we are a nation for ourselves. By and large that doesn't mean everybody had just means that enough for the population is out there just fighting for themselves to the point to. Did this this collection of United States aura of united citizenry or caring about your fellow man knocked kind of comes and none Dunlop. List of priorities maybe farther down than it's been before he made art Bloomberg at a commencement speech. On a Saturday at rice university in Houston knee and he said an endless barrage of lies and a trend towards. Alternate realities. His phrase. In national politics pose a dire threat to US democracy. Indian colony politicians out by name but you could tell he was. We were thinking about some points during a speech he said this is bigger than any one person is bigger than anyone. And party. He asked and blamed extreme partisanship for an unprecedented tolerant of dishonesty in US politics and said people. We're now committed more to their political tribes than the truth. Suggesting that the nation is more divided than in any other time since the civil war now. I don't know that he necessarily jumped in and I joined they own coalition that he belongs to but I think he's part of the problem till. We've seen that before drug election season. He had a considered himself. Are running at one point or at least we thought he had considered to running at one point and he's pretty ensconced on his side to go. But he said in Houston the other day there is now more tolerant toward dishonesty and politics and I've ever seen in my lifetime and they only thing. More dangerous than dishonest. Then dishonest politicians who have no respect for the law. Is a course of enablers who defend their every lie. And and he may be pointing that at. Well. He I was about to say he may be pointing that at the Carter administration and and not his followers. But then they'll let me take that back because he noted that Democrats spent much of the 1990s defending Bill Clinton. Against charges of lying to. And personal morality. And then made reference to just as Republicans attacked the lack of ethics and honesty in the White House he says the reverse is happening today. So he didn't cite both sides of the equation and he did cite Bill Clinton. And he's exactly right. Bet we can do every time we get into a discussion about something that. A member of one party has done or said. The justification for that act always is reference to. A person of equal. Status in the other parties. Well Donald Trump may have done this but Bill Clinton so you justify. Bill live or dead Donald Trump's. Actions with something to Bill Clinton did well to me that's two different arguments. Bill Clinton was wrong. Donald Trump was wrong. Or not but do one doesn't justify one's bad acts does not justify the other person's bad acts. And that's how wait that's how we run the debate now. Well Jimmy can steal then I ought to be able to steal. He told the graduates Bloomberg told the graduates. When we tolerate dishonesty we get criminality and sometimes it's in the form of corruption and sometimes it's abuse of power. And sometimes it's both. And he says that the greatest threat to American democracy isn't communism. Or Jihad ism. Or any other external force or foreign power. It's our own willingness to tolerate dishonesty in service of party. And in pursuit of power. And and that's why I'm not against Donald Trump and those of you actually listen amino I'm not. I think some of the substance that. Donald Trump has brought to the table is good I think you see the results and in North Korea opened up the way that works out. I think we're gonna end up with a level playing field with the terrorists and and with China. Com. Even though we're adding to the national deficit I'm like I'm glad that we finally tackle tax reform in some way shape form remains so I think there's things that have been done in this administration. I think his style Sox. But I think his substance has been good. But you have to essentially look at both sides. And I don't have a whole lot of respect for some of the people in the Republican Party who have been themselves into pretzels. Robert Pitt injure. To try to justify a guy. Donald Trump. We wouldn't justify otherwise but you've done it because of your party political affiliation. You wouldn't justify. Or. Say that though the wave. The Donald Trump has sort of gone about his business in some cases. Is acceptable. Except you pinch yourself and approachable to make it a good acceptable. Because you can't go against your own party about what makes you say that you have come well how come you can't critique your own party and still be. A strong member of your own party. And not have to go along with every single thing that comes down the pike. Right is right wrong is wrong that make your party stronger not weaker. There are about the latest bullying epidemic. Senior senators. Seriously or earlier this. We'll talk about the. So dug for we wander out here is college worth the money able to get to that before we. For a we wonder uttered just to talk to make way for Charlotte six with a Mark Garrison revenues two available liberal Von Canon traffic Mike to a with the news and Isaacs on the telephone they Isaak. John. They really appreciate you know boat you're showed the Smart touch but I would be you. It's open opera much agree where book I do like but point out. In regarding to be. The Democrats overlooked in president Bill Clinton's that is if appellate. Easier. You know. That's giving all and everything like that that are. Well you're almost like Hitler basically do what dollar tropical group. Without the awkward out there. Weird yeah. You can't put them but the other and they're you can you gotta give equal ball. And he goal ought criticism. Put. Their prior to that you know that every day. And the board President Bill Clinton game and all births and Billy here. And the media gate give up our. And the blue book state of mind would do that brought the audience that well. It's okay because he'd do his job and met this car ought ball ball ball ball. Bush won the changes but you know and the different president of the upper up at persuasion. They now and it's 00 where it no big game and all its not rocket criticized wall without the other that's the first president pat Barrett used. And just like the NICU option W with a Democrat. Just like AF BR Brett do you respect the Supreme Court order here today and know what that person's been sent. And establishes open and you happy. You have to check what are some or party that delivers the first original plan. We're discuss the president's been set doesn't necessarily mean you have to adhere to it that's that's part of the problem is that everybody. All right adheres to precedents that shouldn't have been now given a time data begin with. That's that's that's Bloomberg's whole argument is there's an epidemic of dishonesty. That he thinks threaten the country more than Jihad is amend terrorism. And and if he were if he if he were really honesty he would have included via the media in there. Yeah I agree why you would you know who want to got into Apollo Coulter had not become too acceptable. I mean just like to look at that many years ago same sex marriage it was computer at. I haven't got the banks and now accepted and how dare you stated think about it well you know that's speeches on their bullet east around stay and want that been established or depressed that group and started. We are right or wrong. You have to give credit or a halt to home where that came problem. Well that's and to me that's a week society that's allowed that to become a president that it is easier to. Not to allow everything that is to stand up against something good strong Christian should stand up for what they believe and none a Ferris. Well I if if there's hell to pay for that then that's than there's all the pay for that. I agree with beer but that put the body that would limit and today it. That's what we can't smoke like game he and now. And who raised our car and who raised him. I don't know I mean Baghdad that close that gap better than amended it to its. Indeed it was my generation that didn't uphold the same values as my father's generation who basically whittled down. Their father's generation so every generation has been responsible. For the whittling down the of our ideals and morals and ethics so we're all the blame minute because it's always been easier. To just let something go than it has been to be a good strong parent. And so we look around back to your original statement would pick the product all of them. The Roman empire IE United States of America. Now I'd add that to me I think that's exactly what we're doing I think five I don't know how when women when they are history books will come out on it but I. You know 500000. Years from now when you're reading history I think that no one of the things that they're gonna chronicle is that this great United States of America off for his great and as. Brilliant as they were. Apparently weren't Smart enough to look at history before them and avoid the pitfalls that are brought down the great society is before the. And smaller and all blew their lazy. We're related to sports tickets are preoccupied with a. We're not lazy I don't that I don't think as a society we're lazy I just think that our our our our focus is not on what's really important. Have you furlong trip for the long range. Now I'm you know not didn't nominate people but it sounded you are he'd checked out there that bug or the voter all. Well there's evidence that that mean you know that you're right that's apathy. Beyond that after he meant that what they do that because. Very good well then no because what it is important to them is more important than what's important for the whole. Yeah well you know tiger again I appreciate you showed I don't want the idea remote but you they're. God's Burton admitted looting and well or. In fact that I'm gonna go spreads news right now. Hardest and may the fourteenth day before payday for many of you 134 days into the year 2018231. Days ago. 1969. May the fourteenth the last Chevrolet Corvette or rolled off the show will run no assembly line and you've salon AM. My Michigan. Frank Sinatra died on this date 1998. The age of 82 or forgot he didn't make it into the new millennium. So that would be what twenty years ago. Forty years tells an off. And 1998. The final. The finale. Of signed fell that aired on NBC 76 million viewers tuned in 75 1000000 left this morning. He just didn't. Stand up just some of the last episodes like smash Brothers that we've seen cheers and yeah. But in reruns that's still pretty damn good show. David burned just in town last week Talking Heads 66 years old today Mark Zuckerberg 34. He's probably age appears it's this here. This junior sit in front of a congressional committees but a couple of days off reluctance thing. America's oldest man turned a 112. He smokes it drinks. Some of that just. I don't know what I have faith my grandmother smoked. Till the day she died. Under two years old but don't recommend that. But some people defy the Dutch and some people you don't shouldn't smoke. New study finds that babies prefer listening to other babies. Now I'm starting to understand Amelio and she looks at me like. What is your problem. Starbucks says that the new official policy is that anybody can use their restrooms even if they don't purchase anything. And I know that would be kind of a pain but that's probably the way it should be. The matter of health in some cases you gotta go you gotta go. Tonight Saturday's royal letting them. Terry Megan marquee. B are taking place saint George's chapel at doe Windsor Castle the 10:12 PM British time. With the dean of winds are and the archbishop of cant berries sent to a merry hairy and Megan enough front of 600 guests inside the chapel at chapel. Beautiful stunning. Newlyweds well then embark on a 1 PM carriage procession through wins or a town before returning to the castle for you lunchtime reception. Hosted by the queen at saint George's hall. Now my wife has already told me shall be up at 4 o'clock in the morning to a store watching. The pre wedding coverage. I've already told her I will not. In fact the best I can hope for is an all actually sleep between. 8 o'clock 8:39 o'clock get open. And see the aftermath. Which is going to be tough because I pretty much show wake up on my own about 5 or 6 o'clock consultants on have a feeling I'll be watching that then went into. Those so watching in Honolulu will be the first to see the royal wedding no what do you ceremony beginning there at 1 AM on Saturday. If have been and Hawaii during the football season. Great. At the 1 o'clock game starts at what is it like goes 7. In the morning. And then me late named the late game starts at what is it ten. So I mean you know it's mid afternoon. The games are over here you're out on the beach. Feel thing. Viewers on the West Coast can catch a few more hours sleep Los Angeles the wedding starts at 4 AM Denver 5 AM Chicago 6 AM New York 7 AM that'll be our time period. So most networks appear the royal wedding and begin coverage an hour or two before the ceremony begins to wake beautiful look at the highlights later oh maybe if I was in Hawaii. You write about football allies though when I was there that all the game the two games are over before new. Well it's visited the second game would start 4 o'clock here what are they're like six hours out of up behind us so let's say would start like 10 o'clock it might have been a quick you might have been a quick day that day I was there but remember watching the Panthers at seven. Everybody was already drink and what sticks Turkey. In the bar in the next game it was over before noon now and that was great because you've got the good route to the day you go go have lunch yeah and that sit and you're gonna watch Monday in RS Sunday Night Football than it would be like go 4 o'clock in the afternoon after fortunate enough to go to Hawaii don't really wanna sit inside watching well that's that's the other part you don't really care too much about the unifil when you're running an envoy and nation that's for sure. Mother's Day yesterday I'll be getting a good one meaningful ones. But I. And never put pictures of my folks up on me on FaceBook page did so yesterday I got more responsible on my mom. Says. Like get that 394 people are some of them like that couldn't believe that. Got so much response to that thought it was similar really pretty cool. So world. In which thanks wrote everybody send all the nice things about my mommy thank you. That's the original. And boy just it was clear that his office. We don't know why. And one of the caricatures. Me hang and often WBT microphone back in the I don't have that there's the original sketch of 01 of the characters we put on May have coffee cup question about the coffee cup. So I was sort of fuel. At home I think I got a case of home. But anyway very cool calm no one who invented Mother's Day came to not necessarily really like it too much she. It's big business or retailers. I thought that was thought I was probably invented by hallmark. But that this year was no different shapers shoppers spent an average of 480 dollars per mum. One moment going to be. I sent her flowers down and now Texas ambassador card. Then Doherty stick figures Boe one stick figure standing up on the bridge. And all the others stick figures jumping off the bridge they were like all in mid air. And it says something about to. Now that I'm the kid on the bridge. Because I've been following endure all the other kids were doing C moment and listen to you so like that. So lob anyway if you hate all the commercialization behind the day that celebrates moms imagine how Anna Jarvis would feel now she was there holidays founder. And she worked pretty hard to get the world do it give moms everywhere shout out. But before her death even sheik had to admit that she had some regrets about starting Mother's Day well even as commercialized as has gotten. Still love. Like Mother's Day better than Father's Day. Now and I can't say that either. I like our fathers they've been Father's Day. But I acknowledging either or or taking the time or having an obligation to. To stop down and do some for your bomber do some freer to Addis. I can imagine that's a bad thing. Jarvis said she couldn't stand the idea of people spending so much money on extravagant flower arrangement sappy greeting cards and overly priced chocolates. First she went after Flores. Protesting their marketing of those so beautiful and ornate carnations and then her protests escalated to arrest for public disturbances. She didn't stop there she went after the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for using Mother's Day as a way to promote the health and welfare of women and children. As you really wasn't happy with where mothers Davis headed. What I should feel about it today I had to assay in retrospect I don't know. I guess all mothers would be. Me yeah. You'd have to judge your own mom. But I can't imagine. Mum ever. Analyzing. Whatever it is that you've done for her on this day it from a monetary standpoint. Wherever I had no moms I know would never think well. My daughter spent like ninety dollars on me about my son spent 35. Now I don't think that's the way it won't work. Now the one to we're really on us so. Tom I don't know if this were owners of -- up at a Texas woman who killed her cheating husband by repeatedly running over him and her car was released from prison Clara Harris C member of the story fifteen years suffer murder torture served. She's a sixty year old doubt this what happened I guess when she was in her mid forties. 2002. She and. Hired a private investigator to a follow her husband David Harris she suspected he was having an affair with a former employee. I remember the story of the day had a broken rendered on whether it. She can charted her husband and his lover in the lobby of a Hilton hotel in the Houston area. The fight moved outside to the parking lot where she jumped that are Mercedes bin and our ran over him. And then ran over again. And then ran over him again. A few times. Her husband's daughter from a previous marriage was in the car. With her at the time of the killing. And testified against her at the 2003 trial during the trial Harris attorney argued that the crime happened moments after an emotional and volatile confrontation. At the same hotel where the couple had gotten married. Near crime was caught on tape by the private investigator here said hired to document her husband's affair. Moral of the story being that even if he's guilty. You can't run over him in the car. And it doesn't matter whether it's receiver Mercedes or. Is just a piece of crap. New prints album. Late singer prince will be out next year it will streamed exclusively on title for fourteen days and then now will be available as a download seven days after it launches first. Status. We'll also wrote release say a physical version no worldwide following our titles exclusive us think about that Tom Petty the other day. You hear some really great live cuts. On another Tom Petty channel on serious ex im. And I would love to see them follow some of them from his last tour but there's some great cuts from red rocks and other places. So I would like to see them maybe he's already got a few live albums out but we'll get some of that stuff that's exclusive to the petty channel and and put out a full live album and take the best live cuts you can find because they've got all. Library of petty stuff the boy I sure would like don't. Might sound familiar to some of you were hanging out at PNC over the weekend. Got to keep your jobs on. They're throwing your bras for radio because. And big concert week last week last couple weeks. But everybody are now at a lot of good their shows a world. And I in town over the last couple weeks so. That's good at then that hasn't always been the case for Charlotte. So I don't understand why there's not a there's a format and radio call AAA. And I'm not a AAA radio station in this town. And it's it would be are fairly eclectic rock and roll and be a mix of new and old and so on and so forth and there's just no one had no idea why I came up through Tripoli before I get out here doing talking. I missed. I missed the musical part of it and I don't understand they're not got a big ratings getters necessarily not gonna be mineral on radio station in town but there's so certainly a niche forwarded you would get all the advertising for. Concerts PNC and said the other because you'd be playing their music very eclectic stuff. On and I. There's there's a station. Talked about it before that is on line only WG WG dot com. And I'll listen to the whole logic because there are collector can no brave and sometimes they placed off and I go all about. Listen in one day I don't know couple months ago and I'm Wilson into moment their plan all sorts of stuff and I'm bigger monitor play and and also they played. Flyer Robin fly by silver convention. Which is an only a throwback to the old Disco days. Which normally I would that I find to be disgusting. But I had heard it in so long it was like a quick visit with a old friend. Anyway code that you can see that very Charlotte I thought this years ago Amos Lee came in and played like tonight theater or something like that then the concert sold out like two hours. And that's kind of told me that there's bidders aren't good nucleus of people out there in Charlotte that. No one listened to music that's not necessarily on the top forty charts are. But there's not a radio station in town that did they do it caters to those markets I've got a chance. Win and win win. Tom cancer many camp over the weekend got a chance to kind of see what some of the guys look like and than the big rumor that came out on Friday is that a David tepper appears. To be emerging as the likely buyer of the Carolina Panthers. He's the hedge fund guy is worth between ten and eleven billion dollars and well you can now learn all awful lot about him by air reading the papers and CBS and ESPN had a separately reported it to a temper is the leading candidate and maybe we get an announcement this week. I hope it's not on Wednesday. AM won't be here on Wednesday and NB mark garrisons gonna be in Raleigh for the year teachers' strike. And so I'm open that we don't have to be huge news stories. Colliding at the same time. So mr. Richardson if you would. And the national football you mr. tapper if you guys can do this on a Tuesday or Thursday. Would be would be appreciated. Because so we'll have our hands full on no wind stare on her. But nonetheless would be nice to lug. Get a name and Meghann conclusion they won't be actually a conclusion until the NFL owners okay yeah but he's already been through vending bomb vests a tour with the NFL because he owns. A stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Scott Fowler writes a column that I assume will be in tomorrow's newspaper can you I guess is I got nine questions I would go like to see mister tepper answer. And kind of presumptuous. But I don't know that he's necessarily but. Embarrassing questions can you can you guarantee that the badgers will stay in Charlotte for the long term. Well if he did it be given up a bargaining chip when many. I mean aide editor of valor points out that that's something that. Fans would like to hear. Needs to addressed the stadium issue at the same time preferably saying that Bank of America Stadium will be the team's home foray a couple of decades to come. As long as upgrades continue to be made he's not gonna say. Thank Gary gave the good that would give we've given up all sorts of bargaining chips and maybe that you know he's not gonna say that safe. What are you going to do what the Jerry Richardson statue. What should they do with the Jerry Richardson said you Fowler says give it to the Richardson family let them put it wherever they want. I think it where the sun don't shine. Well charters are all right well let's online at Charlotte Observer dot com. Probably in the print edition tomorrow I'm assuming. Nine questions he'd like to see the new owner of that turns out to be David pepper in the announcement comes this week those would be questions you would like to see mister tepper answer will you keep the current management team. Our attorney enough and revert Rivera seemed to be a safe for a wonders about Tina Becker. The dated a business operating operator has been since December but she's got about a via Richardson mold doesn't do commercial doesn't do not a single interview points out Fowler. Striking lack of damage control that is made the Panthers look rudderless. So we have no idea what would dose is two million new owner will put in there what about the Panthers hall of fame team's hall has long been more like a broom closet contains only one player whoever played a single down for Carolina and that's a Sam mills. But you all should go in there. Steve Smith. But who else. So there's two questions that I think her interest in what do you do with the Jerry Richardson statue and hasn't even been out that long. All right and and other than no Steve Smith who is the natural the next natural. I mean it's someday it'll be Luke equally. And Thomas Davis. Reggie White. I don't think he really played here long enough. Because in the Green Bay maybe the Philadelphia but. Will you disappear Feller says. In other words like the owner we've got right now. And jeopardy as a video appear to be the kind of had a little disappear. Someone has admitted under where that you don't have to wash for weeks. You have got to where I feel about it right there just we'll people don't need a law that record down. During how laundry isn't the most fun job in the world but. It's not such an inconvenient slowed. Anyway I you can now get under where the doesn't need washing for a few weeks. Danish fashion brand organic basics has been working. Underwear that is durable comfortable. And voter killing. So users can go all long length of time without their needing to change it. Now I know some are you guys are out there ruined. I know our got bad. They're called boxer shorts. And a three borrowings animal. That. Same thing with a pair James and New Delhi can stand up a room by themselves they're fine. Just go to the pilot close on the ground and find clean shirt. You just change the same colors the dive. Was back. You're not sold on this idea then you just don't know. They've even worked with NASA. I had to develop blood this high tech stuff. Organic basics silver tacked 2.0 collection it's filled with a secret formula. Then allegedly kills 99.9. Percent of all bacteria. And gets rid of unwanted voters the anti microbial. Silver. Used in the underwear is the same material used by NASA to purify the water. In the International Space Station. And I just encouraging people walk around wearing the same underwear for weeks for the sake of conversation but are rather for environmental reasons well I guess site and I knew dawn thought NASA. Aspect of it. But then that is. That is something we may wanna think about before we go any further with this space travel stuff. But one thing you don't read about is with SpaceX or anybody else to want to take you on out there the one deal where they were so all and rides under whatever new shipment was to Mars and only deal was it was a one way deal they couldn't get you back. Whenever brought up laundry there today. I don't back Dokic come back that's 5. AM I can use of play in shorts. I gotta tell you a captain links get a little hard to be around. The downed poles of a space travel speaking up NASA has announced that their next mission to Mars. Will include a small autonomous helicopter. Mars rover will transport via helicopter which will be equipped with two cameras will be able to capture. They never seen before is I bird's eye view of the red planet it's actually pretty cool the helicopter will be about the size of a softball. Weigh about four pounds in order to navigate the air on no Mars which is 100 times thinner. Then here on earth the mission is slated for a 20/20. But. And it's not a drone and it's an actual little helicopter. Does the size of softball cameras on and everything. That would be fascinating. And the one of the problems I was reading is the time lapse I mean you can't. There's a delay and it like a transmission. So anything you wouldn't be able to direct you wouldn't be able to control. The helicopter in other words it's autonomous it would go up it would fly its own kind of mission and then it would. You wouldn't be able to control where it goes because the time lapse in non communication as such it is so long. Graduation season. Our body Sharon Sanders. The head honcho over at their kids first first son Hayden graduated from our Presbyterian College played football there and so why she's so good pictures all over FaceBook of that goes to great family. And terribly paid just graduated from college. Mean it gives me a little kid I used to push out of the way oh in bed at kids first celebre at. And no I'm pushing him out of the way now exert too damn big. It just to go to bed my granddaughter. Out and out Colorado Katrina is getting ready do a graduate toward truth of this month up from a high school all the way to Colorado State University where she were I went for about five minutes. So I I told her if you end up in west hall hall Oates that's were I was about forty some odd years ago. You'll love. You'll then know that juror dorm it's really really really old. College worth that. Mean that's out of the question everybody asks this time a year and society and and has changed and you know I would say from my generation that college was a good deal and that for many people it was absolutely worth it. But that in my generation not everybody had to go to college. I'm not everybody should go to college. But I mean the example bit earlier that you know if you were in my class and you decided you're gonna be an automobile mechanic. Nothing wrong with that. Plumbers but c'mon or make good money. An apprentice is electrician or something along those lines and there's all sorts of locations and no jobs that you don't necessarily need a college education or. But then me you won't need trading in the future. The guy who decided he was gonna be a car mechanic who graduated with me all that was five. You were pull into eighty sevens into eighty threes and 32700390. Sixes and double barreled cards and all that kind of stuff and it was you know I mean. Now he could use even work on a card your driveway then the new cars are all computers and technology and so now you need some education as to how to. I'll go about doing this I understand the changing world but. Kids are graduating from college. And many are asking is that. Worth the money. You get her diploma that's a proud moment. Graduates are leaving school though with tens of thousands of dollars of debt and I'm prepared to land a job. So USA today addresses it today and so there's three problems with colleges today the first is the cost. College tuition and fees increased a whopping one point 120%. From 19782014. At the same time that the price of food rose 244%. And medical expenses. 600 in 1%. According to CNBC and 203618. Years from now four years of private university will probably be around 303000. Dollars. Up from a 167000. Dollars right now 467000. Dollars for an education depending on what your major is. And whether or not you can actually make a living with that. She. 167000. Bucks is a bunch of money. And student debt I don't know that's very ask is it worth it more that just seconds. If George I think he's gonna walk in the studio at 657. Teach you what you say 658. Hey I think he shows up after us six plus thirty walks and guys taking bets on this taken bets on no wind come out here upstart talk about those sports better news would go north coast. Ports gambling. The south will be the last ones I assume but it's up to the states now yeah I and I did reach out to attend more speaker of the house today what to ideas thinking maybe on net and got to no reply so I'm not betting and I'll hear from him before 6 o'clock or you ever reputation in the legislature as much as I mean no one of those. If people. Well me and you can be up fairway Tuesday for the the teacher protest email tracked him down there tundra better earlier because I won't be here on Wednesdays and I guarantee you that at 9 o'clock in the morning that's when the news on the Panthers sale won't come through and it's probably true you have. And it looks like today and everybody is saying that's a done deal we just don't know if the ink is dry air it's they were perfect even been signed yet but tempers our guys certainly seems like. Well and sing. Vera Scott Fowler a lot of column I assume will be printed tomorrow we talked about a little bit and had to it's nine questions he'd like to see mister tepper addressed have voted tempers indeed via. But the new owners so be it seemed as C all of that to unfold and see how they. And like I said on Friday we're all really know fer you know a year or two down the road. Well what kind of honoree is a no more accessible unsuccessful to be hard to be a lot of success most. Servers should mean a Richardson for all intents and purposes was an absentee owner he was never available to the media would be great to have an owner who made himself available now at at least occasionally answer or want to decade. Don six 66 aren't you are doing that today yeah normally we do it a wasted it's actually covering had a teacher protest in Raleigh will do it tonight at 635 got a really cool story about a guy in Charlotte his business just fell apart so he built a new one with his fishing pole. Ha yeah. And we were just talking about their college degrees and whether or not colleges worth the expense. And I still think it did have depends on the individual although as we you're we used the example of if you graduated when you and I graduated and a guy wanted to be a car mechanic all that was fine but these days that they can't just don't work out a card your driveway anymore there's computers and also has now are maybe you don't need college which you may need some extra training captain trade school. Yeah but I don't think everybody needs to go to college and I either USA today's sit on boards argued get a degree in puppetry. For a bag piping or storytelling. I know why would you go into debt for that when you're not gonna make your money out of it that's a really good question why now. Some kind I. We'll see you when you every come and if you show up after six book on windows that I don't that aren't. Is that that legal happen is that is that fixing it yeah yeah. No Sunni. Problem. The USA today article says those states that the Internet has transformed the way that we learned today. Online video tutorials make learning faster or a whole lot cheaper so it's logical that. The the future of higher education no must transform. Listen and we've we've had this message almost. Well I definitely from since I was in school. You have to go to college or not produce success. And I suppose that's more pertinent now than it was. But make sure that your major. Has some legs on it and it's got a future too it and it's not just say. I and then the other part of that is trade schools judge Roman just wrote me and said hey I'll keep this short but my sister went to a four year college majored in something worse used. There's not much of a good job market for she's a 150000. Dollars in debt she looked down on me because I want to trade school to be an electrician. Jazz no job on making seventy grand a year she used will be down for going to do it trades to. Like pay off my debt a year. Nothing wrong with being an electrician there's nothing wrong with being a plumber there's nothing wrong with B and a carpenter there's nothing wrong with. You know I mean I I've got several friends that went and got construction jobs at a high school. I and then turn in to finish carpenters or turn that into a roofing business or turn to you know and so it there's nothing. That says colleges and absolute that. Then did you gonna be a failure if you don't go to college. In some of us are made for college so you are and some of your. If for some of you missing the college experience would be a loss. Because it's fun. And teaches you a lot about interpersonal relationships and so and so forth but then again. To quote a neighbor Brothers song decide what to be. And go Viet. And a lot of that's up to you. They set a more efficient less time consuming and less expensive way to train workers in America. As they did a 1950s are partnerships. And you can find somebody let she and the door than just be better than the last apprentice and they'll find more stuff for you to do. And that's certainly true in radio. Hey you know it used to be they'd have the alphabetizing records but obviously that's not gonna go anywhere. But if you did that and nobody had to follow up on you and make sure that you better ride than they would give you other assignments. And slowly but surely those people became. Program directors and music directors and general managers and. And hated players staff. 2013 rom bombard her found an apprenticeship university says say students gain experience through on the job training and a variety of skilled trades and jobs. Like digital marketing and cyber security. And send that that could be the future for their higher education so instead of teaching the test. Schools should be training for the job. College worth the experience and shall have to answer that one for your decision for yourself but all you college graduates out their high school graduates to graduation screen time a year.