Conventional Health Mistruths, Part Deux

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, August 4th
Dr. Ernst continues the discussion on how conventional wisdom is bad for your health.

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Following is a sponsor program on WBT. The asked doctor Cho is preset live like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment and qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on a new one this and ask doctor -- doctor. I'll for more information. It's time to transform yourself. So which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour and learn from experts on how to revolutionize the health of those you love most. Has doctor. Choose your hosts doctor Aron yeah. Hey thanks CNN you're listening city past stocks turned show ciller pounder said diseases dead every piece that we call the health problems. I mean host doctor Aaron Aaron Stan love Richard tuning in listening lives perhaps our podcast perhaps here on our FaceBook live cast with video. And no matter hired joining us to be tuned in during the hour entertain in after hours of your streaming us. You know in the evening however you found us thanks for joined today. And I'm a really cool topic last week the show with incredible. We had really good responses been a lot of comments and feedback call ends except for a so I'm continuing the conversation. One simple thought what if the very thing that you think. Is true about health is actually not. What if what you believed to be a health action is actually something that old decrease your health. What if what you believed to be a good food a good thoughts. A right way of doing something is actually misinformation. That has been programmed in your brain. From generations past. From big farm from big agriculture the food industry. And the government what if what you believe about health is actually a miss truth. And the unique thing that I've learned in the years of coaching pace in Symbian a national practitioner. Hosting a radio show answering. Thousands of emails you know guys we get hundreds of emails her date. Off the podcast in my YouTube events in my live events are FaceBook live streams this show. And I love it it's what I do for a living I like pull any people in a direction towards their health. And getting emails from really understand I listened to your show about how to lose ten pounds in two weeks I did what you did and I lost twelfth thanks doctor Ernst. I mean that's awesome that fills me up. But I wonder what if you're out there going why I'm doing all the right stuff ducks Ernst and is now working. What if it's because what you're doing is actually incorrect and you just think it's the right stuff so. We're continuing our conversation about the conventional missed truths. The things you think are true that are actually true and how they could be wrecking your health. Also. I need to make a small announcement. I know two gay of course is the fourth and if you're listening after the fact here like today's not the fourth just understand this ticket is the live show. And I have people coming to my dinner on the seventh of August which is next week on Tuesday. But that dinner is 100000%. Sold out in fact we have a wait list. Of people trying to get into it so I want you to know if you have tickets for that. Love love love then I'm gonna see you on Tuesday if you adults look we're doing a brand new thing I've never done this before ever. At the request of probably about the last fifteen emails that come and I'm hosting a natural solutions to pain. And I'm gonna offer non surgical pain techniques. So if you have a bad back or a bad neck chorus shoulder and it's locked up. Or if you had surgery on your neck or your back your knee and you're still in pain if you wake up and you have pain that prevents you from doing something. Maybe you're as far as some of the listeners who emailed me you thinking about getting surgery tea deal with your pain. Nerve block and nerve release a cortisone injection guys pain Sox. Literally it sucks the life out of view it drains your energy it prevents you from doing things and my goal. In this show and in all shows I do is to try to just drop a seed in your brain is say look look look did you know that you could heal yourself. Hey if you reprogram your myths truce for the actual truths. And and be act on them. It's kind of the idea of knowledge right so. Knowledge is knowing something with him is actually doing what you know so let's become why is with our health wise yeah once you take action. We did show a couple weeks ago called pay attention inside now. Pain the acronym and boy like it is nearly number one on iTunes the most downloaded most listened to for the whole year it's phenomenal. If you miss Digg go listen to it. How do you get access to OK iTunes is asked doctor Ernst. Web site asked doctor arts FaceBook asked doctor urged you to ask doctors combined it is so easy it's like the key that unlocks everything. If you're on a web page have a coupon codes I think it in my work. But I'm gonna throw out offers all their initial look this is early bird. This is like nobody even had the opportunity to register for this yet on the eighteenth of this month August. I've rented out the same hotel room I do all my events into this beautiful denigrate reception they have a really nice trim it can hold at 200 people. I'm hoping we fill all hundred for the sheer sake. Of putting a dent in the universe for pain. To be fibromyalgia can be neck pain back pain headaches shoulder neck you name it. My hip hurts my risk starts I got carpal tunnel I have fibromyalgia I have pain doctor Aaron Sele got pain. Let me show you how to do it naturally knows surgeries no over the counter medications I'm gonna teach you the real reason pain is president. And then some techniques the you can do to make your pain go away. I just need to know if you be willing to give me an hour two of your time on a Saturday and let me teach you what I know. How to get out pain. Okay would you be willing. If that's you. 7049062094. Is my call line. And and to have that same call line all during the show today 7049062094. If you're a loyal listener you've probably got that number memorized by now can that's the call line if you want anything from me. 7049062094. ICs and people are calling in now. So again it's the eighteenth 11 AM at the Holiday Inn express and sweets and again I'm an offer that Alter the show today. We're gonna discuss a lot of big things for you guys I had some an email me and say doctor Ernst. I thought raw sugar was good sugar and I should stay away from the art officials. Part of that is true and part of that is dead wrong. Okay raw sugar isn't necessarily healthy so we got talk about what is this idea behind you sugar just sugar or they're different kind of sugar. Here's a big one that we had talked about ice thought soy was a healthy food. Like a good substitute for dairy a pacer entitles soy were also gonna go into a big one. And it's gonna crack and not in your life because whole grains are good for us aren't date you see lots of whole grains. Null whole grains are terrible for you we have to talk about them they're connected to everything from diabetes obesity high blood pressure. Even your way to stick to your grains and then again I thought milk does a body good days and is supposed to help me be strong and help me have a good immune system. No conventional wisdom isn't corrected that and then what about this big when they're gonna in their show with. I thought genetically modified foods were safe and that is humans altered food and make them better for us. So do I need to buy organic are not gonna talk and all that today with some other nation for you guys just gas Sox earned self we will be right back. I don't euros into gas our carousel because our parents hated this hour pounder said diseases dead every be set free for your health problems. I'm here today to ask you a question. And the question is what if what you think about your health is actually admits truth. And you're doing everything you believed to be right here following your doctor's advice you're eating well you're exercising well. You're doing the conventional wisdom of what health disposed to be. And what if instead of it actually helping it's making you worse. And there's no shortage of myths out there in regards to health and believe me. I have seen my fair share of kind of some crazy things that are supposed to be good for you. And last week I did a series where I talked about the idea that. The conventional wisdom that we have what we think it's true is not necessarily truth we talked about how saturated fat is supposed to cause heart disease. Yet it actually doesn't. If you eat the right kinda saturated fats you can reverse heart disease. We talked about the fact that fat itself is not their enemy that Jackson need to eat lots of plant based bats. And down if you miss that show man go back to our podcast. Head on over to FaceBook dot com slash gas stocks Ernst and watched my video cast a bit. We're gonna continue to conversation day because a lot of people think something like come pay I eat raw sugar. And because it's raw it's good for me and still wanna talk briefly as we dive down through these conventional wisdom today. If you think. That what you're doing is rights and your following hits and you're not getting good results I would hope you would. Would go understand that that might be an idea that the action steps you're taking might not be the truth. You know we talked last week about how breakfast is the most important meal Knoll. It's one of the most important meals if you wanna stay unwell and the most important deal ever is when you eat it and how long and what food you eat so. When we talk about diet many guys understand. There are so many misconceptions. Behind what a good healthy diet is for your longevity for your energy for your vitality. I often think the word healthy is also a misnomer. A lot of people think health is having no pain. Which you should be pain free if you are healthy but just because you lack pain doesn't mean you're healthy. We also look at health is the idea vibe going your doctor and having medical tests run and if my labs are good. If my eight KG has cleaned and I must be healthy. Well we also know that's not true because there's a lot of people who are outright sick. And their laps come back normal so that's a misnomer. We take medications doc are die healthy because they took my med I I'm following my doctor's recommendations while we also know that's not true. There are a lot of people who are lowering their cholesterol than their sugars with medications and they're still dying of heart disease and cancer except trip. You know some people think health days eating right exercising and we talked about that last week well you can be of the beginning go to cross bit or yoga Pilates every day. And still get sick so what really is health. And that's what I wanna start our show with today the conventional missed truth. Is healthy is something that you seek. From the outside by doing an activity. I have to work out I have to get vaccinated I have to take my medications I have to go to the doctor. Technically you do not. Now you might be sitting there thinking what doctor are so I can't just sit back and do nothing and have perfect health now all. You need to take the responsibility and know that health doesn't come from the outside you can't swallow a pill make you healthy it's physically not possible. It violates the all encompassing known him biological rule. Which says for every action there's a reaction if I take something toxic my body's gonna react. Trying to get rid of it and I can cause damage to the very organs that are trying to protect me. So where does your health come from well let's look at the word health and break it down. Into an Akron him that we can actually look at and his or even just this anonymity say okay the first four letters HE AL. I would hope he would be okay if I said he'll lean. Has to do with health noted in states feeling within half I said hi healing with an H. Your health has very much to do with your ability do he'll. So does exercise help Peter he'll not really does dieting help PD Healy can but it doesn't define your healing states. Does taking a medication help eating he'll actually no it makes your healing state worse so. What is it Deb brings about a sense of healing within your body who we know yet your immune system. We know your micro bio and your gut holds 80% of your immune system strength. We know the your nerve system. Your brain spinal cord spinal nerves the communicative process of how your brain talks your body is intimately connected to your healing. You don't believe me and that find out paraplegic quadriplegic. Take one of their legs or arms it's disconnected from their brain. And sit in on you know like something on fire they're not gonna sit there and go ouch they just let their hand barn. Because they can't sensational. Lee detect that is their not so much that they can't feel it. But they can't even tell that it's happening. So you could say well do you see this yes I do my hands on fire I don't feel it so will they Hewlett then no. So the problem becomes my definition. He'll lean and health are intimately connected and as a culture. Most of us don't understand that healing is really where we should focus on when we go to our health what is it that brings healing to our body. And the number one thing I would say is exercise. Is more for muscle build dean. You know fat burning X venture out is not an increase your healing potential it might make your metrics better you might weigh less he might be better. But just because you fit in a thinner coffin at seven he doesn't mean your healthy. Does that make sense to you guys so I wanna break it down and make you recognize a you must understand that what you've been taught about health is incorrect. Health is not dining it's not exercise. Its not taking a medication is not go to your doctor gear labs done because and it was. We do that now more than ever before and yet were also sicker than ever before. So some of the lies that we believe are. The idea that we need to go low fat we need to go low salt we need to eat high protein again I talk to all that last week. Continue the conversation today. Are artificial sweeteners a safe sugar replacement is question I got from a listener last week. Can I use things like explained and not use sugar and be OK okay here's the thing artificial sweeteners. Our. Advertised. As being just like sugar. But not being sugar and amazing irony is that most of the studies show that the effectiveness of artificial sweeteners actually cause weight gain. More than weight loss and they are now Ole saying that if you're diabetic. Artificial sweeteners may be worse for your sugar controls than sugar itself. There was this long studied it 25 year long San Antonio heart study showed that you'd drink diet sodas. Eight increase your likelihood of having weight gain far more than if you just drank regular soda so is artificial sweeteners are better for you. Then sugar no they're actually worse. So just because your drinking now no sugar zero calorie drink doesn't mean it's healthy. Be careful. Okay this sweetness. Comes with impact if Europe body taste something sweet but there's no sugar president's. All the hormones go re all your leapt in response to growl and CCK. All of the hormone that come out that help you regulate your body's fat actually go haywire. Now we know that a lot of artificial sweeteners are near a toxic. So the pink ones the blue lines. The yellow ones like splendor. Equals sweeten low very very dangerous so watch out for artificial sweeteners they are not a substitute for sugar in a healthy state. Okay what about this doctor Ernst another question we got last week. I use blew a god based sweetener because it's healthy it's sold at whole foods and earth fare still must be healthy because they sell it to. Get doctor second just because the whole foods healthiest you know store sells food doesn't make it is silly healthy food. Your body cannot tell the difference between the types of sugar you consume so fruit dose. And glucose and on stuff is all sugar but there's actually a miss Nomar behind this your body very well knows the difference between protests and all of the shooters on the planet. Because fructose. Can only be metabolize in your liver. It cannot be metabolize by any of the selling your body so your liver goes into overdrive when it tries to metabolize fructose. Why do you think the food industry is pumping fructose and fructose corn serpent high fructose corn syrup. All in to death processed foods because based they know. That it will taste good but it will help you to sort of rely on a different metabolic process. And they know unfortunately and here's the truth behind it that is your liver struggles to catch up for the fact it's process in this exorbitant after test. And it's also going to derail other metabolic activities delivered us so cholesterol skull high triglycerides the high sugars go high. So that's why the more processed foods you eat the worse your health kits. That's why if you think well this healthy lean cuisine or this box food guy and that's organic is automatically healthy for me. Be careful at that has for two escorts her brother things and it. Fructose by far in my opinion is V number one reason most of us are overweight. Because any additional fructose. Over twenty grams per day will be turned directly into fat so listen to disappear consuming more than twenty grams of fructose. You're taking the additional grams and turning them directly to fat these Asian member because fruit dose equals fat after half. Now here's the kicker the average. American you. According to basic statistics eat to 150 grams of fructose per day. Yes I mean a 150. And you can't handle more than 25 before it goes in to fact. There are significant. Amounts of bio chemical. Halfback that come from for tennis. Okay because we'd wait too much of it. And the worst issue is it shuts off something known as the Krebs cycle or citric acid cycle look I know I'm going deep you guys are probably like the Watson when he gets talked about. You make energy out of sugar hopefully you know that. But it's done through the citric acid cycle AKA Krebs cycle when fructose get thin man I clogs it all up. As of your gone like this hugs so tired I sleep all the time I'm still tired. Can't seem to recover my energy's low on the and it caused you to assess the not for tasty consume and I guarantee you Stephanie hi. So we got fructose is a big deal we don't understand what health is we've talked about solely because that's a big deal right you go to all of us. Starbucks is an all. I'll call coffee shops the IK can I guess substitute for dairy has Gary's dad we get taught about that and they like yeah we have soy milk has really good for you. We got tied about the dangers of toy. The dangers of dairy granted that we come back from our next commercial break. And I get him showing now throwing our offer for you to be able to join me for a very special event that I host team. Because you all asked me to do this okay. Payne is a big deal. And when we eat the wrong kinds of foods they can cause pain in your body. OK look for just causes inflammation greens cause inflammation inflammation causes pain what if you're pains not coming from. A ligament is issue or a disk issue or something like that but actually your eating yourself in your pain. So I'm doing a natural solutions to paint no surgeries no over the counter medications. No prescriptive pills required to block your pain no flex rails and muscle relaxer is let's go deep. Find the underlying root your pain headaches neck pain back pain shoulder pain this pain that pain you have pain let's get you out of fifteen guys it's free. I know literally show you some things you can do. At the event to start making your finger down but I need to know if you wanna join me it's on Saturday the eighteenth 11 AM seven afford 90620948. 7049062094. CSR stern show will be right back. It's a price. To listen CSR turns out okay thanks for souvenirs today. Now Ramirez stuck here and parents were talking about some. What is the conventional truth it's just that's thought processes that you have behind what you do for your health is actually incorrect. And therefore making your activities. More disruptive for your health than helpful. And this is a big topic dies is wise to take me a couple weeks to knock this one out of park. First of all you have to recognize. You do believe certain things about health. And I can prove this to you because some people say in order to be healthy I must. And now fill in the blank guys I've got now must exercise embassy right any drink water I need to sleep well came not necessarily. They're part of your health. But it'll define your health I'm looking for the root. Definition of what is healthy. And the challenge here is most of us have been preprogrammed because of our parents. Mass media marketing. Big food may and you better believe the food industry wants you think. Then there are certain things that are healthy for you case in point warmer just about to talk about is solely really healthy food. Next we have the pharmaceutical industry trying to teach us what health says. And notice how they subtly put it into all of their ads when diet and exercise fail. Ask your doctor about blah blah blah so they're trying to show you that tiny exercise is not the way to help we are will give you medications and you'll be healthy. You'll feel great you can run on the beach in you can twirl your granddaughter in the sand right you can. Clink your beard next to your friend because he'll be healthy when you take our drug you won't be depressed and sleeping in your closet. Not that's not the truth either. What about the idea that I just need to go to the gym look I'm all for exercising but not for health I'm for it for the global effects that it. Decreases inflammation increase your blood floated spike your hormones make you feel good. But I don't go because I exercise five days a week I'm instantly protected from cancer heart disease diabetes and has parkinson's you name it. Because that's not true either so we have all these miss truths. And we spent some time at the top of the hour talking about some questions I got last week. What about artificial sweeteners what about the fact I'm drinking this you know light tee that says no calories. Yet it's got aspartame minute or has splendor and it's danger. Watch out your body knows the difference between artificial and a real sugar. Then we talked about what it's a sugar is raw what do I tell feet. That doesn't make it instantly healthy just because you find stay blue adopt a sweetener at whole food earth fare. Or Amazon doesn't make it like glug glug glug I'm now protected dice fructose is one of the worst sugars you could ever eat. And guess what I got me is it's a rock fructose from a cactus all of Islamic act as a must be healthy. No. It's the same thing as high fructose corn syrup in definition. Here's a big one right so I was. Last week at this organic coffee shop and I can name them because you know they're not sponsoring us or anything but. Analysts segment that now 'cause I got frustrated that they did this I said Dow hale take the organic espresso. And yet filtered water yes we do great will kind of dairy substitutes do you have you're gonna learn and secondaries really dangerous and they said well we have soy milk and a Mike. That's ridiculous here and organic healthy you know our coffee shop when you're gonna feed solely to meet. And they're like Wile away we have Allman mill. Okay now or get a little bit better but what's the deal was so like guys look. For years Sawyer it was advertised as a health food. Soy milk and you know eats away you know the seeds and things like that and a mom makes that track you are all sheet get your like who we had an amount they for an appetizer. Make no mistake ready for this I'm gonna put that nail in the coffin of this unless there are many kids sole way. Is not. A healthy food. In fact it's troublesome for both men and women and you ready for this. Unless fermented soy con a consumption. Has been connected to breast cancer increased Ira disorders. Severe. Food allergies brain damage kidney stones infertility. Immune system impairments notice it would in pare the ability for your body to heal by itself. And concerns with pregnancies so like you know now formations and a child's stuff like that. Why is this a big deal well because a lot of do you think that that fifty cent upgrade is Starbucks to soy milk makes year. Lot tape healthy now it makes it toxic. Well IEA IE I eat soy docs are some of begin I need to have some protein coming for some things. Not rained. And solely and of itself has a specific type of protein that spikes and inflammatory process. So soy is out guys doctor Ernst. Everything you're telling me I thought was supposed to be healthy this is why were doing this show. So it's a big deal now Celestin ready hold on your pants for this one dairy milk does not. Do your body good and fortunately the myth that. Conventional pasteurized milk has been a health food is something that the American Dairy Association is trying to cram down your throat. Imagine the amount of money they spend on all these athletes having milk mustaches to try to convince you that you should too. Pay milk that comes from cows that is pasteurized. And is in even the organic stuff guys if it's an organic milk that doesn't just make it healthy. Any version of cow's milk is pasteurized is highly toxic. To human being that is an adult. Age the lack tase enzyme is destroyed during pasteurization which means you will not to be able to digest. The pro teams and the sugars that come with it also all the vitamins a ECB six B twelve except trip. Are completely destroyed during the pasteurization process so what do they do. For half by the milk. Don't add the vitamins back biting deep house mix actress although while milk gives me to oust him. No it doesn't gives you synthetic house and consult with item back to it OK so if you are a person who drinks milk every day to make your bones strong. Where are now finding out that actually makes them weak look osteoporosis is on the rise. Why. Because we used to drink milk look when I was a kid my parents would always say. Not only do you use milking your cereal but you need to drink a glass of milk and you need to do three of those the Derrick. And so what do I do glug glug guess what I started having bone issues a K osteoporosis started showing up I was having health issues I chronic sinus issues. I had asthma and allergies in the moment. I said no more dairy. All of the disappeared. Am I saying the needy get off of milk yes yes yes yes does that mean all milk products yes yes yes yes unless they are. Unpasteurized now where in the state North Carolina legal notice here raw milk is illegal and stay in North Carolina I'm saying that you can get what's legal like that. Unpasteurized cheeses eccentric but I'm a big fan of stance far away from cow's milk is he can't. Yet goat yet CP of all kinds of alternatives like gosh commercials already here. And get too excited got to calm down I have more conventional myths that we need to break for you coming up after the next person breaks and remember if you aren't paid. Your headaches neck pain back they sort of think hip pain leg pain. Toe pain knows pain any kind of pain I'm gonna help you to get out of that scene actually. Nonsurgical techniques. Easy things you can do at home to block your pain the event is on Saturday the eighteenth of this month at 11 AM. 7049062094. To give free tickets to 7049062094. We'll be right back don't go anywhere. They enthusiast doctor herself and her stock Darren earns. Okay thanks opportunity and thanks for watching us on our live stream and FaceBook dot com slash apps stock earned. Hey thanks Rosie may beyond the I don't EBT stream let's give a shout out to our streamers. Near the snow and a podcast after the fact how low iTunes podcaster. No matter how you found us we're glad you're here today and we have an incredible show topic guys look I'm talking about the idea that may be what you know as a truth. About health. He's actually admit. Or falsity. Is that a word falsity. If it is it means that maybe what you are doing to get healthy is actually making you and healthy what if what. So let's talk about these. This part of my series called conventional wisdom is that are untrue for health. And now we had a series last week on it we talked about saturated fats we talked about facts we talked about eggs in cholesterol. Talk about a bunch of things today we're tighten up the fact that your health. Is actually a definition that you define you determine what your health fits. It's a deal think cal is exercising some people think is guiding some evil things go to their doctor to get medications have a good blood work and here's how you all of those are not. Help by definition. To define your health we have to look at what the word actually means it means to he'll notice each. Then TH I believe that TH is dice self. So he'll sign health heal myself because he out works he should heal yourself if you're healthy. Now how many viewers healing yourself it's not very many of us we think we are we're eating well we talked about how that's not necessarily the truth. And what do we do on that well we talked about how artificial sweeteners are not actually for your health they won't make you sicker by increasing inflammation and setting off you're immune system. We talked about the fact if you're eating soy because you think it's a healthy food is actually not. It's causing information leading to things like in the research breast cancer thyroid problems brain damage kidney stones infertility. And their impaired immune system rates at Jimmie it's his off. We talked last week about how eggs are not gonna Killian and I click clog your arteries. Nicholas Charles actually a good thing you want good cholesterol within your body you don't always needed drive your numbers way down. We also talked about how for example. Dairy is kind of dangerous because. We are being hold. That milk does a body good bile the advertisements out there but when you pasteurized. Meaning you cook. Dairy from a cal you knew the enzyme called black teens. And therefore you can't digest the lactose that's found in it because human beings don't have black case naturally in our body. So all of us technically are lactose intolerant but you'll notice the intolerance is like. All the time runny nose fever that not Peter but congestion sinus issues food sensitivities. You know ringing in your ears clogged years. Digested disorders can deed over growth there's all these things that are associated with milk consumption in lactose consumption. And it's only when you get off the milk that you realize who I just lost ten pounds I haven't had any size issues. And whatever I feel more energy right that's what milk does it sort of it fills our body with inflammation. And down I wanna talk now about the idea that this. Is a big lie that has been pushed for so long that so many of us believe it. And if the lie that. Grains are good for you and here's the thing. When you look at say for example whole grains or whole week's what that's doing is it's actually. It's tried it's show you subconsciously. That it's good for you because it's in its whole state it's not processed because we know process sweets and flowers are dangerous like the white flour white rice. You know white sugars the white devil's advocate ever heard of this. If you haven't Flemmi teach this one you should avoid all the white doubles in your food. White sugar white flower and a dairy that's three white doubles okay. So on the food industry came around assemble how we can get people to eat wheat and because they're also afraid that Deb bleached weeds are dangerous so they came up with this phrase called. Whole grain. San Mo Evan does he do it. We do is grounded up the narrative pace of the use of whole grains has been this massively confusing subject because for the longest time. We worked hold that it was high in fiber. And it was really beneficial. But here's the thing all grains including whole grains and organic and even like non G a Motorola stuff no matter what they are. They spike insulin. And they raise. Your children up which is a known. Cause of diabetes and a known risk for things like cancer and heart disease. Now all grains contain gluten. And most people 8090% of us are sensitive. Not allergic but sensitive to gluten mean it does something to us internally even though we can't feel it. Now some of you'll say under no I feel a doctorate when I ate that cracker fluke. I got went south on me I got a headache for three days that's more of like a gluten allergies steel reacts crohn's micros as steely ax includes festivities. But here's the thing most people especially those that I work went. That how the following symptoms ready for this. Having difficulty losing weight. Being diagnosed with diabetes. Diagnosis high blood pressure even diagnose the high cholesterol high triglycerides. Metabolic syndrome tirades like little to do list is really long. Have a sensitivity to gluten and they're eating whole grains thinking that it's healthy for them. In addition I don't know fund and a crack can now with this. There is something known as sub gluten intolerance. What it means is you might actually. Feel OK when you eat it's. But your metabolism is going. Would you just do debate and you would never know what's happening to you unless you've been tested for this so as a global rule. The reason that we say grains are dangerous for you is you're in the eighty to ninety percentile range that if you eat a grain. Which is like you know weeks. And rice and corn anything if falls in the grain category. You could be wrecking your health thinking you're doing the right thing had a whole grain bagel for breakfast are turned. You're doing multiple things here that are wrong one you're eating breakfast. And your doing it with a high sugar bagel. To you think it's whole grain so it's healthy three and ask would you put on well I put cream cheese as it pasteurized dairy yes OK now. I did you drink anything elsewhere and yet had coffee you put milk yes it was your coffee organic GMO free non pesticide. Knows who Duncan the honesty to see this like well I thought I was doing it right. OK and we beat eggs well except it was cholesterol following anti wanna take egg yolk out I'm like gosh you guys got all backwards. Then the other way no Leo backwards is that someone point out to you and just do this just try it. From like a week. How hard is it really to not eat cheese dairy yogurt bread. And you know stay away from sugar apparently is like. As impossible as it is to walk to Mars and back because most of Hugo. Can't do it. Decided an addiction to see now it would be the equivalent of me point an alcoholic and say hey listen just for a week no alcohol they'll go like this. There's no way I'm not gonna make it. So just own up to the fact that you probably addicted to the foods you eat let's be adults K pull up your pants. Take a deep breath and just admit it. My name is blank and I'm not grain sugar breakfast addict you are trust me you are. The case that we need to break these conventional truth to Kate so conventional truth number one that needs to be broken. You don't know what healthiest and you need to reprogram what health it help the healing. Health is not going your doctor to do medications exercising your right to those kind of things. They never too you are eating yourself into disease I promise you're doing. Saturated fat does not cause heart disease cholesterol is not cause heart disease eating fat makes you lose weight not gain weight. Okay artificial sweeteners are more dangerous for you than sweeteners like even sugar I would rather you eat sugar beneath splendor sweeten low equal or any of these. Diet drinks it would be better for you according to research to just drink something has real sugar in it. But then we gotta talk about what is real sugar well Ross sugar is that healthy no sugar sugar regardless of where it comes from a too much sugar will cause you to get sick. When I terse I don't need a lot of sugar. Outright. Or are you eating grains and other things that turn into sugar O line answer than you do eat a lot of sugar okay Americans consume way too much sugar. Well doctor Ernst yours and splendor it's not sugar it's a synthetic chemical come on east senior okay putting chemicals in your body. You need to be nontoxic. Well they said it's from sugar aid doesn't spike my sugars. Don't listen to them trust me on this they want you to think it's healthy because they know little wreck your liver you'll get diabetes. And and then before you know what you're gonna eat more of it because it's both to be the sugar that's safe for diabetics. What about blew the top vague now it's just as bad in fact it's worse because it's fructose. I for discord serve course serpent fructose sugars can only be processors liver. If you consume in excess of 235 grams you know what's gonna happen. Eternity and a fat you turn it into fat so the protestors turned in the fact that means that Apple's your median and blew it got they you're using now honey that you're Sweeney your team with his do you think Chinese healthy fat fat fat fat fat itself misnomer. Well doctor Ernst and what do they do then. Just eat real food if you need help come to my seminar watch my videos download a podcast go to law I got all the diets are everything out there to all free you just need to. Take responsibility he maybe that means you need to come to what am I live events like you pointed direction. Towards your health. Towards what real help this if you're in that. A health crisis for your taking medication for a condition join me if you have pain. Anywhere in your body join me August 18 I am hosting a live seminar here in Charlotte it's themed for pain. Because still many of us are in pain and we wanna get out of pain we want our back to stop hurting. What are neck to stop hurting one are carpal tunnel to go away we won our sciatica to clear out we want our knees to feel better and we're going to the wrong people. We're going to the orthopedist the neurologist the surgeons the physical therapist I'm OK if you did that. But it should go away into therapy it works and I'm not talking about Mike while I had back pain escorted Corzine there are the pain is gone now I guess it helped. Wait eight weeks and it becomes backe did nothing so if you wanna get out of it permanently. If you want your pain to go away look I even worked with people that are in so much pain their on prescriptive OP Lloyds. And we got them out of that OK it's by going after the cause not the effect so my pain events. Is on the eighteenth of this month. It's on Saturday look I do realize that's like two weeks from now so it's early bird registration 7049062094. Q&A com. Pick up the phone it's 11 AM on Saturday the eighteenth. These tickets are free Fred a BB two ministers within somebody shows up to one of my other how to get tickets page of their pain point five dollars for you do. Podcasts FaceBook WBT it's 37049062094. So while we're at the completion of what I brought feet to David it doesn't mean were complete with this series unconventional ways comes. I have even more the word go over next week's the makes you carve out your calendar and join me next Saturday at 3 o'clock. As we continue they can discussion about genetically modified foods even going deeper about what about lunch meats and what about. Food substitute to what about all the lean cuisines and all the healthy food items. The protein bars that are actually candy bars eccentric that's next week on the gas Sox herself. Hey if you wanna call and right now and get tickets to my offense. The lines are little busy so just keep dialing to bases have people calling in seven afford 9062094. And head on over to FaceBook dot com slash ask stock charts right now. Performance defined exclusively for my FaceBook viewers. Dusty guys next week thanks so much.