Congress Passes Spending Bill - Who Voted For It and Who Voted Against It

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, February 9th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing alliance exaggeration. There aren't too many guns on the street. Those 93. Million Americans today can gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. OK now I can talk. I appreciate social media message to a friend of mine. Traveling around here. Been trying to get back here I assume. Fans. Friendly made a flight. You make your flight let your bags doesn't add has your car keys. That's a problem isn't that. Was speaking your key UST Republicans have the keys. To this nation. What the heck are they doing with those keys. I am. I guess I can't see him surprised not the least bit surprised. And we can you make sure John you have the audio I sit a little while ago I want to. Berger played at the outset because the know this year may be overwhelming to me. But it's a question I've been racing for quite some time. You know when we throw around a lot of phrases like training this rom and getting rid the Ryan knows and blah blah yadda yadda yadda yadda yacht. But when push comes to show out. Here we have right or force the worst of the so called swamp. And I'm just wondering where is the outrage when my talking abouts. I'm talking abouts. These so called budget deal that was worked out by Republicans and Democrats. You know one of the clues sometimes. When you have something that's bipartisan. Let me just warn you you better bend over. Because. Politicians. Are basically screwing us. And most the time when there working together it's not our best interest. This Shapiro has an awesome piece today in Dili wire here's Sally starts enough. While you were sleeping government shutdown begins and then is Republican congress authorizes. Trillion. Dollar deficit. Here's how he starts his piece you accordance. Leper cons. Fiscal conservative groups. Whoa. He goes on all of these are figment of the imagination but fiscal conservatives continue to hunt the darkened hallways of American politics. Every so often. Materializing dish out blue. I depart party empower. Only to recede into the shadows as soon as they're called upon actually govern. How else to explain this year cowardice of the Republican Party the just passed a massive budget increased. Then cheered it. As the very model for modern budget victory. This is insane folks here's the breakdown from ABC on the two year budget deal. It lifts the caps on defense and non defense spending by 300. Billion. Dollars. Over two years. It includes six million dollars to fight deal pure crisis five point eight billion for child care development block grants to four billion veterans' medical facilities two billion medical were searched. Twenty billion to augment existing infrastructure programs four billion for college affordability. Whenever that is. The measure would extend government funding at current levels. Until March 23 to allow lawmakers to finalize details on the spending in a separate measure. In other words we're going back to. What we're doing under the Obama administration can anybody. Any significant way tell me how different this is from what Barack Obama was doing. And here's a nice little sweetener to add to this as part of GO lawmakers but also raise the nation's debt limit in June 2019. Aborting the risk of potential default. So now we take away the debt ceiling you know. You've people were concerned about the debt ceiling well there's one way to deal with that just don't have what. There's no limit to how much we're going to spend. Let me rephrase that there's no limit to how much we're going to over spent. We make sure I can get ahold of this quickly. Because I'm permitting hopefully our our friend congressman Jeff Duncan is gonna join a slew of LeRoy and talk about this. I'm assuming Jeff is going to be a no vote on this. As it would be kind of the case for any genuine conservative. Who is dealing with this piece of legislation. I hope I can pull this up there it is just Duncan before. Leaving DC to come back home to his district. Well here's what he said I'm appalled at this disastrous deal struck between a coalition of congressional Republicans and Democrats on the short term spending package. I could not in good faith support legislation that spends more this year than any year under the Obama administration. And increases discretionary spending by 13%. We have a spending problem in this country not a revenue problem. Cutting government spending is the only way we will improve our nation's fiscal situation. While there's some positive measures in the bill like insuring a military receives adequate funding. This simply puts our country down too dangerous of a path in terms of spending he says much more but the reason I pulled this up. This FaceBook post from congressman Jeff Duncan. Is because of this he has graphs in fact I'm gonna repose d.s so you can see them as well. It shows 2014. Increases to budget authority since Tony fourteen. Tony 1445. Billion dollars. Tony 1519. Billion dollars the Obama Boehner deal. Fifty billion dollars in 2016. Tony 1730. Billion dollars. By comparison. 2018. The McConnell Schumer deal 143. Billion dollars. 2019. 153. Million dollars can I tell you again the Republican Party nationally speaking is a fraud. It's a fraud. And I want you to hear one of these spokespeople. For the party yesterday defending. This monstrosity of a bill listen up. Actually may do we should save this let's save this for after the break is I don't think we'll have time. I want you to listen to this. And I know this is probably not gonna make this person very popular with many. We never had him on this program and eight he is invited to come on this program any time to defend his position. Yesterday you may know has again a lot of media attention Rand Paul. One of the few who bravely tries to fight against. The swamp lizards. There have been very active. Certainly in recent years. Against gets very little. Attention and very little credit. Say whatever you want about Rand Paul the presidential contest. When when push comes to shove this man is a reliably conservative. And proclaim will stand for what's rights. And he valiantly. Tried to appeal to his colleagues to do what was right. But they're not interest to do what's right there interstate in what is X. Tedious. And you'll hear from one of the people arguing that case. Coming up after the break. And I wanna get your thoughts on this. It might be too hard on these people do these deficits really matter. Our Ingles advantage talk like numbers 809 to 1110. The kind of sits retirement planning text line 71307. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1019 even stroke the radio program. Let me just reiterate something an enemy that saying this two weeks off myself for anything like that I'm just saying. Bryce stadium which is where I've stood at four years on values of conservatism I'm not moving. But it frustrates the living crap out of me. To watch people just. Literal way. Things they were previously concerned about apparently aren't concerned about anymore. What was Oliver outrage about under Barack Obama as a relates to deficits and spending what was it. All of a sudden it's okay because Republicans are in charge. You know I give people all the time you were always complain about Republicans. When I urge you Torre after the last. See it it it's needless it's senseless to even talk about the left. It really is a good part of the time. Because the Republican Party does a good bit of their bidding for them. Why are we complaining about them. Mitch McConnell the one carrying the water. Making deals with Chuck Schumer. And then you have a president who's gonna sign this nonsense. And you're gonna ask me who's side are among. So we have Rand Paul. Bravely trying to make a stand for conservative minced fiscal conservatism and fiscal responsibility. And then you have. What amounts to upon of Mitch McConnell the others come onto the floor to defend what they're about ready to do but I'm not going to tell you who it is. Until after you play it let's listen to this defender of this monstrosity. Tonight is about funding the government. Tonight is about actually have a bright discussion about regular water. Getting appropriations bills on the floor have a debate like we're gonna have on immigration next week. But now it's not time that this discussion. We have to decide what you wanna be as a US senator you wanna be a senator wants to make a point. Are you wanna make a difference. You know what I don't think out of sync Al point Salome. Make a change in America what makes a change in America's when we ratify bell we get a bill out there we senate the president becomes law. The dog has his speech on the Florida doesn't produce an outcome. Todd after time after time. Yeah you may wanna rethink about how you're trying to get your point across because what happens when you don't produce an outcome here. You haven't committed sixty senators or 51 senators that your ideas good enough for them to support. Go to work build a coalition but I can deference to you Michael point are you watch. Look quite surfer got. There's not a whole lot of history books about the bright points of the American center but there are history books about the bright results of the Americans. And the results that are bankrupting America. Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina. Running as a conservative. Messy dismal record voting. And the truth of the matter is I don't care about what you've accomplished when what you've accomplished is to drive our nation further into debt and if you are in the majority. Reducing tax. You picked the wrong side sir. You picked the side of the bankruptcy. In the insolvency of America. And one day. Generations beyond us if they are here they will curse you for two. I don't hesitate to say this. This is nauseating to me. It really is. Because these people next time they ran for office they're gonna tell us how conservative they are it's BS. My dog is more conservative. Certainly trust my dog a whole lot more. I I find this absolutely frustrating there's another article I don't even know for me to go into it because I don't know if I can take it. It's an article talking about how rush was on we are defending this. Deficits don't really matter anymore who in the world as possessed this guy now what has possessed this guy. Conservatives are dropping like flies. And why. Because they have jumped on the pragmatism. Train that's what it's about we have to do what works. We have to find consensus. There are plenty of examples in history. Where consensus. It was a pathway to oblivion. Plenty of times. They agreed. Yes there in the history books. But I don't wanna be part of that history. How about the history of world war two and yes. People say oh no doubt Hitler reference. Who would you rather be. The populists. Who. Bought into the ideas of Adolf Hitler. Porridge you rather be. And brave Christian man who took a statement. You were in the minority. You didn't win the argument. You weren't part of history. In the way that people wanted you to be part of history at the time. But are you sure did make a difference in the end became part of history in a positive way in the future because people understood. What you said. Harrisburg very prophetic and if people I'd listen to you. That country would not have gone down that dark road. I can't believe this guy's name is completely slipped me now are my favorite Christian authors. From the World War II era. And I will remember it. Do you look back but admiration for any of the cowards do you even remember who those people work. Who thought it was okay. That this wonderful populist movement. What's making a difference. Allen in China grove can morning. I rare. A couple points. What like you do addressed some. Understand it does for it to parents to the steps of that nobody was concerned about to go so well there was. Ten. Trillion dollar fifteen dreamer seventeen trillion now also wore wore about those are. Few brilliant candidate that does so without also like to vote for you do well what's your alternative true. Cut from the budget does that sort of their their. I woke settings spin and I understand that. You've got to we've got a strong from the government. Four there will need to remind me. Oh I don't know what the alternative is shut down the government's. Not bad seat in you or your island you've given me once he and I'm not getting on your case here. But she brought into the nonsense of the media. Which is to false alternatives it's not a choice between funding this monstrosity. We're shutting down the government. Here is where leadership is required Allen. Some point somebody needs to come along and say government is way too freaking big. And we cannot continue to carry this slowed. And push this load onto our children and grandchildren as your results. Thank you Charles for reminding me I was making reference to Dietrich Von Hoff her. That man is a hero in why is he if he were white Z stand out in our minds he stands undermines because he stood against the grain. But even popular opinion in his time but let me go back to budget. Or we are needing desperately somebody to come along Allen in say. All of these extra constitutional programs we're doing and we are funding we can't do that many more we need to sunset every single solitary one of these programs that are bankrupting us. Do you know leader who's calling for that Alan. My thought though. But you can't tell all those things coal. I know you but you've got to set out a plan. To sunset them Alan K we give it five years seven years or are we are. Thank you you agree with me you understand we can't do this forever but where's the leadership even saying that Allen is an anywhere. Broad but this girl. To fit in the moment it best moment. I thought Japan beat ourselves. I I get it Allen hope we're up against a heartbreaking here's the problem what are the reasons and I've already explained it they haven't followed the constitutional Drudge. Meet the process for setting up a budget we'll talk more about it. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Over the text line of his career program. It straight tablets so hopefully you and others are huge they made beat both in a date there. Conservative in quotes our legislators would negative feedback on this abomination. And also we vote them out of out during primaries makes for all you do. This what I've been calling for quite some time. Before this past president pinched presidential election this is what I've been calling for we'd get to systematically. Get these people out of office they run this conservatives. And again how to make it very clear I've nothing personal I've met until this seems like a likable enough guy. Richard Burr. Pass friendly conversations with him likable enough guy. Voting records are abysmal. Absolutely abysmal. And I know the establishment the Republican Party. Probably not gonna wanna hear me say that. We've only got one senator. In both Carolinas. As a decent conservative record that's Tim Scott. Only one. Let's got to I've Virginia in Charlotte can morning. Morning there is thank you chart and so blessed to have. A plane and a while human being could I do. You we're about you love listen to a lot of talk an old war horse that's been around people along grant and I and those. WB be is very until proud to have someone like he is a volley pathetic they put people who. That really affect that he had lost their life. And New York okay and the late group I have a retirement about everything you've really been very gifted and I think it's really a privilege to copy it. Well thanks mom I appreciate test. Well let me tell you something. You know we talk about that they can break the shadow government. Valid bid would be calculate that the matter whether they're Republican or Democrat Dick with all of those die and when both Bob let's close in secret. Give up this constipation. Which sometimes not to knock that because under god we have the fate of that other countries don't have. People like parents because if you. Look over the period of history and give them those. The background of the pray all I did not gone into the revelation. If France and England has never gotten along. The frankly they'll read the topic of their freedom equality and everything nugget of Megan of their own people capability revelation and yeah and they went into Russia and then the out plus think of the 1848 I'll let be your. I'm my ancestors were part of that but I'm going to play but it nevertheless let's pray that we had definitely helped because. And if Americans don't like not been humbled and they'll forget on their knees and thank almighty god of what we have now we're going to Olympic. They're not just attacking Christians they protected god you know it's open war they are you can forget it was preparing and and I am blaming and you let everyone that I'm not attacking individual free night. By the way bank is doing and secret society called the illuminati as a builder Berkeley. Yeah all in bed with each other acknowledge the band to do exactly they're good night. America's national and we are applauding the people that we elect. But I like government if that's what I would say. And have never think I just feel they run a campaign. Whether it's the Democrats or Republicans. It doesn't matter that the filthy language that they'll be the banking everything is twisted united that. But I'm just saying that America wake up read the history. I go back to the picture revelation and you defeat the whole thing unfold before you. All the countries they didn't pan out. Under communism with called the republic. Let up on the Communist come up look at acknowledge the republic. All of the other republics does that not ring a bell that something wrong here. You know about that. Washington blade out there aren't a whole city and apparently planned the same thing and kayak and England a plan to grant. Does that not you know people to have to wake up we are attacked there actually and morrow. But I just want to thank you so much thought everything that you give your intelligence you restart. You're right on target eyes at them I think he's been gifted and I thought and I thought faithfully every day. Well thank you I appreciate your prayers and affected your listings you Virginia. I think slot for calling in you know one of things sets you know Michael back to what has been communicated so many times and she made reference to this old deep stake think. Yes there are a lot of seen and unseen forces and let me just give an example. Do we have any idea. Drew the Federal Reserve. Who's actually running the country you know one of the things set has been raised and it should be raised for this reason alone. There's a person who is quoted as saying you know I don't care. I do not care who's in charge of the government. What matters is who owns the currencies. So the Federal Reserve. Unelected. They're the real owners of the country. And here we are continuing. To. Drink of the waters the poisoned waters of debt. You could say whatever you want about making America great again all these other slogans draining the swamp. You know when it comes to the fundamental things when it more in regarding this matter financial. Stability. Long term. We're going the wrong direction. So the tax cuts and the other things you know it's kind of like eating you know I was think into the Sierra de used to love when I was a kid. Eating orange slices I love those things but I experienced something. But taught me a lesson is I would get those things sometimes in the afternoon in class two hours later. My blood sugar levels started to drop and I felt like falling over point that candy really tasted good. But you know what's. The after effects once that wore off. This is what's going on in our country right now we're enjoying candy. His long term. Our debt. The real thing that we're taking in and our direct. Is ridiculous Roberts got about a minute here serve. All I'm against. What I wanted to say do you work. Maybe there ought to let the government shut down for about a month or two everybody give more than necessary. Just tell them hey you're out of the government and that would reduce our. Cost. How about all these programs that we need to find Robert. Well. I don't know I think cupid. Go get Dave Ramsey. So that we can get up and great Britain and then couldn't be used. And get them that they got what it would every dollar every dollar yes. And kick and let them say okay this started all of this book and then after that. God bless them. We'll cut the budget you don't want to review. Robert has set you know Robert. He's not his kind is iron and regards these programs he would just cut him off completely I've heard him say that. He would just completely turn off the spigot these programs. And that's. You know I understand where he's coming from there's wisdom there Robert here appreciate your call. Still to come we are gonna have a conversation. Hopefully with congressman Jeff Duncan who. I don't think is excited about this piece of legislation. Before the we will deal with that and much more on the broadcast today. Might appeal and that's really what I'm doing I'm not trying to yell at you or screen which you. I'm trying to appeal. Your conscience. Your conscience and your mind. To override your emotions and euphoria. Itself. And you know what's if we do the right thing long term weakened celebrates. And it won't just be temporary won't be based on election cycles. To be something that'll be more long term. And we can be thankful for what we're leaving for children and grandchildren would that be great. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Let's quickly go to this subplot we wanna try to get in this block well I'm I'm gonna save this different. Next hour consists really hits and hit one of the problems of what is happening with he Republican populism. That I think is destroying conservatism right now world view of this little bit later on. Right now we have with this said third district congressman Jeff Duncan from South Carolina person I'm honored to call a friend that thinks slot for joining us this morning Jeff. Well that's thank for having me on that does little long night as you can imagine. It certainly has and you've certainly expressed. Your objections to legislation that is under consideration and Tom. Can you just tell us briefly why you're not excited about so what they're trying to do in terms of the budget right now. Well this with a two year bipartisan budget bill that was negotiated by Chuck Schumer Mitch McConnell for the most part and it is really for it. Fiscal hawks and defense talks. Like myself on the defense talk and I'm also does call. And it tests situationally we see the need to restore some funding to our united states military after years of Obama and sequester. Which cut defense spending. Now we have aging airplanes and aging ships in and we have a lot of need paramilitary. Prosecute the war on terror and whatnot but. What we saw on this budget bill was an increase in discretionary spending. About 13% were spending more I in this budget dale and then we spent in a single year during the Obama administration. You know we raise the nation's debt sale without even having a conversation much a debate in the house chamber about. Our nation's debt and our addiction to spending and what we should do. Two terrain and that's spending and address certain as situation for over twenty trillion dollar debt is somebody that is not 21 trillion a little more in debt. So we just gave the administration. Free. I'll pass on the that's an increase without doubt are really addressing what we need to address them. In events that in my ballot a lot candidate to increase spending and and continue increasing our bad. You what's frustrating about this and I don't know how much of the program you've had an opportunity to hear. But I've been expressing concern that but from practical purposes and we haven't for quite some time had a genuine. Conservative Party it it just does not exist. Where people like you where to people like Rand Paul go to accomplish its. I mean you even had it's I mean I don't wanna make this personal you read Tom telescope on the floor basically in so many words tell Rand Paul needs to shut up and sit down so we can get things done for the American people you elect Mitch McConnell says all the time I mean. Where what is it that you guys are supposed to do in Washington. Well I'll Paul Rand Paul for a per getting up and saying what needed beset by. You know his blood not filibuster alas I just had to shut up set out at the end of match but it day which in that about one hour 1259 last night so. Folks are caught in a filibuster and saying he was. Holding things up he just delayed things now in NATO long night for the senators and had a long night for us that government tax break shut down a couple hours. But you know as after hours anyway and and everyone knew that that this budget goes up past Federer who has nine consequential. But you know conservatives are trying to raise. The alarm very difficult process that. You know no did not increase spending this is not let we are saying here is Republicans. You know or fiscal conservatives we need to address or spending yet there are some good staff and their their disaster relief there's money girl VOA. Problem across our country. But there's no offset that spending so we just increase spending just throwing more money at the problem without really addressing our spending addiction. And not cutting any programs that we get no cuts in this at all. In the way we agreed that. Increase in the military funding may be the right thing to do I think that it was after years of Obama administration does many military and hurting our readiness. But there are better ways to do their assembly passed all along ever since September several times through the month of December any the last month we passed. Good dumb. Legislation. Good. CR that by the government and I did the military for the rest of the fiscal year. To allow us to get back on the normal appropriations process which is regulatory air all client. Say regular order ad nauseam. Regular order is just bringing up the appropriations bills that about government at twelve steps those twelve appropriations bills and and really getting good policy within those bills vs doing these CR's. In advance is just frustrating to me as a conserve or up. Really have a couple of minutes left where we go from here. Because it did it seems to me to be an exercise in futility. Yeah well you know it'd work around election season this year and now look folks across America. Will continue look at the more conservative candidate someone they wanna. Exercise fiscal restraint who are truly address the deficit and about just campaign on it that I have the backbone to stand up to leadership then. And saying no we have a national security problem yet our military has been decimated by our real national security problem as our that our debt situation and solvency of this this country. You know one of the things I think people fall prey two was the idea you know and in a rush made this point it's hate. Nothing's happened as a result of the deficits yet you know this guy has not fallen. What's the danger in people thinking like this. We're you know America the last best hope sore a lot of our countries spark their dollar but go to the stable economy. But how Long Will that be when we see countries like China and others. Going to a different currencies and the dollar for certain thing only stayed I am not investing an artsy barrels. And all that I'm afraid is going to be too late at that point but that is what's coming. Because the nation and and the value of the dollar is not where it needs to be for United States and so. You know my Paul Rand Paul Kirk. You know making a lot of these same points last night for the American people if they listen to him and hopefully we will all. Continue to work good gains and a conservative majority in the house thank god for the freedom caucus in the house that. You know his thirty something other than actually have conviction about tell what was not a wash. And forward true believers. In other things we tell the voters on the campaign trail. Absolutely and we so appreciate you Jeff that the stand that you take care thank you for being who you are and standing with others. Who are doing the same month thanks a lot for coming on this morning. Yes sir god bless us thanks so much. And I would encourage you pray for this guy in the other standing with him. The other members of congress senators. They're few and far between. But somehow we've got to figure out how to put some fire into conservative movement to advance it this year. Our number two straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Yeah. Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children it's a dangerous and it's got to stop boldly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. And it is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing the east of people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people who. Sports service leaders who want to return power to the people into the community. This isn't much you can this is my kids this is my grandkids this is my country dammit my country. Ahmed fight score together. He's got this radio program. However two of the broadcast broadcast my viewers still win this. We had a lot of rain to the last start talking about what's gone on of this budget and has been approved which got to call. Bush patiently waiting in Morrisville good morning. Good morning event virtually control the Psycho telling your finger along I agree with 99% wanting to say. You bring up very interesting points I agree that we need to elect new people but then again people don't like a window at Princeton either. Let me just give me one reversal scriptures and all of Romans thirteen. Personally I'm not everyone be subject to the government would go there's no authority trip that would cut has established. Including your knowledge that have been established by god allows you. Well before. Forward going I would ask you how does this apply to our situation glitch. It applied because everybody is complaining about the people who are in Washington. And the ball comes from god but that. Okay. They need here's what my questions this gets pretty interesting when you start into the cinema not undermining which you're saying it all porch. This is supposed to be a government's. In what form. Three I think the people of by and for the people. So doesn't this become circular in a way so god has the authority. Who enables. From the house and the Senate's. And yet the same time technically we the people were supposed to be in charge right. Well we're supposed to have a podium I don't know I guess I understand what I think god has done here. Is when you have a government that doesn't do it spoke to do because the harder the live look at a bubble also could not yet. I think governments are designed to bring people should Ernie. Back a guide to pray for their country. And that's what they think this is all about getting back in we were in the beginning. I I think you made a great point here so you think this in sometimes India if I agree to if I'd think you're going where I think you are. Part of it is it's heat it's also it can be a form of discipline for us. You bring us to repentance. I live in other words he's giving us what we're asking for. Food that you can and that's good portion. Actually did hit the nail on the head and that's what I've been waiting could hear you say for the longest. How hot hot spot up the we're definitely on the same page board shall I do appreciate your call and I agree with its you know I've people before I can look at me funny when I said this several years ago. I believe that if people say only think god has given us Barack Obama I agree. Lot of times guide gives us things. That we ask for. And ultimately. They are really means of discipline for us because we later find oops this was not such a good idea. This which was saying. The hopis that we would come to our senses. Over on the text line which show that we have a lot to to get count upon here I can't. I can't believe how old leader politicians have to work in the house called in all hours reminds me of the time. That I peed my pants and tried to blame my wife no sympathy. That is really clever. Amazing now Democrats are all of a sudden worried about spending and deficits yes we know that's disingenuous. Pence on an NBC news segment from Puerto Rico the reporter from remote area where electricity. Has not been restored load holds the resonates organizing and doing their own repairs. Fixing their own grid. Isn't that amazing. Not waiting around for government to do everything for you that is awesome. Yeah maybe that's the outcome of all of this for us may be the government reaches a point of insolvency. To where the federal government can't do anything at all. And then it falls to. Just who. Cost you the people in the states. Maybe that's where this is going. I can emblem this has to be a joke this techsters is Rand Paul is a Democrat in should be forced to say set up a book a this has to be joked please tell me this is a joke of timber creek at the top up. The unnecessary spending programs should be cut off immediately I don't believe anyone. Would agree that telling an alcoholic just slowdown for the next five or seven years would be a good idea is still killing them just slowly. That's a great point. This cold Turkey the real answer. To our fiscal troubles. Also on the subject of our diet can subprime issue no matter what we eat organic begin. Needs. Weeds bugs excess drew we're gonna die from it in fact everything we eat turns organic right. Just thought of Greenville good point better text to say you're seventeen emit its seventeenth amendment must be repealed. You know I gonna get any argument from me on that one. About debts the Bible says the debtor is slave to the lender very true. Very true. Nonessential personnel how about 535. People who have little interest in doing their jobs. Well fortunately you heard from one exception. And there are dozens of others. Who are doing their jobs. All we heard from Republican Senator Obama was his policies were spending it's over a fiscal cliff yet now they have the opportunity to pull us away from the edge instead they decide to Lee. Down some dynamite and blew the edge even closer or my goodness that's a great. Analogy. Great one. Prince less lady was spot on. Who's the greatest conspirator of all the history that is Lucifer and yes most certainly. No no Vince my trumped candy still tastes great it's better than. And everlasting gob stopper. This great. That is cool I really like that very creative there. There. And as little as he. While this is interstate. In recent responding good morning I've been a master Mason 32 degree Scottish rite Mason 35 years. I don't remember ever taking over the world. Would not won it anyway that is from Charles. It a couple of up. Then suppose we take up your cause what exactly changes then you tell us I don't think a balanced budget will change the hearts. Of even one politician. Let me just say this I'm not talking about changing hearts at this point. And I'm not the first person to say this they need to be afraid of view they need to be in fear if you read the G knew in fewer of them. They ought to be scared into doing the right thing as a as a fallback position. To where they are right now because they're right now they don't care. They know by election time chances are you're gonna vote them right back into office because they're gonna scare you. All the Democrat might give this CE OUs so what happened. Deb and Alabama. We can't take any chances I can just see the fund raising letters now. You know what I do I send their fund raising letter back empty so they have to pay for the postage to. Oh gosh Vince did you just say that yes I did. You know if if you don't care about our budgets why should we care about yours. Your fund racing budgets. Give me a break people. Want to get your thoughts on this and we'll delve in some other things as well during the course. Other remainder of this broadcast on the Vince Coakley ran your program. You know a few days ago we told you about this plan that's Donald Trump has to do some sort of military parade. Could be an interesting to find out what is the military. Think about this idea. You might be surprised won't delve into this coming up in just a bit got a call from Kenneth in Charlotte good morning. And if are you care. Going once. Going twice. Kenneth is gone how about run at a Greenville good morning. David Gale and his old budget saying well he called to a run and on. Saying. But any element ticket saying they come up or spend money. And it and you know maybe we made a mistake on it at that we can barely. Yeah I know I I can't recall anything about that but. Well. Court then ran Paul is and it no Democrat he's just statesman vs a pop they. Update yep by vote statement. I can then earn votes by their ideology. Thumb and the principles in practice. The oh that's great thing you know that they really and that's not what soldiers call a ringer for the arc and at what next year and since it. Well that whole grade thing you know I really I'm not excited about it at all I don't think it's good idea I think the way the money. And not on top of that. For more. Viewed on some of the new conservative record. And milk former military DiMarco press with a good amount time sucked up about training and all like our. We are a bit unless and I don't feel this is. I this that I don't put that in high regard but unless somebody come up with the idea that they do way to have a deterrent. An inexpensive deterrent rather than actual combat but then I can't picture the president doing I think you want to be able lady that everybody has bought. I mean I'm not sorry that's what I think. And I understand where you're coming from appreciate called Iran a by the way I'm gonna tell you when the military has to say about this this is a reliably. Military oriented. Organization the military times. They've done a poll on this thing you'll reports on this. Yesterday. A majority opposed trumps military parade it is not just a majority we T you're the numbers. This is an informal military times poll found that a vast majority the publication's readers. Oppose the idea for military parade in Washington DC. The publication an independent news source that covers the armed forces for service members and their families publish the results of its pole. Launch of the website Wednesday. It asked readers should there be a parade showing troops and military equipment and Washington DC. Anybody here wanna guess with the percentage of people who disapprove of this idea is in the military. 85%. That's pretty good. 85%. Roadkill out of this 89%. You're really close. Responded by answering no it's a waste of money and troops are too busy. Just 11% responded by answering yes it's a good opportunity to show off US military might. 51000. Readers in this poll responded Thursday afternoon. I think that's pretty significant. Quite significant. Walk softly and carry a big stick you ought to show stick. Say. That's really good Jon and what it I called this yesterday. John just wanted to repeat Qaeda. I called it a blink of measuring contest because that's really what you see this. Every three years. Bands. I don't think people need to be shown who we are and what we have. By the way mad dog Mattis who I think many would job characterized as a pretty. Let's just say the. There's with a strong personality and you know pretty secure in his identity. He had the opportunity to respond to this whole military parade issue. They had all the chaos going on with rob Porter resigning from his position after domestic abuse allegations when James Mattis. Talk to the media about the military parade. According to CNN pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr met has spoke with the press corps was asked if he has any misgivings about being told. The plan a military parade. He responded in typical menace fashion. I'm not paid for my feelings. I saved those from my girlfriend. And a. Okay. That's a pretty insisting perspective is meant. You already answered it's you know it took similar questions from reporters on this issue. After being asked for a cost estimate the parade he explain the prey was in planning stages. He then praise from slow for the military. Is I think we're all aware in this country the president's affection respect for the military. We've been putting together some options will send them up to the White House for decision. So who knows where the scotus. But this poll and again I point out it is informal. This poll indicates. At least the readers. Our knots in a place of appreciating the idea of doing the military parade luggage your thoughts. If you differ or if you agree with what they have voted on here Richard out of lol good morning. Good morning that stuff back or show as always thanks for taking my call. Well a couple things broke bikes are the the foremost I'm definitely against. It's the expenditure involved with putting all remote territory. We know I know you know everybody knows. That the US military is the stronger might the world I don't think we need you know try to show that anybody. He can Daniela Nokia to do that because. But I think. You have nothing outlook for each. Can you think you. But an eight Lipton look quite tight contacted you awhile back about America's got leaders that my idea a reality TV show we're moving forward with that. And I'd love become law because nobody answered a lot of these prompt or wherever these politicians. The politicians that we have a lot you can right now they are like got a tip on a dog you've got to search come out Apollo hall but. We know. That. And they're not co lead on the wrong. Until their fat domino happy and they've you know unfortunately the one to Washington seem to have gracious appetite and we don't know that they'll ever be that dumb and happy. America's got leader it's an idea where we actually will start electing you know beat that speech candidates to run offers. They predictor of same format as you see your America's Got Talent I think it's. You know I'd Dennis Leary was on ABC's Good Morning America lob back. And Rob Hall he started counting the faint title America's got later I think it's a way that we need that to elect the president. But I'd love to come going to stuff but you know what it's all about I think the. America's got leaders that's pretty you know the sad thing about this Richard is you almost do have to turn this into a an entertainment show. Yeah people aged. But guess what. If that means it that means that we can get better people watching get on. I'm all. I'm all for it yeah it's kind they are changing but yet on May be our electric car that set to become a little bit more entertaining and a whole lot left coop. That what would you rather have a corrupt political system of electing the people to offer. Or one that's more entertaining work you know the biggest problem or I want all that you know that you're not reenter governor know that go to different third district. And the biggest problem I have with the political process right now I. There are a lot of good people out there who would love to run. But they can't get recognition from the party because they're not want the little boy yeah just give them an opportunity to have national recognition. And you know the entertainment value you know as well right at you when you a lot of profit. How many people that you brought up again to a lot of. Office they would sit there and you would watch filming but you've got the Big Ten who fifth. A crack up short range hits it now. Richard hold on the line Tony gets have been forced to give my producer Charles mismanaged information about your idea. Let's talk about this aboard this could be a whole lot of fun if nothing else you know more fun laughing anyway. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1136 have been stroked the radio program. It's got to call from lease good morning. Hello and yes me. And I can't meet her mom. My man is still open on the military parade so you know what I'm thinking of Miami and I want to right now. And you know love the Christmas bright and strong fellow Leo charge for a neat to have a better and you know I think people coming is scared maybe when I think about a military parade understandably can he think about things like Hitler writing. His military or united. A lot of dictators. They you know once a year. My idea Wendy's so. So bad it is the parade into the mind saying and you know that I hire extra military you know Ottawa based sarcastic though. There's a lot of things that are military probably. Our collective money now that that really could do little more war. I know Borg and there have been people. Say if they're worried about it that they were the tone for laid out wonder about that couldn't. Good also I have one other point that maybe you can share from I don't remained. There are iPhone litigation all the celebrating his 250 anniversary this year. And I might be wrong let out but still whatever ran outside in this particular in fiftieth anniversary and I am I am Charlotte might have. And I wondered why if that's true we don't have a parade here. How low they have parades or are you analyze for our anniversary celebrations. You know it's a very good question I need to look into that and see whether there are plans for something it seems like 250. That's that's an important milestone. I'm very important how. Actually Kathy Myers off with about a 100000 matter but I didn't get any response about it saying. You know if there is it is strays in my goodness is different level that I have sometimes celebration. Fireworks this company. I won't ask you about that appreciate your call their Lisa as we got. 38 minutes after the hour just ahead of the date in history with our good friend lawns are joining us from upstate studio. And I would get some interest in questions for you on this day. We begin in 1950 how are you doing by the way man I moss and it's Friday. Yes it is Friday. Let's see how will you do on these questions that begin in 1950. This particular senator Arlene in the last name announced he has evidence of card carrying Communists inside the State Department. What was his name McCarthy. You're correct Joseph McCarthy. From 1964. Harsh and I asked this question who welcomed the beetle looks. On his talk show in 1964. The screamed for so loud. The band said they didn't know how they sound its. Whose show wasn't. Home like Gaza carefully my mind was my night I heard Giuliani I see him in my head. Anybody out here in studio and ask answered this question. Who was the and yes you'll really good show. Ed Sullivan is the name. Who's thrown for him who who yeah I was in my head too and I'm no reason I could happen kind of tell when it's hard to forget once you hear him say that it's. Definitely makes an imprint but in my mind I got him Richard Nixon it's. All. They do come lookalike you know 1971. And a special honor for Satchel Paige what was it. 1971%. To speed channel thing. Yes nominated to the Baseball Hall of Fame. And that's been at least ninety nanny for this first became the first black president of South Africa. Kindle my god oh no it's not Morgan Freeman. Let's hear it I love it I love it did he play even a movie or something pop Abu night I did he did you have some point. Who was the first black president of South Africa. Anybody art died in August and and I know all this and there's no reason this is that. It just slipped your mind Ari John and you Nelson Mandela you're dying to say yes you're correct since he's run it. The problem is my mind is slipping yeah it's okay me and it happens with a old age. So you wanna know you take that ginkgo bubble. The dust of words yeah. Up face to serve which he pulled together come on up a couple of all right eight. They've makes a lot for Jordy Issa have a great weekend man you have a wonderful weekend as well surgery terrific and let's get a so called. Following up on our previous conversation about the city of Charlotte Ian good morning. Hey then thank you for having me again yes sir. I would just think to myself you know what. In this country we are people what the government is not a government that. That other people. And I think it's very important we celebrate the military that sends out. Because I think that there really is are serious lack of patriotism and national pride in the country at the moment. I think the military level and every American should be able to get behind them celebrate. Okay okay that's that's fair enough fair enough we'll see if this comes to pass Ian non banks log your call. Robert also wanting to talk about this greed issue good morning. But I do ordinary RHO. A veteran and what they call it sprayed his off. What I would like to see is. A boat just like Iron Man prototypes. Until that mobile kind of like staying Asian tour and and but just doesn't mean we may be. Not even have. Yet but that's just there and period made a play optical card border what not to blow up stuff. Just to put out there and just scare the whole world in disordered thinking. Also got one hour. See you talking about putting up some fake weapons that look real. Which you're talking about putting up fake weapons that look real art. Okay and and pay for that matter if you gonna do that. What I did some her best cinematographer. Some of our graphics people. Out in Hollywood's to put something like this together. In a studio and you don't even have to waste of money on the real thinks. Say go and and you know somebody and you know Asia for Gordon accounted for real but they wouldn't know any better with Dave Roberts just not. The video leaderboard aren't. I hear you and and what you suggested is probably a lot less expensive. In the it'll be great way to. To benefit private enterprises well appreciate your call other Robert let's go quickly out to herb you got to about thirty seconds you're served. Okay. Take it away. Am more against and yes she got about thirty seconds to make your point here. When pick. Important parade. And I wanna ever encourage you to vote when trump was running. I will watch a lot of it is rallies all Martin. And the media didn't say any thing about this naturally. But he didn't mention a deficit. He's had his first priorities were. Excuse my expression but of bam it's here. And no. Big you know well. What. Immigration. And some of the other stuff but this site Jordanians at mount terror or airborne attacks that deficit. Inject well let's see what he has in mind. So far we haven't seen any leadership on this particular issue but it's still early. Yeah what Bahrain is the one I hero and I don't want to then everything from. Yeah. I'm Larry warranty. How in the world business. Is this person John I don't know Charles give it to any moon. I think is Charles singing. Owner lady. Sometimes you gotta wonder. Okay Harry Richmond is named lieutenant Henry that's. Different. No question about that you got up on some of the items here on the text line before we share a couple of interesting if not humorous stories. I'm bits of congress which is brooch for each of these dual separately we would save a lot of money we certainly wouldn't I mentioned earlier abouts. Telling the American people to bend over Touche events. They've been this over with both hands in our pockets. Not accurate but it did at all they're driving us in the ditch Vince yes they are person responding to my friend who is stuck. In the city now without he is baggage. In his keys. You've packed your card keys near baggage. This person says you're dumb ass. Wow. I hope he's not listening now. Who really have his feelings hurt. His journey better reason to primary incumbent Republicans it's suspending they do just as bad as the Democrats or worse. The reason for the spending spree. It's work for the dims for decades give everybody a bunch of treats them let the other party look like the bad guys when they try to take it away I've seen the enemy. And he is us John out accountants. Thom Tillis is a rhino. Writes the sticks to what a disgrace Rand Paul on point last night. What I really talk about government shutdown still they take away congress' pay instead of concentrating on the military my husband did 23. Submarine service. We need that retirement money and earned that retirement money yes and then some I'm sure. I agree with you Vince this is so frustrating I'm a fiscal conservative my personal life my beliefs I'm sick of the overspending this budget is a disaster. The jury at his spot on the really events do you think there's a difference between the parties I have more faith in you the net you can't be that stupid can you as from hit it it. I know I'm not. By the way. Do I remind you. At some point I'm going to share it's you again. I think I played this when it originally happened a couple of years ago there's a speech by Nigel for college at C packed. It was dynamite he was sharing. About what the political system turned into the United Kingdom it is on the money and you hear this. You can't help but to look and say you know what that's happening in our own country we've got you a party. One party. Just going by two different names I refer to it is progressive blue and progressive read it makes little difference. Techsters saying I watch this live less they're referring to Rand Paul great show. Thanks very much. Stop spreading fake news Russian ever said deficits don't matter anymore he said the deficit has always been used as a scare tactic. Well I have to direct quote here by the way from the show. And I'm not picking on rush that's not the point. The polling he'll quote senator tell us the path of least resistance makes all rivers and some men crooked. From. Move wow. Ryan plans on pushing Costa so security and Medicare at some point to pay for this problem. Trump promised not to touch either boy this makes for a showdown doesn't. It's I don't agree with what they did but I'm afraid the budget will never be balanced again this what is your malfunction. This person saying. Allen didn't cause the problem calm down you're on your way to another coronary. It's our fault just so you know. Okay. The trump voters we brought America to our knees if we all just listen to what you told us. It would be too bad so sad. Already a couple of crazy stories how about this what. Naked passengers since Alaska Airlines flight back to encourage. This flight was diverted. Was heading to Seattle diverted back to Anchorage. Due to a naked passenger on board the jets. Officers responded about three and two flight 146 would you take it off a return to Ted Stevens Anchorage international airport there was a subject. On the aircraft that'd barricaded elect himself from the bathroom. Flight attendants. Found the subject was naked. Or as people say Iran appeared naked. The guy restrain sportage. To a local hospital for evaluation. That's a price. And we have this. If you want to know about government efficiency. Proving that every dog really does have his day. There's this gap in Michigan surprised openness mailbox and find the state of Michigan improved. A certain member of his house sold for 15100 dollar monthly unemployment benefits. Port sounds wonderful doesn't it 15100 dollars. It was addressed to writer. I think exactly what it is at a if it's a notice from the Michigan unemployment insurance agency the letter informs. Can you confirm that the man that writer qualified for 360 dollars a week payments. Got a letter. On Saturday my name is Michael my dog's name is writer. I was surprised to see it but I got a great laugh. While may seem like to see humorous turn of events the story speaks of benefits fraud the state. Tracked down the filing found that was a fraudulent claim by someone trying to skim the stayed out of benefits won a surprise. It's. Still the fraud was caught. Unfortunately. Michael writers claim and not be allowed to. Appreciate. I guess this is an agency yet another one that's just gone to the dogs under. Any case fits me great talking with you this week hope you have a good and safe weekend. I think I wanna escape again friendships and it's a keeps. Any case hope you have a great win lord willing we're back with you on Monday morning. Take your god bless. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.