Congressional Hearings, Favorite Presidents, and Stores Likely To Close

John Hancock
Thursday, July 12th
hancokc discusses the House Judicial Committee hearing today, poll results for the favorite president, and a review of business likely to close by the end of 2018.

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Keeps you sharp. Talk eleven dead and 993 W. Radio dot com station. At 3 o'clock I'm Mike Doyle another inmate at the Mecklenburg county jail has died before they make to die in 2018. He's he's John Hancock. On Thursday as we give me. And frank Kelly and that was in building. It up by say hi in Syria don't we were close though we are tired of last time me I showed up all morning you've put would put him on those shows. To my results. Kellyanne go if you listen to radio your way back up. The lake on news out of the world. And that goes for all your character's true. Well the the judicial. Meeting this morning was just. Excellent. It. There was just excellent. Gallery of us South Carolina is. He's just worth the price of admission drink out. And he's not re running for reelection and I say this every time we had talked about him but I'm really gonna mention it may have had mentioned this in my maybe he'll love. Maybe kill or get out of the Allison and decide later on his run for president. It's got that all American. In tab hunter just died he's got kind of that tab hunter looked to him you know that cannot. Hear haired. Anyway we'll talk about that because agent Straka was in front of the year. House Judiciary Committee today. And it was. It was pretty pointed although I gotta give struck a little bit to of our props. And when you're sitting there and everybody in the world knows what your emails your biased emails of and any he claims there was no there is no bias. Well that would be totally contrary to an FBI guy. And I mean they don't have views so I think it's kind of what he says doesn't mean that they don't have political views but. While kind of like the argument targeted did the debate or heaven right now supreme course justice. Is supposed to read judge on the rule of law. I may be president and and and your personal views on that's not supposed to come into. On to that and Enzo and FBI. Agent would be under the same. That you somehow or another are managed to separate your personal stuff away from. What you're job as your professional your. As British and watch today. It was Saddam. Gary was the first guy who really started the questioning and and and they ran into a brick wall almost immediately. And then there was procedural this and that's the others and people and erupting and people were calling miss and so on so forth in the German got a lot to us said. You know I. He was I don't know I was just instinct. And at one point they I had to do parliamentary vote I guess that would be called. As to whether or not they were going to. A subpoena Branyan to command. Because band yeah I don't know I just today it just was great theater. And you have your yeah I do normal people we see in the judiciary committee on TV a lot. So you kind of gotten to know the characters and you just knew who was going to be. Clemens was an errant Knight he's using outrageous I thought he was actually pretty good today still. I was just didn't stick. And I watched it up until about two 1220s or something like that either watch stand or listen to it. And I and then I had. Extremely important things that I had to get. Like the WBT podcast with. The hallmark invents a boat Tom's. But it was it was interest in TV volatile from the very start to Peter struck a testifies that he regretted sending those anti trump tech's and very. Any included the infamous one worry said there will stop the trump election. But he emphatically insisted that his personal views in no way. Affected his work on video to investigations. In her 20s16 of Hillary and or trump. And Republicans obviously weren't buying it. And at one point two he hadn't. Doughty got into it pretty good and then. Not to sure exactly because I was listening to noted that point off the radio. Coming out of the shower. But somebody or somehow or another they demanded that struck have a opportunity to. Counter or to answer to what. Doubt he had said or insinuated at some point and all the sudden you could see straw was just steams. And he went into an impassioned speech that was. About being a member of the FBI and and he was pretty damn good when he said it and in fact all the Democrats applauded him after he got done whether. But less and they have an idea you know it was good there's a blood you're under a lot of heat. And you're on national television. And you got the Senate Judiciary Committee sit there who had dogs who would just earlier bill threatens. Bring charges against you for not answering questions and so I mean. And it's embroidered other you have to overcome your anger. And. And some out other put the right words in the right order. And he was good. He said at one point not once in my 26 years of defending my nation did my personal opinions impact any official action I took. There is simply no evidence of bias. In my. So dowdy goes after him. And. And and talked about how I he had Donald Trump impeached before even started investigating him. And said that is buying us. And then at one point towards the end of their. Strung out conversation which are supposed to get like five minutes but then you have all this procedural stuff from them and the chairman and and Democrats going back and forth and so on torso. That that strung out like you know 1015 minutes by the time who has also done. So towards the end of the conversation between dowdy instruct. Struck accuses our gallery. Of twisting his words and said he didn't appreciate it and how he says I don't give a damn what you appreciate. I don't appreciate it FBI agent was an unprecedented level low level of animus working on two major investigations into what he's sixteen. And then that's when they gave. I struck the chance to. Answer that comment. On and that's where he was he was good. So I was struck couldn't answer the first question at dowdy asked him about the FBI investigations and then the represented a good lot it's desert threatened to hold him in contempt. And then the Democrat Eric us all well. I'm countered about holding Steve bay and you know in contempt for refusing to answer questions at an earlier hearing. And then in the end nobody was held in contempt. And then throughout the hearing it Democrats tried you know run interference for struck. And did to use in parliament Jerry points of order and other tactics should protect him from the air Republican prying enough and all that stuff and dale just fascinating to watch and listen to. So that's a big story of the day and roll out continue to talk about it than just. Randall Lambert and down but I don't have bmg music civilian little love a good town and so with her and. Drills on the bill. I know they. Well like Miranda Lambert. Good morning a lot of years ago and. Have you I heard does song that you've been called though the house that built me. A video that goes along with that that neutral oil like the song because it kind of it's. The video essentially has are going back to how she used a little bit once. And kind of walk in through somebody's else's living there now but slowed but she depended as a walk through and and and sees things that she remember anyway it's. So I think that enhances the song that's probably the only reason I know the song. Still think she looks like the one that everybody thought that they were gonna. Every shot that. And didn't. David Brothers that tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 AM general public they've got the VIPs stuff all that stuff out of the ways so Y 2 o'clock tomorrow. The U conserve buying their tickets at Ticketmaster for their two shows on the thirtieth and New Year's Eve at projectiles coliseum. Jimmy Eat World is that the Fillmore tonight at 8 o'clock and I'm Nicole Atkins as it snug harbor tonight at 8 o'clock which. I Nicole Atkins say David brother friend longtime friends Margaret river correctly. So some good to have some good people in our town and again neighbor brother tickets go on sale to morrow morning if anybody else's son. Actually following the Charlotte hornets during summer league they blew up the Golden State Warriors summer league team last night 8769. And so their next game will be against Toronto. On NB ATV at 8 o'clock on Saturday night. I just think it's gonna Manchin to see how the rookies are playing and and all the sudden Moly moment goes down. And then there they're guard at a Kansas. Goes down. And and but last night they had their probably the most successful outing yet without those two players. So I thought that was a kind of interesting a little action over a PO Panthers. Offices today Richard Thigpen knew as bill no two decades the General Counsel to the Carolina Panthers was so let go today. I don't know that that's a big surprise. And he says the same thing not uncommon for a new owner whether it's sports franchise or other business to want his own legal team in place when he takes over. Personal relationships typically involved with illegal. But our representatives and owners but does Thigpen has been. I in the middle of all the stuff that's been going on with the Panthers in the city you know played our our role in non. In negotiating for all the renovations at a Bank of America Stadium that have taken place over the last a few years and and dealt with were lawmakers and Raleigh on non tax relief for the team and all that kind of stuff that was Jerry's guide. So I don't think it's necessarily a I don't know that there's a statement behind that other than. There's a new sheriff in town and and he's got his own guy. So let us through that goes they announced the Emmys today and nom. For somebody that always has a television on in the house I couldn't tell you. I don't watch I just don't get sucked into tell it TV shows anymore. I just watched this most stupid most bizarre. Don't velocity channel. The home improvement shows I don't know stuff that short attention then spend theater stuff you just don't have to really pay a lot of attention to. And and I hate to be the guy that said I'm not you don't like that like that like the old guy who would never adept to computers. But I just never have really gotten into the. Streaming series and you know watching 27 episodes and a weekend. I just does so I couldn't really want from the other I was looking at the comedy series there rundown. Our Atlanta Barry black issue. Curb Your Enthusiasm. There's one I've watched. Glow of the marvelous miss may sell it right. Silicon Valley and the unbreakable Cammie Schmidt. I've heard of black ish I seem Curb Your Enthusiasm I have no idea of the resolutions are. Drama series the Americans. Birkins. In the RKA and us Bertans. The crown. Game of thrown site obviously have heard about never seen it. The hand maidens tale. That even legal in North Carolina. Stranger things this is us. West world. We'll zero drama series. Anyway apparently Saturday Night Live kicked butt. And Sandra Oh made in the history became the first nominee of Asian descent to work. In a leading actress roles she'd been nominated previously for. And supporting actress I think it was wouldn't know she was in. Grey's Anatomy. But she was nominated you today. In the leading actress in drama series category four the BBC America series killing eve. So whether you goods but only know about to the Emmys I'm sure rode that to mr. Doyle were well Libya bringing you up to date on parts bits and pieces of that as the afternoon goes on. And we'll talk a little bit more about just struck before they. The house oversight committee today. And the battle with Trey dowdy and others when we come back. We acknowledge our resident today oh boy what's good about an hour from now yesterday the third time that he's got a new box set coming out. Which. Include records that have our us arms. There have been no picked up by his daughter in a pinch want attention no Mike Campbell. And they released one of those songs yesterday. And we got to the vanguard page WBT dot com but I. It's Thursday right. So they can just possibly be a throwback Thursday 505 petty come and are up about an hour and a half from right now. I'm not playing that tune Torre it's not going to be the greatest petty tune you've ever heard your life but it's. It's a new petty song or at least it's new to us. But when it was originally recorded sort of way that's holy do and I read the news coming up at 435. Peter struck first a public hearing today. He did. Trade Audi. Started off the heat. They all had their opening statements and awestruck kid his opening statement and and all that stuff and he remained a Straka remainder of defiant. Maintained that he had does know did not does not. She'll buy us. In those infamous messages with the former FBI lawyer Lisa page who just happened to be having an affair with of the time. To which it just double things at Drake got heated today out with a crazy about one was he kind of emphasized on a couple of occasions the go online that he said about Hillary Clinton will win the election what was that. A hundred million to nothing. And and that to me is. Is so much a throwaway line. People contact us from time to time about stupid lines like that to understand and they take them literally and it's just you just think oh come on get a life. And then so why. I was in quite. Of all this material that I thought Doughty had to work with sudden think that was one of his stronger points. But nonetheless. They did have us tomorrow pretty good. Of stuff to work worth a mentality is just I just love watching Downey. He our question how many witnesses rocket interviewed before the August 2016. Text from my instructor page stating will stop that then candidate from becoming president. And thus rock kept on saying that do the FBI lawyers today and informed him that he couldn't talk about just off having to do with an ongoing investigation. And meg Doughty per estimates say I'm not asking for names I'm not asking how to say how many people did you. And then that just got to be. A soap opera. Struck saying you know I can't answer the question because of instructions from the FBI council. And they end the House Judiciary Committee chairman now Bob Bob good Lott say they Republican out of Virginia. Are rejected those claims since that you're under subpoena and your required to answer the question and then now. They wouldn't let struck talked. The FBI lawyers but they'd let him talk to his lawyer in and then that got contentious. And that touched off a heated dispute the judiciary ranking member jury made lower. A Democrat in New York blasted into a lot for us now putting struck can do an impossible position. And and good luck fires back in Naylor who they were sitting right next to each other. They did and stayed a valid point of order and it and told then that got contentious that went back and forth battle or even motioning out to adjourn the hearing all together. I've I've thought that we adjourned I have a second day here alive that's if it would you know I just got to be really. But interest in theater. Straka in his opening statement. Steady has never allowed personal opinions to affect his work committee. That he knew information during the campaign that had the protest shall to damage then candidate trump but never contemplated leaking it. Not to the press and that resent congressional focus on him is misguided and plays into the hands of our enemies campaign to tear America apart. Any added that. Some of the comets that he had made ending yet text messages and notes or and so forth were opinions of heroes. Dead expressed. That were expressed out of a deep. Patriotism. Claimed he was kicked off the special counsel Robert Mueller's probe would. Because of perception. Not because of bias. Garrity and Delonte all of both our cut our rattled off a slew of struck text messages in which he didn't blasted the candidate Donald Trump enough. And and and pine for Hillary Clinton victory in a 2016 to underscore their bias allegations. Struck said I can tell you that those text messages were not indicative of bias. Which had some delegates just to be ridiculous because it is bias. No I I guess that to some extent you'd have to. You have to believe that an agent. All agents are going to have an opinion. A political opinion. And they end in fact this came up later in the hearing today. He is some of them there are FBI agents that are pro trump there are FBI agents that are anti trump. But like a good Supreme Court justice you somehow or another are supposed to table your personal. Ideas. Or thoughts. And go with the rule of law. Democrats an opening statements blasted the GOP colleagues Elijah Cummings. Who was actually under better behavior today than he is on most of the news. Are highlighted several trump. Tied figures have already been no snagged in the Russian probe. Said these are not allegations these are admissions. And then they had a whole bunch of guys stand up in the back of the gallery displaying posters with the images of the defendants in that case. Drama that content. But when it went Cummings came around and they asked then he got his chance to talk to struck. He eight he actually came across with kind of a you'll understand why your text messages are a problem right you understand why were here today. And then opened the door for him to explain. The messages in an impersonal nature not a professional nature of them and so well Elijah Cummings was not necessarily and try and do word. Just make a big name for himself today which is so what he seems to be doing in most of these I think. I struck was on Mueller's team until those text messages were discovered in many was reassigned to the FBI's office Sunday human resources than last month he was escorted from the bureau. And lost his security clearance and none of them today was the first day that we must see him as public testimony Camby came after the appearance on Capitol Hill last month. Where he interviewed dealt with the committee behind closed doors. Something at least to struck should be doing tomorrow after she failed to show up for congressionally issued subpoena yesterday. Her lawyer saying she needed more time to prepare. So they expect her to show up tomorrow are for a private interview. And now they're calling that Friday appearance voluntary so we'll see where all of that goes but it was. It was pretty interest in theater to watch to have. And about are we were Darden Restaurants appearance before the house. How about his tax and how contentious it got to this hearing is the GO PR reps were a fuming in his anti. Not trump attitude in he was talking about there is no bias. And and then now wallow. We were in this last news Breck I I ran in across a prime example of what bias. News. And allow the use myself as an example. Remember when Terrell Owens played for the Philadelphia. Eagles. And he went in there any almost single handedly destroyed the locker room and the franchise and and I can remember just rail and on him. What do lousy teammate who wouldn't have that guy and my team if he was the last receiver in the world. Then we went to Super Bowl fifty. And there's stood. Terrell Owens. And I asked him a thank you getting money air and he said they have to look recharged my phone. So I gave him my charge toward a neo plugged his phone and any sat there through us six minute newscast shoot the breeze with make. And then we got him on the air and he stayed with us for. Ten minutes. And then we went into a news break and he said do you mind if I sit here. And tell your next guest gets here. So I can get as much Jews and my phone as you possibly can. In many took a couple of pictures whether us. And body was just the nicest guy I ran into the holes Super Bowl. And we asked him all sorts of questions and bias and Cam Newton and a guy was just a wide open and nice as it could be you know we've and asked him about Philadelphia and his. Rap is a bad teammate and I told him I said buddy when you went to Philadelphia I thought you were just. And he tried to kind of explain what it happened in Philadelphia and Terrell Owens. So I agree to have blinder in last newscast and it says hall of fame won't mention Terrell Owens and induction but will mail him his gold jacket because as you know all. He's made the decision he's not showing up for the hall of fame induction ceremonies because. Thank animated sit around and rot for a couple of turns before they named into the hall of fame although his credentials said that he probably should have been a first ballot hall of fame. But his demeanor and his attitude and his. And the bridges that he Burk during his career said now. If united get men on on the first ballot. So mom. I'm disappointed in him that he's not showing up for the hall of fame ceremony. Because. All the sudden I find myself. Almost being a Terrell Owens fan now. Totally biased by the fact that he spent twenty minutes with me. Bum and just was as nice as he could abandon. So yeah I'd guided I don't normally get influenced by celebrity but somehow or another spend twenty minutes from Terrell Owens turned me completely around. I love love me think it he was a big jerk face to the point that now I think bill okay bill maybe he's not the greatest teammate in the world but. I was certainly nice to me. And so he makes the decision that he's not going do I go to the hall of fame he's going to make his induction speech it is all the mater which the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Moccasins aren't they though aren't they the moccasins as the water Marcus losers on like that. And then that the hall of fame today says. And they will mail him at his jacket. So he will not be introduced for Friday night's gold jacket ceremony nor will he be announced the following night at cantons annual induction ceremony said the hall's executive director. Joseph Horrigan. The focus is gonna be on the guys who were here set organ. Owens and there are no focus. Hall of fame mullah simply mail Owens his gold jacket first thing Saturday morning. The morning after the arrest the class of 24018 receives theirs. And Owens will still appear on materials featuring the entire hall of fame class but there's no reason to bring him up as an individual. Now I can't imagine. Well maybe I can. I don't know how popular he is with the other players. Bet 2018 class this weekend will include Ray Lewis. Randy Moss. She's still live in Charlotte. You legged guy think he doesn't think his kids still goes to school Syria. Ryder locker. Brian Dawkins. Bobby Beth thirty. Jerry Kramer. Robert Brazil. Now don't you suppose that one of them will mention. Terrell Owens. Or has he burned so many bridges that nobody would mention him that's a possibility as well. So there's my bias. And I never met him at Super Bowl fifty. I'd have been hearsay and hey you dig your own hold Terrelle. But as they. As an appreciate her of terror plot woods now. He disappoints me by not showing up for the induction ceremony because I think this is where I start to understand a little bit more about being a fan. He owes his fans in an owe anybody anything but I do think he owes the people that still. Love him Terrell Owens the football player I do think he oppose the alma. An appearance. For induction into the pro football whole thing. I think there's a lot of people that have invested their. Emotions in him. Even if it's just doesn't play here. And he's robbing them of their chance to see him. Put into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Sometimes people tell you when you're in the public high value of affected people in a positive way or something like that and sometimes I kind of coupon that often think Leo okay well you know people tell you nice things when victory in six but sometimes it's. The essence sometimes I guess it's now. So I think he should be there for the people that have stood by him the fans that want to see him go in but he's not gonna be there. And to some extent it's kind of like the the NFL hall of fame ma I'm not so sure would like their attitude either although they're not taken him off the premise that material I guess if they were taken him off of the if they were just like eliminating his name entirely. And I just so much and understand the over gonna emphasize on the guys that are here and look at the people that are there ray Lewis and Randy Moss and Brian her locker Brian Dawkins and Bobby bell thirty Jerry Kramer. And Robert Brazil there's plenty of attention be played for some really. Top quality hall of fame material football players. But Terrell apparently will not be. Well not be heard mentioned. Or maybe he will buy one of the inductees. I like him in his own mater I think that's a nice gesture. But I still think he should be there for the induction in the hall of fame. If for no other reason for the people that. Have so. I invested in him emotionally. That this was their victories. In being named as well. Oh did that it 93 WBZ. I don't. The guy University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Mocks. It did stand for moccasins for awhile. But now it stands for mocking birds. When you start to read the old path that they took on because TJ what goes up for me we're just talking about. To all one's. Gonna make his acceptance speech to the hall of fame. At the University of Tennessee Chattanooga is all a moderate. And not show up for the hall on so long haul won't earlier represented and all mention him in all they're gonna do focus on the people that are there. And us so we're just we're talking about them. Scrappy. Is the mascot for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga a he's a mockingbird. That's the state bird of Tennessee. Scrappy is named after their legendary former Chattanooga football coach JC's scrappy more. But. Chad knew he used to be the makah since. Several identities have been associated review TC IA water moccasins mascot was used in the 1920s. Got a great I die I think that's a good do. And that that's poisonous. I like water markets and. Anyway they used it in the twenties native American mascot was used until 1997. There was they are short period of time in the eighties when male break was taken enough from the native American imagery so. Up a moccasins you should do. Was the a mascot. These days that would be because the night he had some sort of contractual. And then they say due to politically sensitive issues it was decided to drop the use of the native American imagery and so the name moccasins were shortened to mocked. And the state bird was selected as the mascot. Mean primary logo was a scrappy you're riding a train from 1997. To 2007. That tied indigent knew his history as a major railroad hub and then they underwent a redesign in 2008. Do a better match to be mocking birds and I dropped the railroad imagery and so was scrappy is remains the name must since a 2008. So they've gone from mock lessons which I think sounds intimidating. Do mocking birds. Which I think sounds. Weenie issue. Yeah and no nobody that I don't know but I get no worse than I was losing no rules to be a bird but having cardinals as you know. Hawks blue jays. I don't polo team called the finch is. Canaries. Blends up on WB DJ Glenn. Glendora yes there are. So yeah our yeah. Are you know we're all. How were they do where they're out there are only follow what they're grooming and return them. You know Randy Moss would do. No oral oh. It's all over the alone can it be out there and Alder there. There are remote over the course of the former. Lautner are all barber then you're good neighbor singing our in our. We're I would argue what we're great yeah remember all slow news sign Oden but both are probably you do are the real well. Yeah well it's appearing I can handle both sides of that. Well we'll see what drove us. They'll mail it to him on Saturday. Maybe it'll end up on eBay. There's. You know retired about Supreme Court justice. Brent Cavanaugh. Nominee nomination all weeklong. Every current justice sitting on the Supreme Court went to law school at either Harvard or Yale. And so there are some that say that that's a problem that every current loss for in court judge justice has gone to one of the other Harvard or Yale. I really thought about it but tonight to think about it this morning there's not one graduate. On the Supreme Court from the Charlotte School of Law. Is that a bias or what. Talk I don't think there's I don't believe there's a trump university. Although it that you mentioned that TJ out your kind of surprised he didn't at least. Al one of those guys on his on his solos to 25. I don't even think anybody analyst Tony five was from the Charles school law. Long magnificent history what was it seven years. On code they graduated anybody. In if you if you have a degree a law degree from there Charlotte School of Law and you get it framed it which side do you put out which side you put towards the wall. The job. If president drums nominee to fill in for our retired Anthony activities seed. Fred Cavanaugh has confirmed that won't change she went to Yale Law School. So people see that is a problem Washington Post are brought it up writes that some of the experts say that the justices shared elite backgrounds. That's a disadvantage because scientific researches repeatedly shown that diverse groups make better decisions. University of Tennessee law professor Benjamin Barton who's up published I guess study on the backgrounds of Supreme Court justices told the Washington Post. The elitism on the Supreme Court is worrying from the age of eighteen these people all have essentially done the same thing followed the same path. Run into the same cloistered circles. That's not healthy. Barton said that he found that while the current justices are all more much more diversity in gender and race then in the past. There education and worked backgrounds are almost the same. And that the current court is quote in many ways the most a lead just homogenous group. Assembled since the courts inception. Close quote. Barton said it's also good kinda have less only judges so that they. They attract more with our regular. Are they interact more with our regular citizen stating that the Supreme Court justices nowadays all come from academia. Or federal appellate court. They are cloistered is a group as you can get they don't rub elbows with anyone except their clerks or lawyers. And the work suffers as a result you get these beautiful super technical well argued out opinions but that's not necessarily the same thing. As wisdom. It probably has a point. Although lawyers are reading that I'm thinking about what we've learned about Brent Cavanaugh. And now he worked in the White House. And the family that he grew up in. Is mall was a judge but he was she was a teacher first. So I mean all that would go play into your background twelve but I it's kind of interesting that you do kinda limits your scope review all of your. All of your just as essentially a kind of gone through the same progression. I and hang out in the same circles and are educated. It in the same place at Harvard Yale. Gavin is 7045711. Jeff. So hours just heard Mike Doyle news. That's wrong and funny. I don't mean my girls news I mean. During this. Struck hearing today. This representative Lewis. Boomer. Republican out of Texas. Asked the FBI agent Peter struck. I can't help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little smirk. So how many times did you look so innocent in your wife sat and lied to her about all of. Mister Fuhrman how major credibility of the well and is shame on way to stay in cash song you heard it here yeah it is dead you know chairman of the how horrible morass widnall white guys get medication and. That is wrong. And funny. Now the question is wrong right. Although all you wouldn't but you wouldn't be in line for that question if you. Hadn't. Mean it's not hearsay. Facts are facts. That is all you generally they're doing testified to. I infidelity. Blood. It's that pretty low. Put the reaction to it. Is what they're kills me we don't one point or just pay just it almost sounds like a Saturday Night Live bit bend and you need you need your medication. Got dramatic incident. Washington. Between they the the characters in Washington. And the guy run in formerly running no Papa John's pizza. Where's that where's everybody's filter. We're oil literally means the device that is one thing. An and I probably contribute to that like we did yesterday but. But that. Where's the filter. The the Papa John pizza chain founder judge Nader's not have a good year. Pretty gets involved in the NFL protests and blames the NFL for not better get involved with that toe which probably cost him a pizza sales because of vote eroding raising ratings in the NFL. And then now. Forbes reported earlier yesterday that he had used the N word. During a conference call in May. Now he has been the public face of Papa John's. Any apologized saying news reports attributed to use of inappropriate and hurtful language you mean you know during a media trading session regarding race are true. Regardless of the context I apologize simply stated racism has no place in our society. Forbes had shown net session matter. She Nader. Had used the racial slow our rock hall. With a marketing agency while taking part is what's ironic taking part in a role playing exercise designed to prevent public relations crises. So. He. Well as role playing. Anyway he caused controversy last year when he said the Papa John sales were hurt by the unifil handling of the players kneeling National Anthem protests and then when asked on. Public on the call Hollywood to distance himself from racist groups online as shatter. And I downplayed his NFL comment saying hey. Colonel Sanders called blacks. And then he used. People are all of the end word. They can't do that. That word. And the F word are the two that you can't use I can think of one more to won't even make reference to that. I mean absolutely cannot use. In less. You're rapper or a comedian. And you're African American Apparel that's relied destroyed you can use it didn't. Colonel Sanders called blacks use the N word then complained that Sander reserved never gotten backlash. This is and that this meeting. On a call with a marketing agency. In a role playing exercise designed to prevent. Public relations crises. He also recalled a growing up in Indiana worry said the dead people used to drag black people from their trucks until they died. Which by the way has happened in our lifetime I mean as in recently. And fours also said the addition matters comments were intended to demonstrate his opposition to racism. But that people on the call were offended by the but anyway he stepped down overnight as the CEO ahead he not stepped down from his other. I mean at this point he he like owned the place right I guess it's a stockholder deal. So he'll still benefit continue to benefit financially from and I just don't think he'd some not so sure that he has I'm not exactly sure worry is standing in the company is now I I I think he's. Probably the largest stockholder and and has no real say so and the direction of the company. Not I don't think like a businessman but if I'm him I cash out and go buy a ranch up in Montana someplace and and disappear never to be heard from again. Unless of course I post a picture up on no FaceBook over a sunset. So there you go. Just does not seem to be. Any filter. Tim I got about 45 seconds what did you think of the of the error or the Lewis I agree moments. Boo question to Peter struck in the reaction. You know it's absolutely Gordon we can't you couldn't look delight. I think he should to get a good chuckle I actually feel. What am I be appalled Biden and laugh that it still in other words make your day and have it ruin your day all in one fell swoop. I mean you're. Right well now that commanders in that night. This seemed to be under increasing medication know myself. Doctors diabetes. Cardiologists. You don't like carrier out nitroglycerin. Pills. That's comforting I get mad at. Try July 12 28 changed. 109. 172. Days ago. Part of 16 BC news. He eight till Christmas seven the Christmas. Do you feel good time and 1960 Etch A Sketch drawing Torre went on sale. Which I would tell what kind of cooled a bit on the event of this debate and you wouldn't want them. Although you've seen some people they can do unbelievable things. That was so that you couldn't lay on the calendar back go to work because it would raise up. I feel 'cause he's 81 today put on bill. Kristi McVeigh. Christine perfectly good Mac 75. Years old. That's the target. Blood banks have made AS special appeal for donations because supplies hello shortage is due this summer vacations we hear that just about this time of year every year. Sarah Palin upset she got duped by Sacha Baron Cohen for or is so latest comedy project and he no he was still around. Washington State burglar broke into one of those escape rooms. Couldn't get out medical not thought. Wait a minute or is it. Premieres at eight. Legendary member of mighty python John Cleese says he's. Sick of Britain's poisonous political atmosphere and he's leaving. And I'm assuming he's not coming to North America. And that means candidates do. All I've word he'll go to get rid of poisonous political atmosphere these days. I couldn. In Missouri a minivan pulled away from a gas pump all the novel was still attached. Started a huge blaze. This is a minivan that did that. One of the vehicles that was destroyed Bozo. Lambert gaining. Probably did like minivans to begin work. US army is introducing an extensive overall there was physical fitness test that has mostly been the same since 1980. The new test changes the name from the army physical fitness test to the army combat the food fitness test. And is planning to become a gender and age neutral it will include a series of physical events while the eight the FT was a series of pushups and sit ups and two mile run. Camaro and started talking about females in the military and combat and so on so forth we said that was find his longest Agusta has standards remain the same. And I don't know what this essentially means these new standards call for dead lift tests and throwing a ten pound balls for a distance of backwards and hand release pushups that. Require hands to be taken off the ground for greater muscular tension it also includes sled drags to simulate casualties. And sprints with forty pounder kettle bells and not hanging from a pull up bar with the legs up and NATO standard two mile run. I assume that that's more rigorous than the old one but I don't know that for effect. We told you that doesn't monster Newark entrepreneur was talking about like doing a chairlift I've thing to the Hollywood sign. I thought to muscle quite easily done that before. Picture opportunity. We've hyped up there. Hollywood sign turns 95 years old tomorrow Friday the thirteenth. March 95 years of the huge advertising billboard was officially dedicated over the foothills of Los Angeles on the and later became a symbol of the entertainment industry. He was built in 1923 with letters fifty feet tall thirty feet wide it was originally an advertisement for a property company called. Hollywood glam. The last four letters were removed in 1949 over the years to sign became a symbol of the world's entertainment capital. It's a more geniuses. Train hoppers. Two Ohio men in custody after allegedly hopping onto a CSX train yeah. And then called 911 all there ought to because they say that they were scared the train was going too fast. The men to one year old and a 24 year old planned on riding on the outside of the train. Between two cars for short distance but it didn't stop where they thought it would and at one point the train was going like fifty miles per hour. That short distance the guys are gonna off the frame do. Yeah they they've banded up sixty miles away. Eight. Plot by the way is losing money on this year's World Cup viewership down 44%. From 4014 all American game. Network blames that on the fact that the US men's team didn't make the tournament for the tournament for the first time since a 1986. Solo. Brother of journalism but either. And with temperatures in full hot summer bloom there are some stores that are banning women from paying with sweaty money taking from their broad us. These sun reported so earlier there'll be some. Previously on Buffy that'll be advertising. We exit brawl money. India sun reports that does signs have been no popping up bending the broad stored money. As well as cash that's been stashed in socks or even underwear. While some signs say it's a health risk for staff others say it's just disgusting well. I read the news today old boy. All right Tom. Got a chance for a free chicken sandwich on Tuesday. Tomorrow if you dressed up like account which object Fuller. And then yesterday. 7-Eleven. July the eleventh to get a gonna freeze or BF seven alone. I don't think you can get anything free today and Bush's deal if I don't recommend. But tomorrow. Dunkin' Donuts is looking to make your Friday the thirteenth a little more exciting they've got free food that's when these certain Duncan Duncan donuts locations. We'll be giving the first 100 people through their doors free donuts and Fries. They'd be handing them out because July the thirteenth happens to be natural. National skews we've French Friday. Offer last 10 AM to 2 PM at 25 different US Duncan locations. I guess if you go to their website you can probably find out if one of our local restaurants is that I guess I go back and asked who or what is say it and but a doughnut fried. Riders that are made out I don't look like from a donut. Like a funnel can't. Why can't eat one but I'll take you. Got an email did a hand gaga believing Tito come. Said John blast Tuesday. Negatives on Friday in order at the last Thursday. Tuesday you were talking about taking spare change from the car and around the house. To purchase peanut butter. Andrew were talking about to. The fact that it cost more to make a penny than it. Then pennies worth. And we were talking about how many pennies they make every year. And how many pennies are in jars and inverted water bottles. Because I got on jugs full of them and home. And if Rudy would cash in their pennies. Than the market would be inundated with pennies and make it would get back into circulation again. And then I said I'd always had an idea my head although I think we gotta try this one year it just never really took off but I've always wondered if we could get. Every you know. A 1002003000. People in the community to cash in their spare change for kids first Christmas how much money could we make. So why UN we're gonna talk about that well he took this. And applied it to peanut butter in July which is going on right now there's barrels and all of them Mecklenburg county and gassed and county Harris teeter stores and we're collecting peanut butter for the second harvest food bank we've done this for. Five or six years right now. So you'll see the Ben's got the W VT logo on it. And a week from Saturday weak effort from day after tomorrow all be broadcasting down 9:10 AM until noon at the Belmont. My hometown Harris teeter brand new this year. Unpacked into Belmont the two guest in Japanese stores are or neuter. Onto our peanut butter in July because they're they're fairly new I think the guest Tony a store's been there for a little longer than a year but feel Belmont stored just opened last October. So looking forward and broadcasting back again does is reduce our hometown tour get broadcast in my own backyard and they are community that we've come to love. But here's what he writes Tuesday you're talking about spare change taking spare change from your car around the house to purchase peanut butter so I went by Harris teeter. And I only saw a few jars and a barrel soul. I took on the change challenge and after dig around the truck and Robin my piggy bank I came up with a 170. Dollars. Hopefully it might change will help change a life. So when I went in last. Wednesday looked in the barrel there was about six cent jars of peanut butter in there when I went back in it looked and there on Friday. The barrel was two thirds filled. And that's because of this guy. But. Anyway by thank you. And if anybody else feel so inspired to help us out. You earlier on a time period right now where our kids don't get on the free lunch program and so meals are kind of sparse short on people on and people asked me what do Sharon Sanders do. In the offseason when she's not doing Christmas just a Christmas deal. Now she helps people on Easter she helps people at Thanksgiving well obviously we ought to do a big deal it took Christmas. But she gets it in stated very involved in the summer trying to make sure that kids don't go hungry that did they help provide lunches and for our kids who would get them otherwise. So this peanut butter in July idea in part was to fill up. Second harvest food bank was something that is. Wildly requested but that they don't get a whole lot off. And we've come to find out what's who started doing this for the last five or six years. It's peer voters won the super foods I learned this from the diabetes type two designation I got a year ago. That that's what they tell meaty before I go to bed at night applicable adult subpoena about rider problem with that at all Johncke. But anyway if you write a Harris teeter store sometimes those barrels or hidden right there in front view of the you know you're kind of or you'll see you'll forget about it Daniels you'll see among your way out. Or maybe you'll see them on your way in and then you forget to buy jarred peanut butter but at some point or another tie a string around fingering not and help us out. I was really nothing. Or is it. I got it. What's your favorite peanut butter brand. Team TJ is though whatever is cheapest. I'm low low sodium Jeff. Crunch she felt a rather. The low sodium thing is because and your dealer got sodium kills me that is meant to tennis. But anyway Jeff has never won a listed by 244%. Online poll 2000 people rebuild reviews. Video of the following. Number one peanut butter Jeff 44% skippy is next 23% so it's a virtual tie. Peter Pan 9%. So just in skimpy. Really about 50% of the market is different skippy for. For people sabres Peter Pan came in at 9%. Platters came in at 6%. Reese's. Peanut butter. And as it did they mean peanut butter cups or they just talking about it doesn't just platters may gain or does Reese's make a peanut butter. 13% for other. 10% said I don't eat peanut butter that can either. He. Because you don't or because of allergies or. I got a long long time before is that Siad. I mean what are about twenty some odd years right and duty peanut butter. And then one day we were doing they showed TJ we are talking about a one night I went home made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Blackberry preserves and then crunchy peanut butter on just good old white. Crap bread. All my god it was great. Made a lot of peanut butter now. So anyway there's your favorite peanut butter brands. Just in skippy lead the thing and if you're an Harris teeter just don't forget us. How 400 child this summer with the peanut butter in July this like the fifth or sixth year that we've done this. About Thompson was at the Harris teeter Blake in last Saturday. A week from this Saturday I'll be at the Belmont guest in county location by a hometown Harris teeter brand new this year. And pick up a jar of good Jennifer whatever you're preference may be. Drop it off in the bins by the door and your jar will end up with a local family to the second harvest food bank of a metro liner if you need more details on all of that just go to WBT dot com slash. Even though. They put at a year a list every year. I'm eleven retailers. May not survive. I've got the list for 28 came in just a moment. And could there be an upset. Brewing in the ninth district which has always been safely Republican. We'll talk about that is well next. Catalyst to a throwback Thursday here yesterday we told you that Tom Petty. Is going to release on September the 28. Com a box set previously un released attracts. About sixty of them. It'll be a four CD set that's been dubbed an American treasure and according to Rolling Stone paddies daughter. And wife and the former heart breakers band members bent on ten inch and Mike Campbell. Among those who helped choose the tracks that'll include. From the rockers uniform little body of work if you ever listen to Tom Petty radio they have some live cuts. I don't know what are including on this boxers but they've got some great live cuts. Off from red rocks from Gainesville from gush all over the country. So I hope so that's included but the box that will be out on September 28 last night. They released one of the songs that will be part of that box sent a Tom Petty song you've probably never heard before and less maybe you caught it in concert at one time. Not his best but we thought. Mean throwback Thursday it's 505. And you get. Yeah who. You all. Only. Feel very. Shown. Yeah. Does. They go a little bit throwback Thursday and they 505 petty brand new song though be part of the a box set that gets released under a September the 28. I called a keep a little salt. You get the song a little bit of soul music explosion or something wasn't that. Now I'm I'm aging myself believe me as a way back there. Are streaming straight in amusing now accounts for 75% of music consumption are there is no surprise anybody streaming stake over his how we listen to music now. Com. If you're not on apple or Amazon or Spotify or something. The Euro followed behind in their debt I don't know I guess it is kind of cool. As long as you keep up your subscription prices. But you could pay and then also and you'll lose they have substantial part of your library but you can now build unbelievable lists with that streaming stake over is how we listen to music it is continuing to. Grow and dominate accounts for 75%. Of music consumption according to these new figures from a Nielsen just released. It's a mid year music report shows that streaming made up 75%. Of music consumption. In the first half of the year compared to 62%. In the first half of 2017. And 50% in the first half of Tony sixty and I heard somebody talk about the other day. Couldn't figure out how long it'd bits of they've bought a CD or kind of had to just don't walk away and okay all right my head for saying because I just got a but the new John Prine. I brought the Brandi Carlisle album recently which is called the joke which I think is just unbelievably excellent with the cover art done by Scotty that. But if you and the so petty box set. For CD collection. I'm not gonna rely on streaming for that. That'll that'll that'll be in the Hancock household I can pretty much guarantee of streaming accounted for three times as much US music company. Or consumption. In the first half of 28 team has physical album sales digital album sales and digital track sales. Combined. Physical albums sales made up about 11%. Of music consumption. In the first half of the year that would include mine John Prine album. And probably in my Randy Carlyle sea view as well still like liner notes I'm still live on an old guy as still like. Still like liner notes are still like to know who. The supporting musicians are still like lyric sheets of they've got him in there I asked us to like all of that stuff electoral Sununu while woman read alert today and read the the liner notes and stop all the same time. Old school. Digital album sales they say made up about 8% of music consumption in the first half of this year that's down from 12%. I'm from last year 2017 and down 16%. From 2016. And digital track sales. Accounted for 6% of music consumption in the first half of the year. And that's down from 10% in 2017 and 14% in 2016. There's something pretty convenient about. You know what I use is. Apple music. Com. Somebody makes reference to a song or I see. Listing for a song nor I can go in there and preview the whole. Damn song. And then a follow wanna keep but I just hit the plus bar and it's there. Number ought to put that on a collective playlist Biddle mix right and there was always food I've already purchased for whatever the case may be. Have the streaming thing works were me. As long as I'm willing to pay 995 of my. Which I probably would have done on CDs in the old days anyway. I'm Miranda Lambert in town denied them AT&T music pavilion little big town is so with their bandwagon to work. On Jimmy Eat World is in down denied they'll V ad doesn't Fillmore. Because an 8 o'clock show. As well Miranda Lambert and a little big town starts about 7 o'clock at PNC music pavilion shall Obey traffic issues out there are if not already I'm sure there are. And Nicole Atkins is so plants are harbor today. Which just seems like a small venue for her to me. I'm she's a been a long time for to David Brothers. And a lot of summer stuff. So bomb. Anyway that's what's musically going on tomorrow starting had to attend a helmet at Ticketmaster dot com you can no general public a sales for the David Brothers. And both jingles on another thirtieth and the New Year's Eve show on the 31. So. If you plan to be a part of world of those two nights you better get there early have a field most of it's gonna go pretty quick. Every year. They put out a list of retailers that they don't think are gonna survive. And they have a list here of eleven retailers who may not survive 2018 and yes Virginia. Sears is novelist. And I guess Sears Holdings would include Kmart too because. Lot of North America and now retailers can wiped out by the retail apocalypse that we've been in because of Amazon and Wal-Mart and their growth. And there are some retailers who of us survived. By closing stores in some cases are expanding their e-commerce presence and the other than there are others that either were late to the dance or just haven't responded well or just no matter what they've done. And so here are eleven retailers they say who could struggle to remain relevant this year and Sears holding its first one that they mention the parent company of Sears and Kmart. Has lost over 95%. Of its market value over the past decade as old mall traffic has dried up and no lost. Consumers to. But they sold craftsman tools and they've. We're distilled to a craftsman too. May have been lows maybe ace hardware has a miner an hour of Iran remember who they sold to. But. And Ken Moore was the other that they had appliances. Black & Decker bottom but in Black & Decker 'cause I'm seeing craftsman another shooting in store some of the big box hardware stores and so and so forth so. But anyway it's going to be a weird day. Not as weird as remorse when out of business I still think event that that still that was a beard many moons ago but it still just. When they announced that. Woolworth's was going on this since I knew you know that was possible I just thought that was part of America. Sears hometown and outlet stores is also on the list. Company have faired just as poorly as the you're original series of stuff did JC Penney. Who I had had disastrous turn around when their former CEO what took back over and 12011 stuck around for a couple of years. And alienated the retailers. Core customers and they had the discounts or inconsistent and so anyway for awhile it looked like JC Penney may be would avoid the Sears say but it looks like JC Penney's is going down as well Barnes & Noble. Still local bookstore Susan still loves a bookstore and video park road books is still a great bookstore. Used to be little professor. I at Parker choppy senator. I'll park road shopping sooner shouldn't do as Barbara jobs and restore my favorite places in town and that's old school that's kind of a shopping center used to ride your bike to when you were a kid. And somehow or another they've managed to stay per. And and so is that bookstore I don't know what their financial sorrow hope they'll be around for a long long time Barnes & Noble still the largest brick and mortar bookstore bookseller in the United States. But direct competition from Amazon has pretty much wiped out 65% of their market cap over the last past three years. They've closed some stores they've expanded their digital business with its nook reader native was spun off some my education units like Barnes & Noble education. Comment but that's helped them tread water for awhile but. Writing could be on the wall Barnes and Noble's could be on the way out Office Depot you'll recall merged with office Max and 2013 and they were hoping that that would. Helped them stay above water. And then staples tried to buy Office Depot and 25 team but that merger was abandoned in two when he sixteen due to anti trust concerns. And Seoul Office Depot is on the list and so that would include whatever was an office Max as well also those maybe. You may not see those again after this year's over GMC. Brick and mortar stores customers bought vitamins and nutrition supplements through them for decades. But the rise in super stores and warehouse retailers and and you can add to that same category the vitamin shop. That's a new shopping Sydor and no Belmont with the Harris teeter and one of those new stores errors I think a vitamin shop. But that was G agency's top rival. And they've been torpedoed by the same problems that are syncing GMC and add to that vitamin world. Which I I guess I understand that there's a market for that but I've always understood those who robbed were really a whole store. Footlocker. Once a top destination for footwear and athletic Wear but now you have Nike and Adidas and under armour that are of opened up their own brick and mortar stores. And department stores have taken the rest of their business that would include Payless ShoeSource. Their fallen into the same category as a foot locker did and Charlotte roofs I guess is though. Call that young. Female and trendy store yeah clearly not trendy we're helps you to swallow losing his big. So those are your eleven that may not be around to the other 48 team eleven retailers who may not. Serve. Who's your favorite president. I'll bet you many of you are not saying the guy who acquitted of the top of the list beloved big bulls that next. First of all. Unleashing headlines. And again I don't know the accuracy of polls I especially don't know the accuracy of this particular one and longer semitism is under us and new leadership so we'll have to see. Whether or not that affects the accuracy of polls or not but. Just out of interest. North Carolina Democrat holds a surprising lead this would be creating. I in the ninth. North Carolina's ninth district. Hidden dangers seat. Who lost in the primaries. To. Paris. And crede apparently according to this Paul has a seven point lead on Mark Harris. In the ninth district. To moderate former seat. See there's always been safe Republican. Palm Beach pole. 543. Likely voters which leads researchers suspect anyway because I'm code train do not believe any pulled its pulling less than a thousand. But they have McCready is lead had to larger than four point 6% margin of error. So this is a seed that has been reliably Republican Donald Trump won that district by eleven points. Robert passenger. Won reelection with more than 58%. But Harris defeated Pitt injured back in the GOP primary in May. And with McCready had tough 43% of the vote Harris has 36%. And the libertarian candidate Jeff Scott now has 3%. Saw that'll be something to at least pay attention to is as time goes off. This Sepulveda at first glance. For most of your listeners a day WBT. You would say oh you're kidding. And we'll tell you right now that it's skewed heavily Bible O'Neal's. And so it's not going to be representative of most of your viewpoints were not what you would call a real millennial radio station. I can't understand that to save my life. AM. Conservative. What's not to love. Beautiful when neural. One channel. A plurality of Americans think Barack Obama. The best or second best president of their lifetime. Now these things are always skewed by the familiar and why you know because I will tell you right now just to help appease you at this point Donald Trump finished fourth and a slowing. So these people don't remember. Nixon Eisenhower Kennedy you know anything. Pew Research Center released the son. Obama was named one of the two best president by 44% of the respondents overall comfortably ahead of another Billy BT favorite. Bill Clinton. He got second place with 33% and then Ronald Reagan came in third at 32% so Reagan just behind Bill Clinton. But there's some substantial. Recent C. Affect. And generational gaps as well. Obama is by far the favorite of more deals. Punitive fine that is ages 22 to 37. Born 81 to 96. Being named the absolute best by nearly a majority 46%. And in the top two of 62%. And among that age group Clinton was the favorite. Or second choice among 47%. And none of the other four president's and that group's lifetime all Republicans were named by more than 20% however. Every group other than normal lending Eagles. Which would include Generation X. Ages 38 to 53 and boomers 54 to 72 and Silent Generation 73 to nine. There's silence of the camp here. Named Reagan. Most often is their favorite or second favorite in this pew survey so every other group rather than other than the millennial us. Named Ronald Reagan as the favorite. Or sector favored. In this pew survey Reagan was among the top to offer 45% of Generation X. 42% of boomers 38% of the Silent Generation. Was named the single best more often than any other president for all three groups. And is polarizing as he is. Donald Trump managed placed fourth overall. Being named among the top two by 19% overall. And with not much of the and it nearly as much generated swing as some of the other our recent president's 90% among all the Moline Nils 50% of the actors. 41% of the boomers 90%. Of the silent generations of according to up fuel. That 90% overall figure for mr. trump is comparable. With the Scherer who viewed Obama. As one of the best presidents when they did this pullback in 2011. So the headline palm it would make you shake your head to plurality of Americans say Obama best or second best but when you get into the breakdown. And and then you can you take. At least dilute the millennial effect of this poll. Then you start to get a little bit clearer. Picture. And what does that all mean when it all comes down to. I don't mean. But it's sometimes pretty much interest. Or can be pretty much interest. So other the other you got student debt. You're about the new game show that's going to be on true TV. And the only reason you know true TV is because. It is a March Madness up. New game show on true TV offers contestants the chance to get out from underneath the mountain of crippling student loan debt. Anders critics of this and I'll explain entry in a moment but they you paid off as what it's called. It debuts as some 45 a million Americans find themselves buried with some student debt. Including roughly 60% of college graduates who know an average of 37172. Bucks. Americans collectively Opel upwards of one point four trillion dollars in student loan debt which is a staggering sum that helps explain why so many twenty to thirty somethings have struggled to gain a foothold in the middle class I think. Because if you got 37000 dollars in debt you're not buying a house the united investing and blows and at that age. It's hard enough. Any generation knows that. When your dad was telling you had twenty and thirty years old to save money say if I don't hunt and eat this weekend. Michael Harvey is a New York based actor oranges the new black he emceed the show the ground rules are pretty straightforward three contestants all of whom must carry some college debt go head to head on a series of trivia questions including a few related to education. If they provide the correct answers on enough for the brain teaser is the show will cover up to 100% of their. Loans. Some critics. Pounced on the premise of the show suggesting that the very concept as flippant and insensitive. Could tell that to the guy who just raise enough money to pay off this student loan debt. Student loan game show pay off. Cruel jokes at one headline and paste magazine truth TV pushed back and said no the intention of the show is that these student loan debt. His that are ridiculous crisis. And this just exhibit that over to the WB. Check picture marks on his medication for pro. Where we go there back to back. Really reaching newsroom heavily medicated Marc Gary sent a that's the actuality of the year so far I assume you've heard it. Oh you have the added that crazy a hearing in Washington area we're gonna play that to get that one again and several others. I talked to one network reporter who said she'd never seen a hearing like this in ten years of covering hearings in Washington. Well amid some way is some some of the people who usually grandstand. Like club there was a Clemens yeah. He didn't really grandstand as much today and in fact I thought when he got a Straka on on the line he said listen you know while you're here I mean it and I'm paraphrasing here but he. He said you understand why you're here and you understand why there's concern. And any opened the gates and let him Bebe basically throw his angle out and know what you would be expected but. I don't know I thought he was fairly well behaved today I thought the first ten minutes were fascinating and the procedures in neighborhood ordering an the said the other. Gave your real lesson in note parliamentary procedure or not. If she is the chair chooses during Norwich. And and trade Doughty from South Carolina yeah I mean you understand now why he was always said to have been a Bulldog prosecutor before he was. Elected to office I mean he went after. He went out. After struck Freddie always does and he always starts off by outlining exactly. Well what the problem is so and so you all you have a pretty good understanding at least from his point of view. Oh why there's a problem Houston and there's always say was distancing but it doesn't seem to watch that today here as long as I can watch it. And the question about they listen if you didn't cheat on your life you wouldn't have to answer the question. But on the other hand it probably was out of line but the reaction to it. Was and wasn't really interest me well because it's just to have five people talking at the same time in the one female minority you know who that was I thought it fit but. She is she in the background and then Indians. You almost like a perfect ending for a Saturday Night Live routine which may be go through is exactly what will happen we'll all of that as it was fascinating I know you'll look. Do you use that today on the Charlotte have six or December are right around the corner Secret Service Alice's suggestions on how to. Our school systems can no identify school shooters. Yeah it's it's interesting they've put up this whole manual in the bottom line of it is they're suggesting that school staff get together and try to keep better track of kids especially kids who have been in trouble. Who are reported to be in trouble who may have problems at home and just try to reach out to them. Of course that certainly raises some questions about how nosy should school people leave at Secret Service is saying look you've got to figure out. What kids may be potential shooters and the only way to do that is get to know them and know about their background. You know Mitch McConnell had a comment the last ten days ago I had really no. Attention at all but he he basically said from a senator congressional stamp legible and how much we can do. Can't venture from a legislative standpoint out. But apparently the Secret Service a use this shared with school system some of the techniques they try to use it's not like you look at it can go oh he's trouble. It's more trying to look at his record his family. Has he had me tragedies in his life has given dumped recently by a girlfriend and had a behavior change. Of course these are all kind of common sense things but trying to put together school committees to be in charge of that whoop that could get. The interest. And I know you got dirty restaurant dead Tuesday. On Thursday but I but I put Tuesday a little note if you look at it at that time quick so we expected on know Thursday is all right I'm looking forward to that I have not commented on new since Charles took via a trip down to Brooks. Com and he loved it he really did like them and I'm not surprised well no I'm not either but I'm glad we don't have the railroad him out of town because to be against Brooks and his talent at is to pretty much I have an allied moving van in your driveway and within the next when he. For our sure right. So from Brooks he goes your real high Fullerton place tonight to that I think gift steak at a second mortgage to eat there will finally thinks of that is this where they have a hand washing problem. No no no no that's some of the dirty restaurant shall cover gonna have a hand washing. I'm very good all of that coming up with a Mark Garrison who well now we'll gather up all his stuff and don't make sure he's got his medication and a head on into the studio. And be with you would just moments away at the 6 o'clock news of course is coming up first. People drink more after having kids surprise anybody. This is they up all of a thousand over a thousand US adults reveals 18% of women 9% of men say they get in the mood now after drinking wine Bliley did that before he had kids. OK so maybe it was 32 beer but it was still the same guns employment. Just just get her to the yes stage that's all we were. 42% of parents say they drink more wine after having kids they do deserve free kids. 65%. Of all survey respondents said that their women should not drink wine while pregnant. 35%. Believe that it's okay to drink wine on occasion. 15% of baby boomers polled say they drink wine four or more times a week compared to just 7% or more and you'll. They did this all in those states where marijuana is legal and Mer Merrill on it isn't legal and see if there was a difference in the polling. As good whether or not you're relying on the winery relies on the. 10% say they buy a wine on line. You have to be there to sign forward by the way when it arrives. And 21% said they would I want an online if they knew more about it. Well it's made from grapes and it comes in bottles and bottles are put in boxes. Get mad at you and Pete thanks for.