Congressman Jeff Duncan Gives Zuckerberg a Gift, Unemployment Rate is at 17-Year Low at 4.1 percent

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, April 12th

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Observing it you wearable. I cannot. Power meant self governance and straw. Character you've. This is the he radio broke. It rose six we began what's them. Why not. On this Thursday morning. The number of Americans claiming new unemployment benefits. Has never been so low. For so long. Joy out of this initial jobless claims. A proxy for layoffs across the US decrease. I 9000. To a seasonally adjusted 233000. In the week ending April 7. According to Labor Department this means. Claims have now held below 300000. For 162. Consecutive weeks. Think about that for a moment. 300000. That threshold we've been little below that. For 162. Consecutive weeks. This is the longest streak. For weekly records dating back to 1967. And it great. That street by the way it ended in 1970. What is being said about this. State of unemployment. Broad points to labor market health. It means relatively few Americans are losing their jobs in applying for benefits. To tide them over until they can find new jobs. We've got several years of consistent job growth under our belts. And this is the other good thing about it but with this comes job security. Firms are reluctant to let employees go and it tightening labor market which many available workers are quickly snapped up. Stephen Stanley chief economist at Amherst pure point security say this even if you aren't aggressively hiring. If you know the labor market is tight and it's going to be difficult to hire someone you're only going to lay someone off if you had to. Toward a turnaround from several years ago isn't it. TI and jobless claims. Can be quite volatile from week to week specially around holiday east. The changing data Easter holiday from year to year makes the seasonal adjustment process a little tricky sometimes. So. There's always the possibility of some volatility here but the four week moving average of initial claims. More stable measure. Increased last week to 230000. Again this is well below that 300000. Threshold. Low levels of claims is among multiple signs of health and US labor market unemployment rate. The cell that four point 1% since October its lowest level since late 2000. Eighteen years ago. Employers are vetted to nonfarm payrolls for 98 straight months. In the longest continuous job expansion on record. Ninety. Streets months. Thursday's report showing number of claims workers made for longer than a week increased by 53000. To 1871000. The week ending march 31. That is. Reflecting the one week lag. Normally associated with this so. This is great news I've said this before. That. Once we. Get the boot to the federal government off of the neck of our economy. Things can only get even better. And yes you do have to give some credit. To what was done. By Americans. In spite of the previous administration. This is what's so wonderful about America America works. Freedom works. And when you have an opportunity like this one. With loosening regulations. You can only make this situation better. Charles has handled the end of this to me the labor Merck is considered be near or at full. Employment. Unemployment rate a seventeen year low four point 1%. So. Here we are. Hopefully we continue to build upon this and not screw up. But that's really what it comes down to you and you know only people can screw this up the government. Honestly. I've said this repeatedly America works freedom works. And the challenges. Just to keep the government out of the way. If we will be fine I'm absolutely confident that I think many of you. Are as well. Lot of things we wanna delve into during the course the broadcast. Some of this is a reminder for me. We're gonna talk about it's an effort by a some members of congress including right here in the Carolinas to provide protection to Robert Mueller I can hear Sam Bowie in the audience right now. Some if you are brutal week. Who in the world would provide protection and cover for Robert Mueller. Well I can tell you. Lawmakers from both Carolinas are involved in this. Also coming up we'll talk about Syria and some definitive action taken by intra administration to deal with sex trafficking on line. And it's also some concern about what's going on with. The decision by poll Ryan. To step down at the end of the year in fact this is a new wrinkle in the story. There are now calls for Paul Ryan to step down right now just get the heck out of the way. This one of the messages that it's being communicated here. Well. You kind of wonder whether there will be be. Somewhat of a civil war developing. On the Republican side. So we will delve into that question issued during the course of the broadcast and what this actually means. A time. Jazeera you know there's lots of speculation about the timing of this wide it all right decide to leave now yes he's communicated it has a lot to do with his family. There are other people wondering you know is there another secondary reason here in the fact that he was seeing the handwriting on the wall. And thinking you know what now's probably a good time to get out before all hell breaks lose. So we will see. And we look forward to getting your perspective as well. Also coming up I wanna tell you about I guess we will have a next hour I look forward to this my good friend congressman Jeff Duncan is going to join us. He had a post on social media. Don't do it now. But this is just a reminder I'll tell you later and we you can you can do it after the show I don't care what you do or to show during the show you listen. Generates. There is an excellent post that way is put up by eight courage for Jeff Duncan a couple of weeks ago it is absolutely awesome actually may have just been last week. And it's about citizenship and about education I mean these are issues near and dear to my heart but we're gonna delve into that. And have a conversation tanks and Jeff Duncan and something that he gave. To mr. Zuckerberg yesterday. Which made some headlines. Glenn can you actually speak in about twenty seconds and share your point. Yes there are ordered to declare but under an important numbers spirit than thing I remember here awhile well one was the underemployed. The one that had left the workforce and had been put itself back in you know back to number. And yup think with a hundred to do we would be like three year. High. Yes. Yes we're gonna delve into that and I'll bet you wanna talk about the labor participation rate will go. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock on his country's premier programs start off talking about good news about. Unemployment. And what are the things that's we talked about this goes back to the time during the Obama administration. It's also what was happening to our labor participation rates. Which is something that we are going to delve into the issue of under employment as well. Because this is also a factor. Let me talk first about the new labor participation rate I'm looking at a graph right now. Just give you a sense of what has been happening in our job market. And a lot of people would point to this as an issue related to retirement the fact we've got a growing. Population of seniors this is certainly a factor but supported you view a couple of numbers here to put this in perspective. Labor participation rate in January 200866. Point two you're not gonna. Bog you down when don't with a lot of numbers. I'm just gonna share to. The first is 66 point two that was the labor suspicion rate in January 2008. The second number is 62 point nine. That's the current labor participation. Rate. And and I can tell you it's pretty much been in this range. And it and it's honestly been trending down. Very slowly down you know which raises a question for me. You know if we continue with our. Dependence in our society on entitlement programs. And you have more people retiring. Fewer people in the job market who's gonna pay for the stuff. We know too big that's a legitimate question to ask. I mean let's say you start going down into the sixties and into the fifties. You know. But there's a point where. This is not sustainable. Now it may not be something where we'll see a precipitous drop that's gonna happen overnight of course not. But I think it's a fair question asked and I honestly if I had difficulty finding information and I wanna do some were search on this on the under employer raiders are coal which raise your question about this. It's appropriate question to ask I know more people now in my life than I ever have. Who are working more than. One job. I remember. Probably 2014. During the time I was running for office. And I remember having several commerce conversation to people I remember running into a firefighter. He was working three jobs his wife was working two jobs. This is very common in our society now so. While we do rejoice. At the fact that we do have a low unemployment rates. We also have to face the realities. Of our current economy. What has happened it's. Affected wages have not gone out the way we would like him to go up. And to survive a lot of people are making some very tough choices. I'd love to get your thoughts especially if you're having this experience yourself maybe you find yourself in a very different place. You know how many times to people change careers for instance. I mean I've been a lot of people in their fifty's their sixty's. You started off doing something else they've been downsized and they've started a totally different career. You're in that place I'd love to hear from your talk line 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning text line it is 713. Cirrus seven. I once also mentioned something else positive in and we need to spend more time on this subject because they understand this particular area. He is one of the hot beds. For human trafficking. And this is very closely associated. With an issue the president is addressing. With legislation that he signed on Wednesday it's aimed at penalizing website operators have facilitate online sex trafficking and chipping away a legal protection. For the technology industry. Now this laws intended to make it easier for state prosecutors and sex trafficking victims. To sue social media networks. There advertisers and others that kept. Exploitative material on their platforms. Now the victims would have to require. I mean there's a requirement there they would have to show web sites knowingly. Facilitated. Sex trafficking. But this is a positive step. This sharpened scrutiny on technology companies which largely evaded regulation for the use of privacy protections and consumer data. One of the things that Mark Zuckerberg is also talked about is this very subject. The Silicon Valley they've resisted efforts to rewrite communications decency act. It protects companies from liability for content posted. By their users in this been credited with fueling the sector's growth for about twenty years. But as you might expect there's a liability to this. FaceBook and other technology companies in lobbying groups mostly withdrew opposition to this legislation a recent recent months. They did negotiates. Some changes that limited the bill's potential impact. But there is a concern this could actually be a step toward more regulation. One of the people who was on the forefront of pushing this legislation was Yvonne could trump. The president's daughter and a White House advisor. So again. A positive step toward penalizing website operators that facilitate online sex trafficking. Fans I think a lot of people would certainly think this is a good development. As I mentioned this a subject and I think we should cover at some point. Because of the fact that. This is an area. Where this is a problem be sex trafficking. Activity human trafficking. And it's all too often these are associated with each other. 26 minutes after the hour or are at 10 o'clock let's go out to a poll only contend with Jim good morning. Well this is under your debt but it is an exit route FaceBook. I just like to know if there's ever been a nation anywhere in history to put it occurred to manage tomorrow which way out of debt. Yeah I'd love to see. Information on that's because that's the direction we're going isn't it. Yeah and FaceBook I'm getting very good student a circular thing on FaceBook. But I don't really stick to make fun of anymore. I. McCain looked you looked a little. So gonna do restrict so initially aren't there usually do and start I like very astute sort of assert that because as straight to Lakeland senators. Sure he's done an independent Jewish people black people. Gay people you can make and so there are so that's OK everybody knows that world it's anyway. What do you actually ever stand event. Their lips are Parker stupid saying just how. I go to restricted well agers haven't created pressure that some of the things on YouTube that upper to lower at. They are illegal or Earl. Nothing really bad but it got to create an example in what to call a twenty insecure procure girls structural. British I don't know isn't safe to see in the year. Okay what it called mr. crow or. Do we ever rim shots that wears. But it's. That's pretty clever I got handed TGM. Gotta hand to see how long you've been at this. Well certainly certainty doesn't learn that the particular it's so advertising and so virtually anywhere and there are so many others out there pending that. According to Google and getting about fifty reporting low. And I know that's what occurred because there are two people they're pros they're good they're people I know. And then to ensure open and Serbia to get through Google show us what's going on there either. You get a low over the world littler and let me go to my horse that arbitration or source of information. I don't know what's going on British but it looked there. Hope people think they're gonna. Well won't keep Raddatz do we need a few more laps in the world there's no question about that. I appreciate your call there Jim is still a tough. You can find out who the senators are who are moving to protect Robert Mueller and his investigation. We've got to right here in the Carolinas we'll talk about it coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036. Vince Coakley in radio program. I love controls. They're just wonderful. How to take slide Vince please stop calling them law makers they are. Lot breakers. I assume this must be lawbreakers is probably one of those read and detects things. Also here. This techsters saying Vince the real unemployment rates. In fact I've seen this email claiming the real unemployment number 21 point 7%. Since we need to pay attention the ratio of debt to GDP that's government debt which is growing to impart to the omnibus bill and tax reform. Let's hope that robbing Peter to pay Paul works here yeah. I know you're being facetious here. She and Ed out of Spartanburg would like to know how many are living above their means I'm sure that's going on quite a bit. Also. What is almost. Anyone ever point out 99% or six traffic is done by illegal immigrants to other illegals protecting our borders. Protecting our borders to reduce and prevent drugs criminals sex trafficking and MS thirteen gang crimes and murder it's just too difficult. Mushers have sex trafficking. And just complain about it. When it's on our back doorstep. Also this Dexter talking abouts. Entitlements video games all day I love government entitlements. Oh my goodness. And this person saying all the people retiring or not a drain. Very many have pensions and other retirement plans they're paying a lot of taxes on. Means test Social Security. Kind of throwing out that trial balloon. I want to talk abouts. Something that's a number of members of congress are coming together to try to do it protects Robert Mueller is you know. President trump has. At least entertain the idea of getting rid of Robert Mueller. And maybe even a chain of people to get to him. Rob rob rose and Stein Jeff Sessions. No carrier of all of them. There's a bipartisan group of senators. Very concerned about this possibility. They've actually introduced legislation on Wednesday that would make it harder. For a special counsel Robert Mueller to be fired for investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election I'm gonna wait. And save the names for little bit later on. This bill is called the special counsel independence and integrity act that would protect Muller including. Insurance these special counsel can only be fired for good caused by a senior Justice Department official. This comes after white house Press Secretary cirrus Sanders. Said publicly that Donald Trump believes he has the power to fire Muller. She did not suggest the president would be moving to do so. The legislation also states if Mahler was fired there be a ten day window from Mueller to seek expedited judicial review of his removal. To determine whether the firing was for good cause if it wasn't his firing. Would not take effect. And again this is a bipartisan. Piece of legislation. Not Democrats. It's both. This pretty much merges legislation proposed by senators last year. The Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is agreed to hold a voting committee on the new bipartisan bill Grassley told CNN he wants to hold a committee vote on the bill. As soon as two day. But any member can hold over the bill delay a vote for a week so it's quite possible this could give delayed. His chances of reaching the floor for a vote. Right now looks slim. GOP leadership is very skeptical about the measure. With the senate majority whip John Cornyn. Renewing his concerns Wednesday morning when asked if he would hold a floor vote. Corner responded I don't know the answer to that you want to read the bill first there's a novel idea. They don't always do that you know that. But the biggest question I have if it passes with a president sign. I think it's unlikely he's going to. And I don't think it's necessary. That's the view of mr. cornyn. Should I tell you the names associated with this. Here we go. I'm just hate don't come after me I'm just the messenger and rates. How about we start with Cory Booker Democrat New Jersey. Chris Kluwe news Democrat Delaware. You ready for the other two names. The Republican names. Let's see if we can guess who those names are here in the studio. Charles and John who do you think the other two names are. These two Republicans both from the Carolinas. W. How could a overeat you're. A W I'm not sure about that or. In him. That's a good question. Were here they are in South Carolina it's Lindsey Graham and you know it. It in North Carolina. It's time Telus. Well. Thom Tillis Lindsey Graham have joined with Cory Booker and Chris Clemons. For the bipartisan legislation to protect Robert Mueller. So what do you think about this. Obviously we've got people in this audience in both states. I'd love to know which you think do you think mr. Mueller needs protection do you favor this let's go to Greeneville and Jeanne good morning sir. Yeah this is so fascinating. Kernel approach my comment. I'll make constitutional. Viewpoint constitutional process may do that or is that politically sorts. Okay now aren't I I didn't study political science in school I started to real science soul shall we give me a mighty a dirt on the constitution. But it does you know it was such a law if passed doesn't trump has the authority to. We don't. Yes he does. So they'd have to come out with a veto proof majority if they expect us being to go and place our. Play now on the other hand VP yeah. Politicians can use this two. Rile people up politically against stroke which sector of blood. He does have that veto authority now from a political perspective. Are with respect to future history. This also gives a young and opportunities. Before I need a politically popular president. To fire a legal counsel who's been brought into what investigate that precedent. Case in point Bill Clinton. Now he never took action like ads. Stroke but I'm sure if he had. That there would have been no no outcry against it. See I think you could have gotten away with that. I think what Oprah. I think you would have because I know a lot of liberals in my career. I can find gesture and that will very much in fact. I want to a lot of Chinese national side. Communist China turn scientific content by the way. Who looked very angry at Ken Starr very relieved too by the way. Can start should be should be shocked if they did he interest shocked he's got people look. He'll certainly got proclaim good Chinese people I should. I don't like that the American people get my point. Oh yes I do believe me thanks a lot for your called G and out of Greenville this morning. Highway. New presidential tracking poll. The residents and is now at 50% its. 50%. Of likely US voters approve of president Trump's job performance. The disapproval heads 49%. Country split right down the middle remind you coming just a few minutes conversation. Congressman Jeff Duncan we talking about educating our young people on the constitution. Novel idea. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on the risk of premier program. So I'm just told you you've got leaders in the senate then decided you know what we're gonna step up to the plate to try to protect. We Robert Mueller investigation may include in South Carolina Lindsey Graham in North Carolina Thom Tillis. Is this surprising to in your view. Fans do you favor. What they're doing. Because they're supposed to be representing new. This kind of curious. Looking thoughts on the text line Vince is a fifty year old self retired auto mechanic. Moved up from Florida. Start a new job at the grunt bottom financially stable thinking Jesus I've paid into Social Security for forty years. Now you receiving it didn't pay end. You don't have any right to get out. No benefits for anyone it's not paid in. That's a start for entitlement reform John out of conference I am with you. I'm Lindsey Graham. Vince Lindsey Graham is the worst sore loser and should stop being such a crybaby he lost. His disgrace to our states. Due to not representing us at all. I can't wait to birdies but out of office or you can have to wait. I think several years in fact. Vinny proposed legislation. What should be considered is not only. But good governing body can use it to better the country but if a gut bad governing body can use it to further own ends. With regards this protection for Moeller the question then becomes how this affect protection for other federal agencies or agents. And isn't a good thing anytime we set a precedent. We have to ask this question. And that's a very good question to ask. Don't blame you one bitch. Do not blame you at all. 51 minutes after technical like. Let's take the opportunity to go to our Greenville studio down I 85 and talked to Alonzo good morning man. Good morning how are you today. I am so awesome. I am glad to hear that this is the twelfth day of April 28 team. And we have four questions for months ago abouts you Vince that took place on this day in history. And dance. We start here. The first colonists arrived at this destination. In Washington. What is he called. This is a bizarre way. Thank you probably have come back to this to explain more about this one odds on Plymouth Rock. Not quite. Probably a couple hundred years behind and that went and disappointment. Washington. A police that's filled many times. But that's pretty good. 1945. This president die if you is replaced by Harry Truman sworn in as president. Who died in 1945. Roosevelt you are. 1955. You've probably heard the name doctor Jonas Salk. And something he created it. He vaccine was declared to be safe and effective what was it four. Opponent you've done it man. And 1961. Let's see this country. Put aid cosmonauts. The first person in space orbiting the earth what country was it 1961. For me yeah. That's great in you've got three crew crew or that's pretty impressive no he gave them away by saying constantly have to cut. Hey you'd be surprised by saying that. It wouldn't necessarily helps some people. So. It's not an assumption there. It's a great job. Great job there were thank you for being so important. Are you equate leads today lines or your kind of mellow and what's the deal no I'm not I'm not mellow I was trying to keep it calm you know. OK very good very good and gone back to snow cave the disappointment now count too soon. Makes you appreciate Europe presents a breakfast today at 54 minutes after 10 o'clock. Here's awarding force just ahead of the conversation we're having just few minutes. With congressman Jeff Duncan he's also gonna tell us something that he gave. To Mark Zuckerberg during those hearings. I saw the picture this morning it's kind of cool. Really good picture it's the kind of thing you would expect Jeff Duncan to give to somebody. Oracle's system. Should smoking area is symbol like. The what is that called to the left foot of fellowship or the right hand of fellowship something like that you have. Here's an interest in story in BC has done a survey monkey poll. How many you've heard about this thing called the the southern strategy that's been employed by Republicans for quite some time. Gary AD you have this firewall that you pretty much expect you know we're gonna win all of the states. Where there's a new poll. That raises some questions about what's happening to the self. We are going to delve into that it's coming up the next hour. Let's take a quick call here from Kim got about a minute Tim in New York. Hey hair and an encore Palin and I'm away cameras zero. Eric I'm. I'm sure Delaware and Maryland Virginia and you know they are True Blue Democrat. And I went oh on my Wyoming. And the current streak in the inland but the campaign where the Democrat party. And the 16117. And I grew out. I am at the very strange name and he and my father would pop I have a proper Democrat. And in his right heart he had been Lewinsky on Election Day and he really got down to tell our Joker. And hand out these big old women you convert the best. Already. Not hitting I think you know may be the guy you want to eat pretty famous attorney Joseph Biden. Send your condolences to the funeral I think Chris can. And while that's pretty amazing that's a great way to get people but opposes. Promise him a drink. That's hilarious but. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is so good Stokely radio program. 1106. On the broadcast and conversation I've been looking. Forward to in fact when this was first posted a few weeks ago. I reached out to Jeff was like just come on this program and talk about this he was busy at the time but. We're glad to be able to do it now I I've I want to draw your attention to this and tell you. This has been posted I have shared this. On the WBT FaceBook page and a 1063 W or. 57 miniature show. That's necessary to read this it's from Jeff Duncan. And I mean he thought this would be a controversial post I don't see there's any controversy in here at all here's what he said in the very beginning. I believe we as a nation if failed multiple generations of American students by not teaching the foundational principles. Of the United States of America. This is pretty basic stuff and cars for Jeff Duncan joins us now good morning. Good morning bands. I trust you're doing well. Yes very much so thank you very much good to have you back. What prompted this post from you. I'm just watching double. Parkland. Majority someone Stillman I have school thing play out with their target and and another kid there that are just so Mets got it. Blame and somebody blame and then our air for blame in this Second Amendment are buying and you know Americans and actually you know who bully bit in the Second Amendment for. The tragic without shooting down there at at their park and then so. That's what prompted because I realized. Watching these Asia trip down there in Florida and then watching the the move and all across the nation with the marchers. Booed I realize that our education system has failed. It teacher buried that you know foundational principles while all our founding fathers. God did what they did and setting up the government while the states as I mentioned that those other states. Said you know what we'd like which you've done what setting up this government constitutionally like which you limited their power and enumerated those hours. But then again gone far enough to intra and that firm. On the liberties that were given that I got those unalienable rights that Justin talks about a on the declaration of independence and then. And then further in that constitutional documents. And so. Before we're gonna ratify the constitution and allow the program at least let up represent the thirteen states we're requiring years. To go back there on board. And affirm these these constitutional right would we now know as the bill of rights the first ten amendments that the constitution. And we felt what I called us a lot sport we fell as a nation to really teach the last force you know. Most of these students. There were marching probably have no idea. What the whole battle it Concord disseminate heard about an hour Concord Massachusetts. They may have heard the shot heard around the world. But they they don't know the last four. What happened that Concord which Tuesday original. Gun control attempt by The British Army. Just seized the guns in the powder restore of the colonial as so that they would not a threat to our secure radical government of king George. This is all very basic stuff and a one of the things that egg you know this set out all too often we are. We are subject to the tyranny of the history of now. People only know about the incident happened especially younger people in their generation. And these foundations these building block Chu talking about they're unaware of I'd love how are you you talked about the wife four's. People don't know about the Federalist papers the reasons behind the Boston Tea Party and these are things they explain. Why eight. The bill of rights and other things are in our constitution. Yeah and then that's what it really well under way out I realize that. In our teachers what our educational system has none. They have to teach to the test whether the fact test a pastor at whatever stage you to meet the federal mandates under no child left. Other teaching to the test what. Let's send it to going to be tested. And and they leave out or don't have enough time under a 180. I instructional days in South Carolina there's a 180. Instructional days they don't have enough time to teach the very principle documents in the last force that I talk about. And our entire country gets older and there is more history and I'll do this and I thought about it a FaceBook post. Just in my lifetime. And I don't think about and that foundational dock missed something and you'll run into don't think about. Those things gets in my life I'm born in 1966 we've had that civil rights Arab Bartlett the king assassinated. We've had the Vietnam War we had. A man put on the moon and space race we had. Be out late seventies energy crisis we'd hand the water in the early seventies and Richard Nixon haven't stepped down. We had the Iran passes situationally at Ronald Reagan's overwhelming defeat of Jimmy Carter. We've and his assassination attempt feeling that now Iran Contra. And we had to end of the cold war in the fall of the Berlin Wall. And what all that's about we've had. Going into dubbed the 1990 you have Bill Clinton in elected. Are you know the Monica Lewinsky scandal impeachment of President Clinton you have leading up to. The first gulf war or somewhere in there yes they sign invading. Escalade and early 1990s like 89 nanny nanny on time prank and you had 9/11 happened. You had the right before 9/11 you and the George Bush Al Gore. Election and then all the hanging chads part of that election cycle. That the 9/11 happened America was attacked that Afghanistan and Iraq. Or did it dawn on for way too long now. Ali the first black president elected in this country. First they must sectors state announced are on but they came out sect based center in the ground there for president. This election cycle and then Donald trumps so. All that history has been since the LA 1960. He could have a lot page and all that good. I'm afraid that they this type column the very foundational principles of that country. And that's where they need to devote a lot of their time so that we make our citizens. Of these students that are being taught them what I mean not citizens people don't understand the history we we actually ask. Immigrants who are are working their way towards citizenship to learn it memorize and a lot more than grass in Iran shall. Yep you're absolutely right about the side this discussion with someone just did today will have a couple of minutes left here. This this is just grief here if we're really to study history historical writings of the founding fathers and thinkers and seventeen hundred's we understand the limited government. Aspects of the constitution the reason the states were leery of a strong central federal government. And Jeff I have to say here you guys play an important role in this as well in being able to demonstrate this and talk about this. Be in the jobs that you guys do we only have about a minute left. Yeah I mean we we tried Rio to reiterate the limited government oh the thing about champion and fight or aren't I persist it government out of a lot of and constitutional power. Now that southern edit out comments by Democrat. While president of Iran on some aspect of tax reform. Were unable to get that action that those tax reform changes and the facts are bill and my answer was because we don't have a dictatorship. We have a republic there's legislative branch with two bodies out in the senate and compromise I have. Donald Trump couldn't just give it away as Barack Obama trot in so many times because we do not have a dictator. That is very true very important consider. Only about thirty seconds left tear tell us what you gave to Mark Zuckerberg. Time and in the United States constitution I'm scrap ornaments are back copy. I spoke about First Amendment actually recited the First Amendment to him yesterday and you know they're centering and they are stealing product data. And that was brought out over ten hours or they're hearing on the sentence but outside. Out of panic apnea was number 54. On the energy and commerce committee asking the question not just this side just try to stand from a concert up obstacles. And we absolutely appreciate the fact that you are doing just that pay absolutely appreciate the work you do congressman Jeff Duncan. Thanks a lot for coming on the broadcast thanks for being usurped. Thank you that's what pops and Douglas. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. While very uninteresting story I saw this earlier. And so I realized. This is more intriguing than I thought we'll talk about and a bit it's a new story about Paul Ryan we told you already heard the announcement. His announcement that he is. Going to be out of here January of next year. But the story indicates it can happen sooner we'll delve into that just bit but first Joseph patiently waiting in York good morning sir. Yes sir thank you I knew that why people vote and end it like that beast I live in the window while I'll no doubt. And on Election Day I'm several street corners there were meant standing with large trade or low ball bottle of whiskey. And ballots already filled out. All Democrats know how he and Hillary folk could stick like that. This stream of of ballots an alcohol seems to be very come in this morning what's the deal. I I I couldn't believe it and he used it EU if you order propagate its joint but he. That's been where if you let that out or get in trouble. Wow that is pretty amazing. Yeah we see think this was pretty effective. Oh yeah it's absolutely MI that. Even if issuer at best electrician or you couldn't wire your own. It had to be done by our union member of liberty big speak Arabic I would not a true. When an absolute masters probably most corrupt. County clinic where it insisted that a country of the world are I mean people die right. This bit it's shot earlier this chick in the thirty. I'm one of those guys each are right. He was he would try to share the union. And that can't be tired people are so you aren't sure it'll kill our people and they'll fight Ursa. I or upper arm that stops it's like at a camp leader opal oh world that way deterred I want. Gary. It certainly is and I mean I do appreciate your call kind of prefer Clinton to put so we heard from another caller. Just don't know what depths people go through when they're determined to win. You know whether this or politics or business. It's it can be a very dirty business even the point of of lives being on the line this is absolutely crazy. Try to Richard in Lake Wylie good morning. Good morning and spent. Yes there are caught in many current and I know you question our credibility. Since some matters. Meet and hook 9/11. But this FaceBook situation. But I hot potato. A lot of money on the line. And I want to make a prediction. Now. Mark Zuckerberg. Or resign. By the end of the week. Really. Yeah yeah. Their plug got a bigger researcher. That thought that an outside guy Lagarde got to make this quick other pick up another call covenant. Hey give me a favor send an email because I'd love to hear from you and why you believe this is going to happen. But it's pretty intriguing thank you Carl Richard. And for your information never actually heard speculation like this. In the past few days that he'd become he has become kind of lightning rod here. If nothing else just to be able to take the heat off the company. And then this happens with a all kinds of companies even. Other companies that people have found it. They turn the control over to somebody else because they recognize that. They have become so thermal nuclear chemical. And radioactive. In the they've. It's seeing it destroys the business model you've got to get a new face in there you've got to get a totally different team in place and start over. So question is. You know always there. A place where one of trying to more revelations about something house. Pretty intriguing isn't it's. Let's talk about Paul Ryan just yesterday heard this news conference live right here in this program. We announced he is. Stepping down as speaker sort of fill out the rest of his term at least that's what he told this yesterday. But the folks at actually yours. Because mentioned this before where has this media agency come from all of a sudden they are breaking a lot of stories. And they've got this one. That is come out just a few hours ago. Paul Ryan may be forced to leave speakership by the summer. Here are details on this story. He indicated he plans to remain a speaker not call an early leadership election but well wired Republicans. Tell Johnson swine. That Ryan may be forced out sooner. Here's what they're hearing. One source close to leadership told the scuttlebutt is that poll have to step down from leadership student members. Mowlds follow our lame duck. We have this camera station to end. Thomas SEC something about the issue yesterday about him being a lame duck and we said that. It kind of register with me I thought I wonder how that's gonna go over what kind of leadership we're kind of consensus. Can you creates when people know that your gonna leave anyway you have no real power over them. What kind of discipline can you instill. In this kind of atmosphere like well he's a short timer anywhere white a white care. What Paul Ryan takes. That's kind of intriguing. Members will not follow lame duck drive no leverage cut deals the last thing they need in this in Germany six months of palace intrigue. In every once stabbing everyone else in the back really. How different is that the media overtime. I mean seriously. But I I did warn this is gonna be ugly it will be. Can we already know that's. Steve's school les. And this McCarthy god they're they're going to be. Jockeying for position and they're over there the next ones in the line of succession. Here's more on next year's story. A senior GOP house member predicted this about Ryan's future he will be gone by the end of July. No. Some big donors who have given millions to Ryan this cycle may not want him to stay on a speaker of the entire party is taking on water. So polling is gonna figure into this as well. This is not because he'll struggle to raise money enough donors from the old Romney Brian world war write checks to Ryan to try to save the majority. It's more about certainty and stability. Members need certainty and they don't want operates. Until November to climate where every move from every member of leadership is viewed through the prism of jostling for the speakership. Our sources say. That can pull an already divided conference even further apart. So we won't be surprised if Ryan reversed himself before August setting an early election for the next speaker. The question then will be does trump weight in sources close to him say you instinctively want a want to back the current number two house majority leader Kevin McCarthy. Are you freaking kidding me. What is wrong with this guy. Kevin McCarthy really. Trump loves McCarthy. And consults him frequently for advice. But it's likely to some of Trump's advice is throw caution to stay out of the race if he backs McCarthy he owns him. And the conservative freedom carcass will hold that over trump and they should. That's the other thing I'm gonna put this out there publicly the freedom carcass better not go running after McCarthy they're better choices. At this point at least trump will be happy with either McCarthy or the other likely option the current number three house majority whip Steve Steve's release. According to a source familiar with this thinking. Folks what do I tell you about this whole drain the swamp crap what did I tell you about it it's a bunch of crap. Why on God's earth would Donald Trump what either one of these people. Anywhere near the speakership. I start thinking outside the box. Took away from these people get away fast. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 after eleven I was sharing with you the story from acts years predicting. Paul Ryan's gone by the summer. There's a little bit more on this. Let's get caught up on the text line. This section says good morning it's my name is Scott from Anderson tried to call by the government in school they need to leave school alone. And stop pushing kids through just thinking get money from the state. This is even filtering to home school criteria. Now they have to pass kids just to keep their numbers up. Point racist obscene is it too. Then spent some time traveling in South Carolina for business until a few years ago the liquor stores in South Carolina closed on Election Day now they're open. I guess the state figured they can't make any worse. They can't take any worse choices for their leaders. A few drinks can hurt. It helps you to deal with it maybe it's a coping mechanism I don't know. You're assuming Republicans want to win I don't think they do so I think Paul Ryan will be there is a lame duck by design. I say get Ryan completely out of the way before the primaries we need to clean up congress. Good luck. Texture here would like to vote for Jim Jordan or Lou we go march or mark members. Those names have certainly been circulated especially. Jim Jordan and Marc matters. The DC and Washington DC now stands for district of corruption and scary at Spartanburg. That's pretty clever. An apt description here just wrapping up this story was telling you about that actually assist reporting Paul Ryan's out by the summer. Kyrie is the rest of what they're communicating. I've already told you Donald Trump likes McCarthy. And looks to him for advice. Troubled be happy with either McCarthy or the other likely option current number three house majority whip Steve's police. According to a source familiar with his pinky. Trump likes the least thinks he's tough. And he loves McCarthy. Remember all signs. All paths to being Republican speaker runs through their freedom carcass. I get the job macarthur's police would have divide offer them the best deal which would likely include chairmanships. A tough committees for freedom carcass members. Yes. McCarthy feels he's a very good place after a day of talking to members and the White House. He's ready to go if and win Ryan steps aside. This was my caution action thinking about yesterday when. We have a conversation congressman Thomas Massie and I was kind of thinking to myself he's saying hey we've got a full year there's part of me I'm kind of concerned. They are gonna rest this thing through. And go ahead and let one of these guys take the reins kind kind of Leary I'm leery of both these guys. By the way I was looking up the conserve to review scorecard. As I wanted to see for myself to be reminded of what the scores for these guys sororities are told you members the leadership there are horrible. Their absolutely horrible. We're here is sub mistress police. In this equation. How my goodness. Hi. I don't kid people. Steve's release has a 49%. Liberty score. Just to explain to use you understand what these liberty scores mean these are actual. Voting records. Listen we got the campaign trail they can say whatever they want. Where push comes to shove this how they vote. These are like we're conserving your view it is a comprehensive. Record of their votes since being in congress. This is comprehensive. So you got somebody who's got a 49. This tell issue this person's screw up. You don't even want that person there as a member of congress much less as leadership. I don't get it I still don't get why are people in Louisiana Brit story I told you begged for in fact won't go to this now. In BC news poll the south once a conservative bastion is changing. Viewed as a conservative monolith. The region's political views are more nuanced and moderate than many might expect. The region solid spore for Donald Trump help Tim to. We're in the White House but southerners have cooled a bit on the president with less than half saying they approved. 48%. 51%. Disapproving. This can't be a good sign for the summer. I'm just saying the fall. It's driven trumps approval ratings nationwide. Which were 43% missed this particular told. Any remains popular in several of the deep south states. The polls examined in depth strongest ratings in Mississippi at 57%. And you would certainly hope in a state like Mississippi. But there are changing attitudes. Overall the polls found voters and Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Louisiana Mississippi. North and South Carolina Tennessee Texas and Virginia. To be optimistic about the economy. Are amenable to immigration. Are approving of same sex marriage and open to paying higher taxes to fund education and infrastructure. And the same time. Polls found southerners we deeply distrustful of the federal government only 2% said they. Just about always believed Washington will do what's right well that's encouraging. Oppose the removal confederate monuments from public areas. And committed to the GOP. It's kind of a mixed bag here isn't it. While trumps hardline policies and immigration. Illegal immigration may appeal to his base southerners are in line with the rest of the country in the question of whether undocumented immigrants the US should be offered a second chance to apply. For legal status. Seven in ten adults nationally. 69%. In the south they migrants should be given a chance detaining legal status. 20% said they should be deported just 28%. And it states pulled individually Alabama Georgia Mississippi and Tennessee at least six in ten adults. So they favored giving migrants a chance to attain legal status before deportation. And really the message of this article where he's really that there's there's a lot of nuance year. I think when people would think that there's the stereotypical idea of the eighty southern voter you know it's gonna be that died in the war. Conservative voter they're going to be conservative on all of these social issues. This is none of us. I'm sure that we can necessarily make apparently. Doesn't this also go back to our conversation with Jeff Duncan about what's happening. With our young people affected they're not being edged it really gonna hear these principles talked about it. Where will they hear that. You think that's gonna happen in the public school system of course that. I've talked to way too many people too many parents just the past few months who told me horror stories. A probably raise their kids with a certain set of values. Only to find out. They've got off to college. And they have been brainwashed. Coming back believing and all of the ignorance that is promoted. By the left where did it come from. It came from the colleges teachers being paying tens of thousands of dollars. For your child to go to and get a so called education. Ten the everything you have to consider on this conservative issue what's happening with conservatism and in the south. We've got a lot of people a lot of northerners. Who have decided to fleet. These high tax cities. And the sad thing is yes and they're doing they're coming into looting. The voter base and the broader base for the immigrants. This is a toxic combination. The future. Better start working on this. 44 minutes after another. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock final stretch directors to broadcast. On this text line. The section so as I grew up in Michigan a lot of those folks have a blind allegiance to the unions. Yes this is one of the big problems. Take a look at Detroit what happened to that city. That's not what happens when you have run a when he unions. We need to build a wall to keep the northern immigrants. Keep the Yankees out. With a look a look at him seriously. This what the Dexter saying here. It's not new hints in the south it's not nuance is locust the south will turn blue in the next fifteen years really. That's pretty ominous. May stall lose northerners were taking advantage of our state. A bright. Right out of Vince then darn yankees they're definitely responsible. May hear a destroy our way of life we should have built a wall on the Mason Dixon line twenty years ago. Up up up up up up up. Let's drugs or Joseph good morning welcome. Good morning at how you do it right there. Right just like bed. Good governor that fit that pick message I have to agree with him. Not necessarily to the wall to make the big couldn't find what took the numbers and the numbers to me being a southerner all my life. Do not reflect that no that doesn't matter how come out and hang out skew those numbers. It is a historical pro. That be. Feel so runners now warnings immigration rights forgo immigrants. Is you you were probably being because. If you go back. Will pay supplement they can pick LA carte. They. They used human trafficking known as the mayor of slavery to. The private industry. And soul they'll lose thirty VW would be to Alabama Mississippi and who say they cracked tooth gap immigrants. So migrant workers from pick in the crop and that we have the word out fail. And they put out a man who help won't it saw Americans who really let America become happier and do the picking in the market work. And they say oh. She think this is a this is your store problem you can't get people to do the work. If that report problem because we couldn't get him to do the work where and they were bringing enslaved Africans over get a pick cut. So why would he do it now. He could exactly. So we'll as you look at the constitution when he was talking about the constant but I don't think Costin let the great duck it. Put around my great great grandparents and my grandparents. And now not only what have education they gave me knowledge. And that knowledge it was a 00 was that of what weapons being taught in school. So that when they hear Columbus Day my grandparents told me about Columbus and gave me knowledge. So America really is currently living in breathing example. Bo how hypocrisy work. Roll. You think that's at the very court now does he is what you would odds for Dr. Martin Luther King. No coach doc Moore who can even talk about how the land grid technologies. Whoa under what were supporting him cried providing an underneath it. Oh go immigrant coming Holbrooke and the end we're we were merely meant the patent. And allowed to walk off the plane patient with nothing and I hate. So even more with the king spoke today and one of his speeches. Torture arguing for a socialist. Are you put so little envelope capitalism but if the OB users of capitalism and government. That we were used to point out. I I don't hesitate to point about Joseph we do that here all the time I'd I do appreciate your call. It is an interesting conversation to have for sure. On the text line some other perspectives on this. Prince many if not. Most transplants left to come here to get away from liberal policies I'm among them the Republicans will lose because they aren't doing what they promised. Period. It's not yankees can you say Lindsey Graham this then. I'm glad the Yankees put a definitive end. Writes let's see here is a refugee from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And Red Sox fan I hate the Yankees. Seriously northerners need to stay put. If they think they can come down here and change everything I adapted and I love it here. Well good for you glad you're here you can't get people to do migrant work because we pay lazy people who sit on their butts and make babies instead of working. While. Busy saying non southerners moving here all Liberal Democrats I beg to differ I've met many who are Republicans. Trump's unlike ability factor is helping turn red states blue. Who. Not a person laughing your say give that German an hour every week you'll be the most popular segment on your show. Another transplant saying hey meet you've been here since 1969. Already. Gerald out of cal pins I'm sure with another pithy comment good morning sir. I don't know if it's about accuracy or where it is. Ground I had decided Oklahoma bird hated it and Bob Barker in itself but we will four. Can I recover from this. Oh my goodness Gerald is. He's done it again. You know I cannot figure of the life meanwhile we've been unable to get Lindsey Graham on this program. You know I've been doing this broadcast for three years now and I just don't understand I'm serious. You know we should do a poll of the most disliked person. Along our listeners I think Lindsey Graham would probably be the top of the list yeah I'm and get himself. When reported any case. Enjoy the conversation as usual. Thanks very much. Hands trying to make it agreed to there. Got bush should take care. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.