Congressmen Chris Collins Arrested / Election Results / Blind "Followers"

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Wednesday, August 8th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing my. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we knew it was 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Good morning welcome to the broadcast going to be back with you. And we start off with a bang today. This is kind of a shocker. They member of congress. I didn't think this could ever happen infect someone else said this to me this morning I think. It may have been the governor. Pat McCrory who said you know. I didn't think members of congress. Could be indicted for insider trading you remember that book. Years ago that really caused a firestorm throw the ball out in fact. We got to reach out to Peter Schweitzer chief he can come on the program this morning Ed. I will supply that information on petered she if he is available. Because I'd be very curious to get his take on what has happened today. But the revelation that a member of congress has now been indicted and arrested. Name is Chris Collins. A Republican from New York. Rested on insider trading charges lodged by the Justice Department you know if I may see something parenthetically. I think it's really interesting. When you look at this fact alone this is one of wonderful things about our republic. We have a Republican. Administration. We now have a Republican member of congress. Who's been indicted. Which is further evidence of power systems supposed to work the Justice Department is supposed to be. Blind too partisan issues. And we know that's not always the case. Certainly we have to do his fellow the last couple of years and she plenty of examples. A Powell. The Department of Justice has been used to be highly highly political way but I digress. The indictment obtained from a federal grand jury charges collins' son as well Cameron Collins. As well as the father of his fiancee. Stevens. You gonna have to follow this carefully because this indictment relates to securities of an eight. Immunotherapy. Unix. An Australian. Biotechnology. Company. On whose board of directors Christopher Collins searched. This is one of those situations where can be very very. Tempting I'm sure. For members of congress. Just because of their connections their relationships. They're pretty certain information. That if you or I. Word to use that information free word access such information and make decisions. We'd be in trouble. Look through them all out. You've never read that book I would strongly recommend it. Made the point to a lot of members of congress. Have done things like this for years. And they've been out of reach of the law. Profiting off information I mean if you wondered why a lot of these members of congress have become wealthy since they've gotten a Washington. Well this is one of the reasons. Up till now. I don't think anybody has been caught. Maybe this is the beginning here. June 2017 Collins according to the indictment past nonpublic information about in aids drug trial. To his son in order to help him make timely trades. In stock and tipped others. This Sunday and trade on that inside information passed it is our ski. Along with numerous unnamed co conspirators so they could utilize information for the same purpose. So our skis well allegedly traded on the inside information. Passed to go alone to yet more unnamed co conspirators I mean think about this. You have this hot information. That you know has the potential. To make your whole Lotta money. And I can imagine these conversations hate. I've got some good information here you wanna make some money. Don't tell anybody. Seriously this job works. Don't tell anybody I'm just telling a few friends. We have the opportunity. To. Score a big win here. In total the three defendants avoid it Miller this. Over 768000. Dollars in losses. That they would have otherwise incurred if they sold their stock. After the information was made public. Sees sometimes and I'm sure Bruton and that there especially you investor types know this better than myself. You DP investor types. Sometimes you profit by investing. By getting involved in a good DL sometimes you profit by selling short. Before. You lose. And you're basically shorting. The stock. Ends. In the process you can make a lot of money there to. This apparently the kind of thing that happened here. In a statement CNBC attorneys for Collins vowed to mount a vigorous defense to clear his good name. They added it's notable even the government does not allege Christopher Collins traded a single share of their peak stock. We're confident he'll be completely vindicated and exonerated. Lawyers said Collins while Morrissey in the indictment later on Wednesday which is today and the other part of this. We're going to hear from federal authorities are well they've planned a noon news conference. To give more details about this indictment. The defendants all accused of multiple counts of securities fraud. One count of wire fraud one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud one count each of making false statements. The congressman himself. Chris Collins surrendered to federal agents in Manhattan this morning. He will appear in federal court. Later today. And I mentioned the US attorney for the southern district of New York. Will detail these charges in news conference that is coming up at noon. But obviously some one in this position. He is. Innocent until proven guilty. But I am encouraged by the fact. That at least. Very is the attempted prosecution of someone who has potentially done this a member of congress. It is not skating for a change. You'll serve to raise question how many others are out there who have done similar things. If these allegations are indeed true how many of them have actually done. The same thing and gotten away with it. Let's get your thoughts in this and where this eventually goes. Are there others. Out there. That might be indicted as well. We shall seek coming up we will talk abouts some special elections yesterday evening. Including some disappointments. From someone that I'm sure you'll be glad is disappointed this morning. This is a real winner. We also. Analyze. Yesterday evening and talk about why there is cause for concern for Republicans. Pretty solid nights at the end of the night but there are some signs yeah. That there should be some concern going into you these elections and a bit later on now. Closer to home we'll talk about a bizarre cheeks. It happened in the city of Charlotte that much more on our Wednesday broadcast. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. And we continue to broadcast here no. We talked about this indictment that is just come down. Against a member of congress. Seems Chris Collins out of New York. Reached out for for an Peter Schweitzer by the way he's not available today we're going to be talking with him. Very soon we hope. And again. This is one of the beauties of this system that we have. That allegedly. Allegedly. It doesn't matter your station your position in life just discipline is supposed to work the same for everybody. Being in a position of power does not make you immune. To. Liability and criminal charges. Another story that is developing. These trumped team were apparently responding to. These special. Investigator. Robert Mueller today. I assume this is about a conversation that's been ongoing. To find an agreement for the president to provide some form of testimony. So be interesting to hear what happens there over on the text line. Did you consider changing the introduction to your show I don't get the last comment on trumped an OJ. Could you please explain exactly what it means. Well it's actually clip. From. Secretary or state. John Kerry did you know I served in Vietnam. Came back and installed it all my other fellow soldiers but. You know I served in Vietnam. Yeah idea is. He's basically taking a dig at the president saying. The president's saying he's going to make a better deal in these traded other situations. It is about as plausible as the IDF OJ finding the real killer. That's the idea behind it. So I hope that is helpful for you. Vince. Might Gordon Gekko says greed for lack of better word is good it cuts through captures clarifies. Perhaps the congressman was simply taking that to heart. And yeah. The whole idea of finance is a group of people making money on inside information in the rest of us who were just plain betting. And while that's a good way to characterize it you know it's kind of like flipping a coin is that for a lot of people. If the congressman did wrong yeah absolutely must face the consequences drain the swap. Even if it's close to the swamp trainer. We shall see how all of this unfolds in the coming days. Yesterday evening. A lot of people very very nervous curious excited. Exercise. With the possibility especially on the Democrat side. The potential to be able to. Have some options. No you can say that they were upset because didn't happen. One of the races they were really counting on. It was super super close in fact 100% of the precincts reported in Ohio's twelfth twelfth district. This is the one they really really wanted desperately. But I'll tell you this was too close. Troy boulders and fifty point 2% of the vote. Danny O'Connor the Democrats. 49 point 3%. As I understand this is Bruce be rid district. And the margin. The margin here's what one point 1%. What's the deal here. Where actually it's point 9%. Less than a point separates them and they are still the 3300 provisional ballots. And more absentee ballots outstanding. What does this mean. We don't know. But it looks like Republicans will retain this particular seat. Can I tell you an exciting. Development yesterday evening. Right now I'm sure you're familiar with the new rock star for the mainstream news media Alexandria. A cause GO Cortez. She's a big rock star socialist. Who now probably. Travels around the country. Wearing her socialism. On her sleeve in fact wearing it everywhere she's very proud of her socialism. Well how does that do yesterday evening I think this is very encouraging. This report saying. Every single solitary one of the candidates that she supported. Failed. American mirror mirror reporting this. I. Her record on Tuesday night for a chosen primary candidates was his bear is a Venezuelan supermarket shelf. While. That's pretty brutal isn't it. She had her stunning victory last month in New York. Now it's empty to parlay that win by helping other leftists. Other socialist win democratic primaries. She would all across across the country stumping. For Abdul Al Sayed for governor of Michigan. First side Michigan's eleventh congressional district. Also Corey Busch Missouri's first district backing congressional candidates. In Hawaii. L site had lost his bid for the democratic nomination for governor. 51 to 30%. While. Sade came in fourth and a five way race. Got 18% of the vote. Corey Busch luster primary to William Lacy Clay. 56 to 39. Hawaii's primary election coming up August 11 so far. This woman is not. Really helping these candidates that she stumping for. I share the story with you to provide some. Moderates level of encouragement. That people really aren't as far off the cliff as we sometimes fear. She I. Isn't there some. Heat and if you know we'll meet. Just from listening to a few programs. What is my one of my biggest pet peeves arrogance. And there are too many people have an inflated sense of their own worth their own value they're only importance. Many clout they carry. This Cortez woman is one of them. She wins a race and all of a sudden she thinks she's got the star power and Jean travel all around the country and people are going to. Common start shouting Rosanna in the highest. Our savior is here. And supporting everybody she supports. I think this is hilarious. There's the truth of the matter is. Even among Democrats. The percentage of hard core socialist. Is not rear. Democrats would really like him to be. I find some consolation there can you. Let's quickly take you call from marking guess stony yet you get a little less than a miniature. Drive more and I are meant. It's all you answer. You'll leads turn off your radio and quickly gets you points or. I am a point at man I love trump I love everything he does and I wouldn't need to get rid of are like everyone you know. But all of them. Every single one of them mark yeah every single every single person or not they're Smart but not pure from America. Who how do you find them by the way. Pick up what am I am. How you define purity. I'm American and Americans. Are jam American and our rights. Very interesting comment there Mark. Fuhrman and let's develop this further what war is. The definition of pure American what does that look like. Love to get your thoughts on this one. Welcome back to the broadcast I love this takes line absolutely hilarious by the way Ingles defended stock went over 80921110. Haven't since retirement planning takes line at 71307. Before I get to that I wanted to share a quote. We kind of really enjoyed reading his comments I don't know that I've actually seen him one of the key cable channels before I know he's on one of them. Sure Michael Singleton. He is a conservative. Here's what he said about last night's races particularly Ohio's twelfth. It's been reliably red since the 1920s. Only flipping Democrat in 1930 straight years and again for two year term in 1980. Trump won the district by wide margins and sixteen the fact it was close. Has to be a major concern for Republicans would mid terms less than a hundred days away. Trump undeniably gave a necessary booster ball rescinding K six last minute endorsement. Certainly solidified his lead even a small however. And you'll notice what you think about this this is in this Brasilia safe red seat. Republicans spent five million compared to Democrats won. Over sixty far more competitive races ahead which means it tougher to head for Republicans. So not out of the woods yet. Just something to consider. Let's go to a call from Jerrold good morning. The more of a friend and you don't racer. All right Al listening to your comments about ms. Cortez and ocean queen took the quite arrogant after a opening day. So what one hit wonder but it can reminded me of the mama grizzly failure we went through little ill. And I know people with saying you can take pretty face sort. Chrome. And what politics and think you can win and. The pink red carpet. Sure and what who might you be referring to joke. If you eat it probably clinical or wrong you tell you about Sarah Palin. Bad that it it is it's so remember all the mama grizzly is local runner well. Maybe the same thing in your open like you say fear on both sides and I'm glad that you object too remote to most. Absolutely that's that we do here Joseph and I appreciate your. Recognizing their host in his objectivity. Have kept at a hey we aim to do that here. Over on the text line. All four throwing crooked politicians in jail I just wish to laws applied equally to both Republicans and Democrats where we all hope for that don't week. Another Texas saying I that OJ found the killer wasn't it at the thirteenth hole at Firestone. Can you think. Prince let's be honest we're all immigrants in the native Americans or immigrants from Asia for millennia ago my ancestors came here and 1610. And I consider myself pure American I don't care about my German Irish British ancestry. One bits. Just look how they're doing. And that's sheer amount of easily. Two words that define a pure American Dinesh D'Souza and upset god bless you Vince. From the reform to redneck. And this one I loved pure American. Drink lots of Kool Aid never say noted Donald and block all channels except for fox. That is absolutely hilarious. Let's go out to us he can't read a guest Tony good morning. And who can't read tea. Showcase. I greeting from gasoline. Each user about it so it doesn't it's perfectly explained it their constitution. I have removed. Program has the authority to improve vote citizenship. And in which they have done so. And everything. That money could be adhere to. Is our US constitution. And article. Six. Very specific. It's the constitution. And the laws of the United States. Shell base supporting. Law boy you know and and the judges and every state Shelby but go. Thereby end things of the constitution or laws. Of any state. To the contrary. Notwithstanding. Another words. Here's another in the article slip. That. They Shelby bound by the oath or affirmation. To support the constitution. But no religious test shall ever be required. As to the qualification. Through the office. Or public trust. Under the United States another word every NGOs juror. And inferior courts even board of election help pursche taken note. Two. I'll abide by the constitution. Our current. Judge this for an important Supreme Court. I'll restating is that you know I will be bio by the constitution. Heck he's got to he took a road to that effect. And if you look at all these. People. That and government that took this so they are we quark didn't do this and if they don't then they were they are liars. And hypocrites. Stop and that's. So and that's our responsibility to deal appropriately with those folks what else were you going to add to that guy can rent. While I think it should be in every school our constitution and be understood that Ronald Blake is billions. It's presented that way and even even win the real food give him let's say at the boards of election in every kill me. That. They need to read the constitution before they take their rode this they would they're both going to look. You know I and I would daresay I cadre do appreciate your call I suspect a good number of these people serving in office does it matter. How high or how low. I don't think they have any clue what that document says that's just my opinion. Parents can based on a lot of experience start with politicians. Got to Greeneville and Tim and good morning. Good morning at the event are you darn right serve. Okay poll YouTube to edit. The last segment all about this because they got indicted the top Republican. Congressman. I think that they say it. Net net drain the trial that football regardless propped open did that pump more griner. Under that affect him that race. Well I mark how many. Rudy Giuliani. Got on TV few weeks ago instead that president well. And I think they know where there are they related bad he it is then it's impossible to indict you know. You know all it in the event venue the book at all. Troll all these people that. It's important during the good football but how can you say that way you did you support a man who in movies that. In the bullpen I'll bet. That this hypocrisy don't you think. Well I don't necessarily dead and think this is hypocrisy ID from a constitutional standpoint I think the issue comes. Can you indict a sitting president. That's what impeachment is supposed before I do appreciate your call their Tim. And find a new spirit of your question. But the idea is if there's something that is punishable. If there's a crime that's been committed. Well it's on congress to do something about that so there's a crime let's see it and find out what idiots. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Going through his interest in email remember I mentioned when I was with you on Monday. How was frustrated trying to find out news about Venezuela the other day and who's on Sunday. Steven Wright sand and says this I heard your comment about the drone attack in Venezuela not being on mainstream media news. I always made fun of inside edition Entertainment Tonight is being news. That's what our mainstream news has become setting kind of scary Steven I can now agree with you more that's really what it is all become. It's just trash. A good part of the time. And things that you need to know you do not find out. Because all the time and attention and focus. Is on the show any objects. And each food fights are in for some reason I don't know well I do know why it's entertaining that's why. Earlier we had a caller who was talking about a pure American and I asked the question what is a pure American. This techsters says pure American so much has renounced all allegiances to all other nations and creeds. No hi friends international or ethnicity identity. McCain. John at a top and says person believes in the founding principles of America yes. I'm a much. Okay. Pure American equals skin color red white blue blood type USA favorite food. Cheeseburger. And a half a favorite son star spangled banner. Purity. Doesn't purity mean without defects if that's the case know what I'm planet earth would qualify. And you look at his statement about being pure American. Well let's dumb to none of us appear Americans because all of her relatives came from overseas. The only people who can say they are pure Americans would be specific. Native American tribes. My guests. He wouldn't like that. On the Ohio. Race. There were still waiting for a final decision on. This tech sure like to know how many votes O'Connor got from Ohio graveyards. Can you pick it up. Can you double check the cam the campaign expenditure numbers in Ohio I've read several different scouts love to know the truth will keep reading. Stuck with the immigrant crap hero you were not an immigrant if you born in the country your ancestors may be immigrants. Fisher knocked. If you were born here. Prince as opposed to ms. Cortez Sarah Palin actually had a political record as governor of Alaska. And did a pretty good job from what I understand. Prince were beginning see the collateral damage of Trump's terrific trade war the company that makes affordable TVs for Wal-Mart. Called elements. We use the rest of this text. It is disappeared. So it's going to lay off employees. We'll be attacked whether trump troops for saying it's because the tariffs it doesn't glorify trump. So vilified him. Also this people lady gets terms right immigration is a legal process the first Europeans to come you were not immigrants they were said others. Native Americans had no legal process therefore no immigration took place just a migration. When governor was set up. Then in immigration process was instituted. So thereafter newcomers were immigrants. So no we're not all immigrants the first native source said owners just like the first Europeans. That's a pretty interesting way to look at this. Now the first nearest by needs him. President Hillary Clinton sounds so much better keep it clicked. Yeah. On the question of impeachment I'm saying that's. The issue of potential charges against a president would be handled Wii is impeachment rather than an indictment. This Dexter says I don't trust congress one bit when it comes to impeachment. So OJ looking for real killer. Also hates them you can't hates saying president trump any more deny it it's saying President Obama. Did issuer is racist as I am. The moon. Kind of turned Allen around there. Here we are approaching the top the hour and a look at news. Now is probably good time. Take a look at the day in history but it's touch base with our good friend lions though. Who'll try to answer these four questions before the time expires good morning sir. Good morning how are you today I am awesome. All right. This first one is a very tricky. This. The rather than the dead. Invincible always redefined as the Spanish armada got our butt kicking. From the fleet from what country heard what was it in fifteen radiates. And it took out the Spanish armada. Think of who is kind of on top of things at the time. France. Not quite it's actually English. I'm an English. 1876. Silva for says at one time France was a military power they were at one time and totally shell of their former selves now. We have this machine. V mimic your graft machine. It was patented and 1876. Who is the indenture. Think of one of the famous inventors 1876. So you would know the into the so I would not know the answer this question. So when I get this wrong and charming you're com you're in good company. I'm gonna go Alexander Graham Bell you know it's not a bad guess it's actually Thomas Edison. Came up with the email me or grab a shot at home was my second it's OK okay. 1969. This was set certain me. So worn it's many people remember. You know what I'm going to save these other two because. There may be some discussion attached and especially in light. Of the texts we had just few minutes coastal winds are playing where this. We'll finish these questions and have much more coming apart our number two with a Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. There's this young kids Coakley radio program. But we ended the first hour we had a couple more questions left I didn't wanna sift through his new understands. When IE actually share we Q what these questions are because a one of them deals with day. Really yeah ugly time in our nation's history. In fact have here is they can't. We had some horrible killings that happened in 1969. And in fact the killer. Just died not long ago. High profile killing of celebrities. Do you happen to know. Who they were. Celebrities. Yes there was an actress. Who's away from me director among five people cater to urge them Manson that. Yes it was you're absolutely correct and that's probably good enough yet because I don't remember man Sharon Tate Sharon's username. And this happens in 1969. And knows The Beatles well. Yes do you talk about helter skelter lynch supposedly that was going to be the other into I was going to give. A song that was actually. You know and Alicia Alicia would have saying helter skelter because we all would've appreciated them. And I would not punish people by attempting to do that song it would have been velvety smooth no employee I fail it. This felt a thing. 1974. Another tumultuous time in the nation's history. This first announced president. He was going to resign the following day. Who was this person Nixon. Tricky Dick yes it was known as seems to be the answer to a lot of questions for children. Yeah what's the deal here. Bob runaway and I know you're in Greenfield did you happen to see because I'm sure the networks have been showing this is well. The video of that police chase that happen in Charlotte yesterday. I did not know you've got to see it it's just absolutely epic. Fact I will send you a link because it's. It's just absolutely ridiculous. And we were shocked I was in a public place at the time. And there was the you know people were gathered around watching the television is like what are people watching here and I walked in and what was going guy and was this chase who's being carried live on local television. And hopefully this woman got boxed in by police. And that this was one of the sharks have this entire thing you know they had to drag this personality. And we were all like how what's gonna happen here uses got to beat beat beat down on my television. And then we were shocked to see it's a woman. I mean. You know what's fascinating. About what can bring people together peoples. All nationalities. All political pins. It's a car chase yes. We. Because you don't care about who's standing next to figure all intuit and he he also wonder what makes people so fascinated by I think maybe movies have something to do with that but I mean. You're waiting to see how it ends and hopefully you're not secretly hoping it ends of the crash but I think some people I can see that. I think you're right I think there are people really do wanna see they wanna see the thing go flying off a bridge or something like that. He knows is sitting and have this this crazy moment together. And usually like chase ends with with the person somehow getting all the car running yes. Those are always funny because they always give him the we skipped cots into its. Absolutely layers by the way this moment. She's one and on several felony warrants. In. She was followed by the police helicopter from Charlotte facing multiple charges child abuse. Failure to secure children a car seat. Thirty year old Amanda Sawyer. Went into union Johnny before crashing the intersection of the US or any Ford Dickerson boulevard in Monroe. It was Highway Patrol started pursuing her when she reached Union County. And said two children were in the car at the time. And fortunately these kids are now with relatives. This. Was reared just absolutely we years. Any case loads of great to talk with you and look forward to connecting again. Very soon. Yes all your drive. Yes you do and have perhaps we will be able to accomplish that tomorrow or Friday which is Glenn mentioned that I'm now. So I'm glad you put that on the radar screen we will. Try to pursue that the next couple of days she great documented by the way when we pursue that hopefully we won't be pursuit. Yes that's is good because you know I was gonna add something I better leave that alone list I get something started. Have a good would their lens. The man. There's a story. Rather also grabbed my attention yesterday tennis. It was really weird and and I'd be very curious to she would police learned about this particular incident. Did you hear about this when. Member of American Airlines cleaning crew discovered a dead fetus. In an airplane toilet at LaGuardia Airport yesterday morning. This fetus was found hours after flight 93 to arrived in New York. From Charlotte. The aircraft remain on the ground overnight cleaning crew came on board headed planes planned. Departure. When the attendants noticed a large amount of toilet paper one planes lavatories. Discouraged at the foot what appeared to Phoebe if fetus. In the torrent. These stories. They just absolutely creeped me out they really do. And I just never have. Never have understood the how all of these are walked out and we've learned now from. Europe polish. This was left by a pregnant Brooklyn team. Who suffered a miscarriage. Inside the laboratory. As her twin sister stood guard outside that bathroom. She left the fetus. Behind. On the plane after a touchdown in Queens. From Charlotte. The flight landed all the other passengers Steve plane with a pregnant woman rushed to the bathroom with a sister telling crew was an emergency. Flight attendant told police woman came out of the bathroom and looked deal. Checked into the hospital cleaning crew later discovered. This baby. Com at this point at least one interview. These women these young women but they believe this was a miscarriage not a criminal act. How I I just don't understand the mindset of walking out something like this. And just kind of leafing. It's just weird. Absolutely weird. Still to come on the broadcast this morning. We will talk about something that really concerned me. It's a poll. Not about Democrats. But about Republicans. Now I know there are some who immediately get a jump on this and say fake news. I believe. I'm not so quick. To draw that conclusion. Because I have been warning for quite some time there are some things within our camp there's some attitudes and values within our camp. That I am deeply concerned. That we have. Then transformed by the very ideology. That we claim to a pros. Boy this really has your attention now. He what he's been screwing talked about here well. We're going to share results of the poll and and I wanted to know if some of you fall into the category. And people identified in this pool we'll talk about it coming up. This is fiscal clean radio program. We have got to have some fun talking about the family pets. Namely the dog. And how it is viewed in the home. This was a very interesting subject to make Democrats know that this will be an many intriguing discussion mattered to find out whether. To a new faces this particular issue full share what he has little bit later on. New York Post as this story that really disturbed through and I shot. Now when she'll listen carefully to. 43% of Republicans say trump should be allowed to shut down media. 43. Percent. Here's what's going on here present Trump's repeated cries of fake news and attacks on journalists. As enemies of the American people resonated with his base. 43%. Of Republicans saying he should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior. These results suggesting a plurality of Republicans would have no problem. Trashing the First Amendment. This is a stunning new fall. Connect to buy it serves and reported by the Daily Beast. Show that just 36%. Of GOP voters disagree with that statement 36%. Disagreed. Patrolling this picture. This is why I tell you folks. I'd get very concerned and I see people following people. Following personalities. When asked if trump should close down specific news organizations such as CNN Washington Post New York Times. All frequent trump targets 23% of GOP voters are grieved. While 49%. Did not. This is scary. There should not be a single person saying. The the president should have the power to shut down media agencies. My goodness. What do we think about this. And her Obama administration. If we had it. Democrat saying the same thing. I see these people out of their minds. Overall Republicans were more likely to take a dim view of the media. 40% said they believe the news media is the enemy of the American people with only 28% disagreeing. The news media is the enemy of the American people. This is very dangerous it really is. I don't care if you disagree. Wish I profoundly disagree and I've told you what I think the mainstream news media. These are very inflammatory words. And really they should never be uttered certainly and not by US president. I don't care who it is. I was very critical of this under Barack Obama continued to be critical of this. Under president trump. Nearly four out of 579%. Said they believe the mainstream media treats president trump unfairly. The commander in chief was recently as January called existing US libel laws a sham and a disgrace. Has routinely accused journalists of lying making up sources in knowingly reporting false information to make him look bad. Great news hates me saying they're the enemy of the people only because they know it's true. I'm providing great service by explaining this to the American people they purposely caused great divisions and distrust. Wow. Wow wow wow. They can also cause war they're very dangerous in sick he granted. This was sent. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently refused to respond when she was Esther she thought third journalist with the enemies of people. The first daughter out of pocket trump said she disagree with this characterization. Its interest in where the New York Post whose next. So not only Republicans who think the president should have the power to muzzle the media. A common practice in dictatorships and authoritarian states like Russia North Korea and China. According to surveyed 12% of Democrats. Two point 1% of independents agree the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior. This really this blows my mind 21% of independents think this. We better get a grip. I'm serious. We darn well better get a grip here. Love your thoughts on the this particular. Hole. We'd shoot. Well I think I've said enough. Let's go out to a call from Scott in Charlotte good morning. Hey good morning inventory of right here. They've right first time caller. They're listening puke or about six or so. Love your show I think you're actually NATO will be here you're the only personality I actively seek out the listen to. That we became. Thank you and at that although I don't agree with everything say that's that's okay. Because I shouldn't tolerate any election. And you just have my group so. That'll look great sold another win but just at that like of that. Not that. Then they'll. Or all all talk. Pretty quick there's two you know I know it's time sensitive purely. And personally don't want to get out independent voter that if you can check before. I don't know maybe 45 years now. I'm cool that they Democrat and a democratic family. Voted Democrat most of my adult life. I'm fifty now. What as. Everyone seems to be where hopefully where they've been completely take over by the extreme rabid left. And very disappointing. And that the reason for Michael. Actually it was about surge all right. Do to help point out the beat these aren't just mystified by her this this ridiculousness. Oh well everything surrounding her. You know. How old. You know she hates white people and all especially white males are terrible. Except for and actually the forty or fifty guys that work it's your time he held their their navy that you guys have run CNN or whoever you know order. There are certainly I guess store are so cool like I don't know how else. Differentiate bots. You know and if you think about how ultimately what does that signal you can't possibly be racist. Against white folks because they're at the top of the power exactly. So if that's true band then let's just say for instance that Asians were second right there that these Hispanics can allow them to the right in its life. And then blacked can deal on Hispanics in that's why no racism where it. What about the Gypsies. You know you know Lila a beat up everybody is that not reasonable. Can it work that you stated that in all of it. Can't everyone. Be double or know what you know it happens how is that anyone could possibly taking any of that seriously because it's just. Both Lima relate. You know it's pretty sad here in fact I'm I'm looking to search for those not familiar were. With what scouts talking about this is the surge charm controversy this is the so called journalist. Who is joined the New York Times this woman is me. I mean if she the word hate is thrown around a lot this woman is genuinely a hater. There are looking at one ever tweets here this is one of the milder ones. Hash tag cancel white people. And I mean think about this. We are rare in what universe can you say anything like this if you were to do this about black people. Route I mean you would be shot and and ostracized. You would be pushed out of public. You would immediately. Being opposed the bird but the thing about it is. If you open season and the right people as long as you attacked the right people Scott's. You can get away with it and right now the murder bird parish in saddle it. It's that is very important and every bit you know along those lines it is five or others. Counseling be Democratic Party. And so why would certainly her work. What they think about this fervent right and I want everybody that is. They really seriously what the risk of Israel alienating a sequel he fought for them and in particular what I'm but I prefer. Hold that thought I'd love to talk more we talked with Scott here in Charlotte. It's amazing. Think she can do during your break. Actually. Out SPS I just went down the hall had a conversation with a boss you know. Center park briefly. Any case we have any conversation about said the surge on character and I found that in person severely Vera lately. Hateful. Just across the board toward under a white people men it mean you just name it. And this is now acceptable to do in public you can just do this and you can get hired by the New York Times. I'm I don't wanna spend so much time on this nonsense because I think we all see what this is in we come to expect. To the media doesn't have standards. Departed immediately don't have standards in all I'm very curious still about Scott's journey because he shared some of it and then it's got I'm Tony curious as to. One has kind of pushed you down the lines are being an independent you describe some of those things but. I served an uptick was there a particular moment we just study you know these people are just gun completely off a cliff was there an event was their candidate what was it. No not necessarily events honestly like like poles think the further suitors know. Actual black and white circumstances the patent rights so I'm just a culmination of different things over time we could start to see you know there's. That little recent article you are or what you want to offer is we've been and always you know. Well whacko here electoral where he says your super than sit there and up. Well over time you know what sort of become. We were personally. Were sent progressively. Were. It just silly. And it just didn't ever try to turn around and it's it's just became more and more popular too because you're you know. And then again we're just a function of time craziness over time that he'd say I'll with a lot of political science so work. That these guys are usually do that pops they're not they're hypocrites senators or they hate more than anything else. Vince is hypocrites I mean come on you know they're really just does bother me more than anything nice I can do regarding the weather or hour no matter what they say your nor police say it. And we're differ from our whatever happens I'm good with that but the art person really really stick so much yet. Got to be consistent and what before you go here when quickly ask you if you could name a person you'd like to see leave this country. Anybody out there who would it be more. I didn't. Right I don't have evidence supporting her quarters or possibly top questions. But but I just look closer to Beijing the oldest is sort charge so look. A total follow up about the F. If I was a democratic be very careful. Because. BP well alienated their very important voting block for them which is organized labor. I hate to television all were local regional or work or what are at especially skilled workers unions the majority of those folks are really social like Garrett. And how well I think it's going to be good or they start taking offense to some other things that are going on out there. Ordered them. Yep and that thing about it's gotta say they don't let these people simply do not care great to talk we just gotta appreciate your call and look forward to talking again some time. You know. Yeah I really think some of these folks they do these things when impunity and they think. They think there are a lot of people out there probably and they've got an over inflated view. Of the number of people who would get behind them. And it's you're probably right it probably will catch up at some point. Gina green broken morning. You have bench I know of target show why yes you know. You look or talk about the first remembered in the media and had no comment about. 40% of you like man like me wanted to shut down the media yeah. You know who preferred proponent of you are of the year of free speech. She's a because. And I like I am concerned regarding what you hear what my neighbor thinking I wanna hear what what does. Jack curry in that girl thing by the way I think I know why should shut what she showed. I think it portrays. And in your state of angry lesbianism. We'll put that aside to go to the look you know. Now in my I'm curious about I. I in yet. Yell they've been pure you know you're gonna look like I am you know over time that we're we're perilous times and what are we gonna hear and see. Broke didn't touch they can you don't trust action. Supported a path to this this is about the present shutting down the press. What do you what I recall your history John adams' alien and sedition acts. So that was he tried to report that because he could not bear up under any media. Criticism by by the crash. Obama is actually just president. Now we had a guy named why he he yeah. Wouldn't he feel he he can't guarantee US military to occupy the south will be okay. Appropriate since he and Bryce who might have Vito who are you shut down the prices. And the union states. She's not happy you know people have this impression that Abraham Lincoln would well beloved by the north but the unit you go to Washington. They're sort of pivot simple won't. Looks like the way yeah well. I guess feeling good today take up of trial beautiful phone. And along the way and right on the right or wrong why not quite honestly gene in quite honestly in looking at back in some of these things in history. These should have been prosecuted and there should have been people along the way. Who stood up and refused to allow these abuses. And as recently as the interment. A Japanese Americans another example. Arafat agreed just things that have happened in history appreciate your call their gene. Because it it does speak to the fact that all of us but from what I've said before. All of us need to exercise leadership. And not just follow along. It's just dangerous to be on a blind follower. Spencer good morning welcome. Good morning. This woman talking about. Or whoever laws that are hurt trade secret of white people all Jakarta. What are class people that you pick out our house panel like the national socialist German workers' party. He didn't do that occurred. It means to. Yes it's quite familiar is and it's and it's the sad thing is again this goes back to what I just said about people. Following along and stuff. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who believe these ideas been Syria it's it's very very unhealthy. John me in Charlotte is well you got about a minute. You have meant the giant a guy that's exciting thanks for taking my call it. Rick Rick it's very important. Lose in South Africa they've been saying kill Obama. Well over the last twenty years 3500. Comments have been brutally murdered. And there are a medical problem. Recently they've been saying expropriated land were caught without compensation. Get what. Album that people have just. Gone implicate him oh got gone on to people's armed open Vilsack and of course because of a low you can't take tomorrow. Third man is becoming I'm Obama poked. And Evan mamet play here we come. And spreads pretty scary is and it's and so and again. If you hope that there are enough decent people along the way. That won't put a stop to this we we can only hope Johnny. And pretty that these people of the world got critical putt try which put the media they are not a good and they have just. Fact open bags unless I blame them up. I'm there with you Johnny it's really unfortunate. The the people who are so insightful before. Had such wisdom and such clarity of moral values. All of a sudden. They don't see anything now imagine that. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Final stretch of our Wednesday broadcast and we have a developing story on the Chris Collins you remember he's the one news. And rested on securities fraud charges. The leader of the house Paul Ryan. Has now kicked. Mr. Collins off from the house energy committee. While his guilt or innocence is a question for the courts to settle the allegations against representative Collins command prompt and thorough investigation. By the house ethics committee. He says insider trading is a clear violation the public trust until this matter is settled representative Collins will no longer be serving. On the house energy and commerce. Community. So that is the word photo of me speaker of the house Paul Ryan. But glad to Fort Mill and John good morning John. Good morning Vince so pure well yes sir. I was calling to follow up Brinkley and what one of the earlier are instead about. Lincoln. Shutting down a freedom of speech during the civil war. Specific they got a point there between the president merger prior or during the war by and suspend that. But I pair great void in their bed they are in the competition department and a dubious so it died back. Meaning you'd did not follow blighted areas that are broken every George. An American to demand urgent response. Seoul. You're saying the freedom of speech and freedom of the press are not absolute. During wartime I believe that they're not. Look I don't think we're gonna wart that I don't I'm sorry I missed something and help those cab with or without. People are acting like we are spread out emotionally but I thought provoking a print Eric and I don't think it's as an example our. This errant a serious danger here though of how this can be manipulated. Ben you're getting to the cult of personality which hit the whole bit I think for your. Yeah I could see some I mean I immediately re all kind directed flags would be going up here in and I understand what you're saying about the idea that. Yeah we don't want to. You know. Hamstring. The government's India the same time I can see how there could be potential for a whole lot of mischief. Appreciate your call there John especially with the way some of these wars here and I used the word loosely have been carried out recent years. I'm a couple of interest in notes years. On that are four legged friends. If you sharp republics in Charlotte's. You might have noticed there are some signings. There's been prepared to since a special message about dogs. When I saw the story that this is crazy you actually have to tell people this. For food and safety reasons only service animals that are trained in a person disabilities are permitted in the store. And in bold it says this service animals are not permitted to sit or ride in shopping carts. I. Can you believe this. You actually have to tell people don't Richard dogs. In a shopping cart. People are gonna put food in those courts but. Let's discuss. Everything I can't believe you have to explain this to people. But apparently you do. Now it's been. Circulated in public stores in the Charlotte area. Our policy and service animals and our stores has not changed in an effort to raise awareness and public and an understanding. The decision was made to post this note as a reminder it's important for us to create a pleasant shopping environment. Well there you ago. Some people need to be told we have this. Which I thought was rather intriguing. And it is also about our four legged friends a study says dog owners take more pics of their pet than their spouse. Can you imagine how much trouble you get into with this woman. Now no honestly no I and this one my questions are we don't have to conclude just if you wanna talk about this another time where we didn't have this conversation. What if your spouse doesn't like having your picture taken. Then immediately Pritchard a place where I receive gonna take more pictures of your pets in your spouse you got to honor that. If your spouse is funneling I pictured it. A new study by the pet web site rover dot com found 65%. Of dog owners admitted to taking more photos of Fido than of their husbands or wives. 65%. Does this say something about its. These folks. More than half for participants also say they would get they would consider ending a relationship if their partner and dog didn't get along with the each other. I. Nearly half said they'd miss old buddy more than their significant other if they had to spend a weaker parts. What if they get over there Ed Ed is like he shaken and said dogs are good judge of characters you know they are it'll. Each year you had something to say about this just heard some women says look at you must love dogs don't have a long or so it takes pictures. But that's. But lawyers to slow state officials are. Yeah we're gonna hold cattle you don't get jealous I don't know her game that's cool yeah there's a man who's sick here. That's excellent good stuff just something to think about it's you know you don't have to admit any thing. It's just between us and all right pat yourself agreed Digg got bush and.