Congressional Elections, Illegal Immigration

John Hancock
Friday, May 25th
Jd Hayworth, former US Congressman from Arizona fills in for Hancock. Discussion includes the recent congressional election in districk 9, illegal immigration and more.

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And. What Chad wholeheartedly. Used to say fellow Americans it's Ronnie I. And so what is in and no this isn't really great pool party nor is it. John Hancock. Instead Dell you've got to recovering congressman JD Hayworth holly Boyd native. The guy I recruited he runs a go at NC state to play right tackle but then I ended up left doubts. And only in America. Can a guy from my point in a state grant to end up. In television. After starting in radio age fourteen and despite so many people saying I had to face the radio. Making good against all odds. Inning dobbs wait it out in Arizona. As a nightly sportscaster and a huge market. And I got elected to congress I walked away a year before the election. Left a great career forty Colin. To run for the congress of the United States and I joke about being a recovering congressman but believe it or not. That's the first topic we're we're taking up. This afternoon. On news talk 1110993. WBT. I joked that I don't like to use the L word. There in the general election in the big terms of 2006. I finished second. But let's just pause and reflect on that for a second. There is no shame. In electoral defeat. Up a couple of famous names. In our history a couple of our founders. Were Dole's prison literally at the creation of the country. Ran for the house and were defeated. One of the most curious selections and one of my pals is written a book about this. But in Virginia. James Madison. Square off against his neighbor James Monroe. So the man who became the fourth president of the United States squared off against the man who became the fifth president. The battle Jimmy's. The little gym in my row against handsome. Joseph Barbie little Jimmy menace of lead by history straight diminutive James Madison. Against. James Monroe. People thought Monroe was gonna take it. Medicine one in what history claims is an upset but there was no way to do the poll. But the thinking was Munro was gonna win and that guy a familiar name to you. But I would hasten to add not the man who usually behind the microphone to disappointed time and WBT. John Hancock. Not the BT host although that is a historic name and what he's proud of John Hancock a Massachusetts teen who wrote his name soul boldly on the declaration of independence. Whose name has been incorporated into great American slaying one when you do in a deal. When you're about to sign a contract did you talk to your agent and the station managers say okay come up and down just what you John Hancock right here on the line meeting putting your signature. And remember that John Hancock. The founder wrote his name boldly and proudly in it is the most prominent signature. Affixed to the declaration of independence. Then John Hancock. Mike James mode rule. Launched. In a race for congress. Davy Crockett. Do we that we remember from the Disney portrayal by fess Parker. Who a decade later just basically recycled that is Daniel bona. On NBC they were they were critically and fast and loose with history but man did did sell some of those raccoon skin gaps. At any rate David Crockett or Davy Crockett of tennis scene. Finished second in a race in fact I pointed this out in my young valedictory in my house more. And go win the press gathered around congressman Crockett. I'll clean this sub for a family show here. Congressman Crockett said. Well gentlemen. All of UK and you go to HE double hockey sticks. I'm going to Texas. And that he did in things ended at a place called the Alamo. For Davy Crockett. But. Likewise in history he was a guy who served in congress and lost. Now I gotta tell you. It's no fun. But race has gone on in the ninth district in the Republican Party in which an incumbent has finished second. And are there or implications almost sound like there are implications. Item channeling my inner Davy Crockett. There are implications. If incumbent. Robert danger does not. Indoors. The challenger who defeated him Mark Harris. Will hear from the congressman. We'll hear from mark here assemble here for mule. Because you're welcome to call 704571110. Or tool free from any place 1809281110. It is the recovering congressman. Defeated. Blood knocked. At a loss. At least four words. JD Hayworth in for John Hancock new struggle Levin did in 993. Double UBT. Remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and John Hancock. Take your news talk elevenths that 993 WET. Well let's take a look at that I mean I I just think this. There's terrorists oughta come out and say hey I'm sorry I apologize for saying that things were not correct about my opponent Robert picture. Certainly I was. Not for funding Planned Parenthood are as people come up to me at the polls say you're killing babies. Seven was four border wall. Creating Sanctuary Cities. An amnesty for all these things are you know in the mail it. On the TV and was very sad to watch it should never happen we'll and I think you know we'll have to live event. Yeah that is congressman. Robert Pitt and sugar. Who's about to join me as a recovering congressman. And nobody likes to finish second. And I know this was termed as an upset heck you may recall I was June. The day before the primary and a couple of folks who were big time hit injure backers. Gave me a cold. And what are the volunteers mix well when he tried to get down and explain ornament and no good and congressman bit injures not in favor of Planned Parenthood. CU was the problem. As I explained that got. Actually. When you vote for and omnibus bill that's why we nickname those omnibus bills. Ominous. When you say yes to that spending you may have oppose something earlier on the floor but if there's funding and Matt. Omnibus bill gas watch. Technically. You or your funding. Everything in it barrel. The the one thing I heard from the congressman. About. Now the Republican nominee is that quote he won't have to live with that. And let me just be honest about it. And I'll quote somebody he'll. George W. Bush bush 43. He got historic run for congress. We don't they're Midland Odessa Texas. Ironically he defeated. In the local TV sportscaster. But I his. General election race was against the not a guy by the name of Kent Hance. Can't dance was a conservative Democrat. And kids pants beat George W. Bush in that race for congress. Pick while we're on the subject of finishing second. A Democrat from Delaware Hope, Arkansas. William Jefferson Clinton. Leon he decided he hit it back after Watergate uninsured before he decided by such a way and so we took on John Paul hammer a big mistake. Because John Paul in northwest Arkansas. Was incredibly popular. And though barely he tried to make it close but he too lost a race for congress. Anyway back dude do George W. He was he kept in touch with a guy she met a kid at school because there there are seminars you can attend. The National Republican Congressional Committee holds among other conservative groups hold them. To try and teach you how to run for congress most of us learn by trial and error. And we just go win two. But job he had contacted one of his friends who likewise lost the guy ran again. And likewise was defeated Mindy and Jorge called PayPal or do they do battle. Well I'm doing okay I'm pretty much over to tight. We just curriculum. You never get over. And that's all right I can say this is a guy a lifetime. I'm six and two. A six election winning streak in the mid terms of blood of 2006. And a re drawing of a district to give me to be Arizona with the Arizona State and boom I got my ticket punched out the congress. The second time I finish second was in a primary against. Senator John McCain in twenty Tim. So far. You never completely get over it so. Let me respectfully start with congressman pitted sure it's not Mark Harris having to live with. Pointing out that you voted for the rumor this bill. We thumbed a bus that was on its. What congressman did ensure was trying to do was to make his case to his constituency. And and it is ever bus in congress they lumped together stuff that stinks with stuff that is desirable. And you have to go home and explain your revoked. But here's the other thing I cautioned that this injury supporter on primary eve who called. Rouge tried to get down in the weeds and explained the bill now really. Congressman Roger was pro life when he was against Planned Parenthood nice and here's a problem. We knew we knew. When you have to explain. The old saying isn't politics explaining. Is losing. It's too. So you've got to make a proactive case which has to be if in I am I happen to agree with Paris on the vote. But were I congressman passenger. I would've said look. The president of the United States the commander in chief says our military needs this funding now. You can look on the record and see my opposition. To these other initiatives that were included. When I had a choice to make. Well. He made it and the people. Made clear choice. Oh really credit we heard the audio of congressman didn't jury that was Romo Campbell denied on spectrum news. Tim boy am just ask the question a couple of nights ago they are you gonna support Mark Harris. And you heard of course why. Congressman passenger had to say. So let's just start off with a premise nobody likes to loops. But the question becomes. Even with a vis the injured feelings. What what what does the victory in the primary have to apologize war. I mean I know it's tough I know there's a history. Between the two but what does he have to apologize were in fact why don't we listen to Mark Harris. Primary night explaining why. He was able to win it had to do more with geography. Then ideology you listen. Oh okay well. Take my word for it. Oh now now I'm informed by. Are really capable producer director TJ we do a better I tell you what will save it. We'll save it and come back with that because we got to step aside here in just a second. But but the bottom line is that it's. Nobody likes to lose and the question is. What your constituency. The the editorial board of the Charlotte Observer. For the people who plan probably voted for you in the general after opposing you do years ago. Just just a question. But I'd like dancer with new pan and we invite your cool things. Channel 4571110. In Charlotte and environs and total free for many police 1809. To wait eleven to. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth in the fourth biggest story John Hancock snowstorm 11101993. WDT. I don't know one of the greatest strategies and we started this effort. As we said. That if we're gonna win this race. We're gonna how did you hear you generally yeah did you area it is now there then we decided. Mueller run just like we were running for county commissioner in Union County North Carolina. So well there is only the breakfasts. You Jews. Believe churches that I another revolution beginning you know you do you both here and all across this mining industry who as soon we'll just. And love does. I had to say tonight unions here in North Carolina blew us over the well. Was more terrorists now the Republican nominee. In congressional district nine. Primary night but some billed as an upset you may recall we were talking. That very afternoon oh by the way if you just turned on your radio. It's the recovering congressman JD Hayworth high point native who ended up out now Arizona. Representing those fine folks but. Back home sold to speak on news talk 112 and 993 WDT. Always an honor to guest host for worry at the historic John Hancock. And Gil if if I'm going to write a Smart key editorial for the observer. Which shows seems to be kind of be a bowl. Of what I read from our friends at the disturb or it would start with. How one ironic mark Peres chose union tyranny. The cause it's the state of the union of the Republican Party led sub programs. Well. Primaries are tough. Especially women incumbent is defeated. Mark here is concentrated on Union County. The voters turned out there. Perhaps more conservative. Then the quote. Folks in Mecklenburg county and around what we used to call met roll lineup back in the day. And so big win in Union County. Made more care is the nominee. Now again because. You may just be joining us the reason we're having this conversation I don't want to add this to get lost in translation. So I'm gonna ask my outstanding staff here were were calling and portable which makes sense on radio. Let me return to the first bite we played their first audio cub we played today congressman did injure. The other night on capitol tonight on spectrum news this was when Tim boy of past the congressman Harry. Are you gonna support Mark Harris. Well let's take a look at that I mean I I just think this. There's terrorists oughta come out and say hey I'm sorry I apologize for saying the planes were not correct about my opponent Robert picture. Seven hours. Not for funding Planned Parenthood are those people would come up to me at the polls say you're killing babies. Seven was four border wall. Not for. Creating sanctuaries cities. An amnesty for all these things are you know in the mail it. On the TV and was very sad to watch it. I shouldn't have happened. And I think you know you'll have to live event. She. I I just have to say the congressman and look I've been in the year. I know what it's like and it stinks it's not fun infected in the parlance. All of the graffiti artist it SUSX. To finish second. OK I understand. And I also understand that win here in public life you're subjected. To a million and one little indignities in fact I was recounting one in Arizona. You have to have a boatload of signatures to get on the petition. Edge to get it to get your petition signatures to get on the ballot so. I'm held a one of the retirement neighborhoods. And do the walking Lewis said it was a Republican counsel not walk up to the door. And the ladies on the phone and she goes. Aldo did adding I can't stand you. And you know nobody likes to hear do you have intellectually you can accepted but it's kinda tough. So I said something like also soared above the man have a great day and just think you got to insult rephrase the priests and then just well double bullet and got some more signatures. Yeah I'm sorry if congressman injury had somebody showed saying you wanna kill babies. People can say all manner of thing X. But to somehow try to. Withhold your support from the nominees. Causing pointed out that you voted for the omnibus funding bill but sadly. Including funding of Planned Parenthood including funding and Chuck Schumer first pet project. A real New York boondoggle. Like there was nothing for the border. You made the choice you try to make the case it didn't work. So what's gonna happen now. Bright board predictably goes after Paul Ryan. About this saying hey mr. speaker. You're the leader of the Republicans you may have one foot out the door. But why aren't you know stepping up to try and persuade it. Congressman bid injured. To endorse. More generous. CI got another full. As far as I'm concerned polarize and should get the HE double hockey sticks out a congress right now. Republicans only have a leadership race right. Now. Jim Jordan of Ohio is guts up conservative. Should be. Speaker of the house I'd like to say right now but they need to have the party cupboards and getting don't. Because you know what has to happen. When you do there. What has to happen is the Democrats have to stand up and vote for their leader Nancy Pelosi did you have that right now is a vote. It makes a big difference. And by the way could slow down the other thing going on and I'm gonna probably get more to read next hour this hour we have that done. But there is a discharge petition I don't mean to get down what we just try to explain. The reason. You have a majority party. It's not just senseless partisanship. Some of it has to do with pardon upon housekeeping. The majority controls of a house. Before I was elected at age 36. There rubbed me the Democrats had control of congress who were forty years. Things got so bad. That the Republicans in the house weren't even allowed to sit in on some conference committee hearings. I think most infamous Lee when Jack Brooks. Was chairman of judiciary. In all the infamous Clinton crime bill. Bill McCollum of Florida. Who was appointed to be a con three by the house Republicans the minority. He wasn't even allowed an. Ocean nations. Jack Brooks got his comeuppance in 1994. As did the speaker pardon me the hear the speaker of the house Tom Foley. Wants to George never cut. As did the chairman of the house Ways and Means Committee Dan Rostenkowski. We lost in my old pal Michael Patrick Flanagan in the heart of Cook County Chicago. In fact you could argue. Bed in 1994. Or. The same forces that elected Donald Trump. In 2016. Got involved in that mid term people that had enough. The democratic majority. Bud pole Ryan ought to be packing his bags and get the HE double hockey sticks. Out of the speaker's cheer and out of the congress. Let's pick somebody new. I don't think. Despite the talk about. More medals are friends from up in the mountains. Being part of freedom caucus. Don't think he wanted Jim Jordan. I think is amenable to it. You want you won the speaker George you don't want a speaker Kevin McCarthy. Sorry Kevin is a good guys is too little too slick and he comes from California. And some of his neighbors are in on this discharge petition to hand them in essence to hand control of the floor over to the Democrats. They need 25 guys to do that. Bought another north Carolinians. Shows that's gonna get done. He's the guy used to grief with the the saying give me make liberty. Or give me make death. You might know why I'm mixed Lincoln I. Yeah 109281110. Toll free from any place to call an aura if you were in Charlotte or rescinding seven point 57011. Jen. And six minutes before poorer nets second number. Is the one Chris golden on Chris from Charlotte welcome to WB two. Heard dating. Back to bid on the air they're pregnant did you some. I hope the good luck to you there. Why are we just and a little less a million little guitar interlude while you were taking a breath but you've got the follow our guitarist. Could doom him. Go ahead. Chris serious they are brother. And I'd lose Chris. Well we're going to be you know is almost dropped out Chris we'd love to have you back at any rate. I believe by the no side had dubbed Christmas going to point out there in an earlier campaign. Congress and the journal ran negative ads look at the deal is. You always want to contrast yourself with your own. Sometimes there are people. Who would get very. Well they're up against the edge and sometimes I've seen ads. That are flat out lots. But to draw a contrast when your opponent is not rule. And the principal contention in this last. Runoff campaign or this last stood. Primary campaign and congressional district nine was affected dubbed. They had congressman didn't juror voted for the omnibus bill. And noble the congressman's pro life in it gave money to planned prayer that we got Chris back Chris the guitar interlude is overjoyed at my man. I thank basically when former Mecca or county former sheriff Pendergraph was running and and I hid it in hand against. Didn't hear. I injured put on these horrible horrible horrible and yet did I Matt I can't remember specifically what they were saying but they were. Well bay you know way out military Haiti's de he's gonna have a fight against Democrat that he put it got ugly ad. And I Ahmed volunteer for the county to do to do political work and you during the election. We are in the recoil Obama out of district. But I people trying to you know in droves warned about it vote against Pitt injure. And they're looking at the ballot colony over the paperwork were horrible for Pendergraph biggest danger wherever entrepreneur but that standard they were up bet. Would add that Pena was putting out at a gala in their own districts you know we're in the oil. That bad district twelve was drawn like an old sneaky snake back may put it didn't barely these bats one would aid ship Mickey Michelle was running he said he could open your car doors and be in three different districts are ever built or well. Yeah no cattle in the property. I used to fight with Melo in a good way I would do a debate with Mel. Quite a bit on the floor but point well taken Chris thanks for the call I appreciate your politics well politics ain't been back. So now what's gonna happen. Well forget Paul Ryan stepping in to make peace here's what all in in my opinion. And I know the Robin Hayes listens to this and occasionally he'll call win. Our Robin you and you guys need to go seek congressman did merger. And more over the guy now the chief deputy whip the guy I was joked about give remake liberty or give Mimi death. Patrick they can only get at the guy who has said the seat the late great gas Ballinger used to have a Hickory. The man educated at Belmont abbey the guy festooned in his bow tie is on Capitol Hill. Penetrate as chief deputy whip. Needs to talk to didn't. But it needs to happen within North Carolina meantime. As you might expect the observer displaying this is at its gonna be a cakewalk. For the Democrat because well he's a veteran and he's got millions of dollars and of course. And Mark Harris who's a conservative group. We're gonna continue this conversation in the 4 o'clock hour because some other things need to be brought to light. Some of the issues we continue to face they are not single issue they're related to every single one on. Including this upcoming race. And win the disturb her says Republicans ought to do something. That's what if you're conservative or Republican you ought to think again. All of bet is to come you're tied together on this Friday JD Hayworth in for John Hancock. News talk 1110993. WPP. Yeah there. He came word for him. High point native JD Hayworth it's a guy who I've lost a race for drivers. After winning six straight. If you wanna check it on yeah I finished second race for the senate as well but you know what. It's okay. Because. You always have a little bit of regret about the. But there as I as I began the program last hour there is no shame in losing. I believe it was Churchill. Who had his Shura blah setbacks. And Winston Churchill said give fate. Is not the final goal fatal. Shark got to work on my true Cilic sub the best thing hero was a politics is session exciting news war and New Year's it is dangerous. In war you die only once. In politics. Anytime Judd and remember after the resounding victory in World War II. The war weary bricks. Dick Churchill well. And put a limit at least in. But Churchill eventually came back. After one of his setbacks. His wife Clementine said something like. Soon you must consider this a blessing in disguise. He responded. Let me if this is a blessing it is most certain they Wheldon Scott axed. Nobody likes to finish second. But some guy is go out of their way. I'm perhaps because of economic considerations. To do all they can't. To what to make it very difficult. 44. The party. Of which there are alleged to be a member. Now what started all this is the speculation about what outgoing congressman Robert head injury is going to do is she gonna step up. And endorsed the man who finished first in the primary Mark Geragos or is this thing gonna stay in disarray. We talked about that basically last hour by. The theme continues because I I'm. Geographically. Physically. And I guess in the sense. Metaphorically. Closer to another guy. Who is going out. In a way that is will. On book com. Whatever congressman didinger decides to do. I would sincerely suggest that he no I end up. Like one of my former colleagues from Arizona. The aptly named Blake Jeff flake. Here is Jeff flake and this was either yesterday or they gave both former. At the Harvard Law School listen. Our presidency has been debased by a figure. Who seemingly. Bottomless appetite for destruction and division. And only a passing familiarity with how the constitution works. And our article one branch of government the congress that's me. There's utterly supine. In the visit in the face of them world vandalism that flows from the White House daily. Know you'll have to forgive Jeff. For his comments but the way he delivered them. It was the first time he's working with a teleprompter. And he's trying to get ready for gig and MSNBC. Or as CNN. To do what all quote moderate moderate Republicans who are defeated do. If they lose to conservatives and now it's go belly ache. About how the GOP a mirror mine issue X because they're not dare any longer. When Jeff flake was first elected. To listen. I was back in Washington. With the Tea Party. Jeff flake had gone out and said that he was gonna get tough on illegal immigration. So as a courtesy I stop by to CME and I were colleagues in the house. I suggest if you'd like to come by were were getting together members of the Tea Party caucus. You've said some things during the campaign about getting tough on illegal immigration we'd love to have. Her third string never showed up. Signed on to the amnesty bill. Which three other Republicans signed on to you. Another senator from Arizona included another guy who would running against me talked about. Completing the dang fence but you some people say one thing in campaigns and may do other things. I just not only. Do I hate to see congressman binge I don't think he's going to go the way of Jeff flake but worse. I guess it was a week the goal the disturbed earth throws out an editorial with the headline. A Republican breakthrough. On immigration. CIA after read these things because chances are you don't you need to have a bit of insight. Into what they're saying and predictably it ain't good but it's all for open borders at all for illegal full scrimmage in. We just read a little bit of a four we have to do something else moderate Republicans. Who better positioned to breathe gridlock in Washington on several key issues over the past several years. Are beginning to finally use that power and one of the most vexing problems facing the country. Immigration. Let me stop right there year. I've memo to the disturb her propaganda tests. The editorialists. At the big goal. It's not emigration that's a problem. It's illegal immigration. And I hate to make it this simple for you but when we try. And I'll try to eliminate the stork. When I just point this out in legal means it's against the wall. The editorial continues. If day. This is the up moderate Republicans if they eighty fumbled through one beer planned all of us will be better off. And a little sanity will return to the political process let me translate that for you. If it goes through there will be amnesty. Enough they amnesty to help. Get Democrats elected which is the goal of the editorial board at the Charlotte Observer. Do you that you really can't. Those Republicans are pushing a discharge petition to force it to force a floor vote in the house. That could mean passenger Paul why partisan solution. That would protect. Dreamers. Those undocumented immigrants brought to the country when they were young stop it right here first of all in this always happens in the debate. If you whoever gets to define the terms has a leg up. And a propagandist for open borders and all include the disturb her editorialists in this. DreamWorks. People brought hearings as young people through no fault of their own. I tell you what. That is so rife. With inaccuracies are gonna have to detail that we few. It any rates. This discharge petition is getting very close to finding the 25 Republicans necessary. To get it done. If they do that that's why Paul Ryan. As an outgoing open borders Republican is grinning year to year. Mean she wants that Don because he wants amnesty. And he wants to settle Landmine for president drop. Now you'll reacting to all of this tonight will go bad reaction and I invite more of you to call Lynn because after all. Great thing about this interactive media news. Have a conversation agree or disagree. 70457011. Jen told free for many blaze 1809281110. It's JD for Joseph. Hayworth for Hancock news talk eleven Jenna and 993. WDT. To the men and women of our armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice. Both times in here saying thank you. Your legacy lives on and you will never be forgotten. Remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. News talking eleven attack. 993. WBT. That's cool. It's Hayworth for handgun recovered. Congressman night we needed JD Hayworth. If Ford is stored John Hancock just a word of observation as we head into Memorial Day. It's very true that the ones who Wear the uniform. Of our nation. All times we're. The flag on their sleep. I know designation the political party. We're school of political four. But they fight and may have fought and they have sacrificed for us to be able to have opinions. The nets will weed they are right here. And one that I've been hearing that I think is an error surprise surprise last week senatorial. From the observers saying that the do you Republican open border folks should dot should sign onto a discharge petition. According now from last week's editorial. That could mean passage of a bipartisan. Solution. That would protect between murders. Those undocumented immigrants brought into the country when they were young. So much and edit a bad is it accurate not everybody's claiming dreamers status was brought him. When they were three or four wheel mommy and daddy point number one. Point number two bipartisan. Is used. Win the press. And the leftists they support want Republicans to roll over in this case they want 25. Republicans. Moderates decide what Democrats to do what gives Democrats the advantage on this so new voters can be brought in to do what it. Oh lead Democrats. I tell you what let's go to the phones let's begin it in rock killed John welcome to WBT. Were. Our jagr and thank you for tiger Mark Wahlberg on any topic sort argue about it just incredible. Fun on the most probably immigration thing. On the back problem with immigration all the sisters now I don't think the people at higher. A project get a job won't come here and employers are absolutely no kind of a situation where a couple of let's stop and talk. He urgently it sounds good maybe I'll blow your mind navigate through that traffic. We don't want boomer to have to mention do you career creating a stop right there so tummy or pulled over great to go again to read a book. However I just stopped all ball well I wanna Rock Hill. But anyway. I'm Beckett but remember you probably very quickly by acting stronger penalties for hiring illegals. So while doing that because some businesses and plots and congressman Serb verbal warning that brought the workforce. Why are you write your very in fact what goes on right now. The United States chamber of commerce. And Tom Donohue the guy used to be at the truckers association. When I was in congress and a fairly good job guy. Now what has happened is the chamber of commerce not every member not every local chapter but the US chamber of commerce right across from the White House they are. They are all win for cheap labor. There are there are laws on the books. Is on the books or should there are penalties that should be enforced but moral work if we just in forced existing rule. I know that and it it it's on its streak. I'm a very well informed them very well read person back mpeg one thing right now and ownership sockets were required the government to order. And I know what a great spot. See the Democratic Party is irked by. Well you're right here one. OK let's explain uranium one now that is a good deal. That was going on with the play for pay eight Clinton's State Department. A former President Bill Clinton goes over my suspension chauffeur were down about a million. And our main ally. Miranda Dalton turns uranium one what were we soldier triggered mature over Russia back in the sixties even mentioned doing that got shot. But what but yeah. What bush salt white proper category right reserved just suddenly you're corrupt cop what you love and almost completely Bob Latimer Britain. Bit. Well I guess it's a Canadian company but yet there's a big Russian interest got you you're right or does not stay I have. The partnership with Canadian company which is that we are trained for Michael. But beyond the public you're right you want but the Democrat is set in my opinion like committed great. They know a lot that we're involved here on the list the names Arizona. I bet I beat these guys in law enforcement because of Mueller was director of the FBI at the time. That's why these guys to go on we'd better get. The the Republicans before they get doesn't blow the whistle uranium one is part of that and I think you for the call John. Now more folks are on the line we're gonna get to him gyms and Charlotte and since seal. And you too high it's shady for John Hancock new storm eleven did 993. WB two. Several more fly solo. General 1809281110. Hayworth for Hancock. Then translates to JB for John hero for you taking your calls were taught any illegal immigration. What is congressman now a bit injured gonna do is he going to endorse. The man who defeated him in the primary march Harris. Horror or will he huge to a different constituency the editorial board of the observer and sign on to the discharge petition and moved to let Paul Ryan offering parting gift to K street in terms of amnesty. Back to the phones we go from Charlotte here is Jim Jim welcome to WBT. Yeah yeah I dig go there you about that it really doesn't matter. Who you vote for anymore he's the RB or even conservative or lose livable. Oregon moderate and that's what you call bitten your. Because old. The American public only voting for about maybe 2 AM that 40% of what we call a what you guys call up certain discretionary. Money. Because of the bigger permanent dark horse social security and Medicare. An education learn court Obama up through all they're gone toward truly involved or who aren't thought are sure I'd throw that into the education taught. So file in it and it looks like no body only or stop it all and do really think about those three programs girl they're both the government back screens controlling American papal Bob those three. You're on to some good Jay you're absolutely right about in title months that is true but let me stay let me for just a second let me tell you why it is a big deal. Because in this is something I had to stop when George W. Bush was president. He wanted to put in place give this a Social Security quote total was Asia an agreement with Mexico. Ostensibly he was pushing for amnesty so when the Mexicans came into the United States in the game americans' gas. Get their hands on Social Security. I was in the White House whip them one day and say Mr. President don't do that. But we're gonna have to stop it if you move that way so I I understand your cynicism. But it seems to me they're they're two different things going on what is the huge. Tsunami of entitlements and how do we handle it. But the other thing is part of that reform has to be. Did those people who are truly entitled get it and you don't add a bunch more people to the mix and that's one of the key problems but I hear exactly. What your saying. And I do appreciate the call you made a very valid point but I would say to you were I part. What's your assessment is quote it doesn't matter who wins it does matter. But you're right if we don't do something soon we're just. We're just redo a room Rio outlining. The deck chairs on the Titanic I think you for the call. Publishing these are vicious killers and they shouldn't be allowed into the country that was a horrible were bringing them out by the thousands as you know was sitting. Records we are doing from the standpoint of law enforcement a great job. The Democrats. Sticking up for MS thirteen easier stone cold killer so vicious killers. True. The other day on Fox News. Taken on the Democrats who were criticizing him for pulling the vicious killers of MS thirteen. Animals. How the president's gift. You're hitting his opponents to overreact coming up right now more your goals and 704571110. From Charlotte I think still is on the line and has been waiting patiently I still. You know our error. I'm doing fine thank you. Yeah. And I'm limited to reply to mr. Pitt injured. All time format and then out Mark Gearan. And then marking your theory whale hurting me Coburn has Burke. There would be near the war. And you know lag. I give my aunt mr. Kissinger. Had you apologize. For the country. That you have put out about mark here. All you see that's what happens in politics it ain't bean bag and a lot of dead and a lot of folks. Take umbrage of things that are said it ain't been Andy Bean bag -- you make your way. And I want to thank you. Iowa. Every time mark speaks. He flipped out flyers. And dammit the bottom. There are best actually confused too because it is. And I'm now what the truth the. It is important to have sources now I just gotta tell you one cautionary note sale. When I was the number one target organized labor back in 1996 my first reelect they pumped in almost four million dollars. In 1996. Money against me. Well the ads. Was was so it was something about me getting rid of Medicare. They are source. Was the speech of my opponent at the Democratic National Convention so that wasn't exactly a credible source I hear her say and I appreciate it. Join. This story 1110 and 993 WP team. Your goals that simply tool free for many police 1809211. June. Then from Charlotte and vicinity. 704 or 5701110. Back to the phones from page lender. Here is Michael Michael welcome to WBT. Michael. General point of view. My wife is paying Guatemala. Or unhappy years later. Seeing got it can't become the United States. And I have her eight year old soccer. Well let's unpack that for just a second let me ask me just ask you a couple of things did you marry her in Guatemala. And did you make provisions. When you were returning to the United States. To bring her back how did she end up back and did she ever come to these shores. He came to these sure god. I remember exactly what your let me of 2013. Open the beaten the hell out of her. If she would serve her brother her at this them. They got here illegally. Is there are less than six months. And it went back home again. And marry her within the six so so really what you're saying is. You married a woman who was escaping an abusive relationship who was brought here illegally. Urged the question Michael. Did you get within immigration attorney or anyone to try and get her status changed. Because of what you're obviously pointing out to be an extenuating circumstance. And hooted did you did you hire a lawyer did you call your member of congress what have. I did both you. All right congress clear they're not that word problem form properly in that child is here. But right here here's my point. If whoever your member of congress is I don't care for the Democrat Republican independent libertarian vegetarian. They should step up opened a file if you if you're in that situation. And may should web weighed in but the other pretty if you tried to make the change in status. Are often. Even if you if you were to try and make the change in status when you marry this woman now a word we're skipping a lot of things but I'm trying to make sure I understand it. So she had she had left. Guatemala she was divorced from the guy who was beating her. He got the order went Hewitt called. Good here let that. Oh okay all right so this well she she she went home you you married her when she she went home then came back. You well know it never came back he went home to ward they're out of bed. After a few more there has been about a year later I went there. And I marry your married met everybody and actually open my birth visitation there becomes an out and beat the hell out of her right format so. Well Perry here but this is my point here is why you hate to use the term get beaten up but your saying it's unfair. In the a year and a half or whatever time it was when you were trying to get down earlier. Oh what could happen to expedite this here's the bottom line and people don't understand this and I'm I'm sorry about your situation but I'm glad you call. Because the administrative law judges. Are given latitude. To keep families together. That's why is the port deal let the media understand why all the people called it before. They're wrong. And the reason Iran is because. It's people who read people might documentation. Warren I have this little girl here I'm a stranger to order bat that very strange. Circumstance. That the deal was over a year and a half so far and they won't even read the information. There's expedited. And they've refused Korea defibrillator then we don't have that time to read all of us. And put them back in my line busy year and a half away or leave it would meet all of that doc got stopped. These guys they talk about. They have to read while again and though I'm in a year and a half it got that quick yes. So a lot of his ear and perhaps and they keep asking you put the exact same document. Five times they've near married to dip to get three guys. And you cinema all the stuff they need. You're talking about extremely at all. My paperwork including going to a lawyer Stuart so I'm depressed about my skill and effort that's good then he couldn't even believe. That's trial in I have no doubt you're an exemplary man who cares worry his wife. And cares for his child. Or her child. They won't do their paperwork and that they people you know back the alliance for the exact same piece of paper. And they know they're they're following. You're on the bottler will really. Get down to the bottom line is that. They are granted so much money from the senate or congress whatever and they are given so much money is bad. Every year and then they have extra money set aside and what they're doing it is. Wasting no money all purpose having the exact same guy repeat the exact same. Paperwork they already hit five times. And I do it fixed time. Know what what what what you're pointing out is a government that is so large solo fly offend. Then it is completely inefficient and none response. That's why that's why. A money so goes their employ aid and all they and their ability is they get paid her. And I know all law is. It we don't spend all this money that you are yet find do out there and next year we're gonna cut your budget. So they don't care about immigration they care about it all the money to pay themselves which is the primary car. Well what what you're talking Al they've actually given a name business. It slow all of bureaucratic inertia and it has nothing to do with a statute on the books and has to do with human behavior. And when a government grows so large. As it as this one has and it's been on responsive. You have the problems you're having what I would suggest and I would tell you know. Cole they've both of you were United States senators in addition to your member of congress. Here dared to try to cut through the rigmarole I know when I was in congress I used to do it. I appreciate the call thanks for checking in from page to tell you what. I don't affect this writing we're open the phones I've got some more things to talk about but it's coming up state to. Yeah I. I minutes. That's why do you leading into the first. And we heard about the truth it's more news. Please be careful. As you're driving home Moorhead now with you know whatever you guys going one. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth in war John Hancock. I'm finally our open phones I've got a couple of things a wanna talk about with you but let me let me begin with Ed. Cold we took before the break. Because I appreciate the intensity and the passion that Michael Landon as he phoned in from page when and and we couldn't get the entire story. A blood. As he was pointing out the situation where he has the daughter of a woman who we married a woman who divorced a guy who beat her up. In Guatemala. And the bottom line was as the government to immigration authorities were being moon. Bureaucrat. I just gotta tell you based on my experience. All right this comes under the realm of constituent services. The number of guys who had married brides from overseas. Who were dealing with the immigration questions are I gotta tell you. My office dealt with that it was one of the recurring situations but the broader truth is that it's. When the left tries to tell you. If you if you. Couple are you try to break up for a no. First of rule is I just mentioned. And administrative law judge an immigration judge is given broad. Discretion not to break up families. Point number one but point number two. Families can stay together by returning to the country of origin now not in Michael's case. But I I can't begin to do to unpack all big challenges he's facing. With a daughter of the woman the Mary do I I don't believe we even know about her adoption status. If they moved on in court it just the bottom line is if you're in this situation call your member of congress and both United States senators. This guy wants to be tough on the border. Because there is not a one size fits all. But if you're following immigration law now the other problem we and is. Is that he freely admitted his wife came here legally what why do escape. Her abusive husband. Which kind of prompts questions okay you guys go back to Guatemala you get married the guy shows up. Beats the HE double hockey sticks out her again then she can't get back into the country I mean. There was a lot there to unpack. One of the things I enjoyed about serving in congress is what you and I are gonna do right now. And that is just a brutal the phone's talk about what's on your mind told about what's bugging you take issue with what I've said this afternoon. What are you got going on. Whatever you want to take immediate task order. I am happy to hear from you told three for many police. 1890. Weighed 1110. Or closer to the queen city. In Charlotte and its environs. Prisoners to call him back in the seventies metro line. 704570. 1110. The number to call let's let's get back to a caller from Charlotte. I think I've got a former Arizona and on the line feel. Euro loan. Go through. No true. Fill buster did it may still here and there are yes I do welcome to W. And upload your career that aren't true a lot out there. But memory you let out audit metropolitan police say. And it might look at turner Atlanta at electric car that Larry. And we. We're. The American attitude copper within that there are there have been ordinary kidnapped and act like you know that right. You got it right Deb the one friendly amendment actually I started doing broadcast work as a kid nine point. There was no sports anchor after graduating from NC state in Raleigh and then in Greenville Spartanburg in Cincinnati before going to Phoenix. But that's basically fury. My question is your local radio and detonated. You returned our Carol. Well now. Let me put it to you this way. I would welcome the opportunity. To return to my native North Carolina have the opportunity should present itself in terms of broadcasting. And so closed circuit. Two my producer director Steve Steve this thing go and give the air check gift gives the film school of management. It's JD import historic John Hancock no I don't have. Any kind of lines on his job. Just invited back Cole Hamels responded nicely fill say hey. The comeback for good didn't I. Well. Who knows what the future holds but right now and Monday I meant for bypass LB historic. Figure in broadcasting with a great name. A great host on W BT John Hancock and honored to be behind the fund bond market reform. We're jaw and open phones were taken now told free from any place 809 to 1110. And from Charlotte's and vicinity 70457. Go eleven to end waiting patiently in leak why really. Is Sarah Sarah I understand you want to correct the record a little bit welcome. Our our rural I'm fine Sarah Goodyear from. It. Look and you. Each you. You know I I just wanted to. I think correct the record. How many people refer to Social Security admin idled the program. And it's not except maybe for people who never paid and were getting something summit. But most of us who work have made contributions to let our entire working life. Well that's precisely the point where where you're you're right on both counts Sarah. It ED is strictly speaking it falls under the category in title mentioned the reason for the bad. His book cause of the fact that. People who didn't pay as soon and are getting Social Security others have worked and paid into it. Obama have some more thoughts on net and. 22 minutes past five. They were free and come. Republican congressman Michael Hayden JD Hayworth in for the historic. Broadcast host Amanda makes history. Every time he sits behind the microphone John Hancock market. I'm honored to be here today in the begin a beer with you Memorial Day on new store 1110 and 993 WBT. Open phones anything everything on your mind. From Charlotte Lorie has been waiting patiently on glory. Hi so the question that kind of really been bothering me since the beginning of the month when we have the primary elections here in Charlotte. And still have all. Clinton could be elected and I have absolutely no they send in the matter because I'm a registered Republican. You know this I think I was democratic primary here. Yeah did what any I am surprised and I don't know if you're with us on primary eve. But I was I was talking with Mark Garrison as I hoped to do it about a half an hour before or shortened to six. And as a guy who who was a native North Carolina and yes I've served in the United States congress representing Arizona. But as a guy who grew up around politics I was shocked. They had no Republicans stepped forward to run for sheriff of Mecklenburg County. But but the bottom line is yet if if nobody shows up for the nomination. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion I guess theoretically. Lori someone could mount a write in campaign. I it's happened on a few occasions in fact. OJ Strom Simon got elected the United States to felony ride in ballot South Carolina. And died a deer two guys I served with in the house. Joseph skeen of New Mexico and Ron Packard of California Ron had the district in in north San Diego County where. All of the desert dwellers like yours truly now we all flocked to the beach is so many of us and a boy were they they call us Sony's. But the congressman from that district was Ron Packard he'd dentist who was likewise elected only write in ballot. But you know Laurie down now this is the point certainly and all of Mecklenburg County. There's going to be guts up law and order conservative. Whether he or she is a former FBI agent. Back when before the current problems understand. Or somebody else in law enforcement willing to step up and run for sheriff. So the bottom line is Laurie got to find somebody who's eight. Who all manner all woman who's a Republican and I guess mount a write in campaign. So he got anybody in mind. Medical but I kind of do. We'll get you out of it I can do you must decline in the card that dean dean. You care as safe as as it has on occasion state troopers would say to make. You'd be very careful here in the republics but don't worry her racquet orbiter to grab you you pulled the wool good. We got that story don't worry glory we will not ask your dress no salesman will call you call us. So so do you want a police this person's name in in public nomination so to speak or do you need. I wanted to do that same company and it hurt well that's real nice. Tell me is a domestic situation. Are you married to the next Republican share. Merrill and I just you know I thought I'd throw that in the air for what it was worth you know playing bigger than a bread box. But you were a record you think that somebody needs to run as a right DN. Republicans did to pick up the banner even though nobody ran in the primary. Accurately. Current. Will work or one of the other democratic candidates. Do an independent. Yeah it did it it it has been done and I just chronicled some of the folks who are successful landed but more often minority it is a mighty. My idea a big hill to climb. Yeah just got to keep that in mind. I'm Laurie bless you appreciate the call. Coming off another example of our president troll. Just makes his critics don't nods and overreacted there and more of your goals if you overreact to make. JD Hayworth John Hancock new store eleven did in 993. WDC. Up to stand. Proudly for the national that's. We shouldn't be playing you should be there maybe you shouldn't be. The country's you have to stand proudly for the National Anthem and the NFL owners to the right thing and that's what they've done it. President trump to the Fox News Channel I guess that was Wednesday afternoon Wednesday night. And playback as part of an interview Thursday morning. We'll wait we got together Wednesday by the way it's Hayworth for Hancock JD Hayworth in for John Hancock who stored 1110. 993 WBT. Before I got on to talk about the Panthers new order in the new NFL rule you know what rush was saying on Wednesday L rush bow. Correctly predicted. That the folks on ESPN we're gonna blow a gasket. ESPN exhibit one is. Max Kellerman blues and US. Should the NFL be afraid of Donald Trump well you think you heard his quote. You know everyone has to stand proudly for the anthem. No they don't so this is America it's not North Korea. It's America and no one has to stand proudly for the anthem and he'd he's not just talk Matta felt players and their by the way because. Follow up I think maybe you shouldn't be in this country. Now for a president of the United States to say people who don't stand for the anthem shouldn't be in the country even if it's hype hyperbolic the statement. And not intended to be taken literally that's a scary statement. Olympic. That that's scary. Really Linux. L rush goes right there in the ESPN guys are blown gasket but they're not alone did the new fox sports said channel. She can't ensure our peers what he had to say. I think the thing given that don't know what they need to understand. If you go to come to this kind of conclusion you need to have the people that's going to be impacted by this you need to let them have a seat at the table. And give report you go to this dale. How about this field how about just keep the teams in the locker room while the Mets went from being played could walk the anthem is over you come how. And done I I guess the new Panthers owner was discussing that right with two different players today. Oh much speculation about that discussions. Did you. John. Storm 1110993. WB deal open phones Friday as we're now wiped. Vowing. Only eighteen minutes away from six. To Charlotte we go work poll has been quite patient Paul welcome to WB two. Paul Paul's patience root out. OK a more calls lined up while you're lining up what we just speculate on what the the new Panthers owner. Has said to the the players. Who convened I understand if the reports I read our true war. Then did miss it every got he got the the captain it's the team leaders together to get there import. And actually it happened yesterday mr. tapper and soul. I guess like Mikey said he was gonna newsroom Melissa. Okay chances are he's not gonna say about his players. What he said about president trump. Up to did to some business students at Carnegie Mellon I won't repeat in those terms. But I guess mr. tepper has a choice I I don't understand why on earth. The the anthem has been turned into eighty a symbol of protest. And I just remember I know was back in what the early seventies when Duane Thomas was group around injuring the National Anthem. And X cold defensive lineman already Donovan. Was doing the color on T wood was was losing the analyst. Arnie was coming out of his chair about Duane Thomas. It just towel. Reprehensible the debate the behavior watts. Now Max Kellerman pops a gasket. Saying president probably might have been a hyperbolic but this is the United States not North Korea. That's true. But how about this having the right to do something doesn't make it right you don't sit there is no less of defender of the First Amendment. Then former CBS news president Fred Friendly. It's. The man has been working feverishly. To assemble what major stories of the day. You might say that he makes his mark your own doubled beating my dearest and what are you working on my man. Well they can figure our lead tonight another school shooting this one at a middle school and Noble's still Indiana witches. Not too far from Indianapolis kid with a gun science teacher saves the day tackles and give those the a teacher did in them wounded were told. From. It is another story you know there there is one of the story don't get to a little while a little him and issue a meeting engage in it would you wouldn't thoughtful and thought provoking a conversation. Hey it's Friday I'm not sure how thoughtful I'm feeling here are it's just you know. It's it's the thing that. Has ended up being a bone of contention since we started doing broadcast news. What stories do we highlight in what stories don't make the cut it for example. I guess it was last night in Oklahoma City or sometime in the last 24 hours. A good guy with the gun actually two good guys are yeah Stan stopped to have stopped. Something that could've been more horrific. In a restaurant here in Oklahoma City I don't understand the nature of what happens at school. Being a concern a lot of unanswered questions on this window and I assume you're trying to well I know you're trying to track down all the particulars. But probably it's gonna take us awhile to unpack this like everything else I guess the other thing more is this. Hello when I was doing radio in Phoenix after my my time in congress. I did go calls from guys contemporaries in my seat you know JD. When we were in high school. I had my my shotgun in the back of my pick up truck I'd pull in the parking lot at camelback all right. And then were you guys live up now toward pinnacle peak in special password that's where we go honing. Afterschool nobody would have dreamed. Of ever taking their firearm out. And he had all those the high schools especially in the west with the rivalry teams in shooting ranges downstairs. It it culturally we have seen he change. Oh absolutely it's interesting you mention that because we have a principle here a few weeks ago. Save the exact same thing here at fact when she was a kid shoes telling your students in one of the students taped it but she was telling your kids that. Hey my boyfriend used go hunting and then come to school and his gun would be in his truck and that have principal ended up being. Disciplined for telling her kids and well. Am so so it was intended to Charlotte Charlotte yeah and Charlotte commercials gesture once. So so the principal is disciplined for citing. Unaffected history. Yeah essentially they had they didn't think it was in very good taste. So us we're we're not exactly sure what to discipline Rossi minister said we will handle it and deal weather center. Well you know they they got that thing you and I were talking about wins they'd ever get things dealt with down itself next NBI. Organic odor. Well they determined it was a sewer and bathroom issue and if they they didn't get it worked on and a couple of the kids. I guess have watery eyes and some itchy skin from smelling bad but dash the bigger story there is that the schools here in huge numbers do very poorly on their building inspections they frequently have clogged toilets and those opened the bathroom and very often nothing's done about the. Who now can't she you know it's. With all the dole go one to schools you'd die I know bold reds for Ed thing went on in Raleigh. And I was cheering for my own constituents in Arizona that this same thing was going on out there. Maybe Mondale told more about that because there I know you've got a program to get together more garrison you've been generous with your time. No look I look forward to Charlotte the six road all right thanks so much more garrison delirium mixed. At the top of the hour. Our new store at 1110993. WBT. It maybe will go away and you don't on Memorial Day we knew when I get together on Monday as I will be honored. To be back here on WBT. For the historic John Hancock as we get together. Obviously. Memorial Day and what it means is what we won't talk about. And but this being a free societies I mentioned earlier. You have the situation where. They're they are. We have been you know painted as a nation. To preserve our right to disagree. And this so occasionally I'll hear from people are all read an editorial in the in the observer only houses a chance for unity nonpartisanship. Look. There are going to always be differences enough free society and Barrett is as soon should be. A typical earlier this afternoon from somebody who said you know they just not a dime's worth the difference. I have to tell you. That's not the case. And does it honest differences. Need to be discussed need to be debated and did a course of action needs to be determined. And then a free society. Unanimity. Or unanimous. Verdict. By the people. I'm speaking legislatively. Not the courtroom but. Every one and agreeing on every. Aspect of the solution. Are gonna happen. Inherently we see things different. But I got Italian. Seeing some of these sub efforts to put different issues front and center. I gotta tell you what when you take a look at the professional agitation that has been utilized. To explore eight. Well meaning people. For really what becomes a partisan political issue. We've seen it in my native North Carolina and we've seen in the state are used to represented Washington Arizona. This whole red for Ed gimmick. What usually happens is a couple of guys trained up in the Saul Lynn ski rules for radicals underwritten by George Soros. Go to work for school district in a subject that doesn't require absolutely all of her time they go to work organize. And then pressure is put on teachers and this is the sad thing. And hear me clearly. Because. I was blessed with teachers. I attended what was then known as high point city schools. And those teachers prepared meat to go 12 North Carolina State. And I had wonderful professors who were friends we didn't always agree goodness knows I loved coming back. I'd love coming back to the political science deport admitted NC state. And told them like old professors who were Democrats the week before the 1984 election. I was down doing sports in in Greenville, South Carolina Greenville Spartanburg channel four. And I was up in Raleigh visiting was so loyal professors and I assume let me tell you something. To Reagan's coattails are so strong and Jesse Helms gets reelected over Jim Hunt and you're gonna have a new governor named Jim Morrison. And by Democrat. Professors disagree but that's the essence of it. Together to agree and disagree a Memorial Day and remember that these significance we have a safe weekend. And stay brave and stay free. Stages.