Controversy Continues at the Border Over Separation of Families

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, June 20th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty. This is no Vince Coakley radio program. Good morning. Welcome to the broadcast. I don't know about you this issue in this ongoing about immigration. About separating families. This is getting more more ridiculous by the day. This program. And I would be very clear about this. Is not about a food fight. There are some places will serve you all the food you want to throw it people I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in solutions. And one of the frustrating things since I was just thinking about this this morning. This is a situation that really requires a great deal of wisdom and I would daresay divine wisdom. On what to do. I know immediately some people are going to reflexively. React. To one of the statements I'm about ready to make. What was the big thing that people always said. These supporters of Dow trump always said about Donald Trump. She's not a politician. We're winning easy. I'm gonna tell you why I'm bringing this up in the beginning of the broadcast. You see a politician. Just involved in calculations. Putting fingers in the air to figure out how things are going to go gets involved in. Who knows how many other machinations to. Jet to whatever their political agenda in years. Here's my concern. Can we just do what's right there's a post in fact I want to go to this before I go and so in the news content. Regarding this issue of immigration and the ongoing controversies. There's a friend of mine Cory who posted this on social media and and I hate it so resonates with me because this is. One of those situation nick cries out for wisdom. Gosh there are some things that have to be done by congress. But there are some things. That just require. The president to recognize you know the buck stops here. Here's some things that need to be done with an executive order. Or not done. According to an executive order. If there's something that's unjust it's inappropriate. That may be illegal. Immoral. You just don't do it. It doesn't require an act of congress. And I'm desperately crying out this morning for leadership. That is what is lacking right now. Even in the past few days she heard mark meadows on this program talking about the president. Considering the legislation perform on immigration. Where does he stand. Well he might support either one of these bills. What is his real position. Stated to restate it. Come out speak to the American people call us together as a people and say this is what we need to do. I wanna tell you again I don't mind saying this to you. I am sick and tired of the victim Knology associate with this president the people saying all these people coming after a I'm just telling you now. I wanna see the man govern. I'm not against the man. But I'm calling the man to do what he was elected to do covered lead. Provide direction. Don't wait for congress. No that's not just came to mind. If you think congress is a swap. Why is the president following along behind the members of congress. To figure out what he wants to do on this issue and which one of these pieces of legislation if they're not to his liking white meat tellem go back and get the job done the right way. And then I'll sign it. Where is it where is that kind of leadership seek let me just tell you honestly. If there's anything I would've fought. Might be appealing about this president. It was. Here's a man who said an experience as CEO. And taking decisive action. Providing leadership. Using a executive authority boldly. Frankly what I see is final week. Following year. And I think here's the irony I think it's set up. The situation where the president has found himself now at the mercy of the mainstream news media and yes. I have agreed deal pour the importance for the mainstream media and what it does. But if you keep serving them gifts by inaction day after day after day after day whose fault is that. He's president. Deep president. Do something presidential. In children and families should never ever ever ever ever. Be bargaining chips. Now this is not going to appeal to you. If you're focused on. Who's on what side. I happened to be on the human side. There are some things. I need to transcend politics and I think I communicated my position yesterday. There's another element brought into this that I think is really important. Verification. Because in some cases we don't even know if these kids belong. To the adults that are supposedly their parents. There's now the prospect of doing DNA tests brought up by Jeff Sessions brilliant idea let's do quite DNA test. Verified that there are part of the same family send them where they came from. Case closed. This doesn't have to be complicated. Not at all. Here's some of the Drudge headlines on this trump vows to stop illegals great duo it. New fear on border. I understand. There is video circulating around of Rachel matter Al crying. I mean histrionics here are just absolutely ridiculous PR. Horrifying photos of Obama's illegal alien facilities. Media refuses to show of course they do. Doing turns screams there fewer trump. Charming. Just charming and T for blessed list of ice personnel photos and identities. He's a very nasty people. Peter Fonda encourages targeting children have agents. Do you see the times or were in. And this is why I've said before. Doesn't this go back to what I've said do you just a few days ago. The country is not the economy. There are some problems that transcend economics. And if we don't get a handle on the news. We don't have much of a country in the first place do we. If we can't even solve something so simple this really isn't complicated folks it isn't this should've been solved. Days ago. And inaction has left the door open for all the criticism all the political posturing and for the media to have a field day. And then you have a circus. You have a profound circus where you have the Homeland Security secretary secretary going to a restaurant. And getting chased. This country. Is literally coming apart. And then you have brilliant utterances from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Politician should be held in cage's ex. Really. How about you go first mr. Schwarzenegger. My goodness and plugged your thoughts we'll talk about this some of the nuances. And new developments in the story as legislation advances. That much more. Thought our broadcast today. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. So we've got lead dog and pony show going out as well the antitrust biased investigation going on in congress trade got me involved in those hearings. Peter struck. Escorted from headquarters the FBI. At night. Let me just say this again. If they've got something substantive they're going to bring out. If there is. Criminality. If there's something that's gonna cause someone to be disciplined. Bring it on. If they're just gonna talk about this and hold hearings I am not interest it I really don't give a crap I really don't. This stuff. If there's illegality. Prosecute. For whatever it is this goes for everybody she goes for Mueller. Discuss for congress. I wish Syracuse this quote from Corey here's what he pushed I think yesterday the day before. And and my heart resonates with news. Does this resonate with you at all. Here's what discourages me about the US. These are the questions I see people asking who holds that opinion or position. Does this piece of news help my side. Why is that person making that argument. Whose side is that person nine. And Corey ins with this. It feels like almost no one asked the question is it right. That's the crux of this whole matter for me. All this posturing. And all the blaming. And all the fighting in the bickering. It's a waste of energy it really is. I defy anybody to explain and I seen the text like already. And some of view I don't mind saying this. Some if you really need to take some classes in practical reasoning. Because you don't know how to use. The power of your mind to reason anymore some of you don't. Debate on your show I would have a fair opportunity on CNN. You know why it's because you're more on. I'm serious I don't hesitate to say this. Because some if you have already experienced. A lobotomy. You if you have basically impedes your head of all brain power. I don't know with the purposes. To be part of a tribe called whatever idiots. I defy you to X to refute anything that I said in the first block. And I want you to call me to do it don't be a Howard and used the text line and take cheap shots at the host. Because it's not gonna fly to America to share your text. I'm really gonna I'm really going to pull the plug. I mean some of this it's kind of funny but at some point it just gets old we get stale and it just shows how. Intellectually. Vacuous you really are. Some of you. Let's go out to a call from Chris good morning. Start us off well here Chris. Well I'm gonna try after that the lobby of insults. I certainly am I gonna root you know. Call you voters say anything of your degree have different opinions and I think that's a really bad approach. I thought your guys you know who is a constitutional. Supporter. And I know the last eight years have been confusing. For a lot of us. But congress passes laws. OK stop stop Chris. What did I say about what the president could and should do you. We have a president can do a lot of things within the next president and his common with a another stroke of the pen high impact. Chris not a risk I get that I get what congress needs to do. What it's what it Barack Obama do for eight years regarding immigration what did he do. Big bigger and influence the told people don't don't. All right these did. Peace he used the power of discretion for the executive branch. And that's what I'm encouraging the president to do here if there's something that is not that is immoral that is inappropriate that is stupid. The president has the power of discretion and he ought to challenge the court if there's something wrong what do what I'm doing I dare you take me to court. You have a bit that's why would it still took the band aid in the next. Here's the problem Chris Chris your Chris listen to be listened to me. Then the other part of this is. Donald Trump needs to be the boss sit Paul Ryan down sit Mitch McConnell down. Chipped up freaking job done make these changes and I will sign it speak to the American people and called them to beat together on this. What Donald Trump is not leading on this that's what I'm saying. Let into the speech to the small business people that he's state outlined exactly like a lot. I mean what do you what I pay attention I know exactly what he wants you got you obviously know listening to America did not. Hiding anything very transparent. Very demanding very much a leader he's trying like I think tiger did do its job for the first time. In an hour to get to push back in a big dog do what you think congress the past and again they don't have to do Jack squat. No they're not giving a pass Chris you're not you are not listening. Are now lost two different things it's executive action now. To avoid doing things that are immoral better and better inappropriate and the second part of it is. For drip for the legislation to fix the things that are broken and he needs only. Separating families is inappropriate. Yes that you don't want that to abide by the candidate when my family just like I did last year and did not my son's birth certificate they took me my whole family into the cab likes and David at the giant screw you up to protect these kids. Bill no documentation they don't know anything other families. And here's where I out of the bush years where I hope but no adult. Here's why I advocate how wide Jeff Sessions is talking about doing DNA test it's very simple. If they are long. Let's say and so they he doesn't have to separate family you can only enforce the border with the law that are placed you are right some executive order and change things so people and it keeps coming intensely can't. Just say. Nobody is encouraging people to keep coming Chris I think you're arguing you're trying to convince me of something I don't need to be convinced out. I agree with what you're trying to do Chris. Enjoy it and why you so I think Auburn's. I've chosen as a conservative radio because every other outlet like turn on. It's spell it's boring it's an attack is nonsense Spaniard has Deirdre is that no one brought I'm sorry. By Chris C year. Is there anybody can reason on this I mean Ryan Ryan can you reason on this do you understand. Well well well the only thing that I wanna say their whole Rush Limbaugh's lift into this because I wanna know where America's secularism is now. You know where do you China's the only deal narrow. You know and and the air employ your last caller allow. People. Millions of people also agree with it looked. And so what I'm saying this if America is gonna be the exception. They you have to do exceptional things and that ignited at some point. I can't disagree with Janice when Ryan I told C. Where is where's our exceptional wisdom where the great mines. That we suppose we have here I I'm just not seeing and that's all I'm saying Pete's you wanna give this a shot good morning. We all yeah I saw oh are. I just short on battle their experiences are what got Jim Jordan and eighty cent eighty these views are related terror irk by it pre. So we start with bat and go up so I think not a pre caught up the government or. What about what you all are yelling and we did yeah. A body was viewed somewhat recent form and you repeated art Peter and art you're. What stuff I I think they end game or trot out or shot back. OPEC air cargo they go to congress ul bat that harbors the Bible wants a court charged Bill Archer RR. I'd I'd get it I see where you're going. And I and I Janet I know what you're talking about with congress and this is why. Donald Trump has got to be that alpha male that he portrayed himself to be. That's what he's got to do call these guys out. We'll continue our conversation stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I do. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock this complete radio program. Speaker Ryan announcing just a few minutes ago and there will be a vote. On legislation to keep families together this will take place tomorrow again this is a developing story. Right now this is a news conference that speaker Ryan had just a bit ago. But the house is going to vote on this immigration bill tomorrow where this goes who knows. Let's go out to ger the in Charlotte good morning Gerri. Good morning thanks for having me on. I'm as a parent I consider and a grandparent I consider my decision really carefully. About what's best to do my children and I try to be consistent. We begin this and that happens and the key to do that then this is gonna happen and that train children and even adults. It can't abandon them let them know what to expect. And even American senators. Are criminals are separated from the children because. We'll and the kids to jail which yes and the parents to jail. For Indiana I'm hoping that this this training. People who want to become illegal immigrants and that we'll have more money want we can stop trying to stop all the immigrants from coming warm. We'll have more money to spend to expedite the process to let people coming and legally I really don't have a problem with what's going on. When what's going on in what respect. I that the children are being separated because. People who are illegal immigrants are you now knowing dot com and wanna do this. Because my children lucky separated from me more maybe I'll go by myself enough for my children with me. To me that it is a training process. I'm very. It's training process. All right. Here's here's my question let's think of this over all issuing you know what the mainstream news media is doing with this. What is being communicated to people. Then and I'm just putting this out there in general about the Republican Party and what it thinks affair X. I don't care about that you don't hear Republican. But I'm okay I'm a Republican because. I wanna make it different than a party. I'm a in my views that probably be a libertarian do you care about seeing Easter. Of course I do and that's why it's simpler to trying your children. In the beginning. Of the affair well behaved and they know the rules and then follow that process. I keep parent screaming at their children poking at their children all the time he Kelly Preston and that the morning Andy teacher and says that you don't. Ever have to keep doing it when they're older and so we would be sent and follow through with any policy. And if they change and I'm OK with that but. And then. This is a policy that would discourage from people trying to come in in the first place with Newman has more money that's on the other hand. And that's the foundational problem isn't it isn't it Jerry to defect who were not keeping people out the fact that they're getting end and we're having to sort through this issue is a good part of our problem right. And that's where all complications. And how. It would be result is we. Had a policy in place to discourage people from tying it in the first place we don't have any given time to take it far. OK okay while I appreciate your call they are Jerry and I and I think Q if I understand correctly she's heard body is say let's just be. Hardcore in. You know and this is zero tolerance policy. And this'll get the job to. JQ. Good morning welcome to the broadcaster. There reporting are doing well. Greg who your real world yes. A big advocate our element of quality and I'm none of the deeply politicized one of those who we considered and thought that would certainly put that we. My perspective looking at some sort of started first thought is that don't. You're ahead that's right points her our iron or. Ourselves and say yeah we listened to you that you are trying to more reasonable all the bad. That sort of looked at both sides yeah but some called the book but I'll bet that's the places that way elect Barack culpable in some of the other out and so. A question. I think that might have a constitutional issue or they can sample. For the united I'll know you're kidding me. Yeah well you know the person who has spoken a lot certainly. We probably has. I'm kind of reasonable suspicion or whatever that he would step up and down. But if we're not sure if that person that hit the kid Carroll. We need the parents' consent to get. Ronald my goodness. I'm not I'm not jumping on you and I say this Jake but I'm I'm Mike I'm starting to glaze over already because I'm just thinking I. I can see this I and I you're making a valid point here Jake because I know they lawyers will be out on this day. I always say in May get even better or you know let her lay down through this rather than sit down going to GH. What do what about a losses from Venezuela. I guess. The United States. The end of federal I'm sorry in an international court I don't know whereby. America is allowing. Big chill. Aaron who have been kidnapped. Do they ensure America and hide under. I was bailout citizenship. And leaving the parents back in Venezuela. Wondering where in the world where kids are essentially in that they want denial or someone say 80% of being trafficked into the country. And going to talk on the unsavory foreign. How to play well where else will let me is. Issue at the border today regarding him or what is that there's been just. Eighties this week in the late from the adult. They're breathing for spared the glaze over and say as well what I thought enforced when there's no presidential decree. That really doesn't fix the problem and in fact it might make them a lot. So how how to we've we've only got about a minute left in this segment Jake. Give me a brief summation of how you resolve all of these issues. Exactly what's going on now you said the president needs to show leadership. Sometimes it goes well leadership that it did look a lot you have on the books are foolish and harmful and wrong. Any compassion. I don't want it to the war meaning nor I want the congress could make a La. To make a lot right and that's what's going on he's force that happened in June then I think that's what leadership look. You think there are there they're going to do that. Are they gonna do that well. It. The Republicans is that they would made such proposals out there that they're voting on today. The Democrats are said hey you know what we're gonna hide behind the picture the media the end of if that's what you know. We're gonna hide behind that not vote for it. Told Republicans we're gonna have to hear that they on their own. Or. Man up and saying no one was quoted on the that would put him on in front of them and the genocide that. Yet it's going to be adjusting C would have been to that story for hours Jake it's I appreciate your call you you're you've really brought out some interest in. Things especially the legal aspect of this. You know if DNA samples are taken I could just see the ACLU getting involved here and saying. How dare you take DNA samples from these children. Oh my goodness. This is get this. It's so missed. And so many levels. Again folks coming up tomorrow. Where does this go we will find out. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock what do quickly get to a problem items cheered for go back to work your calls imaging Jeff Sessions. Exploring upon. It's believed using DNA test to verify the parentage of illegal alien adults. Who attempt to cross the southern border with children. I mean you we had a conversation just few minutes ago a man who is an attorney. And he suggested this could present some real legal problems. Sessions is talking congressional members is hoping for legislative fix. The AG wants immigration policy and it's just fair and enforce Willie talked about making sure these really are the parents of these kids. They're looking at how to use DNA tests in the field to verified they are parents and not traffickers. The reality is of American parents put their kids through what these immigrant parents have done to their kids they would be charged with child abuse we of that conversation yesterday didn't wait. There are around 121000. Children in the custody of health and human services after entering the US. 121000. Children. A somewhat. Ten of the 121000. Arrived in the US as unaccompanied minors. Thank goodness. Really sad situation. The other item. This is really interesting. As ocean there's a vote coming up tomorrow on legislation from congress. And guess too is that too thrilled with some elements of this legislation that coax. Roundtable. The chamber. They're slamming. Ryan's immigration amnesty according to break apart. Four business groups denouncing house speaker Paul Ryan's amnesty bill for making modest and popular cuts. Two illegal immigration programs which provide business what extra consumers ranchers and workers. What a surprise. Anybody surprised by this at all. US chamber of commerce the Coke network's leap great initiative. Business roundtable and silicon valley's forward dot US. I Europe posing Ryan's door demanding huge unpopular changes to bills less immigration for more amnesty political trade. Is this a good idea by the way less immigration in exchange for more amnesty. The chamber conditionally endorsed the bill. Say it should be revised. To eliminate the small reduction in legal immigration the future and to expand the inflow of consumers and workers. The Ryan bill trim its future immigration by transferring green cards from future immigrants over to resonate illegal aliens. And contract workers will likely bring in fewer spouses siblings in laws and parents of the next fifteen years. Those gradual and modest immigration reductions plus the wall and border law reforms are very popular. They're exclusion from the final bill would leave the base empty handed. Shortly before the elections coming up in just few months. They better be very careful in how they deal with this don't you think. Let's go out to ray and wreck show good morning. And good morning I was. Going to ask you. Gives can't account well we're. Concerning the use of the executive. Privileges or executive order bush. I think it and the passes. Several months strong has taken leadership. Specifically on immigration issues. We're at the top executive order only to have them blocked by judges. Have it's a problem if caught and sure like to do it power server. This particular situation isn't this rooted in legislation and does the executive order her the power to trump duly passed in better legislation. Well and then this this is a conversation I think we need to have. You know. If an and I just put this question to you if something is. What was the complaint about the Obama administration there are using their discretion because honestly they eat. Didn't really want to enforce the law they did not want to enforce our borders that's the bottom line. So the use discretion. And ice there're certainly did certain things that they did not do. Now at the end of the day. Did anybody make them do what they were supposed to do. Well no group reported. On welfare you girl. This is part of the point that I'm making if you have discretion. Why not use short discretion. And in this case future discretion wisely I'm not saying that we. You know allow kids to go with criminals I'm not encouraging bad at all there are times and as we were sharing yesterday. A good part of the time these kids are separated for good reason because it's not their parents. But if you need to be sure. This is where I'd like the ID here from Jeff Sessions let's use DNA testing and let's verify. It let's sort this out. I can't explain this you tell me you think at this rate. Don't you think some of these issues can be resolved within 2448. Hours figure out who they are where they are from are they related. And if they're family send them back together if they're not a family. And you've got someone who's come in illegally. Send that person back the next day and then try to figure out where this child belongs. But this doesn't have some long drawn out process. And they are this circus that we've got right now. I I think the previous caller really upset that apple cart. Well pointing out legal ramifications opened up in voluntary. DNA testing. Edinburgh which is a whole other ball our secure your question is don't you think. There we can resolve this in 24 hours. I'm I am in the history I enjoy that I like and I'm not an expert earth and I just enjoy it. And had. Spend any time just everything that we're scared little shall war. But eventually leave it there it's all the same book on the same battles and they guerrillas don't drink or shall I became interested on more of what were the root cause this. That led up to the civil war. And I have to say about it just me but I have to say the parallels between now and here are absolutely right. Well we've only got thirty seconds left tell me get straight to the point of what you think is gonna happen and what this issue's going to do. I'd I'm not. I'm not known to Obama's nod I'm not a prognosticator Lemond and that I can say certain parallels with them integrate. You think the country's coming apart so the position we're so rigid and unyielding. Oh on the issues of the day. Hi I get where you're going and I know you don't wanna say it I get it. Doesn't feel too good does it. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing the lie. Exaggeration. There are too many go to some street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. 6 minutes after 11 o'clock. We've been talking about the immigration issue and get a reminder vote coming up tomorrow. The house will vote tomorrow on a plan to quote keep families together. For that'll be interstate. Call me skeptical. President trump for his part. Restating his support for his administration's policy of separating migrant families of the US border calling Democrats the problem. We must always arrest people coming to our country illegally of the 121000 children. 101000 are being sent by their parents are very dangerous trip and only 2000 with their parents many of whom have tried in our country illegally. On numerous occasions. Democrats are the problem they don't care about our crime. And they want illegal immigrants no matter how bad they may be to pour in to any and fest our country like MS thirteen. They can't win on their terrible policies. So they view them as potential voters. Already. The president weighing in on this issue I also told you. A little bit about this earlier your details about what happened to Kirsten Nielsen. This is just ridiculous. Department of Homeland Security secretary. She was dining at a Mexican restaurant in Washington DC. Protesters from the metro DC democratic socialists of America. Wonderful organization. Go to. They went into the casino Mexico. A popular restaurant near the White House holding signs they confronted Nielsen on Tuesday night. How is this not child abuse. The secretary been sitting in the back of the restaurant had a security detailed time this protest. Nielsen was seen sitting quietly later talking on the phone the video posted by the group as protesters booed. And peppered her with questions aren't sure whether to abuse sleep at night. Did you hear babies crying. Yet they are asked that question. Of the doctors to kill babies. They wanna bring that up. If kids don't even peace you don't eat in peace they chanted. This is sad. This is really set after about ten minutes Nielsen left the restaurant got into an issue vis. The irony isn't lost on us this is a Mexican restaurants. Nelson has led the program to terror part families we're here to tell her to put it ended separating families to step down as head of the department. And that ice and CBP must be abolished or might get misty here their agenda they wanna get rid of ice. And can couldn't cook steps. Up. This Customs and Border Protection they wanna get rid of these agencies. This just blows my mind in this just rude just. I mean it's one they now have a conversation a political conversation. Here to go and just reps someone's. Life disruptive men at a restaurant. I mean this. This is really pathetic. Really prophetic. Let us go to a call from Mets are good morning welcome to broadcast. They've been scored program I don't want our rights here. Lesson when you're kid or you wanna yell proved quite everybody starts won't start can certainly stirred up beside the smaller man. Thank you very much but I Morton I didn't drew food by the way never got into that who knows I was messy too messy for me. But he. It. Well anyway. I just wanted to chat amendment right. Nichols were so of I'm Donald Trump is gonna be elected president when I went in the two Burks county arena the dimensions are therefore wanted to rallies and it was like a rock concert there was probably certain. 1000 people there though there were thousands of people lined up all of the war. I couldn't even get in there. Speaks more. It was over it was over and help turn around get their cars and we line for hours where you know Hillary they had. Or 400 people walk her plurality of them apple which were paid. You know whoever just to be there if you. So. You know. The EEE you've got to feel for what America. You know at least in America I would then what they want what they do now. I used to be in the same business you are put on a much much smaller scale you are out there 2000 not make a station I mean what about propagation. You could hear this. Program more important southern Pennsylvania through a lot of people listen and that's so you've got up there are big Mac are running. Most of the people that I know. So person in your program what Donald Trump. Because they bought into what he says it was in do. I don't wanna pay per unit tests. The people that can actually stick their hand in the meat grinder despite the fact that it grinder or whatever terms he thinks I'm very much like the money. I read reject money for the DNA test. And user try to. Problem with the 29 people without shot Chicago last weekend. That's a 48 hour period of time 29 people got shot freezing is it your Chicago last week and and we're talking about. Policy. And the band. On the books and banned imports. For decades now. Okay the only reason we're hearing about this is because. While we're talking about. You know that really kids in this and that the other thing to check in from the parent or not focusing on the the inspector general and the director of the FBI or get them much wearing that knew what you know what. On television buy in Olympic Linda Graham Rick I'm. I mean he's basically. Well culture where I'm sure they're just just suffering terribly Matt and gave I get what you're saying here. But to what end. Well what I what I am saying is. Is the people who elected the president that we have did not elect him so that he can take care of people that. But once again for the stupid analogy I made stick in my hand the meat grinder. I don't want a bit from that I'd. I do care about little kids and you know and I'm. You know I'm not a racist person or bigot for anything like that I would jump from a bullet per child for guards what color they were or where they came from. But. We have some bad policy is that incurred bad behavior. Donald Trump. I was elected not to know when or are you not miss and written and I agree with you on the search we're paying him two to govern. Yet we elected him to put an end this nonsense I I don't wanna wait can't be at the border like Haley got to do it over the real. I'm with humanity already slammed that door shots I'm all for that match I'm all fort Hughes here's the thing that. That concerns me though I don't hear. Enough compassion. For children especially. That's a problem for me. I yeah I I I I agree with we cannot dismiss that would call my Internet wears number inside don't really have to answer either so I guess some. And I and I don't either I wanna be very clear about that I'm not here to say oh I've got all the answers. What we've got to show compassion for if nobody else yes I get it the adults the adults are absolutely irresponsible here. But we cannot just. Put his political put a political issue ahead of the welfare of children. Just know this let me ask yes that's those are just somebody I'm I'm I'm not quote whoever said that it was yours to do with caller or somebody or maybe use that. I'm about like 20% of those children. It's become this country's being represented as being there passed for only 20% owned that's actually their parents is that true. It's the percentage is very low unfortunately I do appreciate your call their map I gave his numbers will give them again after the break. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock on this immigration issue another item the phones are just being. Running away all the K on the subject I know there's a lot of passion playing this behind this issue. For you make children the exception and immigration law you make him a commodity you make him a target we need to catch and release and send all of them back. Dispersant actually saying we need to end catch and release center mall back. To all Lee Anthony's never trappers like this story about kids being ripped from the parents and is the shrub administration's fault. Does not sure how corrupt and biased mainstream media's. Been near blind or just plain stupid. Were rates. How can we are suddenly responsible for these people how about holding Mexico responsible for their own citizens. Bunch of politically. Correct. Well I can't use that last words. Bench you have two options the moment so long as foreigners and American politicians and idiots willing use children as puns in their game. For open borders and while this Michigan either capitulate to their demands or get tough. And hold your ground the other side is willing to use their children as sacrifice is to destroy us. You cannot give into their demands I think that's called terrorism isn't it. Usually. I get it. Tina and this one of the things that blows my mind here because I think some people have a misunderstanding about where I'm coming for I don't think we should tolerate. People crossing our borders illegally. Never have believed in that. And that has not changed. Enforce the law. It's not complicated really isn't Roberts good morning out of Spartanburg. Alia I don't with Chrysler. On the palm. First I went. David inaudible it was important to you on the phone about the mom of all the developers Palestine what's and so I'm responsible about this. We're dependable as a national problem. I'll. Let himself would know. More than medical maybe yeah. No smoke without numbers have been quote com the social last month from about why would Alberto non Serbs for the guys just as qualified in this situation. I'm. I would have been in similar. Necessarily doing DNA testing for the simple reason that. When the wall then group the system and owned. Whether they all of the parent or not we believe they're not they're supposed to be separated them from convenient for. When parents are not present particularly Charles. In the US as Americans. We go to jail the child just within the past you know at that point that he decided. To believe. And wouldn't even change in estimate of the child responsibilities. This handwritten documents government and what we want in the seven. And it illustrates what has happened to solve what is the potential presents great era that child. So whether they are or aren't wrong companies vulnerable if possible in the same deficit when they're waiting period. I've established and lets them. Saying that and we've raised there to be found a sponsor and upon the pension. Whether they are cute and legalization there are some parts of the country. Prepared as the options that lie being legalized. And sponsor their child in the US what they're doing wrong and it happened I expect that child back to the country that can. Yeah that makes sense. That's. I hear richer saying here in terms of of how this is administered now. How do we go from point a to point B in resolving all of this from your perspective. Somewhat responsible armed. I agree so we went what I'm saying on I think. I don't know in the third I think Democrats but having congress in general to establish what they want to happen and then. Saying either yes we can go that route to where they need to go back and change this change is bad. I won't settle it all along congress I agree that you won't. You know we have all our they have a lot of good ideas maybe he doesn't execute on them. In the manner our world I am I would imagine that I wish he would. They won't step forward or more Russians and instead of trying to pass it seemed that the earlier people just saying what I'm the president. This is just going to be done if you walk in the computer then go right ahead and do it but this is what I'm sorry you know you can see he has a tendency to. Signaled that the one thing. I've been not necessarily follow through there like he should not that he doesn't follow through the so. Like I I understand. We could hit this is this is part of the frustration these guys are. They are. Me and they are you begin duty thing with the fact the matter is. There are people determined to obstruct on this issue especially where money and power is at stake on this immigration issue they are not to let this die in chamber of commerce. For instance is not going to. They don't want to further restrictions on immigration they don't want a border wall. And. Always trying to play games in the ball yes and also they're going to won't picket fairway. That's that's the bottom line and end it wheat but frankly politically you got to knock these guys the teeth and I think you understand that Roberts. And that sound what was passed away this has to be played always great to talk to you Robert I do appreciate your call this morning let's go out to Tim in Charlotte good morning. Maybe it's I think they're we let you in Iraq turn out Janet senate immigration or reader coming in. The proper rate and Bayer. We be trying to crosses or had illegally that's the question if you have an Indian other ratio of adults and children. They're trying to do here I don't know what that reissue is. Because. Well like it is they're using our. The Gerhardt a morality. United States her compassion is. You know mr. houses like is this fielder took off for yet of course there are no different than it did iTunes would do it women and children. I mean they know I would have boat sank the first people get off elect voters are women and children. Trying to pull our heart strings you know how that works stem. And by the way IE and I promised I would share this number again. Of the 121000 children of the 1210101000. Being sent by their parents had a very dangerous strip only 2000 with their parents many of whom have tried to in our country illegally. So. We've got a lot of kids who were unaccompanied. And we've got kids you've come over who. Are not with their real parents. I think you've got to do it did a DNA take and the only way you gonna know for sure. With some sense of certainty ends. Be able to resolve this thing Tim IE I do appreciate your call this morning where it's got to Lincoln didn't. And Jim eagerly waiting to talk to his good morning Jim. Okay first blow lecture there color so that's what we're being called an astronaut being out. And data are being coalesced the secondly. He may have already covered this credit herd immunity stories separate determination metro apparent. Because they sent them off from an anchor strip club Google didn't even make it. Is in his arms visceral parents are all real current income and about match up to a coaching me like question damage control. One of saying it's his fault what I'm saying is rod didn't we've had a problem basically dropped. Into our country. And it's the only the only appeal that I'm putting out there is. We need to make sure that humanity. Trumps. Political considerations. In this conversation that's all we did do whatever you want to you need to do with the adults. But the children. You know what. Let's make sure we're doing them be compassionate and the right thing in regard to the children and not punish them for what they're stupid parents did. And I think most Americans would certainly agree with that. There are correct what I said earlier these are not immigrant state so Victor colonists. They weren't being properly ankle and. They're very invaders you there's another side to this issue I appreciate your brother Jim. A story came across interestingly enough by the New York Times. This is something vets. Many view within the sound of my voice ought to pay attention to it because here's the concern it was just expressed about colonization. Yes that's a problem. But you also need to take a look at ourselves and ask. What am I doing in regard to this particular issue I'm gonna tell you what that is. And how that's gonna work against us and work against all of us in the future stay with us. This is Vince Coakley radio program. Six 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program my friend Pam sent this text to me. About the Homeland Security secretary basically being harassed at a restaurant. This is just cheap. She posted this. In the text to read lawlessness pure and simple. That's what it is. I mean we're just seeing your country degenerated into mobs. Mobs on this issue on that issue. It's rather sickening. Couple other others interesting stories related to this immigration issue. In BC reporting these tent cities that are set up. Costs more than keeping the migrant kids with their parents. The cost of holding migrant children have been separated from their parents and newly created tent cities. 775. Dollars per person per night. Mean they ought to be staying at the Taj a hall for that. 775. Dollars per person per night. Only the federal government could spend this amount of money. Does it mind. The reason for the high cost the official and several other officials. Reported is the sudden urgency to bring insecurity. Air conditioning medical workers and other government contractors. Parse our passes surpasses the costs for structures that routinely staffed. Why can't she just put them in a hotel. There would cost 100 or so dollars a night. And you're spending seven and only the federal government can do this. 775. A night. Thank goodness. And this. This requires a little more self examination. You know we have a caller earlier who is concerned we're being colonized. Think about this for a moment. If you're concerned about being colonized what is the first thing you think you should probably do Charles John help me out here. Wish do you do first if you're concerned about being colonized. Closed the border of that one of the things this is a little more. Something you have control over. Send in the military. Know it's a little more obvious than that no matter how how about have children. I. If you don't have children. And her immigration. You've got all these people coming into the country. Are you not. Basically wiping out your own culture in the first place simple mathematics that's where your rights dealer this New York Times story. I'm kind of surprised they did this story fewer births than deaths among whites in the majority of US states. Deaths now are outnumbered births among white people would more than half the states in the country. Signaling what should be a faster than expected transition to a future in which whites are no longer a majority of the American population. Whites can drop below 50% of the population around Tony 45. A relatively slow moving change that's been years in the making but a new report this week found that whites are dying faster than they are being born in 26 states. That's up from seventeen just two years earlier. This is a trend. And demographers say that shift might come even sooner. Pretty intriguing isn't it congratulations Planned Parenthood it's working out. A year. Some might look at this and say well Vince you should be excited about this as a black man. Fewer white people. Voice. Letter aside go out to a call next from Michael good morning welcome sir. I did the beer man and our movement forward to call. The day. I travel wise from Guatemala. He had been married two and a half years ago. Paperwork and send Dan. I have. This child. If you look at eight years old who's nine now and any time when they had feared. That a little girl. Is given her green card. And Ford because that you don't know who being hired another word go to that they didn't think. There that day. They take away from you and make it here put paperwork through to get back what you would not do. So they did not approve my life. So there you have years. He made a lot of power under the thumb when I never see him I got that little girl here I'm 56 mile wide that you put this kid. Yeah I think I'll go turn nine year old little girl. Though I don't know about his head never had hit the night and really a lot of arm so why wouldn't why is it separate but her child. Can't we get all of paperwork to legally. And when they say they work fifteen. Days. My expedite paper. Can you give my life here when their kid. That was August cloning step into a competitive mean. And then having read the papers it. Goodness they make unbelievable man I'm sorry my. Scoop column all the I'm gonna turn. People quicker that silly opinions. Bit I've been listening here. People date but I am including the radio not and a TD all of it prey. You know what probably happened inside Beckett. The problem is that they ended the same thing with the road. And other departments. I elevated our bill met a lot of money to do well it saying. Homeland Security. So you a lot of money and he had the point 5% of the money hello there I hate hate hate you needed no word. You have to use all the money. In order to get the other point 5%. EU. They have all let the baseball bat here so who cares about the Dokic did the problem here that you write off. And they won't follow the law it is V and we got the wording. And they did everything they had to look fog but no worries. You do in that flip side. There volleying and that mean by the time but right very good trip ticket item in the book. Larry our industry like Michael we've got a limited amount of time here what's your reason for her being rejected. And it wouldn't be that they don't have. The thick mud. And the whole Lotta again there's no word if you've all. Been waiting here you can come back completely. So everything that the document and it turned and I actually got married everything had turned and being an acre or less than a 180 days. There are no healthy and a 180 days into it hit it could hear that the term they use. It hurt your bigger unlawfully in the United States. See the end is here over a year then they slammed it for a big girls. I've ever go askew here. Do you have anybody working with you helping you on this a member of congress or anyone like that. Yeah. I ended up. Then the information he has a good idea. Have you Mark Sanford. Native who's been bad they're good bit that he received the papers today and today will be uploaded that'll I'll. Oops looks to me a favor I I'd like to get some information phew I wanna find out what happens here this is so unfortunate hole on the line. This is ridiculous. You know it absolutely ridiculous. And once again of the obscene messages just walk across the border. My future I do this thing legally. We have no cure for all kinds of money then we're gonna screw you over. Wonderful. There's news yes. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock out of instantly radio program. In the final stretch of our wins they broadcast. And it's I'm quite intrigued. By this issue of cost. That's really interest in I still can't get over this. 775. Dollars per person per night. This is just mind boggling. Ten minutes before the noon hour at let's take a look at the day in history go down and talk and a good friend Alonso will get back to more of your calls so hang in there be patient. It's not the end yet we may yet have time to talk with you before this is overt. Good morning lions do. How are you. Good morning Vince did you Stephen news which news and posted petered out. Are you serious. You've been in bad health for a while so it's not a complete surprise but yeah I saw that yeah I did see something recently. About his health and I thought wow I cause of death here is pneumonia. And heart complications. At the age of 63. Thank you for letting me know about this I remember being in an event. In fact. It was here in Charlotte I went to an event with day as sportscaster Harold Johnson. It was a match between now and figure and somebody else can't remember was. And I only knew it was because Ric Flair. And Harold Johnson was he is manager that night. So riot I think there was a one time I saw Vader inaction in person that was one big guy. She just she was a cinema persons who in Ohio and you shoot. Camps 63 years old it's passed away so many. And these wrestling stars have passed prematurely. And let's go back ten years 1756. The. Black hole of how Qaeda. Who was put in the black hole of Calcutta. 1756. That's a tough and I would never gotten this question by the way for the record. I assume you're giving up anybody don't know there are a lot of people could go off color on them slumps trying not to do I'm a I don't know anybody in Studio One a try this when it who was. On this date who was tossed into his cell with this name. Tulsa Gandhi. You know that's you really interesting that that would be put out there because it was British soldiers. Great British soldiers. 1890 limited way to see you made it sound like loses its. Person now dozed well once again our son to clue Iowa say group next time that was my error sorry about that. Do you know the name of the first steamship to cross the Atlantic 1892. Would never get this from either I'm starting to hate this day in history I know you're not it is the Savannah I know it's terrible. The next two if you don't get these then I would think lesser view. This person convicted of violating the selective service laws for refusing to sign up for the draft. This was a boxer famous boxer 1967. Cash his client. Yes also noticed Mohammed Ali that is corrects. 19751. Of the scariest movies for its time released in movie theater is. And also famous for a little piece of music that. Is normally played assertion of the song. And also had an effect on people going into the water. Assaults and your crew 1975. I remember going to that movie. As a child. How was nineteen years old. Pretty amazing. Up we have another opportunity before we let you go blogs are I'm sure you really excited about this. Come from a Toronto. Frontier Airlines announcing new none stepped fly nonstop flights out of GSP. 34 dollar one way fares available as part of this new service they're going to some cool places. Denver Las Vegas. Orlando. And seasonal service to Tampa Florida. Any of those sound appealing to you by and so on. You know some some appeal Lehman I'm not gonna get. What. I knew I'd have fun with this won't. But this is chemical Frontier Airlines with new service there at GSP's so if we ever get runs and try it maybe you'll. Jim to go to Las Vegas with three or something would that be cool. That would be scary thing I think you and I am Vegas. That would be don't be riots think about it. They got a document have a great day hey I'll go to Vegas with few few dress up as well let's. I might have to think about that just to get you on a plane. It took a phobia. I'm gonna make note of this you guys help me remember this Gelbart to take over here you do that you do that when we. One of flip a coin here take one last call and let's go out to Tony who's out in the sprawling metropolis of travelers rest. He got about a minute Tony. Is. There's been don't try to be real quick. Growing numbers of young man always sure that this country could be overthrown without firing a shot. What we're seeing today is that common reality game that quote George Bush. What did you hear one world order a and that's what they've been working toward all along I talk about Kroll. Let's talk about 35000 dollars per year per child. Is brought into this country that this country trying to absorb are trying to get all the good and I were ordered pop. But what they don't understand this or not pop into the right people there talking to the liberal media. And they are all forward to going home but let me tell you something when he lives and so we'll patrol got public about what's happening in to begin to get. Reality. And I hear you amend we've got to get this under controlled only ends. We can I think we can do this and unified way most Americans are fully in support of exactly what we're talking about here. Thanks for your call to close it out here Tony vital way. Breaking news from the president's. Saying he will sign and something this is the quote something one word. To keep families together. So the ball is in the court of congress what are they going to do beginning tomorrow. Stay tuned for coverage here have a great day. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.